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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  March 30, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> james: the council also uc-berkeley student is missing now for leaving a
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party and well as in the southern california. summary county and now family they're offering $50,000 reward for information on finding where he is. well strands' following this story all morning long at the cow palace session say of kaufhof. >> reporter: $50,000 award is carol lsi for a family friends including fellow soccer players here uc- berkeley there by this spring break from spring break masons are walking around a history lecture instead sorrels angeles and this pictures a year of the book at him his friends went down on a road trip for their spring break which last week at the u.s. she at a fraternity party. and on kron 550 this morning she says they were not planning i going to the for a party but one of the boys tells
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the truth at the front and is intended to stow their a the did shortly after o'clock saturday morning tells his friends to his desk about for about four what not been seen since and here's a strange to 20 he went phone call back to uc- berkeley at least the bay area with an acquaintance of the of friends she surprise that he recalled her cousin tells her, and fend the beach your seat no where near the beach and then in the course of the car station from cuts out the place apart and jump all over the censorship of all day yesterday with the hubble family the mother and father who went and they found out they drove on through the night at a loss angelos and hopefully will hear from little bit later this morning at this point we do know the of the port without any formal modification money but because he made a phone call they do know his cell phone
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for every isn't is nothing up but still working the story triggered more information for you at about 55 hours and search continues for the soccer player on campus at look at whether traffic right here in such a back fence that is gone from 580 westbound. . >> george: the the had been improving and that five the ride is getting really slow again. what did the aztec also done nothing even jack and i at. >> reporter: 30 of west of 50s with clear skies will cover your foot is of such force really get the bay bridge no clause in sight and this area some areas like that to a few high clouds and that will be the trend later on for today across the region. san
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francisco 53 oakland 40 degrees concord for 50 at livermore said rosamund upper '40's and the gravel light jacket but polonia letter on coz temperatures quickly warmup this after an especially in the locations of. and the plight to register the is a lotus 50s. then to the larger our work on 11:00 temperatures will slowly warmup and upper 50s. by inland areas upper 60s was a war crosses region and the afternoon and areas warmup in the mid upper 70's all the vocal recital or sundays but digital be along the coast a butcher's are ignored what load his 60s and adobe brazil of a peninsula going to him the 12th hour and coming up year east face off the platter and will get a sore tracker easter weekend forecast.
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>> george: slump once again for the 580 ride west bound. early this morning we started with an accident right at the dublin and a change in the crash cleared manage to back up the ride and even though committed actions have been improving the see the release so once again for this west on interstate 580 right back up reaching nearly to the altar, past and tracking the right for you on the drive time take a look at this now 61 minutes for the trip heading west hercules berkeley at a bad ride out all. 23 minutes and on the court or commit whoredom appears 1/7 also pre good right tracking your commute to the bay bridge this morning back up and the macarthur maize but the jets signed hauling about 2222 minutes. san mateo bridge tolls slowed a fairly slow
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and to try to mess rests time. richmond bridge had have a backup at hear the applause of support from castro street on 25 a westbound. >> darya: as a police informer was involved in gang assault happened around 730 last night prince moil green light just the south of sarah's revenue grew about seven men approached the victim and ask for a game he was and. tonight he was a gang at all and that's when one of them started attacking him with a metal baseball bat. togas ideas, of cash and a man beckham was true for a series and is not less threatening. cell >> james: are as listed in four men who they say stole a car led them on a car footrace theft escaped. picture man willing for joseph mcgraw of yesterday evening they searched the area where is the scene hon. find him. is not for some
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reason caught the stolen car five times the past years he's been said by some high officials all driving a stolen vehicle. >> darya: over the william robins estate in san francisco courtroom lawyers for the wife and children. there also appear before a probate judge to make their argument to signs of fighting over who should get clothes and other personal items factor kept up by his northern california home the wife claims to the items were taken without her permission. and children say to the left foot trying to change the trust agreement and rob them of their father's long. >> james: other top collective city officials here in california and a delegate to use personal legal counsel to conduct government business and a bronze of this says is used right >> : context death and
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superintendent of a service to business on a personal vow as well, this reactor helicon clinton had knowledge of the thousands of messages delivered out. >> darya: series of earthquakes rocked and how big their worth. more about fully up to the german one crash of a palace of the co- pilot and just how long it took to bring that place down.
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>> george: 40 light ride for commuters this morning not here. five a commute of all flaw pass the dublin interchange. jammed up now recovering from an early morning accident currently over one hour for the drive time leading up from 2 05 to 58680 interchange and no break starting south and the 680 slow ride disannul this morning >> darya: marcus said the small island grecian the late. is what the largest
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was a 6.8 earthquake. some of the 6.4 66 mi. northeast of tonka no tsunami threat was issued but in the meantime some 15 quake off a pop on new guinea. the london sugar that one did trigger. >> darya: have to set such a warning out and there is possible hazardous waste but later called it scaled back the warnings. >> james: 0 trading is expected wallstreet the dow up 269 yearly budget 70 points on the day. continued upward trend and the s&p up by 20 nasdaq. it up by. we'll chat with rob black a little bit later this morning as we talk about winners and losers and dissect what markets will it's moving. it's positive for now coming up on the
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kron 4 more news firefighter falls the roof. the wish of the dramatic video. is on that massive fires that destroyed three manhattan apartment buildings in the rubble there on your screen will be back with more than a moment. surf thing
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is. see if you high clouds out there and that set all because of high pressure employers getting just a few cooler skies. clouds moving in and parts of the north bay. the west clause will continue to approach into tomorrow a. a cold front moving in and pressure with cooler temperatures for tuesday wednesday. temperatures up there this morning with up to of the reason 50s and the >> : jacket mighty letters this morning will need it later on today because it will be a lot warmer. daly city 49 degrees that are for is across the north bay sunnyvale 49 san jose getting mollet 53 degrees. pleasanton livermore also asserted often a warning in the middle perforce in the next city massive and debbie here devonshire's contain his stake for four is a 50s would continue on with some sunshine and tillage our mid upper 60s a perfect lunch hour to set out our patio
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will be nice but this afternoon pit was can see a pickup in the law 1020 m.p.h. the times high allocations and quickly warmup the men upper seventies built into your seventies for much of the afternoon at eight outdoor plans will be great deceiver haired for preconditions. warding across the san jose on a warmer side. we start off the mouth of the shares of lotus and 50s. >> reporter: right up the lower sundays during lunch hour we will continue on the 73 weather through much of the afternoon of july do anything outside now is the perfect time temperatures well above average comfortable with northwest winds tend 15 all-star. and how slightly cooler with only woman up in the upper 60s to of the breezy at times as well aware of conditions along the coast with winds from the north between five this had
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m.p.h. storm trackers and database forecast slightly milder for the middle of this week moving in with a slightly cooler air and locations up in the mid to low seventies saw the color of the bay cosines temperatures only in the '60s for much those regions and the easter weekend dry as of right now and less wont at easter sunday but keep it was partly cloudy skies lotus '70s. will continue to try all this week. >> george: delays at all hotspot interstate 580 west on this one. i all the awful lot we accept bottle as because residual lay still hereat are not over for let dry times in the westbound direction. south freeway's we're definitely seeing the impact of a spring break for many as were seeing was
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lighter than usual conditions some tv minute drive time completely normal for northbound interstate 280 out of downtown is ahead out toward saddam cuba to go from san jose bad as all looks good. none of the usual delays kron 10192. and has some slowing here but the drive time still under 30 minutes softbound from nevada out down to the golden gate bridge. tracking your ride out at the bridge look at the bay bridge westbound and beverages into the maze now on highway 24 your commute to a san mateo bridge in very heavy this morning a 26 minute drive * hayward heading over to sam detail. mentioned that the golden gate bridge a top the being in the brain via the richmond bridge by the riot and a back up the toll plaza is..
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fire >> james: fire quickly injured after of a burning home and flames erupted in that cluster fln. enlisting caught on camera. you hear people speak and the fire happened sunday. the firefighter also on the roof we fall through. rental is 25 year veteran of the fireplace to one hospital this morning. recovering from second the third trooper is 75 percent of his body. >> darya: 11 to crush a german when flight 9525 report. it set the time light and that appears whatever happened to another juror was recorder. newspaper what is a summary of lava cut the voice recorder that has not main goals out of formation but did not release any in the
7:21 am
cedars are still holding that but this report says on that was a korean here the capt. screening for it does say open the door and was within 13 minutes of the pilots' first in the caught plane's wing glenn could be here and screaming about stripping was says spokesperson and for restorations as as made by the low light coming the report where some. authorities are outraged but it never denied that it was accurate or potential act but co-pilot. >> darya: and ricocheting co-workers of the co-pilot as a check depend on what prompted him off to call the plan to go down and killing himself and all the other one to 49 people on board air canada officials say 18 of the 23 people injured on
7:22 am
this debt that scared off the runway has been released from hospital now none of the injuries life- threatening the plan is coming in from toronto i'm a hard landing and called the access red man of hit parlance which can at escape before some time is under heavy snowfall of the times. >> james: incident breaking out at nsa headquarters in the last hour to live pictures became available there little information at this point all we do know some sort of been said that i wore the gates leading to the national security agency headquarters. the incident escalated to a shooting. to people we understand in gerbils than being treated for injuries and again this maryland had not as a headquarters can drive up the bill the have a pass through with the security gates and their post all of
7:23 am
a perimeter of the nsa headquarters regency commence center set up and moments ago to slow bottle of whiskey in their care handoff but ec the guard as security rights all please take one look like several vehicles heavily damaged a dozen cell was pressure presumably someone credit the access to the facility not authorized to be there looks like that escalated into a shooting these their planarian but the information coming from the scene no confirmation yet for metro consideration see a fresh target of a milk glut organizations in the area. one poor providing us helicopter but picture above will have more refreshen as the crimson. in this morning daily show back with more just a7
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>> reporter: and we are back new this morning here were following the very latest year on a daily show there is a new host. there is on the right side as john stuart taking over the reins. he's 31 years old heave as recently added as an on air contributor. he is not spent february will be leaving after 16 years. we
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do not know when no was debut would be. if it hadn't been and dubai where he of the strict policy. >> reporter: he must be funny in order for him to a slogan. swoop in.. >> reporter: you have a lot of notable comedians that could fill that slot. >> reporter: coming up is not an optical illusion. there's actually a motorcycle rally and the bike lane on the embarcadero. that's not the only thing i saw and i show you more of people behaving badly. with kaiser permanente you'll connect with your doctor any time anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪♪
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>> reporter: the monday morning, now 7:29 a.m.. we're waiting to clear skies out there right now. thus it you will need sunglasses. will quickly the warm-up up with a sunny skies. is mid to upper forties across the north bay. some retail is 48 degrees sunnyvale is 49 degrees. sematech help is 48. san mateo. it will quickly warm-up into the lunch hour. mitch upper 60s this afternoon temperatures will warmups were talking about mid to upper seventies. barry won for
7:31 am
this type of year. very warm for this time of year. but some preconditions from coming from the west about 10 mi. per hour. breezy conditions.. plusher easter weekend forecast is coming up. >> reporter: we're tracking along hot spot in as the interstate 580 reich westbound in get jammed up early this morning. from an accident. the the drive time is not quite an hour. a we're finally seeing some improvement is still 56 minute drive. on a typical day would be 30 minute drive time. especially for observing lighter than usual traffic. interstate 680 southbound is still heavy
7:32 am
as a starting to get towards of nome. there's nothing unusual at the bridge as the bay bridge commuters no longer of back up to become a macarthur made. that's a 22 minute drive time. for the san mateo bridge is heavy conditions but is not backed up. the richmond bridge westbound on interstate 580 is backed up through crossed of most of the lines of slow from castro street as you head out of richmond 580 westbound. >> reporter: of freshmen soccer player for uc- berkeley is missing this morning he disappeared after walking from the campus. >> reporter: he should be back right now but instead his family and friends said they're searching for him. i
7:33 am
just got off the phone with a family friend stating that there searching for him 55 hours after he went missing. here is his picture he's not just a student at uc- berkeley but he's also a soccer player. but on these not know personally what buddy was at a fraternity party on saturday around 1:00 in the morning he told us ransoms going for what and city would be right back and that was the last time he was seen. he walked away with his cell phone he does not have identification or money. family is from nevada all. they're searching for him at this point there is no signs of fall foul play. this is the mother and father gives me a call back of give you some updated information on the situation. >> reporter: will provide
7:34 am
updates and this story as it develops. >> reporter: happening now police are looking for whoever was in involved in a drive-by shooting in sunnyvale. it happened yesterday morning when four men were driving on highway 101. some one or multiple people in another car shot at the victims' vehicle and hit the driver and two passengers. the driver was hit three times in his abdomen and is in critical condition to passengers the head are in stable condition this morning another passenger was not get the chp is still investigating the incident. >> reporter: three shootings and oakley left one person dead and send to people to hospital late saturday night and early yesterday morning. at around 2:00 a.m. yesterday officers found a man near 10th and washington streets with gunshot wounds. he was transported to the hospital where he died of his
7:35 am
injuries. earlier about 10:30 a.m. saturday night to and 30 p.m. saturday night police responded to another shooting near macarthur boulevard and 68th avenue or two people were driving when someone shot at them. and even earlier saturday at around 8:00 p.m. two people were in a car on high street exit ramp off 580 when someone in another car fired about 13 shots of them police a still searching for suspects in each of the shootings. >> reporter: not a free spirit spirit taken too soon that's how friends and family in oakland described daniel thomas. the 36 year- old artist died in a three along apartment building fire last saturday in west oakland. loved ones gathered at classic cars west yesterday. a few blocks away from the fire building to
7:36 am
celebrate his life and my meyers some of thomas's our work. this family is from southern california made the trip up here to the bay area to share memories with thomas with his friends their devastated by his death and say his life will live on through his work. they plan on taking his ashes back to southern california and giving them to his father a second artist's name davis latona was also killed in that fire and his friends and family held memorial in his honor on saturday. >> reporter: nevada police are investigating a shooting near hamilton elementary school in happen shortly after 4:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon in a field next to the school. police found a man shot twice and search the area for two men or seen running from the scene. a short time later police detained two people but no word on any arrests. police said the man
7:37 am
who was shot has not life- threatening injuries.
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>> reporter: pierce family robins with people behaving badly. >> stanley roberts: any city in california has a legal right to this install dedicating bike lanes. that being said dedicated bicycle lanes are the least respected lines in all sam francisco. if he don't believe me just hang on the embarcadero and it is plainly obvious. like the school robert best utilizing the bike lane. much the entire time. it appears to be a common practice. even motorcycle's use the line off the bike past drafted. this was just ticketed in the bike lane. the ticket for but browning a bike or scooter and a bike lane is $238 and a point on
7:41 am
your driving record. >> reporter: >> stanley roberts: crosswalks are for pedestrians not bicycles. it is not just the two will type is also before will tie. this driver uses the bike leg to drop off a package upcast passenger right in front of them. if you want to pull into traffic try not to bought blocks the bike lane. as routers the cyclists. the driving a commuter bus in the red light traffic is a no-no. watch the striper versions' partially dropped blocking the block by calling the she slowly cruises in the by calling to find a parking spot then after finding parking she forgot to feed the meter. mr. carr a few minutes later in a parking ticket.
7:42 am
all it does say is respect the bike lanes and avoid a ticket in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news >> reporter: meanwhile the national park service is by launching a campaign to raise support to get more people to the park. first lady michelle, and laura bush will be there the campaign will be officially announced on thursday. the try to expand fund-raising to improve the parks. is an $11 billion backlog of unfunded manus. >> reporter: will have sunshine today reconditions today we of the cold ground algonquin in store out so you would temperatures can expect in your for future
7:43 am
for guests coming up next. forecast
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>> reporter: time for the world according to gary presented by hershey's. >> reporter: we're gonna start with the area since he does on the phone with talking about the war years. aetna over the weekend probably saw them over the weekend that there 60 is when the most wins that any
7:46 am
war your team has had in the franchise history. and now they're suing the warriors because they're not quite place there. >> gary radnich: i know the warriors won a control their own character. >> reporter: the basic set with the warriors are doing is monopolizing all the tickets you know what if you wanna sell your tickets to better use ticketmaster does if you don't we will grabs your season pass your privileges and we looked when bullock's terminates that. >> gary radnich: now we would find something wrong with such courage maybe it is his idea. >> reporter: well that's not right because it is up costing everybody more. >> gary radnich: the dais of
7:47 am
them over the weekend? sue them >> reporter: just yesterday based. >> gary radnich: >> gary radnich: just off the top of my head i would think the people that own the team will be able to decide what they do with their tickets. >> reporter: that's just the thing they have a contract with ticketmaster. but if you all this season ticket you should be able to sell it wherever you want. the other teams could hold tightly under titties if they don't control that. >> reporter: that's interesting though on a regular warrior game 80% use the tickets and to 20 percent still sell still
7:48 am
>> reporter: the tickets this able to sell as declined by 80 percent so nobody selling. so this is the be very interesting to watch >> gary radnich: somebody while building money hairball been somebody will work it out. >> reporter: talking about the big ticket now is gonna be the final four >> gary radnich: was too good gains yesterday. 2 games.. >> gary radnich: michigan state is the only one this not number one. >> reporter: in a be very exciting to see the final four and next monday when we talk will know all the wondrous. >> reporter: actually to the woodstock was a truck monday morning. >> reporter: gary hart he
7:49 am
get on the floor. closed bidding on the floor >> gary radnich: are you talking about sakes? >> gary radnich: you have to sell your house or know somebody. >> reporter: i love all this nobody reporter is making it from the debut go with this and how calm air and rodgers and these fancy actor girlfriend is to be on the floor and the badgers are cutting down the nets. and all the media has to stay behind the three-point line and he gets to be right in there. >> gary radnich: now you're taking the high and mighty because he's a quarterback. >> reporter: is a gentle lot of days which you of the point is as are our works.
7:50 am
>> gary radnich: 50 in the july games thus far and water to >> reporter: the port someplace like that between what is the on the floor and they need to investigate at the same time he's 20 how upset he is. to the biggest quarter crybaby of the night i have a pass to be on the court. sometimes the answer is yes sometimes is no >> gary radnich: if he did the interview someone five fought for him and given the opportunity they strive to promote itself he can't win. yet to take it all with a grain of salt. >> reporter: you know that i've been following time
7:51 am
brady's off-season ankle it stalker of him and his wife. >> reporter: too good to mix it up and play a pick up a good day and what does she do with michael jordan. so here's tom brady campobello as the ball with michael jordan air jordan give a somoza their bare in the bahamas before this when he posted a picture of air brady maybe took a cue from jordan was using clothes to recover tom brady jump off of a cliff and i think it's also part of cross tracing. the visitors still watch this the 40 ft. item no what about the insurance >> gary radnich: who put up their giselle and this is somebody's old to go jump off a cliff and the dead. >> reporter: i thought was
7:52 am
killed and a little risky. and a lot of follow-up on wrestlemania at levi stadium. >> reporter: get mad and the scoter amend as follows: use up enough to kill a clef. there were no real injuries during wrestlemania. he got the gall and he said was this spectacle fantastic says it was totally sold out. is way better at levi stadium watching wrestling. it was so gray yen and one. their russian military vehicle coming out onto the field bed a troupe of japanese drum players it was just incredible. >> gary radnich: and everybody is that these that one to say is set at their fixed in this predetermine but they know what to do showmanship and they just
7:53 am
do. >> reporter: bay and ought schwarzenegger out there and the rocks. i think the future of levi said stadium could be more of this. >> gary radnich: get rid of the 40 niner's and does have wrestling every sunday. >> reporter: and will work of calling your little sooner.
7:54 am
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mt. hood was left off the list. so was the oregon coast, the columbia river gorge and the painted hills. smith rock and the wallowas are all missing. whoever named the seven wonders never set foot in oregon because even crater lake was left off their list. so we see your wonders world and raise you seven of our own. the seven wonders of oregon. see one, or better yet see them all.
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>> reporter: time right now a 7:56 a.m. on monday. we have some fault. we're off to a cool start a round area. sematech else sunnyvale are all in their upper '40's. one of the
7:57 am
cooler side with the temperatures will warm-up with the sun. across the south bay's temperatures will continue to say on the mild side into the next hour. robin warm-up into the upper 60s in the inland bay area locations. we're gonna be expectorant mid to upper '70's. when a continuous the '70s across the south bay this afternoon. we will have some preconditions from the northwest from 10 to 50 mi. per hour coming up at 8:00 will talk more about the peninsula force tests an east bay for test. >> reporter: we're still tracking a long hot spot on interstate 580 we're starting to see some recovery here is the drive time is now 64 minutes. is hovering around 56 to 62 minutes all morning.
7:58 am
berkeley is a lighter than usual right. to the bay bridge the was a stall big rig reported is no longer on the bridge in the back up is the mission diminishing very quickly. the ride to the san mateo bridge is still heavy with the backup of armed to the approach of the toll plaza is not as bad as usual. the richmond get rich is backed up behind their parkway. the kron 4 morning news will be right back. i love my mileageplus® explorer card. we're saving our united miles... ...for a trip to hawaii. we love free checked bags. i've saved $75 in checked bag fees. no foreign transaction fees means real savings. we can go to any country and spend money the way we would in the u.s. one of the best things about priority boarding is you can just get on
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ch, rk ccola veri sofcents. avor wit oticruituice it's cholatand uit avor likeou've ner expeencebefo. dioverrookde. >> reporter: a you a usc berkeley's of stalin is missing in the family is offering a reward for information.
8:01 am
>> reporter: you consider the switch to other walking behind me this is the first day back from spring break and a perfect world he should be here but he somewhere down in los angeles. he went missing on saturday it 1:00 in the morning i talked to a family friend they were not planning to go to a fraternity party and usa. he is a soccer player. at uc- berkeley and one of the friend says that i have a friend at the fraternity party and let's go to that place and sure enough they did in and around saturday at 1:00 in the morning he told is francie wanted to go for what any disappeared he added cellphone with them. the reason we know that is the family friend says that he called back to the bay area to a female acquaintance. she does not know why they why he calder. he told her that he was
8:02 am
heading to the beach and then this foam cut off. >> reporter: the family drove from a bottle beer searching for him to talking about a $50,000 reward. that money was weaselly solidified in the cable put that money late last night including contributions from the uc-berkeley soccer player association. when they found out about their teammate they also spent a had a loss angeles. at this point lapd does not currently believe it is foul play but they are investigating. amid the uc- berkeley police department there are also monitoring the situation. as of 720 because lapd and the family friend and he is still missing. we're talking going on 56 hours right now. >> reporter: 802 right now
8:03 am
we're gonna check on traffic and weather. >> reporter: is gonna be warm but not as hot is it was over the weekend. will warm up into the mid to upper seventies. and them but never turned into cooler temperatures later this week. our forecast will because warming up at 815. right that we have some sunshine act it would you like lilacs. the temperatures are on the milder side. concord is 54 livermore is 52. in this hour will continue with low mid-50s. upper 50s for
8:04 am
coastal locations. across the bay and inland areas the temperatures will easily warm-up and to the '60s and '70s to the lunch hour and then after an afternoon it will warm up into the upper seventies. barry's press similar to the weekend. >> reporter: the team up with the breeze from the west from 10 to 25 mi. an hour it could actually got dustup the 30. whether talking about the cool down the small will enter the area of the next few days. we're gonna talk about to easter weekend forecasts and it could produce some rain all those details will come in and becoming update the team >> reporter: michelle we're still tracking the slowest rise in the area interstate 580 to the livermore valley. to the dublin interchange
8:05 am
and given that to conditions are little lighter than usual because of spring break is surprising that we have not recovered more quickly. we're still looking at a one-hour drive time from dublin. >> reporter: this traffic is especially at 85 and interstate 280 in the northbound 101 is under 30 minutes as you head up from the capitol expressway to the montague expressway and the drive time on interstate 280 is not bad august 21st minutes. the peninsula right continues to much better than usual on 101 south bomb is not about half of what we would normally see and the north bay right is still under 30 minutes from the vital to the golden gate bridge. now vital novato.. approaches
8:06 am
art is nearly as heavy as useless and 19 minute drive time on the span. >> reporter: breaking news this morning of florida where the hot florida highway patrol says eight people are dead as a church van ran through a stop sign and into the canal. the crash happened about 1230 this morning eastern time in glades county. police say 18 people were in the van and the driver and seven passengers are confirmed dead. to others were hospitalized. take a look listen to the reaction of the highway for the patrol. >>: were human beings to law-enforcement officers we have a job to do but at the end of the day is a very emotional we have family come on the scene you see their reactions we all have
8:07 am
families and we can all relate to that >> reporter: the 10 patients that are injured are in serious to stable condition. the highway patrol is trying to determine the cause of that crash and a system of the passengers were wearing seat belts. >> reporter: a firefighter falls through the and burning roof of bowman will lead to know about the zero would show you the video and a new host for the daily show. will much and no lydia's >> reporter: new details coming up about the german wings crash in the french alps. >> reporter: you get people as does the bill becomes to the speech will be right back.
8:08 am
8:09 am
8:10 am
>> reporter: a shooting at nsa headquarters in is with one person dead in looking at aerial footage here this was around 930 this morning eastern time when the driver tried ram the gates. it collided with the security vehicles the driver was then shot by police. we did hear from a spokeswoman there said the two people were injured. that update came about 10 to 50 minutes ago. one person has died. it's
8:11 am
unclear if those injured or included are are in addition to that driver of the s u b. this is helicopter footage from earlier. looks to be a man in uniform on the structure could be a possibly a security officer. is being handled by the nsa currently. that is the suspects as you be at the bottom of the of the picture. thus the one that tried to ram the gate. he could see that as you be the white security vehicle that is the vehicle that it's crashed into. we just had word in the last five minutes the one person has died. we do not know if the was a security officer. >> reporter: new information coming in on the german wings plane that crashed in the french alps. this the the the co-pilot had
8:12 am
received treatment for suicidal tendencies. the german newspaper published what it says is a summary of the cockpit voice recorder the chicken here see here now this information has not been released by investigators but they said the captain can be heard on the record this a screaming for god's sake open the door within 515 minutes of when he went to the bathroom the report says the waiting the wings competes screening the mountainside. >> reporter: or waking up the sun shine out there's gonna be a warm and breezy afternoon but all talk about nicole brown later this week. is the weekend we could see a possibility of a few showers all the details will be coming up after this break.
8:13 am
8:14 am
♪ ♪ yore fallyere. ng w frothe ndlo rst me ithe jors yodon'knowaarp because is fily enying cro-coury baseball staum tp th anneonli at rp tvel. it'shereour urne bens with inspirion, planningbookg, a hottrel ts fr reapros if you don'thinkeizehe triphen u thk aa thenou d't knowaarp find morsurpsingpossilits anget knous atarp.g/poibilies.
8:15 am
>> darya: but still at the weather which is going to stay pre warm or so above seasonal average. of in damages should actually be in the med upper 60s in the afternoon my. show the area extending the peninsula warming up in the '70s as after and. while such right now at the cemetery bridge on the last. media have sunshine out there and continues on the sunshine in the afternoon and
8:16 am
temperatures are warmup in a few more years. the u.s. and cool spots on the map right now. boy how owens and senate vote and upper '40's across the peninsular 50s. north bay upper 50s as well. >> reporter: parts of south bay and 50s he made the dress in layers but will part about the cooler milder side this morning. lasorda warmup and going across the space temperatures continue in the mid-50s and sunshine for launch of the day prior lunch hour will go into those temperatures warmed up the upper 60s lunchtimes our patio or press service as client be nice summit with picnic weather. >> reporter: and the afternoon's temperatures got the mid fifties. the all continuous and amid the low '70's as you drive home. beware of the roadways what had been as west wind
8:17 am
between 10 to 20 cells per hour so hold firmly later on this afternoon if you're in the going across the vance law was the the evidence or wish to be for this type of temperatures. at the temperatures in the want to miss 6 is in the afternoon also breezy as well with the west wins 20 mi. per hour. and your storm tracker for sunday forecast awful cold front that will bring in cyclical temperatures for the rest of this week and start to one back up for the weekend. >> reporter: and easter sunday it was sought isolated showers will cut ruin the easter egg hunts or the latest model with a mix of sun and clouds and will trek farther north. but right now let's keep it partly cloudy skies and continues stay with kron 40 track all week long >> george: and getting words
8:18 am
there may be a problem here and san leandro on interstate 580 in the not clear direction getting were there might be a police action here that might have shut down the east on a plane to and this could be temporary tropical or more serious problem kron 4 try and traffic yet more as we speak. finally things are improving ride on 580 westbound direction. and all small past times now are back down to approaching normal 4144 mets from baltimore past to the dublin interchange. the bay bridge starting to see a back up here westbound. the 92 korea for the san mateo bridge as all little better that it looks because the back up which is in front of our camera about half of what it would be for at a pre day. and the golden gate bridge right is problem free all
8:19 am
morning long as day continues here at the richmond bridge father was a time we were backed up nearly a harbor way. where now only from castro street getting into the toll plaza flights. >> george: 18 of the 23 people skidded off the runway release from the hospital and of the injury is considered life threatening and the plane was calling from toronto and made the landing passengers say the aircraft may have a power line as it came in to land and diskette from the play as getting a for flights coming to a stop and was under heavy snowplow dormant warning at the time. >> james: deadly explosion and fire the happen the apartment buildings after two bodies were recovered from the site yesterday and blues and soul mate of been tapping into a gas line. the
8:20 am
guest workers had discovered a lime that was illegally tapped last august 22nd people injured thursday's explosion for the uncritically authorities to believe that the bodies found yesterday were those of the two missing men there were searching for since the explosion. but over the late ronald williams the state has the san francisco quorum lawyers for his wife his children. >> darya: on opposite sides of the argument are arguing for probate judge. the two sides fight over who should get robin williams clothes and other personal items that the cap that is our lack california home. if to some of the items were taken without permission. the children say that life is trying to trade the trust agreement and problem of their father's belongings. prosecutor running of the case of the boston bolling of our. >> darya: somebody for medical examiners described
8:21 am
the fatal injuries to people. jury will hear additional evidence in the second phase of the trial of the side as you will get the lights are present or if the death penalty. he participated in the bottom of bombings him and his brother but they say he was the brother was less rind the ball was killed when their mother runs. >> darya: firefighter here seriously injured after philip foster the roof over a home. all con video trying to ventilate the roof and gave way was exhausted look at what happened. shock >> reporter: hostler turns into a rescue 25 year veteran firefighter from plating of fire for from the
8:22 am
roof for a rooftop goes into the inferno. is a traumatic event. most office all but the fundamental to help. added headset and your help firefighter was taken place of some of them that they opposed moving the cutting the cable to the growing store. let me saw people running and trend help at heard several folks from the direct traffic and he and bystanders out. there is a cat on a story by looking at and what went through in the estimates. >> reporter: into a hot spell ambulance and was later it gets the support of zealanders surgery ads are treated her second degree
8:23 am
and third degree burns over his body. our family brothers and sisters. as a secure rod around each other. >> darya: firefighter had several more surgery is ahead of him before they know full extent of how long it will be suffering with these injuries still had on the kron 4 more years, a central has a host to replace john store on the jail is a daily show bush really is next.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> james: 826 new harrison ford out of the hospital allow. susan the plane crash earlier this month. and the magazines the suns your laughter was spotted driving through the streets of l.a. on saturday. the crash of vintage plan on selling california golf course much theft. there is a plane on one of the fair ways he. did have injuries and the hospital and his up now. the play's engine failed to take off in his force the crash of their on the golf course. >> darya: daily show has a new host comedy central has a 31 year-old as a contributor for the daily
8:27 am
show he's been on a few times since they announced february john a store is leaving after 16 years and this is the new guided recovery and after his departure. >> darya: apartment fire takes the life of an east bay artist here from fat friends and families who gathered yesterday. >> james: all these hills and just a bit for the weather
8:28 am
8:29 am
ookse cholate w haa crunch.brkside cruny clters - crpy multi-gins and sweefruiflaved piecesdied in richark ocolate. diover brookside cruny clters.
8:30 am
>> james: isa under attack this morning there some people from gates running into a security vehicle had on. then we had done fire exchanged between and it looks like suvs according to latest reports to men inside and security detail at the get. one woman died the other has been injured taken to the shock trauma center for treatment. also local port reports weapons and cocaine were found near loans car. and that's what's coming out of the maryland this morning out of nsa headquarters. >> darya: 830 is the time any caught all on whether traffic how are things looking right now? >> george: situation right here in san leandro macarthur 3 freeway between castro valley and oakland.
8:31 am
three san leandro have backs up backups both eastbound and not pre attraction, spawned which is a clear direction. or learn in worlds of freezing lane closures. looks as though police vehicles or performing some sort of surge. this is all just i would misinformation that we received here. and the kron 4 traffic center there is nothing official from the california highway patrol or for other agencies about what that surge was for appears however i present all lanes are open we do have slowed traffic coming out of oakland leading into san leandro toward castro raleigh. from castro valley down town downtown oakland as the seat and to and is a 5 a westbound coming from the dublin great. tracking the delays for 580 west but the conditions years of close to normal now the
8:32 am
drive time of 30 a mess. and that is much much better any right of the bay bridge also by the normal commute here's a vacancy the end of the back of san mateo bridge is starting to move was again was bound. five times have dropped below 18 minutes. their trip to richmond bridge bus bound only sluggish now from cassoulet street as a head for the toll plaza. over to the weather center here's. a show with here's. >> reporter: time now is a 32 megabit clear skies come across much of the north bay. patchy fog right now as you continue north on an to marin county. is a little bit breezy over there across the bay area. not no. they parts of the peninsula light and breezy condition but was also picked up on the coastline this afternoon with winds between 10. the '40's and
8:33 am
'50's out there this morning fairfield 47 upper 50s though and fremont at 59 degrees and mile over there and implored his florida mid-50s temperatures continued warmup from here they continue o'clock hour note along with temperatures amid upper 50s across much of the area. the lunch hour quickly warming up and the lower sundays costs and the locations woman in the spots was awesome which is the upper 60s a much color along the coast and the the upper 50s . time highs across and locations continue warmup and to amend '70s. 5:00 temperatures will start to fall mid-70s will continue as a woman in london bay area locations. all the cows sunny with a large '60s for early afternoon. coming out well talk more about cool down later this week plus easter weekend forecast coming up with the storm
8:34 am
tracker forecast at eight 15th >> : . >> >> james: the soccer player in missing near the usc campus of the weekend. motrin live for us this morning from the campus following the story getting is up this practice from the morning. well what is latest that you found out? >> reporter: back now fluid got fixed our technical difficulties i sources of the uc-berkeley police department police officers and the overnight hours to keep an eye out for this 19 year-old man alloy vest was star soccer player at uc- berkeley he his friend went down for spring break this is the first day back from spring break a perfect world
8:35 am
he should we coming to class but says saturday morning 1:00 in the morning he is friends or f rep fighter fraternity party usc and details from the middle for a walk out has themselves something a little strange at around to it to in the morning session here fellow student she had a phone call from him they're not really friendly according to a family it was quite an says chicago's where he called bipolar issues having to the beach and the phone call out lapd still searching for him this morning at this point there will consider this of all play but that could change 5637 hours now it's 28 and warnings brought she officially no new information. lime
8:36 am
>> darya: free spirit taken too soon how friends and family in oakland described daniel slow thomas. the artist died in an apartment fire last saturday. at a west oakland loved ones gathered classic cars west yesterday as the venue the use. few blocks away from the building my caught fire to celebrate his allies admire thomas is our work as you see here. their lives on in california made the trip out to the bay area to share memories their devastated by this death but they say his life his work will go on. everywhere is gonna do his creative only searching for something that i helped as far along. >> darya: family says he'll be cremated and ashes back
8:37 am
to southern california given them to his father second artist david pretoria also killed and that fire family friends tell his memorial art memorial on saturday. other person killed by a cow train yesterday morning a 20 year-old man was struck you kill in sunnyvale a train no. 146 trouble in south and mary avenue hit the man at amoco shares officials say further investigation looks like the man and-a jump out in front of the train. 100 passengers on board. none of them hurt. >> darya: secret to vote longer live maybe from a year and no. >> james: you which breakfast usually longer life. the religious freedom what an indiana now is working controversy and apple ceo says of the law. signs of in a cellar. what's
8:38 am
real was hollywood coming up in the tech report life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. 7
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8:40 am
life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. traffic >> darya: back to normal on 580. >> george: sleaze investigation was planes close for several minutes and both directions. they're clear from the scene now and no closures and affect
8:41 am
currently. i still find out more residual slowing again traffic returning to normal. >> george: traffic any time or the kron formal application hours with an dried apple devices. >> darya: news hearing there was a school bus accident and stock. contra costa fire is reporting they are going to the scene at sycamore bottle center drive. we did not have any word the want anyone was injured among get more details and the news from the most ever for s and is the get them/ >> james: astrakhan strike killed two advisers and iraq and only struggles since the scum of the negotiations attempt to reach a deal and it tested its their program as of the strike unless we after the u.s.-led coalition to support iraq
8:42 am
forces to undertake the city of red back with more headlines in just a minute
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> james: installer alright ma tried as our respective never seen before especially imax. tech report should so ordered final israel was not off. >> reporter: seller sells as size lesson relatively black hole intertidal
8:45 am
astrophysics somehow hollywood it the hot foot right even if you understand it fully. mexicana a star is a list is a smaller. our mission find a pliable for civil for life when earth isn't cutting it anymore. as for science exploration well as kron and good science for those ideas that are sound and never been done before. a settler trader pasadena kick forms the the assault on the film and writer jonathan no one. you wind carries easy to write a very hard. pushes the boundaries of what we think we know watter existing among the stars. >> reporter: big doses of some of the heaviest topics and cents black holes feature of time relativity.
8:46 am
you felt this yourself on relativity 2009 i understood relativity long enough to read the part of film now it's gone. thought- provoking visually stunning film force you out of your comfort zone. washington durrell you might not understand but thoroughly enjoyed. inspire new semester of physicists is this u.s.. >> reporter: house to lay all the topics were the glory of march 31st extra called sensor dollars interstellar to drill deep dive in to these topics. weller more of this are website rich on
8:47 am
>> darya: as the guys are on this base and stuff like your the ocean by on my side? yes and now like space then all about the movie. >> darya: i like the skies and the stars like to all on the weather. all it can weary from these clouds. >> reporter: rusher in place for a mild temperatures this morning and a handful 50s out there. a radar composite high pressure and place a few clouds are starting to move it across the north bay off to the west all the clauses see right over there called area out overnight tonight into its morning cooler air will usher and at that highs tomorrow wednesday much cooler compared to what we expect for today. with the
8:48 am
temperatures are at right now with forties' out there. cerros the upper '40's handful of 50s across the region. antioch 59 degrees from 58. crust and is followed mid-50s and we expect for today. across the south bay temperatures continued stabiles. as the x 30 minutes so discover what the right now gone for a morning jog temperatures are nice and in the lunch hour temperatures warm up the upper 60s lower '70's. perfect time spent outside and enjoy lunch out on the patio. is going to be comfortable out there we will feel the when the priest later on this afternoon. northwest between 10 to 50 mi. per hour. it will warm up again in the mid upper 70's. a person is more likely along in locations support. so they the will to stay low on 5:00. much the day in south bay will be in the '70s. very warm weather for this time of year. across the
8:49 am
uplands and story. damages bottom out and a loaded 50s were. make up the lower 76. with some mid-70s for the rest of the east bay. >> reporter: 1 across the region and. different story for her on the coast to. the chiselling warmup below in the mid '60s and breezy the ones the west contended 20 mi. per hour. even dustup 30 at times the. a cold front moves and cooler temperatures the middle of this week start warmup in the thursday friday. by the weekend we saw showers every sunday for a less model run. the most current one though be have clouds and store most of the rain same well off to the north a. check all a week-long. a bit on kron 4 kron-4-dot-com surf. >> george: what students out that means a letter traffic. for much an evident
8:50 am
here along the east shore freeway. even now the drive time still looks better than usual. as you cut down from hercules to berkeley. heading from man to dr. crocker this morning is an easy trip in just one man's. you're right out through the will pass when i tracking any major delays there. here in san jose the 101 northbound ride. capitol expressway from my new expressway. under 30 minutes for 296 men drive *. the bay bridge what this could be changing here. because even see traffic starting to really get locked up. were there may be a motorcycle accident on the upper deck of bay bridge that's i yet confirmed. waiting for chp. >> george: the based on whatever it was moving in just minutes ago looks much worse now. the ride to the san mateo bridge highway 92 starting on line the back appear as good news under 19
8:51 am
minutes for the drive * and the golden gate bridge where at what should be the peak assault on traffic and the richmond bridge west on 580 is still sluggish and is loved him and others told plaza back up is not quite keep reach castro street. >> darya: risen fremont avoiding them is driving to and from not and they become because water water main break jackie's that is right there now. unpacking aerospace. >> reporter: a whole lot of traffic impact even some workers from all been accounted district or the party to also see the watter slowing down the necks of sidewalk here all started last night for hash for less rigorous so it's been doing work on the area. nor can that aided each main water pipes and water started to bubble and came
8:52 am
back out. a 8 in. water main had broke. right now they have ever bigger share offer for mutt and they become a way. extortions and on school or less right there started about 25 minutes ago. for the most part the do have water and talk to custodians of the jim does not have what. or they are and ask how long they'll be working on it. figured it would be an all-day job. started the industry about half an hour ago. >> darya: will bet will be back in a couple
8:53 am
8:54 am
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>> darya: people who eat a certain type serial live longer than those who don't. is it apple jacks? >> darya: serial rich in
8:56 am
fiber had 19% reduce risk of death. lead to a 34 percent lower risk of death from diabetes. 15 percent less risk of cancer. also some benefit other breakfast foods as well. oatmeal we bread and france that contain fiber. there's the the special pay after all of sugar. >> james: for bringing back the lincoln top model now while the company unveiled a prototype really design luxury-car i'm of the all rochelle the you share with year the car should hit the market sometime next year they said. the price is your be up there seller mercedes. we'll have live
8:57 am
video out. in any event this guy gets up there in six figures and president of fully loaded package. luxury details.. coming up but not o'clock less search is on. a missing student he goes stickout and visiting u.s. see for more and. will trend that has update on finding the student. a church van gone from homes and a service it crashes. eight people died and the crash and the latest details on this breaking news story out of florida. happening today from limns the state had into courtrooms and francisco. explain why in just a moment(ccking nois) eryo wan
8:58 am
to be e caury bunny becae on he ingsdelicioucadby cre eggs. whilothe mayeep ying nobuy kns easter bett thacadbury.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> darya: gilroy to restore this monday morning uc- berkeley student missing. after leading a party at usc. and the family is also $50,000 reward for information to find out where he is no trend is live on a this morning on what happens. where people saying this morning. >> reporter: know this person as the know him by name. that never spoken to him but all concerned where he as. he should be back with them a spring break is over one returning to back to class. but instead somewhere down and loss angeles area tree pictures and this. and down to a fraternity party he other soccer players want to go on road trip. one of the soccer players said the i know a friend at the fraternity party. see will go there then around 1:00 saturday morning. it's all centaurus
9:01 am
about both for what his-ever since. so the mysterious on to o'clock that morning he called back to a female acquaintance to rise even call their now very close to other use heading to the beach and one is in the of see all know this or near beach and then the middle of a conversation bones just cuts out in the lapd still searching for him or in 48 hours in the family friends all heard about it and down there as well terrace on sutter team late last night the friends and the family all contributed and now there's a $50,000 reward of they think the money will grow right now lapd did not believe this is a case of all play but of course there soul-searching everyone very much concerned about where his where rust and not like
9:02 am
the 90 year-old the semele banished look at whether. >> reporter: memories you're never change of the next couple days it will be particle with the ethical for moving in the air that coming up and i 15 or looks like outside we have sunshine out there. fidelity the sunglasses for today and maybe a light jacket. temperatures so on the cooler side but returning over the mild side for some areas as. specially at the south bay fremont 59 degrees sunnyvale 58 redwood city 57 after a long peninsulas of which is likely now than soloed mid-60s. 50s. it may be in san francisco the different bills be in the lower fees for the next 30 minutes ago for a job outside be picking the dogs out assess a couple of guns continues to lead them to lunch hour will fill the
9:03 am
breeze from the west between 10 to 20 knots per hour and mess up the 30 at times a special lamp posts old cages high temperatures may upper '60s by 5:00 to drive on home your dinner time hours and temperatures at the fall in to load mid- 60s little bit on the cooler side a cluster or should be for the some of your 915 were talking more about the south the east bay forecast plus storm tracker for 70 forecast. >> george: the accident cleared fairly quickly gave out at the meeting lights between because the traffic was backing up on the incline no longer the case and the back up now is just beyond the 880 over crossing. on slow traffic
9:04 am
and a macarthur maze the heading here's the bay bridge. into the east shore freeway ride the san mateo bridge sending improvements here for the west on ride and for this hour in the morning. this little after 9:00 conditions a slight is a pretty good thing. and your ride to the richmond bridge westbound interstate 580 still a bit of back up here. longer backed up in richmond for the west on right from castro street. >> : . at the breaking news following here on kron 4 morning news school bus accident in as yet we do know that the fire is at the scene. sycamore all assess her drive. reports of injuries at this time but working bit more information on the school bus accident. find out what school was going to and kids were on. >> darya: this happened in what was the last four metatarsal the breaking news story following one person dead killed in a car accident the car with two
9:05 am
people tried the renegade at the nsa headquarters and they say it was an accident but the s u b was running the gate and that they don't believe this was a terror related but local media say there were two people and the card to women and the driver of the car was on the shot and killed by the police as he the one hand and quiet as a security vehicle. that is when the female driver was killed by security. over the more information we have that as far as the investigating right now they did not believe this was related to terrorism is. >> darya: 8 people died in this accident to injured church. many see a crash right there ran to a stop sign and landed right there in a canal. overnight
9:06 am
eastern time. that's in florida 18 people in the van. the driver seven passengers are the ones that were killed. a people that a peace people hospitalized. then returning from palm sunday services tend patients injured said to be and serious to stay stable condition. varying conditions at this hour. authorities believe some passengers were wearing seat belts. very high death toll and the bank crash in florida. the fight over it like robin williams over the services go courtroom. williams's wife and children are going to appear before probate judge. arguing it will treat closing and other personal items but the actor kept at the northern california homes. >> darya: ec williams live here some of the items were taken without her permission. his children say
9:07 am
that she's trying to change the trust agreement rob them of their father's belongings. >> darya: cerros please cover was a all the gang assault. habits of the last night that a person's moral greenway. west of san are as avenue. there were six of seven men they approached another man and ask for a game he was and. he denied he was of any gain at all. then one of those men and the gang started beating him with a baseball bat. took off with his id small lot of money. the victim taken to the hospital for serious not life-threatening injury. >> darya: coming up on the kron 4 more news new information on the german crash and the french alps or learning about the co-pilot mental history. fresno fire fighting for is life after he fell to the roof of this burning home. all caught on camera.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
>> george: of livermore a problem invesco road north about the reservoir seven truck overturned and not only bought northbound roadway also soloed stolen the southbound lanes as well. major cleanup
9:11 am
operations no estimated time for reopening. complete check coming up. >> darya: information about the german wing crashed and the french alps compile has received two vs all tendencies and then the timeline german newspaper pau's star claims of a summary of the plane's cockpit voice recorder you see here this is not been released by investigators but the navy report said they get here on of that voice recorder the capital say for god's sake open the door was the third team as the pilot for is leading the cockpit or a left the door to the bathroom the pores of the plane's wing can be heard scribbling the mountainside 397 taking off and rest years questioning the four quarters of the co- pilot said in find out more about his mental state.
9:12 am
>> reporter: sunshine and mild temperatures warmup the preconditions this afternoon and a cool down over the next couple days was a bizarre and easter weekend forecast all was details coming up after this break,.
9:13 am
9:14 am
>> george: if you getting carried north on vest erode in for trouble this morning
9:15 am
in the northbound lane will be shut down of a fearless hero reservoir of the seven truck that was involved in a crash some reports have it overturned and i do know a still part of its load and thus not only blocking the northbound lanes of vesco also affecting the south lawn right as well wasnt was this will be cleared up arrive in the state five in the westbound direction it is as a conceive harvard back to normal now a 26 minute drive time westbound truck and the commute for you here to the south bay we picked some light delays for 1785 in the northbound direction in general is thus somewhat little then it usual commute the drive time here 20 minutes from the capitol expressway on the mind your stress led tracking your ride to the bridges the bay bridge so only by up to a a your
9:16 am
crossing the time is still about 18 minutes the recent accident slowed things down and is gone now. sematech bridge continuing improvement here in the westbound direction except for the stalled a dump truck appears to be tying things right here the toll plaza i got the ride over industrial again trip to the golden gate bridge one oneself on will sluggish from the south tower over the richmond bridge the west on dried no longer backed up at the toll plaza. the rich and on 580 westbound. >> : another update from the weather center. >> reporter: tie right now 516 on monday some shun sunshine out there looks like looking at the golden gate bridge the off to the north with his seat and having fog this morning was so that has burned off and we're going to see sunshine across much of the area all because of high pressure in place but to start to see a few icons letter on this
9:17 am
afternoon because you off to the north a move to the area slogging some cooler temperatures and the afternoon at tuesday wednesday temperature wise terrace and right now in the 50s across much the area with '60s or spots melee across the sky with similar '60s for hayward concord antioch slightly cooler temperatures across clinton met upper '40's so area but mid-50s in crowded no. david 50s smiled to start what across the state plan on all temperatures to continue on until a short to a small village to outside what the dodgers warmup in the middle person sees was awesome what winds up this time but will pick up in the afternoon molested him apply m.p.h. and the pies are inland locations hyde summit upper 70's and early continued to stay on along with those
9:18 am
temperatures into the early afternoon so as a drag on home a home early from better were going to have some larcenies continuing on to all but 6:00 later on through today.. >> reporter: spate comfortable warming up mid- 70s and afternoon and not as high as we were yesterday still well above average for this time of year for a. is the northwest winds tend to 50 mi. per hour could lessen the 20 later on this afternoon off the upper '70's slightly cooler though all the coast and a warmup in the load mid-60's along with that breeze will have the last. ted wells per hour on the coast peninsula. could fuel a few degrees cooler than it for us today some tracker as the day forecast. yes: seven cheers across the bay and locations of west of the warmup with onshore breeze coming up by thursday friday. we did have a few
9:19 am
showers from a previous small run on sunday. all looking at easter sunday looks like they'll stay dry and we have a mix of sun and clouds for the weekend. until its montreal week-long on kron 4 kron-4-dot-com. penney home sells pretty good numbers wallstreet positive on the news weather is always a little more than as in the east north the south and the homes sell saw gains last month improvement. there are very solid numbers. steady increase in the labour market. kron 4% this crazier and given to a home all those trends should continue into next year telling you it should be good for the housing market also telling you there's another twist your tide
9:20 am
towards the sound of supply inventories really low farm prices continued tracking hire and higher. over this modified i'll use this and flossy henderson model is like a lot of grumbling at for militias standpoint selling your busily give yourself away some losers can't i actual artist once the penny is a collection of louis artists artist string $2 billion industry last year tripled to those growth there for there is a chemistry that they had declining sales
9:21 am
1999 on sales were 40.6 billion set 7 total 2 million kron on lines that number starting to definitely going direction people like pandora's apple be sought by kron or if our version now is a cool high deathf. this better quality out there is really positive and pot sporophytes industries getting more money but also parsee going way down to listen to an artist a hundred times it was more money to the artist and actually something like a cd as did a hundred times amazon million from drudge and other service they will sell disposal at our service
9:22 am
were you wont sorted and salt into cover their to car radios send somebody of the assault that transcend a 20% of the service of the l.a. seattle york it will roll out of people with angeles and group again just getting bigger discount the aaa were they have all the models these front-row ton truck models than the family and mobilize the nearest one to ordeal. on top of their views echoed their service agency in your neighborhood everyone trust this person and what some of america's ratings will be important as well. your question on one of her when she asks what people think about how much money do i need before i retire and is thinking about that as a magic number was a
9:23 am
formula states or between 10 to 24 times your salary before your tire hundred thousand make someone 1 million the $2 million before it what covers or 20% but was going toward health-care >> : czar reasonable way the say the much for your tire 10 to 15 percent every year every to exceed 41 k >> :
9:24 am
9:25 am
mt. hood was left off the list. so was the oregon coast, the columbia river gorge and the painted hills. smith rock and the wallowas are all missing. whoever named the seven wonders never set foot in oregon because even crater lake was left off their list. so we see your wonders world
9:26 am
and raise you seven of our own. the seven wonders of oregon. see one, or better yet see them all. >> darya: firefighter currently injured when the fall to the roof for the spring home caught on tape shot to you again. your
9:27 am
people screaming outside the fire here's up on the roof in fresno fraught sunday and fell right through as years trying to get some here's an area it then fell right through his seven third degree burns over 75 percent as body. fire exploded through the hole. airline so i had family friends are umbrian artist who died in a fire and west oakland will tell you how they're coping with the loss
9:28 am
9:29 am
>> darya: to other traffic how things are shaping up to the morning. >> reporter: tamarin now 30 where clouds out there but sunshine as well high clouds for much of the afternoon and some comfortable temperatures
9:30 am
leading up into the early to the. justin told delors said this afternoon. with numbers are right now lopper 57 cisco oakland so. jose altman upper 50s concord all but this is a degree mark ended 50s across livermore and santa rosa. these tensions continue warmup from here into the lotus and '70s across much of the bay . three across oakland temperatures and the next are warmup in the lower 60s and the mid-60s during the lunch hour the state of that out the center's multicultural not too hot not to cool across the board allowed mid-70s later on this afternoon and breezy was from the west a 10 and 20 m.p.h.. careful as your driving later on as you come home from work. wilson followed in the mid upper 60s are on seven at 8:00. coming up will have the south bay peninsula forecast coming up at 945.
9:31 am
>> george: similar monarch bought more than as a 580 north of livermore here on vesco road that the northbound lanes have been blocked also soft on land affected big right here seven truck the loss part of its load and the reason and this also are hotspot west on interstate 580. good news is that had completely cleared out now from the early morning hours as the drive * now only 25 minutes from compaq's. out to the dublin interchange. and the bay bridge back up we can now again see the end of it. no longer reach is quite today or crossing rebound. it that when there was a motorcycle crash/clear it cleared quickly. sluggish year at the toll plaza as trucks and other vehicles try to get around assault.
9:32 am
that occurred reuter the toll plaza at you see there some vehicles there tow truck with the trend is clear now out of the west travers in fremont need to avoid eggers drive. trouble hard and say been, and because of this must. cleaning up a water main break. >> darya: 11 of the seen since this happened at a strike now jackie but not done. >> reporter: this awful lot of work to do you see the roadway is closed for 04 miles from fabian a common bond of fremont boulevard is going to be closed for a while as they continue to work on that date and water main burst over night. according to alameda county water district the crew that is working the. got call late last night early this morning saying. that water main has burst and also say that a third-party contractor had been working in the area. that fell the 8
9:33 am
in. main and the the man because i mean a break. i can't tell you that for next washington high school. on a o'clock this morning for the most part they do have water on the high school. the gymnasium will depart of the school without water. subclasses are going on at the start page this morning but i can't tell you that according to. alameda county to officials out here say that this could hit take most of the afternoon. >> darya: following three shootings and oakland lead to a person that sent to others to the hospital. between these two have been said and i all than to the yesterday morning. so those reasons was to o'clock yesterday morning. officers found a man near to the washington street had been shot in the hospital. he died of his injury before that time thirties' saturday night's there's fun to are credible hard. at 68 avenue. to people driving in
9:34 am
that area when someone shot at them. before that night o'clock saturday night to people eckhart at the high street exit ramp of 580. somebody fired about 13 shots at them. police are looking for suspects and all those shootings and not told us everything there connect in any way. happening now police are looking for a lover is responsible for a drive-by shooting in sunnyvale. i have been yesterday morning for men driving high was 01 and then another vehicle start firing shots at them the passenger was hit three times in the abdomen. and is in critical condition. also to the three passengers in the car were head. and stable condition this is the. >> darya: the villages over the life of daniel thomas the. 86 year-old artist with two men killed him three large file
9:35 am
>> reporter: as you would wanted surrounded by classic cars was an oakland over cups of beer. ours is called a mini. thomases and cousins of the triple from southern california. sudbury is life for those close friends here in oakland. no words to express how much they've done for us any have the greatest frenzy you could ever imagine very lucky. >> reporter: alit artist killed march 21st when their apartment building on 24 straight caught fire. all clusters stories with some afternoon and pieces of as our work hanging in the backdrop i needed was an artist badly i thought it was saw his are working to a number of the way.
9:36 am
>> reporter: family is happy selling they will be remembered through his past passion. you again are at a certain style to a certain edge to a think the title of his life is beautiful so i know his wife will impact people for a long time to come. >> darya: at 36 coming up the museum targeted in a terror attack earlier this month back open today tell you how it is doing now look this over. >> reporter: coming up nine optical illusion actually more schooling in the play on the embarcadero in san francisco as only thing i saw. show you the next addition of people behaving badly. >> darya: look at the september slowdown of will be right
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>> darya: national barrault museum's reopening for the first time since the start tech a earlier this left 22 people killed when extremist gunmen opened fire on the foreign tourists. the your the taurus rhine as the attackers also took hostages led museum reopening concessions damaged in the shooting attack but it is known for its from mosaics. top destination for your being a cruise ship passengers and other tourists. >> darya: blue plane but letting computers and out of because of flooding. briefly long run and that airport apologize and your from cause delays airline heavy is manual check of the passengers. enter resume working not know operations but customarily it as a way to credit take care the backlog. >> darya: been up with bay
9:41 am
area traffic we see also shine more sun and now truck at the approach of a bridge
9:42 am
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. life's the food that brings us together.
9:44 am
and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. near the embarcadero receive people running n drawing of the us site. >> reporter: jamal butter and do now is going to get a little bit hotter later on this evidence. >> darya: son are in the check because we just read must of been doing it for an hour to 30. the family as well there. >> reporter: will upset outside britain revolt side of the embarcadero we did see people walking jogging at a perfect time ago on a bright i cried. and the temperature will go up from 10 degrees or should be for
9:45 am
the suns your daytime highs the. the high-pressure implies giving us clear skies. this out to less those clouds will continue to track toward our area along with a cold front and usher in some cooler temperatures for tomorrow and wednesday. as we stand right now we're starting off mile with 50s and 60s out there. mostly sixties across the east bay. 61 hayward conquered 60 fairfield also 60¢ for antioch. at your art mouth of the jurors as well for san jose fairmont. sunnyvale will warm up to 65 degrees. across the peninsula mid-50s. and then temperatures quickly on the rise. if you won't be a on the south bay plan to sit round the next 30 minutes and then in the lunch hour upper 60 that the lower 70. it. wharf the parts of the rest of bay area. what's their francisco. but will continue warmup. going
9:46 am
inland across south bay. temperatures warmup and to make up for seven days. lb on the warmer side hot for sun and isolated eight eighties. cupertino maybe even some of the letter on this afternoon. 5:00 temperatures will slowly cool down of the warders and mid-70s. this so again above average with breezy was from the northwest end of details for our. you'll be across peninsula slightly miles or close to or daytime highs. army of the mid-60s letter on this afternoon and you even see some isolated a lower seventies across parts of the bay. and the peninsula other sectors to retail will go up or '70s. east beirut oakland warmly up to 72. farther off the east across the space. temperatures will warmup amid upper '70's. or cross and locations. on a spate or may up the 77 this afternoon. presser's from tracker 74 test wells have a call from moving and giving
9:47 am
us some of the mild cooler temperature for the middle of this make. upper '60's or '70's. across the and locations i continue to stay miles in the '70s against local level we have for this afternoon the easter weekend we had a few short chance as possible for sunday as of right now the latest models are trending toward the storm system stay farther off the north elba cloud cover for easter sunday martyr in the range has all week long and on kron 4 kron-4-dot-com. >> george: incidence but the problems on vesco road. we have a cement truck beds built part of its load. north of interstate 580 near the reservoir. and so affecting both wings planes specifically. and then the san mateo bridge clearing what first appeared to be a dump truck actually eat the been an accident here at the toll plaza. because the lens
9:48 am
or restricted it backed up the right once again coming over highway 92 from your industrial and now that all the traffic is getting through. now that the meeting lights have been turned off at the on ramps were seeing a little slower traffic across the span. the draft was are backed up around 18 minutes now and to san mateo. for our trip at the bay bridge westbound were looking at a late drive here and the metering lights still on the back up is to a first over crossing. golden gate bridge is an easy trip here northbound and southbound and would not be surprised if they had the truck pre quickly brought about reconfiguring planes for right of due etherege and bridge or the new line of traffic westbound the were no the solar beckham coming out of richmond. >> darya: another person has been killed by caltrans vista morning between old man's head and killed on the
9:49 am
tracks in sunnyvale sharing member for 26. mayor mary avenue when it hit the man and then a crunch, trained investigators right now say the men to show a jump in front of the train one of the passenger was not hurt and this is the 10th fatality i car train tracks this year and authorities of mistreating causally explosion fire the old three manhattan apartment buildings this comes after two bodies were recovered from the site yesterday. the mayor says some may improperly kept the gas on the for the explosion of. >> darya: complex leaving remnants here and tons of wreckage at the hesitancy sifting through all the rubble now. consolidated edison says the guest workers had discovered a line that had to appeared to be illegally tapped less august. planted people injured in thursday's explosion for. critically and that authorities believe the two bodies on yesterday
9:50 am
were those the two missing men they're looking for since the explosion. >> darya: accuse the press against boston bomber that is the trial is in the opening statements the lawyers said he did participate in the bombing of his older brother but the brother what was killed what in the shootout after the bombing he was the mastermind the trouble now move into the second phase or the jury determines whether to be sentenced to death or for life in prison >> darya: certain parents students teach acceptance planning a peaceful procession visual in response to archbishop participation rally against civil marriage for six couples a rally but he participated said happen april 25th washington dc
9:51 am
today in severance discuss its o'clock tonight our mission has been criticized recently for is morality clause kalikow schoolteachers outlined church teachings cents a marriage to abortion are all you. >> darya: 40 is warning redwood city bottom-line are rounds spotted near the edge of a county park natural preserve what 30 in the afternoon yesterday when he was seen as other signs people avoid approaching fec one also hike drug but not at daughter dusk but not especially among lions are active.. surf >> reporter: any city in california legal right to a dedicated by claimed the. those lanes count for the california vehicle code it said it. the deck here
9:52 am
bicycle lanes are least prospective planes and severance copley the only have to do is hang up embarcadero. and this out plainly obvious. scooter rider utilizing the bike lane of the entire time. appears to be a common practice. even motorcycle's use the land often to buy vast congestion. this one ticket and a bike lane by the way ticket for running as skater in the bike lane. but too much as $38. the point i your driving record . but suppose remember this about rillettes a stay of crosswalks those are for pedestrians not. not not just the two will tide sometimes the. four will the the super driver use the pipeline to drop off passengers and front a bike lanes are not for loading and unloading. to uphold the traffic trend of the block
9:53 am
the bike lane as humanly possible it creates a hassle for a bike riders and is a rude. their track commuter bus. the red light to be traffic is a big now. watch this driver first partially blocking the bike lanes. slowly plu polls of likely to find a parking spot. after from the parking she forgot to feed the meter here's her car of u.s. later getting a parking ticket. respectably claimed avoided to get.
9:54 am
9:55 am
ookse cholate w haa crunch.brkside
9:56 am
cruny clters - crpy multi-gins and sweefruiflaved piecesdied in richark ocolate. diover brookside cruny clters. >> darya: this store is working on this morning a family of uc-berkeley student when missing in los angeles now offering $50 a dollars of it and help find where he as a 19 year-old
9:57 am
vest was less seen leaving a party at the tau kappa epsilon fraternity where u.s. c 13 in the morning saturday he told his friends he wanted to go walk before leaving the party better call friends saying he was lost in trouble no one was able to reach consensus prosecutors say a co-pilot of the german plane crash in the french alps. easily receive treatment for suicidal tendencies and receives psychotherapy with a note about suicide suicidal tendencies for several years before becoming a pilot must years found no motive for what he crashed the plane killing all 150 people on board. lawyers for the light on robin williams and children and probate court arguing over some of the things other sorrell he posted on our website at kron-4-dot- com bucket will see later
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