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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  October 27, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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change by calling from a full details coming up >> : on partially check some hot spots >> : new ones popping up another one here tracking southbound 101 we do have an accident that could be impacting heading into the city. right now you see from this bridge shot and looks good in both directions but getting closer at the polls here at the golden gate bridge in airports one leg is blocked in back up the late still building this morning. keep in mind hiding from marin of our north bay across the golden gate bridge into san francisco. other wrecks and following to a hot spot westbound 80 willow avenue were later
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blocked and you see the backup is starting at at green's settle the on the bay bridge is going to take it sometimes slow going for our east the commuters >> : tracking number of accidents along interstate 880 southbound. two accidents first one want it to karl rove where the shoulder is locked and having a little smaller self on a 80 n.c.a.a. on a southbound. that is in the commute direction really slow going for low spots >> : from hayward to fremont. the much brett red yellow stopping the traffic slow going because of that to accents following. also tracking accidents on around 680 southbound direction dublin and points south very slow going at major backups delays >> : to be posted on traffic
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first let's get a check on the forecast with james >> : as a good morning to a local one here on the bay early monday and we take a live look outside we have our golden gate bridge kermanshah in the view to the north were seeing where the temptress center as a right now on the chilean side in the low 40's. attali worst thing for is across a wide stretch of the bay area including east bay south bay. it is chilly up there seen water for these low 50s. at least for the current our noontime warming up in the '60s led the way up until three in the afternoon before c-17 and then on the cool said the '70s for good bit of the space of a valid on date dollars included in that as well. a be miles a day today decent sunshine and mild in terms of temperature will keep on a mild sedative to the weekend until friday when weather pattern changes and racism coming in right now still way off to the city outside that shore here tracking it a lot time
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between now and then making plans early bank on a be a few raindrops >> : or one win away from jen's becoming world series champions once again >> : five nothing less my medicine baumgartner on the mound smothered the royals for second time in a week and now heads back to kansas city for game 6. here the highlights last night bottom of the second giants ready up one nothing to on and brenham belt for a pleasant drive shortstop for some of the right policy and all coming in second and then the giants take too nothing lead them stays tied to nothing bottom of the eighth wont process at the rate is clearing triple off center field public symbol round of the game scoring second underpants on his tail coming in from first as the
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giants go to run their >> : and daughters on the mound here eric ground out the third and then complete the four hit shutout all nine innings in giants a 32 lead in the series >> : strong all my when this guy is fund watch i just like that's his game 5 run lead sure thought about taking and throwing too good game is not over. the worse by taking about see what happened when you when your like the way he was >> : don't pull a guy that was rolling and a pair of giants fans excited for two more games mig-1 more in
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kansas city >> : the team leaves today for kansas city and that's got off the flight jackie lyden at&t park back home. >> : into a statue of william a copy of your the giants on the cost of doing something even the great willie makati never did win a world series >> : on the cup of winning the third world series in see at&t part quiet now but it was anything but quiet all last night and came to a park around the park to celebrate last night the victory and not put one victory 27 not out away their world series in five years >> : it aired a kansas city this morning game 6 of because a great weekend too are three from kansas city winning
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saturday and sunday it obviously fans were of less said 42,000 fans here at&t park the last game of the entire 2014 season also around the ballpark every restaurant bar full of giants fans celebrating last night victory and never gets old >> : incredible performance. >> : small night's game in kansas city 5 07 jp be on the hill. the giants are supposed to leave tonight and rv left >> :
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yen less than they take off at 11:00 a.m. >> : by a reporter the kansas city pieces and place your ago gain six tomorrow night first pitch of seven kansas city will be their stay with kron 4 we have complete world series coverage ought air online >> : kron4-dot-com >> : if you are showoff the giant price and pictures this year's quarantined after working must ever kabul patients being released after she complained about being held and state health the car and sang shimbun simpson free for 24 hours she just got back from the start of credit now taken to a private care area where she's from did complain the toshiba and new jersey
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talking of selling rights being violated or been forced into minotaur quarantine the state >> : and erica is christie announced friday running back their state has quarantine rules in place but not currently being challenged the as this year's crop but for most of the kron being released >> : soon shot by classmate better high school in washington state now died more the shooting death was a water officials say water is now safe to drink bourbon is the residence in eastern san jose some cells still skhere's an idea. start shopping a new way. start maximizing. at the place where you always get more than you pay for. t.j.maxx. brands you love, prices that work for you. maxx style. maxx savings.
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french vanilla, make it strong! the all new keurig 2.0 is here. brew for one, brew for all. near tracking costs by an east bay hercules area where we have west on 80 willow avenue rubio five cars involved at least five cars being told and seen delays from the car from this bridge more details on this and many others coming up later >> : one of the foursome's injured when a freshman opened fire at the out of school cafeteria now died >> : 14 year-old the critical condition with head injuries after the shooting and
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passed away late last night. three other students hospitalized on friday shooting winston opened fire killed one girl immediately and four others killed >> : this with the same time the shouldn't happen on friday >> : you got the best robber in eureka. he told a gun on a clerk took cash to bottles of beer from down station well then he came back hours later and gave back most of the money and said he was sorry >> : to turn up to be begun they pulled up his book in the gel and $50,000 >> : but the golden gate bridge all is well for now things will change by the end of the week just in time for halloween. level details coming up >> :
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we start with the one called golden gate bridge the cutbacks and delays are growing building right now on the southbound 101 of the golden gate bridge one lane is lost where there is next in watching that and then you see the back up all across the bay bridge heading on to the bay bridge from the north bay heading to the city approaching stop and go
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traffic. also in the east bay hercules area west on 80 willow avenue and rodeo five cars involved just learned three lanes are blocked and that were seen delays from park in this bridge very slow going there as well. couple accidents on a 80 south bunch direction one of them at the code or road with a shoulder block also shoulder blocks south on may 80. gordon avenue you conceive when brought out here all the latest from a word to south fremont. traffic is backed up stop and go there is slow going along a 80. also in the dublin area tracking accidents still on the southbound 680 direction at snow boulevard words are is slow traffic in red double and although it's the 68580. very stopping the traffic as well >> : talk to me for some of these roads and to make a very easy states say feline time
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now 716 his hands with the forecast >> : something really nice our camera on the roof looking upward toward some francisco financial district see transamerica pyramid and the flag on top look areola sunscreen barely moving scenes, out there and relatively cloudless pre of clear skies and cold temperatures as a result >> : 43 center rows of seeing widespread mid-40s for livermore concord san jose oakland all n 4547 degree range 7 cisco 56 that's our warm spot on a list and is fresh out there ready >> : clocks set at noontime future test lunch hour looking widespread '60s teen africa and his client like it will still below 79 and a warming up all that much and the south bay we see 71 san jose and milpitas city tuesday bill. 71 paul auto and 73 campbell. one spot in this part of the beck evergreen
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76 so will be all mild this afternoon some of conditions still to a 7173 degrees in that part of east bay livermore valley the '70s and san ramon valley in the upper 60s along the east bay shoreline. a word san leandro all a around 69 degrees oakland cut for 72 look for a person sees as well sentences' go looking for the tour in the north bay see one countries expect low 70's at best 72 nevada's 74 nappa 73 in petaluma. wide use satellite shows we have come weather or the bay. with more unsettled weather to our north and that will eventually migrate its way to our direction by friday between now and then we really nice weather but friday right in time for halloween looks like it will be to be outside the showers outside early friday morning and right through friday evening and to release the first half saturday and hopefully getting a few pockets of dryness here in their friday evening was can get out there and not due to the drawing keep it here for
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a lot of things to develop between now and then >> : the to be updated >> : once san jose never the water safe to drink more the note week flush up a water main in northeast san jose city drive sydney court temperature for number of people sick from nikolai to richard holmes san jose water collected more than a hundred a samples tested the water over and over again results are backed metaphorical i. one resident who was second after drinking the water says he's so concerned >> : lost my sense then and i was still having some symptoms people around here on the convinced >> : try to do everything right by the customers what happened we tried been responsive to the needs >> : superi water residents would for the all clear working on
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water adjustment plan for residents by contamination for nine days >> : prosecutors demanding death penalty for the captain of the ferry boat went down in april killing more than 300 people well he was one of the first rescue and seen the video back in april being pulled off the ship passengers still on board. also issuing licenses and three other crew members among those first taken off the ferry as are going down most people died high school students on a field trip. >> : new details this morning about a man not sure cannonballs national war memorial michaels as the old record video of himself before the attack and was obsessed with the government. he expressed a wide assyria join us as >> : the shooting wednesday killed clayton's are low on duty as at the war memorial >> : duty as at the war memorial >> :
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the content of this in front door parking world series >> :
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c back a cool $80 late drive unless you the and then $90. like the parking garages charging you dollars flat rate up to be outdone china basin now charging 90 and $10 more a at the oversize it lamont was sought a $100 fire it a lot when >> : worker and garages losers a pocket >> : of people paying >> : a higher bid. >> : china basin sons geared up for the battle the highs parking fee cheaper to get parking ticket the notice for private parking >> : was to fill the read the signs call: not even disabled placard can help >> : with any major league baseball game players were
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all sent this guy was will share ticket's going for $500 >> : invested other regular try and avoid a camera and >> : then this one his tickets going for $800 per ticket >> : giants allows golfers to sit all tickets of property but want property called out of pocket cited for arrested >> : all fun and games to also won by the color of the ticket >> : that's a different segment >> : and our scallopers for a second and have some fun >> : the mix of funds now. >> : now on people behaving badly >> : craziness of the world series or missing go bike 08 whoever is the winning team always a blast >> :
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was harry stanley roberts roberts >> : and a baseball game with the beginning was a horrible national anthem. ron singer unloosed was jumped the gun on one line on at the start >> : unceasing national anthem with too slow than video of him and a concert 34 years ago for a funny laced tirade questing concede
7:27 am
that this is not a regular for >> : what was he chose and i don't understand >> : and he said it was pevsner's the got the best of all >> : peer there in the spotlight >> : will be back par-4 with other traffic quick break two minutes >> :
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buildings lit up in orange celebrating another when by the chance and whole world series >> : was good any one of several hot spots monday morning >> : we have quite a few accidents from free-trade they keep coming what you through what you need to know co-star in the north bay assault on 11 golden gate bridge toll accident here injuries are unknown traffic backup delay we see the back up indicating delays there. also take a look at a major accident basically the hercules area was down 80 willow avenue rodeo five cars involves and just learned at least three lanes may be blocked and this is the lane traffic martina's bridge because of
7:31 am
the sec's the >> : this may take a while the cleanup so many cars are involved >> : another hotspot a 80 southbound to accidents that led to cut a road you conceive the right center there. also at war and avenue x in there as well fremont area. you take a look we can basically see from hayward fremont heading south relate stopping go traffic very slow-moving. also talk about the elyot concord drive time now 30 minutes more than double one hour 63 minutes. it is a tough commute for error on the bay area >> : time now and 731 fantastic look from montana can this morning >> : of the sunrise shot from san francisco if callers there
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in the background is chile. not sure coded as you head out for this morning >> : and a step out there awfully cold 47 a consent as a conquered 45 livermore callisto for center rows of 43 degrees are in now and it'll be a little bit before it warm levels. in the afternoon looking for temperatures to the max out low 70 for inland valleys. 73 livermore built low seventies in the south and north bay. upper 60¢ francisco '70s and oakland. back to forecast for today looking ahead we do have rain on the way but won't arrive until friday. following friday will have full details coming up fault check the forecast 745. when shot to death in the east oakland yesterday afternoon please meet think its rigid identifying the woman paulo evita 30 year-old mother of four. died 98 avenue of
7:33 am
highway 80 and the passenger in the car was shot in the face. norris made it a crime stopper is now offering $20,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. please send oakland to identifying a baby is in a morning parents rushed the child from their home to ucsf presence hospital to a gathering evidence right now police are saying if fall play is suspected >> : to if you're responding to one of the officers accused of sending you photos of the deal lets us but to himself. according to a search warrant obtained by kron that detectives able to find that sausages above the female d y suspect. messages sent from a chp officer john harrington on his a wood and dion sevens. carrington made rogatory commons about one's body and those messages. hundred costa county d.a. says that there analyzing a lot of material >> : , dealing that was quite a
7:34 am
few slices computers gone into the i cloud. harrington confessed to sending the pictures to himself and was a pictures found on a woman's phone in court documents said that it is and half dozen times in two years again between the handful chp officers >> : the d.a. says that he will assess whether the charge herington and others sometimes this week. the allegations that a press conference the chief of the golden gate division were buried this plan disgusted with the allegations of misconduct no place an organization for such behavior. >> : in this morning to alarm fire destroyed 70 vehicles assigned as a core sports dealership happening last night your photo sent to us by some as a fire department as this mutt a fire in able to and during the dozen vehicles and no one was hurt >> : happening staking is perking up the cause of the concord bart station pay dollar fee right now and then rolling
7:35 am
out more, other bart stations. >> : to learn to pay a dollar on starting said the park here at the concord workstation the least of briers promised trade show you video that we get a half hour ago. why not pay that fee. there's been a lot of people complaining they'll have to stations for a big station as the current recession appear parking fee. is in long lines people getting very frustrated even though some of the bart did just trying to assist people getting people enrolled in the club record system this letter up the card and pay for number train but a lot people frustrated they were missing the train to listen >> : and feel about this new $1 fee. in line as us dollar but halfway >> :
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miss my train that the departing not acceptable. none what people complaining about that lets kids assemble points about this is going to be 4:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m. it pays to be enrolled in the clipper card system. it at the registered clipper card and will send you a tag in the mail me here to burst additionally do is have the slight and go out the line to a >> : hit for the day >> : is going on today was conquered part station will start implementing their fees on november 12th as far as the hayward bart station oakland coliseum those are free for now but are planning a parking fee at little know when those will be >> : as up a thousand dollars a
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year for full-time worker >> : so at on the news keeping an eye on traffic weather lets more hot spots and weather to talk about the timing you might not enjoy either look fromentin can >> :
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now issuing morning west on 80 and the area of willow have what wrote five cars involved now looks for are the five lanes blocked right now the far right lane traffic slowly going through seen delays from a martina's bridge again this is the it should do your best to avoid this area may take awhile for and the clean up also live look at the bay bridge traffic has been slow meter lights turn
7:41 am
on earlier than usual 538 this morning and traffic has been very slow getting off the bridge this morning and getting across as well >> : or detail the house was followed later >> : in gas prices across the country falling 18¢ a gallon and the last two weeks >> : national average $3.80 a gallon we always pay more but take a look at the prices and charts. substantially lower than last few weeks the 38 services growth 354. >> : boeing 6% for the dollar a week before for the industrial average 16,00775 will be right back in
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7:45 am
moving the conceive jan seller traffic here. delay is being seen and reported for the plucking of this bridge also look the other hot spots following south on a 80-car road shoulders blocked their another accident on a southbound and the commute and at the four never married conceive very slow go you can see from hayward fremont the backup continues to grow between the two cities along a 80. southbound 680 there's an accident here at the dublin area. another ex and as low as 680 near 582 accidents on the 680 stretch between dublin pleasanton very slow going as you see here from basic san ramon to aa to 680. and it ends at the concord there are any accentor being reported traffic has been really backed up here normally from antiseptic conquered the third the address time as well over an hour this
7:46 am
morning. very slow going to look at the bridges bay bridge slow as well beyond the to the bay bridge downtown san francisco has been slow going as well. seen backups and delays san mateo bridge this is the right spot in communities and not too bad the usual slower traffic moving his word and to centel here concede. the other directions looking free and clear. look at the golden gate bridge commute following an accident on southbound. there was an accident and the golden gate bridge toll that holds right here now not causing any backups allies >> : look at richmond center fell bridge hotspot and problem free that's the good news is old but slowing down not too bad for monday morning >> : time now some 46 years james of the forecast >> : beautiful clear skies and the north bay temperatures silly this morning want some warnings up their 43 cerros
7:47 am
of 45 fairfield 47 san jose and eventually warming '60s by noontime all that on the '70s by three after. and then still cool '70s was some is in the north bay east ave south bay. 71 san jose 72 oakland 68 in downtown san francisco. today mutt nice smiles plenty of sunshine sit weather here seller rearview and instability well as the north. we have had toward friday's sorry to say hello in looks like it might be what one and we hope there might be a window or two during evening hours to get out what at this point looks wet all day early friday morning 3 saturday morning. this is a system hopefully will get a lot of rain and hope there's enough bricks here and there >> : before you got there you want to finish the game altman goal. and it's an
7:48 am
important thing to me and feel like if you go and other civil to turn itself >> : where they also like the john wayne >> : the finish this job >> : as part ec buster posey everyone around everyone's going crazy and commerce committee. >> : and health from what everybody hung back in the ninth inning >> : has to be read as an elegant and the movie all players like they did at the game but await what baumgartner take the mound and finisher >> : somebody said what chances kansas city have. only chance baumgartner not pitching tomorrow night >> : and then we could put him
7:49 am
back and they said he would to >> : on wednesday >> : were the call it sent today's arrests. if they happen to lose on tuesday wednesday the seventh game. the problem would use if needed >> : one mayor john spence ballpark and he's in the game is cold-blooded smith on amount no organ when we're picture you're always holding a press you hope yoga likely to come a smaller guy all the seasonings catches up to use was down. results marshall looks like this guy will go on for years >> : one when from a world series also drama not just the fact
7:50 am
that it touched the whole game. right from start for the whole produced thing robin williams kids came out is great billy crystal can attach great crowd pleaser sit and wait a celebrate robin williams >> : and the question as guessing who pick the guy singing the national anthem. >> : idler ran on my parade of three games which are watched the animal. can even think of the negative stuff >> : that's part right question is though wise hamid >> : i will get negative for one second you see barry bonds with a picture >> : kevin conway went very when you're out smiled by barry bonds due really a star + >> : there is all excited >> : i know can mix the face for the picture as because they
7:51 am
get the parts themselves >> : a conceit everywhere they go people are opposed. the big deal >> : the good is always who >> : was get that on the bad has always been this year the raiders >> : the ugly is what i want to point out because sealers' so ugly and when does uniform so gross. and bring it up because of a new favorite guy has to be rough and burger from gm >> : from pittsburgh >> : in osh's and feel about this 522 yds 22 touchdowns. but those uniforms. for
7:52 am
people who remember >> : the old days >> : it could come shine 100 when was that. 150 starts where the quarterback to do that bradshaw " joe montana and my tummy. >> : the gm unit to getting close. talk about the game with her today >> : about the talking about the areas about the team. all talk to her because she's got the power >> : from the power talk to her for three hours every morning on the radio >> : code to alexi talking today
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fears a highlight >> : this man brilliant baumgartner what counted was this >> : , paralyzed right now. to nothing san jose things got all oddly but the get into a fight turns into a choir meles field goal attempts. they've pulled back matchup bottle snap and what's what look what happens. >> : first pathless season. >> :
7:57 am
i'll thank you and put all that >> : i place to come in. >> : every nine on kron 4 >> : will be right
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san francisco giants one victory away from the third world series title >> : we talk about last night'win ane report >> : a bowl and nurse under mandatory corn to new jersey being discharged after she complains being held 21 days is inhumane. watching weather about from mount tam gordon said all week until holly friday stirred had >> :
8:00 am
good morning happy monday to year. co-star with traffic unfortunately bad morning out there tracking several hot spots >> : can keep track of all accents to come popping up a couple new ones that found and were the talk about the one in richmond area accident along westbound five a canal boulevard when are blocked. no major delays quite yet and we are seeing some back up delays 580. it eased toward richmond and san paolo. also talk about accident all tie vehicle accident five cars involved. no. on 680 astoria boulevard danville area. you see as back up in place here in danville a lot creek. another accident south back on the cupertino area. lawrence expressway from
8:01 am
revenue. winds are blocked as well. beckham delays here from driving basically between san jose cupertino area. this year large expressway big backups and delays are growing >> : quickly get the bay bridge slow going on to the bay bridge and then also getting across downtown san francisco meeting lights turning us into the usual this morning. slow going for a lot of folks having in the east bay downtown san francisco. but dried thyme and personal funds of san francisco 14 is the sporting >> : world this shot and then use it as much as we can you force above what about the headlines are for today but in for more seasoning conditions different tack
8:02 am
the mid-70s here and they're mostly low '70's then nice through the week chile was forties' out your this morning. tomorrow when roasted beet and five to nothing. once again series now heads back to kansas and six tomorrow. a look at highlights of a second inning giants up one nothing to on and ran crawford as
8:03 am
bull single center potluck cent of all giants to nothing bring crawford two rbis >> : to nothing here in today's giants finally open wide and the opening game based clearing triple also feel powerless and all of hortense right on at his heels >> : then topped the ninth inning madison baumgartner sang in the game complete game shutout. against eric costner groundout to third. in the fourth game and then giants 32 lead >> : he's not running the fast these days. >> : he gets around. so 18 see part though with excitement. not quite waiting for those two games kansas city team leaves this morning for their dirty is 1118 t part >> :
8:04 am
madison baumgartner on the side of at&t part. he owned a 18 see part class 9 let's face it baseball season april 81 home games in a playoff games last game here at at&t park. and what away for giants fans with a victory last night >> : no strangers for october baseball this is their third world series in five years >> : now on the the victory 27 on its away from winning the third world series and last night 42,000 fans and the ballpark. thousands of fans come down to a corner of third and king. and happens all the rest bars part of the party >> : exactly what it was last night a party. once they said friday saturday sunday. celebration for sentences
8:05 am
good chance 2012 and it never gets old for the fans in touch with you unless i never gets old >> : ndp. coach giants. >> : on the kansas city game 6 kansas city tomorrow. 507 pd will be on the hill. this the last game of 2014 at&t part the boat in the parking lot up in the stadium. while the big party is you gotta
8:06 am
lot of cleaning up to do the whole weekend really wild ride. came 65 07 kansas city state to and crew on the way. to on the morning news as well on the website and our reminder to those pictures coming its cmos pictures of breaking news kron4-dot-com and we will share them on the air >> : and were following this story a nurse who was under mandatory 21 day quarantine new jersey coming back to the west. nauseating discharge. and transported by private carrier main force shoes from house officials say long as she stays in new jersey subject by mandatory court to order. officials in maine or
8:07 am
innocence and own determination under their own loss >> : to know and acorns in new jersey. arguing that the new policy usurers a medical professional treated like criminals prisoners. lawrence for violate the corn see >> : developing story new information but the man who believed sheriff's deputy bramante reported twice from the u.s. from mexico >> : also rested arizona for drug charges able to live the country undetected until friday >> : the shootings happened sector employees believe his real living under many identities and not sure if there are any more charges friday though it to appease killed one sacramento another in placer county. sacramento is more in the loss of the victim kill in the shooting last night for
8:08 am
a mark as a sheriff's office honoring denny oliver. dozens left notes and camels 15 year veteran of force and wife to children left behind a >> : morning news soon shot by class my high-school washington more on a shooting i had >> : residents n.y. a prepared to evacuate for their homes and love a closer to their neighborhood >> : making coffee?
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and wallstreet monday morning loss up now sitting 16,028 >> : retailer says and accepting payments there apple pace cvs following path of friday shutting off newly launched apple pay system because they're going with current seat it doesn't require them the haven't registered what big retailers wal-mart target best by working instead with this incident apple paid. that weather will have to get a new checkout terminals that news was very have >> : washing gas prices across the nation again this morning 15¢ to gone past to raise national average much lower the bay area $2.80 in the bay area 342 average oakland 338 san jose d 54 san francisco >> : forties' and weather center
8:12 am
bit chilly outside live satellite radar we do have what weather up there but some of be affecting us till then the week in time for halloween full forecast it had >> : these pajamas are really a hug.
8:13 am
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8:15 am
up general funds. but lars is the team's going on a gallon about this >> : and 14 traffic here monday morning a pair of morning >> : accent's keep popping up this morning. talk about a big rig accident westbound highway 4. somerville's road in the insect area when his blocker night to see not too many major delays but a little one here right at for about extant it looks like things are still moving somewhat smoothly along highway 4. big rig accident west on highway 4 a summer though road >> : another accident westbound 580 canal boulevard >> : we are looking at a very slow-moving traffic across the richmond center fell ridge heading westward >> : the family see there are some delays as well because
8:16 am
of the sec's to >> : take a look at a multi vehicle accident northbound 680 danville area the no. 2 line is born to missing major backup delay what creek and san ramon. especially in the northbound direction >> : of soras expressway turner's avenue accent cupertino area when are blocked and definitely seeing some back up delays here look at your bridges the bay bridge has been a slow moving commute heading east to downtown san francisco. drive time from come all and to san francisco is about 40 minutes up this morning because so in traffic and one bright spot and morning commute has been some detail bridge commute where you can see traffic moving well em both directions no major
8:17 am
back up bordelais. even hot spot for a golden gate bridge looks a lot better as well accident earlier southbound well wonder golden gate bridge toll in and see now traffic moving very smoothly no problem getting across the bridge in either direction and yet slow going for richmond's anethole bridge 580 having basically westbound slow going there. cross that bridge we are not same hotspots on the bridge to posted >> : to sit too high cause others to the conditions all over the bay area cool conditions to them by center rows of 41 degrees. 46 model 48 concord pleasanton to 49 san jose 48 oakland 54 and san francisco. cold start to work week and i smiled as we had to the rest of the bay
8:18 am
even and noontime lot of these out there green on the map and replace the '70s three in the afternoon will get very far into those in fact it max out and the low seventies the retailer more fairfield to 71 san jose it the ideas and to his own oakland's north bay. was 77 cisco touch cooler upper 60s downtown mild conditions this afternoon at >> : we see this pattern all stable air over san francisco nice sunny skies today tuesday wednesday. thursday things change a little and friday we introduce rain and time for tracker trading unfortunately we need rain but timing could be a better now but beggars can be chooses we take it whenever we can get it. " there's a few bricks booking get out and still get some candy friday night >> : south korean prosecutors
8:19 am
straitening amanda but if death penalty of a fairy killing more than 300 passengers. video showing captain of the ferry being rescued while they're still passengers on board. according to reports prosecutors look into life sentences to three other crew members. for people among the first group rescued ferry started this thing most people died after a were students of the trip >> : should earn national war memorial in canada. police say michael record and video of himself before the attack. he was complaining about government and ideology said he wanted to go syria joined iss. the shooting happened wednesday killing corporate naissance real guarding the war memorial at the time. >> : another student has died after friday shooting washington state high-school the victims fighting for their lives this morning >> : meantime learning more about what may have motivated the
8:20 am
freshman shooter and terrifying scene played out inside the school cafeteria >> : second victim to assyria anodized and result of injuries suffered fide shooting at this washington high school. the family devastated releasing the statement >> : a beautiful daughter words cannot express how much we will miss her. this effort packing bleachers of the very >> : emotional trouble song for ridding communities trying to heal the lines answers that might not exist for this >> : still asking why this popular teenager target his best friend's old family >> : for a morning entered the cafeteria walked up where his two cousins sitting with friends opened fire with a 40 caliber handgun. came up
8:21 am
from behind fired six bullets into backs the others hospitalized in intensive care >> : first victim modified so we remembered beautiful soul always had a smile be altered so much. peninsular burger held of the hero when the sale of first your social teacher ran toward gunfire confronted the sugar >> : crops his arm had on hand. happened in seconds moments later he's dead of apparent suicide >> : by this all happen still unclear daily news reporting dealing targeted the group after a airline
8:22 am
friend is 08 catullus and in the victim dating andrew the interest of the >> : peace map for whatever reason >> : recently elected homecoming princess will like student. twitter darker personality in london ellison's account study of and not never will be able to >> : one day before it will last >> : and sentenced to five years in prison death of his girlfriend prosecutors signed into an appeal we have details love you look at outside approach to bring a bid of the sunshine and book your back >> :
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
to the sporting prosecutors appealed the verdict and sentencing according to spokesman for self ever cut national prosecuting authority sends five years in prison for killing his girlfriend. started serving a sentence last week after acquitted of murder charge convicted on lesser charge. a little for release the out under after 10 months that
8:26 am
he could finish out the sentence under house arrest >> : three boys girls over nigeria and the and string of recent kidnappings against hope for it anticipated release of to argentine school rolls since april 9th the cease- fire by it stories kidnapping and slow to march due to lack of communication for the telecom tower destroyed five-year insurgency against the trees government >> : your doctor is the ball a serious condition this morning mayor says that there's no need to fear that is ahead also a story of the nurse in new jersey and as one of the unicorn scene >> :
8:27 am
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we are proving out hot spot along westbound 80 willow avenue and rodeo the good news as a has been cancelled. and all lanes now reopened still see backup on hercules all the way to vallejo. pop in redwood is a area definitely seen back up the latest affects of the
8:30 am
accident had over the area >> : dry times and to know molly road and was half hour normally seven minutes but 25 minutes. long south on a 80 beja back up the way one- act chicano road and another at the never knew you still see back ups taking place a 80 union city fremont area >> : will talk about a crashed on long redwood city area more details a little later first year is james with the weather >> : beautiful shot live severances scope is a listing missing over the bay area right now was a clear sky is plenty of sunshine and is called the insecticide be ready for a
8:31 am
lot of forties to talk about oakland 40 degrees and as a 4949 for concord 45 livermore valley 41 santa rosa >> : conditions throughout much of the bay area come later the bichirs more like this low '70's for east bay south bay north they did a ballet temperatures 71 to 875 degrees and most locations in the 7173 garry temperature rating 72 and oakland. this is forecast at not watching what weather making its lead the bay area and intestate looking forecast but things easterly get wet come friday until look we have hollowing costumes appropriate for the rain cats and dogs >> :
8:32 am
happening today commuters per car is conquered workstation now $1 feed just the beginning >> : remembering your fate space number you'll see that right down here a parking lot this because you go inside what this we plunge in the is a lot people the glands to pay the $1 fee with shows and video we got. a peak hour of our station with a long line just pay the $1 fee people getting very upset they were missing the train and variable wind but then zero more annoyed missing the train if you had trend and get them through the what they're really pushing use your card registering
8:33 am
with their parking program and this way go wider corporate card and machine where you sweat and go and push you will do that any show you a graphic build for people to remember when in sports in the parking fee will be between 4:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. every day between those hours $1 fee as the saw it does pay off to register clipper card use that instead of paying the daily fee weekend to add that as well in the course beginning for this parking lot, november 12th north conquered our station they also started implementing $1 fee over there >> : for the other board stations that's really the hayward station it oakland coliseum. they also scheduled to give up our and
8:34 am
the on we don't know what those dates are just yet >> : memnon hospital isolation and dr. contracting a boy being treated and then airbill the yorker should not be alarmed about the the contracting the disease kills 5000 people mostly was ever caught dr. chris spencer treated for ebola belly you with infected patients and he contracted to a ball and his fiancee cleared of the disease but still stinkhorn seen as the couple's harlem home. >> : meantime new jersey gov. responding to those hidden wont be quarantined casey being held in isolation returned from the bull patients less africa but complained the truman was inhumane and violation now discharge. private carrier may new jersey gov. are just
8:35 am
time to reflect understands the quarantine still in force slip but a source list it remain now will decide what to do >> : this coverage continues and develops with more states getting involved a man will do if she's on her way there >> : also states on facebook page >> : news following the bay shot to death in east oakland yesterday afternoon it was because of road rage. oakland police woman as a 30 year-old mother of four highway 80 and passenger in a car. shot in the face >> : kron supper is offering $20,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest >> : groceries last night great game except for the beginning. aaron was set the
8:36 am
tempo dump that >> : is very slow their massachusetts waft and wondering why is chosen >> : video him at a cost a couple years ago >> : the then yes as a sort and curious facebook apologizing asking for forgiveness his nose gets the best of him hope everyone can understand how tense situation was. anyone who stands to for go >> :
8:37 am
to show friends private and will share the other morning sent pictures to or new kron 4 application and close some this the page >> : thing flight number is only airline all you can fly coming up in the senate report >> :
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now postponing the case through the four band members marching band they face felony hazing drum major death and shunning spotlight on his march will known as crossing and caused the band to be suspended for every year they originally charged with hazing three defendants will stand trial fourth person will go ahead of schedule today. tulsa got robert in eureka. so i went back here is what happened first colt all the gun on a clerk and then took off and
8:41 am
a few hours sendak comes back giveback insidious sorry or tell the cops he was gone leave town for a fresh start unrealized books and a jail there is rain on the horizon when and how it might impact helene >> :
8:42 am
8:43 am
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members fly as much as they wont for fixed price >> : startup airline super popular with the text said >> : was to become a member to give chinese forces what recently had a chance to hop on board >> : but all you want us a promise from surf chair your airline moss six months or certain get out. 350 away must >> : serve francisco late sen and barbara and continuing to expand >> : swiss made airplane. dundas thousand dollars a month it and fly as much as you want.
8:45 am
the by names surf area. and this next injuring why wait recently had the chance to take a test flight. serious molly my field the more than 747 x is offline to impeach running in all of >> : lear's a lot better. they both thought of themselves of the other one everyone was chatting >> : overall impressed with speed and efficiency quickly get spoiled flying over the sea
8:46 am
or amended to >> : the private luxury >> : this amounts to more destinations and the company says very interested in bringing all you can fly model supports the nation. >> : was thus not going reword nearly driving >> : just getting more and more high spots in the morning of the progressives and redwood city would some area multiple license diesel spills under way here northbound to 80 at farm hill road. this is adrian accident and no word yet on the extent of the injury but we do understand that the motorcycle and balls that the 51 to other cars and at the woodside area. he pressed on that definitely conceive some backup delay northbound traffic. another
8:47 am
hot spot couple accidents lawrence expressway to way cupertino. and that area where we do have a little back up as well. because of the fact that we are couplings are still blocked. and you're hot spots to talk about the danville area will time be klaxon north on 680 all serene and noble lord lane #2 still remains blocked warmup creek san ramon and between traffic is slow going especially both directions northbound san ramon heading up to danville and will accrete heading south sudan build card sentiment also stopping the traffic was you get the 680 danville have southbound bit blocks of its improving traffic isn't moving a little faster >> : look at the south bay. do want to mention 87 we have a couple instances here where
8:48 am
the car was in control spending more than a hundred miles an hour hitting the divider. that here you can see on a little backup delay here but not too bad and they are picking up on that as well. one last thing i want to mention 580 westbound at the 68 dublin interchange. two lanes are block right now and the traffic a very slow going on 580 because of this and that area actually is slow going all morning long. take a quick look at the bridges bay bridge still very slow going as well getting on to the approach once you get on to the toll plaza slow going in the city as well san mateo bridge a lot better here specially few bright spots of the morning commute no problems in either direction >> : and gate bridge and north and heading into the city from rent county live look at center fell bridge. slow
8:49 am
getting on to the bridge here and seen some delays right now no major hot spots reporting >> : time now a 48 >> : looking pretty good bar the bay bridge approach to drum up list as for setting up their release bay hills and all of the bay area right now seen ice conditions: spots in what authorities oakland freeze 49 for san jose cupper 4849 marks now in that city to sentences goes 57 warmer weather and and but obeyed by noontime today still mid-60's not and warm terribly quickly or much in fact by three in the afternoon sunday is all that yellow but not getting very deep in the '70s low seventies for afternoon high south bay what of 72 cell map 73 campbell. warmup about 76 an evergreen but that will be the exception for the rule in general. low
8:50 am
seventies for sen clara valley. east bay delta look for 7173 degrees their 73 also in the ruhr valley. the '70s from cockerel laid down to 680 corridor there to san ramon valley. along the state's shoreline of the net apostasies for the places like they were in san leandro oakland much warmer 72. look for 68 downtown san francisco court decree cool off at the ocean beach north bay we finish their low seventies for the gun country was a sunny skies. this is what the model look like for the next few days. cost conditions over the bay area all the stability goes the north and then things changed beginning thursday temperatures drop thursday. friday close relent and looks like the rain does as well early friday morning >> : all with you friday evening and saturday morning. be ready for some what triggered trading >> :
8:51 am
water and one san jose, meet stiff drink. try to flush out the water main here as sidney drive in northeastern san jose. a number of people sick with the coli and 300 homes without water >> : 180 samples to test for bacteria and the results came back for coca-cola negative now. one resident seconds was so concerned >> : was light since then people cannot convince >> : credit do everything right by our customers once this happens. we trouble response of to their needs >> : see private waters for residence wait for the all clear now watter just a plan for residents who are impacted by the contamination >> : fire destroying 70 vehicles san jose are sports
8:52 am
dealership last night. gp sports can avenue pictures of a fire from the sunday fire per run. the fires able to save almost a dozen vehicles sunday were destroyed no one injured >> : tens mourning the death of cardinals rookie of fielder oscar this morning kill the car crash dominican republic of and also killed in the crash. 22 year-old was regarded as major-league top prospects. and the loss control the chevy camaro well throw yes day >> : another huge wheat for bay area sports and to some highlights >> : baumgartner look account pitches this >> : is a nasty breaking balls >> : to nothing san jose things got a little ugly he gets in a fight and turns in the quarter melee. >> :
8:53 am
and of the holder back snapshot bubbles that and then looks what happens >> : first pet policies and >> : an assumption of the and that all on him. and of little unusual play odd place to come in for the first time >> : the vehicle for own 17 >> : % of sun and the 9:00 p.m. here on kron 4 after the nun's will be right back >> : ♪ at kaiser permanente, everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier.
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san francisco his oldest son zack throughout the surrey first pitch and then billy crystal was best friends caught the ball and williams other country were also
8:57 am
there. special tribute for williams played at the center field scoreboard highlighting pictures from him at the ballpark and career big giants fan >> : dance fever full swing san francisco everything a little orange a.n.c. here this morning this flex their to however long it takes two more games to win the championship major drug store added to list for the will not excepting apple pie >> : question whether this morning clear today rain on the way moron or could be about what halloween i had a question. traffic will bear here the bay bridge several hot spots a special in the state details coming up >> :
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
francisco giants one victory away from third world series the title last night's win what's ahead coming up live report >> : it bull a nurse under mandatory corn senior jersey being discharged after complain about and five year-old might have the virus in york city >> : beautiful shot talk about is whether we had rain on the horizon for holding >> : every morning on the bay area freeways hotspot and dublin area where we have a hit and run injury it was a long eastbound 880 el toro road. in c major backed up
9:01 am
delays if you're heading eastbound. it also especially westbound direction like that traffic all backed up dublin and through livermore. also attracting another hot spot this is in richmond area where we have an accent was on 580 cal boulevard folks are heading on to the richmond center fell bridge we show you that shot the second slow going getting on to the bridge. once again on a halfway through it doesn't prove a little bit but so traffic fairly slow moving across search and center fell. so tracking motorcycle accident northbound to 80 farm road. there are injuries involved and a couple lanes are being blocked as well traffic is very slow going heading toward that along to eight woodside area >> : to go look basically a 80 heyward fremont milpitas across to 37 very slow going
9:02 am
solid red showing a very slow-moving dry times of getting soft on a 80 from villard to milpitas 36 minutes san jose airport 45 minutes >> : were slow going heading south on interstate 80. quick look at the gate bridge you see traffic moving recently in both directions one of the few spots and the commute to for the most part problem free one minor accident that and causing major back up or delay it lent little slow- moving traffic out as far as richmond center felber urged us to have an accident getting on to average heading westbound into the slow and the live this morning with the traffic once you get on things should improve heading farther west >> : now to dry as the weather >> : turned off with a wonderful view looking out over the financial districts and francisco and see transamerica recruited the
9:03 am
flag up top barely moving. when is calm this morning skies are clear and on the cool side >> : still number of communities in the upper 40's feel fifties out there slow to warm it does not o'clock hour eventually will get their noon will be buses and deconditions '60s at that point and then the '70s by three men after did miles stayed again with just less '70s maximum temperature there is forecast for the week that calls for nice, whether through thursday nothing missing change for a whats system into a setback in its wake friday justin time for halloween >> : one win away giants win another world series championship 35 years. >> : messin baumgartner on lamont's mother's the royals for a second time touching
9:04 am
better and better >> : late start in the playoffs series now but the kansas city game six weeks ago it highlights the ira's second giants up to man on. shorts up the blue up center and then there comes public sandoval second round and third chance now to nothing in the animals stay tight with the bottom of the eighth to nothing giants a base clearing triple on the center field here comes pablo sandoval from second of her pants with first. quickly all fields >> : giants lined up five nothing madison pitch is a complete game >> : first baseman their rounds up the third four hit shutout chance to take a lead in the series >> :
9:05 am
he's resting a maypole about game 7 made some been six tomorrow night at kansas city a living will encompass more tancred of homemade teensy part >> : as the knowledge i used poison down here can feels like that waking up from all really good party >> : as a little messy outside and the wine bottles a clear up little foggy but remember you had a great time but the fact that at&t park probably thinking this morning anything but quiet last night. for last three games >> : the last friday but did win saturday and a one last night just talked about three games to lead in and not a soul series >> : one victory 27 away from the
9:06 am
third world series >> : last night last game at&t part 2014 season what way to sen the fence out and 40 to 43,000 people inside and thousands more turned up at the bar as restaurants and hanging out in the quarter and third in king celebrating the season >> : had a chance to talk some of them isn't anything new for giants fans but never told >> : incredible performance below guys jumping in at the last minute >> : can from florida to watch this ago giants >> : on the kansas city off day to day traveling today to kansas city and then tomorrow the game starts at 5072 chances when it won and
9:07 am
all systems go and go home to anammelech to marmite of a setting as a city continuing to encourage your us for our crews undulate kansas city right now live team coverage continue in the morning news on kron all day long on a site any time you like it >> : and keep sending us your picture is really helping appeal the giants the like the spirit and said we >> : >> : and also will surely with you on the air >> : by big retailers going out of apple pay people what and why getting ready to evacuate all the smoke volcano getting closer home >> : live look at the approach the bay bridge
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
check in for a away a northbound at davis strait center lane is blocked due to accidents here drive time for north on a 80 and up and dust fell parkway downtown oakland is more than 30 minutes to oakland hurt
9:11 am
airport at 816 and castro nine minutes it >> : tracking your traffic hear more details other hot spots on the area coming up a little later >> : as on wall street value strong gains last week at the 6% the week before. his coming its way back to 17,000 mark those down 10% now. >> : another retailer says notes apple pay. cvs following path of rioted in shot off the newly launched double pay. and shoe over this is the another service called current see. and date target wal-mart best buy. they're working with other program because it works with the current checkout terminals with apple pay the source forced to buy new ones >> : white look at the celebrate our loss of going on now
9:12 am
attack against us though >> : (ingrid) i take pride in getting things done.
9:13 am
but when it came to medicare, i was glad i could get a little help. (vo) ingrid and robert called anthem blue cross and found an affordable medicare advantage plan that pays for many of the costs original medicare won't. now they can focus on other important decisions. retired and on a fixed income? anthem blue cross plans help protect you from high medical costs. call now for a plan that's right for you.
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9:15 am
richmond area. in getting on to richmond center fell bridge the media's love going getting on the bridge was to get on traffic is moving east better across the bridge. look at a hot spot following an aunt marcellinus in north on 280 farm hell road a little bit of back up until they were that has taken place credence to get past the accident traffic moves a lot smoother. and not without any major delays >> : taking all that at 880 from hayward belter fremont and to milpitas. very slow going slow all morning long was to give for milpitas on view across to 37 traffic improvement of just a little bit also look another hot spot following the launch expressway little slow going this morning because of a couple accidents including on kron ridge avenue we did have some lanes blocked in
9:16 am
traffic moving slowly through there this morning >> : or details on the traffic first james with scary hollowing forecast >> : live look outside we're enjoying a really nice condition sunshine and cool temperatures as well and we take a look at those temperatures so low for its other 497 tel 49 pleasanton vallejos 48 center of the. slowly but surely by up to the '50s and warmup to 60s by noon and replace that with yellow indicating 73 weather won't get too high mainly lotus mid-70s. the jury's been was unnecessary to summer as a 73 fairfield 71 and 65021 down san jose a degree warmer in oakland 72 this afternoon across the bay san francisco 68 downtown with a few degrees of cooling heading up the ocean 65 daly city sit see for ocean beach. as a
9:17 am
forecast for today. mostly sunny and mild and will keep it to the most workweek till friday when all instability of their margaret's and then in tax-loss thursday first with this cooler air than friday claws are here and so is the rain >> : looks like we're for the job but bad for tracker treating forecasted showers early tomorrow morning hours there the overnight and saturday of labor to in his gut do torching >> : in this is morning a nurse under mandatory 21 big corn seen cut back to the u.s. friday treatable patients and thus africa now been discharged transport by private carrier to a private location did jersey officials say it shall remain subject to mandatory quarantine as what issues in
9:18 am
new jersey >> : continually in singapore to a violation of civil rights to land in new jersey said as a residence in new jersey if really the state >> : now officials in maine making arrangements under owns a loss for treatment >> : there state has 01 argued it's a policy lead to bigger local professionals >> : five year old boy being evaluated for a ball this morning your development by virtue hospital. moss was less of a fever health officials say boy being martyred but will not release any other information are now >> : and ululating federal said travel history fever. bellevue pediatric and
9:19 am
undergoing evaluation department of their city and will be making decisions like isolation area not under quarantine health officials are evaluating his travel contact history line one company straddling increase demand likely industries producing yacht has met since doctors and nurses wear n.y.-based company no having to sell private stock to raise $11 million to meet new demands to produce these trading more than $13 and strong demand for private sector this company >> : was forced into injured version opened fire on a washington state high school cafeteria has that 13 year- old rabbinical with had injuries marysville
9:20 am
washington. died last night the others since ariosto's after friday restaurant opened fired to one girl injuring four others before killing himself. remembrancer money for 1030 this morning exactly when the shooting happened the friday >> : people and why getting ready to evacuate 2000's and what what are having their way, bring love what and moving 52 are injured yards an hour >> : it's all rule area on the big island >> : of la coming from this volcano erupting since 1983 flow entered the cemetery of half a mile away from what town's main street >> : emergency door-to-door a likable though the need to be ready to evacuate the lead prosecution saying they
9:21 am
plan to repeal a verdict and sentencing >> : centers and from south africa prosecuting is very sentence five years in prison after convicted of homicide trials >> : concerns are in essence is less make a clearer murder of a real jewel for release after tammuz and finish a single sentence under house arrest >> : south korean prosecutors manning has that policy for the captain of the ferry boat went down in april until 300 people. he was one of the first off capt. being rescued from the ferry passengers still on board going down prosecutors also were listening to getting with debt sudden service for other car members want a first rescued when the ferry capsized most people died high school sends off a trip >> : on 21 right now coming up baseball's morning of the cardinals' player details on
9:22 am
at an live look at the bay area weather traffic for you in a couple minutes easy ride lots of sunshine across the bay bridge >> : yeah, enough for two. gosh. try four, buddy. hmm, i'll take a dark roast. french vanilla, make it strong! the all new keurig 2.0 is here. brew for one, brew for all.
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+ cyril of baseball hot new process bristow she says his heart broken by the >> : to shame that this happened. it is kevin great future ahead of him. had a big home-run the loss for its family. this kid was a lot
9:26 am
taller >> : his trip to are one of the road yesterday >> : largest film regresses wife hit a high-rent the kids as equal play gave kaplan's life sinise, combat and recurring role to enter some mashed died after battling breast cancer 66 years old and lime the concord are stationed charged of part their new partners said these are allowed >> : and 70 vehicles destroyed in a fire in san jose >> : live look from the golden gate be a false are they when portion several traffic house must buy on rain are holding >> :
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
as we looked for halloween weekend snow pressure change. i'd rather not at this point car on speaking terms i'm hoping for test changes >> : must likes to go really dead. >> : palila friday but not a story rain will be i off the end >> : of looks like right now all glistening glaring order their bid for shot from montana. temperature steadily warming no more are we in the 40's for most of the early in the '50s center as the only color now 48 of rot wise livermore conquered
9:30 am
52 degrees and as a 52 oakland 656 centers as cove not 60 degrees. us a picture at the moment later on this afternoon warming up to seven news for most inland valleys. 7174 degrees generally is the no. the space south bay. the difference services could downtown 6872 across the bay in oakland. only come back at 945 to complete weather forecasts and talk more about a halloween rained potential allies in >> : retracting still couple accents and areas really slowing down and shown a whole lot improvement will hold more increase especially 80 selena locked on north monday 80 davis strait of couple instances along and say 80. it is pretty slow going north on right now south on directions and said. and here word that the fremont
9:31 am
milpitas looking at various locations specially heading south on and what's the traffic relate not improve the lot. dry times heading south on a 80 from boulevard in milpitas 36 minutes san jose airport 40 san mateo bridge looking pretty good right now sunspots * stop this morning pre slow but is as sellers held rigid state comes up scot-free all morning >> : to be posted on hot spots as we built to the bay area earlier >> : in this part in their cars of the bart station now paying $1 daily fee. >> : other bar parking lot in south >> :
9:32 am
on the bar station works over next couple months $1 parking fee for right now only a concord barred station. and sound a lot. but when you do the math works full-time thousand dollars a year now. you can pay it was a card station and starting north concord workstation >> : november 12th all the other board stations across the system next six months >> : of fire destroys 70 vehicles at a san jose power sports dealership happened last night gp sports camden avenue with the flames coming from the building sent to from the senate is a fire department all but did burn 70 vehicles able to sail a dozen vehicles from the flames no one was hurt >> : woman shot to death in east oakland yesterday afternoon
9:33 am
police suspect the case of roe bridge. o complete said in find a woman is 30 year- old prologue of the the mother of four died on 97 near highway 80. please issue the passenger car shop in norris made at this time crime stopper $20,000 reward for information leading to arrest >> : watter northeastern san jose now safe to drink according to authorities nicolae concerns remain in the neighborhood this morning. more than a week try to flush out the water made here on sydney dried and then after number of people second with fecal force to be above the water >> : when andres samples to test for bacteria results coming back - 4: >> : 1 residents second after the drinking tap water so concerns >> : i lost weight since and my wife is so having symptoms so people around here seller
9:34 am
lives of those are not convinced >> : to do everything right but customers was happened we try to be responsive to their needs city and provide water for the residents waiting for the all clear nine days to get the o'clock >> : tomorrow a for the state superior court saving the city colleges of the cisco >> : said francisco protests all in connection san francisco city college >> : judge examines why commission and ululating this will follow the law put to city college close to closure broke >> : legal team defending the collagen's commission to underweight the clock city college operating now commission expected to make a decision on granting let the popular college extension to stay open >> :
9:35 am
for two years city college of living in fear are paul college closing down 90,000 students without affordable pathway to higher education goals >> : of the fighting this issue for past two years of we know was the commission for jr., an intelligence not fair and transparent and dealings with college in your credit nations and the need to know students will have opportunities to make use of this amazing resources are here today to fight our get accreditation back making sure this will never happen again >> : robber held up the gas station eureka he won a first star needed some money couple beers >> : he shows a gun and get away with a few hours later had a change of mind went back returns most of the money not the beer institute sorry the gun turn the air was
9:36 am
begun until the cops that he took the cash >> : that for start but realizing his mistake >> : now for the cystic up in jail $50,000 bail >> : stick around for the next addition of people behaving badly >> : singer aaron less rock group after apologizing for their blushes the it at the last night year's performance coming up >> : level reverences' " said asa sunshine it is a chilly morning out there see some very weather is nice weather over the next few days until we get >> :
9:37 am
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done to me direction but it is causing some back up the light and see to on the park area heading down tarapoto. the shoulder is blocked exit belays heading south on 101 >> : more details traffic coming up later >> : caltrans announcing timber a suspended in service on the various law attorney providing service between rare airlines realistic. to guard service for an emergency and mechanical repairs coltrane says the most fire one once repairs completed and resources service >> : cauldrons advising to use the j next area highway to 20 during the service not >> : 18¢ gallon for gas national average now $3.80 per gallon for gas >> : we pay more when will pay less 342 oakland san jose average about 3387 cisco highest prices in the nation 354 again. airline break for
9:41 am
the more news airless staining the national lampoon as today type guy wrong >> : a bridge traffic starting it " a lot and then backed up >> :
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
whats take a look at yourself to a slow traffic areas around 80. traffic has still pretty slow going assault on may 80 fremont boulevard in milpitas 37 minutes san jose airport resort on 43 minutes. stilled a very slow going at 681 muckrake danville center on pre much either direction north-south pit still very slow going to major backups plays. the
9:45 am
bridge commute a spade downtown san francisco has been slow going and just popped up there isn't incident was bounced around the plaza area, and scholer. place traffic closing down a little bit heading from the east bay downtown san francisco this morning and on cemetery ridge looks good both directions a hot spot for a problem free. but the golden gate bridge and a promise for looks a bit of a drive into marin downtown san francisco richmond center fell commute looking really good now things are winding down for the morning commute >> : time now 945 airline quick led look outside roof camera a brilliant blue sky sampras's go up some check temperatures gradually getting warmer and we did see forties' long until i start >> : with seven rows up in the '40's wearing a little bit
9:46 am
48 now livermore got person is a jump up and the '50s 56 degrees had been up for use severs is gussying 60 coming from. on temperatures later on south basin once for sensate sackler. los '70s most of santa clara valley's and same to be said for east bay. pittsburgh and stock anyone from 71 degrees. 73 there more of a '70s 4680 communities several valid. east bay shoreline a 80 mira's freeway hayward san leandro upper 60s low '70's >> : a conference and 72 degrees and 6 is for san francisco and suspect most is undisguised sunny monday miles for the foreseeable future. with this storm from pacific the bring rain and
9:47 am
taught just alongside hulling. down to the evening and night hours. be prepared for a digital a wet as the head of seifert retreating >> : a and the china basin front door parkin world series >> : cool 80 bucks. up to be outdone china basin charging $90. oversized vehicles and lime, pay hundred dollars flat rate. loser is your pocket >> :
9:48 am
tshombe sonority as signs gearing up for the high as parking fees. cheaper to get a parking ticket that is for private parking policy ~ >> : then not even disabled placard can help the airline the major-league baseball game clears all same this guy was wheelchair to get going for $500 >> : another regular. and this guy >> : his tickets to a crisp $800 away or to cancel a scallopers and property scuppers our pocket. and said arrested >> : all fun and games tell someone buys a counterfeit ticket. that's a different segment of forgettable scholars for
9:49 am
a second have some fun. >> : the mix of funds now. >> : the american people behaving badly >> : craziness of the world series >> : ever is a winning team saw was last >> : matter what language >> : against the giants cut for the game started that during national lampoon errant lawyers star spangled o'bannon of the line as it started them >> :
9:50 am
fliers looking around school kids will tell you he left out at this twilight less cleaning and galleries sharing was later >> : people want and local saying airline sing very slowly was complete. the counterfeiters to go blasting cristina regular for messing up the letter to let him back nine have to say years are allowed this but apology >> : his nerves are the best of him and hoping everyone can understand the intensity of the situation >> : like robin williams honored came five world series. opening pitch williams 0 mutt old son zack for ceremonial first pitch and
9:51 am
as best friend billy crystal caught the ball there is all the cody there of the game to go. and it paid tribute on the it cost scoreboard for robin williams to pilots the career pictures with him at the ballpark in line your at the ballpark decked out orange black. but the buildings are in san francisco sent to pictures >> : don't allow work done in the office today once by might want to avoid standing around at the printer copier station's west's longtime employees 13 hours a year in their spaces. and researchers say even though this as up this a couple extra minutes a day people often wasting time waiting for pages to come out and then socializing with a reporter's >> : loss of parties with the workers having a hard time getting back and focus >> :
9:52 am
if the gene seems to be more crowded on monday it is >> : if data from java on the thickness and they find people start the new week with gus for exercising under the treadmill and then eventually the other way to an all enthusiasm wanes a bit and probably more concentrating on friday night >> : back on as news continues live look watching the bay bridge arson are inside miss mover of the toll plaza >> :
9:53 am
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president of knowledge >> : use a special balloon hundred 36,000 ft. above the new mexico desert 26 mi. jumped from 26 mi. above ground. i'm a free fall from more than four minutes states 822 mi. an hour then glided down for tenants before landing >> : helene seems to be cashing in on ebola one of the costumes and controversial. a: there's some sort of gas masks and shortness of that. it calls a viral possible the year >> : but says selling it also said tonight bull fever and london have and organizers doing it to raise awareness then donate the money it to doctors without borders >> :
9:57 am
sushi role of to be also she rolls check this out the 200 people thousand feet long >> : these underage cons and 1700 sheets of series >> : 78 forecast weather looks nice this week except halloween >> : rain all day off during hauling friday night saturday >> : five is always so watched the storm closer right now for what for the rain >> : that's it for now if you want more news on ago use our mobile app kron4-dot-com >> :
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