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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 22, 2015 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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>>james: good morning wednesday april 2nd to second-james think it for joining us we will begin the our act as we often like to do with a check of weather and traffic. >>michelle apon: temperatures will be slightly warmer we can see some '70s for to them where
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wicking to low clouds and patchy drizzle keep that in mind is to get ready for work as to get ready for the kids off to school here is what looks like on satellite and radar picture of you you can see that we have a little bit of cloud cover and it will continue to move out letter also we will cease to mostly sunny skies. you will be dealt with some low clouds fog and drizzle keep that mine is to get going for today in a live look outside still dark looking at the golden gate bridge this will be awfully spot. >>michelle apon: sfo visibility down to 8 mi. if you're driving along one this morning be careful out there we're looking at annapolis down to 8 mi. you should see the travel delays temperatures will have up before
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is to low 50s slightly cooler than yesterday morning and is definitely call along the coast would appear for his daily city 48 degrees san miguel starting of the morning at 51 mid-50s across concord pleasanton and parts of the south bank couple for is across sunnyvale as of right now looking at your they part forecast temperatures will continue to stay on the cooler side if you're on coastal locations plan on grabbing a light jacket. temperatures are between low fifties to mid 50's in this area you may need a light jacket but it will continue to one of lead on this afternoon it will not mean much our. >>mark>>michelle apon: it will continue to stay along the coast will lower 60s they will warm up
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into the lower semitist and lend a little bit warmer and could see some temperatures into mid to upper '70's far the east you go. we have our rain chant and i'm very excited to tell you about what it could impact the weekend plans right before the toll plaza not send any delays but keep in mind there is a less land that is open keep that in mind if you have to get over to san francisco this morning and you are taking this drought-- route traffic is very quiet this morning looking at the golden gate traffic continuing south bomb looks good and to downtown san francisco not releasing any trouble spots this morning if you're traveling northbound
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right before you get to the golden gate bridge 101 northbound the right lane disclose keep that in mind that you could see a minor delay the we will stay close above 430 this morning a very quiet commit fog will be possible on would drizzle and local out but then it will warmer and the illiterate warmer than does today we're tracking shower chances. >>james: we have police in fair for responding to complaints from the palace of the boy who was kidnapped while sleeping in the backseat of a car as it was stolen the boy was found safe with the family is upset of how they're treated by police. >>: oh my god my son was inside of the card. i know this was really scary. i am here with you >>reporter: that is the heartbreaking of suzanne with the 911 dispatch a moment after
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her eight year-old son was adapted from outside of their home in the in they're grateful to have their son back from the question why they were the ones treated like criminals by police his wife was treated by officers when she initially would not allow them inside because of the two dogs >>: when i pulled up there was a cop antagonizing the dog >>james: their record of the whole incident would buy cameras they said the ax to go inside suzanne said no take a listen. .
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>>james: she was handcuffed four times by released without charges being filed the investigated is on loan will have more on the story as it develops police in san mateo are looking for additional victims
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of a registered sex offender who has been working as a massage therapist he is accused of sexually assaulting a woman during a massage authorities also determine the salon in december sale or the incident happened was not licensed to offer massage just basking in the customs of this along to contact police police are continuing to investigate the allegations against murphy in the salon now to the south bay san jose police department will be getting a new mapping system and to predict when it and where crime will occur before happens in uses everything from weather
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data to pack incidence the predict crime they're hoping the contractor will make better use of this uses of the city's limited number of officers. >>reporter: where do we put our resources would be stationed people so as the best prevent crime in the future >>james:. it will post a crime data to the our website where the public and say it should be up and running by december. the committee has spoken football needs to go back to los angeles coming up the raiders' move one step closer to leaving for los angeles will tell you the big step taken the rain the stadium and southern california are reacting to a particular university will tell you what school officials are doing to prevent the spread of the disease san francisco's already gearing up for the super bowl would take about a planned
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festivities the week leading up to the big game.
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>>james: san francisco will be hosting a week-long fan festival a little more than eight months ago will be converted into the heart of was going to be called super bowl city the festivities will also take place at harry bridges plaza in front of the building at the end of market street is
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set to open jan. for eight days before the big game. here's a live look outside the embarcadero looking out the bay bridge the sec a quick look at conditions san francisco 51 degrees should woman on the 10 degrees by noon where'll the four daytime high of 63 back with more headlines coming up in just a minute.
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>>michelle apon: we are working up to some cloudy skies and
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temperatures will be on the slightly cooler side to that with all the forces across daly city and sunnyvale to handful of mid-50s 7 mi. per hour fare for looking good in comparison the past two mornings so if you're traveling along highway one into half moon bay will have the wind speeds at 12 mi. per hour south across san jose today temperatures will finally reached the seven remarked timbers us will slowly come down to the store '60s it will be nice and mild across the west of the bay is the winds will be
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like we will have cloud cover and we will see some sunshine into the after no temperatures will be cooler than is we have mid to upper 60s. >>michelle apon: that may persist off and on throughout the entire day a quick check of
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traffic looking at the bay bridge traffic and the westbound direction as to continue in the westbound direction and you could see a minor delay such a mix of the lines do become reduced at the toe plausible for treasure island no brake light traffic moving smoothly looking at the golden gate bridge traffic heading southbound direction starting to move up and pick up just a little bit no delays will work at 280 northbound and southbound will
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be closed until 5:00 between stevens creek boulevard in san jose and los altos not going to 5:00 just a few areas several or until five and then as you get closer to the morning rush hour most of them will start to open up the one thing to keep in mind could see some potential for some fog and drizzle. >>james: east bay hospitals now close after serving the community for 60 years at the thread into closer returned to the have officially closed its doors and we brought that to you live fear yesterday morning employees as a man remember gathered outside said their goodbyes the hospital serve mostly low-income patients in that community and have been suffering from financial difficulties for years. hist >>: is it will show this is like my second house and this is
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an essential service the people who live tear apart of the county did they taxes and deserve the tear it is sad that a society we take care and was bitten and police said the denial was next fall and they do not have new jobs lined up patiently in red sea care will be taken to the closest oakland hospital according to the web site for contra costa help services. >>james: the border symbolizes unanimously voting yesterday to ban chewing tobacco products at all this bother use in the city including at&t park. >>reporter: the site of a baseball player joining a big wad of tobacco supply soon be a thing of the pass at at&t park this after supervisors with the city came down hard on tobacco companies tuesday sent by you
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that as a bad choice tobacco product for all baseball did you--then us then venues smokeless tobacco increases the risk of oral and pancreatic cancer and gum disease nicotine addiction these are people- susceptible to nicotine addiction and advertising and marketing that goes along with that they're threatening to help giants manager bruce balochis says early this year he's still the strain tobacco addiction drop his career as enforcing the rules those backing the new policy say it will happen happening now the
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san francisco police departments asking for your help in locating a 16 year-old girl stole and. >>james: cello in the survey as it again and make up the famous as the growing to the victim's car while her male accomplice weight in the getaway car south the 2 a no suspects into the parking parking garages is that it had bought a $500 is desperately wanted backed by the owner of scores will let you know they make any headway st. louis city hall is that open after suspicions on the roof from outside the building if it
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started around 7:00 is the money the bomb squad with a call to the same accord is our one son on the steps of city hall site and time since this is backed in the back of the building they believe there were still to tax which can be used to make explosives . >>james: according to reports by the washington post he is an unadorned treatment at a mental hospital system was found not guilty by reason of insanity for the shooting hospital officials are expected to recommendation on the request will see what happens in what will our general dispatches six is in the coming days is that the fis
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month's stall over and tie him trafficking he would not just said that the person there will be reached on that bill and that clears the way for a vote on the nomination is confirmed he will be the first african- american to hold the office of attorney general. the giants tried to wake of the offense against driver got to have pilots come of after the break here is a live look outside we have the camera at the bay bridge you're ride so far on westbound 80, is moving along just fine and a quick 53 degrees, should one of the 70 today that with news weather and traffic
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senses cisco's score six runs and won the final of six to two. madison baumgartner will take on clayton kirch draw in game 2 tonight. things did not go as well for today's technology angeles' southern california oakland fell behind early and could not come back they lose by a final 14 to one the first home win of the season for the and the game 3 of the four game series is tonight in los angeles ticking on the first pitch scheduled at 7 05. meanwhile steve kerr is warriors were 67 to 15 most wins in warrior histories he says he
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is tapping. there will continue the quest for much bigger, there on the road enormous for game 3 of this series with the pelicans the warriors to take a quick break coming up next on health scare at a bay area university will tell you how school officials and try to prevent the spread of meningitis + processors say they will not stop the to list the arrest after a man dies while the police custody will explain was next in the investigation here is a quick live look outside the san mateo bridge camera lets check on what out there. >>james: they were 54 at the moment should woman to 69 lead
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on today--hayward we will be back with more headlines in just a minute.
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if >>james: the parents of the eight your fare for boy who was kidnapped are upset over how they were treated by police he was tested monday while he was asleep in the back of a car that was all right out of the family's driveway and and the dollar was issued you may remember he was later found safe but his mother said she was handcuffed by police which will not allow the masada the home to investigate it was because the have dogged the would have been the officers they're not looking to the complaint centers helpless ever arrested, some massage therapist and sex offender for assault of door is aware bed more victims police sale and of the tape the woman went to a salon on north kingston st. the mail a group
4:31 am
tour several times a to use it to look to buy a staff member walk into the rome police arrested try murphy was a registered sex offender also fond of the business was not licensed offer massage in the first place san jose police will begin a new crime mapping system it should be up and running by december will see our works out. >>michelle apon: temperatures were finally reached the lower seven is for the areas today slightly warmer but enjoy it because we did called again by the end of the week might be some rain chances here is what looks like outside their acid light across much of the peninsula piquancy looking at the flag ride across the street at the embarcadero the flag is not moving too much again a calm
4:32 am
start today. as a mecca way out this morning in visibility here is what looks across the area across the coast to have visibility down to 4 mi. keep in mind when you get out the door this morning temperatures slightly cooler in comparison to afforded to some mid-50s to call starred there across hayward and fremont we have mid-50s same for san jose the label and fairfield to the is the starting off into the lower 50s across the santa rosa 53 degrees. looking ahead to the next hour as a ticket with out plan on temperatures staying on the cooler side you may want to grab a light jacket you'll probably need the jacket across the
4:33 am
coastal location customers is one of the to the upper 50s and lower 60s into the early afternoon warmer spots by the afternoon because the temperatures topping off until mid to upper seventies. >>michelle apon: across the bay is lower 7 is in store under most dishonest guys you can see a few minor road closures that will clear at 5:00 a.m. a quick check of traffic looking at the san mateo bridge traffic in the westbound direction looks good and quiet no delays if you're looking not seen any delays as to continue over highway 92 a
4:34 am
quick check of the golden gate bridge southbound direction 101 not seen any delays as these have a closer to downtown san francisco a very quiet drive as of this morning you have to keep in mind a could be some fog and patchy drizzle. >>james: contra costa fire working awfully involve structural fire on the six on the block metas in walnut creek this is one of the photos that this came in some smoke st.
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mary's college student has meningitis. >>reporter: others on campus were ordered to take antibiotics immediately as to prevent the measure to to make sure that the disease does not spread meningitis can be deadly and is transmitted by close contact the school says the extra effort has been made to keep the facility
4:36 am
claim to ram the for the spread of the disease about 60 students and staff members are getting antibiotics to make sure they do not contract meningitis there are some anabatic perry >>james: to national news more protesters expected today as demonstrators demand answers
4:37 am
before they call for an ambulance and before his death seven days later as a result of a spinal injury is not acceptable to keep doing this is no justification to some of the things being done they have not been forced to give statements the officers who were directly involved because of the law enforcement officers bill of rights we have yet to fully engage those officers. >>: we will get to the bottom of it they say they hope to finish the investigation by may 1st of a concern over to the state
4:38 am
attorney's office most importantly the famine was still suffering right now they deserve justice in the community deserves an opportunity to hill to get better today hopefully with to care that football is coming to carson went on to tell you how the raiders could be one step closer if you don't want to wait for that time what to show you a couple of good android smart watches you can get today that is next.
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>>gabe slate: good morning the apple watch is back ordered for month if you don't want to wait for that or not really in apple
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person anyway i will show you a couple of good android smart watches that you can get today this will be is samsung galaxy gear and the motorola 360 is on the left is round america in the classic watch designed the galaxy gear is on the right it takes the box score look. it does a few things and the kind of a smart from you will not find another slot watches he has certainly tested out both of these watches he likes of the galaxy gear could make phone calls without needing a phone tethered to a better something the model 360 cannot do the design of the operating system on this watch is really elegant and based on cards in each card has a different element of information one might be a
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message or e-mail in my be another map android where it gives you a way of slipping these from side to side. >>gabe slate: obviously views the eye from the apple what will fit into your daily life better is to probably hold out but if you 11 now or you're looking for android smart watching these are the choices the model 360 in the galaxy year the bose calls around to was the $50 the pentagon were you by. >>james: would take a break back with more in a minute michelle have another set of the forecast west give you a live look outside the wall muckrake camel the walnut 680 on the waterfront not that antioch 53 degrees should woman to the mid- 70s lead on today.
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>>james: let's settle to the weather center and say good morning and find out about the forecast for today. >>michelle apon: low cloud fog and packed to drizzle keep that in mind as you like a way out the door to the less likely on the court decided compared to yesterday and it is not that breezy looking at the flat right now from the embarcadero road across the street from the studios as a major way out daly city sunnyvale in the upper '40's those are the coolest spot as of this morning a handful of mid-50s not too bad but temperatures could stop a couple more grades not to breezy
4:46 am
over in the locations and will continue to stay 15 mi. from our into the afternoon much lighter in comparison tim the judge will start to fall just a little bit more into the mid '60s by dinner time this evening if you're going to the game into the dodgers once again timber to will be into the low 60s loss
4:47 am
and a clock on the game starts to wrap up to much as will fall to the mid 60 you may have that light jacket if you're going to at&t park this afternoon. >>michelle apon: whatever is in store you should have a few showers chances in the system will move out into sunday will start to dry a just a little bit more not too bad and then we one of the to early next week we have a few rain chances on tuesday but as of right now the system is not holding together in the good and quiet and not turn on just yet you should see
4:48 am
traffic in the southbound direction they did finish the realignment for traffic heading south about no delays traffic will start to pick up as we get closer to rush hour traffic is quiet now releasing to minicars' or in that area but when you do and you have to keep in mind could see the potential for some fog and drizzle it will be slightly warmer for to the enjoy it because it will be cooler for the rest of the week. >>james: we have city officials in santa clara debating the fate of a popular soccer park which sits in the saddle of the new forty-niners stadium. >>reporter: they rallied to
4:49 am
oppose the plan of the 49 is to use the field as a parking lot the have a ton of other places to park in the have the home practice field and they will try to clear our soccer part is not right this is just to the east of levi stadium is owned by the city but the 49 is like to use the land for vip parking during games in the bins at the stadium the forty-niners intent is to protect both use force and to protect what we all can his to build we by stating there also on answer questions near the 49 of the the city have identify where replacing the soccer facility could be built the offer to the $50 million to lease the land but she pointed out the property is probably worth much more the city council
4:50 am
said to review the proposal involved on the next month. >>james: 4 million hand will be utilized because a bird flew from a farm in iowa pericenter lab after several of the dive that confirmed the deadly 85 into violence osorno last influenza or that must be killed to revenge the spread of the infection the virus is impacting on a 6 million chickens and turkeys they appeared to be little risk to people will keep an eye of the store for you. the raiders could be one step closer to moving to california the carson city council unanimously approved to build a stadium for the workers in the charges to share. >>reporter: the carson city
4:51 am
council unanimously gave the green light to construction of the carson still full speed ahead the mayor said that two things southern california needs. one of them is rain and football at today hopefully we to care that because football is coming to carson excited supporters are moving the san diego chargers and oakland raiders to los angeles area stadium that the carson city council meeting also led to start. the community has spoken football needs to come back to los angeles. reminding council members that the city of inglewood is already giving a green light to six nfl stadium. >>: they would sit at least 70,000 people and located adjacent to the 4 05 freeway on a former landfill which is now been environmentally me elated --mediated
4:52 am
>>james: it was not snow spread across the rolland's residents and the west is to never of toilet paper and shredded plastic bags the mess was dumped from of play perhaps passing through the area early in the morning the call the federal aviation ministration and they're investigating i would not want to be walking and then they dump it all made. they said it will be collecting samples of the breathtaking to lab for testing that i to pinpoint which
4:53 am
aircraft was in the space at the time the debris fell we will be back with more in a minute coming up more headlines of course in another check the weather and traffic never far away here is a live look outside the cemetery ridge hammer san jose 54 at the moment should warmer to low 70's by 3:00 this afternoon. i like fun as much as anyone. but we need to talk about -
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>>james: police say was on tuesday that he scaled a 5 ft. high wall of put his hand on the fence into stealing the same he got scratches from the annals several times the need any medical attention the officials held on to menendez until the police arrived to arrest for trespassing and
4:56 am
trying to get into the close animal cage he uses a down to get an mild his daughter he decided to let walk to school or on he tagged along with the drone some diplomats is to overprotective but he was doing it for fun he is happy to know this child is safe he is said to john for about a month and plans to use it for commercial purposes happening today marking 45 years since they've been
4:57 am
celebrating this holiday is a video showing the earth from international space station will take a break we told you about a fire in contra costa county they're battling was not to alarm fire mike pelton is on his way to the scene to build on viral will tell you about the law for an officer to kick a person sells for terrorism live look outside will be back with a full check of weather and traffic in a moment.
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>>mark: working new store in walnut creek a building fire
5:00 am
going on right now in the six on the block a contra costa county firefighters are on the same with the and the picture that was to get out by fire officials were chris the house on fire heavy smoke and flames we don't know if anyone was inside the building we're waiting for an update. >>james: this afternoon is one to be a touch warmer a little bit of sun will get some more that letter on today which will be nice to enjoying a little gray and blustery in spots but today we should have a much warmer picture here is a live look outside the fall of the two big of an issue we're seeing in form and other parts of the bay the napa valley visibility reduced to 8 mi. because of that 9 mi. in petaluma nine out
5:01 am
of sfo will see that develop once again today is a breakdown grammar 6:00 hour once again singled to mid-50s not to bid would change over yesterday by noon to 1:00 will warm up to the upper 60s 07 is at that point and then more sunshine lead on today that made afternoon highs will be on more than yesterday. >>james: in the meantime here is a quick glimpse of what temperatures are right now that 70 around the bay coming up and 15. >>george: that is good news not only do we not have any hot spots the chp is not with any incidents they are slowing traffic right now we are free of accidents it was so you're ride from the baylor star with a look at your trip to the bay bridge
5:02 am
with the west bound traffic flow looks great out of the macarthur maze of the nimitz freeway in the east shore freeway drive times between 11 minutes off the cemetery ridge and 11 minute trip this morning the changeable message signed at this this morning of rising about the upcoming week enclosure of the san mateo bridge that is coming up on may 8th you're ride to the golden gate bridge looks good with no delays island or the bomb or southbound early commuters might have found the bridge dark there was an incident where the power control unit for the allies were damaged by contractor but they just wish to back over to pg&e. >>george: no delays in light traffic for the westbound ride that is not a still image you see a truck moving in the background. >>mark: the little boys kidnapped while slipping in the car his parents' driveway the parents are filed a complaint against the fairfield police department the big story cover
5:03 am
for you with this and are looking for the boy he was from say sleeping in the car to hours later the jackie is live with details. >>jackie sissel: i am here at the city hall where the police station is by all accounts it should be a great story he was sipping a the back of the car on monday when someone came by and stole the car with him in the back of after three hours of frantic search they finally from the car with him inside but in the strange twist yesterday the parents have hired an attorney and may file a complaint against the police departmencause they say they were not treated properly during the investigation here is the video from monday when the incident took place according to fairfield police department they say is that a protocol when i get a call lectins they go to the house and search around the known area over the subcommittee
5:04 am
included inside the home when they want to go inside the home there were denied access at that point it became a free fall was in the police and suzanne and here is the video from the fare for a police department by the camera. >>: is there reason why you don't want us to go there with your body in a row son you know how many people have told us that there was a dead person's side of their home if you think that is going on they go get a warrant. .
5:05 am
>>jackie sissel: ultimately suzanne and paul boos in the first father were both handcuffed put in the back of the police car and driven to the police station there was not ever booked into custody obviously once he was found they were reunited as i said they have hired an attorney that have been no formal complaint filed but they are looking into that also the fairfield police department says they have no more, it about it as a investigate the case. >>mark: exley a bit this morning. >>darya: happening now police and some say are looking for additional victims of a registered sex offender who has been working as a massage therapist there was an answer reportedly happen this alarm on north kingston and san mateo police arrested 53 year-old troy
5:06 am
murphy he sexually assaulted a woman during, sauce last week of board is also the time in the salon was not licensed offer massage as and he is not a licensed therapist. >>mark: they bore more than 400 rescued migrants to stores of sicily the you and says they were mainly syria on saturday more than a hundred people drawn from a capsized boat fuel and 30 survived the captain of that ship and a few members are in jail accused of manslaughter and human trafficking that have been arresting hundreds police in france have arrested the islamic planning an attack on one church in paris security officials say they accused of killing a young woman surely before taken into custody the 24
5:07 am
year-old computer science to it was a blessing on sunday after he shot himself and called an ambulance he lives in france and live there for several years. >>darya: bank of america is offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in connection with monday's bank robber and at the bank of america branch in dublin that was rather that was the one of the 4200 block of dublin boulevard this man walked in and he appears to be talking on his self long faking it but he had the teller a note demanding cash said he had a gun but did not show any weapon he got away with the money he was last seen running north to the bay parking lot of them we shall you the picture and and he seems to be easily recognizable >>mark: president obama will be in the everglades is expected to
5:08 am
discuss how politicians are not done enough to prevent future damage. after his speech president obama will tour the national park rising sea levels of florida have allows salt water to seek and and and the upper layers threatening drinking water still ahead san francisco pushing to get rid of chewing tobacco where they are banning the coming up. >>mark: will tell you school officials are doing to prevent the dangerous illness from spreading.
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>>mark: they're getting a new crime mapping system would predict when and where crime will occur before it happens the city council voted yes today to allocate half a million dollars for the system a uses everything from weather data to pass this is to predict crimes that also opposed the crime data for the
5:12 am
public to see it should be up and running by the end of the year. >>darya: processes will not stop until they see a rest after a man dies while in police custody will explain what is next in the story to get a live look for what's next for you if you're heading over to golden gate visibility not too bad traffic is nice and mike. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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>>mark: let's check on whether and traffic. >>james: this afternoon we should see more sunshine and that me warmer temperatures especially in an they would join the lid on this afternoon at the moment we're looking at very mild winds and temperatures on the mild side as well this is what it looks like on the satellite radar view the sec look at the storm track four and you can see widespread cloud cover once again no big
5:16 am
surprise both monday and tuesday and today will be no exception the difference that will part a little bit sooner and get a little bit more sunshine off to another mile start similar to yesterday low 50's at the early hour 516 we have 51 in san francisco 52 in san jose listed a quick look at temperatures and how they would develop you concede that it will hold pretty steady for the early morning hours 52 to 54 right up until past 8:00 by 10:00 the potential for the '60s warming to 63 to 64 degrees during the 2:00 from noon to 4:00 p.m. time frame temperatures will come down a touch and to the mid-50s buy at o'clock tonight the winds are similar to yesterday's coming at us from the ocean that is san
5:17 am
francisco this pretty dramatic for we will see in most of the peninsula of 73 for antioch 764 76 and tx 75 out livermore in the south a 72% slightly warmer for cupertino here is a storm track of for 70 from the they forecast there is a slight chance of maybe a sparkle on saturday keep it soon as we update you as you get closer as it develops now to traffic. >>george: nothing to be concerned about we're not tracking any delays for the trip to the bay bridge this morning sea is he still very quiet as we are not tracking any incidents no hot spots either uc like traffic to the bay bridge toll plaza as to switch over to 92 san mateo bridge again a smooth
5:18 am
and easy trip with no delays even at the golden gate bridge a good ride and they finish with a lame reconfiguration that have added the fourth line in the southbound direction conditions are good across the span and into marin county is an easy ride the of richmond bridge recall like the track is is a law on the bay about the onslaught on this morning the stretch of highway 43 antioch is fairly typical is slow the east your freeway as you see is a 15 minute trip time from hercules to berkeley and of course there is a little slowing for six '80s out for westbound interstate 580. >>george: making that drive time currently 26 minutes from the out to my out to the dublin and to change a quick check from the south bay shows no delays with the green light and green senses rather on the entire south of a circuit 10128085 not to bomb for
5:19 am
the capitol expressway is now just 18 minutes on 101 northbound. >>darya: contra costa fire crews on the scene of the to alarm fire it is under control right now but mike is there and wall muckrake to take a look at what happened. >>reporter: you can see a few hot spots popping up fire crews did tell us a short time ago the fire is under control but they are still dealing with the hot spots you see a lot of smoke coming from the house this its up topple the hillyer to see the smoke for quite a distance this is a rat style home this at the 330 this morning, to cause the fire crew responded and called for toulon's is about 4000 square feet the firefighters said the house of the total loss in the roof collapsed and the do not believe in war inside of the home of the time of the fire
5:20 am
never sold fire crew the people live in a home are often out of town this they believe that is possibly the case last night although they believe the have the gall to the home and make sure no one was trapped inside the house. >>reporter: investigated at this point do not know where the fire sparked they're working to determine that information. >>mark: st. mary's college student in hospital this morning recovering from meningitis the college officials are concerned dozens of students and staff may have come in contact with the student contra costa county what only 60 people will sit in a bad estimate should they do not contract meningitis that can be deadly and transmit that would close contact with others the store with meningitis is expected to make a full recovery.
5:21 am
>>darya: the senate education committee will vote on a lid is vaccine bill there will require that all children in california be vaccinated it was delayed last week after committee members was worried it would deprive unvaccinated children and adequate education if they have to be vaccinated and they're not because of some family reason prevent them from getting into school the big entire tobacco push from the city of san francisco the unanimously voted yes today showing tobacco products at all baseball venues and athletic fields that includes at&t park ballplayers have been vocal about this giants fans says he has dealt with the issue of chewing tobacco throughout the career it will not let his two sons triad >>mark: every team who comes
5:22 am
through at&t park next year will have to follow the measure passes the measure not only meet the mayor signature to become law similar statements also look at right now that measure will then to tobacco products across the state of california. >>darya: local call launched a new wireless service today will tell you about it and come up at 530 they're working to make the bus save and protect the drivers will tell you how.
5:23 am
5:24 am
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5:25 am
♪ iyou nt i♪ ♪ gout d geit >>mark: it will allow customers to pay for the data to use each month but only the data that they use it acquires its garbage to pay for unused data that expires at the end of each building. they will be available through sprint and t mobil in this it will only work on the latest nexus' 6 fog. >>darya: this is after a person
5:26 am
was paralyzed while riding the bike in the recall for the tracks are the 2000 through 201515 years' worth of these bikes are equipped with a black or silver quick release lever they recall that come into contact with the sun disk of the brick and that can call the sun will to suddenly stop three incidents have been reported and as i said in one case or writer was paralyzed because of this the company says consumers to seek a track retailer for other free installation of the quick release device for the file will. >>mark: a deal far from over but the raiders are yet another step closer to moving to southern california will explain what happened will have more on the disappearance sticky alive the at the embarcadero and san francisco bay bridge in the
5:27 am
background waiting for the clouds to clear it will be a few degrees warmer will have an update on the forecasts on the other side of the break. uhhh, it is a little awkward being on the market again... but uh, i...oh...i actually tried the online thing... which uh, i dunno. i, i guess i'm just hoping for a caring and nurturing relationship, you know, one that's going somewhere. uh, like i, i take them where they're going and they buy me chevron with techron. i mean, yeah, you know, what can i say, i'm a, i'm a romantic. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron.
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5:29 am
>>james: there is a chance of us
5:30 am
branco i have storm track before the run you through the animation when we might see the sparkle stop and later on tonight to set a quick look at what we're seeing right now relatively calm we have mild wind mild temperatures this what looks on the visibility front seven mile visibility and napa improved in petaluma diamond 2 9 mi. visibility we are seeing some minor fault forming at the moment is not any thing to concern yourself with the low clouds however could like they did yesterday we're seeing
5:31 am
pettifog and best some drizzle not rain temperature this morning in the low 50s the most of the bay 11:00 to noon partly cloudy temperatures by the bay getting up to low 70's in them by 3:00 this afternoon today will be slightly warmer 70 by the bay mid-70s and land that is what we expect from lead on this afternoon because we will have more sunshine today than we did yesterday. >>james: his rectum to our right now like i said a lot to low 50s i will talk about how warm it will be not only today but the rest of the week and the possibility of spread a little on tonight and lead on this coming week and more details to come less to get to traffic as a good morning to george. >>george: that means is an
5:32 am
easier ride if i am not busy you will enjoy your trip we have a minor accident this is the only thing on the roadway or even the near the roadway where the chp is in attendance this morning here is a look at the bridges and the ride at the bay bridge was bound starting to back up in the cash plan as to just move past five starting that is a very typical pattern and that means in the next 10 to 12 minutes will likely see the meeting last activated and it will begin to feel and hear is the san mateo bridge ride 92 still looks good no delays in the westbound direction and again the changeable message is only there to advise commuters on this ridge. >>george: the upcoming closure of the we can make a tour of the 11th and easy trip southbound with no delays in either direction and an easy ride through marin county on the 30 minutes from the bottle to the golden gate bridge.
5:33 am
>>mark: santa clara county sheriff's deputies looking for 17 your boy who went missing from school in cupertino he has not been seen since monday morning. >>reporter: his name is, sullivan he was last seen here at monte vista high school monday morning around 10:00 he attended his first period class after that he missed all the rest of this class is including track practice lead show you a picture of the missing boy his approximately 5 ft. tall feisty 5 in. tall he was last seen wearing a black shirt and black sweatshirt and black shorts and blue on white athletic shoe his carry a dark color backpack along with an additional small bag that contains his school books and some track equipment
5:34 am
they searched for him we do know the he likes running in the area of in the fremont of older open space preserve they're really asking for the public's help to keep their eye out for this young man he is 17 years old again he was last seen on monday morning and there releasers continuing to search and really need the public's health if you have seen or spotted him contacted door is of course they are very concerned they really want to try and have all eyes try to look for this young man. >>darya: along the peninsula they're asking for your help in finding and at risk teenager who was been missing since the weekend destiny peoples have you seen walking from her home near
5:35 am
the shopping center from 730 sunday night that considered at risk because she has a development the disability she was last seen wearing a maroon shirt with an hour on it and a sheet of prince scarf blue jeans and white sneakers the first once took place. >>mark: minutes later a boy and a girl was in front by two young man with a description that have their cell phones: half hour after that another robbery involves similar circumstances was an antioch. >>darya: yesterday's they approved a $38 million contract to allow a separate security to keep providing the employees the
5:36 am
contract at past that proposed in said there's skeptical about its effectiveness to those who use non-lethal weapons and carry a number of the devices one collector said they carried thousands of dollars in they would not want to work without armed protection the raiders could yet again be a step closer to moving to southern california this after the carson city council unanimously approved a plan to build a new stadium there that the raiders would share with the chargers it is far from done both teams say they're still working to find new stadium solutions in their current cities the carson products as one of two stadiums proposals to surface and los angeles area the owner of the rams as part of the group planning to build a new stadium in inglewood >>mark: limits set is a baltimore md. demanding era.
5:37 am
>>mark: officers involved in his arrest have now been suspended with the have not been forced to give statements members of the committee plan to give a protest until they get an explanation and they say they hope to finish the investigation by may 1st to the concerns of the state attorney's office. >>darya: a father returning home from the military surprises his son during school picture than you have got to see this moment and it was caught on camera the law enforcement officer slams a
5:38 am
woman cell from to the ground and rips different are and will surely the video that has long viral.
5:39 am
5:40 am
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ have a day to remember. it's easy with a free red velvet cake with a 10 piece meal or larger. >>mark: he grabs a cellphone and slammed into the ground this happened in los angeles county the one across the street recorded best you can see what happened to concede woman who
5:41 am
shot the video she was recording is a group of men wearing police last a they're talking in front of home because it would have been saved but she felt her constitutional right to violate in is under investigation we're tracking the forecast live look at the radar showing showers out to the east some of them may come our way led on to my will talk about when and where come in and just a minute.
5:42 am
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momso sur mo. torrows yos tolaim ♪ the s'll me o morr ♪ llogs. see yoat bakfa™. >>mark: 610 look a man and a motorized wheelchair falls on the metal tracks and washington d.c. will show you how witnesses came to help them coming up at
5:45 am
635 officials in oakland holding a public forum to talk about the future of colosseum cities now that the raiders are looking one step closer to moving to southern california would stay with the project entails the distraught woman in the east bay after her wedding ring is stolen from her home the themes recall our surveillance video we would tell you the thieves as if i catch them. while you're on camera tells about the weather. >>james: we have some clouds out there the clouds and the winds are also on a light side no big worry we have some showers at the moment but perhaps in the north by this afternoon and
5:46 am
tonight we could see a spark or to near santa rosa i will show that to you coming up fast we're seeing right now to my outside 51 san francisco across the bay and o'clock wise for the low 50s richmond and antioch we're seeing 51 or 52 degrees and where it was sitting 54 at the moment talk about the east valency hot temperatures will develop as you can seen spending most of the morning hovering in the low fifties will start to see tiverton is beginning to spike by 10:00 for them like six will be right around 64 job of to the upper 60s to 7 degrees by 2:00 the 4:00 this afternoon. >>james: temperatures will come back down as head and 8:00 p.m. dropping down to the low 60s fallen already nicely in temperatures for oakland and a lot of the east bay was the temper to similar to that warmer as the head out to the east 76
5:47 am
in antioch clear expecting 75 livermore 72 to perhaps 75 degrees to the temperature range and another 71 to 76 downtown san francisco 76 degrees there is a low pressure system coming up in the counterclockwise is wrapping more shot along the sierra some of that may come back around an impact and of a letter on tonight and to talk a little bit about that i will switch gears to show you what will predict where it might spread gulf off the clock is set at 7:00 a.m. just clouds i will push it forward in time all the way to 3:00 and the afternoon when we finally start to see some light sour is coming up near clear lake advancing now to 5:00 p.m. we may get a shower to just over a santa rosa and the fourth northern portion of napa valley this will be mainly in the higher elevation it will be up in the hills for you to release see this. of
5:48 am
>>james: by 8:00 p.m. in is all gone and will be out of our hair for the next few days come saturday we're tracking the four you temperatures will drop slightly between now and then thursday and friday would drop in the and hides or seven its upper 60s >>george: we've been watching the ride and to stay 580 in it looks as though things are going very south very quickly on the westbound route 103rd acid in the morning report westbound first of the minor crash a new accident here at santa rita and and another crash reported at el charro all the more of the lanes but having an impact on the ride at 33 minutes for westbound interstate 580 south of the freeways in the 680 ride still
5:49 am
looks good now tracking any problems there. >>george: at just 14 minutes that is the trip time when there is no traffic and typically it will double through the morning here for the ride on highway and tunnel one system attracting a great come you for the mid peninsula looking at the bridge for you're ride around the bay me realize are active in the bridge is that the right to the edge of the macarthur maze, even the 880 approach is start to back up. >>george: highway 92 is still a small to commit no delays get the golden gate bridge ride 101 northbound and southbound still moving very small fleet for and no problems yet to marin county if you're heading into marin picking up a little traffic they do not have all the cash lanes open up the toll plaza that is why you see the back on the right hand side that would change after 6:00. >>michelle apon: this morning a
5:50 am
military that a surprising his son here is the video. he would deploy for about a year returning home to see his son on pitcher than he takes a look off to the left the photographer shows the picture of the sun and he is still confused watches reaction very sweet moment caught on picture they an on- camera of very sweet this morning coming up in 30 minutes we have a few earth today dills ought to tell you about as 615. >>mark: home as security is a plan to open a satellite office in silicon valley he says a strike and a relationship for silicon valley will insure the the government and private- sector benefits from its others research and development the
5:51 am
coronation of the government have an amazing thing for the administration san francisco sure that these were as jail guards may be different in california to robotic camera the move comes as the fbi investigation into allegations he says that the department is going to pay for the cameras funds that have been scraping together to purchase the initial 30 by cameras before their employment in the coming months to share the farmers wanted to come up with a policy governing their use including the ramifications for privacy happening today it is their first day to day that marks 45 years since we have been celebrating the holiday. >>darya: james this day is
5:52 am
celebrated by more than a billion people hundred and 90 countries all to baseball things the not go well for the a's taking all the angels that fell behind early and could not come back 14 to one it is the first home one of the season for the angels the giants trying to cut in the losing ways and they get the dodgers in town the great defense played behind the giants' leading 4211 brand and crawford and a slip to the double play san francisco working up scoring six runs in the when six to two the first pitch is a 715.
5:53 am
>>darya: we will take a look at the current temperature is right now on the screen if you like to come to the tv and check it out basically the low to mid '50's we will have more after the break of the weather that we expected and what you get sparkles on which will be right back.
5:54 am
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>>darya: a quadruple rainbow you learn a little something from this assigns every day amanda snapped a shot it was in new york is going by rock that had a brainstorm and long island and when the rainbow came out has a lot of reach wheat. construction
5:57 am
workers this is science class vessel for a fossilized eggs during road repair work that they did look at this 19 of the a is a completely intact with the largest measuring 5 in. in diameter they will keep looking at these and figure out which dinosaur species they belong to what i find the have our record.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>>mark: we had a fire this morning a house along the creek and pitcher that was given to us from the fire department showing the blaze. >>reporter: the smoke had dissipated the fire is contained but they are still working to put out hot spots there were not able to conduct such of the home did not find anyone it appears no one was trapped inside


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