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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  April 11, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>marty gonzales:police lost the suspects in the area south of market. >>marty gonzales:investigators later found the vehicle abandoned on treasure island. >>marty gonzales:they also found 2 guns that they say were thrown from the car in the area of stockton and california streets. >>marty gonzales:now turning our attention to weather. >>dan rubin: is a little bit chilly and remain chilly of the next few hours but temperatures will will nicely it will be back to where we have been which is essentially temperatures in the upper 60s to lure seven is the most part of the bank. >>dan rubin: we can go and live look at the current temperature storm track of forces said was his ticket 46 oakland 47 concord 57 carl's a 48 and track a
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little bit cooler than it was just there but we seem to rebound nicely effect with a look at the weather headlines and said that chilly start burning off by the afternoon. >>dan rubin: will have an excellent day to day if you plan on being out and about depicted the day to do so monday is when temperatures will start to fall off. this is the moving toward us will touch on that just a little bit but not once these is pretty low and will pick up all the letter on this afternoon will touch on those and high temperatures come up in a moment. >>marty gonzales: happening today. it is the start of the northern california cherry blossom festival in san francisco. >>marty gonzales:joining me right now is one of the organizers of the event. greg viloria. >>marty gonzales: this is the 40th annual cherry blossom festival.
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>>: opening of the new area 360 which covers the new culture in japan and the 360 cut of most of the japan to the united states and vice versa caught to exchange the we have here in the united states and japan so we have the cafe trout ever on this and talk about and the other side of the festival for the under 34 there we're pleased to have the long. >>marty gonzales: to learn the cause of vehicles as friends of the we can will be out there? >>: on the average for both weakens in the two confessed will and about 200,000 average but will bring us to many new things this should allow all of the over hundred thousand this week and >>marty gonzales: this is the
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second-largest cherry blossom for us will outside washington d.c. it is important to young children involved. >>: the sofa so is put on 500 volunteers and we have other jobs and we do this because of the san francisco defense subcommittee is very strong and is used between 64 blocks and were down to 64 blocks non it is very important to the cornerstone to help introduce a only are area but to japanese culture to our local residents.
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>>: saturday as the opening at 11:00 the opening ceremony at 1:00 p.m. today to close at five off days today and tomorrow and next weekend on the 18th it opened at 11 and closing five of the 94 have the grand parade will start from civic center of after japan town. . >>marty gonzales:new this morning. police are investigating a deadly shooting in east palo alto. >>marty gonzales:it happened on the 300 block of wisteria drive. >>marty gonzales:police found a man suffering from gunshot wounds. he later died from his injuries. >>marty gonzales:police say the shooter fled the scene on foot and is still on the loose this morning. >>marty gonzales:happening today. police are investigating the death of a man whose body was found in a field near mineta san jose international airport. >>marty gonzales:a person walking just south of san jose's airport discovered the body and
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>>marty gonzales:called police. >>marty gonzales:police say the victim is apparently in his 40's. >>marty gonzales:his body was found near west hedding street and coleman avenue. >>marty gonzales:it appears he died of natural causes. >>marty gonzales:police say it's not clear how long the body was in that field. >>marty gonzales:police say the driver of a u-p-s truck that crashed on interstate 580 may have fallen asleep at the wheel. >>marty gonzales:investigators say the truck hit the guard rail, spilling oil, and sparking a fire that destroyed thousands of pounds of packages friday morning. >>marty gonzales:we first brought you the story live on the kron 4 morning news. >>marty gonzales:it happened just before 5:30 shutting down the interstate in both directions. >>marty gonzales:no body was hurt in the crash. >>marty gonzales:but at least part of the interstate stayed closed for more than 13 hours. causing a major traffic backup during the morning commute. >>marty gonzales:this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 news. >>marty gonzales:the c-h-p says it doesn't appear drugs or alcohol were factors in the crash.
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>>marty gonzales: and historic day for the united states with president obama is ready to sit down with cuban president or ' which they have a meeting could in fact pitcher relations with cuba also part of the midwest continued to pick up after a deadly tornado will take a closer look at the weak efforts and has been five years since the first lady michelle president obama started the last move campaign after burke will take a look at whether it will.
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>>marty gonzales:this week marked 5 years since first lady michelle obama started the "let's move" campaign. >>marty gonzales:it's an effort to encourage healthy lifestyles for kids. >>marty gonzales:suzanne malveaux takes a look at whether the high profile campaign has led to a change in how kids eat.. >>reporter:first lady michelle obama---marked five years of her lets move campaign-- >>reporter:issuing another challenge.
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>>:"we're asking american of all ages to give me five ways they're leading a healthy life. five jumping jacks, eating five new vegetables, my doing a 'gimme 5 dance." >>reporter:you might have seen it on ellen. >>reporter:or perhaps during her mom dancing with jimmy fallon. >>reporter:plenty of a-list celebs from big bird >>reporter:to the "so you think you can dance all-stars" are in on the action. >>reporter:but is the 4.5 billion dollar "let's move" campaign shrinking childhood obesity? >>reporter:when the first lady launched lets move in 2010--- america's kids were in trouble. >>reporter:12.7 million children were obese. >>reporter:two years into the campaign---more than one third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese. >>reporter:today---the results are mixed. >>reporter:the good news----from 2010 to 2o12 childhood obesity among children 2 to 5 years old---has dropped by 3.7 percent. >>reporter:the bad news----for children 12 to 19 years old
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obesity has increased. >>reporter:through her white house garden, and partnerships with businesses and schools obama has also pushed good nutrition. >>:"we've seen grocery store manufacturers putting healthy food there and keeping the prices low. schools, classrooms are putting in salad bars." >>reporter:but it's been an uphill battle. >>reporter:when obama initially tried to up the nutritional standards in the federal school lunch program, which serves 31 million children---she was faced with a rebellion. >>reporter:kids tweeting out pictures of the mandatory fruits and veggies---calling them gross and yucky mystery mush. >>reporter:ultimately the federal program had to loosen some of its rules.
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>>marty gonzales:welcome back to the kron 4 news weekend. >>marty gonzales:taking a live look at heavenly ski resort in tahoe. >>marty gonzales:the sierra got some fresh snow this week. >>marty gonzales:kron 4's emily turner joins us now over the phone. >>marty gonzales:she is live in tahoe this morning. >>marty gonzales:good morning emily. >>reporter: in both areas the snow have not stuck other than on the mountain and that is sticking mostly because of all the resorts have there on snowmaking machines. is a seven bridge for a lot of the resort's the still open this late in the season and number of resorts had to close early like the sierra tahoe calls for early because
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they had no snow. >>marty gonzales: a lot of the ski resorts for the season with least they're getting a little but a small as this say they have not been able to stick so what the finding of in terms of ski resorts for the weekend?. >>reporter: they said we were limping through and had already reduced the number of the skiers could be on the slopes but then the fed did not know how much you want to come with the snow when the 15 in. of the week unfortunately for us to restore the did not get that and it was interesting was out of their
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talking to the restore people this is all but the people come and for the annual pasteur's of the week in san the number of people come this weekend from town is interesting that it seemed like a lot of people for the given up. >>marty gonzales: is not surprising considering the fact is this a red adorned with in the west--the has been a fantastic over the several weeks the bay area. >>marty gonzales: was experience unlike? >>reporter: 1 person of particular use becomes several times every year five to six if not more than he told me that he only has been there just this past weekend and on the reason became is because he did not want this to be geared he did
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not come. >>marty gonzales:dan rubin is here with a look at your weekend forecast. >>dan rubin: with a look as some of the conditions the she was referring to an all-time metal being closed scott ellis chose to clear out and heavily not a whole lot of chairs compared to what have on bay. the bay bridge toll plaza is not the session were looking pretty good right now on the westbound 80, we have the gorgeous sunrises morning
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with an expensive traffic of the golden gate bridge but more so than just the traffic would also anticipate temperatures bay on the chilly side this morning there were one or a bit by this afternoon is still to be 51 san francisco 47 in oakland 40 for henry and goals for fremont as well and 45 for your car temperatures and sunnyvale. >>dan rubin: satellite and radar shows of this ridge of high pressure which had just happened all over california in this pleasant weather in some of the weekend as the system move towards us in this setting for the south and the have been where there is passing over oregon and washington for the most part that is why we've been missing the rain is coming down a little bit but not quite enough to bring a great deal of rain fall to the bay area consists of light rain and sonoma on monday but that's likely to be about is what is we did that pretty nice drop the weekend and then we have 65 for san francisco 67 in richmond and
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hay were 74 for presents and and for livermore as well. >>dan rubin: the storm track four kron 4 seven they're around the forecast we have attempted and what did thereafter at the request but warmer. out on bail. walk out of jail. >>marty gonzales:today will be the first meeting between the two world leaders since the white house announced plans to normalize diplomatic relations with cuba. >>marty gonzales:polo sandoval has the latest on the diplomatic talks and whether unrestricted travel to cuba from the u-s is in the near future.
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>>reporter:the sunny cuban coastline is still out of reach for most american tourists. >>reporter: travelers this fit into one of 12 categories among the more journalists and people visiting the island for vacation a cultural or religious reasons as to the typical american tourist there's still some restrictions it would take an act of congress to clear the way because of the embargo put in place in 1960 there is no telling when or if congress might add them may be some prospect of change with the coming together for the first time in almost 60 years old, and you the president may meet at the summit of the americans. >>reporter:"perhaps nobody is
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watching the talks between these two as close as cuba's neighbors. places like the bahamas, the dominican republic, puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. everybody here makes a lot of money off of tourism." >>:"more than 60 cents of every dollar in our economy is generated by tourism" >>reporter:beverly nicholson- doty is tourism commissioner of the u-s virgin islands. >>reporter:she feels a little bit of competition in the caribbean wouldn't be a bad thing >>:"any new destination that comes into our competitive marketplace certainly has the opportunity to redirect some of our business, but when you start looking at cuba, we recognize that we know its on the horizon." >>reporter:. if tourism ties are ever fully restored -- it would likely put cuba back on the map as a popular getaway. >>reporter:until then, most americans can only dream of cruising down cuban streets. >>reporter:.and re-living the nostalgic havana nights of the 1950's. >>reporter:im polo sandoval reporting. >>marty gonzales:coming up on kron 4 news weekend. the giants play another nail biter and history is made at the masters. >>marty gonzales:jason applebaum we'll have all your sports highlights after the break.
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>>marty gonzales:coming up on kron 4 news weekend. we are live in san francisco as crews prepare to kick off the annual cherry blossom festival in san francisco. >>marty gonzales:we will be right back...
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>>reporter:9-0 the a is for all over the mariners drew calmer strike or with the reach of the third time and no one for them
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12-0 the a's the kron 4 rushing in and burst into the gates and the national toll now it's bees is starting a under come into this round of beautifully redgrave hereby speeds as the ball drops in. that is a record for 36 told parker was isn't in the form tied for 19th and for him this then to wonder for to let black or is the favorite come again to tread into the cup is tied retire and the raucous and speeds. >>reporter: he is your overall leader after a record-setting 36 holes 14 under par no one has
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ever done that in his 21 year olds to texas. >>marty gonzales: the gold that bridge beautiful build--a full forecast come right up. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets.
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>>marty gonzales: they're getting ready for today's open ceremony. >>reporter: you're taking a lie down pull street intersection would you can add as to concede or deny to a said a tense and you can already get ready for the cherry blossom festival was kicks of 11:00 this morning and runs today and tomorrow and next weekend as well in the sticky
7:33 am
strips your taking a look will look a whole lot different tack a look at the cherry blossom festival from years past about to the cause of people are expected to attend the festival with remarks the welcoming of spring and a celebration of and the beginning of the festival comes with something for everyone performances costumes chopping food and a beer tent. organizers tell me this week in they will have an area called secure 360 was contains fasting gaining an adamant--fashion game in and matt. >>reporter: they're setting up to is this monster live there of those close to an effect upon japan town parking is very limited come up that endicott will tell you the best way to get down here you're coming this weekend or next weekend. >>marty gonzales: and looks like people are blowing up this morning for the big celebration
7:34 am
but. >>dan rubin: chicken traffic for you as well down to san francisco with a good one on one at the moment which is saw the was spa 80 shot we're also in good shape but here is the the schechters are the weather goes for your they plan to storm track four trying to restore all social troublesome pretty steady warming to the afternoon temperatures talk about the lower seventh upper 60s for the most part not likely to back fill to cold and wet.
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>>marty gonzales: it with the committee on thursday to woman were killed nearly 220 homes were destroyed the town that has been categorized as an e f for that is the second most powerful category it for look when scott and in the 20 hundred miles an hour to cnn's visit the town to look to the devastation and speak with survivors. . >>reporter: gel and sarah the two sons left the city to move to that dream from house and
7:36 am
barn and prepare a lawyer their cars are bees and barns all of it not destroying inside the house and never before used on the shelter with a brush as the two approached her husband and son rototill the nonchalant i was okay until i saw them running in total panic. to deny the that if they're panicking where the trouble. >>reporter: when the time of the basement stairs to get an idea
7:37 am
of the power the tried to look at this a branson is gone through the house like a bullet.
7:38 am
that tells them were just about to insure their barter and had not done so they take in stride. >>marty gonzales: that was cnn's gary reported the uses of our remote this committee is fair deal has no village government no school and a major business of the homes and fair deal were evacuated in part because a lot of. >>marty gonzales: will get your car on what is new in the theaters this weekend.
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>>gabe slate: it has landed there now in the store for the public to try on and get their hands on them so how is the public receiving this new device that is not a crowkron. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i ♪ ♪ know i can't deny... ♪ ♪ that i got a new feeling ♪ ♪ deep inside... ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good.
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>>marty gonzales: people can get ahold of that and a much closer look the other would not be able to buy it because the what is back ordered to do some models are in the shipping is led is august the stores on bay area will pack friday with potential what buyers try all the gadgets in getting a close look all the different models print or on line on friday morning and quickly sold out. >>gabe slate: the apple watch
7:43 am
what they think they will use it for. >>gabe slate: there than winning a long time for apropos of what android uses have been enjoying them for years now. i've been avoiding getting horrible for a long time waiting to see this could be the best of the market and to really meet all my knees and ask people what they wanted to watch and what they think that we use it for everyday wear
7:44 am
is similar to really help you to second tier from a lot of bad times amid talk the on not try want that. i'm most interested in apple pie and the messages could cause this bill for not only a tiny device the free be about to be more productive and are rich in your pocket. .
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>>marty gonzales: in the meantime the tech live with outside at sfo you concede beautiful conditions today a little bit chilly this morning but a disgruntled former we will hear from him we return.
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>>marty gonzales: welcome back >>dan rubin: we have to say this as in the south to the effect is on to warmer quite a bit by this afternoon which is centers and that top we saw yesterday the san mateo bridge looking good right now san francisco looking good at 52 and sent as a 46 chilly start late local on 47 near 40 in san carlos and the more apt 453 important right now. we have some challenges ahead in the day planner will show that with the sun coming more prevalent are ready out is not a whole lot of cloud coverage. >>dan rubin: will one frigate
7:49 am
nicely looking at low 70's a percentage of the most part all around the benefit to cast with a straight for us and that 24 hours also pushing into 3:00 this afternoon would you concede the upper 60s and 07 is the most far but it will cool off it will cool nonetheless willing to the four is in the overnight our but then again the will warm up again the things we've very nice and sunday probably the nicer of the two days between saturday and sunday will have to wait and see but it is one to be nice anyway you cut it from the bay area the seventh try for the time being. >> >>dan rubin: with 67 and rich and 73 compass 62 and half moon bank and 62 for dan city in 71 in redwood city of stepanakert in sunbelt. -- sunnyvale the system is like a
7:50 am
push for the four are locked some accounting with a system drizzle of the was for the rest of us were looking for drive a pretty warm heading toward next weekend. >>marty gonzales: happening right now live look at a funeral services this morning for walter scott the south carolina man who was shot and killed by a police officer would with a bill to that is it to the live look at the people gathered outside of the funeral home the 50 year-old man will be laid to rest of the images still fresh on people's mind scott as a know died after a routine traffic stop in the confrontation with officer that started over broken taillight in the video he is seen running from the officer was also fired eight rounds into his back. his family believes that the of the supplanted a taser gun that he accused him of trying to grab for him a local grand jury may be taking up the case as early as next month.
7:51 am
>>marty gonzales: some children in kenya receiving was described as a christian educationin world news. >>marty gonzales:some children in kenya are receiving what is described as a "western education," in hopes of a brighter future. >>marty gonzales:but that future is under threat - by al-shabaab extremists - who are trying to terrorize teachers. >>marty gonzales:it was less than 2 weeks ago when 148 students were killed at a university in kenya. >>marty gonzales:al-shababb claimed responsibility for the attack and threatened more to come. >>marty gonzales:christian purefoy spoke to the headmaster of a school near garissa university who says the threat of attacks is making it difficult to find teachers to keep the school functioning. >>:we can't show any of their faces, but these children are studying mathematics science and english - hoping for a brighter future but that future is now under threat says james the headmaster, here >>:"these men, the so-called al shabaab, it's like they want to make sure everything goes in negative way. they want to threaten teachers and make sure this area doesn't even benefit
7:52 am
a single minute. so they want to make sure they terrify the teachers and they go to their homes there. to make sure the kids in this area don't get what they require." >>:and now the only university in garissa has been closed indefinitely after al shabaab massacred students in their sleep. >>:"when we talk about an attack on education in africa, we're not just talking about in kenya for example this university attack where 147 people were killed. but we're also talking about nigeria, where groups like boko haram go into schools and just slaughter students in their beds. and that is whether they are christian or muslim." >>:james has lost half his teachers in the last year because of fears that al shabaab will attack his school next. he's replaced them but it has not been easy. >>:: "james, why do you stay? why do you risk your life?"
7:53 am
>>:"yeah, of course i risk my life because, for example - this school. there's a target we are putting for last year and i have a class in class 8 - and i love that class much." >>:and that's a target worth fighting for. >>marty gonzales: what hollywood has forced new releases coming up after the break but first let's go ahead and take live look outside moving pretty rural--we will be right back...
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>>reporter: and exmoor economic a computer programmer can do but to choose to participate in the wreck the artificial intelligence experiment is because more involved in experiment he realizes all is not as a saint. . >>marty gonzales: coming up on kron 4 news weekend the deadline for--the best places in the bay
7:58 am
area where you've been wined and dined on a budget. but it's in the fall of bacchanals a san francisco where was hit and killed dark eyes with chase--hit and killed during a high speed chase...
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>>marty gonzales: whenever a new this morning were police are on the hunt for roberts to lead them on a high-speed chase and san francisco here is will we know so far three men used a stolen toyota corolla to commit three are more robberies last night as san francisco to patrol also spotted the vehicle used in russia is about 10:00 last night near california and mason st. barkley shot to pull the man over they took off in the car three blocks later they hit a
8:01 am
woman and a crosswalk and a california that will monitor died as a chance continued another edition will sit at poetry and paulo that person is expected to survive. >>marty gonzales: they lost sight of the card and letter found abandoned on treasure island where guns recovered the criminals remain on the lose this one will have of this for you brought the morning here on kron 4 news we can >>dan rubin: was also overcast conditions a little bit grab their plight not the place we have temperatures in getting back to about what it were yesterday were we could say upper 60s to lower seventh for the most arthropoda may even agree to warmer. the bay bridge
8:02 am
look in the away was from a, an oakland--80 to of the judge read now on the chili sauce at san francisco 52 concord 50 livermore right now at 45 still it is still quite cold of this ugly with unsettling take a look at the plant 24 hours a week visit temperatures 73 in sunnyvale we're talking but that afternoon highs all around the bay for the next seven days.
8:03 am
>>marty gonzales: happening today to start of cherry blossom festival here in san francisco or to look at the video of the festival and past years this year michelson's live of japan town with the preparation installer for today's ceremony the kicks off at 11:00 this morning. >>reporter: you're coming down to the worst of the a lot more festive than this is supposed to be fun organizes rv try to make sure that in his city of tents behind me on upholstery getting everything get ready to go ahead of the festival's opening at 11:00 this morning will show you what to expect to cook a pitcher blossom festival from years past about 200,000 people are expected to attend the cherry blossom festival was expressed in japan town of poetry became a goal and still more. >>reporter: the festival is and all pages there are performances shopping food and a beer tent new this year organizers tellers
8:04 am
they have an area called secure 360 with shopping game in and made no organizers said the festival is very unique and what it offers. >>: is probably one of the few places you can see many different types of japanese culture to one place is a cool venue and you can see not only traditional culture like tea ceremonies for aging with you see a lot of the people dressed up and sailor moon customs and costly and may. . >>reporter: the festival is free to the public anyone to come down here to see everything they have to offer parking is very limited and marty we're told that you should take public transit more specifically the 38 jury bus with a copy of just about block away. >>reporter: i am also told that new this year they have ahello
8:05 am
kitty cafe truck. >>marty gonzales: other news this morning we have new details on the big new sure for sport yesterday police say that the driver of a ups truck the crest of interstate 580, may have fallen a strip at the will investigators say it he hit the guard was the oil and sparking a fire that destroyed thousands of pounds of packages friday morning that the just before 530 in the morning at shutting down the freeway in both directions. >>marty gonzales: 47 or retard the least are the and the state stayed close and take a look at this video from helicopter partnership with abc said the news this history says the does not care drug at all were factors in the crash. >>marty gonzales: a bid to
8:06 am
restore them for as broad you or workers to try to clean up some cement after it was spilled into the east the creek the dow closed for facing up of a snag east bay mud discovered a 200 ft. section of the contaminated water weigh in separately it had missed the keep changing estimates for the final candidate with the lid is guest was monday night now this is going to the ball in a situation on friday fish and wildlife officials have said the spill was not a big impact on wildlife in the area in the contamination is not a hazard to human health. >>marty gonzales: happening right now san francisco that has ever remained close between ellis and upholstery and will not open again until midnight until that you might want to avoid the area and san francisco possible that we build a pedestrian tunnel between what will be the new campus for california medical center and will be a new medical office building this will a will be put
8:07 am
up and the we can all applaud the trend for for temporary roof will go on as well that will allow it to start digging up the tunnel the summer as traffic goes by overhead. >>: patients and staff and visitors will move freely underneath venice out of the way of traffic when the to build a completed >>marty gonzales: will be finished this fall within the hospital would not open until 2019. >>marty gonzales: still had some fresh snow and this year but is it enough to make it worth drive it out for the weekend would say you. >>marty gonzales: >>marty gonzales: it has been five years since the first railroad out a major campaign to battle obesity we will take a look when we come back.
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>>marty gonzales: this week
8:11 am
marks five years since first lady michelle president obama starter the last move campaign is aneffort to promote healthy lifestyle. >>: we're asking americans of all ages to give me five ways of their leading healthy life five jumping jacks eating five new vegetables the baby during a five-you might have seen it on alan. of perhaps on her mom dancing with jimmy fallen. >>: is let's move campaign tracking childhood obesity will
8:12 am
she launched less move the 2010 america's kids were in trouble 2.7 million children were obese the good news is from 2010 to 2012 to five years old have dropped by 3.7% the bad news is for children 12 to 19 years ago it has increased the the white house guard in partnership with businesses with schools his also posted good nutrition we send a grocery store manufacturers putting healthy flows the plenary the price is low in is an uphill battle when the anderson strike of the nutritional standards and federal school lunch program which serves the 1 million children she was faced with the rebellion kids sitting to the mentor for to vegetables--
8:13 am
mandatory fruits and veggies. >>:we are hungry... >>reporter: they had to loosen some of their rules. >>reporter:its all coming up l ater in sports.
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>>dan rubin: it is late-season blessing with ticket but a few
8:17 am
extra days of skiing is not likely to stick unfortunately because the temperature just to warm in with a pretty warm over the next few days and over the past year that the golden gate bridge showing clear conditions of the storm that did pass through is long gone for now will have another look toward us will touch on that in just a second but for now we can go ahead and touch on your next few days whether headlines were we have chilly start warmer afternoons it will repeat itself tomorrow as well. >>dan rubin: march temperatures will be the warmest over the past few days on monday that cool off quite a bit that is the system that i alluded to a moment ago. >>dan rubin: however we could see the background and to nam it will have a chance of drizzle and a little bit from to one of
8:18 am
the 51 for he would write and 50 on the nose and redwood city estimate 45 in sunnyvale is a chilly start and did the will warm the ridge of high pressure in the system campaign of the california the system will start to set just a little bit but not require enough to bring a great deal of rainfall unfortunately afternoon highs for today will be nice to the upside of thing 65 san francisco 70 in san mateo 67 we could reach 90 by next weekend. .
8:19 am
>>dan rubin: not all months in the open any more fortunate occupied metal closed the season but they're sticking it out right now tinters opened at have a lead they have nine shares of the rest of valid. >>marty gonzales: this year dish of fresh snow this week the judge is buy it from his support from talking this morning. >>reporter: tell us a little bit about the conditions there over the past couple of days they did get the fresh powder a few days ago. >>reporter: 15 into the gap over the week with the blessing unfortunately not enough to extend their season and along and ahead of planned to close on
8:20 am
sunday but they did see an influx of their regular season this past who should excited to get one less drop before the season in closers unfortunately is not want to be enough to bring and a huge amount of people over the weekend. >>reporter: that would have been up the creek there is no way did the you been able this
8:21 am
season even for this week and likely they have the artificial snow walking around it was just to warm up there to ask it to present to keep the snow on the ground, and up on and weekend. >>marty gonzales: this to live look outside of the approach to the bay bridge and the to see plenty of sunshine there and saw a crowd in the distant expecting a nice day on the bed. --bay female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets.
8:22 am
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>>marty gonzales: he was outstanding in his season debut on the one problem and no runs support for timmy he was an off season and the mechanic first inning ended the sea the strike out. >>reporter: no runs five strikeouts top seven scorers with kissing the game another double play hidden the several seasons in a home run only run of the game and the giants are not they lose one nothing so for
8:26 am
the a's they pressed their opponent of the depressed this the mental down on a hot dog looks like a pitcher must cut. but it out of the coliseum the is becoming a household name 7414 of for double six rbis so far in the season for him that is up 5 nothing at davis that was his first major-league home run by the way they're all over the mariners and to extract a with a few weeks for the third tylenol runs about. >>reporter: fifth hole no.
8:27 am
speech he started a under come into this round beautifully read a green hereby speeds is the ball drops and for the birdie speeds he would favor coming and 11 interview with the man behind the war is not one office to such a head coach and the probable plug metal ball on a
8:28 am
giants and a's opening week join us sunday night at 9:00 >>marty gonzales: san francisco one of the capitals of the world do shows where you can get a good meal on a tight budget.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>>marty gonzales: of power for to and then return to the committee earlier this week to one of the killed nearly 20 home for the short the tornado had been categorized as an eaf4 the
8:31 am
second most powerful category but when squawking into hundred miles an hour reported very tough and four partners efficiency in and visited the town to look at the devastation and speak with survivors. >>reporter: joe and sarah were two sons left the city to move to their dream farmers and farm and fair they're annoying their barn in their cars and rv it all of it or destroyed. inside the house and never before used for new shelter or the rest as was approached the sunset and the inside of it to the shelter is tiny but this is what the whole family was when the tornado hit. her husband and son were relatively nonchalant initially
8:32 am
i was okay until saw them running in total panic because then i newburgh if they were panicking we're in trouble the state's initial to not knowing what to expect when they climbed up the basement stairs the came out of the front door and couldn't believe it we just cut a war zone. >>reporter: with some believe the home on a short distance from the bar has a relatively minor damage of the bar was destroyed. a branch that went through the house as we go inside the kitchen and you will see the other in the event it almost looks like the javelin came from and the families already written on memory of april 9, 2015 for the down the street of a home on an unfair bill much stomach of the devastation after what they say was a pow for canada than ever seen here for the illinois
8:33 am
attorney community of about 100 to the people live here is all about a quarter square-mile a disaster like this affects everyone here now for what people from all over come to help all the families also suffered heavy damage at the farm house and grounds. >>reporter: it's always a need and at one showed up does a great enough from community to tell there were just about to insure the barn and had not done some detected in strife is supposed to protect the home take in stride because there were not hurt. >>marty gonzales: remote the committee is fair deal has now discovered matt no school and a major businesses and all of the homes and fair dell or evacuate in part because of lack will sicken live to a funeral services this morning for walter
8:34 am
scott he is a south carolina man who was shot and killed by police officer one week ago today as a second live look outside the funeral home and receive the crowd gathering there the 50 year-old will be laid to rest with those images still fresh on people's minds he died after the routine traffic stop and confrontation with officer that started over broke until light in that video he is seen running from the officer and the squad officer fired a round to his back the family believe the officer also planted a taser gun that he used to accuse them of trying to grab for him the local grand jury may take up the case as early as next month. >>marty gonzales: another bill for their on the bed and mild temperatures and slightly warmer compared to yesterday for general but to elizabeth. >>dan rubin: the will pick up a
8:35 am
little bit nothing compared to we have seen the construction in the teens to the most are from the bay if you're having anyone fly in or perhaps find out in any of the airport when speeds of not doing anything to create delays for the time being we're in good shape with an ally of the that sfo read now if the most to clear conditions look also hanging around the cell and the brick of by this afternoon in fact the difference storm track for the finer also the cloud backing about this afternoon as low temperatures warm for the most for the six is the low 70's satellite and radar shows a high pressure of the california better started to weaken. >>dan rubin: before the higher state did not have the clout of and we did have a chance of rain coming for monday evening into tuesday's slight chance that most likely it relegated to the north the afternoon highs today nice 72 in san will sell 74 open
8:36 am
67 in hayward were look at the 74 cast. >>marty gonzales: on to more bay area knows and use a block party in was oakland it was hosted by the police department and kron 4 just was explains why. >>reporter: it is not often that you see an oakland police officer dancing or playing basketball in uniform but that is what happened at the block party on campus street on friday afternoon police said that is part is i did that allow the community and the police to come together and communicate with doctors stress of a criminal investigation they're more willing to come out to talk to you after events like this police said that the reason to suspect for arrested following the tragic death of less oakland mother of two should male peers
8:37 am
is because of blocked arteries and the falling of tension between police and west oakland residents block parties equal communication the fun atmosphere on both sides to let their guard down just little. >>gabe slate: i men apple store with an apple watch has landed the watches are now in the store for the public to try on and get their hands on how is the public receiving this new device that is next on crowkron
8:38 am
♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in
8:39 am
the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!!
8:40 am
>>marty gonzales: the apple was
8:41 am
on display at the apple store and people can get ahold of the and a closer look at when a bid to buy just yet because it is back ordered to do getting a close-up look at all the different models pre order when on-line friday morning and quickly sold out the tech reporter visited and apple store to see who was buying and wine. >>: it's amazing and fantastic a slight is not as big as i expected to bid is lighter and not thought i am pretty impressed it will meet my needs and i am difficult to get one it will be my new best friend. >>gabe slate: did he say will be is wha new bf?
8:42 am
>>gabe slate: everything i own this them away long time from about a watch and reviews have been enjoying them for years now. when when it for this one to come out i've been avoiding getting horrible for long the time waiting to see if this could be the best in the market and amid all my needs tax on what to walk the walk in with it and it will use it for. >>gabe slate: every day where it seemed like a really hope you'll second tier from and be more present it seems a little bit like having cnn on your wrist i'm more interested and apple pie the ability to respond
8:43 am
to texas to try to quickly that would lead to good for not only the time to devise a free copy of the to be more productive in not reaching your pocket. >>reporter: anywhere where on to celebrate the music gets back what to look at the what the role of the police and the whole and we ought to talk about sinatra come fly with me as we continue on kron 4.
8:44 am
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8:47 am
>>marty >>dan rubin: 60 back toward the bay bridge will see is cloudy most look out onto the burning off of this afternoon and factors was to respect for the next 24 hours most clear a little bit breezy tim was a lot of the falloff quite a bit it will warm up again on sunday and i could see temperatures a little bit warmer than the work yesterday today and on sunday it could be even a little bit warmer after that by monday it will be a lot cooler as we have the system is passing to our north and his four a day on monday temperatures renown reflecting the to the side of the ticket to san francisco 51 and opened 48 in sunnyvale 466 to 52 in concord aware right after still the nose and antioch. >>dan rubin: 72 for several fell 62 in this city 70 in san mateo 67 for herod agrippa high-
8:48 am
temperature and convert the class look at the kron 47 they are on the forecast on monday than pushing out of there were one of quite a bit to a degree temperature sponsor get into the picture and possible cost to the '90s by next weekend. >>marty gonzales: the deadline for paying uncle sam had to remind you is next week for many of us that means will have to hold off on some expenses like going out to eat in restaurants but believer not yet a still wine and dine in the bay area on a tight budget. this is fascinating because as is living in the bay area was not extensive enough now we have to pay taxes to the so-called have a good time and have mention
8:49 am
understand dollars were not talking like fast food plants or type of bell worked up about french laundry were talking about an outlet restaurant-- excellent a restaurant. >>marty gonzales: the first is to have another it is called brick and bottle this is actually a michelin guide recommend breast lump >>reporter: they have popular happy item $5 a poor meatballs and one of my favorites its
8:50 am
normally $15 with the choice of a solid and fries and a chance of a glass of wine a bill for $14. . >>reporter: is it all year long you get a free pizza margherita with purchase of an entree. on this monday dealt best must be done monday night football. >>reporter: we do restrict which is the tenderloin but now people are now committed to track the long is a lot of fun things going on over there referred bulls one of the best at the hours in san francisco from the full sense. is a like america cover food and is best you can get a giant leap offer $8 can
8:51 am
talk to the dollar's bird and doubled and for seven. >>marty gonzales: go to the east bay and cross the bridge for berkeley. you ought to be careful how you pronounce the name last time i talk about the entire place-italian- >>reporter: if you have a big appetite in the small budget this place is free of their famous for their mill special when you can get in on track a salad and a suitor from $9. in
8:52 am
the south but we have attention with his role of the tone is a very popular wine bar and restaurant the popular items run
8:53 am
from 2 $58. >>marty gonzales:we will be right back...
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>>marty gonzales: he had to details in this week's now showing. the long the strike hit there is this weekend is the next part best seller is similar low store of look the to field-- luke and sophia.
8:57 am
>>reporter: and old men recounted his long lost love along this ride is rated pg-13 and ex mockernut computer programmer ted was a chance to participate in a brick the artificial intelligence experiment now showing and your meros. --i am jeremy ross.
8:58 am
>>marty gonzales:we will be right back with news weather and traffic. whoa, is ia luhbox t a llown ba rrrr..a turabeau. you' makg meelt.shl we mini bybels 10 turachee and a ole t ofun. mi babel.snk a ttleigge
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>>marty gonzales:breaking news this morning: police are on the hunt for the robbers who led police on a deadly high speed chase. >>marty gonzales:here is what we know: >>marty gonzales:three men used a stolen toyota corolla to commit three armed robberies last night in san francisco. >>marty gonzales:a patrol officer spotted the vehicle used in the robberies around 10-pm near california street and mason st. >>marty gonzales:when police tried to pull the men over -- they took off. >>marty gonzales:three blocks later they hit a woman in a crosswalk at california street and kearny street. >>marty gonzales:that woman later died. >>marty gonzales:as the chase continued -- another pedestrian was hit at post street at powell street. >>marty gonzales:that person is expected to survive. >>marty gonzales:police lost sight of the car. it was later found on abandoned on treasure
9:01 am
island. >>marty gonzales:guns were recovered in the area of the chase. >>marty gonzales:the criminals remain on the loose this morning. >>marty gonzales:other big news we are following: the weekend weather. >>marty gonzales:taking a live look outside at the bay bridge this morning. >>marty gonzales:slighter warmer today compared to yesterday, but a bigger warmup is ahead. >>marty gonzales:kron4's dan rubin is here now with what you need to know to plan out your day, dan? >>dan rubin: is been a little bit and we have seen them no return in the short run and you saw more and flood of cars of the bay bridge toll plaza we have the cherry blossom festival today always turned to door on the city by the back here look out of sfo would show similar conditions for leaks out
9:02 am
a pretty nice with some 40 degree temperatures and narrow for much of the morning is really shifted to san francisco 49 and san jose conference call to war and 56 it will get one of after what can go ahead and take a look at our the planner. >>dan rubin: chilly start will also sea temperatures warm from the afternoon of the success of our service for most firms like princess whether enough to complain about the to temperatures we have 65 in san francisco 65 and this city is 70 cash incentives sale--san miguel. >>marty gonzales:happening today. it is the start of the northern california cherry blossom festival in san
9:03 am
francisco. >>marty gonzales:joining me right now is one of the organizers of the event. greg viloria. >>reporter: the festival starts at 11:00 this morning and organizes with to you this is the second-biggest cherry blossom festival in the country about two and the thought of people expected to attend in this is held to welcome into spring season and to celebrate new beginnings here was also expected a look at the cherry blossom festival in years past its airbus offense with expressed in japan compost streak between laguna and feel more. fifth >>: will invite a lot of our
9:04 am
friends and neighbors who are into japanese culture into a festival for the 50th this year is important because you want to show 77 all morning long new this year organizers are hyping up and area cost a career 360 which has fashioned a game in anime as well as the cafe truck they expect it will become wildly popular this event is free to come down here and see what they have offered some of the food is also offering.
9:05 am
>>marty gonzales:new details on a big news story we first brought you yesterday on the kron-4 morning news. >>marty gonzales:police say the driver of a u-p-s truck that crashed on interstate 580 may have fallen asleep at the wheel. >>marty gonzales:investigators say the truck hit the guard rail, spilling oil, and sparking a fire that destroyed thousands of pounds of packages friday morning. >>marty gonzales:it happened just before 5:30 a-m shutting down the interstate in both directions. no one was hurt. >>marty gonzales:but at least part of the interstate stayed closed for more than 13 hours. causing a major traffic backup during the morning commute. >>marty gonzales:this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 news. >>marty gonzales:the c-h-p says it doesn't appear drugs or alcohol were factors in the crash. >>marty gonzales:new this morning. police are investigating a deadly shooting in east palo alto. >>marty gonzales:it happened on
9:06 am
the 300 block of wisteria drive. >>marty gonzales:police found a man suffering from gunshot wounds. he later >>marty gonzales:police say the shooter fled the scene on foot and is still on the loose this morning. >>marty gonzales:happening now. decades of tense relations between the u-s and cuba could be eased today as president obama meets face to face with president raul castro. >>marty gonzales:this is video of president obama shaking hands with castro on friday in panama city. >>marty gonzales:the two are there for the summit of the americas. >>marty gonzales:it's the first time leaders from the two countries have met since the height of the cold war. >>marty gonzales:raising the stakes even further. there's mounting speculation that president obama will use today's meeting with raul castro to announce his decision to remove cuba from the u-s list of state sponsors of terrorism. >>marty gonzales:still ahead on kron four news weekend. >>marty gonzales:we're going to
9:07 am
take a closer look this morning at the mental impact of hoarding. this after a mummified body was found buried in a san francisco home filled with trash and other debris. >>marty gonzales:we're also following a big story out of south carolina this morning. where funeral services are being held right now for walter scott. the man shot and killed by a police officer. video of the shooting caught on video. >>marty gonzales:and crews in the east bay trying to clean up a cement spill have hit a snag. >>marty gonzales:why east bay mud is now calling it an "evolving" situation. that >>marty gonzales:and update now a story we brought you first on four. event is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ check out my breakfast! i got eggs... sausage... ham... bacon... cheese... and toasted sourdough bread. uh, mine's easier. mmm... (eating sounds) do you know that guy?
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>>marty gonzales:workers still trying to clean up after cement was spilled into an east bay creek. >>marty gonzales:now crews are facing a bit of a snag. >>marty gonzales:"east bay mud" discovered a 200-foot section of contaminated waterway that they'd originally missed. >>marty gonzales:they keep changing the estimates for a final clean up date.
9:11 am
>>marty gonzales:the latest guess was monday night -- but now they call it an "evolving" situation. >>marty gonzales:friday, fish and wildlife officials said the spill hasn't had a big impact on wildlife in the area and that the contamination is not a hazard to human health. >>marty gonzales:happening right now in san francisco. van ness avenue is closed between ellis and post streets. >>marty gonzales:it will be closed until midnight sunday. >>marty gonzales:crews will be building a pedestrian tunnel between what will be the new campus for california pacific medical center, and what will be a new medical office building. >>marty gonzales:this weekend - a temporary wall will be put up. >>marty gonzales:and the weekend of april 24th -- a temporary roof. >>marty gonzales:that will allow crews to start digging out the tunnel this summer as traffic goes by overhead. >>marty gonzales: will have the coming of the first is to allow
9:12 am
the outside december silver is this time around is looking at temperatures and san jose right now 53 women up to 73 lead on today--later on today we will be right back.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>dan rubin: is deceptive as a lot more sunny hillside this might make it look right now we have temperature data starting to warm and to this the will be all right worm by this afternoon and looking ahead to tomorrow with similar starch chilly that is will warm up the in the afternoon we falloff to an 24 hour. the storm that is passing most of to our north could swing round the some accounting adobe about as far south as it gets. it will cool
9:16 am
off again in the over nine our where you see the dark blue starting to appear come across the screen. >>dan rubin: world now attempt to rebound very nicely did not attack the with the code just get is not with the quite that cold a little chilly afternoon highs we have 65 for san francisco 67 and rich and 73 for lead double the for concord as well 57 harris 74 appliance and parents in the inland areas by the close of the temperatures for the morning hours a lot of shower activity along the california or the board will have a 6 degree follow the
9:17 am
screens sunday and monday from oakland they're after gone from 66 of what up to 78 by letter in the coming week >>marty gonzales:we just did a story about a woman's body found mummified in an apartment. authorities say she was a hoarder. this saturday at 9:15am we have eduardo vega, executive director of the mental health association of sf as a guest. he can talk about what hoarding is. the dangers. the signs. and the help they can provide for hoarders -- including peer responders who are former hoarders and what they think might be the first ever family support group for families of hoarders. >>: i think one of the things we've seen people that recording conditions is a lot of build up
9:18 am
first from collecting and acquiring to on a matter to go this order to eventually squalor and that's obviously someone was seen as it was such a move. and move >>marty gonzales: the outside of the home of the first what the fine for our viewers would ordering is? >>: is a behavior that includes both a collecting in acquiring peace and also a continuous acquisition assailant to discard. there is a shoe different pieces according to write useful for people to know is different from collecting people have a lot of collecting behavior's to courting actually is associated with an inability also to discard things and a lot of attachment to a range of things often sets of things like
9:19 am
collecting is a divided the mental illness? >>: yes the disorder has been defined as a mental disorder is not necessarily a subset of intensive compulsive spectrum but its own sort of condition what people do? >>: the reasons behind my people develop this order is not well understood some chocolate, we said one of them when mesa's session but early chou the deprivation a lot of it is about the fascination and attachment to to the types of things that eventually that grows into collections and then so much of the people literally
9:20 am
get buried alive. >>marty gonzales: the reaction so often for people who do not understand this into illness is how can someone live like them. >>: men across the spectrum in britain called to develop this type of this order to start of the road till the early but did not find out about and to lead on you'll see that people will build to a bucket over to the house is up to the people feel is largely out of their control is not so much a matter of people being willing to live under these conditions a lot of people there is a lot of trouble internal struggle on ongoing basis. >>marty gonzales: for light person the thing to understand is these people don't really
9:21 am
have control over is not what they choose to live this way they feel that there is no other option >>: some degrees it is true on the thing that is important to know there are some with a successful treatment and also approach is for people on who have according in covering conditions. >>: have the institute on the disorder we have a couple specialist programs which were actually innovated here in san francisco a partnership with the city and county to call and response team program that worked with people going through this disorder and then also we have arranged of psychotherapy in connection with the therapeutic approaches for this
9:22 am
this order. >>marty gonzales: there is help out there for people who know someone or may be related to someone who has a disability does not despair to seek out the help to contact us at one thing to know is the number of track of their pursuit recording disorders is not very large damage up to also all local help provide a connected specifically for services focusing on cbc for ordering-- hoarding >>marty gonzales: thank you so much will be right back. .....
9:23 am
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>>marty gonzales:here is a photo of what was discovered. the shell of a fiberglass boat was found on thursday. >>marty gonzales:it's nearly 30- feet long, but is believed to be just part of a larger vessel. oregon state university researchers are inspecting the debris. >>marty gonzales:several live yellowtail jack fish were also found on the boat. the species is native to the west pacific. >>marty gonzales:the parents of kayla mueller. the young arizona woman who was killed while being held captive by isis. accepted an award on their daughter's
9:27 am
behalf. >>marty gonzales:the american human rights council invited mueller's parents to a dinner in dearborn, michigan friday. the area has the largest population of arab americans in the u-s. >>marty gonzales:we will be back with more news weather and traffic.
9:28 am
it took tennis legend serena williams,
9:29 am
fencing champion tim morehouse and the rockettes years to master their craft. but only moments to master paying bills at depositing checks at the atm and transferring funds on the mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. >>marty gonzales: or want to assure you video of the celebration we have mike pelton and japan town where there is getting ready for today's opening ceremony. >>reporter: nortek not live look on poultry with that have the answer the picking up this morning at the festival is underway at 11:00 the opening ceremony is set for 1:00 this afternoon as a tesla's become a staple in this committee and the
9:30 am
second-biggest cherry blossom festival in the country. what to expect as we can deter blossom us will text place in japan town of maastricht the time ago and fell more today tomorrow and next we can expect about to launch a thousand people to attend the purpose of the festival is to get you amerced in japanese culture is a welcome of the spring season and a celebration of the beginnings the fence with a combination of shopping for food and performances and organizes to expect some new elements this year the one area where interested in is the 360 area where is the new culture of japan and that is going to be a costly chest. their work all
9:31 am
morning long to set up the festival with relied on a lot of volunteers a lot of people cared so much about the festival that the lead of their time to put all this on a to come back out alive the concede they're very busy this morning to chilly up there this morning? especially beautiful morning-is there was no wind is a gorgeous morning.
9:32 am
>>dan rubin: here is a look at you're ride into san francisco he touched on traffic in the qualified the public transportation probably the best chance in case something goes on the road will be it for you there are respectable political it was about 80 bay bridge toll plaza anticipating the busy day on both these bay bridge and also the golden gate bridge lead on into the sitting on nicely on a weekend in the cabinet a license to the time what you're taking public transportation or your car. into a warm start for the rest for a warmer today by this afternoon we're looking at a percentage to 07 for the most part tomorrow the senate will be chilly start but plenty of sunshine by days and monday will
9:33 am
be a big change where the storm passing for more than bring temperatures down quite a bit and write a slight chance to find. >>marty gonzales: official calling for tornado this walk across the midwest on thursday and at least 14 to forces were reported most of them and northwest >>marty gonzales: illinois and get the story one haul all lost her house in the tourism how simple request turned into a giant jester of good will. >>reporter: a day after her home was destroyed she found help family friends schoolteachers and offered to let. on friday morning and work with the spread
9:34 am
of social media that her home in london would anoint was on the dozens leveled by an e.f. for tornado one by one neighbor's family and friends all showed up some with gives others to help or pickup possessions. everyone seemed to show of with something tons of food donated if you're hungry please stop and get something the farm house maybe inhabitable for now but even still she has plans to rebuild she was not home at the
9:35 am
time of the trend of her husband was gone of the for some pretty strong bonds with people who want to help. . >>marty gonzales: after a deadly storm killed two women their and their dale is a lot 80 mi. west of chicago police and sunnyvale have identified the man killed an officer involved shooting wednesday in that committee identified 28 of those of we were he was shot and killed by police following the robert of liquor store the officer arrived on the scene and ordered him to drop his knife but he did not comply that is when the officer
9:36 am
opened fire the officers involved in the shooting of the pledge on minister of leaf. >>marty gonzales: a sacramento man on the run this morning after allegedly shooting and killing the mother of his infant daughter. >>marty gonzales:drew butler is wanted for killing 33-year-old kendra gonzales. >>marty gonzales:he's considered armed and dangerous. >>marty gonzales:police say he and gonzales got into an argument while in a car on highway 17. >>marty gonzales:butler is accused of shooting her - and removing the body from the car while their one-year-old daughter and two other people were in the car. >>marty gonzales:police say butler ordered the people to leave.and take the baby. >>marty gonzales:he then drove away. the car was found abandoned in salinas. >>marty gonzales: the man reported the video of air guard and daily chokehold in new york with the police officer there is out of jail this morning will tell you what led to his arrest a live look outside the tech look at conditions on the bay bridge were traffic is moving
9:37 am
smoothly and richmond in the east lies expecting a high of 67 right now is 53.
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>>marty gonzales:happening now. family and friends have gathered in summerville, south carolina this morning to say their final farewells to walter scott. >>marty gonzales:scott is the man who was shot and killed by a police officer one week ago today. >>marty gonzales:this is a live look at where services are being held. >>marty gonzales:scott's death documented in a video that's just been difficult to watch. >>marty gonzales:in the video scott is seen running from officer michael slager, the whole thing started as a routine traffic stop over a broken brake light. >>marty gonzales:the 50 year old scott was shot in the back eight times. his family believes the officer planted a taser gun he accused scott of trying to grab from him. >>marty gonzales:a local grand jury may take up the case as early next month. >>marty gonzales:ramsey orta. the man who recorded the chokehold arrest that killed eric garner. is now out on bail.
9:41 am
>>marty gonzales:this, after the d-a's office withdrew a challenge to a crowdsourced bail payment for orta. >>marty gonzales:on thursday, the d-a's office pointed out that a hearing on where the bail money was coming from is common in criminal cases. >>marty gonzales:but in this case, no judge would be available until monday. >>marty gonzales:that opened the way for orta to walk out of jail. >>marty gonzales:the day after garner's death was determined to be a homicide, orta was arrested and jailed on an unrelated gun charge. >>marty gonzales:he was later charged with a drug crime. >>marty gonzales:meanwhile, orta has refused to eat the food in jail for more than a week. >>marty gonzales:he says he's afraid the food had been poisoned after rat poison was found in the meals of other inmates. orta recorded the video of garner's arrest last summer. garner was held down by multiple n-y-p-d officers while he faintly said , "i can't
9:42 am
breathe." >>marty gonzales:that phrase became the rallying cry of the movement protesting people dying during arrests. >>marty gonzales:we will at france's opera sinatra coming up.
9:43 am
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it took tennis legend serena williams, fencing champion tim morehouse and the rockettes years to master their craft. but only moments to master paying bills at depositing checks at the atm and transferring funds on the mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. >>dan rubin: clutch jumpers on the call side wednesday stunned to pick up a little bit we still have no measurable wins the most of the the area but we a study to see much amount of (my tower and a half moon bay was
9:46 am
december's additions pickup truck the debris now we still have some overcast skies low cloud flight delays indicate that with no delays sfo san jose mineta oakland were all in good shape at the golden gate bridge we could sit traffic a quite a bit there is well the bay bridge within two started to step up the golden gate people likely because of the nice weather because of the cherry blossom festival san jose rep as 63 livermore 51 in san carlos and 48 although to my beloved of san carlos as been trouble reporting lately. seven in palo month
9:47 am
ocean the 65 in alameda the last look seven that are around the bay. >>: and why his story is important. in lambert and stamp, a rockin' new helps to know.the who! >>: we had no idea of what they
9:48 am
did in the music business >>:fortunately, most of us do know the who. lambert and stamp starts with two unknown ambitious british is the brother of fabulous british actor terance stamp.who also appears in the film.but the film is mostly kit lambert and chris stamp in the swingin' london of the early sixties. they were looking to make a reality television show.instead they made rock and roll history. the movie takes us on a glossy, spotty ride as we see thechaos of it all.until a rock opera came along named tommy. if you if you find tommy an important part of our rock i do.then this is a movie for you. >>:move over woodstock, let it be ,monterey pop and 20 feet from more behind the scenes music celebration tells us a gritty tale of ego, drugs, groupies.and's can't stop losing you: surviving
9:49 am
the police. >>:based on guitarist andy summers memoir, we go from the psychedelic 60's to the group the animals to joining stewart copeland and sting to form the police.we follow their meteoric rise , the lifestyle when a band hits big, their breakup and what happens when there is a breakout this case sting. some great archival footage here.and we really get the feeling of this chaotic world of sex drugs and rock and rolland huge ego. if you are a fan of sting or the police, you must see this one. >>:this was the week of one of the best docs ever.on hbo but
9:50 am
soon to be's four hours that will have you mesmirized.from the mob to the's all or nothing at all.that's gotta be francis albert sinatra. >>:here's an amazing artist and personality.and in this film we get to go deep inside the man and his music.and his movies.don't forget.this guy should've won the oscar for the man with the golden arm and the manchurian candidate.and did win for from here to eternity.but nobody sang like frank.every song was a all or nothing at all we get never before heard interviews and footage.from ava gardner to kennedy to the ratpack and his son's kidnapping.along with the songs and his power with a lyric.if
9:51 am
you are a young person.learn about this remarkable man.the rest of us are just glad to visit him again. >>:two movies to see right now.both well worth your time and money. buckle up for's woman in gold. >>:helen mirran and ryan reynolds star in this true life tale of a woman and her lawyer determined to recover a iconic painting by gustav klimpt. this movie is stronger than the flawed monument men.touching poignant'll be rooting for one side or the other.this klimpt painting is
9:52 am
like vienna's mona there's a lot at stake. one of those movies that when you walk out, you remember why you love good film. >>:and don't miss a chance to see al pacino playing a role with humor and authenticity.he's danny collins, an aging pop singer who is losing his mojo.costars annette benning, bobby cannavale christoper plummer, jennifer garner.and danny himself.a great character given life by al pacino. don't forget the cannoli's. >>marty gonzales:thank you so much we will be right back..
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>>marty gonzales: glisten on the hunt for three roberts to lead them on a high-speed chase in
9:55 am
san francisco for a man was driving in a stolen car less nine officers started chasing the near california and in mason and refused to pull over the man had a woman who would in the crosswalk are three blocks away and of the venture with it is what the president-elect is to survive a stolen car was found abandoned on treasure island residence and small illinois town are cleaning up this morning after a power for to another work through the community that e f for and on thursday with the have not been allowed to return to home to this morning to pick your killed more than 20 others injured several the trend is word across northern and central illinois. >>marty gonzales: all the people gather in san francisco japan town today for the kickoff of the victory blossom festival is with the live music brickfield and other entertainment as usual the festival runs this weekend and next weekend to rotted of people the there has been mentioned.
9:56 am
>>dan rubin: and have not vintage airbus of us will go is also is monday things i want to change we have much cooler temperatures with could see some light rain in sonoma county perhaps have to levy a little bit of florey and does want to wrap things up for us to death >>marty gonzales:thank you for
9:57 am
joining us dont forget the news at 8 thats it for us have a great day.
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