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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 17, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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pelicans. playoff fever warriors fever. live report inside and also here with a coach as well as potential mvp south korean just a few minutes. please >> reporter: to walnut creek arrest this man who saved police in walnut creek arrest a man who they say starbucks restroom. how they caught him. >> reporter:. happy: quick >> mark: check of weather and traffic >> george: chp logs extremely quiet this morning no accidents and no hot spots metering lights on at the bay bridge only slow traffic.
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>> james >> reporter: south bay locations and a continued warmup until weekend here's what it looks like outside the bay bridge from our studios so completely be up after 63 this morning. in store for another son. and patchy fog along the golden gate give you some extra time of year and a be you on 11 this morning. >> reporter: reason 50s out there across the coastline have been a 43 silver areas across the north bay nappa 49. clinton this morning 45 livermore 49. the world's panful 50s cool temperatures the start of their friday. temperatures what from here. a be across the east bay planner for you and it's doubly warm across and locations. temperature is " turn up the mid-80s a. however along the bay shoreline. temperatures will be 10 degrees cooler into the seven days. pion
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some light wind between five and 50 m.p.h.. >> michelle: enough with the sunday forecast talk about the south by pencil let you know want temperature to expect. and possibly some rain chances in your sunday forecast. >> george: not to mention a pretty quiet ride run the bay. no hot spots a little delay. in arrive to the east bay looks good this morning a five. a u.s. on the 680 soph. a 80 look through hayward. no delays that at all. that's a very good rise as the court or trips south bounce. off the freeways free of any problems for 11280. highway 5 even highway 87. as with coming in for the peninsula both won 01 and 92. later triggered the usual this morning. that is the bay bridge meeting whites even with the there is a much of a backup for the west on dried. >> mark:three people are recovering this morning after they were stabbed in san leandro.
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it happened around 8:45 last night at shilo's cocktails at the corner of manor boulevard and zelma street. officers responded to reports of a fight and found three men who had been stabbed. police are reviewing evidence and looking for possible suspects. as of right now, at least >> reporter: a man is behind bars this morning. accused of filming people while they used a starbucks restroom in the east bay. 34-year-old jacob turner was arrested yesterday at his home in benicia, and police say they found evidence linking him to the crimes inside his home. the incidents happened at the starbucks coffee shop on locust street in walnut creek. once back in tuesday. >> reporter: police say starbucks employees found a video camera hidden in the unisex bathroom in the middle of the afternoon. "i don't like using the bathroom even with the door open. so, i mean to know that someone's watching other people use the bathroom is kind of weird."what kind of sense
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do you have, waking up in the morning, thinking about doing that and in a public >> reporter:now, investigators are trying to track down the victims. >> mark:happening now. the bay area is getting ready for the playoffs as open the playoffs tomorrow afternoon at oracle arena. kron 4's will tran is live will? >> reporter: star of the second season for the warriors we should win at heavy favorites against new orleans pelicans barely made in the playoffs but last game the be in san antonio spurs. one vs eight even if we lose one game. here will be a shocker. they have the best home record throughout the nba as well as the best record through the week. the year people say it won't beat the dallas mavericks' we were heavy underdogs and. we pull that off at that time that t-shirt read we believe. you say we
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believe when you have class vs. davis whenever it t- shirt saying strength with numbers. seth curry amazing season. surely some of the video of. he of course and other teammates practicing yesterday right before the tipoff. which is tomorrow saturday it 1230. expected to be a sellout crowd of course you will publish the intended to try hard enough. it will cost you a pretty penny. the lawyers expect a this is their year in south korea everyone thinks he could be or should be the ndp. had a chance to track him down. as was the coach steve kerr. here's what they have to say about the second season. "so everything there is about the underdog and lots of games lots of memories pick from, whatever canutes from my memory to help organize all that." 'we had a better record
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going off and everything reset like it did last year , feeling is the same we understand what's going to take to win a got a lot their duet" >> reporter: lawyers this is the third straight year in a row assess current obviously on fire. his backyard/brothers are ready to go on. they did tremont green that could be the factor we yet have the stop at the davis the neapolitan stunned. the than three times to the one time that they beat us. still those on the road not hear it or call. will have to wait and see lots of people going to the game special guest and it will not reveal that at this point that of the offender 6 vertigo teachers vertigo the one that and where right now. bill be on the seats the banners of the
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towels. all they need is for the wires to sweep the pelicans a move on. a lot of people thing that could happen if we lose one game on the road that could be a surprise to me get back to us where we get a triple double. give this bucker form back and will be back with you. >> mark: here is the first round schedule game one is tomorrow at game two is monday night at oracle arena. then games three and four are in new orleans. if it goes passed four games. game five will be back at oracle arena. and we want to see your warriors playoff pride. send us your pictures repping your blue and send them to breaking news at kron four dot com or send us a message on facebook. the remarkable story of brian stow took another step forward on thursday. from tragedy to hope.
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>> reporter: stow is the giants fan who was almost beaten to death four years ago outside dodger stadium. his recovery from severe brain damage has been an emotional journey followed by people all over the bay area. stow threw out the first pitch at the san jose giants home opener last night. afterward. he answered questions about his life and a low the duty and. under the play and. tomorrow. you can watch that interview in it's entirety on our website at kron 4 dot
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com. stow is a former paramedic for the san jose giants games. he was awarded 18-million dollars in damages in 2014. two of his attackers are >> mark: 109th anniversary of greta 6 earthquake. the anniversary events happening today in this weekend. u.s. judges and talk what the emigration plans to it and. a texas judge the whole on the executive action for.
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>> mark:happening today. two fire hydrants in san francisco will be painted silver to honor their contribution for stopping the "ham and egg" fire that broke out in the western francisco earthquake of 1906. this is video of the gold hydrant located at 20th and church streets. which is known for stopping the fire from going deeper into the mission district after the earthquake. it will be painted tomorrow for the 109th anniversary of the earthquake. people have been gathering every year since 1969 to retell the hydrant's story. but now, it's also known that the fire hydrants at hayes and buchanan and ellis and van ness prevented the fire from spreading. so they'll be painted silver in a long overdue ceremony at >> reporter:also happening today. the 50-member archbishop riordan high school crusader marching band will perform on ellis street in front of john's grill as part of the "big one" survivor luncheon and celebration. the luncheon is sold out
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but the public is invited to watch the marching band and take a look at vintage fire rigs. it starts at 1:30 on ellis street, and people are encouraged to wear period costumes. and don't be surprised if you see a lot of period costumes tomorrow. the 109th annual 1906 san francisco earthquake and fire wreath laying commemoration is happening at lotta's fountain on market street at five tomorrow morning. there will be a moment of silence at 5:11 a-m, followed by sirens and the singing of "san francisco." >> mark:coming up on the kron four morning news. a popular e-s-p-n reporter has been suspended after video surfaced. showing her berating a parking lot attendant in virginia. we'll listen to the shocking
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>> mark: spring's snow here in the west a storm hit denver yesterday. to the toll on drivers and caught a lot of commuters off guard to. bushel offices have a clear series of crashes that created traffic must one crash 01 trip charge to the post in when a nearby highway atlanta on the roof but not all bad news carter could use the cell because snowpack was just above 50% of its normal there. or snowpack here and warm weather and on the forecast weekend forecast especially.
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>> michelle: booking of the sunshine now and from our city is looking at the embarcadero the sun is rising and of such a skies for much of the day of the continuing on to the weekend temperatures out their upper '40's across parts the east bay conquered 49 across the delta 44 south bay somewhat amid 50s and north bay or '40's. on a chilly side for that area. at mid '40's floor 50s across a peninsula sticking. of the peninsula temperatures continue to stay on the cooler side on the coastal locations. across the bay of the slower 50s and session temperatures warmup in the load mid-60s. this at the warmup pool of the mormon upper 60s later on. hill be cooler long coastal penance locations. compared to yesterday than a breeze and the west to five the 15 m.p.h.. san jose warm weather continues. jurors
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warmup in the lower 80s and this afternoon and then will have some northwest winds this afternoon for the area. east bay temperatures look good and the conquered 81. pleasanton what 82. livermore 84. no. there with upper 70's in store. >> michelle: on the beach today be careful for something in the water fall lives turning in the larger waves and strong rip currents. be prepared for that if you're going to be out there. and secure way of such a there. then continue on into tonight in. the weekend looks good for much of the region try. whether sunshine followed by warm temperatures across and locations once again. low mid-70s for other locations. and then i'll be on the course of the weekend. continue to stay cool in the early next week to. temperatures to fall for much of the area early next week. it also have a few more rain chances for the middle of next week. >> george: tracking the
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rights to the east bay a very quiet morning. each trip for you almost for regardless of where you're heading. not much this morning in the way of delays. look at the right on highway 24 here westbound commute 12 minutes now highway 13. the trip from walnut creek interchange and caldecott tunnel is. san ramon valley completely clear at 15 minutes. was down 580 heavy traffic and all, a livermore dublin. it's a good ride the commuter time at just 32 minutes. some of the issue is a great not tracking any problems here. will one northbound rubble get that coming in at just 80 minutes now from the capitol expressway up to the mind your expressway. the check from the bay bridge toll plaza the meeting less attractive of the back up only regis today 80 over crossing. >> reporter:happening today. hundreds of kids parents and teachers will call on local leaders to fund
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it's part of the fifth annual "walk around the block" event. the group is meeting up at 10 and then walking around city hall at 10:30 they want local and state leaders to fund the cost of implementing minimum wages and to reimburse the cost of quality care in early care programs. like child care centers, preschools, and family child care homes. >> mark:also happening today. appellate judges in new orleans ary hold on president obama's executive deportation. a federal judge in texas placed the hold back in february at the request of 26 states that oppose the president's action. his ruling temporarily blocked the obama administration from implementing policies that would allow as many as five-million people to stay in the u-s even though they're here illegally. new this morning. >> reporter: pope francis is considering adding a stop in cuba to his u-s trip in september he has been credited with having helped the united states and cuba reach their historic partnership by
6:21 am
writing to the leaders of both countries and having the vatican host their delegations for the final negotiations. a vatican spokesman says the pope quote "is considering the idea of a cuba leg," but that discussions with cuba are at an early stage. >> mark:happening today. president obama will meet with italian prime minister matteo renzi at the white they'll be comps. the leaders are also expected to discuss europe's economy, a pending trade pact between the u-s and europe, climate change and energy security. italy's economy is in a recession, and renzi is asking for president obama's support for economic changes to improve the country. >> reporter: a popular e-s-p-n reporter is feeling the heat this morning. after her video of viral. this is britt mc-henry. you may recognize her as a featured reporter on several e-s-p-n programs. now, we're going to let you listen to how she treated a parking lot attendant at a
6:22 am
talking down to the parking attendant." >> reporter:as she walks off the lot, she can be heard telling the attendant, quote "lose some weight, baby girl." e-s-p-n took swift action. suspending britt for a week. in a tweet, she apologized, saying, quote. "in an intense and stressful moment, i allowed my emotions to get the best of me and said some insulting and regrettable things. as frustrated as i was i should always choose to be respectful and take the high
6:23 am
road. i am so sorry for my actions and will learn from this mistake."
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>> mark: google is gonna
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change how it will revise formula will be released on tuesday albee favoring websites both lines mobile family of boards as a dump vest and will be demoted on search and tablets. those that meet the criteria will be a juror on the top the rankings more visitors and money. animal and patent research and computers but of how people spend their money since more people rely on smart phones concurred the stores and restaurants. >> reporter: if a going out tonight especially of kids news survey from urban center finds. the cost visitors is on the rise of. hourly rates for babysitters range from anywhere from 11 to nearly $20 at the top end. and 10,000 families about their in home child- care costs. because this was in san francisco and new york see. for child care costs are parents are increasingly using college kids and some of high-school students as
6:27 am
babysitters. >> mark: when the new details about american is accused of trying to join isis. police say he plans to do. police investigating have prior murder-suicide and arizona five adults that in the home what may lead up to the incident. beautiful one muckrakes a city traffic will this move and ookse cholate w haa crunch.brkside cruny clters - crpy multi-gins and sweefruiflaved piecesdied in richark ocolate. diover brookside cruny clters.
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with kaiser permanente you'll connect with your doctor any time anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪♪ >> mark: will soften the overnight hourse at the oakland. track >> reporter: your forecast on your friday the. canfor to weaken warming up to show with a look at the weather.
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>> michelle: the sunrise and clear skies out there. flyboy in this little bit off the hands of the screened. the winds are light across the area some areas experiencing since she thought of give yourselves have across the 11 this morning. bichir why some '40's and '50's author. sematech of 48 degrees. like hell 44 oakland 50 degrees. and temperatures are slowly on the rise. here's what it looks like in the next hour a. and locations to butchers will bottom out in the mid 40's. bay area locations the mid-40s and some mid-40s. 86 will be the daytime high. warm just like yesterday it bay some lota mid-70s a wall along will be of a color slide into low mid- 60s. some areas warmup in the upper 60s. coming up more about some tracker for
6:31 am
weekend forecast coming up at 645. >> george: the ride in and out of walnut creek interstate 680. the commute here is a good ride and have led to northbound coming up from the valley. taillight southbound coming into passes off main street exit which is right here. try temporarily just 16 minutes no delays for the southbound dried. taking a look at yourself day commute. still sioux's commune as a is for peninsula. i get tracking any delays the 1 019210184 interchange is. here in the north bay a smooth 5 for 1 01 softbound no delays coming highway 37 here leading down through central center fell. smooth the easy trick. as the has been passed bay bridge the westbound ride back up toward the maze not into a drive * interred 20 minutes for. the westbound bay for. >> mark:
6:32 am
new details this morning on an american who is accused of trying to train with and support isis militants. naturalized u-s citizen abdir-ahman sheik mohamud was indicted by a grand jury on thursday. he was arrested in february after returning to the u-s from syria. he reportedly traveled to syria, went through terror training, and was ordered by a cleric to return to the states and carry out an act of terrorism. if convicted, he faces up to 38 years in prison. >> reporter:new details this morning about an apparent murder-suicide in phoenix. police say three brothers, as well as their mother and one of the brother's wives were killed yesterday in what they believe was a dispute over the family business. a woman who was able to get out of the home told officers it was a family dispute gone wrong. she called police and got out of the home with two children. another woman survived by hiding in a bathroom. investigators think one of the brothers shot the others with a handgun before taking his own life. the two women who escaped
6:33 am
are believed to be the wives of two of the brothers killed. an update on a story we told you about at the beginning of the week. >> mark: an airport worker forced an alaska airlines flight to make emergency landing at monday after he woke up inside the plane cargo hold during take-off. and now we're hearing the 9-1-1 calls from that worker. take a listen. air cargo 911 the other day, inside and said a plane can you tell someone this of the.
6:34 am
about 15 minutes into the panicked ramp baggage agent. told police that her nanny molested her. police say it was actually sierra-cruz has pleaded not his attorney finds this maintains his innocence tonight. he is now being accused of molesting anlast month, police arrested charged him with six -felony counts of child molestation. six - years ago. police say strange that after so long, the alleged victim can remember specific dates of follow up on a story we news. a group of local catholics newspaper ad asking the pope
6:35 am
the group of 100 local catholics signed a letter archbishop cordileone be reassigned. they placed the ad in the san francisco chronicle. they say the archbishop is division and intolerance. a group of prominent local make bold change. they are asking pope francis >> mark: servers dentation of petitions and teacher contract misrepresentation of the spirit of the archbishop of. there is a misrepresentation as the center is presumed to speak for catholic community itself francisco. they do not. >> reporter: lawmakers in washington question in security at the capitol after man was able to land his gyrocopter on long. plus are lifted restrictions on times there's been break some board back in december 2013. a tip on how eds in going and what art is planning on doing next. live
6:36 am
look outside at the bay bridge waking up to a sunny
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>> reporter: curious one securities secretary says the before oppose the carrier that for the small carrot on to the lawn of the u.s. capitol wednesday. we flew under the radar no one was hurt in the incident, but lawmakers say it raises questions about security. according to congressman elijah cummings, the gyrocopter pilot doug hughes, was interviewed by the secret service in 2013, and they didn't decide he was a threat. cummings says there's a dangerous gap in security. >> mark:republicans who have announced their campaign and a some who have said they're still thinking
6:40 am
about it have converged on new hampshire. former texas governor rick perry participated in a roundtable discussion before speaking to a group at a "youth" town hall. new jersey governor chris christie spent time in new and former florida governor jeb bush attended a town- hall-style event in concord called "politics and pie." he acknowledged that if he does decide to formally run he'll have to prove he's not just trying to put another bush in the white house. former florida governor "first and foremost, i have to show my heart. secondly, i have to show i have ideas that make it possible for america to rise up again and third, i have to show i have the leadership skills not just to yap about it but to do it. and if i do that, then the bush dynasty thing and the clinton-bush deal: all that stuff subsides." >> mark:the three republicans who have formally announced their candidacy are senators marco rubio. they're expected at the g-o- p's first-in-the-nation republican leadership summit today and tomorrow. >> michelle: the gonna have
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>> mark: new this morning. kron four's daniel villareal has an update on how things are going now that riders can bring their bikes onto bart cars almost anytime. >> reporter:as more and more people use their bikes to get around the baybeing able
6:44 am
to take your bike with you on a bart car has become more important to riders.and with almost a year and a half since bike rules on bart trains were relaxed some riders say they are happy with the changes "yeah positively my understanding is we can bring our bikes on bart anytime as long as the bart cars aren't fullso it was a game changer" "its going very well we issued a survey to several thousand of our riders back found that three-fourths of the respondents said that they're ok with the new rulesthat they felt comfortable accommodating bikes and riding with bikes on bart" >> reporter:bart does suggest riders park their bikes at a station and ride from there say he has good reason to bring his bike with him "there's not enough bike parking at bart to keep a bike on one end or the other and safety is a big concernyou can see bikes get stolen and taken apart all the time and so taking your bike all the wayis the only wayand my bike is a really nice bike so i'd rather not leave it anywhere" >> reporter:there are more secure options to storing your bike at bart but they don't exist at every station and these metal bike cages can get used up pretty quickbart does say more bike
6:45 am
storage options could happen in the future "we're looking into expanding the valet bike program and the bike station program to other stations" >> reporter:bikes are allowed on bart trains at all hours but bart does have some guidelines for bikes during peak hours "if you've got a bike just make sure you are aware of how full the car is, if its full, don't bring your bike on the train in oakland, daniel villareal kron 4 news. >> michelle: tracking the numbers and the really nice day and have warm temperatures across much of the area. however parts peninsula will be on the care: the call beautiful it is outside sunshine and light winds and gently blowing in the wind and it's a good morning to take a lot of walk outside to the dogs on what to even go for a drug temperatures and the 50s across the peninsula is
6:46 am
cooler along the coast of lower forties' north bay we have made forays across parts of the east bay some 6 is out there and 40's soft belly of blood mid-50s and across south bay plan on these temperatures sticking around in the next 30 minutes a mile the start parts of the area thought during the lunch hour will start to warmup and to load the mid-70s and this afternoon temperatures easily in below the mid '80s for the south bay warm there once again sam for the east bay oakland planner for today builds slowly warmup upper 70's during the lunch hour perfect weather soon enjoy the sunshine 3 lunch hour by the afternoon lota mid-70s east bay shore lines to slowly cooler temperatures what mid-70s and sort and san jose summit '80s again and warm again for the area of badly in
6:47 am
forecast that along the coast and suppress the peninsula the upper 60s to the daytime highs so at milder than we were yesterday for a weekend for the bay of lower to mid '70's all statistical for a weekend and then we start the stay on the cooler side into early next week tracking a few rain chances for the middle of next week is george with your commute. >> george: accident report won a one has led this the house by at traffic is so light pass the same as a lamb minor delay here on 11 in the northbound direction willow road so traffic coming around the traffic heading to and from the dumbarton bridge here highway 84 for the westbound dried forged by the way pretty good, and so at least so far on the trip plan for 92 san mateo bridge tracking a rise to the bay bridge was bound trip you could see us move commute here even though it is backed up not
6:48 am
end to the macarthur maze its own rights to the edge of it and the drive times are still under 20 minutes for the westbound highway 101 dried not tracking any hotspot so pretty easy trip here for a ride around the bay this morning both. >> mark:authorities have recovered a body that they believe is a missing hiker in the sunol regional wilderness section of the east bay regional park. the search for 70-year-old irwin don meyers, of palo alto, started late wednesday. a body was found around two yesterday afternoon. but police are still waiting for coroner that it is meyers. at this point in time, police can only speculate about what happened. meyers was an experienced hiker. his family when he didn't return home on wednesday. >> reporter:a tragic end to the search
6:49 am
58% of the bridge as happened the a theft the anti-authority website "wikileaks" has published a searchable database of every sony email and document that was stolen by hackers last year. u-s government officials blamed north korea for the hack that destroyed computers at sony pictures. it temporarily shut down the movie studio and exposed executives. it even resulted in sony pictures entertainment's co-chairman amy pascal's resignation. the files that wikileaks posted online already existed, and were hosted on computers around the world. but now they're easier to find, and search. >> reporter: in a statement, sony blasted wikileaks, saying it strongly condemns "the indexing of stolen employee and other private and privileged information." >> mark:target and mastercard have reached a settlement over the 2013
6:50 am
hack that compromised up to 40-million customer accounts. the retailer will pay mastercard-issuing banks up to 19-million dollars for losses they incurred in the data breach. the settlement will not only help cover fraudulent charges, but it will also cover the costs of re- issuing credit and debit cards. accounts. losses they incurred in the agreement reimbursement new this morning. american automaker ford willbillion dollars in power-train plants in mexico the annoucement confirms the company's plans to build the ford's eco-boost gas engine in north america for the automotive investment as the auto industry continues to >> reporter:an increasing number of teens are using e- cigarettes. a new report from the centers for disease control and prevention says use of e-cigarettes among middle and high school students tripled last year. "use" means smoking e-cigs at least once a month. the c-d-c says this is the
6:51 am
first time since this survey started that e-cigarettes were used more than any other tobacco product. the report adds that nicotine is dangerous for >> mark:coming up on the kron four morning news. friday. afghanistan. tumble scalar ein normally see traffic back up toward the land right now moving pretty smoothly it looks like a warm day a lot walnut creek high temperatures climb up to the area either brave and locations are on the bay today. of that and weather traffic had as kron 4 morning news continues
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>> reporter: was three
6:55 am
years this on 7 dog reunited with one of the marines to sit in afghanistan. seth hill served in afghanistan in 2011 and 2012. where the dog would sniff out improvised explosive devices. hill says the dog found three i-e-d's during his time in afghanistan, and there's no telling how many lives she saved. 6 marine united with dog "bond you have with a dog is like no other. i mean, it's your dog. any k9 lover knows what i'm talking about, especially a dog handler in the military." the dog flew into ohio this week, thanks to an organization called "mission k-9 rescue," which works to reunite military dogs with their handlers. >> mark: lawyers favor in the bay area get ready for lawyers open up the nba playoffs or chlorine and tomorrow bush ran on the floor of the court then have more of the top seller. well talk with the lawyers chances the giants tied a record it's a good one.
6:56 am
murres raiders mother asks $4 million owed to her for raising him. his response coming up in year's world.. some people looking into the possibility of pilotless planes my industry experts say it's not necessary. >> mark: some back up here in georgia rascally and for any hotspots and michelle with more on hot spots and weather today.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> george: cool dawn next week with few side entrances. >> michelle: looks like outside the embarcadero you conceive the flag is not moving winds are, out there the who along with some
7:00 am
sunshine grab that scummy sunny for most of the area is some areas like nappa fog end of the golden gate to give yourself time traveling along 11 temperatures out their '40's and 50's along the coasts a few minutes for is across the east bay and san francisco 52 degrees of a as of this morning along san francisco it along the peninsula for today and temperatures again


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