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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning, i'm darya folsom. and i'm mark danon. we continue to follow breaking news at this hour. >>mark:one person is dead following a house fire on lola lane in mountain view. kron four's will tran is at the scene with the latest details on what happened. will? >>will tran: there now on the scene only one person died at a home right behind me he lived there by himself neighbors tell me he is a man in his 60s all we know is that his name was then his official name not be released at this time during the fighting they found him in the back of the home the fire started at around 3 05 in the morning to was so hot and intense that neighbors they jumped into action and try to break the windows but it was too hot for them to rush in there and save this man the fire
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department arrived within minutes that another element they're concerned with here is what they had to say about the second element. it did in check the garage and examination and the bullets because of the heat that activated and that is where we're getting close to the bullet when it is hot dozen fire almost as it is out of a gun? >>will tran: not with the same precise out of a weapon however it will travel and it will be deadly. >>will tran: a good part is no firefighter was injured that made sure to stay in the back of the home of the ammunition was popping the reason why this man had all the ammunition and the
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bullets neighbors tell us it was a gun enthusiast at this point because of fire still being looked into but nothing suspicious at this point it looks like they will be here for quite some time fortunately no injuries and very little damage for and its surrounding homes and a little bit of char to the neighbors. >>darya:another breaking story we are following for you this person was shot by sheriff's deputies in sonoma county. >>darya:it happened just before midnight last night. the man led police on a chase from windsor to sebastopol before stopping in a parking lot. >>darya:as deputies told the suspect to surrender. but as they approached the vehicle it accelerated hitting 3 officers and a parked patrol car. >>darya:that's when other deputies opened fire hitting the suspect. >>darya:he was taken to a local hospital but his condition is unknown right now. >>darya:one deputy was treated and released. 2 others suffered minor injuries.
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kron 4's mike pelton is on his way to the scene. he will have an update for us as soon as he gets there. >>mark >>james: a live look outside to look at this the embarcadero camera at the bay bridge low cloud off in the distance but above lows of the clear skies getting a bit of a break to illustrate that was with over is a perspective as a the cloud of it will begin to ease off just a little bit a nice clear pocket and more clout to lead on this afternoon we could get a nice decent break ride around sunrise is pretty intense and spots in the east that we have been tracking it to my fog east bay with a mob visibility and 9 mi. visibility of in the north to take a look at that one and half of visibility that fog to santa
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rosa and ease of labatt as you head down 1014 tie line again addends pocket will also have some fallout from in the napa valley is a breakdown if you have to hand out the door right now here was a quick look at what what will be like to that pettifog was sought on a satellite you it is cool temperatures in the upper forties to low 50s write-down on the clock to partly cloudy conditions will be low 60s by the bay if you had an inland it will be at the seven agree marked it will be a little breezy as the winds pick up to 50 mi. are coming at us from the ocean is a quick overview from the forecast a complete look coming up in 50 minutes i will have the extended seven day take a look at traffic. >>george: we will recap those first of the accident here on
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high with 24 in the westbound direction it was a command a problem that matters to clear the alliance and the traffic is improving something we will see any lasting ill affects because of this but to no accident just popped up at tennyson road on 880 south along the ride already small adjutancy down to highway 92 from 238 announces pass their there are some additional delays the to the four car crash and the fast lane if it stays there pretty long it could create big problems so far it is not the case the bay bridge ride west tommy arise are active backed up not right to the edge of the macarthur maze 19 minutes the drive time in a trip to the san mateo bridge highway 92 slow to get to because the problems on 880 the the problems the across the sand and your golden gate bridge ride 101 northbound and southbound not only a pretty track this morning but like traffic as it across the bridge.
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>>darya:happening now. >>darya:a seven-year-old boy is fighting for his life after he was caught in the crossfire during a gunfight in vallejo and police are looking for as many as five people who were involved. >>darya:the shooting happened around 5:30 p-m yesterday. >>darya:investigators found more than two dozen shell casings at the intersection of cherry and fifth street. >>darya:police say it's unclear who the target was, but the boy was caught in the middle of it. his family took him to a local hospital. >>darya:video from our helicopter partnership with abc7 news shows police investigating. >>:"anytime we have a shooting victim it's a tragedy but in this particular case we have a seven year old child. i can assure you that the vallejo police department is doing everything we can and we are sparing no resources in determining the cause of this." >>darya:police say multiple guns were fired during the shooting. >>darya:they have a vague description of five men who were involved who had a dark vehicle. >>mark:happening now.
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>>mark:the family of michael brown is filing a civil wrongful death suit against the city of ferguson, missouri. >>mark:family members and their attorneys will hold a news conference announcing the decision later this morning. >>mark:it's been nine months since the 18-year-old was fatally shot by ferguson police officer darren wilson. >>mark:the incident sparked weeks of protests in ferguson. and a nationwide movement against >>mark:officer wilson was cleared of wrongdoing in the shooting but a justice department investigation found a pattern of racial discrimination and unfair practices by ferguson police and city officials against african-americans. >>darya: new follows is an up to the nose long shot in the station less from a deadly storm and australia and how many people are still being impacted this morning.
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>>george: at 610 a quick traffic check is the update the east bay drive times highway for antioch to concord in 26 minutes is a little slow the san ramon valley ride looks great wall and the creek down to dublin and a 34 minute drive time for the out to my pass means no usual delays for the west about trip on 580 out to the dublin and to change. >>mark: the bart official said
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this in the highest levels of our writers ship and art history their way for a new fleet of trained to arrive there are looking to introduce more cars during peak hours fixing and bring you back several heavily damaged cars they're considering increasing hours for paramedics and hiram r. brown workers the public hearing for this budget is set for may 28th. >>darya: homeless family and supporters are expected to announce san francisco in city hall to call for and tell the homeless crisis a public hearing is happening on the increasing number of homeless children in san francisco the number of adults without children have remained stable but according to the san francisco unified school district the number of homeless children to has doubled in just five years 10 years ago there little less than 800 homeless
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ralia. four people have died, and emergency crews have carried out 144 flood rescues. >>mark:they've also received 13-thousand calls for help. >>mark:this morning, officials say about a quarter-million people are without power in sydney and nearby areas. >>mark:this large storm system is bringing high winds and flooding to the country. >>mark:about 45-hundred people are stranded, and crews won't be able to reach them for a few days because roads are cut off. >>james: counterpoint out the fact that the clouds are beginning to clear just a little bit. the to go to the camera and see if it verifies a live shot low clouds with clear skies of of we're looking at increasing the better conditions of with temperatures are responding cool
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enough this santa rosa 43 otherwise we're looking a low to mid '50's on the cities of the list eventually will see to the edge of one of to levels where they were critical to guest today the when is also a big factor for you in the delta of fairfield and 60 mi. an hour sustained winds that was about 20 mi. an hour 40 mi. an hour winds and caught a 13 in oakland it is in san jose now just 9 mi. an hour but for the better part of the early morning hours of the east bay and the south by the soccer to strong winds oakland today listed a look at the temperatures holding flat and steady. >>james: of smelly selling up to the upper 60s 68 to 67 degrees lead on today of around 2 3:00 or some of will bring it down by a but when swastika round we have tens possibly even 20 mollen all winds the tech a quick look abroad temperatures were be elsewhere as we have low to mid '70's in the south bay if
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san jose come into 71 the east bay valley woman the delta 77173 plans and and what is 71 for san rafael as we headed to the napa valley downtown san francisco today will be 63 years the seven met on the bay for cash looking ahead to the job on friday and it would it was a chance for light sour to release the first half of saturday with dried out and warm up on sunday and certainly warming in the back to the '80s by the beginning of next week. >>george: less take a look at the right here on 880 in the southbound direction we have been tracking an accident in the hot spot developing for the crash at tennyson road to the flames of the land i believe our block in that is why we have reached at tie with 238 tracking the drive time with continue to watch an uptake 30 minutes in the corridor commitment to 38 down to 237 and you're ride
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through the south bay at least 4101280 and 85 looks great 17 is a different story in the trip up from santa cruz down to some was an accident a little close to the glove tracking you're ride to the bridges this morning the bay bridge back up is now starting to creep into the macarthur maze and the drive times are pushing over 20 minutes to a trip to the san mateo bridge starting to see some red lights to see how that come on this auto plaza. >>george: the right to the golden gate bridge 1 01 south our problem free and so is the ride through marin county were we are still looking at the drive time to marin county is still running under 30 minutes from the bottle down to the toll plaza. >>darya:happening today.
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>>darya:the united nations secretary general is urging european leaders to act swiftly to address the growing migrant crisis at an emergency summit. >>darya:he says he'll discuss the issue >>darya:he's asking leaders to consider the u-n refugee chief's proposal for a stronger e-u search and rescue operation, as well as more legal migration channels. >>darya:meantime, people in malta are honoring the victims of last weekend's migrant boat disaster in the mediterranean. >>darya:24 caskets containing the only bodies that were recovered were laid out for a memorial service today. >>darya:these are new photos from the service. >>darya:search and rescue crews estimate about 800 people died when the smuggler boat capsized. >>darya:only 28 people survived. >>darya:the captain and a crew member of the smuggler boat are due in court for their first hearing tomorrow. >>mark:new this morning. >>mark:a new pentagon cybersecurity strategy lays out
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for the first time publicly that the u-s military is planning to use cyber-warfare as an option in conflicts with enemies. >>mark:the 33-page strategy says the defense department should be able to use cyber operations to interrupt an enemy's command and control networks military infrastructure, and weapons capabilities. >>mark:the strategy will be released today. >>mark:the previous strategy was released in 2011, and didn't mention much about the pentagon's offensive cyber capabilities. >>darya:happening today. >>darya:retired four-star general david petraeus will be sentenced for providing classified information to a civilian. >>darya:petraeus admitted he shared top secret documents with his biographer and mistress. including information about war strategies and other national defense information. >>darya:petraeus pleaded guilty to a single charge of unauthorized removal and retention of classified material. >>darya:the government is expected to ask for two years probation and a 40-thousand dollar fine. >>mark:also happening today. >>mark:loretta lynch will finally get a confirmation vote
6:21 am
in the senate to serve as the next attorney general. five months after she was nominated by president obama. >>mark:lynch is expected to win approval today with the support of all democrats and at least five republicans. >>mark:if confirmed, she will replace eric holder and become the nation's first black female attorney general. >>mark:lynch is currently the u- s attorney for the eastern district of new york. >>michelle apon: after three passengers lose consciousness flight 5622 karen 75 passengers made a 28,000 on dissent and three minutes the faa said the crew reported a possible problem the passengers were evaluated and released no one was hospitalized the main is personnel found no indication of a problem or any other issue with the aircraft that as a dead are continue to investigate their trading of full of the flypasts same net diverted to
6:22 am
buffalo and even sky was tweedy yesterday it landed safely in buffalo note new york after passengers lost consciousness no problem with the door coming up a little girl makes the first lady then slid to you what was said to at 640 back to you. >>mark: dramatic photos come inside of volcanic eruption in chile will show a more credible image is ahead.
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>>darya: they suffer from over 1 billion colt's every year how you best prevent and treat the virus a new review from the canadian medical association have some tips less talk about the researchers say it is simple you've heard this a million times washer and wrote a letter but its simplest and most effective thing taking zinc helps kids get through colds provided my help of vitamin c. it is the gold standard of cold fighters it did not seem to help medications like ibuprofen
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say it will not make it go away but it will make it feel better. that caused by viruses so in that case we cannot beggared doctor for antibiotic. >>mark: police a at least three gems have been targeted in recent weeks including the ocean avenue that month, a street downtown gym in north beach location that did not know who was behind the theft and the state into an from fed is recommend that keep the most valuable items with them while they're working out. still ahead more on this volcanic eruption in july incredible pictures that
6:27 am
have been coming in here are some of the pick to the have been posted to twitter and the mountain spewing ash the site cloud looks like lightning strikes. >>mark: evacuation orders in the area of the will to check it out is pretty cool in looks and hands. --and enhanced. >>darya: one person was killed in a house fire early this morning will will join us life.
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>>mark: the dow closed up 88 points to yesterday's features an unseasoned we had a slew of earnings release and the last few minutes a caterpillar and pepsico was better in expected a 3 m general motor posting worse than expected earnings right now down to the trip the san a lot of company and is coming out will be watching the market drop the morning back to the breaking news we are following one person dead in the house fire in mountain view
6:31 am
>>will tran: right now the fire department in the place to permit are here because a to define what the cause of the fire is considered a crime scene the fire started at around 3 05 in the morning we know that one man lives by himself he was in his 60s and found in the back of the home you conceive is how much damage the fire has called the agency clearly through the back of the home the fighting are not only did they have to deal with the intense heat and smoke there was also live ammunition in the arise bullets were popping off the inside of the location of their already inside of the home it was fair for them i have been struck by bullets we got a chance to talk to one of two neighbors who jumped into action they did not college of the day happened to me at this location they had tried to wreck the to the home they realize it was too hot and
6:32 am
too intense for them to do anything about >>will tran: his name was then he was a gun enthusiast us why he had all the bullets inside the home forcefully no one else was hurt the firefighters not injured this neighbors not injured at all a little bit of damage there was a tree that was on fire that was the because the concern that a was a jump all over and just keep the fire to this location we're waiting to hear from the coroner's office identified this man also the
6:33 am
arson investigators have been on the scene for about 30 minutes and is the right now it does not look suspicious >>james: low clouds and the distance above the there are some clearing pockets around the bay and that is because we switch gears you see the clause beginning to push south of the golden gate bridge with a nice clear pockets the was slowly move as well across the heart of the bay in just a little bit as we were aware through the morning our temperatures in the visibility less give you a quick word on that fog from in and what they have is up near santa rosa for a moment or two it was down about a mile and have visibility 3 mob visibility of
6:34 am
half moon bay generally benign now visibility here the forecast for today as we look ahead to the deck are forecast calling for cloud conditions with pettifog to continue as you were awake to morning hours by noontime run looking for a 62 by the bay 70 inland with more sunshine in the afternoon i will have a more complete look at the forecast coming up in 15 leaks and i look we have a chance for showers will talk about that in just a moment >>george: and backtracking the drive times now at 28 minutes to
6:35 am
get to kron 4 out of antioch this morning coming over from their road have been no tax to close the highway 60 and the turnoff for the antioch bridge and hot spot we're falling on 880 southbound at tennyson where are retracting a 52 minute drive times for the south about 880 ride from to 38 down to 237 and in the south where 10128085 and axa reported at capitol expressway is not slowing the ride the hear the hot spot the commute from the summit on 17 northbound was to have this overturned accident near glenwood backing up the traffic will be on laurel. >>darya: he was last seen on monday and his disappearance remains a mystery this morning jackie is live right now with the latest on the search efforts.
6:36 am
>>jackie sissel: this was the last place the 17 year-old was seen on monday and since then he is not been seen or heard from by his parents or by his friends we're expecting volunteers to be back out in the next hour to to resume the search for the 17 year-old three-star varsity athlete has a modest but according to his parents they said the last time they saw was monday morning at 7:00 a.m. and he left the house the school officials say he did go to his first period class after that he was not seem at any point during the day he also missed track practice after school since then he is not been seen or heard from according to the santa clara sheriff's deputy who were investigating the case this is yet no credit cards and the money he did have a self on but it has been turned off guest today volunteers fanned out
6:37 am
across cupertino and unincorporated parts of cupertino including the stevens creek reservoir area that was a place that he was known to run and also yesterday the parents came on the spot to the meeting we had a chance to speak to his mother yesterday my concern is that he is not in cupertino and somehow it is somewhere else outside where we are searching. according to santa clara sheriff's deputies they say he stands about 5 ft. 5 last seen wearing black shorts and a black t-shirt also haven't the black color backpack with him that was the last time it was seen after the first period class among the best of volunteer the expected to meet of here in cupertino at a restaurant and a 30 this morning and start the search again for all this it will continue to follow that search and hopefully will have some good news coming up later
6:38 am
reports. >>mark: new emotional testimony in video now being released in the senses to phase in the boston marathon bombings that will determine whether he will receive the death penalty or life without parole prosecutors say that is the only just sentence for him in order to secure the senses prosecutors played a very disturbing for this on the attack for the first time he was in the middle of the crowd when the attack happened and she took the stand speaking with tears allies about our fight to save our life and her legs to is one of the few survivors to the call but are to fission also taken the stand family members of the victims who died in the attack. we will be right back.
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>>michelle apon: little girl
6:42 am
making first lady part of the white house annual take their daughters and son to work day answering questions when this happened. seoul kid same the weirdest things a little girl giving the first lady of hope a few moments after a guest today a very nice moment we have more news weather coming up after the break.
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>>mark: they have more on how much water intakes for your favorite food to become a reality water use is about more than just the water will run at the home is estimated that americans have a water footprint of 750,000 gal. a year that means every day and every person is more than 2,000
6:46 am
gal. how much water goes into producing some of the of the things you like to buy at the grocery store that start with the tomato just this one to metal takes 3.3 gal. to produce 55 4 gal. of water makes just one head of broccoli. for this one loaf of bread a hundred and 50 gal. of water used to grow and produce it. just to make produced in grow one walnut takes almost 5 gal. produced one egg it takes 120 gal. of water on average 1,800 gal. of water use is 1 lbs. that has led to
6:47 am
900 gal. of water today based on the average consumption of me in the united states 37 gal. of water to grow process' transport and prepare a enough to make 1 c. of coffee for all the things and the cattle tech to call the 120 gal. of water to produce all of it and you have to believe that at settling is on the cost of going to pay for each of these items does want to go up. right now we have cloud the ax to clear. >>james: we're saying that axis some of the live camera we want to show you birth with the golden gate bridge we look off in the direction the tech a look
6:48 am
at temperatures were we have santa rosa still on the course i for one low 40's there but everyone else sees 50 to 54 degrees in general have 54 in san jose 54 concord 51 as san francisco the winter also benefactor protect the owl in the east bay in the south bank the 40 mi. an hour sustained when 60 in fairfield san jose speaking of which here are the temperatures and how they will develop over the course of the day we would jump of about 10:00 and will be about 59 degrees warmer to 65 by noontime off to l.a. max out somewhere between 771 degrees on average for the south is some locations could be a little warmer than that 71 on top for san jose in all likelihood it will be one of the
6:49 am
nets' 74 led to the cupertino and sunnyvale in the east a 7377 here is your extended outlook will to finish off the week on a slightly cooler know a storm system to the north that were burning the school web for friday and the possibility of maybe some light rain across the bay on saturday morning not a lot about where and and at best but it should be fairly widespread will keep an eye on that in the meantime a signal to the traffic center is an accident at willow castro look it would have done to the drive times its double from 2449 minutes, and to on the creek and
6:50 am
nicotine to have this accident south 880 and tennyson is and how about an hour now looking with this is done to the commute 48 minutes already for the ride through the corridor from to 38 down to 237 and in the sauce but we're starting to pick up some slowing on one 01 the capitol expressway accident not have an impact on the no. 101 ride and we are still jammed with another hot spot this will early recovery accident with a vehicle on the side no 17 a glenwood here is the bay bridge ride which is backing up into the macarthur maze is still only 22 to 3 minute trip time the san mateo bridge definitely getting jammed of. >>george: for the west orchard from hayward to san mateo and for your golden gate bridge ride still an easy trip 101 southbound and no delays get through marin county.
6:51 am
>>mark: more protests are planned and the baltimore city hall for for a grant the man who died after suffering a spinal cord injury in his neck while of discussing one of the six swiss officers involved in the rest still have not given a statement to investigators for the officers have their names have been released but pleas of not releasing the fall of the listing will violate the law in the cell from video you can see the police dragging him to a van with his legs hanging out will leave behind him some say this is proof the officers injured him but others disagree. >>: when they brought him over to the man he consent on his own so far the offices have not been charged in the crimes. >>darya: attorneys representing a transcendent prison inmates are asked a federal judge to stick with his order that
6:52 am
officials must provide opposing the delay in the century for this and make it is appealing the decision was made by san francisco judge early this month in u.s. district judge john tighter the surgery is medically necessary for 51 year- old michelle bell not working who was a convicted murderer has identified as a female since the 1990's. >>mark: they're starting to crumble a little bit the first quarter profits fell by a whopping $400 million have been struggling was tricking cells with customers and also to insteps improve the brand and raising pay for rest my workers and testing of all the breakfast
6:53 am
menu in southern california in san diego that plan to cut back on using chicken grease with antibiotics. >>darya: will tell you how much beer germans consume on the average day it might be shocked by the number is a more lasting you drink here is a live look outside the san mateo bridge is frozen but we will tell you if looks as gridlock will be right back.
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>>mark: it is partly because of the country is run of the world cup title the federal statistical office release #germans strike 5.1 8 million gal. of beer a day in 2014 that as of from 5.7 million gal. in 2013 the beer consumption was up 4% the sale of 14 on the world
6:57 am
cup began in brazil. ahead we have several developing stories breaking news out of sonoma county would get the shot a man in a them on a chase we have a crew live at the scene will give you an update on what the giants are actually saying thank-you to the dodgers and why the black community is bored with baseball.
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>>darya: the recon is where a fall in the person have been shot by serendipity's in the parking lot behind me where they're still here on the scene for seven hours later i was cytosine from a few hours ago it started just before midnight was a numbing, share deputies diving back porch on northbound 1017 minutes later that fall off the 101 and they stopped here and the parking lot that these yelled at the driver


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