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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 10, 2015 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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>>james:this morning on the kron 4 morning news. police searching for a killer in the east bay. as they look for two people who may have information that could help them track down a suspect. >>james:and a plane headed for san jose forced to turn back to where it came from. we'll tell you why. >>james:and cleanup continues in the east bay following a massive cement spill. we'll have the latest on the clean up efforts. >>james:the kron 4 morning news starts right now. >>james:good morning. it is friday, april 10th. >>james: >>reporter:this morning. temperatures are running several degrees warmer than 24 hours ago with most areas in the lower 40s
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to lower 50s. >>reporter: will take the kids all the signs proclaiming today with and do that and also work on your taxes but outside maybe have a picnic afterwards and celebrate. here is a lot of the outside of sfo because of the weather is the chicago today looking at the laser has a lesson that could be impacted your flights out of sfo. >>reporter: 39 santa rosa still to star for the usual suspects this morning 46 of fairfield 49 instead mid-40s a little more of the forces in central japan low fifties in downtown san francisco. >>reporter: continued mild temperatures and will see even warmer conditions tomorrow and saturday.
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>>reporter: pretty pleasant low 60s in san francisco 56 in oakland low '70's in fairfield antioch the livermore 70 in san jose 59 in this city and for the north bank 57 santa rosa under certain conditions and 72 for our friends and apple. >>reporter: more sunshine for the next several days i am tracking a slight chance of showers attention in their 80s and land next week on thursday a quick check of your traffic on your friend morning interstate
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80 amtrak in an accident in the pommel area this the spa 80 ethanol the road this morning where car may be in to guard will and a car may be on fire and fire crews should be in on seen them in the theft this is just in the south san francisco. on one on one sock found at all avenue the dissension valley area is one car and the no. 3 line this morning. there's an incident that could slow you down a little bit but traffic was very light all across the bay area. >>reporter: piquancy very light traffic so far this spring break for parts of the bay area posted
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velveteen for it this morning and another bridge check of the voting day in december sale, up to my next traffic. >>james:happening right now. the search is on for a killer in the east bay. >>james:26 year old emilio nevarez was killed by a stray bullet after a music show in oakland on sunday. >>james:and now police are looking for these two people who they think might have information on the shooting. >>james:these newly released surveillance pictures were taken outside the golden bar the night of the shooting. >>james:investigators say nevarez was packing up his gear when he was shot and killed. >>james:police say nevarez was an innocent victim and now they are trying to track down anyone with information. >>:"investigators believe these two were with the suspect and the night club"
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>>james:police also released a picture of what they say is the suspects car. >>james:it is this silver mercedes. >>james:meanwhile. the reward has been increased to 25- thousand-dollars for information leading to an arrest in this case. >>james:new this morning. an alaska airlines flight leaving seattle and heading for san jose had to make an emergency landing shortly after take off late last night. >>james:the pilot decided to return to seattle after a bird strike. >>james:none of the 112 passengers and five crew members on board were injured. >>james:maintenance crews are inspecting the plane. >>james:the passengers and crew were loaded onto another san jose-bound plane later last night. >>james:happening right now van ness avenue between geary and post. is closed to traffic in both directions. >>james:the road will be closed to traffic in both directions until just before midnight sunday. >>james:the shutdown is related to the construction of a new california pacific medical center campus.
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>>james:crews will be working on an under-ground pedestrian walkway. >>james:it will connect the planned hospital with a medical office across the street. >>james:detours being recommended are larkin, franklin and gough streets. >>james:happening today crews will be back at up the big cement spill into an east bay creek. >>james:the cleanup is expected to keep crews busy for weeks. >>james:kron 4's charles clifford broke the story wednesday night at 8. >>james:he has the latest on the progress. ask >>reporter:through out the day thursday, clean up crews continued shoveling and vacuuming cement spread all along a half mile stretch of the broadway branch of glen echo creek. >>reporter:east bay mud now says that about 106 cubic yard of cement spilled into the creek early wednesday morning. that's less than the original estimate of 120 cubic yards. >>reporter:crews also discovered thursday that the cement had spread farther than previously believed. this is video from our helicopter parternship with abc 7 news. east bay mud now says that cement has reached an exposed portion of creek along
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the claremont golf course, about 1000 feet downstream from the main clean up effort. >>reporter:this can never happen again. >>reporter:east bay mud also said today that they now believe a pipeline inspector wrongly assumed that a valve on an aging section of pipeline was closed when in fact it was still open. that inspector then told a subcontractor to pour concrete into the pipe as part of an ongoing effort to close off that aging section of pipeline. the concrete poured through the open valve for almost 90 minutes before crews figured out the problem. east bay mud says there are thousands of valves like this one through the east bay. >>: instead of closing bid it's opened. these things do happen and our system >>james: to a metal caused massive damage in illinois will let you see images from the storm and a dramatic video coming up the to continue searching for survivors will let
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you know we can get the hands on the apple watch before you buy and the measure security concerns in the bay area airports coming up after the break was going to be done to solve the problem.
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>>james:a security study shows that bay area airports have a major problem on their hands. >>james:according to an a-p study.s-f-o reported the highest number of perimeter breaches of any airport in the country over the past ten years. >>james:since 2004, it's happened 37 times. >>james:an airport spokesman says that only two of those incidents were classified as having access to a plane. >>james:he also suggested that the number is so high because s- f-o counts 'all' exterior breaches.
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>>james:since 2004 sfo's 15 mile perimeter has been comprised 37 times. that's an average of 3-4 times a year. accidental. even if it was unintentional we want to study it and we want to learn from it was immediately apprehended. >>reporter: the work is beginning here at the southwest corner of the air for were a woman scaled the existing fence last week and that across to runways before she was spotted by a french worker and arrested
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by police to come standard s fencing in addition to the highest since they're working with the safeguard alliance ways to detect intruders it immediately. >>reporter: of the '80s security breaches a joint tenures nine recalls buy cars having the fence along the cruise avenue on the north and the airport this tool is being looked at in an effort to keep travelers safe some of the new security measures are dependent on federal funding.
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>>james: from him will have the lead on the storm damage through illinois we have the images you have to see to believe the big rigs were knocked over and extreme damage back with more in a minute.
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>>james:and at least one person was killed. >>james:andrew spencer reports that rescuers searched through the night looking for survivors and anyone who may still be trapped. >>reporter:storms spawned reports of several tornadoes including this one a storm chasers captured on video. it widens into a wedge as it crosses interstate 39 near
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rochelle illinois -- west of chicago. >>:"we quickly went down to the basement and could feel the tornado right over our house and came up to this." >>reporter:sections of wall tore away exposing the second floor of this family's home. windows blown out, parts of the roof ripped away, debris scattered all over the place, and a car not only overturned but mangled -- presumably by the wind and flying debris. >>:"i feel like it's a bad dream -- something i'd be watching on the news somewhere else, not in my neighborhood." >>reporter:at another home in rochelle peer into the garage and see the back yard. from the other side, you see what's missing scattered across the lawn or carried off by the storm. downed trees are the least of people's concerns. many people had became trapped. >>:"the back wall of the building blew down and fell right on top of the two doors that had to be lifted up to get out, and we couldn't get out."
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>>reporter:rescuers worked to pull 12 people from inside the wreckage of a restaurant. firefighters searched for others in nearby fairdale, where the storm caused even more damage. >>reporter:i'm andrew spencer reporting >>reporter: you concede extensive parts of eastern and all the way up now and since the philadelphia the maintenance of the damaging winds philadelphia charlotte in virginia beach relevant the possibility this afternoon and early this evening travel plans that today even the senses and delays or cancellations so what's the another tough day for some people right now would not to
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clear skies and to allow a look at the golden gate bridge this morning still chilling in some spots san francisco low 50s focal 49 and san jose that are closed are--cool spot santa rosa. >>reporter: tomorrow the mild and dry pattern continues all the way through the weekend for the next few days line verisimilar siesta that of the '60s and auto for the oakland
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area high of 66 to that 63 in berkeley to hear the storm track 47 that on the bay forecast most of was in the area will be dry. will it to such as and for tuesday as the is getting ready for another ridge of high pressure bringing as even warm temperatures '80s on thursday a quick check of the traffic here is a live look into some sever is this morning drive time from hayward and to stem cell running of just under 15 minutes a live look at the
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richmond fell bridge which is still very light traffic conditions did this seem like traffic across the bay area of the entire week because of spring break for parts of the bay area of the den linden as conditions this weekend in joining in and get out if you can. >>james: east of was rolled the sea its cliches with none of exactly was the the chase but mike pelton the ones with to the scene will have an update for you as soon as we get the breaking news story. >>james:the c-h-p in redwood
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city is asking for the public's help in solving a hit-and-run that killed a hayward man who was on his motorcycle. >>james:kron four's daniel villareal has more on what officers. and the man's family. are hoping to find. >>: he was getting married this morning he has an amazing fiancee and he has grandchildren that loves him and anyone who met my father what he worked for you or he was an amazing man. >>reporter:a distraught daughter speaks about her father, larry pack, who was killed by a hit and run driver while he was riding his motorcycle home from work on april 2ndthis aerial footage courtesy of our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news shows the scene of the accident that took the life of the 53 year old hayward can see pack's motorcycle against the concrete barrierthe force of the impact sent him flying over that barrier and onto the ground dozens of feet below. chp investigators have very few leads in this case and issued an appeal to the public in a press
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conference on thursday in hopes that someone may have some information that could lead them to the suspect. >>:"with the help from the motoring public in providing any information possible we can continue with this investigation so that we can provide closure for the family that they are desperately seekeing" >>reporter:pack's family is also asking for the publics help in finding the driver repsonsible for hitting pack >>:"if anyone knows anything or if you've been told something just please do the right thing and give my family the closure that we need" >>reporter:as for the hit and run investigation only a few clues are available so far.chp investigators are looking for a white or silver suv or jeep that could have sustained some damage on april 2ndin redwood city daniel villareal kron four news. the c-h-p in redwood city is asking for the public's help in solving a hit-and-run that killed a hayward man who was on his motorcycle.
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urgent medical care during the >>james: back with more news weather and traffic.
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>>james: it was a big night for the splash brothers clade thompson instead carry combined for 71. >>james:curry led the way with 45. >>james:the dubs outscored the trail blazers by 11 points in the 3rd quarter. >>james:the warriors go on to win by a final of 116 to 105. >>james:there next game is tomorrow night against the minnesota timber wolves at oracle arena >>james:now on to bay area baseball and the giants and padres played an old fashioned pitcher's duel. >>james:the game would stay scoreless into the 12 inning. >>james:that's when san francisco new comer justin maxwell singles to center field
4:26 am
to score the winning run. >>james:the giants win by a final of 1 to nothing. >>james:they take on the padres tonight in game 2 of a 4 game series. >>james:first pitch is set for 7:10. >>james:and in oakland it was a game the a's and their fans would probably rather forget. >>james:oakland starter kendall graveman gave up 8 runs in less than 4 innings of work against the texas rangers. >>james:the a's would score one run int eh 8th inning but go on to lose >>james:oakland is now getting ready to host the seattle mariners. >>james:first pitch tonight is scheduled for 7:05. >>reporter: + we're talking a's and giants of our boys bought a suburban probable 11 and as you what, in the man behind warriors tops or afternoons. >>james:up next on the kron 4 morning news.a follow up to a my kron-4 story. a south bay woman terrified by a home break-in - has a few questions for police. >>james:we'll show you what they had to say about her concerns.
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>>james: he was killed by a stray bullet as a music show in oakland this past sunday now police are looking for two people who they think might have information on that shooting the new release surveillance video pictures that we've been showing you this morning a to go outside the golden bar the night of the shooting and there was a shut again from the security camera
4:30 am
he was back of his equipment he'd shot and killed a 26 your was an innocent victim and to run as a the wrong time police are releasing information on what they believe the suspect car the silver mercedes. the war has been at--the reward has been increased to 25 1/3 dollars. -- $25,000 >>james: throughout the day thursday at the continue shoveling and vacuuming cement on the clinical creek this said the cement has spread farther than previously believed and the cleanup is expected to take perhaps weeks van ness avenue in san francisco between gary is closed to traffic in both directions as one industry and that will be closed above directions until sunday the shut
4:31 am
down is because the construction of the new california medical center capital be working on on the run pedestrian walkway that will connect the hospital with a medical office right across the street and doors of recommend that you might take franklyn and other options that are better for you. >>reporter: lost a son santa images are starting off chilly this morning. --lots of sunshine. >>reporter: we're waking up to clear skies take a look at your oakland the planner for today right now 51 degrees on the clear conditions looking for much time temperatures 61 it will be a pretty nice afternoon we will see a southwest degrees in a reference in the 50 mi. per hour and my 4:00 we will talk what ross 67 degrees and it will
4:32 am
be in the mid 60's so by 6:00 we got out door plans will be a nice afternoon nice evening temperatures right now still chilly in santa rosa and 39 degrees at this hour sphere filled and looking at 40 and 44 into that in concord 49 degrees before this in san jose also low fifties in downtown san francisco. >>reporter: we had temperatures or to continue to be really mild for the next couple of days in fact will be a really nice afternoon storm track four highs for today very similar to yesterday's 57 year high as santa rosa in san rafael mid-60s and oakland low seventies for fairfield as mclemore far friends and saw the bay low seventies including sunnyvale and san jose 7 degrees some sale 66 downtown san francisco before high of 61 degrees in the
4:33 am
selected time of sunshine all the way for the weekend it will be a really nice weekend. you will see a slight chance of showers for tuesday multiple will be looking at 4:00 conditions--partly cloudy conditions >>reporter: very light and easy the bay bridge if you're heading from the east bay heading westbound on interstate 80. a quick check of the drive times will start in the north they will really looking at the bottle down to the golden gate bridge--novato >>reporter: i just got off the phone with the sea its the in
4:34 am
thing to look in very quiet so far this spring break so hopefully a lot of the traffic conditions will continue to stay like. >>james:a south bay woman shared frightening surveillance video of a home break-in. >>james:she called police as it was happening.but says they didn't show up in time to catch the intruder. >>james:now she has some questions for the police. >>james:kron-4's j-r stone went looking for answers. >>reporter: a break-in that happened earlier this week in the middle of the night when she was at home by herself one that was all called on for cameras the bad guy was able to pick to the windows then break in
4:35 am
through a door of going to two bedrooms and finally he attempted to get into heidi's rome all while she was on the phone with dispatch. there was an officer write down the street but yes the way for his partner because the have to come into. they clarify the thursday and descended the response time to clear up kollek is of the memo of two officers responding to have to wonder are their multiple suspected there on system waiting as you well know one of the officers would ambushed and obviously it has suffered fatal injuries a couple weeks ago. >>reporter: the respond in five minutes under the set go 06 minutes that does not count the two minutes before there were dispatched when she first called me this is said the dispatcher had to have a repeat herself several times again if
4:36 am
we felt like she was in imminent danger and the suspect was in treating her room or yet forced into room there we would have acted accordingly. you can see some of the committee service officer vehicles of here that are working with neighbors to try and get a better description of the suspect please tell me they've been at least for burglary cases in the south san jose area in the past two months. >>james:this story was brought to our attention by a viewer. if you have a story you'd like us to look can submit your idea by visiting our website and kron-4 dot com and clicking on the my kron-4 story tab. >>james:a san francisco jury has convicted a man of intentionally hitting a firefighter with a car in san francisco's richmond district in 2011. >>james:the accident sent the victim.albert bartal.into an almost four-year coma. >>james:eduardo chaparro- esquivel was found guilty of
4:37 am
hitting bartal with his car. after a dispute at a jack in the box two blocks away. >>james:the jury convicted chaparro-esquivel of torture, mayhem and assault with a deadly weapon. >>james:in national news. new clues emerging from saturday's deadly officer involved shooting in south carolina. >>james:state investigators released several dash cam videos of the traffic stop between former officer michael slager and walter scott. >>james:mary moloney shows us the video through our partnership with c-n-n. >>reporter:it seemed to be a simple traffic stop saturday morning in north charleston. >>reporter:the patrol car michael slager was driving had its overhead lights on. >>reporter:that's when this video started rolling. >>reporter:you can see a mercedes pull over into a parking lot. >>reporter:slager gets out of the patrol car and talks to walter scott.
4:38 am
>>reporter: they speak and then slager returns to his police car. >>reporter:scott opens his door and starts to get out of the car. >>reporter:but then he goes back in the car and shuts the door. >>reporter:later -- you see the door swing open again -- and scott runs away out of frame. >>reporter:none of the videos released show what happened next. >>reporter:but witness video shows how this stop ended. >>reporter:as scott ran away, slager fired eight shots >>reporter:he was hit in the back -- and he died at the scene. >>reporter:slager is now behind bars fired from the force and charged with murder -- while scott's family is left planning a funeral. >>reporter:i'm mary moloney reporting. >>james:still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. controversy on facebook over a picture of a baby born without a nose. >>james:we'll tell you why the social media company is trying to prevent the mother from posting pictures of her son.
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>>gabe slate:apple has released a big software update for iphones and ipads/ i=o=s 8=point=3 brings a lot of changes to the devices.
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>>gabe slate:there are 300 new emojies/ >>gabe slate:siri has been improved/ >>gabe slate:apple maps has been improved/ >>gabe slate:but before we get to that/ >>gabe slate:some users who have ran the update are having problems with their touch i=d sensor. >>gabe slate:on reddit, apple support pages, different iphone forums and message boards people have complained about their touch id sensor having problems after running the 8 point 3 update. >>gabe slate:it works to unlock the phone but it does not work to authorize purchases in the itunes and app store. >>gabe slate:users who are having this problem can still enter their 4-digit password pin to make purchases so it's more of an inconvieneince than a major issue. >>gabe slate:i tested this problem on an iphone after running the 8.3 update and it did not happen for me. >>gabe slate:i was able to use the touch id just fine >>gabe slate:so it seems to be only affecting >>gabe slate:no word from apple yet on this in my experience there is always a few bugs with
4:42 am
a big new update like this. >>gabe slate:they will likely send out a fix within a week or so >>gabe slate:ios 8 point three brings 300 new emojies to creatively >>gabe slate:the emoji keyboard is now redesigned way bigger to make room for all the new emojies. >>gabe slate:most notobly they have added >>gabe slate: tones to choose from. >>gabe slate:here's an example if you hold the bride emoticon other options >>gabe slate:and with the family icons there are more options including representation for same sex couples. two women or two men with their children. >>gabe slate:8 point 3 brings improvements to siri. she will speak faster and more clearly. >>gabe slate:a more lifelike siri says certain words much more naturally, as if they were recorded by an actual person. >>gabe slate:and this is a cool new feature instead of holding down the home button to bring up siri. you can just say "hey siri" to your phone and she pops up. nats - siri hey siri >>gabe slate:there are dozens of improvments, fixes, and new features that this update will bring to your iphone or ipad. >>gabe slate:there some is some great new >>gabe slate:for a closer look at everything thing this update brings log onto kron 4 dot com and look for my tech page. >>gabe slate:gabe slate kron 4 news.
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>>james:happening today. >>james:customers can line up to see. hold. and order the new apple watch. >>james:several local apple stores are opening early this morning.including the union square store in san francisco.and the palo alto store. >>james:the watch getting mixed reviews.but a big demand is still expected. >>james:the watch will sell for as low 349-dollars. >>james:a luxury gold version will cost 17-thousand. >>james:but you won't be able to walk out of the store with a new apple watch on your wrist. >>james:apple is just taking orders -- and the watches will be shipped starting april 24th. >>james: coming up a live look outside we have headlines for you in a bet on whether and track in just a minute this is a live look at the bay bridge from san francisco were is 51 degrees in should one another 10 lead on this afternoon
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>>james: police chase ended in a violent crash. >>reporter: we're taking a live look at tennyson road is closed in both directions between and driven and rue st. a lot of pg&e trout from the same working to replace the damaged or poll is tim from early morning crash that ended here in hayward this is actually a chp criminal investigation here is will we know so far the sea its feet early this morning also tried to make a traffic stop on the tennis an off ramp the legislation violation when the driver of that car sped off on tennyson wrote the sea its descent to seconds later the car crashed into a pulp all the driver ran from the same officers arrived and attended to woman and a young child moore
4:47 am
told the both retreated for minor injuries that actively looking for a driver and talking to two passengers and figure out exactly who's behind the will to concede he ginny's to a working to fix the damage carpeaux at this point we're not exactly sure how many people are without power again tennyson road disclose currently between india and will street and both directions. >>james: will be cornerbacks for a distance of the morning. >>reporter: it is not over in fact here is a look at were storms are headed we're looking for damaging winds of march held
4:48 am
main threats force includes places like philadelphia d.c. memphis tennessee impact in the carolinas as well where still not them that severe threat for potential for strong storms what that means for bay area travelers today and a travel to philadelphia be seeing you every comic cancellation or delays keep that in mind whether conditions so it should be no problem as far as getting in and out of sfo storm track before taxes will start for santa rosa your a cool spot on the map of the nine degrees right now oakland of the 40 in hayward 47 sunnyvale 40 also in some was an san francisco good morning to your at 51 degrees tomorrow mild
4:49 am
and dry the pattern continues the next few days in fact were looking for some the skies shown as a result high-pressure temperatures will be of little the given as a little more after 61 in san francisco and 674 san rafael and santa rosa. >>reporter: a really beautiful weekend a little warmer tomorrow and sunday is loves what tim just looked a lot of very a whole lot political on monday into that most of the rhine will
4:50 am
be well at the bay area of where one of wednesday and thursday of next week. a rely an easy ride at about eight minutes this morning capitol expressway to montague in the south bay looking at 18 minutes and taken a look at your drive time and hercules to berkeley allow it to state 80 this morning and running you're ride around 15 minutes nothing to slow you down this morning quick check of your bay bridge shot a will show you interstate 80 in very light traffic conditions in fact it is spring break on the bank we haven't seen like traffic pretty much all week off to the continues this morning as well. >>james:happening today. president obama and cuban president raul castro will meet
4:51 am
at the organization of the american states meeting in panama. >>james:president obama is waiting on a state department review of whether cuba still belongs on the u.s. list of terror sponsors. >>james:removal from the list after 33 years would allow american banks and businesses to operate in cuba and allow for full diplomatic relations. >>james: have you seen the picture of the child on line she could hardly believe some of the response she got one of them told the put the baby for adoption. >>reporter: when he was born last month his mother knew their lives would never be the same but you have to do it on top of
4:52 am
the hardships facing the little ones facebook recently the this picture too controversial and shocking and been the fault the to live through cycles of facebook to promote the story. that post will shed 30,000 times in just six hours there enough complaints to facebook that they removed the ban the reason they're banning it is because he unbroken the internet than not the only one giving him a hard time to get this message from someone asking why she did not have an abortion and this is to give the baby for adoption. >>reporter: they have some
4:53 am
foreign decisions to make regarding surgery ago from the account had been set up and raise nearly $40,000 she in the family are so touched that the love they share for the little guy has spilled over to so many in the community to help the stays with him for a lifetime. >>: whether he decides he does not want a nose or not that is all is and how should i just want him to be happy and i want him to have it was his self. >>james: coming that will have more headlines for you and another check the weather and traffic at the top of the hour here is a live look outside sentences to international airport 51 degrees at the moment should warm up to 61 letter on to the
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>>mark: a chase ending in a violent crash and the child heard. >>darya: it ended in hayward on tennyson road but people cause a lot of damage mike pelton live right now now >>reporter: mib touch--it might be tough pg&e are here to fix to damaged power poles the power is out this morning to a handful of businesses in the immediate area of the make it is close to anderson wrote and here is will
5:01 am
we know so far the chp to us knew very early this morning officers tried to make a traffic stop on the 880 tennis and off ramps for registration violation of the driver of the car sped off on tennyson road the chp tells me the 20 seconds later the car crashed into to power poles the driver ran from the scene of this is a arrive and attended to a woman a young child possibly seven years old or in the damaged car officials say there retreated for minor injuries the chp says they're actively looking for the driver they're talking to the two passengers to figure out exactly who was behind the will to come back often live with social just arrived here on the scene to remove the car but did concede pg&e crews are here in the have to replace two different damaged power poles that could take most of the day so it is unclear exactly when the stress of tennyson road will be open today. >>mark: another big story real following a deadly tornado ripping through the midwest hear with the latest video come from
5:02 am
kron 4 a dramatic scene in illinois that as the semi truck driving down the freeway and blown over and crushing the to lead heading west to chicago last at around 7151 person has found dead and seven other seven injured more than a dozen homes have been destroyed in the area take a look at the damage right now you can see homes turned into piles of rubble. the town a fair deal hit hard being such right now the search and the victims and survivors residence without power this morning there experienced loss and damage whether from texas to michigan across the upper midwest it was severe weather yesterday. >>darya: it is shocking to see so different here interesting to
5:03 am
cover as to what they are going through. >>james: just how damage was done by this tornado and how five of the winds were we say how large the storm system is it really has not died. stretching from texas all across the gulf coast states and is close all the way into new england look into this we have severe storms a threat of thunderstorms exist along this entire front that half the countries will be done with that this morning we're looking at conditions that will probably the extreme for a lot of recovery crews better and they're trying to get through the rubble this morning. >>james: that assist the damage of the tornado that was spotted and responded out of the system yesterday we are watching that very carefully we have more video to show you and social you throw out the hours will keep it to appear on kron 4 for the latest on that. meanwhile the it side of the cuts to keeping
5:04 am
things nice and clear throughout the entire state of california here in the bay area we're looking at clear conditions of the golden gate bridge his token expense for all whether today we offer to starlike yesterday of the '30's and before the sunny and mild this afternoon temperatures today will be a degree a to warmer--a degree or two warmer. >>james: it will be sunny intense and with this in warming trends kicking in for next week which the sea temperatures really begin to spike the enough to get even always with the latest weather and time with the dedicated web application free and available for android and apple devices. . >>reporter: still very light traffic conditions all across the bay area take a look at the bay bridge this morning we have very light traffic and this is nothing to slow down your riding of to the east bay and the west
5:05 am
block interstate 8 this morning and a quick look at the drive time in the east bay if you're long from walnut creek and getting down to conquer this morning going to san ramon the drive time on 680, will bomb 16 minutes--will run 16 minutes. >>mark: that this avenue shut down--van ess ave shut down. >>jackie sissel: i am here and need to see the road is closing in has been closed for about five hours they expected to be closed for another two days while they the construction yet to see all of the construction going on down there this is part of a project is being done at sutter hosteled nearby a tunnel near the nest connecting from the building meanwhile that the shutdown the street completely for to block stretch along the
5:06 am
vaness corridor and the southbound direction. you have to take off or go wrong in the best way to do is avoided at all costs obviously this is a major move from one of the new we spent sea traffic backed up in the area this is just one of three closures that is what happened over the next couple of months be aware of it have been posting signs all over the bay area letting people know that closure will be on april 24th another seven to our closure and there will be another one on september 5th would have to do more construction and another 72 are reclosable for not what is the traffic not too bad out here with deficit the sea traffic start to back up on that last avenue. --vaness. >>darya: the cement spill into a
5:07 am
creek in crews are still working to clean it up the continue shoveling and vacuuming the half mile of cement in the glen echo creek and oakland fish and wildlife officials said the stretch is virtually dead the summit makes is not considered toxic to humans there are signs that birds and fish have been killed and some have gotten sick from the accident happened while the east bay mud was replacing a water pipeline. >>mark: scary situation and the southern california freeways will explain what that woman was doing ahead. >>mark: new video multiform officer shot and killed an armed man in south carolina will show you a traffic stop after the break--an armed man--un armed man.
5:08 am
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5:11 am
scott this past saturday the video released yesterday shows officer michael slager approaching his car he could come over for brocatel like the officers returned to the patrol car scott litigates are the vehicle for the moment and then he tells of the get back into the car but then later he tells them to get out again and see him running away cell phone video from bystanders shows the officer shooting the man eight times as he runs away. should it in the back and killing him his been fired in now in jail charged with murder. >>darya: coming up on the kron 4 morning news of woman wandering in and out of freeway lanes after a night out will tell you what happened leading to a chaotic scene taking a look at our right here in the bay area and the golden gate bridge hardly a car a no-fault looks good we will ridgeback. -- we wil be right back
5:12 am
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5:15 am
>>james: the weather does want to recognize they after they no storms on the horizon fortunately will be nice if we did but we do not will have the sunshine and beautiful weather in said and started off with a nice clear shot at the bay bridge were visibility is very bright. once again we are right near the 40 degree mark the santa rosa and like fiesta will drop that down the of the 30's before the morning is done 46 in livermore and caught a 44 san jose and oakland in the mid '40's at the moment san francisco the mildest of them all right at 51 degrees will drop a degree as a hit for a sunrise and with a method of in the city. >>james: for most of the
5:16 am
peninsula for that matter we expect is to restore woman about noontime 59 and should get a red line 61 to 62 degrees downtown in the financial district before we back off to the mid '50s by 8:00 p.m. tonight winds will be fined mild tensity miles an hour from the ocean. to the judge will be everywhere else again to win them the peninsula warmer as his self. a good bit of the south to the right the other seven it is 73 degree range. >>james: mid to upper 60s for most of the north that sunny
5:17 am
skies for saturn at temperatures warmed up to the near '70s for and then committed both saturday and sunday could be a nice warm weekend temperatures will drop just a touch beginning next week on wednesday and thursday the warm-up begins of some near 80 degrees by the end of next week. >>reporter: like traffic conditions across the bay area will quickly mention the south bay and san jose 880 southbound just popped up there was an accident that may be involved a few vehicles and motorcycles in a southbound to elicit a quick look that the north and drive times this morning were with looking at pretty light traffic commit this morning your drive time from novato town to the golden gate plaza.
5:18 am
>>reporter: the bay bridge were we have very like traffic conditions the drive times from macarthur maze into downtown san francisco across the bridge to can you read aloud to minutes this morning very like traffic conditions here as well have read into san mateo running you just under 15 minutes this morning with light traffic conditions in a live look at the golden gate bridge also very like here as well no major hot spots to report on 101 the richmond san rafael bridge very quiet this morning the thing was so dumb you're ride is ahead of the door. >>reporter: will hold on to the light traffic conditions. >>mark: san ramon police are looking for to men who tried to break into a home on spyglass tried on 630 yesterday morning a resident woke up to knocking at the front door there's no one there a black bmw was parked in running their by surely after the resident heard barking glass
5:19 am
in the back of the home one man was on the side of the home another man was just outside of brooklyn sliding glass door of to the rent to bmw and ran away nothing was stolen the >>darya: area airports have major problems according to an ap study sfo reported the highest number of former bridges in the entire country over the past 10 years since 2004 this is happened 37 times the bridge at sfo and airport spokesman says only two of those instances were classified as having access to playing the suggest the number is high and sfo because sfo can't all exterior bridges this day has several layers of security including fences camera centers and patrols and said it is always improve its security measures me to have some of the mineta is still working to improve security after five bridges in the last year and
5:20 am
while the entire security protocol at manila airport is under review the first order of business is to make a for a perimeter fence higher. >>darya: technology is being pushed the east bay that 80 security breaches and san jose mineta is going back 10 years nine were caused by cars heading the fence. >>mark: a job woman gets out of her car and stumbles across a major freeway that happened before to morning yesterday after a car stalled in the middle of the lines in san diego
5:21 am
>>reporter: pleading with a young woman not to walk into the busy lines of the northbound 15th when paul porter to find look like an abandoned car the woman emerge from the driver side and teetered over to our were breaking new stroke and accident for tables when she disregarded the pleas to stay off the freeway and started to walk back to her car he jumped out of his vehicle. cars whiz by his staff to talk to the samaritans to pull over to help she continued to walk to her car the two men tried to other driver to the danger one of them almost hit by a white taurus wagon the tours are told us he is counting his lucky stars >>reporter: after she got back in the car he does wish he can get caught out of home/--get out
5:22 am
of harm's way. >>: get out of the car you're born to get hit by a car. your life is in danger do not stand and rolled--rhode >>reporter: then arrested her for the why is nothing short of a miracle no one was hurt but those are not tears of joy as the woman is put in the back of a cruiser no one was injured in a vehicle was struck in the woman's name has not been released >>darya: we will be right back with more news weather and traffic.
5:23 am
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>>darya: police say it all started with the domestic dispute a man who kidnapped a woman shot at the guard and a washington suburb of sweet and maryland the guard was shot after approaching a car were he sought to people fighting inside the vehicle they say that the suspect took off and let the list on a wild chase involving gunfire the chase ended with a crash and then a shootout on washington busy eighth street or. >>mark: genetics can influence the likely will the conference will become the sexual offender the course run by experts from sweden and canada and i tree university was this on nationwide sweetest day by 21,000 in command convicted of sexual crimes over 40 years. if our biological sons of a sex offender or five times more likely to commit sex offenses and offices the net is an increase the risk of them to commit a sex crime bill would
5:27 am
target those most in need of help. >>darya: 2 people call survey is video could be connected to the shooting death of a musician and oakland will have the latest. ♪ ♪ hersy's spreads. brg the delious steof hersh'chocate to athing - erytng. withersh'spreads, thpossibilits ardelious.
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>>mark: with a scene to watch conditions in the midwest live pictures that are coming and the son thomas shared their west of
5:30 am
chicago hit hard by a tornado tore through the town look of the damage on the left side of the screen homes completely destroyed we're following the severe weather that raced through the midwest across the night and more strong storms are expected around here as well james fletcher watching the national weather. >>james: the national map shows to the size of the scope in the system which is like yesterday continues to strike from taxes all the way up now toward new york and new england. really will start to impact eastern seaboard where it was sent to the right through here in indianapolis and the and i should say. illinois and ohio. >>james: we're looking for more damage pictures for that part of the country were looking is severe weather that break through that area over the course of the last two to four hours where talking multiple tornado that respond serious damage in some of the video that is going to shock you the level of destruction became models for metals and some of the the tax on cars that are driving.
5:31 am
>>james: severe thunderstorms the possibility we're looking for just the last day and half or so before finally pushing all sure here is what is life outside the whether we have this nice and clear by comparison storm track four a bit far for cachepots the morning hours and 7:00 a.m. on the homicide of the author is at that point for places like santa rosa >>james: slight sea breeze their we're looking for warm temperature to be right there by 71 or 73 degrees basically a 12 degrees increase by yesterday we're not done with a one of more warm weather state-owned for that. >>reporter: we're tracking an accident in the south they were
5:32 am
for cars are involved and also along with a motorcycle we understand that the writer is injured this morning this happen on 880, southbound to a loss of dixon landing this morning we're looking at some slight delays for those of you headed southbound on 880 approaching dixon landing is you're heading out the door the traffic is still like at this hour no major backups or delays another quick check of the drive to learn from dublin to fremont on 680, that is wrong you 20 minutes this morning nothing to slow down for now we have to keep an eye on the motorcycle accident also on 280, heading from 1 01 to highway 85 that drive times to san jose area taking you're ride around. 1415 minutes this around >>darya: now the story that refer showed you here on kron 4 as crews continue to try claim the cement out of an east of a creek refers reported this on wednesday night and cover it
5:33 am
live or yesterday morning with the flow of cement in the water and happened to glance at a creek in oakland--glen echo creek. >>will tran: you concede the equipment at this location should be back at around 730 this morning still lot of work to be done to the chilly the video here is the reason why they are removing concrete we're talking of force to 12 truckloads of cement accidently spilled on wednesday at around 930 in the morning east bay mud their route to route is a pipe wants to replace the the have to make sure that all the files were shut and closed but it turns out one of the approximately 12 mi. remained open they did not know about and the start to spill and for the concrete over the project in they're just about done and then 90 minutes later it was a resident in the area that notice
5:34 am
of discoloration in the water she alerted the authorities they came out horseback and to sing their realize the accident that was made to the another hour to finally shut off all of the cement that is why it's taken so long with heavy equipment they're using backing to suck it up so far we know that one bird has died and according to environmentalists the 80 in sexton's area would not have survived the good news is this a to have contained as to 1000 for section and has not spilled into lake merritt. >>will tran: the damage small this could take maybe two to three years to recover the investigators will continue as to how this could possibly happen when spoke to a superior court judge she was walking her dog in the initial disbelief
5:35 am
from wednesday and now it's flat out and and frustration the question is how could they let this happen? >>darya: they get home in the afternoon and mud had the talent to men all over them that is slow going. >>will tran: all they have been working because it is simply too dangerous to work at night to stop the hill once the sun comes up we will go back out there and to your brand of video of what is on the part as they may play into the night one of those things like what happened and now we all have to pitch in a clean up the mess that is why it will be is another three days the long term damage could be years in the making >>mark: southern california a 13 your boy is dead and eight your boy fighting for his life after a report from a car the plants into los angeles harbor the
5:36 am
young teen died at the hospital after two hours after he was pulled from the water this it when they're ride from the car upside-down in the harbor with two adult swimming a diver's work called and found two children inside of the car to the rest into a hospital the adults were in fair condition this morning the fighter for mrs. is not clear whether the driver lost control before plunging into the harbor or whether the car was driven to a harbor intentionally. >>mark: they're under investigation after the recall on camera beating a suspect to tarnish your cause is video of the arrest disturbing he ordered both the minister of a criminal investigation they see the suspect being kicked the video shows the man suspected of stealing a horse falling face down his arms and legs stretched and arriving briefly as to that is come up a kingdom in the head in they kept hitting him 13
5:37 am
that is eventually surrounded the man kicking and punching him this happen over two minutes. . >>darya: president obama is waiting on a state department to review whether cuba belongs on the list of u.s. terra sponsors' right now they are the removal from the list after 33 years will allow american banks and businesses to operate cuba and would allow for full diplomatic relations. >>mark: police such as for killer cladistics year-old musician was killed by a stray bullet after performing on sunday police are looking for these two people who they say may have information on the shooting is a vestige of was a concert of the gold bar the night of the shooting this and he was packing of this year when you shot he was an innocent
5:38 am
victim that track and out anyone with information will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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5:41 am
incident will follow around the area later. >>darya: a big day today for apple lovers you can finally touched and see the new apple watch you cannot work home customers are able to line up and wait for the big union square in san francisco at a store in palo alto but like i said if you go and you cannot walk out with the watch on your wrist when you go and they would take your order and then the watches will actually be shipped starting at 24 because window and they will sit and fit you have to make sure it fits perfectly it sells for has and $49 on the lowest in the high and how much would you want to spend? >>james: still had we're tracking your forecast and i will give it to you free of charge when we come back and
5:42 am
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>>mark: 01 into paris's marais the company is recalling thousands of sets of kids pajamas find out why it was rendered in practice 645 concussion though our country which could lead to long term problems. >>darya: insurance alexa's winding down and the color of their the shooting cave after months of your question prosecutors and defense attorneys asking the defense attorneys. >>james: the one of kicks and tomorrow in the next week this time will be talking about 80 degree weather cool and spots in
5:46 am
the northern 46 to concord to touch one of the we were yesterday 40 in san jose and oakland as look at the east bay with the to concord and allow it to the judge should be by lunchtime the low sixties for a downtown oakland 65 bird to and look at that will now accelerando 67 degrees that will be it to 3:00 before o'clock this afternoon where level to drop down by a pimp. the
5:47 am
shoreline in a way as 64 for hayward 69 in fremont if you're heading to the valley gets a little warmer for you, will be at the seventh degree mark in the south of this and doesn't tim to lobby in the upper 60s allows families picture-perfect as a matter of fact slab to be nice and clear this a bit a pattern that extends into the week and this is what is on to look like storm track 47 the on on the bay forecastle saturday and sunday nights and skies and highs getting right near the mid '70s and then as a headed to next week will equal the touch for the next couple of days and began to wrap up the temperature by thursday. >>james: near 80.
5:48 am
>>reporter: more rencontre center fell area this will impact the folks this heading out on the richmond san rafael bridge said but has been issued for the west on 580 at san quentin this is just off the bridge and to divide with just and a couple of explosions potentially not all westbound lanes are closed in this is in the committee direction we are releasing traffic backing up this morning traffic now being diverted and main street this morning and no information a big rickrack crashed in fire westbound lanes are closed it is a threat like traffic on days so far no other hot spots to report a live look at the bay bridge.
5:49 am
>>reporter: here is a live look at the san mateo bridge more details on that as it continues to develop a little bit later. >>darya: alaska airlines flight leaving seattle headed for san jose had to make an emergency landing surely after takeoff it was last night the pilot decided to turn around in return to seattle after a bird strike
5:50 am
they're inspecting the plane's passengers and crew were loaded onto another san jose law play lead last night. >>mark: profit and opened up on the provisions kids to act succeeded work. they just will could address the connection between school and work in the hope the connection more than 86% continues after their first year. the mountainous police arrested four suspects yesterday after they attempted to get inside of the home in the area of lichens or this the rest was happening martina's police
5:51 am
dispatch received reports of two separate residential burglaries that happened and the that the farm property from these burglaries in the suspect vehicle of the lichens court and to men and officers are asking residents to call police if they see this the car in the air brook side drive or walk and drive yesterday to sit in the other homes were affected. >>darya: south of a woman who shared fred answer them as video of a home birkenau has a question about how long it took the police to get their as we showed you yesterday she head in a bedroom closet while looking at hers events cameras to see a burglar alarm through her house she had 91 on-line officers told her this their loss to down the street with a is the have to wait for his partner because i have to come in pairs san jose clarify that and they defend their response time. it is a minimum of two officers responding to have to wonder of the multiple suspects.
5:52 am
>>: is their suspect waiting one of the office of was recently ambushed and obviously has suffered a fatal injury a couple weeks ago these things and the mind of our officers. to respond to these officers >>darya: the respond in five minutes was on the other set a goal of six minutes very positive video or less all the officers come and that five in response time does not count to two minutes because there were dispatched when she first called a remember it does not call the she was calling 91 because she was terrified. >>mark: a record-breaking night for staff carry his and a new mark for three partners in the season to watch and 73 and counting gold as a technical control blazers a couch or the
5:53 am
trouble is a by lebanon and the third quarter and 111621 05. -- we will be right back..
5:54 am
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>>darya: and north carolina mom finally got what she wanted to cap time that many times to name a share later there she is so excited when she had her seventh child and it was a girl she is cutting the cake they did not know she bake the cake incited the cake is on to reveal what she sees think of blue incited for she cannot handle the pressure to cut and and hears her reaction. there is the pink
5:57 am
inside. will be right back is the kron 4 morning news continues. >>mark: a big rig fire on 580 it is right near san quentin traffic east and west from being diverted off the freeway than that on you could see smoke and flames on this big rate is still on fire right now will be right back with lettuce and to men
5:58 am
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>>mark:breaking news this morning: >>reporter: this is in the commune direction and i think a lot of people this morning who would try to head and from the richmond area all westbound lanes are closed on 580 we did hear a couple of explosions as well and san quentin people listen to the beach or on behalf you was on 580 being the tour


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