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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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coming up.air force one touches down for a presidential visit to the bay area. the major policy announcement president obama is set to make tomorrow. j.r. stone>>: this is the s c v he was inside. this marks
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presidential bomb as 20th trip to the bay area. he'll attend a note fund-raiser danner and rationale. , not everyone was excited. the streets and highways were closed creating traffic and the lease delays. many of those locals were stuck on streets when the president arrived. when they finally
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opened the streets mobs of people could be seen walking here and there security is still very high at here. pam moore>>: 4 err in his itinerary in the bay area you can visit our web site. charles clifford>>: on thursday the top 20 department of fish
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and wildlife announced that the mystery to that killed many birds is a combination in of non petroleum oriole's. and what rate is tearing into a thick sticky goo that was difficult to remove from the birds. one group that has been following this closely is the nonprofit group called save the bay.
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pam moore>>: jeff bush>>: ollie know is that emergency crews are in the water.officials say they have
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found the car and are attempting to tow it out of the water. it is not known if anyone is in the car.
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the bart board of directors unanimously voted to ban e- cigarettes today the vote came after a lot of complaints about second- hand smoke from e-cigarettes on bart. the bart board gave final approval for an ordinance that allows the board to ban electronic cigarettes on its trains and in its stations. the ordinance takes effect immediately, but the agency will not be enforcing it right away. bart will now update its signs at stations and on trains. to ensure riders know about the new restrictions. bart's board of directors is telling protestors. they no longer have to pay about 70- thousand dollars in restitution. for the trouble they caused last november.
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a rare and deadly disease could take the life of a 6-year-old girl in berkeley -- if a cure isn't found soon. so says iris dooley's parents. who tell kron four's philippe djegal -- they've taken to the web to raise money to fight this disease and save little children like iris. back in 2013. 6-year-old iris dooley was diagnosed with the rare and deadly degenerative neurological disease called gm1 -- gangliosidosis. its found in just one of every 300-thousand people. sot- "it robs children of the ability to speak, to walk, to even swallow and to move their limbs." last december. her parents christine and doug started an online fundraising campaign on the website, soliciting for donations with this youtube video, spreading word about the
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disease and how people can help. sot- "ultimately, its your worst nightmare." as of now, the family has raised more than 200-thousand dollars. the goal is half a million. with the funds going to help further research on the disease at auburn univeristy in alabama. sot- "i don't think i could ever explain to them how much it means to us." and as iris' condition deteriorates, her parents stress the importance of reaching that fundraising goal as soon as possible to give their daughter the best chance to survive. in berkeley, philippe djegal, kron four news. warm weather in the bay area breaking some records today. i'm here with michelle apon. michelle how long can we expect this unseasonable weather to last? it will be dry for the next seven days. napa oakland and sunnyvale ball tied it for the
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record. in its san francisco is 61 degrees tomorrow morning it will be into the '40's if you're an land. plenty of '70s, said a
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date will have the temperature is 1 and up into the '70s. pam moore>>: san jose police have a new tool to fight crime. but not everyone is on board. a security camera database was launched this morning. it allows residents to register their own, personal security cameras with san jose p-d. when a crime takes place police can go to the database to see if there are any private cameras inear the crime scene. then, if needed, police will contact the person who owns the camera and ask for relevant footage. privacy advocates are concerned about a growing, "big brother" police state. people who want to put themselves on the police database can register online. you can also opt-out of the program at anytime.
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now to tonight's my kron-four story. a local non-profit teamed up with a top-rated chef to give students at a local school fresh, organic lunches.that are made from scratch. teens turning green raised money to cover the extra costs of the program and the executive chef of sausalito's cavallo point lodge uses his connections with local farmers to keep it affordable. the executive director of teens turning green says they are seeing positve results from the kids eating right. a local non-profit. and a top- rated chef. have teamed up to make sure students at one local school are getting fresh organic lunches made from scratch.
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remember me? yeah she remembers me" it was happy reunion between griselda bautista and this pitbull here at the oakland animal services center. the two met the day before under very dangerous circumstances as she was entering the 66th avenue on-ramp to interstate 880 "she was walking into death and maybe would have taken a couple of humans with her because you never know how people react to something on the freeway when they see something that's not supposed to be there" she says the fact that it was a stray pit bull decreased the odds of someone stopping to help "nobody would have stopped just like i hesitated for just a minute, she is a pit bull, nobody wants to deal with a pit bull, they get a bad rap" but bautista did stop because it
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was a life or death situation "my heart wouldn't let it happen, i had to put on my hazards, stop everything a little bit call her toward mewe called the cops" the pit bull was brought here to oakland animal services. "we're currently trying to locate the owner" "i feel like i saved her life" in oakland haaziq madyun kron4news
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pebble beach round one a beautiful day at pebble beach temeratures normally averaging 61 degrees hit into the high 70's today bill murray up to his usual stuff having fun with the fans playfully drags a woman down the hill then gets back to chipping burter posey his putt barely lips out a groaner matt cain he chips in on the 11th hole shot of the day by the local amatuers as for the pros. j.b. holmes putts in for birdie on the 7th he is tied for the lead at 8-under but the story john daly shot a 7-under 65 his best round since 2005 he is tied for 3rd one stroke back even had a kiss for his caddie who is his fiance here's daly mens hoops - santa clara at usf rex walters usf head coach kerry keating santa clara head coach under a minute in regulation
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santa clara's brandon clark makes the jumper to tie it 58- 58 overtime usf's devin watson with the great behind the back move for the lay-up 62-60 usf final: 69-62 usf usf: 10-16, 4-10 santa clara: 11-15, 5-9 that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4
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dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow morning!
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my house is on fire. actor pierce brosnan's house in on fire. then, you've been erased. brian williams' name scrubbed away. and -- >> bob simon was killed this evening. it was a car accident. >> his "60 minutes" family in mourning. >> huge, huge, huge loss. >> this is where the nightmare crash happened. then where's my mommy? little sissy's desperate search through the hospital. plus road rage caught on tape. and america's largest bride jilted. >> it didn't work out. >> she was all set to walk down the aisle, then -- >> he just split. >> now sh


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