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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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♪ ♪ hersy'spres.brg the delious steof hersh'chocate to athing - everhing. th hshe's spreads, thpossibilits ardelious. >>darya: we begin with the latest out of dublin where a big rig truck full of beer overturned causing a traffic mess listed right to the very latest. >>george: the chp abetted their secular and delta have
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been cleared within four hours. we did this notice that a truck pulling in here at the same to carry some of the beer away that needs to be offloaded let's check in now with the kron 4 jacket was in on the scene now for some time. >> jackie sissel: you would think this will be a good sign but i'm not sure a flatbed toes of the survive out here this made a u-turn and turn this up from backing up into see the bear that in the back of that truck it appears as though there but to try to start offloading the material onto a flatbed truck that overturned from 320 this morning as it traveled westbound on 580 and pass san ramon and foothill if a covert and as i rubble so car was set as a local hospital. is this it will
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adhere to walk three hours an hour-and-a-half ago sizzler done with this out of there and talk to them to have an idea of how many people be working on this. if >>george: it is westbound interstate 580 just as foothill world saw your only real option out of the san ramon valley is to take croquet year-old and if you do the good news is you
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intersect with 580 past the accident and then you get past the back of this affects everyone coming in from the baltimore past as well and you're ride to the bridge here started to develop the agency was a back and not across all the lies and meeting lines are active at the bay bridge toll plaza on 92 the san mateo bridge the volume building in the next 40 minutes or so it could account for some stop and will traffic for the westbound ride the hill is a quick check from the golden gate bridge which looks fine now but will be closed this weekend in fact it is: tomorrow night right after midnight. a set of the weather. >> james: the visibility looking pretty good in san francisco you could make up the city lies bring the kids out here is the only fall where it you're ride out
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this up the santa rosa where the visibility is down to about 2 mi. is also some cases to be answered above the counter. headlines on for today increasing clout or racing clouds out there right now we continue to see those most high-level cloud door after the that will allow to cool temperatures down is a little bit any reference to the main five degrees tomorrow to see to cool the trend as an into the weekend from the chronicle and this is the sustenance is the warm weather this week in fact coming up in 50 minutes i will show you what records retired or broke yesterday as a stick around for that is coming as it to stay in the meantime his return to our right now the cool spot santa rosa 38 with widespread for is everywhere else that is the else >>darya: we have breaking news out of paris police have reportedly located and surrounded the two men
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responsible for yesterday's shooting at a satirical newspaper where 12 people were killed including two police officers according to local media in france the two men believed to be brothers have barricaded themselves in a house in a town northeast of paris helicopters are over the area right now special forces have been deployed to other to reportedly brought the gas station and are cornered in a house here is a video of that gas is set the clock at the station says that those two men drove off towards paris with assault rifles and a lot of our rocket launcher in their car this two brothers have links to tear or stretching back almost a decade this is restoring or content of that the very latest developments this coming into kron 4 about the final two suspects that may be taken into custody soon but they are right now surrounded the third person
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involved in that attack the a segno turned himself over and is in police custody as of yesterday. >>darya: we're getting a look now as some shocking video from the moms of yesterday's attack on that newspaper take a look. then scienc>>darya: this is taken from the roof near the newspaper where the attack happened that have been many threats against his newspaper because of this character or the government to conceal a ticking off a getaway car and the attacker claimed allegiance to up haida as a launch that attack. >>mark: a gunman opened fire on the officer early this morning killing her nearby street sweeper was also shot and injured that is not clear if the shooting is
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connected to yesterday's terrorist attack. and is a national day of mourning in france at noon the solemn sound of bells ringing out and not to bomb several locations as it would allow pears observed the moment of silence and of the two of people killed inside a french newspaper offices. here in the bay area offices between silent and into chants and songs it wants to show their support in a peaceful way stay with us as we develop and follow the story the left of his two suspects no apparent will bring to a base here on air
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>>darya: francisco to try to lead if we are the souls will u.s. cut olympic committee of the 22 to 5 on the game the bay area is on up against walls as as boston and washington d.c. and then after they went down was an american city is in the hopper here the summit and have not been held in the united states since atlanta back in 1996 the end of the committee is meeting in colorado today and make an announcement once they choose the state. >>mark: firewall a dozen flight attendants find out what the sign had to do with them losing their jobs. as severe weather keeping much of the nation and a deep freeze of severe cold there were dealing with will show a somerville, new york as the eastern half of the nation this was a freezing wind chills.
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>>george: interstate 5 it was down just north of the dove had detained a big rig on the inside blocking the to our atlanta already really jamming of the ride which should be a 50 minute trip from the alta might pass out to castro valley is not taking an extra half hour given seven extra 30 minutes with that drive from
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dublin all the way to castro valley. >>mark: more than a dozen flight attendants and yet of this of traffic is us with this one is problems and to the weekend to get around the bay area with our mobile application as with the golden gate bridge closes once the a lot of traffic inspected on the bay area freeway. a lot of people are talking this morning more than a dozen flight attendants for the united allies are fighting to get the dollars back after a security concern is happen last july the crew members saw this message to draw on by someone underneath the plane still the flight was canceled on the attendants refused to fly unless all of the 300 passengers were taken off the plane in the plane was searched for explosives 13 flight attendants were later fired for insubordination the flight attendants are not filing a complaint seeking reinstatement and back pay and compensatory damages. >>darya: coming up on the kron 4 morning news at 619
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if you have been to disneyland recently listened up there are health warnings this morning that your kids might have the measles. >>mark: the very latest in a manhunt to men behind them is that all the french newspaper there are reports that are surrounded lot of parents and as 640 a police making an arrest and accent to the fire that happened at a famous house and san francisco.
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>>george: that is a listing the staff there but as i look these up with the forklift if they do not those cases could fall off the palace and a really is important is good is as a know what they're doing and did lie and then there are 40,000 lbs. of beer here since the 3:00 hour.
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>> jackie sissel: axa is a little bit more as 44,000 hogs is what we are being told i cannot sell their working with the distributor or return to the arms are what with these jobs are really doing a good job let's face it 44,000 lbs. the whole big rig is full of beer a have shots that will show you at the half hour of how much there is inside of their they're working hard but was it some time for them to get off the have to get these tile out there and until have all along it to the flatbed truck is wanted sex and time where are real close said >>george: the expected time
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for opening now is 1:00. the drive time is now 78 minutes >>george: another 20 on top of that out to the castro valley still extremely long drive times and they're only going to grow. tracking of the traffic here on 92 in december sale rares we are definitely seeing an increase in volume and likely in the next 30 minutes will see traffic starting to relax so down if not grind to a halt here here's a look into golden gate bridge ride where traffic is still very light and very problem for the closing of about 42 hours to three day weekend and tracking you're ride to the richmond bridge here to look after the trip into marriage, which so far a
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list is delay free westbound coming through richmond >> james: foul star with this side of the was suspended the bay bridge scene from our news from here in san francisco you see the light displays at we have conditions that are mostly clear for just about the entire bay area the only exception will be enough they were we have all forming of the santa rosa visibility down to just 3 mi. and 9 mi. in petaluma and let us to be to allow a better and clear conditions that is a story with the fault and not nearly as intense as the has been tested as tensions in santa rosa is on the chilly 538 degrees 43 in oakland a few degrees warmer and said was a red now 46 currently on the map would low to mid-40s to the east valley is a chilly start a little warming as they but still chilly presence of the afternoon hours to extract a milder forecast today attempted political the yesterday because of the clouds is unclear from the
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handful of days that is beginning to say is the cloud rolling back in the secret to start to pick up to that as a result by 11:00 will sit this in the '50s and '60s and them to pocket after no widespread '60s of the grand met or lessee is there's many 25 recall dog will receive the trend as we headed to tomorrow and effort to lead the for widespread ultimas six is released by of the sexes in the south bay will expect mid-60's for an address to 47 cisco 64 or to ban open you get the idea today is a day of 60 degree weather will concede to coalesce into friday saturday sunday times as farm get back down to the all reavis some of the year around the opposite the remark will certainly enjoy them for a few days before high pressure returned. >> james: will begin to one thing is backed up by the middle of next week's should not be as warm as it was the
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plastic with the notion that adds we met in some cases exceeded zero record highs for january and a rocket for some of those numbers coming up and just before tech list of about to recognize a record lows for december to take hold back part of united states. >>mark: 90 percent of the nation will sea temperatures below freezing to that has video near buffalo in europe where cars are nearly frozen over 10 degrees there right now the was the weather is sunny have to be deadly to people were killed yesterday is 80 vehicle pileup and western pennsylvania and scores from the south and north is the today is the cold temperatures look at the frigate and this and the firefighters here and indiana is one below zero in may napa is right now and fighting a fire overnight use seat that had some gloves this equipment all eyes over the firefighters
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are fighting back into answers below zero to put the flames out there and they use hand signals to communicate as ec their walkie-talkies frozen solid but with those injured in this fire. >>darya: if you have been to disneyland where the kids recently officials in california and utah now confirm at least nine cases of measles of the business and i the disneyland or a california inventor in part >> reporter: they're working with the state health department and as yet a of measles leaked to the theme park officials say there have been seven confirmed cases of measles and california to in utah and three more suspected cases here in california that all had one thing in common with cases of visited disneyland between december 15th and december 20th if
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like scarlett from colorado most of the u.s. kids have their backs of mason's but in recent years they have been a movement to skip the vaccination something almost young parents have heard about. we talk about it and we did have the discussion and we came to conclusions that the positives far outweigh the negatives about most of the parents agreed state statistics show personal beliefs exemption from the shots by california can the garners rose 1456% in a 20072008 school year to 2.79% in 20122013 and then six of the seven concerns confirmed cases from their land to peasants had not had the measles vaccination so to of those were because the kids were not old enough. >>mark: still had a big
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>>darya: 44 2 million that are set to perform in december and the same time trip back in 2013 that process of the most reliable of gun sales themselves have been grown strong the past three months. still ahead of driver crashed into a popular sentence is arrester months >>mark: was treated them as a head. >>will tran: for the first time is 77 years ago gave bridge will be shut down over the weekend i will give a close a time coming up in a live report.
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>>mark: after we saw the dow lose close to five and the points the reebok yes the
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looks like a shot ride again today with the jobless claims come in lower-than- expected defeat of the hundred 61 was at the open and out. >>darya: they're stepping up their act on the side of 580 after a big red spill the load on the roadway. >> jackie sissel: 3 hours after his accident occurred the total driver the sea its fee in caltrans are still out here working on this there are and the process of uploading the product that was inside of this big rate will was inside of it? all scores like in beer inside pants. i did to the bill
6:31 am
there for guy is working on it right now case by case they're taking it off one case at times backing on you concede the flatbed trucks. here's what looks like on right now for guy as offloading cases of beer and the problem is the blade of this was turned over to decide all of that bear turned over on to the side of the truck that cannot of writing to has offloaded 44,000 lbs. worth of beer in their offloading in one case at a time to see the guys working hard. is one to six times average three hours ago the estimate right now is about to the clock i'm not sure this is a big job obviously they want to be careful that is that this stuff on to include the
6:32 am
right way. as far back as i can say on 580 traffic is backed up if you can avoid the area >>george: here is the location is actually just west of the 58680 into shades of our soul-foot hill road and is backed the traffic now through the interchange for the westbound ride 84 minutes to get to castro valley from the house my past and the westbound ride is also by the way is full a lot more to up pressure on six is up about that would otherwise sea of the folks along the
6:33 am
head out to the numbers are instead turn south on 680 so it is jamming of all of those rides and earlier than usual the sec to look at just south bank of new quickly look at 101 which is starting to back up along with the guadalupe parkway and tracking you're ride to the bay bridge meeting last are active back of not to that 18 minutes and less if your approach from the nimitz freeway in the golden gate bridge still looks great remember in disclosing to marmite and will remain shut down for the entire weekend open only to work the vehicles into golden gate transit bus station your use of the richmond bridge and use the bay bridge it as alternates.
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>>george >>mark: 01 broken by one of the we had written break- in in your recon the old record by four degrees seventh year is how one got and it yes today. it was at once is we won the yes the that were we see that again today not likely it was still the war would break any records. >> james: 11 from the san mateo bridge to general haziness out their very similar to look up to yesterday morning to much as i now 50 in san francisco and oakland were the plo for its immense force in san jose at the close of continues the santa rosa. here's a quick glimpse and will call this afternoon to the town mayors you in this the kind where they can expect better on this afternoon. >>mark: police say they
6:35 am
reportedly located in surrounded the two men responsible for yes the issue tear to attack that killed 12 people including two police officers the two men believed to be brothers and barricaded themselves inside the house in the town north east of paris helicopter over the area and special forces have been deployed the two men reportedly rather guest is in the area this video of the gas is in the clerk of this disincentive to and go off toward paris with a saw rifles and rocket launchers and there are the two suspects have linked their gross just back almost a decade there but also so much for hours but again the police said the suspect as salaam area and none of paris. >>darya: were also continuing the countdown to the complete closure of the golden gate bridge. >>will tran: this bus behind
6:36 am
me is another bus will be in fact this is a way to get across the golden gate bridge for the first time is 77 years it will be shut down because they have so much work to do it was like to take advantage of the full 52 hours it will begin on saturday 12 01 ride after midnight as a 4:00 on monday morning the reason why they want to install a concrete barrier down the middle to present head on collision $30 million for the course to call up. you want to know how you want to get around and still enjoy the golden gate bridge joining me now she is a spokeswoman for the golden gate bridge authority talk to the viewers out there how to negotiate this.
6:37 am
on a weekend a sad lesson that we have 80,000 vehicles a typical cross is at all possible the not allowed to enjoy your neighborhood and julia local restaurant stay off the road because there are appointed for the pact if you have to get on the road and you have to cross the bridge to come to san francisco golden gate transit is running we also run an expanded ferry service yard run in several ferries much later than usual up until one at night. some of the recipe of the back-and-forth. if >>will tran: why this weekend? if use it is a quiet weekend for us and we want to make sure this was the least impact to commuters and drivers >>will tran: taurus and still walk on this. the east side what is open the pedestrians and bicyclists the west side will be close all weekend long people can walk across the bridge we are encouraging them to watch and a tv set will be much better view from right
6:38 am
in front of tv in the coming out here. >>will tran: that a lot of thought into this and we want to show you the very some of them are getting gathered right now and the something similar to that that is a zipper and they use that to the central traffic flow will be something similar. >>darya: state-owned you can get all the coverage you name it right there on the tv or by using our mobile application could download for free it will be updated and progress and construction it checked to see if there's any traffic on the alternate route as of an attack this weekend. >>mark: and arson arrests and a famous san francisco home will have details coming up. dogs in a place to call home will have more on the hard look hound's coming up.
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>>george: tracking a major hot spot for the 580 west bought ride pass the up and hitting over to the cast a ballot to ride have line shut down until 10:00 this morning the drive times are getting close to an hour- and-a-half now from the out to my past heading west for the dublin and to change out to the castro valley and even six a southbound is getting heavy remember the golden gate bridge closing this weekend track the closure with the kron 4 mobile application a free download with your i know as and android device. >>mark: the east bay mud is putting its plan to increase the cost of water to customers on hold and saw all the storms in december for an average household in the service areas savings of about $4 a month the directors approved every last month it was designed to offset the cost because
6:43 am
of high rainfall total in december. >> james: was adequate great i was a that when we come back to talk about the temperatures that we will expect today and for the weekend and the extent of the coming up in just a momenta
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>>darya: 645 is the time right now we want to get a look at weather and traffic. >> james: it gives us some of our first looks at the
6:46 am
sun rise in the making you can see the east bay hills so becoming and dominated by the sun which is away over but it is coming in pretty soon will system these conditions will the befall to deal with the option to under two mile visibility write-downs amount visibility in fairfield those two spots in the bay area marseille pretty heavy fog will wash led to develop a sort of went to the morning to a message to the sea where the fog is forming a lot to our calls cost right now santa rosa 36 for a film at 39 before it clear whether everywhere else as will we can cloud on to the tech the attempt to this after no-this is kept them out of the area. >> james: the cause of beginning to move again as a result were or to shield some of them sometime this afternoon at temperatures will drop anywhere from 2 to 5 degrees as a result in the south will see widespread of the '60s and far less 70 degree weather them saw
6:47 am
yesterday and look for anything from 67 cincinnati reds to the most are in the santa clara valley in the east it will follow six is an adulterer makes systems for the san ramon valley depends on where you're of near richmond about 64 is in his south america when down to the south but it was solely warmer 6769 degrees but sunday get down to union city to emphasis the downtown and across another 6367 agree should be a temperature range is what's been eye steak and wine country this a few high level clouds out there but what if, renowned and those attempts to inspect for today this and all the shows will consider it a cool entrances to the weakened saturday and sunday times of the backed down to normal will have been a 61 this past week that august 6th by the weekend an attempt to start to slowly come once again to as high pressure was again builds. >>george: ross was talking
6:48 am
about high pressure and pressure on the driver and to stay 580 in the westbound direction press also on the close working to offload the truck is considered to ride lands remain shut down here on the dublin grade at is the uphill side of the slope is about mahler to pass foothill san ramon rolled 44,000 lbs. of beer near to be offloaded from a big red what was on the side of the 3:00 hour this morning there was a look at the location is to concede the backed up now reaches from the incident through the dublin and to change all the way out to livermore and their slow traffic here continuing with one hour and have drive times. >>george: out of the out to my past and to the castro valley. even though the volume is building the big battles or delays you're no. bay ride terrell county well under 35 minutes from navato down to the golden gate
6:49 am
bridge to the bay bridge the back of holding steady we have been is in free and still 80 to 20 minute trip time 92 and dec. sale rid as we move closer to the 7:00 continuing to ride down was lawrence source these along the drive times 18 is not a goal and debris still an easy ride this morning remember closing tomorrow night in the richmond bridge your alternate for the golden gate this weekend is the to slow at the toll plaza of them is the beginning of the back of 580 west dollar edged ahead through richmond. >>darya: a car crash into restaurant near larkin and california street in san francisco will have videos that when ride through the fog of bellaire arrest model for 30 in the afternoon yesterday and the for the rest was not opened at the time and employee was working at the time though said no one else was hurt and there the cause of acid
6:50 am
is under investigation. for >>mark: the mrs. doubt fire house in san francisco he was arrested and charged multiple crimes including the attempted murder and arson police say he is a former patient of the former doctoral owned a home. the case could have been much worse. thankfully the home on a was able to quickly doused the flames of the doormat in a report benton for the damage the reason for to the murder is it could affect the home owner and have sent at the time it will make his first court appearance tomorrow. >> gabe slate: the consumer electronics show this year the thing is four k tvs are getting bigger and cheaper there's a good chance ride and of this year your soul
6:51 am
you know our own 04 k television for katie the have four times the resolution of existing 1083 something you have to see in person to appreciate that i have seen and blew me away a year ago when these can out prices were sky-high because thousands of dollars for one of these with this week in vegas all the major players have released dozens of new models which will flood the market and by the holiday season later this year will see for katie these as low as $600 for katie these look best when watching for k. content however when watching regular a to the
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content on a four katie the it will still look better and of grace and a little bit it will look better than watching it on a regular hdtv there is not a tunnel for content out there was a piece of a newsletter to that currency as this week all the images tv's enough to see these are coming out that will strain for cake content from net slicks this are smart tvs that will have net flick streaming build in this is a big deal net flicks as a ton of content that will be a big part of pushing for. >>darya: who would you like to adopt a dog hope the animal services are helping you they're launching a campaign to try to get to of dogs adopted the have been
6:53 am
in the shelter now for more than two months they have carved out there are called a hard look hounds. the winter as sam is to adopt the dog they're offering no adoption fee and give them a free collies and dog bed. the kids are doing that they're on to work on clear are the bill is by creating a market cap and the dogs for january. >>mark: tackling the lettuce and our big has fought this war and all was down 580 and the livermore valley watching u.s. the sole right now not quite as warm as desolate will be little more what the coming up to clear this coming up after the break.
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