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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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good evening i'm vicki liviakis. renewed worries about the spreading measles outbreak. 68 people in california have been diagnosed with the measles. including 2 in the south bay. now a santa clara county costco is warning customers that they may have been exposed to the illness. kron-4's annie andersen reports. this sign at the costco in gilroy warns all shoppers that they could have been exposed to the measles while shopping. but despite signs being at the entrance and at each register many people didn't notice the warnings "maybe it should be bigger. i didn't see it. but i also have two kids to be taking care of." santa clara county health officials called costco during the week to let them know that a person with the measles had been in their store last sunday. costco management says that the infected person was a costco member. not an employee. but
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they weren't able to pinpoint exactly when the person was in the store. according to the health department sign posted. people who were shopping from 4 to 6pm could have been exposed to the virus. the centers for disease control says that the measles virus can stay in the air for up to 2 hours. that means that the two hour window given by the health department could actually be longer depending on how long the infected person stays in the store. chelsea dorsich spent the morning at costco with her family. at just 8 months old her daughter is too young for the measles vaccine. so this latest case is upsetting for her. "probably make me think twice about coming back here. didn't even see the signs." it also has her frustrated that some parents choose not to vaccinate. "it's disappointing because i think.not going to get vaccinations."
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other moms are more accepting choice not to vaccinate. "it's tough because my sister doesn't vaccinate.make people vaccinate." apartment in san francisco's south of market neighborhood. ha's family posted a message on facebook today saying quote " we are relieved that dan will be returning to his body can finally be put to rest." death is still under three people have been
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hospitalized after a motorcycle fire officials say when the motorcycle ran into the car, the bike's fuel tank ruptured. in flames. all three people in the car were one with minor injuries and two new tonight at 11. three people are in critical condition after deck collapse in san francisco's excelsior district. emergency crews responded to the 2-hundred block of vienna street fire officials say a preliminary cause of the collapse could be a railing failure. another armed robbery in a usually peaceful east bay community. tonight, police in san ramon are looking for the man who held uppolice are sharing his photo. carefully the snapshot of an armed robbery that san ramon police say took minutes to pull off. sot- "never thought it would happen here ever." even more surprising. because this wells fargo branch is actually inside a lucky's grocery store off san ramon valley boulevard. sot- "it's really troubling." investigator say at around 2-30
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saturday afternoon, this man handed a teller a note which appears to be in his hand showed the teller a handgun, hidden on his waist. police say he took the money then ran without inuring anyone. sot- "i was really concerned because uh something is i ave a business close by." williams ejuwa owns the ups store next door. he says he hopes this kind kind of crime doesn't lead to a trend. sot- "i think it should be people coming from a different areas, because its not something that's common thing in this area." this happening just day after, a man held this burrito restaurant up at gunpoint in walnut creek. sot- "it does seem to be happening more often." in fact, police here in san ramon are also working with investigators in pleasanton, who believes its possible this bank robber is involved in similar crimes in that area. in san ramon, philippe djegal, kron four news.
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cuss go scott rates>>: back here in walnut creek, it was packed. what ever people could do to take in the sun they were done and. and and people you just wanted to get out of the house.
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starting next week a storm system will be coming and.
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the vicky coming up next of blizzard warning for the east coast.
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the california supreme court's decision to ban state judges from belonging to the boy scouts doesn't sit well with some of them. several judges with children who are boy scouts wrote to oppose the new membership policy before the court approved it friday. a few of the judges believe their affiliation with the scouts do not affect how they serve on the bench. the boy scouts of america started allowing openly gay boys to be scouts last year, but does not allow gay adults to be
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foster farms says no turkey products have been affected by the outbreak. ap-ca--avian flu- turkeys reporter>>: i have the forecast coming up
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in one of the city's parks.and are shutting it down. boyd memorial park will be closed for thirty days starting tomrrow to address health and security issues. the park has become the site of littering, abandoned drug paraphernalia and vandalism according to the city's services director. the city council is expected to hear a report at its februry 2nd meeting on short term and long term goals for the site. connecting the bay area. a massive construction project to extend bart to the south bay is taking another step. kron four's dan rubin spoke
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with people who are being impacted by the berryessa extension.
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now to a follow of a my kron-4 story we brought you this week. a mother in redwood city reached
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out to us.after her family van was stolen.and along with it. irreplaceable keepsakes.including the family's baby books. today.erin mugglebee says she found the family car a few miles from her home. but the inside was wrecked.and all personal items were gone.including the baby books she is desperate to find. mugglebee tells kron-4 the items might have been thrown away. now.she's trying to contact recology in san mateo to help track down the books. we checked out the last story after a viewer reached out to us. if you have a story idea you'd like us to look into -- go to our website, kron4-dot-com and click on the my kron4 story tab. to grab a visibility down a quarter mile. we're starting and mainly sunny as we go through
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the day monday calls will come a storm system will come up from the self. dishabille thin plots to start but will thicken during the day. are around 6:00 a.m. there could be a few light showers around hist hasan jose. for tomorrow morning, look for the upper 30's lower '40's. mostly sunny all
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the way through the end of january. this is video from yesterday as a storm caused havoc on roads in buffalo. the potentially historic snow storm is expected to hit new york city tomorrow night. the national weather service has upgraded its blizzard watch to a blizzard warning for the area from northern new jersey through southern connecticut, including new york city. the warning is in effect from 1 p-m monday through tuesday. airlines are preparing for the extreme weather. around 12-hundred flights scheduled for monday are
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expected to be cancelled according to flight tracking site flight aware.
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for instance andrew fighting back against charges that he had sex with an underage girl. >> the royal sex scandal making royal headlines. >> prince andrew finally speaks out. >> i'm not going to refer to the events taking place. >> that's part of our good week/bad week. >> i have no more campaigns to run. >> including the president's viral state of the union speech. >> i know because i won both of them. >> then jennifer aniston isn't so friendly any more. >> i've drank a bottle of booze and popped five vicodin today. >> and then from child stars to worldwide sensations. >> we're going inside the osmond


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