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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and i'm mark danon. >> darya: has half the workers will use to the designs live up in this a year old boy in the toyota corolla. another big star following right now. farmers lining up this morning this comes days after the second anniversary of the second 13 marathon bombings. and the sentencing case for this involvement in the bombing so. and 30,000 runners take part in the world's oldest annual marathon survey. partners cnn with more.
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>> reporter: injured over tortured and 50 more survivors leon e. honey and therefore your boat with 23 others also injured in the last. ""is an about soph >> reporter: police and other security officers on hand to make sure there are as bizarre about a hitch. "other events to destruction on course and worst-case scenarios"boat closures bed checks parking restrictions"boston's mayor since the events of two years ago the city has become even stronger"sure than ever since 2016 this week, some day which saw the survivor community has helped us make a small
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resilience compassion and as a city. with us across the city and x of kindness and incredible spirit here in the city of boston that 1 global." >> mark: survivors coming gathered help of fellow survivor launch a new foundation.heather abbott lost a leg in the bombing, and she wants to help amputees get customized prosthetics. she says prosthetics need to be replaced every three to five years, but that can get too expensive for a lot of people. "i wanted to do something to help others/to most health insurance companies it's cosmetic and not medically necessary but i think those having different types of legs like my running leg and my water proof leg allowed me to heal." "she has this foundation, she's paying it forward. she's not just saying it's about her it's about all this amputees""
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>> mark:prosthetic legs can cost up to 100-thousand dollars. >> james: milder than it was over the weekend got hot over the saturday sunday. this cycle done outside level curets embarcadero cameras. breadnuts little breezy and spots but most of the bay looking a relatively mild weather trip temperatures and wind. where is a milan dayside in just a second. why look from embarcadero cameras. breakdown for the forecast for today. this part forecast morning hours look for possible fog forming. some patches of trees so here and there. i saw the light rain sprinkles just some drizzle and may collect on a windshield marine layer that make have been temperatures mild. but amid 50s at the moment. by midafternoon our soda clear predicts larry are the codes. conditions at the
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point of '60s by the bay. the '70s and went. and woman up inland by this afternoon. but for 78 degrees and a skies for most of the inland valleys. and in san francisco or long coastline of for those cars to hang on with temperatures by the bay in the mid-60s. hall at the coast will be pushing perhaps upper 50s this afternoon. have equaled by the coast warm and lend the. and where temperatures are right now. looking at widespread low 50s to 50 2/7 to 53 oakland. total breezier fairfield's 22 mar one sustained winds current temperature of 52 if. all we back in 15 minutes to the complete check of forecast and your extended seven they run the bay all look with possibility of sprinkles some time around midweek. >> george: starting morning with a hot spot wheat to spend with us about 40 minutes. from interstate 580 slowing the ride hiding from the dublin interchange. out toward castro valley wide
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and. only good news is that the west on 580 crash near eden canyon road. has been cleared from the traffic lane. as you conceive is backed up to ride all the way to the dublin and a change. this commute time normally about 12 to 14 minutes now from here out to castro valley currently running at about 23 minutes. so is really jammed up this westbound ride costs. of course that takes pressure off the ride leading up to 238 from castro valley out for nimitz freeway small consolation is back to ride this morning off. tracking read to the bridge was bound commuters metering lights will be active. and back up those reaching out of a macarthur made his. the draft times now running and 90 minutes now for your west on trip from maize into downtown san francisco. >> darya:happening now. police are looking for the radio show host in the east bay.
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36-year-old wesley burton was driving home saturday morning when police say a white dodge charger came speeding down 60th street and hit him on martin luther king junior way. burton was pronounced dead at the scene. the other driver was able to get away. burton was a radio show co- host and engineer at k-f-p- a. where he would spotlight local musicians. his coworkers and friends say he'll be greatly missed. "it's a devastating event" >> darya: burton leaves behind his wife, three children, and an audience of local listeners who loved him. the radio station did a tribute to him over the full of flowers.
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launching a campaign to make sure his kids and widow are taken care of. happening today. for "four-twenty". it's an unofficial marijuana holiday that brings thousands of people to the city says the celebration has gotten too big to ignore. people packed the park. this year, officials have a plan to control the crowds. including several road closures in the area of golden gate park during the evening commute. kron 4's will tran will have a live report at 6:30 with the details on how to get around the closures. a bicyclist is recovering >> darya: from a punctured lung and several broken bones. after yesterday. police say the bicyclist rode up to the uber driver's passenger side and began yelling at the driver to push in his mirror. the bicyclist sped up, and so did the uber driver who then hit the bicyclist. assault with a deadly a car ended up upside down after flying off the road and into a church playground.
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it happened saturday around noon. the driver was traveling with her seven-year old son. when she became distracted. drove up on the sidewalk and slid down an embankment before landing on a slide. no one was injured in the accident. still ahead on the kron four morning news. people are mourning the loss of 88-year-old televangelist reverend, robert h. schuller. how they plan to honor him today. plus. ch has been suspended for two men who went missing after a boating accident in the north bay. when the search could start back up.
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child in need. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> darya:happening today. a public memorial will be held for televangelist reverend robert h. schuller. schuller died on april second after a battle with esophageal cancer. he was 88 years old. today's memorial service is open to the public and will be held at the site that was formerly schuller's crystal cathedral. a private burial is happening after. schuller started preaching from a drive-in movie theatre in california back in 1955. he started the televised "hour of power" in 1970.
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but his ministry filed for bankruptcy in 2010 after a failed leadership transition. >> mark:coming up on the kron four morning news. search and rescue crews have suspended the search for two boaters who went missing after a deadly boating accident in the north bay. when the search could start up again. plus. crews fear only two dozen migrants made it out alive after a boat capsized off the coast of libya. what happened. and. when it had last been inspected. bulldog: you don't need superpowers to help someone. sometimes, all it takes is a warm heart and a cold nose. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to train service dogs for people with di i would never imagine a life without an assistance dog ever again. i relied on people a lot. bulldog: but this drive is ending soon. give at, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people
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>> darya: riskiness story
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ambler alert you see the signs live up. in the year old boys who was taken out of fairfield. ruck was in a vehicle who was warming up in the driveway. the car was swept he's 5 ft. 110 lbs. below was brown hair a years old might be using a wary blue shirt and police in for a car that was taken with him and that. solar 2001 toyota corolla and. you take a look at the screen the license plate number5bw >> james: level got here walnut creek camera visibility of st. level. there are some parts of the
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bay dealing with pettifogging even some drizzle in some spots of but that the net. the wind blowing pretty strong near fairfield 20 mi. an hour wednesday and bluster is to the par the delta this morning. livermore valley also signed a 10 mi. an hour when sustained winds. and there to now are ones earlier dropping down to about eight. wind's coming down a bit in the media. temperature wise really mild 52 san francisco and vallejo fairfield 53 for oakland & dale said goes a little warmer 56 down the cell space and a bill also showing the same temperature. in fremont calling it 55 at the moment temperatures may drop of the carrier to ahead toward sunrise. claude cover overhead and we may see temperatures hold steady. until we get some warming tickled. that all the cells bay bridge the part of it out for you in the next 30 minutes with. canfor mostly cloudy skies possible patchy fog. temperatures and low 50 is. heading toward noon time
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partly cloudy loaded 7 news of the point. by about 3:00 or so in the afternoon we expect temperatures in the upper 70's for most among the spots but again problem few degrees cooler seven san jose 74 could get up but below 77 degrees here cupertino ask. and up to 7778 in the delta as a take a look of the space 77 nevermore 66 oakland conditions that are nice and warm with the word 6970 degrees depending on where you are. clouds will public cosign for most the day today severances go to be innomists today with some conditions with the conditions of the head of the peninsula. so tracker 7 their runaway formula. >> james: some whites is so white sprinkles tuesday and wednesday. second system thursday and the stronger trend of some showers. and i on that and let me know when develops. and how likely it is developing.
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>> george: watching with some concern. of the bay bridge with an accident just pass the plaza. and that does not concern me as much as the stalled was out past year vet when not blocking the land because just last moment to we've seen metering lights really slowed down here westbound and tomorrow watch this the sort of traffic moves in what had been fairly normal commute unfolding of the bay bridge as suddenly taken a turn for the worst as a meeting like to slug with both an accident and stall and a westbound direction. now commute time had been down and a 90 minute back about the four western avenue 5 a flyover. all that will change before we this are looking at major backups now for the bay bridge. tracking ride around a bed. we have been looking at these accidents interstate 580 it's. in the westbound direction manfully that crash has been cleared out a way now tracking the ride
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out of these short freeway from hercules to berkowitz. now commute times in just 60 minutes with no delay for the store for you if. and looking at the right here on 680 softbound ride started a slow here but year you see the senrive time now 3236 mess to dublin from all small pass a good one but as conditions are much improved in the castro valley wide. here's your ride through the south bay were the and freeways are showing green on the road with sensors and that 18 minute drive time from capitol expressway to my new expressway is one you can enjoy. >> mark: >> darya: new this morning. six people have been arrested in minnesota and california in connection with a terrorism investigation.
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the arrests were made yesterday in minneapolis and san diego. investigators say there is no threat to public safety. authorities have been tracking young people who have traveled or tried to travel to syria to fight with militants including isis. >> mark:the secret service is investigating another security breach outside the white house. agents say a person scaled the fence on the south side of the complex last night. the person was carrying a package that was determined to be harmless. there have been several incidents like this recently. in september, a man climbed a fence and got into the white house. in october, a man jumped the fence, but was immediately found by secret service dogs. officials might add spikes to the bars of the fence to discourage jumpers. in world news and happening now. the search continues for survivors who were on a ship that capsized off the coast of libya on saturday. rescue crews fear only two dozen migrants made it out alive out of a group of about 700. >> mark: >> darya:the italian coast guard has recovered 24 bodies. they're now headed to sicily with 28 survivors. the smuggler's boat overturned as rescuers were
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on their way. it's the latest in a series of deadly accidents involving migrants headed for europe to escape turmoil in africa and the middle east. two men remain missing this morning following a boating accident that left two others dead. it happened in marin county over the weekend. this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c-7 news. >> mark:on saturday, officials recovered the bodies of windsor resident diane kelly and santa rosa resident richard hargreaves. the search for the boaters started after someone reported that they hadn't returned to a dock near bodega bay. crews later found this missing boat overturned near tomales point. the search for the two remaining boaters has been suspended for now. but officials say depending on weather conditions there might be an opportunity for an air search this week. p-g-and-e says the gas line that exploded on friday in fresno was inspected twice this month for leaks and none were found. the company says crews conducted a ground survey of the pipe on april first and an aerial survey on april 16th. friday's blast happened while a county equipment operator was building up a dirt berm with a backhoe. >> darya:
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p-g-and-e detected a drop in pressure in the line seven minutes before it received a report about the explosion. 11 people were hospitalized in the incident. four with critical injuries. some of the injured were prison inmates >> mark:. responders regis is the victim but th >> michelle: turning on social media the boston marathon my top-10 in stores this morning. last year's winner twitter this photo saying my daughter's and
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even in the house is less say people wishes and strong at an early this boss marathon reiterates and chilling at the start boston marathon and we run the other cluster the home for mersenne crews will be the only path korea. a year after the >> darya: ferry disaster that left hundreds of people dead. what protesters want the government to do.
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chase freedom. the card is for the essentials. the cash back is for the fun. chase. so you can. >> mark:new this morning. south korea's oceans ministry says it is ready to start work to salvage the ferry that sank last year. killing more than 300 people. the ministry plans to ask a safety agency to approve plans to hoist the ship from the seafloor. officials hope to start salvage work in october. the safety agency is expected to endorse the plan. the south korean president promised on thursday that the ship would be lifted. the estimated cost of raising the ferry ranges from 91 to 137-million dollars. meantime, thousands of protesters clashed with south korean police over the weekend as they voiced anger over the ferry disaster. the protesters want more government action in the wake of the disaster. most of the victims were high school students. investigators say the boat was overloaded with cargo.
6:27 am
demonstrators want the government to raise the ferry and allow an independent investigation into the disaster. >> darya: 20 landon's hunter with police will tell you happen to. >> reporter: the thousands of people today will be very happy day in fact celebration at: gate park will top one person in a live interview and this couple minutes before 420.
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>> mark: has and the hangover and wallstreet does industrial of bridge fell to under 79 points when her son
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and below concern territories on the friday ree they 25 compile all plan close to our a mark a tour of the more. >> : it's on the lookout for innate year-old boy who was taken and a car on a fairfield are the driveway affect the evening commute? >> darya: brokers man and a vehicle in the driveway that was warming up a home in the 1000 block of. metal clark of and i car was swept with him and it. a hundred and 10 lbs. and. then he has a blue eyes on hair. may be wearing a gray shirt and blue pants. and they're looking for brought to because he's in his car another driveway. but a show
6:31 am
you what this car looks like not the actual 2001 silver toyota corolla off a. what toyota corolla looks like all one silver toyota corolla silver. he dries out on this morning and this one will have a license plate is five b w f 072. a look just like that and will tell you is the real fun car this morning. >> g>> james: all conditions from the best morning live look and embarcadero camera overcast conditions and someone and not all that strongly. we are saying is on the belts of fairfield said 22 mar 1 so far this morning. what did you on those when speeds coming up in my full check. quickly as the to check out this they part forecasts. morning hours looking for conditions to stay in the low 50s. temperatures not budging much possibility of patchy fog and drizzle particularly in north bay.
6:32 am
by noontime fog will begin a clear and in a low 60s low '70's and one is. the 3:00 4:00 this afternoon mainly sunny conditions in mind with the cloud still hanging along the coast. san francisco. and will be carted their inland building nice to. temperatures warming up 78 degrees. lb nice and warm or. warm spots and then mid-60's around the media bay shoreline. breakdown of the forecast in general is. here's where temperatures are right now. back in 15 minutes with a complete check of a forecast an extended outlook 7 there on the bay coming up that with possibilities of showers by midweek for. to the traffic center george tracking some early-morning problem south. >> george: 680 in the southbound direction. looking at a slow ride of a trip leading out of dublin hurley recurring problems 580 west of the dublin grade cleared up. for are the 32 minute trip from dublin down fremont for the 680 south on ride. tracking your commute
6:33 am
here is to the self they still assault easy commute and one north on highway 85 out to the west valley. the to a commuter the one this morning a check here outside 14 minutes for your drive time waiting out from highway 11 to 280 north found out to highway 85. and then starting at 7:00 this morning in san francisco is going to be a 5 k run which is in accordance san francisco marathon organizers of the van which is going to be sympathy for support of the boston marathon this morning. this five pteron schedule a start at 7:00. it's a residency here is a long embarcadero. heading south across the third street bridge and. the race starting at 7:00 at justin herman plaza. >> darya: thousands of people that are gearing up to descend on golden gate park today says. sounds like
6:34 am
everyone will be arriving from one of those fun runs georgia is talking about. this is now run this is a marijuana and. celebrating for 20 it that's to day to day and also the day for marijuana unofficial holiday bill tram live dead golden gate park and we keep joking about the small anything yet. a little early though i rotor bedsore life. >> reporter: lot of people already here take the in this very seriously data tell you though starting running o'clock there should be traffic changes to talk to a rate a park ranger and sister behind me there's a good chance that they'll start to curtail some the traffic here. the do expect thousands of people to show off. this is a big day for people. i just here in san francisco across the country on official celebration of marijuana. and stars between. three and 7:00 in the afternoon
6:35 am
people fled here overnight. the debris they leave behind police officers one day you might not get in trouble. they admit they'll be overwhelmed by the money people. but speaking of work for well miss the traffic the trash left behind previous years just two years ago spent $10,000 cleaning up the trash. weiss year $15,000 so looks like it's getting ramps up every year. people who come down here like stevie y. lay close to their here already very passionate about this. then came down from a life hope wife. a philip coming here this time especially the celebrant such a wonderful entity plans. a very strong sense of duty were a lot of people with a lot of different calves of beckham and come together for one thing they like. happens to be a thing as a lot of fun
6:36 am
all day. i'm definitely ready for messaging and befriends a of my friend the coast speaking up with on their 420. one death milliken for to not only reconnecting with my old friends but getting involved with a lot of new friends in the events especially the dancing. >> reporter: too early as we early as we do and start talking want dancing but they are we are going shoe the changes to up the morning if. party saw part couple park rangers the monitoring the situation knowing what people like here and spent the night at the park and ready to go. horn-get the traffic stay away from golden gate park today/don't letter >> mark: deadly accident
6:37 am
involving a cab police are investigating a deadly accident involving a cab in san francisco's nob larkin streets around 10:30officers say the cab was heading west on pine when a woman ran out into the the pedestrian died. activists in baltimore are protesting the death of a 25-year-old man. after he was rushed to the hospital with spinal injuries following an encounter with police officers. freddie gray died yesterday. after 80-percent of his spinal cord had been severed near his neck. gray had been stopped by police officers nearly a week ago. police say he was running away from officers when he was arrested and put into a transport van. about 30 minutes later gray was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. top police officials are looking into the case. police are trying to figure
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>> michelle: california woman broker and eating record yesterday demolish killer who had taken on and beaten at restaurants all of the country should. the growing record and an hour on some debt epic texan steak house in amarillo. through the stimulus which will include the 72 unsticks solid big potatoes from a cocktail and rolls that adds up to a little over 13 lbs. of stake. only ways hundred and 24 lbs.. big texan treated that one second side's four minutes 16 spec seconds. touse 3620 minutes congrats to molly.
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>> darya: take a look to the damage national tennessee dealing with countries. this came down crashing down a note to brand new house several tornillo warnings issued of ourself carolina over ninth awesome power outages reported across that state. and that led to the have to chase down traffic problems a lot of accidents and another line of storms both to their to itself bay this morning. james is taking what could that which is a whole world away from what we have four persons versification like. the national map here as we look up to the self. >> james: storm system pushing out to the gulf and then heading toward florida. the other bit of
6:45 am
the storm activity were following pushing through the northeast right now. one the two more inches of rain fell in the course of today. things look pretty bad there and this is pretty much from northern virginia office other new england will see some of the heaviest rain. here in the bay much different mother and much milder some clutch out there right now. nothing in the way of rain. what looks like now from our walnut creek as. if you haven't looked out your window get here's what you experience here is to have the door this morning a. disability looking pretty good little his yet there right now. some patchy fog around the bay area right now. and really only collecting a petaluma and out near half moon bay. everywhere routes were looking okay for now. temperatures about 5252 and sent francisco. every other location as and 5260 in the moment. mile temperature front on the wind fun it is blowing really strong now in the delta. fairfield's
6:46 am
clocking 22 mi. an hour sustained winds gust at times a little stronger than that. of the world's fairly mild winds this morning. a breakdown of law we expect this afternoon for san francisco if., coverage will continue of the possibility of some drizzle this morning with the moisture and air. temperature out 52 of the coast and at the peninsula. noontime cool. the temperatures go from to to 962. and to a caucus of this afternoon we keep the class at the coast. the base of the peninsula the caprice of sunshine. temperatures ranging from 60 degrees at the coast up to about 67 again on the inland a set of the peninsula. and that's what we're expecting for san francisco for the forecast today. temperatures run the day the center and will be warm and then to the east. 7787 the decrease in the delta. in the self a 77%
6:47 am
jose. and the north bay tracking temperatures upper 60s to mid-70s this afternoon. the ladies and some sunshine klutz, and the coastline today. and storm tracker 7 there on the day forecast. calling for a chance of showers very. small chance tuesday night and wednesday slightly larger chance wednesday to thursday possibility isolated thunderstorm. spittoon cheering continue tracking this forecast as it develops. developing on us this morning traffic 49 on that. >> george: on the shore freeway request on commute putting down the bay bridge toll plaza pretty big one this morning cell to back up the macarthur miss your drive time manioc to conquer this morning 25 minutes for the west on dried as your head out toward highway 242. in south which time is going to be 14 minutes out of concord leading down to one the creek. here trip to
6:48 am
the san ramon valley 16 minutes and no delays the slow ride as you see for the single great trek heading south from dublin and pleasanton 26 minutes shivah couple minutes off the tracks time southbound and here in the south bay tracking a pretty good commute as the the trip begins to develop slow traffic between 2811 and 880 on 11 northbound and the drive time now is pushing into 20 minutes for your trip heading from the capitol expressway to monitor the expressway and men minimal traffic looks great here for the one no 192 interchange and the ride through marin county still delay free for 11 southbound look as the ride out of walnut creek as a pickup bar live camera and beginning to pick up some slowing here passed mainstream of 680 soph: there's a bit of a back up starting to develop around livermore
6:49 am
>> darya: medicare health- care law $40 billion in on request money and more funding operations top the agenda today both house and senate to send the measure to president obama repeal the health care law and republicans had a major cuts to programs how projects domestic agency budgets as weighted balance within a decade without raising taxes. >> mark: plans for 2016 on may 5th former governor will reveal if he runs for president kill a join other hopefuls republican leadership over new hampshire of the weekend saw joe pre presidential nomination 2008 and dropped signs for the presidential run in recent months lending is tv show.
6:50 am
>> mark: sale be similar to a trip nihilistic clerical and received a lot of attention as a today's republican leadership summit declared a potential kennetts as a party made a big portion hampshire and a lot of them took shots o'clock in an attempt and >> mark: 10 plans to have private meetings very small events fund-raisers during a trip this morning the 69 democrats support clinton's white house run at this point neither seeking of
6:51 am
credit nomination officially told is not show clear front-runner for the gop than the more vulcan's remaining independents think former florida gov. george bush has a better chance bidding the democratic nominee. >> darya: ears to pelicans and in good spirits coming off of there when that door clarita the territories and serve public or the pelicans and falsified the 1 1/6 to 99 thurlow things have to clean up defensively and offensive leave the door, with a win tonight and steve kerr has has not pushed the stars to the max and wants them to just relax and stay sharp for the give.
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has he continues an investor borrows to break news that kron-4-dot-com and from a special website and then we also share them throughout the morning i here on kron 4 more news will be right back
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action movies of taking first place. the brian 39 million tickets sales over the weekend that brings in a domestic quarrel the
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standard million dollars. and paul block mall cut to. the low-budget thriller unfriended one second and paul blair was second. . the sequel to this kind of movie was even better you're right there march 5th. happening today who's better the second time around we hope to achieve low that's what he's hoping for in the nfl and looks like today signing with the eagles. that's the deal to a one- year minimum payment and he must approve something a and b of third string quarterback at this point that makes for quebec's for them right now plus mario the. to >> darya: >> mark: last time the syrup and 2013
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