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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 6, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, as we track drive times for you. the highway 4 ride might be a little slower today as a potential hot spot, with problems with debris in the lanes in antioch at lonetree. right now, a 25-minute drive. still an easy san ramon valley trip at 15 minutes. walnut creek to dublin, a 41- minute drive puts it on the high side on west 580 from the altamonte pass to the dublin interchange. remember, you can get traffic any time by taking the kron 4 mobile app with you on your mobile device. download it for free for ios and android. mark? >> thank you, george. hoping for another positive day on wall street after a wild week last week.
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several triple-digit swings last week, but ended up closing above the 17,000 mark with big gains on friday of 208 points. nasdaq adding 45. the s&p closing back in on the 2000 mark. futures up over a 50 ahead of the opening bell. hewlett-packard is splitting into two companies. one company will focus on the computer and printing business and the other will focus on technology services like data storage. the palo alto company has laid off thousands of employees in recent years because of falling sales. the company says the pc and the printer business will use the name hp ink while the services business will take the new name hewlett-packard enterprise. >> hp shares over 5% heading into the opening bell. up next, the 49ers keep finding ways not to lose. highlights of another nail- biter at levi's stadium. >> and even though the team keeps winning, reports of unrest in the locker room continue. we'll deal with the latest
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. welcome back to the morning news. a pro democracy protest in hong kong subsiding this morning. only a few hundred demonstrators remain camped out in the streets. the group vowing to keep pressure on the government. schools reopened and people returned to work after protesters cleared away from the city's government
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headquarters. activists had been blocking major roadways in hong kong for more than a week. they are challenging a decision by beijing about how elections will work in that city. they are demanding the autonomy that was promised by the chinese government when britain returned hong kong to china in 1997. beginning today, the hunt for a missing malaysian flights 370 resuming, more than six months after the jet disappeared. the search will happen in a desolate stretch of the indian ocean. a ship will spend up to a year hunting for the wreckage. it arrived in the search area 1100 miles west of australia this morning. the other two ships will join the hunt later this month. flight 370 vanished march 8 during a flight from koala lumpur. thanks for waking up with the kron 4 morning news. we are waking up to fog. >> and that tells us the winds are coming at us from the ocean, which we hadn't enjoyed last week. we had inland wind, warm wind
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keeping us on the hot side. things are changing. you see the fog returns to the golden gate bridge, to the coast, lot of our bayshore communities. the place it's not returning to just yet is our inland valleys. we'll have to wait at least another couple of days for that, but continued cooling. that is the threat of the trend going forward for the rest of the week. temperatures right now also on the cool side. lot of mid to upper 50s on the list. san jose and concord at 56 and 58 degrees. san francisco, 59. livermore, 59. cool spot continues to be the north bay, santa rosa at 48 degrees. cool there. the wider look on the satellite and radar view shows us a similar picture of what we saw last week with high pressure in play keeping the clouds away. the difference this time around is that the high pressure is slowly weakening and moving off. in its place now, we've got some seabreezes. that's what's going to keep us on the cooler side at least by the coast for today and then more so as we head toward the middle of the week. as for today, this is what we'll expect in the south bay. anywhere from 88 degrees in
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redwood city to 89 in san jose. warming to the low 90s as you head even farther to the south. places like los gatos, campbell, the valley at 92 to 94 degrees. we'll also look for low to mid- 90s for the delta. 93 in pittsburgh, 94 in antioch, 95 in brentwood. 95 will be the high in the livermore valley. we'll see a slew of low 90s for the san ramon valley from concord down through pleasanton and along the east bay shoreline relief. we've got low 80s and upper 70s as opposed to the low 90s like we saw friday. 83 in oakland. 78 in san francisco, cooler for sure there. and in the north bay, upper 80s to low 90s this afternoon. seven-day around the bay forecast, we are cooling toward the middle of the week. take a look at inland highs. today, 94. tomorrow, 90. dropping to 86 on wednesday. finally 80 degrees on thursday, so a cooler day that day for sure. then temperatures sb right back thermometer, heading back into the low 90s by the weekend. that's the way the weather's going to play out. let's find out how your morning
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commute is developing with george. thanks, james. the metering lights were activated in the usual window, but very quickly backing up into the macarthur maze for the 580 westbound. with the metering lights active 30 or 35 minutes, we're already slow nearly from highway 24 westbound. drive times are already 18 minutes to the bay bridge and the 880 ramp continues to back up. your ride to the san mateo bridge and highway 92 is still moving smoothly. but we could within the next 20 to 30 minutes see things slow down here. for the ride to the golden gate bridge, an easy trip through the fog. no delays off the waldo grade southbound. and into marin via the richmond san rafael bridge, still a pretty smooth ride. we continue to track delays coming through antioch this morning, with a problem here at lonetree way, where one of the k rails, the concrete dividers
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that were put up temporarily on the right side of the roadway was protruding out into the lanes. so that's backing up the ride toward 160 westbound. the rest of that ride looks fairly typical from pittsburgh into concord for the willow pass ride on highway 4. and the commute here leading out through concord, walnut creek on 680 southbound, still just an easy 15-minute drive. westbound 580, the heavy traffic is concentrated in the altamonte pass and in the south bay, we're still enjoying a good ride with no delays for 85, for 280 or 17 northbound. a little slowing between the interchanges on 101 northbound and your ride up out of the coyote valley. >> thank you, george. quickly, yesterday's game at levi's stadium with the return of alex smith to take on the 49ers, a team that sent them to kansas city. smith looking good in this one early on. opening drive of the game, with a touchdown pass. the chiefs quickly go up 7-0.
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49ers had a strong drive of their own in the second quarter, with colin kaepernick capping off a 93-yard drive with this 9-yard touchdown pass to a wide open stevie johnson. the left of the niners offense left up to the field goals. niners hold on to win 22-17. robin? taking a look at what's trending on the web this morning, the jim harbaugh locker room tension against the players continue to grow, even after players publicly have said they support their coach. big rumors have it that harbaugh will not be back with the 49ers next season. during the off season, there were rumors about harbaugh almost getting traded to the browns. 49ers ceo jed york and harbaugh dispelled those rumors, but the coach's status passed his fourth year with the team, seems to be very much in doubt. york gave his response on twitter, saying jim is my coach, we are trying to win a super bowl, not a personality or popularity contest. anymore questions?
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you can see york is clearly not pleased with all the speculation about his coach. guys? >> thanks a lot, robin. we'll talk to gary, a lot more about that harbaugh flap and the 49ers and the giants coming up in about an hour from now. and it was an amazing weekend. not just the niners, but the giants and their marathon game. so if you missed it, here's sportsnite live highlights. this was all 49ers. here's one of those plays where i guess if you convert it, you're a genius. if you don't, everyone like us who starts saying what the heck are they doing? >> got this sign in front of the building. i don't know if you've ever been out there, bruce. is says commitment to excellence. they ought to take it down! it's false advertising right now! >> i don't think the giants win if zimmermann stays in the game. what do you think? >> i believe that. there are times when you make good pitches and you don't make good pitches. he was making good pitches the entire game. >> 20 straight batters retire. >> you let him win or lose his
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own ball game. i was a little shocked they took him out. >> they had to go through a gazillion pitchers. both teams, 17 pitchers combined between the two teams. >> long night. >> and they will face-off again today. don't forget, you can watch sportsnite live on kron 4 every sunday at 9:00. we'll continue to have live reports this morning on the gig giants game coming up at 2:00 today. good morning. i'm going to show you a great new mobile app that can help you get in shape or keep in shape. it hooks you up with personal trainers in a very easy and affordable way. trainers in a very easy and affordable way. stay tuned to kron or a helping paw! so mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to help train assistance dogs for wounded veterans. veteran: i live independently because of what all it provides for me. and it's huge! there's a lot of wounded, ill, and injured out there just like myself, who just maybe need a little bit of help. tag: you can lend a helping paw too. give at or any mattress discounters.
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we should already be on our way. the sentences the giants beat the national the now we have to do again. >> reporter: the morning that was a crazy weekend. it was just the start of the series. who
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knew that we will have a 27 innings in baseball that would kick over 10 hours to play this game here yet less so as not last that long. let's face it the giants had a great weekend. but on saturday after 18 hours 6 and have our game that does what on and on and on. the giants are down to the last two down on the nine and then they came back and tied it up. >> reporter: red and gold hit a home run in the 18th to take eight to nothing lead over the nationals. it is the best of five series. they have an advance of the national championship. they both talk
6:32 am
about this year and how important this next game is. >>: we cannot lose any focus. we come to the other side we have to maintain what we are doing. and just a hungry and tried to keep the guys loose and relaxed. have some fun with it but embraced it. >> reporter: if you have tickets today the start time of the game was originally supposed to start at 12 05 the because they beat the angels did put the game back two hours if you have tickets for today it will be a 2 05 start. a lot of people are coming down into at&t part of the place is going to be rocking. this is a chance for
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the sentences could rise to move on in the playoffs. that marathon game was like the kron 4 morning news. >> reporter: that you watch all six of them? >> reporter: it is too long i am wearing orange is the last or stress that i have. e-mail us your photos if you are laying the origin black. >> reporter: my address is salmon which is another call for orange.
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>> reporter: is acid going to be a beautiful day out at the ballpark. daddy said that this was the 2 07 if you show up a little early in his voice to warm-up another great--degree or two. it will be at 78 degrees depending on how everything shakes up. we will have the light sea breeze in the air. enjoy hit it will be nice. some of those factors--pictures not it has a right to know we can see is pushing up into the golden gate. >> reporter: here's the
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breakdown for the forecast today for the morning hours of the upper 50s low 60s. during the afternoon local mile top temperatures area will get back into the mid-90s. this evening things will cool down nicely. it will be 85 inland it would drop back down into the fifties who have the full forecast at 645. >> reporter: watching the commute to close it this morning. right here at the bay bridge toll plaza which was backing up on the 880 rep. we no longer see traffic climbing here. traffic is going to be but that's that's backed up in a
6:36 am
slow love for the westbound lie. with the massey brake lights to the west bowman ride for the san mateo bridge. an easy trip from marin county. it is not doing much to slow the rise but it is definitely cooling things off. a trouble-free ride through marin county is laws across the span. >> reporter: police are searching for a person who shot and killed a san francisco man. please find a man shot dead. they have not release the man's identity. they're looking for more amazing to come forward. >> reporter: high-speed chase in san leandro a driver is still on the loose. it happened at 430 yesterday morning and please try to pull over car for reckless
6:37 am
driving with the driver took off. and that a chase and that chase of the driver right past ro police headquarters. in he and other coalsack. >> reporter: the vehicle some tile--somehow made it to a bid and the suspect accelerated in iran is to a patrol car. >> reporter: the officer started shooting at the suspect but he got away with all this is ok. >> reporter: he was last seen on september 4th at a gas station. his car was found on thursday outside that on his keys his wallet and other belongings in the car but the police are contained in the search for this man. >> reporter: a dead deer is raising concern about supplies
6:38 am
in san mateo county. --a mountain lion police are reminding people to take precautions. if they do not approach and animal side to look below that-a bigger than the big cats. >> reporter: he is taking a break from the swimming pool. the supreme court is back in session will tell you bought it when we come back.
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sculpting the sleek body of the all-new mercedes-benz gla took nearly 600lbs of high- strength steel. setting industry-leading safety standards took 20,800 crash simulations. and perfecting its engine took over 1.1 million miles of extreme driving. but, this may be the most impressive number of all. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gla. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> reporter: welcome back to kron 4 morning news. 17 minutes that is a good trip. it is a
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slower than normal ride. this is a southbound from dublin down to some old. that's why is this a 21 minute ride. >> reporter: michael phelps is saying he take a break from swimming. the decision comes after he was charged last week with a b u i. --dui this is the seconddui charge in maryland. he said he is going to find a program to allow better himself. a bit guilty back then for the same thing. >> reporter: they're mine bay
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area is to be safe from the waters. the coast guard was able to get out there in. two people were able to duck into the water and they were rescued. two people for the sailboat during the time the house whether more people are trying to get back all the water in the cult are lining us to be careful. >> reporter: the jury later is back would say what that means with afternoon temperatures coming up next.
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>> reporter: the supreme court returned today. >> reporter: is dominated by one momentum charts issue. the justices is that it does site and in same-sex marriage to be put in the same constitutional text.
6:47 am
this is just too important it cannot stay out it will be ridiculous for the nation's highest court. >> reporter: 31 states have same-sex marriage. some states that they to stay out of the fight. when the court also to issue with our very strong opinions on both sides about this is a huge issue and so to change. when the court steps that and make it a constitutional issue and makes the court looks significantly more political. >> reporter: when pregnant workers. when did all my threats
6:48 am
force breeds free-speech. the question is whether we have to show in order to of used on all four cry that they made on the social media's eye. >> reporter: typhoon heading in japan. heavy rains at the head northward. there is another u.s. airman missing. he was swept out to sea. over a million people have been told to evacuate their lows. >> reporter: and still waiting
6:49 am
for the oil down. >> reporter: if your card in like the east bay valleys. if your culture water you are racing it this morning the fault is growing in this morning. -- call we have fog in the backgro. to keep an eye on that the timber to alarm 56 in san francisco. 56 in san jose will close on the map continues to be santa rosa 40 degrees at the moment. the wider view here on the satellite will have generally clear skies. grassy looking at sonny but it is warm
6:50 am
and lead. --inland we have '60s and '70s along the coast and '80s by the bay and 90's and land. atwater today to ask you feel cooler is uncluttered numbers look like the delta around antioch will be 94 and 95 degrees. in the san ramon valley of '80s to low that it is out there will be more and afternoon will be 83 with milder temperatures there. the continue cooling. the highs there are dropping down to about 80 degrees. the
6:51 am
timber to back up to the '90s. >> reporter: is actually getting a little bit better. right after the metering lights the chapter began to back up on the 880 approach. is that the into the marquardt the maze. the 80 approach is looking much better. it is a lot of movement here at the toll plaza. the rise to the san mateo bridge and you can see it it has turned red and so has the brake lights. and that is the problem around 7:00. things start to slow down and that is the pattern. >> reporter: coming out of hayward to reach san mateo the
6:52 am
882101 drive time this trip to the golden gate bridge it does not seem to be bad. it has not slowed the ride. chavis backing up a little bit early westbound. we'll see a little slowing on 580. what about come to fairfield the 68080 split. they cleared the debris in antioch but is still slow the san ramon valley rise is heavy westbound out a little more into dublin into the dublin 680 ride. the south bay freeway is no major delays or problems will load a
6:53 am
ride is just starting to see congestion. down to the golden gate bridge. >> darya: a temporary community have been set up. for the legal immigrants to cross the mexico border early this year. they plead their cases with such an endeavor. enclose a school and a recreation area. illegal immigrants were disappearing into the center of the country. >> reporter: will be back with the ...we need to break up. is it the biting? cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show.
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>> reporter: the rich are
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getting less in the four are digging deeper--the poor those earning less than a hundred thousand are giving 4% more of their in come to help charities. residents of you saw >> reporter: we have the air show right on kron 4 is from 3 to 4:00 p.m. on october 11th to join us for the blue angels live will be right back.
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>> reporter: the giants are back in the bay area. >> reporter: a man arrested for stabbing his mother. >> reporter: more clouds but the sales are coming soon. >> reporter: amis cool weather is on the way for october. the bay bridge we have the fall of pushing in. --


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