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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 27, 2014 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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this morning on the kron 4 morning news the trance now one game away from winning the world series we have game highlights and fan reaction >> : plus new details about the man police believe shot and killed two sheriff's deputies located on the story as well. >> : making up the clear skies on this monday morning. where we have looked grim weather ahead of us and changes at that and pactel win or details on kron 4 news at 4. newmont the morning everyone is monday october 27th to link for joining us some more on the dance came here in just a minute what struck the hour with an update of weather and traffic. >> :
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" yet a great weekend his live look at the golden gate bridge shot and we are waking up the clear skies on this monday morning. lots of sunshine and temperatures are starting out cool water '50s on the map 55¢ francisco. the cooler and nappa of 47 vallejo 39 and let me double check that number will verify that and think of it be in oakland upper '40's in livermore. we do have chile spots temperatures today really nice conditions. look at the future cast for lunchtime widespread '60s and then temperature is getting up into the '70s the north bay concord livermore valley parts of the south bay. in san jose by 3:00 today and here's how your client rep on for this afternoon. there is similar to yesterday's 7973 livermore's wilson is also fremont through san jose's site will. 68 downtown san francisco under sunny skies. 72 oakland load
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mid-70s for people in the north bay >> : high pressure giving control with all the sunshine state then for the next couple days will in fact be warming up through wednesday. only do see a storm approaching generally friday and saturday. it does look like it will be a wet tracker treating evening on halloween. here's kron 47 there on the bay forecast a dry today warmup continues through tomorrow wednesday it as our warmest temperature is in the lower 80s. upper '70's for the bay and then will start to cool down a little bit thursday friday is our chance for major chang forecast expecting cloudy conditions rain and wind and not the best news for sugar traders on halloween. looks like the showers will continue for saturday as well. looks like will dry out on sunday
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mostly sunny conditions. looks like the rain will hold off friday unfortunately not time for halloween to do post on that >> : time now for 02 to up to traffic at the bridges starting on the bay bridge this morning we do not have any hot spots very quiet morning so far and in fact all across the bay area not seeing any major hot spots drive time for oakland severance right now around 11 minutes. live look at your san mateo bridge uc clear skies and the crumbs here as well. drive time from hayward and to miss and a tail 14 minutes. more details and forecast when we come back later >> : transiting the kansas city and went away from the world series title in five years >> : they did in game 5 on the strength of the medicine baumgartner really timely hitting to look at the highlights their pre bottom
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of the second start of giants won toulon's to loups crawford then hit the single but a public stand of all to second. giants now up to nothing and would stay that way to the bottom of the eighth texas-based clearing triple going deep almost out here just off the top center field wall pot will send a all scoring for second. prepense rep behind and the flooding in the home plate. there go always off the second base not bad. top the ninth we go and garner some amount eric costner drawn up the third and that would complete the four hit shutout ended the giants' 3 to even the serious and bruised but she says there's never any doubt >> : as scows right on strong all night when this goes on and
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it's fun to watch great stuff. and i felt like this is his game despite running lead and sure i thought about maybe taking him out definitely a turning to the game's not over. i we thought were set by had to come off. so if you have a guy out there rolling away to the way he was >> : the shuttle year's >> : club but over the big when felipe caught what up with them after the game had >> : giants fans in one essay before the game after word big knowledge this was a must win san francisco did it >> : is in relation on king street immediately after the game it was a raucous crowd a thrill but the fact that now the giants are in control and a team effort with the lead is on the team stepping up what accounts >> : redolent of performance and the little guys like us last
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night getting the time ahead. >> : camps all the way from florida or watch this go giants. amazing to go out world series so exciting >> : is amazing my dad thought we're gonna win because baumgartner was pitching. the fields could be right. and the and fend say the series is a long way from over the battle and kansas city >> : is even though was a great game out won a glitch and happen during national anthem with rock singer aaron louis jumped the gun on one line. and lim
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singing >> : syou hear the crowd reacting to wasn't come most wanted kids will tell you was kept going to finish up the minister and light 9¢ to be that way all along >> : clinched the third world series title five years. early tuesday kansas city 5 07. it will take the mound for giants in that one. all eyes will be watching for the latest on the trans world series coverage as website kron4-dot-com follows on this but twitter as well special section on website there at kron4-dot- com again game 6 is tomorrow
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night first pitch 507. in kansas city >> : developing story this morning that new informational command please believe killed two sheriff's deputies in northern california. louis on said it was reported twice from the u.s. to mexico. also arrested in arizona for a drug charges. he is able to live and the country undetected until friday upset about police believe he made been living under many identities >> : assure right out any charges under another name on friday to abuse killed one in sacramento another in placer county >> : sacramento is one loss of that rhonda's individuals held less adults of the sheriff's office tells love notes and as you conceive oliver 15 year veteran of the force is behind a wife to children >> : one of the four students injured when a freshman opened fire a washington high school has died 914 year-old here is just wrong
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no had been in critical condition with head injuries passed away last night tillotson's rate hospitalized but family as for privacy remembrances and silence as planned for today 1030 this morning some time the shooting happened last friday >> : will be back with more news here in just a minute people san jose a letter to boil their water stay lifted the boil water notice after several people got sick with the coli hear from some people infected newmont to sit fissuring mandatory quarantines health-care workers direct contact with the ball patients tell you the problem is causing >> : it the raiders take on the bronze and to look at highlights in the game as well. >> :
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it has lifted the boil water notice in san jose's san jose water spent more than a week flushing the water may announce a new drive sydney court crews collected more than zero hundred 80 water
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samples as lucia reports a number of people got sick and 300 homes affected during the boil water notice >> : san jose water told me that back to you free for two days >> : after careful sampling the division of drinking water has lifted the ban so now neighbors can drinkwater on the faucet >> : i can beckham this compares all the water is back >> : to the drive citicorp some got sick with e coli homeowners are happy to have clean water fund to the pipes >> : class is over seems like they're both country testing >> : week and half that provide water >> : as soon as we issued a boil water notice we knew was an be a huge inconvenience >> : of the ban lifted there won't be a need to use the
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bottles anymore rev. jerry daughter who got sick after drinking water from the top skeptical >> : are going to be skeptical and whites still having some of symptoms. people rush years to levenson comes from the water >> : and not convinced >> : credit your missing right by the customers once it happens we tried to be responsive to their needs >> : san jose water working on an adjustment plan to accommodate customers that were affected by the water outages during the last nine days. the line picking up the clear skies this monday morning pretty big storm heading this way break that down for you on the kron 4 morning news continues after the break >> :
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back as 415 sub about the weather we have our own give
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the with the halloween forecast >> : may want to get out the umbrella bring your preparation for halloween starting will tell about them and. live look at a cemetery birdshot we are waking up the clear skies and very little to no farm this morning. lots of sunshine expected for today at a very pleasant. that trend continues through the majority of this week following friday watching a potent storm bringing rainy and windy conditions for the bay area saturday's lingering showers a temperatures start to cool down. right now but chilly out there were looking at low 40's now in vallejo. 54 richmond 49 oakland and upper '40's in san jose up 55 downtown san francisco heist for today break them down for you really nice one blood '70s and the south bay 71 san jose and call also. in the east bay warmer won the creeks and for low '70's
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in danville 73 livermore. 07 is also an antioch 69 san leandro oakland nice day for you as well. -7268 for alameda downtown san francisco petaluma 73 degrees. >> : sore the next few days were really nice weather pattern setting up plenty of sunshine high-pressure temperatures continued wont of tomorrow through wednesday >> : all local on thursday the. but friday it has a big change so here is your kron 47 there on the day forecast. lots of sunshine through wednesday temperatures only upon all lorries on wednesday afternoon. thursday's still not too bad will as the increasing clouds late thursday. friday morning right now timing for when the storm arrives bring us rainy windy conditions and this is the means for halloween will be what bawling for traders. still several days out so the timing of the storm, of course change. right now it's a friday and
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potentially for saturday it >> : have to watch out for the system of the country's power lines but at least progress see >> : some of us are hoping it's come earlier than later for tracker triggers >> : look at the traffic will look at the golden gate bridge traffic here and is moving very well the crumbs to report a hot spots try time from sausalito downtown san francisco writer on 15 minutes. taking a look at the richmond center fell bridge commute very quiet this morning so far. but slick were seeing a few cars cross and centerfold bridge. will keep you posted on any hotspots dry roads and the evening commute so far. glenn 418 it nurse recently arrived to u.s. efforts redeemable patients and will separate us as she has been mistreated by the state of new jersey. three states currently issuing demand for corn scenes for people with
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drugs it possible patients showing us load huge debate in support of corn seen those who sits violation of their basic civil rights. >> : this to me is completely unacceptable. ms. casey arrived in newark airport friday after spending a month in sierra leone treating a bowl patients. but she's been put in a 21 day quarantine medicine in new jersey. i arrived and took my temperature and was completely normal. since tested negative toys for bull yet show symptoms. new jersey gov. christie believes mandatory corn seen as the right move for medical professionals red direct contact with the ball. >> : need to protect the public safety. most definite most densely populated areas. >> : by sunday in new york clarifications officials allow medical personnel or residents of the state to serve out the corn seed
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home. >> : transfer to a halt once they're in the home court seen for the 21 days. andrew recognizes the difficult situation insisting he'd rather be safe than sorry. >> : some people say being too cautious a tip that criticism this but the alternative >> : washington taking note senior administration official says the white house has informed both christie it has concerns of the unintended consequences of policies not grounded >> : on a story to it for sure the governor for the new jersey has had in contact with the white house he insists that he is not heard from any administration officials >> : university of virginia since morning loss of sousa wrote messages on a chalkboard wall and left flowers and the ceremony on wednesday at yesterday.
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rates on two weeks ago but the five last friday the stern lesson live back in september. jesse meth you in jail with kidnapping her. some say they'd won remember how she died but but the focus on how she lived. >> : stands morning the death oscar to maris. he was killed and a car crash in dominican republic also killed in the crash was regarded as one of the top prospects. he was heartbroken by the news >> : a shame this happened is to the great future ahead of him. and a big home run against us. the loss for family cardinals baseball this kid looked like he was a source of talent. >> : he lost control of the camaro went off the road sunday it >> :
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still on restaurants and was there following the shooting death announced teenager michael brown. some security detail in person this month. issue for tickets were specifically deployed. citation numbers significantly lower than previous years in 2012 they give out more than i thousand tickets 2013 more than 7000. this year less than 3000 >> : black and has been take concerns me when i getting services that we need from swiss apartment >> : offices and apartments special operations unit of news ever sent this a this is the reason for fewer tickets being given out as a sailor working overtime and stress the county is proper >> : could break more on the on news public petrol with accusations chp officers said nude photos of the deal i suspect to himself on the story live look outside
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plaza camera showing west on 80 moving well issues services cannot just yet >> :
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and susan long slump continues on the road in cleveland might of been the best chance to get at least something in the win column. first quarter readers tended a field goal after often the snap backup quarterback matt chauffer throws interception and the winning are so strong gibson. this was really about all the field goals until and the third quarter >> : and your topics this was why continues than the fourth quarter player again options and the end zone for the 4 yd touchdown and a 10 point lead. traders tried rallied but their car fumbles the ball all trying to keep alive the at least another cleveland scored raiders kicking out 017 this season
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the loses 12313 >> : chow to belsky tummy wiggles power play goals in san jose sharks for game losing streak with a fight sold for one victory on sunday night. brent burns and market gordo also scored for the sharks and it at a time winning streak just a second victory in seven games 33 safe and sound as they rebounded from embarrassing home loss to buffalo saturday. >> : another huge weekend for bay area sports it didn't catch sports night live is what you missed >> : this man let the bill butler or can't pitch was this >> : that the nasty breaking balls to nothing san jose but things got zero little bit ugly to else in a fire
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but gets the fight and turned into quite a melee. " batman shot me bubbles what this looks like the what happened >> : first time for the season. the >> : interception short pass. idle think you can kurland, an unusual play odd place to become in the first time >> : typical 0117 >> : pin text was i live tonight on p.m. right here after the kron 4 news at 8. >> : for 27 quick break coming up here on morning news woman in oakland shot killed investigators say may of been caused by road bridge latest in the investigation >> : + giants leading the world and gain six kicks off tomorrow night, people are gearing up for the big game >> : that the giants and orange these hirsute with pride >> :
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some of the big story is following this hour the shooting of a washington state of high school clams and other live overnight 14 year-old here as syria note that a possible shot by her classmates and cafeteria of marysville a high-school friday. kill the other student then took his own life through this and still hospitalized >> : in jersey nears for stinkhorn seen returning from calling isolation and humane. they see fit in new york friday goes into global said hostile russia remains there this morning pending a lawsuit against the governor who ordered 21 big corn seen all health- care workers coming back from west africa >> : 32 lead over the world series but metzenbaum owner
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tossing first world series shot out in 11 years for headstall striking out eight in entranced for nothing shot out of the royals to to the mound by not been shut out to dry skin 6 tomorrow kansas city >> : the wheat board to round up outside the ballpark stop by bart there gritting their teeth as they watched the game >> : seen here 21st amendment 3 restaurant pretty much what it's like to up the district whats of fans watching hoping for a giants victory so many fans out here overflow crowd outside cheering every hit every great pressure strike out money these people can't afford to watch the game inside the stadium or the could they can't find a ticket on game day. many
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families coming out kids are out here still family atmosphere point is all these fans watching the game together >> : begum part has been watching the series and experience out car was a huge fan >> : of the font and excitement. i love this team at the world series >> : he is right below the giants even more >> : this city in the world we come to play everyone the energy level is attend >> : will be at the game this is poor man's way to watch the game >> : as the better way >> : could be a lot worse. >> : what stands saying they're not on the kansas city for game six or seven if there is one been watching games here in san francisco just like tonight hoping 67 of
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the big screen meaning hopefully giants when >> : 430 to get to the weather now find out what we can expect for the week ahead >> : really nice condition starting off this monday morning clear skies up of look outside the temperatures on the cool side in some spots. talk about the game forecast tomorrow begins 6 giants sources roils by 07 our time. kansas city missouri as a few hours ahead of us some o'clock temperatures and the upper 50s mid-50s cooling down quickly by 9:00 in the upper 40's a little bit cool but dry and for baseball and lime temperatures light coat verified 48 degrees temperatures were off earlier this morning. a dividend for you 47 livermore 49 san jose 57
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cisco 47 in nappa. we are seeing sunspots' the north this morning. future tests for lunch time today but 6 is all across the bay area and then temperatures getting up in the '70s and watter location san jose livermore valley center rosa nappa area. part of the bank will see mid the upper 50s. >> : sampras cisco 68 daly city 65 bottle warmer heading on the peninsula san jose lower 70's today. also are low seventies for a good portion of the spade north bay and looking at 74 san roof fell 72. high pressure in control today for the next couple days see warm conditions tomorrow especially when state even if you at 80 degrees. we do see a storm coming this wait for friday to saturday. not the best news for tracker traders live look at the kron 47 there on the day forecast creasy temperatures
4:35 am
warming up tomorrow wednesday when temperatures can get to lower 80s. as the warmest day of the next seven. again we're trying to track those specific storm bringing rainy and windy conditions right now coming out to be halloween friday. but also potentially part of saturday sunday will be drying out mostly sunny skies. again this is several days away so there's a couple possibilities the storm could fall apart altogether or come earlier later. will keep you posted on that don't canceling plans just yet >> : look at your branch tx morning starting with the bay bridge and sea traffic is very light at this hour. both heading from east bay oakland and san francisco giants are now all the nice >> : of great promise here hotspot 3 and then the drive time from a word san mateo right around 1415 minutes >> : a quick check of yourself
4:36 am
beckham you can see temperatures coming in all green and a note from up there break time to leave the house as you will not encounter any cost us for now. >> : a woman shot to death in east oakland sunday afternoon police expected the case of rose bridge pre oakland police identified a woman as per lovey not. she died and 97 to highway 80. police say shoes passenger in the car were shot. norris made for it at this point offering a warlord leading to arrest >> : and police looking into the death of an infant died sunday morning any anderson was in oakland and has more on story >> : oakland police officer spent monday morning children's hospital pushing family members about the death of an infant. so far place on sank all play was involved in the baby's death. some officers spoke with family members at a hospital others including members of the team went to families east
4:37 am
oakland house by late this morning to the scene has cleared family was up back in the house. just after noon the left again at >> : police and responded any calls e-mail's up the earlier this evening we did learn that the baby died well at children's hospital >> : commuters parking their cars concord rescission have to pay $1 fee. the park and the oakland avenue station for the morning to an afternoon will be charged a dollar as well. daily fees will be a clipper card or art will send you a hand tied for your car also be able to pay at machines orders can also have a permit lot parcelled a monthly long-term german advance. >> : these defects north conquered our station as well these will be required at an oakland airport hayward stations to a great
4:38 am
six months since the we want to members to be tackled as possible what they're demanding >> : that all so new details about the man shot and killed and the war memorial the police are taking a look at >> : major league baseball world series photographer responsible for most hon. shaun's a baseball last decade. surprisingly uses his car phone for what was coming up shares with us tips for smart phone photography >> : these pajamas are really a hug.
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this toy is a reminder that someone cares. these are a chance to be part of a team. and this is a chance to succeed. female announcer: with your support, the employee owners of sleep train are proud to dedicate their time, hearts and resources
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to giving local foster children one important thing: hope... hope... hope... not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child. children: ♪ sleep train child: ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ tech reporter outside at&t ballpark about to meet the official major-league baseball photographer for the world series. believe it or not he is i phone 64 lot of his shots. anatomy up with him get tips on how we can sit take better pictures
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and are smart phones. this bread in the world baseball photography he's won the best there is. he's famous pictures are used by albee sports illustrated and a dozen other entities. this year the world series next special for him because he's from here. >> : longtime friends and grow and fremont and rooted for the giants in 1973 >> : published several pictures including the instant baseball bottle essay for the 21 season produced entirely on instagram. " what makes some interesting someone of his level would be using only a $50,000 camera to take pictures but not so before after the game uses his i phone 6 to take pictures and share them with the world. a huge following on his social the work >> : social media can hang out in the dugout bustard was in getting vp share it and then getting ready for batting practice right now.
4:42 am
>> : bias in this world picture showing the travis kissing has a home run ball >> : bread step this one to 5 1/6 moving the needle on smart phone photography. anyone can get these high-quality sean's use his steps >> : to a friend a close stand far enough back to fill the frame compositional late not propping internet. people forget the power of the face looking at the camera. story and this can tell. i use snap speed for toning black- and-white conversion that works really well for widening darkening pictures. instagram improved a few months ago they have amazing that a bill and sliders really working on contrast then getting it toning and such. then put borders on instagram has use
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low fly filter or the early bird filter >> : and not need to make natural could try and black and white >> : kids everything up and gets a lot stole >> :
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over to another center and keeping an eye on the forecast weekend ahead beginning early glimpse of our holy mother as well >> : said the say halloween doesn't look all that great. talk more about that in a minute. live look from golden gate bridge we see that we have evening traffic going through no major traffic problems will talk about that in a minute. clear skies to top off this morning. a sunny skies today a very pleasant afternoon and now friday that's the day halloween it is expecting potent storm bring any conditions and windy conditions also saturday
4:46 am
when during showers temperatures with little colored >> : by now looking at 40's 50's chile and sorrows of 45 degrees 49 in concord. also 49 and oakland 557 cisco 40 san jose. heyse's afternoon of the '70s. 72 cupertino 71 and san jose and the east bay also looking at more conditions mid-70s for walnut creek miss 74 degrees sunday in danville roller '70s and vallejo upper 60s for san leandro keyword. oakland area up looking for a high of lower 70's today 68 berkeley in downtown san fransico. 65 daily setting cerros the lower '70s. high pressure at have control some conditions and continued warmup through tomorrow then on friday and time for halloween right now tracking a pretty decent start coming through a press
4:47 am
of rainfall totals. not the best news for tracker traders but things can change the posted it >> : on for sunday on a bed for test warmest it wednesday. temperatures and wind in the lower 80s and a beautiful fall they middle of the week there's tapes should stay dry hello wayne rainey when the conditions saturday showers possible and also dreier sunday. do check of the at the bridge is this monday morning star with the golden gate bridge piquancy traffic very light at this hour no hot spots to report. drive time from sausalito downtown san francisco coming in 1415 minutes. live look at the richmond center fell bridge commune as well very light traffic at this hour no hot spots their problem free in both directions >> : and world news this morning continue bottle ices it
4:48 am
controlled the body. along with the help of u.s. coalition air strikes. the exclusive look at the fighting inside located syrian turkish border. the u.s. central command says airstrike this crisis artillery site outside the body this week and syrian rights group says more than a hundred people killed and loss 40 days mostly ices no sense the kurdish fighters to >> : customers demanding the death penalty for the captain of back in april killing more than 300 people video from troy capt. being rescued passengers still on board according to reports prosecutors also looking to issue licenses for about three other crew members >> : their first when the fares are go down. most people got >> : the details on the shooter but the war memorial. police say they hope is half the boat. it recorded video of
4:49 am
himself before the attack and showing that upset with the government ideologies. investigators looking at the video police say the sugar one of assyria and join us as a shooting happened wednesday and cereal. it is killed while on duty at the memorial >> : that the bay area chp after what one of the officers accused of sending you'd known photographs to himself. should search warrant detectives were able to find text messages about the female deal i suspect great messages sent from shawn hare and sent to officers kron and dionne 76 in a derogatory comments about the woman's body. the contra costa department says that they are analyzing all electronic material out. >> : we've got about doing that with quite a few cell phone
4:50 am
devices computers gone into the i cloud. >> : reported to know himself explicit pictures found on the phone court documents as i had done this half a dozen times the past two years as a game between handful chp officers >> : the d.a. says he will decide whether he would charge parents and others some time next week. also responding to allegations against these officers been a press conference chp debris brown golden gate division said no. disappointed disgusted with the allegations of misconduct by place and our organization for such behavior >> : tarring painful the summer people ascribe living with disease called this record crowd turned but wingate part to raise money awareness my column shows many with the disease finding cures key >> :
4:51 am
superable clad people at the golden gate park walking together for one cause >> : an important wait raise awareness and lime look living with lupus first diagnosed 27 at >> : our insistence that hands at this regard >> : and austrian joint pain to take also living with the disease $2,000 at the annual walk to and lupus. autoimmune disease attacks up people's immune system crashes retort arthritis. all about fighting back according to those with lupus foundation estimated 1.5 million americans living with the disease notes here clearly there is strength in numbers >> : support from everyone that's what keeps you going to raise or consent as a squirrel is more than
4:52 am
georgia thousand dollars nation's money that will go toward research helping mexico entered a strong quarter >> : amounted scared me because sometimes i can't hold my own laundry walk downstairs at make myself do so took away a lot my independence >> : canastas what selected donate posted a link to hurry and do that are kron4- dot-com >> : for 51 tickets quick bread still had on the morning news weekend box office results are in which film came out on top >> : meanwhile i'd look outside we have a live camera out of pop on talent over san francisco talk about whether for the week ahead and give you another preview of your calling forecast at the top the your >> :
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or 50 the time the streets all saturday night we took about world series fan the crazy orange leisure suit and mystery marlins and
4:55 am
contacted rovers the weekends and strain in a mixup with the guy in no leisure suit all full blown giants and got on the right and to miss marlon's guy leading who met to the big five world series games asked by the royals wear a blue suit obviously did. the lower left bob bradley of marin boxes is a transparent through and through half >> : a cover baseball at but not many people are able to get out and experience the baseball. to look at the size sound 18 to park yesterday before the big game. >> :
4:56 am
that just as excited one game away from another world series many viewers sending pictures of black pride we have a little pandora's for halloween and world series own one. small told fans even dogs getting in on the fun one of those pictures as well love to keep getting them to show them to come coming and mail them to us breaking news to stem the fifth pitch as well lots of ways to get those photos to us clearly show them throughout the morning we read on the giants' hopefully get that world series and in tomorrow >> : begin results are and we
4:57 am
keyboard in the top spot. >> : inspired by the board game $20 million of the weekend and beat john wake 14 little over 14 million and brad pitt world war two action film lead and the third-place big draws the box office this weekend >> : coming up near information about the man to kill to share of these northern california more on that coming up also signaled action for members of florida university marching band to in court today charged with killing
4:58 am
beating and a drum major during hazing ritual want to come >> : live look outside crude on the giants and for ry d skin, bas istuzati isn enoh.
4:59 am
yoneedeali. the onlyotiowithheing cro vaseline jly, w valineinteivee ry d skin from theirstapicatn and deeplyoistizeso al i in st 5ays. clinallyrove skinealein jt 5 days. that's theeali wer vasine.
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may have the kansas city you are dented world series title >> : nurse back in u.s. after treatable patient now quarantined in new jersey. she says it's a violation of civil-rights >> : watching the forecast we take a live look outside all be back with your work week forecast and the guns of had pauline >> : good monday morning watching the forecast >> : keeping an eye on calling on the square hole in looks little what we'd show that to you roam the bay coming up 515 sardis said sola time between now and then maybe a
5:01 am
storm will shift its timing just a little help to keep an eye on and at this point all their points to a halloween night. we're looking at a live picture and our camera real all conditions are the bay area right now no real fog to talk about a breakdown of the forecast for today temperatures in the '50s morning clearing temperatures cooled around eight to 9:00 will be looking at upper 40's low 50s this afternoon warming up in the '70s as well. come back of the 15 bit daunted is forecast details and also to allied out of it in the meantime look at the satellite are meeting in the local close saying what will for north on to traffic >> : tracking reconditions here all across the bay area this morning check of your bay bridge commute heading up toward cross the bridge and from east bay drive time oakland and severances go 11 minutes where problem three
5:02 am
also problem free san mateo bridge come you as well. drive time hayward and the cemetery right around 14 to 15 minutes great time to leave the house keep you posted if anything changes >> : by: temp are stored just one more win giants need to >> : to the city five nothing less night baumgartner on the mound once again >> : smothering the roils the second time in a week. heading back to kansas city game 6 and game 7 loss like to look at highlights >> : bottomless and ending giants up by one to one brand in crawford giants for the single to center. the motor in from second to nothing in this game. in and stay and i came to nothing in the bottom of the eighth before the giants finally blow open. talent of the space clearing triple off the center field wall. public stand all getting scores for
5:03 am
second and her plans roadside he was running >> : at the time of the ninth still on the mound. eric was mayor goes out to third with four hit shutout in three to lead in the series. there's never any doubt >> : at&t park filled with excitement obviously the fans are going to hook to get one more win in kansas city the team leads sit there today live at&t park >> : supple less 2 1/2 weeks out here at&t park talking out giants there are no more and come games for the 2014 season but what a way for the fans to send the giants off just an address on the fans off with the exciting 5
5:04 am
nothing victory last night 18 see park. it was a great weekend and not so great friday but saturday sunday obviously giants won both of those games and now 27 out. away from the third world series in five years and i was at the game saturday the fans from across the bay area came out there the corner of third and king 32,000 got a damn lucky for them whats of people couldn't get in the game still out here partying. having a great time celebrating the victory one victory away from third world series on the kansas city and game on tuesday of a chance to talk to some of those tents stands after the meeting yesterday as intel the work cited >> :
5:05 am
and asset a sudden on the kansas city team leads later this morning before got small night's game will be a shake and the sentences could chance and the only other question as to what date is the pride and beyond >> : a skit where these two games thank you. in 6 tomorrow by 07 kansas city stay with kron 4 continue to keep the cover with the team coverage here on the morning news and special section. >> : mislabel a crisis this morning after greg spencer marks a doctor infected with the deadly virus now in serious condition. move into next phase of his illness now dr. spencer is getting blood transfusion for mobile a survivor nancy anti-viral medication as well. right now in new jersey news to came back with sunning governor chris with but 21
5:06 am
the quarantine on health- care workers traveling back to u.s. >> : calls for isolation and humane and says she feels fine and tested negative twice >> : i feel fine physically. but don't think most people understand what it's like to be alone >> : in all there is the result, the un decision is being made that makes sense. >> : the governor also on the 21 acorns in health care workers returning from west africa also they're concerned with the quarantines discourage workers from going to west africa. >> : new informational the man who killed two sheriff's deputies northern california. willis deported
5:07 am
twice from the u.s. to mexico also arrested in arizona for drug charges. he is able to live in the country and dissected till friday. that's when sacramento police believe he may have been living under many identities and not sure right now if he has any charges on their of than under another name. friday to deputies killed one sacramento and another in placer county. unmourned loss of following the deputy last night outside the sheriff's offices and daughter of daniel oliver. dozens of people like candles and leftall their 15 year veteran of the forest leaves behind a wife and two children. >> : still ahead on morning news and others in dies after classmate opens fire in washington high school cafeteria >> : death toll now to more coming up >> : commute from concord the changes a parking will let you know about entrances ahead + after more than a week will watter notice in
5:08 am
san jose finally listed in the northeastern section of the city more on the a coli and sent and contamination had. but to the cemetery bridge traffic moving smoothly >> :
5:09 am
5:10 am
th's w the's aistene®prodt foevt mout arehe se. onto can yr whe moh. one r the ha toeachlace e torote kid uthsrom viti. evenne to freshenbrth othe-. with over 0 yes ofinvati i. there's a stere®rodu r evy moh inour use. for clner,ealter mthsgoeyonbru. lierin®. poweto yr moh ™
5:11 am
or students injured when of freshman open fire and high school cafeteria has died. 14 year-old in critical condition with head injuries and she passed away late last night here is the photo >> : three other students remain hospitalized sign a family as for privacy. a remembrance plan for 1030 >> : some time the shooting happened on friday >> : still ahead captain of a very that went down in south korea earlier this year could face death penalty details and information coming in about the man who opened fire that canada's national war memorial. date when it joined iss and watching the weather this
5:12 am
monday morning live look at the approach to the bay bridge everything is dry but things will change may be just in time for halloween >> : hey john, check it out.
5:13 am
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looks like it's gonna be a nice monday fired we all have our eye. will be watching this very carefully working on ways to the week at this point looks like we're looking at what halloween night. right now confidence conning and i and a lot time between now and then look at what we're seeing right heres outside right now fairly clear conditions out there looks like a be nearly perfect bounce them down to a western span of the bay bridge off to the right. >> : temperatures are ok local but take a look oakland 4848 in san jose 49 concord 47 livermore 41 and sells and offered to a chiller starkers sentences of 56 right now will eventually warm things back up and get all the hot today very mild
5:16 am
they. by noontime temperatures in the '60s and all the bay area wide. the in the afternoon was sonny's beckons still relatively cool by the bay lot cosi and see those areas in green to yellow indicating 70 degree weather. and the numbers will look like this 71 antioch 71 per fill the remark drew an very mild and the cheers for the delta livermore valley. and the south does anyone san jose and a warm up to 76 degrees for places where evergreen allman valley but for the most part 07 itself bay low '70's north bay as well. even oakland 72 degrees not much different temperature but no matter where you go and bay area appearance 68 san fransico account #6 is 07 years for a lot of the shoreline, canaries. >> : watter perspective. conceive we have stable over california some tracker and push the north right now washington getting the clouds and rain. everything shifts in will start to get
5:17 am
some of that caught our direction by thursday we start to see the table on friday we deal with the rain. there is a gradual warming between on wednesday it will be nice and clear then thursday things turn friday it because relent and allow for a morning that starts and should be with us all day. will be steady all day on again off again. a be fairly consistent all to the day friday. it's a last until at least the first half of saturday. >> : so without a dry rose up their things look really nice right now live look at our bay bridge commute. you see traffic very light right now the couple more cars at this hour progresses the scoring 517 drive time oakland to san francisco 11 minutes. click check in sematech abridge commute traffic picking up here as well no problems in either
5:18 am
direction hotspot freed a word cemetery dried thyme 41415 minutes. look at the golden gate bridge, you. very light traffic right now sausalito to downtown san francisco writer on 14 minutes as well. here's one look at the richmond center for us all bridge were quiet roads are quiet and return to the house and a comeback will look at that tracker a clean dry tons from their >> : land here and then the water is back on northeastern san jose state's drink but nikolai concerns remain this morning. increased by more than a week flushing water main in sydney dry of citicorp. after number of people second with the coli. the larger homes san jose water collected more than a hundred dissembles fort remaining bacteria and results pelican that negative reply >> : one resident who had gotten sick is skeptical >> :
5:19 am
of lost weight and i was still having symptoms so people on here still having sometimes i'm not convinced >> : to do everything right by the customers what happened we tried to be responsive to the needs. running water for the residence with all the all clear water adjustment plan for residents infected by the contamination for nine days >> : south korean prosecutors demanding the death penalty for the captain of the ferry boat went down in april killing more than 300 people. the deal and that shows the captain of the been rescued while passengers many of them children still on board and died >> : according to reports prosecutors booking into a life sentence to three other crew members as well. before people first people rescued when the ferry started going down. most people died for
5:20 am
high-school students on but the field trip. new details this morning about the sugar canada's national war memorial. michael recorded on video of the south before it went on his attack to introduce a upset with the government and investigators looking at the video say that the shooter and expressed in the video he wanted to go assyria. >> : nathan's carrillo was killed while on duty at the more land and then local parliament kidnaps 30 boys girls and inductions and the recent kidnappings by the terrorist group and that is giving hopes for anticipated release for to argentines will girls held in april. the controversial cease-fire by nigerian authorities. other news was recent kidnappings will merge a replica of communication in the area as telecom tower is destroyed and then five year
5:21 am
insurgency in the government >> : trouble for members florida at 8 emory university marching band following the hazing in manslaughter said the start today. three years after john major robert champion died from being beaten. his death has shunned a spotlight on a hazing ritual that is known as crossing boss tea and cause the ban to be suspended for over a year. 15 for band members formally charge manslaughter hazing in the death. all but four main defendants have had their cases settled several of them called now as witnesses and the child and lim he was killed in a car crash native dominican republic. a girlfriend also killed in that crash 22 urals was in the wreck the season with the car regarded as whether major's top prospects. police say that he lost control of the chevy camaro
5:22 am
and when off the road yesterday >> : another huge weekend for bay area sports and testing of the action here is all that. >> : this meant brilliant baumgartner look at billy bulger or canada which was this >> : as a nasty breaking ball for the outside >> : to nothing san jose things got a bit ugly when he gets into fights and turned into quite a melee. the move the holder back matt shaw balzac and look at what happened. a reception first half of all to eat and the battle on him unusual pledge. now placed coming in for the first time >> : the raiders getting better every year. third-down
5:23 am
conversion stopped yesterday. >> :
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
welcome back on wall street after rebound like this past week. the market's open slightly lower this morning friday stocks closed up this week and almost two years to go to the numbers we saw the kids down 6% a week before now coming back to 17,000 mark and closing a zero hundred 28 at that point. nasdaq almost a 41 near 13 and three-quarters. the down 20 how opening. other retailers announcing not accepting payments are apple paid. at cvs follow the path friday finish off the newly launched apple paid. the issue over competitor to help pay called currency. like many big retailers wal-
5:27 am
mart target us by all working with currency over apple retailers are both currency and works with current checkout terminals apple pay nurses to buy new terminals. currency is still being involved >> : gas prices across the country down this morning to 18¢ a gallon over the last two weeks. national average now 308 a gallon. but what we're paying here in the bay area oakland 342 san jose what 338 n. san francisco press is always the highest in the u.s. has sent in services 0354 cell little less than half. >> : please oakland investigating road bridge case resulting in the end of the shooting details coming up >> : near to dr. with the ball serious condition this morning merde saying there's no need to fear people in new york city >> : plus to be a close eye on the forecast and traffic moving smoothly written on the bay bridge traffic
5:28 am
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529 right now kron 4 story giants right now heading the kansas city just one win away from getting the world series. 35 years of the can do it and when the sum baumgartner j.r. stone also on his with a kansas city this morning. >> : on a shuttle bus right now as the minneapolis traveling san francisco giants also traveling and when i get the kansas city going to make my way over to the ballpark walk-through optional practices this evening.
5:31 am
talking about a busy few days of baseball kansas city you can't complain about that. goes in with the lead 32 at this point. and a smile about that >> : one-third the mordreds since making the trek at this time we know we are down to the one less game there. certainly will be interesting to see that >> : being with a lot of folks recently of the gut as caution set francisco but so many people talking about checking the flights to economic out there. people are looking less pressure >> : saw him before he left and
5:32 am
2000 to cautious optimism here. but three games to as anaheim up five nothing lost that game and lost game 7. off optimistic fingers crossed on the roof forget. >> : frankly are talking mutt the rain is the setting sun rise. what's wait area coming will be off >> : with these subjects will series included a kentucky the weather for kansas city is will be nice tomorrow night. 56 @ first pitch in will drop the upper 40's by game's end. local unquiet and will see how pitching goes and the weather gets colder and colder over the course of the game for now pretty clear ice water weather and the bay area most being held to a wall of the north with current weather pattern at the moment live look outside shows nice visibility here
5:33 am
in san francisco is cool out there and sunspots 344 center rosa and not just the north bay it this morning. widespread oakland's and as a conquered the remark all those locations in the upper floors are not 7 cisco 56 currently temperatures to warm. not by much then took afternoon highs for this afternoon as we expect weather warmup potentially for upper 60s low '70's for the good in the bay area >> : or sponsoring 76 your near evergreen will likely looking at mid-70s the best 71 in an act 73 livermore. warmest will seat 772 oakland and will get the low seventies in the north bay as well. quickly the forecast here 53 come back a 545 with more details and extended a zero book as well talk about the holy forecast mentioning up a moment ago will explain why >> : his a live look at our bay
5:34 am
bridge commute. looks like it's been turned up with neither lights back up the cash lane. otherwise travel moving well. dry time for local services: minutes right now. look at your san mateo bridge. also know from here. from free both directions. kraft i'm from a war and an estimate to 1415 minutes. then also other drive times for you for the survey from basically any of the concord highway for the 18 ministries tracking an ax and in that area. more than details aren't a minute. looking a drive * 16 minutes from one accrete dublin along 68018 minutes from all the impasse. alongside 580 >> : 534 back to you >> : near city's mayor of visiting manhattan hospital isolation unit doctored attracted a boy is being treated matter said new yorkers should not be alarmed boat tracking bowl.
5:35 am
killed nearly 5000 people in west africa by kron spencer treated after returning working getting with affecting patients. it's been cleared of the disease still under quarantine for harlem home. >> : flattest on developments coming orally latest isolation. kron 4 kron4-dot- com also page dedicated for bull. >> : one shot to death east oakland sunday afternoon may of been a case road rage. modified per lot of the now. died at 98 ave. highway 80. passenger husband was driving norris made crime stoppers offering $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >> : happening today raiders parking cars careen bart
5:36 am
station biography. >> : live right now what more note on the new seed tree >> : put signs remind people rear space number and pay inside. just a reminder cynical cars actually come into the parking lot and saw the sign turned around and said the goal look on the sidewalk. rarely does a difference for people these days. pretty simple they are charging anybody who parks between the hours 4:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m. monday through friday also weekends included. this is one of four stations once freed now going into a next one will be the no. conquered parts station. and it'll happen on november 12th of the kind of easy for
5:37 am
an appearance for the astilbe actually pay tax are cards to the parking services and as coincided pay with that there's weicker clipper card. and in the mail you should see gets tagged you complot on your car. this way they know that part of that system won't get a ticket. or you can buy remembers december go out and pay over there and hang machine at >> : people don't seem to be too happy about talking to more people from the morning of very happy about this $1 fee but our officials do say that this $1 fee will be reinvested into the upkeep of some workstations out here >> : certainly adds up. a thousand bucks here to parker barred >> : sits here in responding after accused of sending new photos of the deal i suspect to himself look for in the search warrant obtained
5:38 am
detectives it looked fine text messages about this e- mail the line messages sent from chp officer to officers run his a one d on seven screens at the word herons and hazelwood. territory comes from about poland's body the county says that they are analyzing all electronic material >> : , about doing that is with cell phone devices computers gone into the i cloud. herington reported defending the pictures to himself found on the deal by suspect's phone. court documents he said that he's done this half a dozen times for the past two years part of the game between the handful chp officers >> : the kennedy a says that there decide whether the going to charge on 10 other officers. >> : coming up with a morning news berlin california man
5:39 am
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a sailor or pull a gun on the clerk took cash to bottles from a gas station then came back hours later gave back most the money and said what he was sorry.
5:42 am
police say the gun turned out to be begun robert told lawyers he had cashed leave town for press but then realized was a mistake a book been jailed $50,000 bail. >> : weather here showers well to the no. nothing for most away chars return the timing problem won't please a lot away chars return the timing between you and me, they're, they're strange creatures. they are. they don't think like you and i. you know it. they just, they ignore us. totally. it's like we're only here to serve them. yeah, that's what i been saying. but then they turn around and fill you up with chevron with techron. i guess we're doing something right. yeah but, come on, humans? humans are weird. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. and what's up with the cat? [ laughter ] [ laughter ] got my eye on him. man o don'tstanstil and what's up with the cat? [ laughter ] but jihas ib, rialfibrlati
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5:45 am
comecon for morning news construction came back from a surly own complaining to gov. chris conceive demanding 21 day quarantine she's being held under after collectible patients unless africa. : isolation and humane in violation of civil-rights. she said she still spine and failed to testable twice >> : to sheriff's deputies killed a hit man was deported twice from u.s. to mexico also restaurant
5:46 am
arizona for drug charges trees emit heat to believe that he may of been living under many identity is unsure if he has any charges against another different names. giants one win away from world series five years to aid madison baumgartner pitching another masterpiece again shut out giants score and 35 roils and game 5. san francisco to 82 lead by the kansas city tomorrow wednesday. that happened when one more game to google series >> : weather were monday looks great i'll give you that tuesday wednesday look lantastic. tuesday going friday hellene little sketchy at this point really talk about that and the seven air on the bay for right now we are doing pretty good comes out here on time looking over sentences go really nice clear visibility fog not make it but a defector but it is cold. take a look at the temperature is upper '40's low 50s all across the
5:47 am
bay area 48 >> : 48 vallejo. 49 concord 48 san jose. close on the map cerros of 44 boards bought san francisco 56 everyone else color than that. it pretty chilly start monday morning afternoon highs will be a mild side as well much or wide the mid-50s. one seat warm until 3:00 this afternoon '70s come in the view but won't be very warm in the seventh is the lesson is mostly south bay start their 71 san jose a good bit of the san ramon valley 7173 degrees pre tight temperature range all wire will be evergreen 726. if this mutt story compaq temperatures 71 and tx 73 pittsburgh in livermore. 7072 degrees in san ramon valley east shore also looking into earlier temperatures 69 being the
5:48 am
warmest san leandro. but foreman oakland warm for upset me to there. upper 60s aren't on several cisco's '70s for the north bay. very mild sunny but mild in terms of temperatures. what it looks like on a satellite radar it clear for now. what weather to our north that all changes heading into friday. unfortunately the timing couldn't be worse for trees we need rain but nestle would have to saturday and said friday night. let's get this point running morning when the shower start and less most of the day friday. temperatures cool down into the upper 60s inland saturday first half will be damp showers big industrial 08. one clear out nicely >> : planned on the radar looks to be perfectly in time for halloween night >> : tracking couple accidents in the east bay port antioch a
5:49 am
point areas and concord talks about the coal going over the divider basically highway for talking eastbound direction. looks like a back up the delay also and they point westbound highways for this area were seeing all so accident here will pass road no injuries reported are nonsense is not picking up any delays quite yet another traffic map showing some back up >> : and checking in accident along 680 concord area. talk more about that letter >> : on to chow mason for outdoor parking at the world series >> : c back a cool $8 must address you the than 90
5:50 am
database and now try to bring $90. and loser is a pocket >> : but are people paying. there again appear hundred dollars. they're treated >> : and guess what china basin already plans to build up the battle of heist parking fees it and it's cheaper to the parking ticket that is a corporate or private parking. unless the builder designs in the hallway >> : and not even your disabled placard can help you. >> : as with any major baseball game there were all the same. there was this guy in a motorized wheelchair atlantic is going for $500. >> : this can sue another regular. tries to avoid my
5:51 am
camera and then this guy. >> : his tickets going for at $800 airline this allows scuppers to sell but on property they consider a pocket inside for a rest >> : all fun and games till someone buys a car that ticket. that's a different segment >> : let's forget about scuppers for second and i have some fun. >> : the mix of funds now. now they're young people behaving badly >> : craziness of the world series all admit what i think it will buy 08 clever is a winning team always a blast >> : no matter what language >> :
5:52 am
other highlight last night game world series great white robin williams honored in mind williams old son zack going to the first pitch billy crystal and other children also there. special tribute for williams played on the scoreboard featuring highlights from the career pictures of him at the ballpark. robin williams was a great guy >> : many people looking for the last minute halloween costume this one causing controversy because of a bullet con and we could see rain on halloween james tracking the storm that will move an ins mideast oil tracker treating things are dry and backed up already >> :
5:53 am
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we are back take a look at
5:56 am
this snow or apply a perfect family has an snow in the sierra over the weekend saturday. the stop beautiful shot great ski resort low dusting of snow on the ground is hope for more. the slick will be more system around of the pacific turning could bring sterol lot more snow friday saturday fortunately also need more rain for us we need it but timing is awful inconvenience: night friday night as we expect the weathered a fall in line: seems to be on everyone's mind
5:57 am
national delegates easies so we malice your picture is the breaking news and we will share them with few >> : developing stores on kron for more news top of the hour more details and the shooting washington state at a high school. soon open fire on the cafeteria another student dies or nine details coming up >> : and nurse turns sierra leone be held in isolation and complaining sang her rights are being violated. gov.
5:58 am
chris christie has to say about the crisis coming up >> : the captain of the fair the sin north korea at this in death penalty those stories plus whether traffic morning news returns in just two minutes >> : 22 bucks! these guys should've gone to my place, cuz right now, i have two breakfast croissants for just four bucks. they're both made with a freshly cracked egg and melting cheese on a buttery, flaky croissant. try the supreme with bacon and ham, or the sausage. they'll fill you up for - whoa hey! what are you doing?
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you can't make a commercial for your restaurant at my restaurant! not if you keep interrupting me, i can't.
6:00 am
trans one win away from the third world series. at&t part of talk about last night's victory coming up in a live report. there's in quarantine and a jersey this morning returning from a bull patients and west africa she says being put in isolation and humane >> : clear conditions talk about the weather for today week ahead coming up >> :


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