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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>>darya: good morning.
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>>james: with a lot to talk about all the weather from will get to eric in the moment. >>george: we have better news about and they manage to clear the lion's share of 880 southbound direction but not before had a chance to completely back of the ride from 880, thought it is backing of the commute into san leandro and click on to to 38 had not notified at st. took the map back to you concede. that means it will likely reach into castro valley does it lies are clear we still have activity on the shoulder it will take time for this backup to dissipate i do
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not expect that this will be with us through the rest of the morning but it is an out there for the last hour and that has been enough to really jim mcbride is already costing about 15 minutes here in the back of for people. >>george: coming southbound out of oakland and expecting back and to grow for while 04 is finally starts to clear at the bay bridge the metering lights have been activated and were back the right to the edge of the macarthur maze and on and to the san mateo bridge will begin to see some red lights here coming on as you move out from the toll plaza toward mid span so the drive times will climb above 11 minutes. >>erica: started things off with pretty mild conditions it is cloudy but it is dry but what a surly on the horizon will first focus on future cash will want to take a look at this afternoon there were slight possibility for sport or to let on to that is to take the lead
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after 3:00 hour will see some moisture to little green dots on your screen but most of that actually are sure it will stay on shore as we headed to the west of the evening it is not until early saturday morning that we will start to see someone develop in the bay area and 5:00 will start cecil rain in the south bay that would continue as we headed to the 10:00 hour take a look what happens is yes the afternoon by 3:00 light rain is expected lot of the golden gate bridge is far east as livermore minibus will be the umbrella symbol was lassie any ride whatsoever when this is all said and done you system isolated thunderstorms and perhaps of to a quarter of an inch of rain and not only with talk about ride in the bay area but perhaps no we're talking about small levels dropping down to 4,000 ft.. >>erica: is the into friday evening does expect some scattered showers mainly for saturday will start to try things out as we into sun that unsettled weather storm is into the rest of the week before details on that extended
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forecast coming up with 15 minutes. >>darya: the big news this morning as happened again someone once again got on bart not knowing the had the measles and now there's about a thousand 50 and the people that have to worry this morning that maybe they were exposed to the disease this is someone that was traveling last friday >>will tran: this person how to the bart train in millbrae about 420 last friday the cab going to ultimately got off in san
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francisco at civic center this person reported to start investing in a desolate able to pinpoint so far since last friday notice san mateo county has come down with measles this is the second case however and a month this past month was someone in the bay area confirmed measles case the other would have been a contra costa county earlier this month that was confirmed but since that happened no one in that area also came down with measles when writing bark is well with that particular person investigation now switch to that person work area if you're writing part for leery about a public health officials said the chances of you catching measles is very little because people were
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always coming and going on arts and the best way to fight it is get vaccinated. >>darya: to offer the symptoms of the measles and you want to know exactly what those are the to our web site we have for you and kron 4 that come. >>james: this is the police officers this emphasis goes mission district the math was allegedly trying to steal some was bicycle employes recalled that is what you understand? >>reporter: not try to still another man to bite you use a large lead to do so this all this and called police the
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shooting took place of falls church to between 24 and 25th and the turns out on duty plainclothes officers wore their clothes by an account to the suspect described as possibly in his 20s. >>reporter: did have department issue stars and saw the suspect to drop the knife. >>: the suspect was struck fell to the it cannot survive his injuries and interviewing the victim they told that he was coming after me with a knife this big and that was not that big however it was large pay said the to guy save my life and phantom. >>reporter: the system did not identify but also fired and this from a total of six shelters and on the rubble to those officers are now paid a miniature and leave the shooting is under investigation has the case and
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off of several shootings this tell us that they will put together town hall meeting sometime early next week in the mission district to discuss the investigation. >>darya: still ahead on the kron 4 more of the bay area man accused of selling a runaway teenager for sex and mattel will tell you what is happening and the driver believed to have left the truck on the tracks that called the train derailment in oxnard early this week every is will tell you why he was let out of jail.
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>>george: >>george:
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>>darya: the truck driver who left his truck on the track and the calls a major investors up because it was the promise track and he ran to get help no charge will miss out immediately. it was tuesday when his truck was stopped on the tracks and are smart was cause a meddling trying to crash when into a and real 45 minutes after the crash police found him walking about a mile and half way still to come into custody and a news conference was held and a son read the statement. >>: father have the rest of the family is praying for everyone speedy recovery and our concern involves are with the victims of
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the accident. >>darya: a dozen people were hurt in three in critical condition including the tray's engineer of the family did not answer our answer any questions a ramirez cab the sweatshirt on top of his have the whole tide and domestic to the media >>james: will tell you how much was raised and how the residents are saying thank you and then at 633 video the san francisco police officer arrested a homeless man who fell asleep on a minibus by the police chief is defending that officer today as 640 is a huge debate right now that nearly all of the internet over the past two to four hours and all over address
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>>george: here at the rich members of west about 580 ride very light no delays with thankfully all of the toll lanes have been opened since 6:00 this his to the western center with rain on the way. >>erica: drive for now he was a live look as satellite and radar
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correct conditions showed some snow showers to our east will see a few isolated showers the second straight to future cash i said before 9:00 this evening you notice a marcher off shore and off the coast in the messy rain developing until saturday morning make sure your umbrella as the clock into motion the seventh half-hour in the slight the mets to lower peninsula down and far south as san jose spotty showers and the forecast nothing to organize tem judge will be on
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the courts decide what whether from saturday will see dry conditions on top for sunday them for this is all said and done it to see a to a core of an inch of rain for the urban spot a little more hire for the mountain you speaking of mountains with no leverage of the down to 4,000 ft. in the bay area that is definitely good news for skiers and borders. >>erica: another opportunity for a little bit of rain for early next week your 50 degrees 47 out of livermore looking ahead to
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extended forecast sunday drive but as yet until monday for which impossible to move through it will bring us a spherical or to if you're out and about this weekend in one to track the rain we have a brand new kron 4 mobile application that tree for download. >>darya: we're learning much more this morning about a homicide in hercules including the identity this was a home invasion that took a deadly turn and that the suspect broke in with what later turned out to be a realistic looking the begun like real guns. also spotted a
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trail of blood from a truck that was parked in the driveway and that is when they found a woman with a plastic covering her face she remains in critical condition this morning police, a second victim of a man he had clear plastic packaging wrapped around his head the woman was a good friend of his. >>james: he uses in his year as a sex worker at a sunnyvale motel 65 for the dollars in cash on him that this item as a pimp
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and a predator. sphere define what is missing in a person's life and he is being held right now on $1 million bail it was surely after the fire in all line from reason. >>darya: he spoke to the man who started. the final total to december year-old all life on to
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raise the top $180,000 as one family after another steps into our room to receive their checks that helps this money held more than 50 tenants displaced by the deadly january fire find peace. >>: it's about $6,000 that will be one single male and a one- bedroom apartment at $15,000 the will be a family of three young children under the age of 10. >>reporter: they held dispersed to check now with the donations tony and his mother nancy facing
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the things i looking up. another just another money is finally going to them applicable war and disaster and it can move on getting the allies backing track. >>james: will tell you how facebook is reaching out this morning to help people get their own lives and ending them. [ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ]
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>>james: 9 people are dead following shootings at least four separate locations the shooter is among the dead more infamous is expected for lead on this one will have more on that arms when it develops will bring
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the force of that press conference live still had go looking to grow is campus and silicon valley of why some people are not happy about it the number of dogs getting sick from eating (a dog food is growing where or to have of the into exactly what brand is concerning people.
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>>james: in just a few moments pre-market trading relatively flat only by single digits will see what happens what is underway. >>darya: boy this hotspot will not give up to clear the
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accident and here it is still a mess. >>george: now it is affecting the ride is san leandro castro valley and probably even the nimitz out of oakland in the southbound direction. that the into castro valley on 230 a northbound speaking of the bridges here is the look at the bay bridge ride and the commute solidly into the macarthur maze above 26 minutes prior led the drive term for the westbound trip. drive times for some of
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bird of 20 minutes for the west about out of hatred across 92 as you had over toward san mateo. . >>erica: we do have a system had in our direction rain is want to jot down from the south satellite and radar shows mostly dry conditions but i have received a few comments. will have to wait before tomorrow before we see any showers because with the system is over land and is with a pretty dry and not a lot of moisture to tap
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into. >>erica: in fact a couple of locations will continue whatsoever. prepare for re we will see it for much of the bay area when the 2 40 mi. per hour. --when'd >>erica: as you had to saturday evening san francisco 54 degrees. >>james: happening today in the east bay as suspected child molester will make his first court appearance 52 year-old man was arrested and hercules just
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today there is this bottle the boyfriend of the day care worker that will men was watching a to your girl at the time the girl now 13% the said the blast is a lesson about the gear she did not comport with because she was afraid. >> >>darya: take a look at this new video the police officer you see across the line when he was arrested a homeless man on a minibus the massless it on the bus. the officer of wickes up the man whose name is bernard and tries to get them off the bus the officer that has him with a baton and then uses pepper spray on him the police chief says that officers did nothing wrong and that he had to take action because he was not complying and
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made several threats there is enough evidence to put warrants on trial in this case. >>james: a mistrial has been declared. >> >>darya: the bay area man who lay planted in the case says that his bulldog died and two other of his dogs got sick after the eight beneficial. by
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purina. the lawsuit claims the food contains an agreement toxic to animals which also found and antifreeze.
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>>erica: is a black and blue or white and gold will be weighing in on the just the back of 2015 coming up.
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>>george: at llewellyn the back of norwich's to marina boulevard even though all lanes are cleared on the '80s southbound early recovery accidents to tying up the ride even though it is gone i will have a complete traffic check coming up. >>darya: usually when there is a dress question is does this dress looked my but look fat.
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this morning the question as what color is it some people see black and of the sea wiped them all and you have not stated you will is absolutely inundated also shall media. >>james: debating over >>erica: i am firmly tame blue and black. he says white and gold and then he says this picture of the pope according to
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les nor scientists that it is the way our brain of our eyes are interacting there is an access things when they're on a certain point you discount more one color they say in a case where you ride a single white and gold your discount to the gold side in the case if you in a single blue and black you're discounting the other side and one died ride away causes even start i am still unclear how people are talking like this in the first place.
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>>james: into bacon message to friend back or contact other friends or even make contact with a little help experts for advice. the 2 ft. long black fox could become indiana's new weapon to save babies. legislation approved by lawmakers for allow hospitals to leave churches and other locations where parents are allowed to drop off in france. as a rhythm to put them in the box. anonymously. >>reporter: day old child from
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bed. for that reason and saw many others at the past as a haven law 50 years ago to allow adults to get custody of an abortion in the hospital emergency room police are for an apartment. a team they will have happened like was using the law or 33 or bad and for when firefighter and paramedic said the not enough parents know that is the one last desperate option for parents. those are the one of the need us all on the one to open the door is the infant in here that once we await down once the weight is down a trip
6:52 am
to 911 goes off. if the macpherson is to use them why is the incubators or crack of the offer no more than a second location it passed the house 94 to 0 on tuesday and now goes to the senate into becomes law supporters say it 100 of the privately funded boxes will be deployed by july 2016 when one girl to choose to go to the crisis pregnancy center we want them to know this is an option the choice of forces of life. >>darya: support of these boxes say they could be useful as a supplement to the u.s. safe- haven laws that are ready in the book and they allowed him to avoid prosecution as long as the child is not harmed.
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>>james: happening today is expected to submit us suspension us >>james: people are not in line with this plan that will allow the seat will get any bigger they spent to project will force on to the city. >>: will be a challenge how we incorporate the goal of a house in northern shore which is being put forward on a and the set of criteria. who's a dispatch or provide 2000 new jobs and those in my view aware want to follow
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the forecast for you off this morning it will be along with any hot spots is to have was still asking for you to send us your self seville's on how you'd do that by that we made anything.
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