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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 17, 2015 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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>>anny hong: will start with a check of the forecast because the weather had line for today will be the one temperatures will was is a new records. >>michelle apon: mainly across the east bay and location coastal temperatures was on the: and will have nothing but sunshine letter on for today here is what it looks like at
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the embarcadero from the studio we have some clear skies across this location the golden gate a little bit of cloud cover this morning as of right now the temperatures as of this morning meant to of the fords across the northwest concord still at 60 degrees like i mentioned before coastal locations in the peninsula will stay on the kuala side with the warming up into the low to mid 60's but for areas across the bay in and lend it will be warm across the bay to the judge will continue to warm up to the mid to upper '70's across in the locations warmer again with the
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temperature is heating up into the mid to upper 80s. >>michelle apon: from the bay cooler temperatures continuing of the to the east we have to make it appear '80s, but we have some temperatures that will continue to stick around and the warm plan on one temperatures and to the weekend + also talking about some rain chances come up in the storm track their 74 cassette for 15 traffic in all directions look good plenty of grain on the map as of this morning off to the north we are continuing with the very quite familiar will be talking
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about. >>anny hong: 3 people were stabbed in san leandro it happened around 845 last night at the corner of manner boulevard and the streak is a video of the scene from last my officers responded to reports of a fight that fog remand in the 30's suffering from stab on the doorstep during a fight inside the bar. >>: piecing together everything that happened we have not compiled all that information to identify who we are looking for. >>anny hong: 2 of the three victims will have to undergo surgery this morning so right now all three are listed in stable condition will be following this story all morning long and bring you updates as
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soon as it becomes available. >>anny hong: police in walnut creek announced the arrest of a man from a customer of two separate occasions at a starbucks while they're in the bathroom. >>reporter: at the starbucks coffee shop once in february and again on tuesday cut court and several customers inside 34 year-old is the accused peeper police track them down for a search warrant on a combination implicit under arrest.
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>>anny hong: a body believed to be the missing-in the slow region section of the east bay regional park a body believed to be that found just after to the afternoon at this point in time police say they can only speculate. an experienced hacker
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was reported missing by family when he failed to return home on wednesday in alameda county coroner is working to the search of his cause of death. . >>anny hong: the warehouse was divided into 10 rooms each with marijuana plants 5000 plants worth more than 14 and a half million $1 suspect was arrested after he attempted to flee from the back door the warehouse are catching servicers war after two more on investigation shall train tracks in the south bank
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all tracks are reopen this morning coming up a share deputy accidentally shoots and kills a suspect some are calling the investigation a cover-up will surely with the oakland a's did to her all the east belleek in need brian still brought the first pitch at a san was a giant game will hear from brian about his long road to recovery four years after being beaten outside of the stadium in los angeles.
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>>anny hong: in case you listed as san francisco giants and the diamondbacks play late into the night the giants tied the gang --game seven to six. from
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tragedy to hope. >>: he was a giants fan who was beaten nearly to death four years ago outside of the senate has recover from severe brain damage followed by people all over the bay area of dropped the first pitch last night at san jose giants (after-hours the answer questions about his life and recovery. >>: thank you to the fans that are here for me.
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>>anny hong: you could watch to interview in its entirety to of the attackers are serving time in prison.
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>>reporter: the giants mix it up with the arizona diamondbacks as a full half-hour of all your sports needs back with more news weather and traffic.
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>>michelle apon: we could see some strong winds be careful if you're going to go there today it will be on the cooler side if you're on to be on the peninsula look, before it is outside will have just a few high clouds will have a few high clouds and temperatures mild across the embarcadero and the bay bridge not a bad way to start with the temperature is all too quickly wore of lead on this afternoon it looks on the satellite and radar pictures we did have a little bit of cloud cover across most of the area of the now some high clouds will continue to track the part will continue to assist in sunshine this afternoon pleasanton 47 if
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you are across the south bank mid '50s mild over there looking at the south they hear the plan for today you might not need the jacket and temperatures quickly warming up and to the mid-70s during the lunch hour winds will continue to stand at around 11 and 12 but that will pick up in the afternoon started at 1:00 give yourself some if you go for
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the of to the east a little bit warmer we have met '80s across parts of the east bay antioch 84 level more aid for across enough to attempt to will quickly warm- up into the upper seven his letter on this afternoon the rest of your storm track 74 cats will continue on with someone temperatures into tomorrow for the locations we have some mid- 70s we could see some fault or even a little bit of drizzle come sunday morning here is what
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looks like right now looking at the toll plaza to continue on to the bay bridge. >>michelle apon: careless across the south bay plenty of grain on the map nor the late ms. area no delays in this area of traffic looks good on the scene ended last traffic will be sold across much of the region and i start here friday morning and again we have rain chances by the middle of next week. >>anny hong: the oakland athletics and have were firefighters helping out little league team that was burglarize over the weekend on sunday they broke into a safe at hayward and
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stole about $7,000 from a safe the money was from the tennis and the american league annual fund raiser was held on saturday and insurance covered the money but there was a $1,000 deductible that is a community fund and hayward firefighters announced there were gonna have thousand dollars each to upset the offset the deductible and a nationwide dragnet the more the 7100 violent criminals behind bars among the 130 of those were wanted for crimes committed here in the bay area that includes one of the seven people arrested in the shooting death of oakland mother disappears. >>reporter: approximately 60 of the harvard and 30 were arrested on oakland warrant bill before
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oakland crimes the law enforcement efforts recall operation violence reduction 7 or the r seven the u.s. federal buil results of an attempt six weeks manhunt led by the u.s. marshals service operations result of how the 37 individuals most notably 64, 44 to the homicide if armed robbery one of those arrested during the seven is pallid davis is a charge with the shooting death of his peers the young mother who was gunned down and west oakland was trying to protect the children from a gun battle taking place outside of their home >>reporter: investigators say they also that mr. carter mr. carter tried to flee from the back door of a duplex she was
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residing and a captured after a short percent its cadets but we know that i victimizing the committee at that point. >>anny hong: who shot and killed an unarmed man after an undercover operation is not under the microscope there are now multiple questions about 73 year-old trainee and records >>reporter: you could only see a quick glimpse of the shares
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reserved deputy in the video when eric was shot and killed during an undercover sting operation howe then allow him to work the streets is under intense clothing the world newspaper reports that supervisors in the part will turn to falsify his training records and at least three supervisors were transferred to other jobs for refusing to alter the records the department spokesman's refused to comment saying that not respond to rumors that have repeatedly insisted he was properly trained the department rejected the request last week for the full training record because this case is under investigation but in an interview with the real station the chef and knowledge some of his the
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qualification records are missing and a deputy to handle the paperwork is no longer working with a share office we cannot find the records that she turned and we will talk to her to find out if you're sure he did qualify he writes that he less qualified as a good range in the fall 2014 and has rented to certify for release three of four years that he writes that he received training by the maricopa county sheriff's department on response at the shooters the county is one of the controversial sheriff and arizona but a miracle could share official says he did not come to arizona and he did not trade with them the law where the says that he receive favorable treatment because the seventh real reserve deputy is a personal friend of the share of their growing calls and an investigation into the shares
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the tarmac earlier this week the spokesman bully rejected any idea of outside investigators into the arab shooting them. >>anny hong: will tell you why a man accused of molesting a young girl says he is innocent or live look outside of the bay bridge with our tracking your bay area forecast for today get ready for summer temperatures once again.
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>>anny hong: the alleged attack took friends and antioch but he says he's not guilty last month police arrested and charged him with six felony counts of charred molestation that is after two of your group told police that her nanny molested her police say it would add to the nanny's husband it is not
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think the allegations add up. the alleged victim is a 12 year- old apparently about a month ago one entity and i told her mother she and molested there no core to of evidence we do nothing this injector to any medical testing at all to embarrass anyone with this this event is just totally dark. she says that they've never the nanny and that his wife was and that he was well loved by the family in southern california that took more than 28,000 lbs. of cocaine off the u.s. coast guard ship in san diego yesterday the coast guard said the contraband is worth of the $424 million navy crews from the u.s. and canada along with the coast guard seized drugs near central and south america
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officials say that tech and more cocaine off the streets in just the last six months then all of last year and up next more than a dozen people file a lawsuit against the san francisco landlord will show you why they're complaining about the conditions of their home and the 2016 race for the white house is already under way will take a look at what's next before summer's top presidential contenders.
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>>anny hong: here are some of the big stories we're working for you this morning three people staff in san leandro happened about a 45 last night at the cocktail at the corner of matter boulevard and demonstrates this is video of the same last night off such respond to reports of a fight when they got there they found three men suffering from stab wounds a benicia man is behind bars accused of telling people what they use the starbucks rest room and on a creek police a
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starbucks employees found a video camera hidden in the unisex bathroom in the middle of the afternoon and this is are trying to track down the victims the also looking into whether he was involved in similar incidents elsewhere at the door is ever cover a body believed to be that of a missing hiker and a single regional section of the east bay regional park the search for 70 your when don meyers apollo also started late wednesday and on thursday the blaze did that of myers found just after 2 in the afternoon. >>michelle apon: we have some very come conditions you cannot even see the tide moving will have some temperature that are into the forties and fifties across much of the area of across the north of the we have some mid-40s along the
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peninsula look at the peninsula san francisco 54 degrees across parts of the east bank concord 57 oakland 50 degrees richmond good morning waking up to 54 to grade looking into san jose the same thing sunnyvale and fremont 55 to start after friday here is what you plan on for the next 30 minutes along called low cases tempters will continue to stay called in to the mid to upper '40's 11:00 to the judge will quickly one of during the lunch hour will have a percentage of parts of the bay and looking at and the locations tim rogers will quickly one of the to the mid-70s with temperatures only
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warming up into the mid '60s the locations and in the is warming up once again. >>michelle apon: will talk lost amid seven is as well across parts of the region will have a lot of sunshine winds will be gentle betrayed by the 60 mi. from our coming up with the storm trackers 7 forecast traffic is moving slowly in this area if you're traveling across the south bank you will have a quiet commute.
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>>michelle apon: quiet water for this morning and then we have a war afternoon rally across the east bay and in locations. >>anny hong: vermin infestation these are just a few of the complaints laid out a lawsuit against the owner of one san francisco apartment building just spoke with the former tenant and a lawyer about the conditions inside the complex. >>reporter: tennis and former tenants said and i have never seen anything like the conditions inside 1751 market street take a look at these images provided to us by the attorney representing more than a dozen people who say that the conditions inside this building are not suitable for human habitation my search everywhere cockroaches bedbugs in domestic and i could forget unbidden she
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lived there for a couple of years and complained about conditions to the owners of the building she says they deny care most of the tennis don't speak english the landlord would take advantage of them and their immigration status with threaten the scare a lot of them and they did not know their rights it represents the tenants who are suing the owners of the building a 10 it was murdered here in january of 2014 to confide months to clean up the blood it was water on the walls and the staircase and individuals family his brother had to walk in and out of the building every day looking at his deceased brother blood. >>reporter: we resolve the attorney representing the building owner asking for some explanation of all of this he says simply no comment.
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>>anny hong: a dispute over the family business to other women and two children where ever to escape in the massacre one woman by hiding in the bathroom. preliminary information points to the brother as a suspect who shot the others with a handgun before killing himself. >>anny hong: a dozen for to the
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presidential candidates are attending the first in the nation republican leadership summit. >>reporter: a handful of republicans said attraction for the new hampshire a former florida gov. just bush called politics and appliance did not as if it does decide to form a run you have to prove he's not try to put another bush and white house former texas gov. participated in a roundtable discussion thursday for speaking to group at a town hall the jersey governor spent time in new hampshire this week as well the one thing they have in common is that none of them have formally announced plans to make
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a run of the white house the republicans to have test cruise ram and more real are expected to join them in the rest of the field of potential republican candidates the only democrat to announce so far has all plans after spending time and i will this week fell repentance that session will be campaigning in new hampshire this monday and tuesday still had >>anny hong: is facing more legal trouble will tell you about the latest lawsuit against james swanson >>stanley roberts: coming up on today a car for a crackdown thus more the our hundred and 60 by letters i will show you some of them in an exhibition of people. behaving people
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>>michelle apon: we do have just a few clouds out there. in a cloud you do see this morning will continue to break apart this afternoon we have some cool temperatures across the north bay mid-40s out there on the coast oakland 53 san francisco 54 this morning if you're born to be crossed the east a plan on
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temperatures continued to stay in the low to mid '50's they're warming up into the lower 80s this afternoon similar to what they had yesterday with someone from the west and northwest between five to 50 mi. from our the rest of the area along the peninsula with edmonton for sixties and store across the north to the super '70s and apple to 82 degrees in parts of the delta of above average or about five to 10 degrees above average and along the peninsula
4:47 am
ride around average the giants play the diamondbacks letter on this evening at 715 if you will be there a little early grabs and dinner temperatures will be in the mid-60s quickly falling into the mid to upper 50s will continue on with it or whether to the judge will continue to fall into the fifties it will continue on clear skies into the early afternoon >>michelle apon: traffic moving smoothly and picking up after the close of 5:00 hour as are
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talking about why commit for much of the area and cool in come to this is morning call foul ball one afternoon mainly for along east you go for this afternoon not a bad looking for cash for today. >>anny hong: florida merman flights to the u.s. and landed him in court thursday the discharge with two felonies meanwhile lawmakers wondered how anyone could make it through restricted air base in this capital she has more from washington >>reporter:. douglas jesse flew the gyrocopter over the campaign finance he flew right through this no intention
4:49 am
for hurting anyone he also talked to attack the bay who came to watch include crest flights he won election to the republics radar but its light blue below flow below blue rider ever on nothing dangerous was found on the aircraft the homocentric committee camber says he is investigating why no one stopped him to the flight he wore his work uniform with the u.s. postal service logo was he appeared in court thursday he asked if you build to work while under home detention the answer was not made public in court he
4:50 am
is not to fly any aircraft new detail this morning. >>anny hong: try to train with and support isis' militants naturalized u.s. was indicted by a grand jury yesterday he was arrested in february after returning to you as from serial he reportedly travel to syria went through terror training and was ordered by a clerk to return to this they carry out acts of terrorism if convicted he faces up to 38 years in prison just two weeks before the nfl draft and former florida state quarterback dennis winston is facing newly legal troubles sit is accused of raping her and in 2012 he is speaking and to
4:51 am
$15,000 he would not charge at the police investigated the alleged incident and a study conducted content investigation and subsequent appeal also cleared of any wrongdoings that the to be one of the topics in the upcoming nfl drafts target and mastercard has reached a settlement over 2013 the compromise of the 40 million customer accounts the reseller repay a mastercard issuing banks of the $19 million losses they incurred in the data bridge. >>anny hong: fraudulent charges and reassuring credit and debit cards and increasing number teams middle and high school student's tripled last year researchers say the cigarettes
4:52 am
were use more than any other tobacco product or four as the nicotine is dangerous for kids at any age no matter how it's consumed. just let it go minister. >>anny hong: that was pat roberts at a congressional committee meeting yesterday the committee was discussing u.s. policies when the thing some latigo from the moment frozen came from senator cell phone the senator also responded with a joke on twitter saying somebody had to tell the administration to let it go. >>anny hong: a hollywood biggest franchise releases the trailer for his latest film will show you soon and here is a live look outside walking up to clear skies on the bainbridge this morning to get ready for another one day.
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>>anny hong: they're teasing us yet again another star wars' trailer was released thursday in anaheim previewing this winter's big blockbuster a star wars episode 7 before awakens take a look. >>: man movie theme music. >>anny hong: the new star wars them and still others december 18th and all the fans are very excited coming up early this
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week an airport worker forced alaska airlines flight to make a major sea landing at the seattle airport coming up in the next hour will hear the 911 call from the worker who was trapped in the cargo hold plus the warriors are getting ready for their first playoff game where like oracle arena to get you're ready for tomorrow's big game and last year some hack goes public will say which web site is posted all the documents access during best security breach. what aut plingp a air,a stl, a bebag,nd aualltastg r fo. we a a camy eesehatstilbelies in t beay of kni, inhe eganswip of a . . spe. coue, at dsn'tean you n't nk uor sop u up enjoy ery ngle soi-tay bi. the laugng c. inve snaing.
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>>george: we're starting the morning with an accident that the good news is it is not leading in the direction of the bay bridge is heading on to the nimitz freeway south should be cleared surely out of bed in the moment. >>michelle apon: isolated chilly spots this morning but like the guys mention the warmer weather is on the way for much of the area here is what looks like outside from the studio looking at the embarcadero winds are light sawfly is calm out there we're not saying that would amount like past couple of
5:01 am
mornings starting off with some calm conditions and winds will continue to stay like into the afternoon between 5 50 mi. per hour not too bad this afternoon temperature rise would have supported and 50 out there the kuala spots are mainly across the north bank of about 45 santa rosa 45 along the coast temperatures and the low 40's at half moon bay and parts of the delta delay of 43 and some east ellen spots pleasanton ever else met trustees. >>michelle apon: here is what to expect a few more clout to continue to hang around a long was some fault core temperatures continue to stick around for the coast along but bay and in locations to the to the range from the upper 40's to the lower 50s and then it starts to warm up into the upper 60s from seven for bay locations will have some
5:02 am
sunshine will warm temperatures in the location to the mid to upper 80s. >>george: still pretty like traffic this friday morning not tracking in the delays here for your commute the bridge around the bay looks pretty good we did mention that leading to the nimitz freeway 880 and come from the east your freeway and there is an ax and the sea its reconfirmed moments ago the rap is what you will have to have east on interstate 580 and then take the 98 ramp to get back to the nimitz freeway. >>anny hong: we're following brackets news from overnight after three people were stabbed and san leandro and bar and have brought a 45 last laugh at shiloh's cocktail at the corner of manner boulevard and paris video from the scene last night officers responded to reports of a fight when they got there they found three men suffering from
5:03 am
stab wounds they're reviewing evidence and now looking for possible suspects to that as of right now and leaks to the victims were on the go surgery all the victims are listed in stable condition and remain. hospitalizes remain >>mark: man behind bars accuse the film people what they use the starbucks was room in the east and and for your objective turner was arrested yesterday in a home of the nation is some evidence linking him to crimes inside of the home the incident happened at a starbucks on local streets and on the creek that in february and again this past tuesday that on the video camera hidden in the unisex bathroom in the middle of the afternoon. >>: to know that someone is watching people use the restroom is weird how the with and a morning and think about doing that? >>mark: the will track down the victims and looking to see if he was involved in similar
5:04 am
incidents elsewhere. >>anny hong: a national memorial service will be held in germany cathedrals on a the 150 victims killed in the march 24th german we crashed german chancellor will attend the service along with senior officials from france and spain flight 9525 crashed into the french out less than an hour after departing from our salon of france and investigators believe that copilot andres lopez is deliberately crashed the plane after of locking the pilot of the cockpit. i called the crash on the biggest national tragedies is ever faced. >>mark: the bay area getting ready for playoff basketball gold as it were is tech is a pretty penny will is live on the floor right now and or or renal. >>will tran: this is one of the assignments i look forward to discussing during all of
5:05 am
primer's 350 days out of the year i can tell you that there are tickets available but you have to get hit very early if you want to the web site of course is the stuff of drama hundred and $50 they expect another sellout crowd this is a hundred and 24 the straight sellout and a do expect the warriors and all the experts when you come here this is what you get for your money if. you have the golden state warriors they're on fire. >>will tran: the restaurant conference they took yesterday to practice that show you the video we all saw the video was stiff currie hitting 77 out of 100 three-pointers--so fast and
5:06 am
curry. >>will tran: we get a chance to track down the first year/7 when they cannot all the way to a typical ship also be a chance to talk to look ahead to say about the playoffs. >>: a flood have seen pretty much everything >>will tran: the war is almost
5:07 am
unbeatable they went 39 and to everyone is thinking about what happened to the dallas mavericks a few years ago when they put them down when they had 67 wins with this year we expect to go all the way you might recall a few years ago the sea search said we believe we believe we will win at all to by the change the slogan we believe in strength in numbers. >>will tran: did not believe i can even shoot a free throw or make a shot before tulsa back to you live issue a couple shots.
5:08 am
>>will tran: more to come one more shot for the road. >>mark: the most expensive ticket price for the playoffs. >>anny hong: senate to us
5:09 am
through the web site or through facebook and emotional site for those who saw the giants fan brandt brought the first pitch at last night's san jose giants game and hit a part of this recovery more news weather and traffic when we come back.
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guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>mark: 0 will no e is still report a suspended after already a part a lot and it was caught on video is pretty awful will solti's coming up.
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>>michelle apon: warmer again
5:16 am
continuing into the week and we have a cool down with a slight chance of rain for the middle of next week lets talk about what look like we have some clear skies looking this way from the embarcadero at the bay bridge not too bad clear skies out here with mild temperatures however if you are near the golden gate there may be some patchy fog to prepare for that as you leave this morning you headed to downtown san francisco. >>michelle apon: very beautiful shot of clear skies and to the afternoon and temperatures are and the '40's and 50's: spots remain across the northern parts of the coast and parts of the delta up across everywhere else we have some fifties to start the allied jacket but temperatures will quickly one of the this afternoon to the judge
5:17 am
will be all the cyclical side the prettiest day mid to upper 60s the rest of the storm track their stock for cash will continue for mid '80s for the week and across england looking at the base seven is will continue on into early next week. >>michelle apon: we have a slight chance to mind the middle of next week. george. >>george: as we look at the ride here at the macarthur maze on interstate 580 in the westbound
5:18 am
direction the good news is the traffic is moving now through the macarthur maze without any delays it was like the map and show you the accident and has been cleared from the traffic lanes no longer in the issue tracking the drive now for the commit on the east shore freeway 15 minutes hercules' down to berkeley not too bad. >>george: interstate 580 westbound direction as we track the commute for you you concede the commit come through the san ramon valley and is starting to slow already in the westbound ride and let line of have a 24 minute drive times because there was an accident on the shoulder track in the commute through the south bay still a great ride 101280 highway 85 and problem free and tracking the bay bridge there was a look at the bay bridge toll plaza for the westbound ride and casino back
5:19 am
up yet for the commute and had an out of the macarthur maze. >>anny hong: ryan took another step 4 on thursday from tragedy to help he is a giants fan who was beaten nearly to death four years ago outside the stadium his recovery from severe brain damage has been an emotional journey followed by people all of the bay area the san jose giants' home opener afterward he answer questions about his life and recovering. the only thing bigger as the san francisco giants.
5:20 am
>>: >>ga this is my first time here it was a little scary but i have a good review some really good your watch the entire interview on our web site it was awarded $80 million in damages last year to of his attackers are now serving time. in time >>mark: in case you missed it the san francisco giants played late into the night the game tied as we had to the bottom of the ninth by the giants and they tied it up again but they went on to lose the game in the 12th inning the game went on for
5:21 am
hours and 20 minutes in three to 14 pitchers san francisco tickets on a result the tonight at 715 there in kansas city. >>anny hong: after the video of the parking lot goldsboro her name is mchenry and you recognized as the report on several espn programs based on a washington d.c. web want to let you hear how she's beretta or parking lot attendant at a towing company in virginia.
5:22 am
>>anny hong: that is not all as she walks of the lot she can be heard telling the attendant to lose some weight the espn to force action yesterday they suspended her for a week in a tweaked she did apologize same intense distrust among mild out my emotions to get the best of me and said some consulting and regrettable things as frustrated as i was i should always to be respectful to take the high road i am so sorry for my actions and will learn from this mistake if you want to see this story in the entire video on our web sites >>mark: some more questions arise about the reserve deputy pentose oklahoma shot and killed an unarmed man during a recovery operation when they say
5:23 am
his training records were altered.
5:24 am
what's hapned snaing? hodid bece sentindey eating o aft theext,aftethe xt? so pdictle a sounsasfyi? what aut plingp a air,a stl, a bebag,nd aualltastg r fo. we a a camy eesehatstilbelies in t beay of kni, inhe eganswip of a . . spe. coue, at dsn'tean you n't nk uor sop u up enjoy ery ngle soi-tay bi. the laugng c. inve snaing.
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>>mark: he shot and killed on our man during an undercover operation is now under the microscope also questions about 73 your robert bleep training and records sarah has more. >>reporter: that made the accusation against the common shares office it says that the office try to offals the wiser to sign off on training for mr. bates and he did not complete when supervisors refused they're transferred to less desirable positions no one knows for sure the person is making the allegations that is because the name is blocked out something that bothered mr. clark the
5:27 am
shares office they believe the allegations were made by a former employe p who was now being held for murder he says they also with the visitation and records and found evidence to back up their suspicion coming up a lawsuit against the owner of sfo cisco part of a building under fire of we would tell you why they're calling the apartment and apartment from-- not the place.
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they're both fired-up with spicy crispy chicken sliced jalapeños and ghost pepper ranch sauce. you've. been. warned. >>michelle apon: after much of
5:31 am
the region however it will continue to stay cooler along the peninsula coastline this afternoon here is the plan for today for isn't listed this morning across the location temperatures easily warming up into the mid '70s the afternoon temperatures will one of 10 more degrees for and locations one conditions for inland locale for the locations typical warm- up into the mid '70s all along the coast to mid-60s lead on this afternoon where talking about how long the temperatures will last us the possibility of some land. >>george: still rolling along pretty well for most of the bay area as we look at the upper east stressfree we interstate 80 ride still a good one and the commute this morning into concord coming out of a walnut
5:32 am
creek on highway 4 it looks really good at 8 minute drive times as a pretty sweet trip this morning actually is a southbound on 680 from concord down to on a creek no delays as you head down to the fremont and to change coming down from dublin on a to 680 south and south to bay freeway we're not tracking any problems for the no. 280 ride with a 14 minute commit time as you head out for cupertino and a look at the ride to the bay bridge this morning it shows that the ride looks good with no delays in starting to build up at the toll plaza for the west about ride. >>mark: another american facing charges for allegedly trying to train with and support ices militants a naturalized u.s. citizen was indicted by grand
5:33 am
jury yesterday he was arrested february after returning to the united states from syria he travel to syria and whatever training and was ordered by cleric to return to the states and carry out an act of terrorism if convicted he faces up to 38 years in prison. >>anny hong: new details about an apparent murder-suicide and phoenix police say three brothers as well
5:34 am
5:35 am
5:36 am
f the allegations out of a lawsuit against the owner of one san francisco apartment building just bush spoke with a former tenant and a lawyer about the conditions inside the marquetry complex. >>reporter: they have never seen anything like the conditions in size 1751 market street take a look at these images provided by
5:37 am
the attorney representing more than a dozen people there will be mice everywhere now live tear for claviers she said and not care most of the tenants tear do not speak english crystal says it will take advantage of them and the immigration status he was scare a lot of them and then i know their rights a 10 it was murdered here in january of 2014 it took him about five months to clean up the blood it was water on the walls and the staircase
5:38 am
and the individual's family and his brother had to walk in and out of the building every day looking at his deceased brothers blood we did reach out to the attorney representing the building's owner asked for some sort of explanation about all this and this is simply no comment coming up. >>stanley roberts: but today a car for crack down that is more than zero hundred and 60 by letters i will show you some of them in the next edition of people behaving badly.
5:39 am
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5:42 am
store. coming up with the 74 cast.
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>>mark: some of the new stores will working on since 10 to mark the 109th anniversary of the great san francisco earthquake of 2006 the heroes are getting long overdue praise find out who and what at 65 google is one to change the way financial you search scare are calling it mobile given is been a body here and have since the was chechens are taking the bikes and side of archives. >>anny hong: into wedges joining as she ran for another warm day off because will be heating up.
5:46 am
>>michelle apon: looking at the bay bridge clear sky starting off the morning with some patchy fog possible for other bridges be careful plan ahead for that temperatures are into the '40's and 50's really no change for the past couple of mornings and where once the deal with someone temperatures letter on for today the rest of the area at the end of the 40 to low 50s and will start to your friday morning if you're going to be crossed the east bay plant stem to the team to stick around into the next 30 minutes will start storm of the to the upper 60s from seven is for bay location during the lunch hour and a location to the to will be in the mid-70s to much of a quickly heat across and about 10 more degrees into the mid '80s warmer across and the locations
5:47 am
however crossed the bay shoreline that seven it will be in store with a five to 50 mi. per hour here is what looks across the entire area mid to upper 60s was call the coast this afternoon and one again across not all he across the south the bank of the '70s to lure '80s--not the >>michelle apon: strong records along the trigger waves could give yourself plenty of awareness if you want to be on the beach to purchase more intimate '80s for and locations for saturday and sunday looking at the locations low 70's. >>george: the chp is very quiet
5:48 am
right now we're not tracking any hot spots a little slowing for the 580 ride was down 28 minute drive times means good conditions just 16 minutes for northbound 101 ride that is an easy trip and the commute for the mid peninsula is without the lead for the ride on one 01 as a head northbound past the 84 and 92 and to change your delay free. >>stanley roberts: carpel violations and was contra costa county are so bad that it took two days and officers from the california highway patrol porno as a rebel and the police department to the crackdown that made it 175 tickets although
5:49 am
hundred and 62 were for carpal this driver and a white ignored this time the redhov 3 + >>stanley roberts: on day one until protesters interrupted the crack down. but sylvia the officer wrote the carpel ticket in just three hours on the second day it was rather easy in many cases they wrote ride by like this driver who produce and as a driver's license this job ever had an interesting reason for being in a car pulling
5:50 am
illegally does give some assistance to ponder that the fine for carpal violence since its $491 what seems to be the first question many jarvis at one for over this guy as he was going to pay for the interview there was this driver he gets his burial segment in was come to costa county stanley roberts kron 4. >>anny hong: according to a
5:51 am
study more than 29 million health records on the compromise and didnt bridges over the past four years about two-thirds of those involve electronic data off the store laptop more than 58 percent of those happened inside door web site u.s. government official blamed of career for the heck that shut down sunny and exposed in harassing e-mail from the executives the files posted existing on-line post on the computer around the world but now there is yet to find and searched in a statement they blasted with u.n. peace said they strongly condemn the private a privilege information.
5:52 am
>>mark: 4 will be investing $2 billion and powertrain plant in mexico make it been now for this morning it confirmed the company's plans to build affordable to gas engine and of america for the first time in mexico they're trying to meet the highest demand for new cars since before the recession when we come back here live look outside to in a look at walnut creek on your friday morning traffic moving good on both directions so far.
5:53 am
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>>anny hong:, listen to a whole new level they're teaming up with the belief that an ice- cream inspired beer then in jerry's will be collaborating with to like a saw to care more
5:56 am
bromley beer is set to hit store shelves and fall however the company says so far there are no plans to make a bare flavored ice cream but the ban and jerry's is taking some heat for plans to put their kids family name and image on a crack beer. >>mark: take a look at this a massive come from all over canada and mexico and is known as mexico's our our panel for its newly no damage or injuries reported it could be seen from miles away will were also developing stories coming up a sign of the hour is warrior fever the bay area is ready for the playoffs will is live and oracle to consign to getting ready for the game for us to a remarkable recovery of the giants and brian is a said was a giants game you here we have to
5:57 am
say about the recovery tech will look at the bay bridge traffic is backed up this morning will have more of the very one to ever to come our way this afternoon of. whoa, is ia luhbox t a llown ba rrrr..a
5:58 am
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yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. one day away from the second season as the lawyers credit for the pelicans. playoff fever warriors fever. live report inside and also here with a coach as well as potential mvp south korean just a few minutes. please >> reporter: to walnut creek arrest this man who saved police in walnut creek arrest a man who they say starbucks restroom. how they caught him.
6:00 am
>> reporter:. happy: quick >> mark: check of weather and traffic >> george: chp logs extremely quiet this morning no accidents and no hot spots metering lights on at the bay bridge only slow traffic.


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