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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> pam: now at 11. a legal battle brewing over the transport of bakkan crude oil. an environmental group is filing a lawsuit to stop a plan to ship the crude oil and other volatile substances to a martinez refinery. the group says the crude oil poses public health risks. kron-4's jeff bush has the details. >> jeff: pam, bakkan crude is nasty stuff and extreemly dangerous to transport and earth justice says the public has not been adequitly warned about the plan to ship the stuff here to the tessoro refinery. earth justice says the plan to move bakken crude oil and
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canadian tar sands crude to the tesso plant was not fully disclosed to the public when the state lands commission approved a 30 year lease for the marine port operated by the tessoro refinery. >> all of these things are really dirty and they pose really serious dangers to the public health. they are dirtier when you burn them. they are dangerous to transport and we think they are a bad idea in general. >> jeff: bakken crude has a bad reputation because of accidents like this one in canada.bakken crude was being transported on a train in that accidentbut earth justice says an accident like this on the water would be devistating. tessoro is named as a party of interest, which means it's lawyers will be working hand in hand with the land commission to defend the extension of the lease. earth justice says more information needs to come out about the operations on the waterway. >> it's important. the citizens of martinez and benicia and other folks in contra costa county and solano county have a right to know what's going on in their back yard. they have a right to know that there are dangerous things coming in by ship which could spill in the bay. they have a right to know that there are dangerous things
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being burned in the refinery next door that could impact their health. >> jeff: we reached out to the tessoro refinery for reaction and they said they do not comment on pending litigation. i'm jeff bush, live in martinez, kron four news. >> pam: a major gas explosion injures 11 people in central california. three people are in critical condition tonight after a gas line blast in fresno. people driving along highway 99 when it happened.stunned to see that wall of fire caused by a gas explosion. flames were seen shooting 100 feet in the air. investigators say a county road worker driving a tractor or backhoe that may have cut a gas line. that worker was with a jail inmate crew.doing a road widening project. >> "we do not know what action caused the gas line to explode we don't know that yet. however, we do know that there was a county public works employee operating the
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frontloade. as a result, he was blown away from the frontloader." >> pam: the fire is now under control. highway 99 was shut down for a while but re-opened. the search continues tonight for victims of a man who allegedly recorded people using a starbucks restroom in walnut creek -- without their knowledge. a man has been arrested for the crime. but as kron four's philippe djegal reports -- he has yet to be charged. >> phillipe: walnut creek police say evidence found in 34-year- old jacob turner's benicia home. may link him to similar peeping crimes elsewhere. we stopped by his neighborhood. but those who live next to him say he's a bit of a mystery. meanwhile, police are reaching out to the public, hoping to identify victims who used this starbucks unisex bathroom on locust street on two separate occassions. febraury 6th and this past tuesday -- both in the mid- afternoon. we spoke with mostly young
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people friday, who frequent this locust street starbucks. and, for those who've actually used this restroom. well, now they're wondering if they were captured on turner's camera. >> "i probably wont go to the public bathroom for a while now." >> "i work across the street and i've definitely been in that bathroom before. i mean people go in there all the time -- its awful." >> "when we go to the bathroom, we're not thinking oh man what if someone's watching me. we go in, do our business, we leave and just the fact that some guy has the audacity to just like film people. it's really disturbing for me." >> phillipe: meanwhile, the contra costa county district attorney's office says its still awaiting the case file from police. if turner is not charged by monday afternoon. by law, he'll have to be released from custody. in walnut creek, philippe djegal, kron four news. new at 11 the search is on for a man police say carjacked a driver in millbrae and then hit the person with their car. this is the man police are looking for.
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20 year old antonio ambriz. police say around 8-45 this morning a millbrae resident left his 19-91 white acura running in the driveway.while he ran inside to get something he forgot. that's when he heard his car door slam. when he came outside.police say ambriz hit him with the car and took off in the car. a man is in critical condition tonight after richmond police discovered him suffering multiple gunshot wounds. police were called at 2:45 in the afternoon to an apartment on the 3000 block of groom drive in richmond. after the report of a shooting. inside they found the victim.who offcials describe as a 38-year- old man. the victim was unable to provide information about what happened and detectives are now interviewing possible witnesses. is los altos this morning.five people were injured when a 75- year-old woman crashed her car into a trader joe's grocery store. the incident happened at the store on homestead road. the woman drove the care front doors
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of the trader joes.scattering glass and pushing the frame several feet inside. nobody.including the driver. had serious injuries. authorities are investigating the crash. we are about 13 hours away from playoff hoops in the bay area. the golden state warriors taking on the new orleans pelicans. and last-minute preparations are underway at oracle arena. shirts have been placed on the seats, carpets have been rolled out, and a new bar has been constructed. the signs strength-in-numbers have been posted, something that even the mainentance crew was cheering about on friday. the warriors had the number one record in the league during the season. and fans tell us they think the team can go all the way. if you love the warriors we want to see how you show your team pride. feel free to send in your our facebook, twitter.or instagram. or you can email: breaking news at kron dot com. you may see them on air. and online.
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sidepanel coming up. an attempted kidnapping of an elementary school girl in the north bay. what the school plans to do now. 4-20 - it's the unofficial holiday celebrating marijuana. and golden gate park is the meeting point. this year, officials say. they will be more prepared than they've ever been before. and a string of car break-ins hit one oakland neighborhood where people park for hours as they head to work. what police have to say.
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>> pam: a neighborhood in oakland has seen an increasing number of burglarized cars.where theives are shattering windows and stealing valuables inside. parking along northgate avenue in oakland is a risky endeavour for the recent spree of smash and grab thefts is presenting a major problem. but people park on northgate avenue because it is free.and
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they can avoid parking meters a block away. police say auto burglaries are under reported in oakland.but they are working on raising awareness regarding the auto break-ins. earlier today.two homes were burned in a fire that reportedly started in a tree in the san pedro section of los angeles. wind gusts of up to 22 miles- per-hour were a factor in the blaze which brokeout shortly after five in the afternoon. more than 130 los angeles firefighters battled the flames.which were under control within an hour. no injuries were reported. there's no word yet on how the fire started in the tree. coming up. we have the details on all of the family fun slated for the weekend cherry blossom celebrations.
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and a new, south bay community park. like none other. opens this weekend. we'll explain what makes it so unique. >> gary: coming up a little bit later in this broadcast. will talk more about baseball. wow. sweet new subaru, huh mitch? yep. you're selling the mitchmobile!? man, we had a lot of good times in this baby. what's your dad want for it? a hundred and fifty grand, two hundred if they want that tape deck. you're not going to tell your dad about the time my hamster had babies in the backseat, are you?! that's just normal wear and tear, dude. (vo) subaru has the highest resale value of any brand... ...according to kelley blue book ...and mitch. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. bulldog: [whimpering] has your old bed got
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>> pam: another attempted child abduction in the bay area. this one at a santa rosa elementary school involving a 9 year old girl it happened kawana academy during an after-school program thursday. police say as the young girl came out of a bathroom.a man grabbed her wrist and threatened to take her. the child was able to break free and is okay. but now police are worried a potential child predator is on the loose. moving forward.children in the after-school program will have to go with a buddy when going to the bathroom. police have also stepped up patrols in the area. they are looking for a thin white man.around five foot 10.he was last seen wearing a white tank top and blue jeans. and driving an older light blue 4 door sedan, with a broken driver's side window. >> brian: we have a beautiful
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weekend for this weekend. it is national park began so free admittance to all of those parks. the problem last time this happened on president's weekend the traffic was crazy. this might be it the one issue but the weather will cooperate with warm temperatures. a cloud to start tomorrow with clouds of the coast for the afternoon but otherwise there will be warm temperatures and the same thing for sunday. will have
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temperatures in the '60s and '70s. will have low to mid '80s for the inland valley. we turn cooler by tuesday with a weather system writing from the gulf of alaska. >> pam: the great weather is good news to organizers of san francisco's cherry blossom festival. the celebration winds up this weekend. in japantown. on sunday afternoon. a grand parade.
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it starts at one o'clock at civic center. and works it way to post and filmore streets. for a full list of this weekend's events. go to our website. kron 4 dot com. >> reporter: the drought is taking a toll on creeks rivers and streams. this is the cracked dry bottom of what was once a particularly lush this section of coyote river. experts at a summit on pre-use warned that certain species of plant life for dying off and might not come back at all. >> reporter: doctors' medical center scheduled to close its doors for good after decades of
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trying to save the hospital the contra costa county decided to shut it down. this will happen after of the 21st of april. the property will eventually be sold off to pay debt. >> reporter: this is taking a proactive approach to the official celebrations that are happening here. police are promising to close down different roads and they did last year in the year will be extra trash cans. >> pam: tomorrow marks the 109th- anniversary. of the worst natural disaster in california history. the 19-06 earthquake. three -thousand people died in that temblor. and much of san
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francisco was leveled. today, the san francisco fire department honored two fire hydrants. which served to save many homes on the north side of town. the hydrants are called the silver twins. one is located at hayes and buchannan. the other at van ness and ellis. the quake broke many water mains that day. and very few hydrants were working. >> there was seismic activity in 1906 obviously but it was the fire damage of that recapping to the city. >> pam: another hydrant at 20th and church.which is credited for saving a big swath of noe valley back in '06. will be re- painted gold tomorrow. that ceremony takes place after saturday's commemoration of the quake. which will be held at lotta's fountain. .at the exact
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time the temblor struck. 5:12 a-m. national parks are waiving entrance fees this weekend. americans can visit a national park this weekend free of charge. it's in honor of the upcoming national park week.which starts tomorrow. but there is a downside: traffic and crowding! the last time there was a free weekend -- presidents day weekend -- we found families parking more than a mile away! so show up early in order to get a good parking spot. a one-of-a-kind park is opening tomorrow on the peninsula. "magical bridge playground" in palo alto. is designed and built for kids and adults with disabilities. to be able to play side by side with everyone else-- regardless of their physical abilities. located in micthell park the playground was built with land and seed money from the city-- and some 4-million dollars in private donations. it opens tomorrow at 10- in the morning.
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>> gary: the giants on the misdt of their longest losing streak in 8 years. tim lincecum new haircut 80's retro but if you're not winning nobody cares top 3rd/1-0 d'backs jake peavy taken into triples ally by jake lamb a.j. pollock and paul goldschmidt score 3-0 d'backs top 4th/ 3-0 d'backs the pitcher josh collmenter singles to right off peavy chris owings scores 4-0 d'backs bottom 7th/ 7-0 d'backs ender inciarte back of collmenter makes a great diving catch to right to rob casey mcgehee of a hit final: 9-0 d'backs
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giants have lost 8 straight their longest losing streak since 2007 bruce bochy's first season as giants manager alex rodriguez tonight in tampa crushed a 471-foot home run in the 2nd inning. the longest in the majors this season 657th career home run for a-rod then in the 6th he hit a 2-run homer that's number 658 so he is now only two shy of tying willie mays for third on the all-time list and by all records he is not the juice to yankees beat the rays 6-5 rematch of last's year's a-l wild card game. billy butler getting his
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american league championship ring having some fun with his old teammates who replace his a's hat with a royals hat top 7th/ 4-3 royals stephen vogt solo home run off jeremy guthrie to tie it 4-4 brett lowrie takes out alcides escobar at 2nd base the royals shortstop lay on the ground in pain some royals take exception. things get a little chippy but it didn't go any further escober only suffered a bruise and won't be out long top 8th/ 4-4 tie paulo orlando hits on off dan otero into the right-centerfield gap and too the wall jarrod dyson scores a triple for orlando5-4 royals final: 6-4 royals a's: 5-6 sonny gray: 6 ip, 11 hits, 4 runs the 49ers lokking at some locals today. jim tomsula and the 49ers held their local pro day today in santa clara this is an local high schoolers to come out and be seen by the team
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most arn't expected to be drafted which is why they want to take advantage of the exposure to the 49ers coaching staff the draft is at the end of the month general manager trent baalke was asked if the team is looking for need or value warriors of the are going to be heavy favorites and assyria's against the pelicans. first to games are in oakland. you know or pan is on sunday night. >> pam: that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with
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kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. goodnight everybody!7
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>> what a brat. >> i'm on the news, sweetheart. >> the beautiful reporter's nasty rant after her car got towed. >> i'm on television and you're [censor] trailer. >> has she done it before? >> then. >> the passenger stabbed on an airplane for snoring. >> with this pen. >> was he stabbed with this pen? >> and the volunteer deputy who mistook his taser for a gun breaks his silence. >> oh, my god. what has happened. >> the new jodi arias? the beautiful honor student accused of blowing away her boyfriend because he was going to dump her for miss ohio. >> i found


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