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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 3, 2014 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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this morning on the kron4 news, a water main break floods several homes in morning. we'll have the latest. new information on the first man diagnosed with ebola in the u.s. and why he might be prosecuted. >> how hot is it going to get in your neighborhood? details coming up. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron4 news at four starts now. >> good morning, everybody. 4:00 here on this friday morning. thank you for joining us. let's get to the forecast. today as we've been expecting the hottest day of the week. good morning. >> good morning. and happy friday to you. pretty interesting yesterday downtown san francisco came in at 88 degrees. warmer than cop cord which is inland at 87. we're talking about tornado watches a little warmer. additional warmer w. that said
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we're looking a the possibility of record-breaking highs. and as for today, this morning it look like temperatures are already off to a warmer start than 24 hours egg. remember yesterday we did start off with a few isolated upper 40s. today santa row is a was in the 40s. now at 54. very mild in san francisco. currently 68 degrees. as we focus on your afternoon highs, a lot of 90s throughout the entire bay area. if doesn't matter if you're along the coastline or the interior spots. all in the 90s today. 94 in livermore. and 93 in sunnyvale. wind that -- instead of ocean it acts as an equalizer. we do have that heat advisory in effect. the national weather service was talk accused the possibility of -- although saturday is probably going to
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be equally warm it looks like they probably won't extend bauds we've been dealing with some pretty cool evenings with much needed relief. here's a look at your seven-day around the bay forecast. gradually cooler weather as we head into the weekend. the sea breeze is going to run and that's really going regulate our temperatures we'll see the return of the marine lairier. lots of sunshine into the afternoon and temperatures near normal. low 80s inland, upper 60 the coast. following traffic around the bay area quickly taking a look at bridges. here's a live look at the bay -- nothing to hold you back for that westbound trip. all the lanes are moving well. for those of you handing -- you'll notice there are loofas between cars here. traffic is low in both directions. drive time 12 to 13 minutes.
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>> zero fog out there and over at the richard -- just a couple of cars making that westbound trip. james? >> ericka, thank you. 4:03. happening right now, san francisco water crews on the scene of a water main break. take a look at the video. the break happened around miept in the area of key avenue and kate street. that's in the baby district. look at that. six homes sustained water damage and a number of cars in the area also impacted as you can see here by the high water. the cause is unknown. they're still looking into it but they've cut off water flow so customers are without service. they've stopped the flowing water from that weak but now people are without water service. the number of customers affected is unknown. the front of that car ripped off by the flowing warytd. they expect to be there for next several hours.
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working to find out more. >> encooing an eye on several homes watching out for any hot spots that could flare up. maxwell park area. they're o.k. the fire spread to other buildings and at one point knocked out power after -- crews managed to contain the flames. no one was injured and power has since been restored. on to developing news this morning, parents on alert after the -- all of them involving children. we've learned one case is in solano cases and three were treated in oakland. these are children who have kind of a more severe.
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a cold that got out of control, an underlying asthmatic condition. >> other cases have also been reported in los angeles, san diego and ventura counties. more than 100 cases have been reported. jr stone spoke with doctors who say there's no vaccine for this. >> this is what -- looks like a. virus that has infected more than 500 people across the nation and now it leaves four kids in the bay area. dr. ed war doe da win is the family physician. we talked limb about -- first up, who should be worried. >> parent who have -- teenagers with lung problems, lung disease such as asthma or -- in other states some of the worst cases ended in paralysis.
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>> we expect it to grow and we may not have seen the peak of it. >> the patients with -- what underlying conditions could make for a bad mix with the virus. >> cancer with chemotherapy. severe asthma. diabetes. any of those would put your child at a greater risk. >> should parents of healthy kids without underlying conditions be worried? >> never even known they had it. most likely -- like a running nose or a cough. >> most folks have a hand sanitizers but doctors tell me they recommend soap and water to kill this virus. 20 seconds of watching n. oakland jsm r. stone. >> we will continue to follow develop developments online a special page dedicated to the
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virus and what you need to know. it's all on our website at at 4:07 another big story we're following an american cameraman covering the ebola outbreak in liberia has tested positive. he'll be thrown back to the u.s. for treatmented. president says the entire crew who once worked here in the bay area will be tblown back to the u.s. and play placed under quarantine. so far no one else has shown symptoms. more about the first man disieged with ebola here in the u.s. texas health officials are reaching out to a hundred people to see if they had any contact with thomas duncan. a hazardous material's crew is expected to begin cleaning where the ebola parent was illuviating family and they faced his family under
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quarantine. >> we have some hygiene issues that we are addressing in that department. >> mean whiem authorities say that while duncan did tell the texas hospital staff that he was traveling h e claimed that he had not had any contact with people infected with ebola. that's not the case and the officials may prosecute him upon his return. we'll tick a break. it's 4:08. coming up two window washers had to be rescued in oakland. we'll have that story and the video coming up. >> a police chase in southern california ends in a ditch. more of the video and the details on how that chase developed. look at. that plus dead fish surrounding a lake in the south bay. and it's worrying nearby residents. we'll explain why. >> a live look outside. the -- moving well it's -- let's hope it stays all morning
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>> take a look at this.
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a dramatic rescue in downtown oakland yesterday. this video from our -- this high-rise is located on the corner of # 1th strene and brod way. 19 stories above the ground. because of an equipment problem. during the rescue, a firefighter had to repel down the side of the building to reach them. >> we needed to do had if -- such a long period of time. making sure that they're not injured and so we just needed to get them out as fast as possible. >> anything can happen with the wind and the weather and if it starts to rain. anything like that compound the problems. >> it took about 25 minutes for them to rescue the two men. good news, neither one was hurt. also happying today the lawyer will be holding a press conference to discuss the current medical condition. her lower received this new photograph on thursday. her family is seeking an
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unpress debilitied court order to declare her alive. he was declared brain dead back in december. the family's lower says she's respond to voice commands and touch. tomorrow he says he will present evidence to show that she's not brain dead. care facility. >> also in the news this morning a wild police chase through three counties. this happened thursday down in l.a. it veers way right hitting the cement barrier under a bridge c some air before coming to rest in a cloud of dirt and dust. watch again in slow motion there as he plunges off the freeway. he gives himself up. he's wanted for multiple bank robberies. >> live in the weather center. dealing with a heat advisory affecting the entire bay area. when some much needed relief is
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let's talk a little bit about the weather. it was hot but beautiful yesterday. this is video out of ocean beach. everybody enjoying the suns. heat advisories are in affect. we're waiting to hear the weather service has issued red flag warnings for fire danger. low humidity, winds all that. it's elevating fire risk here. people didn't seem to mind the hot weather though. >> cooler than where i come from, from the valley. this is nice. >> what are you doing to stay cool ?sm >> jump in the ocean. the ocean is very warm. stay away during the weekends it's too crowded. >> that man's right for sure. more patrols will be back because of the crowds. the hot weather is affecting the swire state. new high temperatures were set
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in long beach yesterday with the highs in the mid-90s. temperatures could top 100 in the valley as we head into the later points of today. hot all around. >> that's right. doesn't matter if you're along the coast, inland, north or sound. the possibility of record- breaking highs. yet was so hot it was warmer than concord. it was the warmest temperature we've seen since mid-may. it was one of the largest -- today we're only to -- today's expected to be the hottest day of the week. we will be doing a heat advisory un9:00 but they'll probably cancel it not because it's going to be that much cooler into tomorrow but cooler -- we haven't been dealing with 24 hours of the uncomfortable weather but instead it's really only the afternoon that is making us worried. so today we'll see plenty of
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the 80s and 90s throughout the area and just a slight cooldown with a return of the sea breeze into saturday and sunday. so here's a look at futurecast. warm things up pretty quickly here. by lunchtime, a lot of 70s and 80s. 90s start to fill in. look at what the temperature in your neighborhood. 94 in santa clara. hitting high of 97. 94 for castle value lie. not a cloud in the sky. downtown san francisco at 88. today 94. it looks like -- high of 93 degrees. so we're still dealing with this dominant ridge of -- so in addition to that, we also have those offshore winds.
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they equalize temperatures. so we're not seeing that spread with cooler tornado watches. pretty much everyone in the same boat. tornado watches very -- a few degrees. in terms of what's ahead the -- we could see a few degrees knocked off as we head into tomorrow but that's where we're going to seat cooldown first. you'll notice 80s back in the forecast. now the marine layer returns into early next week so much needed relief. morning clouds, sunshine into the afternoon and temperatures exactly where they should be for this time of year. >> so more on that coming up shortly. let's talk traffic. if you're just leaving the house and heading to the papers right now, all is well. pretty quiet for that westbound trip. doing all right. >> heading out to boston city. bright lights coming toward you. problem-free. lots of spaces and cars as you work your way out.
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and overren the richmond -- just a handful of cars heading in right now. >> over on the traffic map we've been enjoying the ride. no issues or delays out of tracy approaching downtown livermore and down in the south pay just -- >> james? >> all right. thank you. now back to the news. at least nine hungry bears have be captured this week as the ongoing draught makes food scais. nevada wild officials have caught 42 wears. they expect a serge and activity because of cool temperatures t. and the average bear's food intake jumps from 3,000. that's equivalent to one person ating 82 cheeseburgers. bell we will, is is it the unis seasonal hot weather, stagnant water or the drought? not quite sure but something is killing the fish at a popular
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lake. whatever it is, a viewer called our attention to the problem. and she says she's worried about it. >> my name -- this is my story. it's just getting worse. we're walking around. it's like i don't think i want to come back. this is our normal. my husband it's not pleasant. it's not a pleasant environment. >> mae fought back the urge to hold her nose as she pointed out the problem in east zap jose. hundreds of them. >> you can see them all around the lake. small -- if you really tissue they're underneath the rocks and the side of a longer trip. >> that -- some better than 20 pounds are washing on the rocks along with suckers catfish and other tough fish.
4:21 am
people are getting sick. i am concerned. they're investigating. this crew was scooping up dead fish and testing the aware which has grown stagnant. miranda is concerned for the turkeyture -- vultures. >> like to get an answer what's going on with the fish and they're o.k. to eat. i mean, these people are--you know, fishing out here and there's no signs around that no fishing's allow. >> a regular visitor, miranda has seen dead fish here but never so many. she plans to stay away until the mystery is solved. >> i've come here for several years and i've never seen something like that. >> that's my story. and if you have a story you'd like us to look into to, let us know about it.
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click on the my kron story tab and send us your idea. >> feeding wild animals in berkeley sparks will land you lefty find. that's because of a ban that went into affect on weapon. it's designed to get rid of the ground squirrels there. first time offenders will face a fine. represent offenders could save up to 5,000 dollars. the squirrels are digging into an old landfill and that could leak into the bay. well, a pitbull oners who's dog killed a woman sentences five in prison testimony it goes after los angeles county spurrer yore court judge after his second-tremendous murder conviction. life in prison and other drug- related convictions. pamela was taking a morning slow when they leaped over a fence and a -- the dog --
4:23 am
marijuana tbroaing operation and he knew the animals were dangerous. >> it's 4:22. we'll take a break. coming up here, family and friend zap hoe say remember the man that was killed in the case of mistaken identity. glfnl our -- westbound 80 the ride looking pretty goodment another update coming you up at the bottom of the hour. >> we're mafning out onset with brad pitt. >> someone calling the shows. >> who was the new star about a dad when became a mom? >> tonight at #u 0 follow bid by whoever up.
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4:25 is the time. a san jose community remembering a man shot and kill in what police say is a case of mistaken identity. he was a devoted father to his two daughters and another baby on the way. he was gunned down in front of a relative's home over the weekend. more on what happened. >> reporter: >> my husband -- his smile alone >> reporter: she'll miss that smile as will the dozens of
4:26 am
other families with ties to the pop warner football league who before practice thursday gathered to release balloons in richard's honor. >> we'll be there for the family. one, two, three. [ cheering and applause ] >> saying thank you and good- bye to the man who helped coach his daughter on the cheerladying squad. >> he showed up and cheered for the boys as if they were his own. ♪ [ music ] >> richard was shot and killed saturday but his wife says he'll always be remembered as -- >> a hero. a great father, friend and -- there's nobody out there like him. i know a lot of people say that but there's really nobody out there like him. also making headlines this
4:27 am
morning a retired marine who caught a woman as she jumped from an upstairs floor at the -- was honored this week. donny -- saved the woman's life last november. she plunged 45 feet to the ground but he was able to position himself underneath and catch her. his arm and shoulder though were badly bruised and this is video. you can see there. he's made a full recovery. on tuesday he was honored with a medal and a cash grant from the hero fund commission. a total of 21 people were honored from across the country. >> we'll take a break. it's 4:27. an ebola patient now could face criminal charges if he lied to get out of liberia. a completely free festival at golden gate park. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. hot temperatures expected this afternoon once again. eric will have a look at the
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forecast coming up in just a moment.
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time now 4:30. happening now in san francisco. we have crews on the scene of a water main break that's flooded several homes. take a look at the video here. just came in this morning. that's in the baby district. look at that. folks are trying to sweep out as much as water as possible. look at the cars impacted by this. at least two feet of water there. so six homes. a number of vehicles. thormts say the cause of the break -- they don't know. they're still looking into it. they have shut the flow to the pipe, which stopped the leak but now we've got customers without water service. they're dealing the number of c impacted not clear at the moment. we're looking into that right now. the fire department is expected to be therer if the next
4:31 am
several hours. >> the weather is going to be hot once again. good morning. >> good morning. yesterday was pretty uncomfortable, james. in san francisco, we came in at 88 degrees. 87 in concord a. little warmer in the city by the bay compared to some of the -- oakland and san francisco. so today's expected to be the hottest day of the week. you're -- we're getting our relief right no. san jose 63. pretty warm right now intowntown san francisco. we're at 67 degrees. by the time we reach the afternoon, this quick warming. today is going to be a few degrees warmer than what we experienced a lot. a lot of 90s around the entire bay area. fairfield 92. 93 in oakland another day with upper 80 the city. we do have that heat advisory in effect through 9:00 this evening. national weather service was
4:32 am
discussing the possibility of -- but because we have been dealing with some pretty cool mornings, they decided that even though tomorrow's going to be another toasty one we don't need the heat advisory. drink lots of water and limit your outdoor activities. we have -- that free festival in golden gate park. it kicks off today under sunny skies. and we will cool things down a bit as we head into saturday and sunday. lots of sunshine and pretty warm conditions, which is pretty unusual for golden gate park. here's that seven-day forecast. that sea breeze will start to kick in. we head into the weekend and that's going to help cooldown temperatures along the coast. much needed relief for the beaches and a marine layer returns. so we're back to normal as we head into early next week. so if you like the hot weather, i hope you enjoy it while it lasts. as for traffic, i'm sure you
4:33 am
don't want any hot spots. we don't have any. crossing our fingers for friday. moving well in both direction on highway 92. if you're heading to the golden gate, zero fog. lots of space around cars. so it actually looks like traffic has increased here and keep in mind we have -- big backups because they've been closing to lane no. 4 but they did secure funding through this friday. hopefully we don't see the big backups. james is >> thank you. back to the news now. worried about the potential spread of ebola, the officials will monitor people now in dallas for at least a few weeks to come. andrew spencer reports several of the people who had contact with an ebola patient are in quarantine hoping the situation will change soon. >> the red cross came to deliver blankets and other
4:34 am
supplies -- been staying with a friend before he was disieged with ebola. >> everything. you can't wait. >> days after duncan's diagnosis, it hadn't been sanitized. their hazmat team needed a special permit which they didn't have. until the 21-day in-- the family isn't allow to leave. >> they can't -- papers to sign that if we step outside they're going to put us -- we'll have committed a crime. >> duncan can also face charges. it will prosecute him if he lied to get out of the country. officials say he answered no when asked whether he had care for a person infected with ebola but the witnesses say he had.
4:35 am
>> the fact that he knew he left the country. quite frankly. >> texas health hospital tried to explain how he could be send home with antibiotics. even though duncan said he'd recently flown in from liberiaa flaw in electronic health records -- seeing his travel history. i'm andrew spencer reporting. >> back here in the area, rate payer groups are appealing the $1.4 million fine. thursday -- in the explosion that killed eight people and destroyed homes. the more than $1 billion fine is excessive. rate payer groups -- they want more of the penalty to go to pipeline improvements. instead of the state's general fund. san bruno officials believe
4:36 am
it's appropriate but want to appoint a -- >> oakland police need the opinion's help track -- throos been at least four in the last week. all of them happening in the area between lake merit. right along international boulevard. the man robbed their victims from behind demanding their belongs boyfriend running to a getaway car. the suspects may be connected to at least one carjacking. >> happening today, the giants start their best of three games series with the washington nationals. this'll be amp. today's game is an early one. first pitch is at noon. the giants will sent jake to the mound against steven strasburg. game two will be tomorrow. that's 2:30 in the afternoon. the series will return to san francisco for game three on monday and game four on tuesday if necessary. and if the series goes the distance, game five would then be back in washington and that'll be scheduled on
4:37 am
thursday. madison bumgardener celebrating his four-hit shutout. showering himself with four beers at one time. >> fun in the lockerroom. two beers in each hand. maybe a little got into his mouth. hopefully anyway. >> this vine video curiosity of alex -- so thanks to him for that. >> coming up this sunday night, the 49ers try to spoil alex smith's return if the bay area. highlights, postgame and live report from levi stadium. in depth on the playoff series with former all-star. tats full half hour of all your sports needs right after the news. >> well still ahead facebook is apologizing to local drag queens. we'll explain and j. p. morgan chase has been hacked.
4:38 am
we'll have the latest on this data breach and who it's affectinged >> translator: gorchg the uber of alcohol a. new mobile -- deliver booze on demand. sthai tuned to kron4 morning news. >> here's a live look outside. our roof camera this morning if you missed the forecast. 45 with that for you. it's going to be hot once again today. insurance companies are spending millions of dollars
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trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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good morning. it's being call the uber of alcohol. it's called saucy and it delivers booze on demand with a couple of taps you can order and have delivered to you beer, wine, mixed drinks. >> it's very simple to use. you browse the menu and choose what you want. there's a huge selection of beer, wine, spirits and mixers.
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a -- you can have everything you need for a cocktail to you. >> to test this out i did a mock order for the mix to make -- a driver bags in hand the average deliver time is 21 times. she could not empty the bag. after that she unloaded the ballots and that's it. there's no exchange of cash. the app takes care of everything. i did not keep the booze but i did find it interesting you can discover new mixed drinks this way and have it delivered to you. tax, delivery, tip it's all included in the price of the bottle the alcohol is a little more expensive than grocery stores but about the same as corner liquor store. they'll deliver -- home, office, on the street. all you need is an id proving you're over 21 and you give the app your credit card. >> so they're selling this as a
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way to discover new cocktails and have some fun and the convenience there. just can't find your way and maybe you done have a consider or need to stay home for some reason, this way you can have it brought to you for an office party could help to have it delivered. maybe your tailgating. there are convenience reasons where this could come in handy. they will deliver anywhere. somebody gets kick out of a bar they could jump on and deliver a bottle of vodka and have it delivered to hem on the street. we'll see where this apps goes if trouble comes from. >> we'll take a break. coming up here, the latest on the protest in hong kong. here's a look outside showing the ride on 680. it's going to be hot once again. full forecast straight ahead.
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the start of the bluegrass festival. one of the hottest days of the heat wave. there's going to be a lot of body heat and a lot of sunshine out there, mike. >> could see temperatures hit the 90-degree mark. a very hot afternoon and this morning as i pan dour, you can see a few dozens are already here early this morning. you can see them laying tarps. you're not going to find a spot once this festival kicks off at 10:30 this morning. i'm here at the banjo stage h. is the most popular stage here at the festival but all of these stages sit on the john fsm kennedy drive. it's a free three-day music festival that features more than a hundred different bands. it runs until # tonlt and 7:00 a.m. until 7 at night tomorrow and
4:46 am
sunday. vendors do sell food and drinks and some who are here early plan to drink some beer this afternoon temperatures could hit 90 degrees and a lot of these music fans tell me that this particular is stage is the one that tissue the most direct sunlight. they do plan to drink some beer this afternoon. drinking some water probably a good idea as well. james? >> probably the better can idea, yeah. it'll get all the fluids out of you in a hurry. thank you much. stay hydrated. try staying cool. he's looking at this as well. good morning. >> good morning. yeah a lot of folks probably heading to hearth will i -- it's -- but for free. so it's the same setup that takes place in golden gate park and we're looking at some pretty warm temperatures. we could see mid to upper 80s. pretty hot at that main stage. today is the hottest day. so expect cooler weather into the weekend and i assume most folks will be heading out on saturday and sunday. lots of sunshine but
4:47 am
temperatures expecting in the 80s. here's a live look outside from our roof camera. clear conditions around the entire bay area. temperatures in the upper 50s low 60s. we're starting temperatures off on the mild side. talking about quick warming by 12:00. it looks like widespread 80s throughout the bay. as we put the -- start to -- so today's actually going to be the hottest day of the week. we haven't seen temperatures this hot in the bay area for parts of bay area since mid- may. yesterday was one of the warmest days of 2014 thus far. we're only going to continue to ramp up the temperatures. could see 97 today and evergreen. lots of sunshine. plenty of the 90 yous there the valley here. mid-90s in pittsburgh. temperatures in the upper 80s for downtown san francisco.
4:48 am
we're looking at the possibility of record-breaking highs. we have that -- until 9:00 tonight. now if you like relief, we should see a weak onshore develop. that sea breeze will return. it's going to help limit the temperatures. still talking about toasty temperatures before we see temperatures return to normal as we head into early next week. >> focusing on traffic around the area. it's a great time to leave your house. we haven't seen any wave here at the pay gates. your drive time about 11 to 12 minutes. the right-hand lane side of the screen headed out to foster city. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. they're recon figuring the late. it's not -- still 25 minutes out of -- into the city. if you're heading to the bridge stimpretty quiet -- over on our traffic maps still enjoy speeds
4:49 am
looks like seeing tbreen for highway 101 and northbound 282 through dontown san hoe say. >> tensions rose this morning as protesters in hong kong refused to make way for an ambulance. they are calling for democratic reforms. ivan watson brings us up to speed. >> a moment of tension here just seconds ago. the police forced the way open through these thon stray torrences who held a sit-in here to make way for an ambulance. the police said was carrying a police officer who had collapsed. the protesters said we don't trust you. they said, carry the police officer out. and police came with their helmets and pushed a way open through the demonstrators.
4:50 am
the protesters have effectively laid siege to this building here that houses the offices of the chief executive, the number one official in hong kong. cy young. they've been calling for his resignation. he refused to stepdown. they've escalated using a protest sit-in to lay siege to his offices, to prevent him from physicalling -- all of this in the name ofmore democratic freedom, the protesters say but these are controversial tactics that are likely to get mixed results within the court of public opinion here in hong kong. ivan watson. >> in ncial news a major u.s. bank becomes the latest victim of hackers. yp morgan chase the recent --
4:51 am
and 7 million small businesses. consumer information including names, addresses phone number and e-mails will stolen. the banking giant says only customers who use chase's website, j. p. morgan online were affected. >> on to facebook now. the company apologizing to a few -- locked out of their accounts because they didn't use their legal names. the company says it's taken steps to fix the policy and thursday we saw several prominent drag queens holding a rally. the group applauded facebook's decision to change its real name policy. it comes week after the -- they were kicked out of their accounts. >> i want to start just by apologizing to everybody who had their accounts messed with over the past few weeks. we're going to fix it. i do want to just make sure i henned -- people be using the way they represent themselves in real life is the way they represent themselves on facebook. that's what we want to support. >> we met with facebook twice
4:52 am
and they get t. they're on our side. they know this is a problem and it extend beyond this community. >> facebook says it's working on building a better system to -- >> at 4:52. we'll take a break. what -- how much americans are willing to spend on the costumes. the giants starting their best three-game series with the washington nationals today. first pitch is an noons. giants fever running high.
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4:54 is the time. new new additions that are delighting customers. they look look toys but they're
4:55 am
robots. they can dance if you ask them too l the library river valley says they're learning, they're receiving updates and they hope they'll have some educational uses too. >> we want to use the robots as a teaching tool. wow. the robots will officially debut on october 119. they'll have a special reading event. a lot of kids should be showing for that. top halloween customer is coming off the silver screen. probably no surprised to you, elsa is topping the list for children. they estimate more than toenail and a half million top dress up this year and right on heels of that we have the teenage mutant ninja turtles. they want to dress up as either donatelo. the national -- also says 75 million american adults will dress up for halloween this
4:56 am
year with the no. 1 choice a witch. >> how spending is expecting to reach $7.4 billion. the average person is willing to shell out about $77 for all their costumes and makeup and everything else. people plan to spend about $350 million on pet costumes. hmm. no halloween celebration wouldn't be complete without candy and $2 billion on candy and greeting cards for the holidays greeting cards? >> greeting cards for halloween. >> happy halloween. who else does that? >> i don't know. >> all right. >> i'm not here yet. >> celebrities threaten goog with a lawsuit and a thrilling classic could be becoming to getting modern upgrades. >> an attorney for more than a
4:57 am
dozen big-name celebs is threaten google with a $100 million lawsuit. stars like jennifer lawrence their icloud -- didn't do enough to remove the pictures. that i -- within hours of the requests being made. the video for michael jackson's thriller is getting a makeover. john lan diswants to convert the fueled video to 3d. thanks god even talk of gi -- a -- and the stars are aligning for the movie a dappation for aping river valley bird. it casts -- billheader and maya ruddle of. an image which is set to hit theaters in 2016ment for hollywood minute, i'm mary malone. >> coming up, the virus breaks out in the bay area. we're going to have the latest
4:58 am
on this with more casings reporting and crews still mopping up after a fire. the detail os than as well.
4:59 am
5:00 am
5:00. time. a water main break in san francisco has flooded several homes this morning.
5:01 am
coming in at 87. we saw some pretty significantly warm temperatures inside the bay yesterday and today's expected to be the hottest day of the week. we will encounter additional warming -- we're starting off under clear conditions. a live look. and here's just a highlight of some of the warmest temperatures. walnut creek. concord a high of 93 and 94 -- we do have a heat advisory through 9:00 tonight. the national weather service was discussing the possible of extending into tomorrow but because we have been dealing with some pretty mild and cool mornings we're probably not going to need it. limit your outdoor activities. more on the forecast, the extended look. all that coming up.
5:02 am
going to be pleasant. that's where -- more on our hot weather coverage. morning, will. >> reporter: good morning. yesterday i got ambushed because i thought i was going to be so warm that i wore short sleeves. it's a little bit chilly -- but we do expect to get it very hot, very host. look at the thermometer mind me. it's going to climb over the next couple of hours. yesterday at 9:00, 10:00, i was already sweating. it's going to be even hotter. get this. i'm going to remind you because i needed to be reminded. i sometime the forget to drink water. so today pack water with you if you plan to outdoors and bring some sunscreen because it's going to be a hot one. 90s in livermore. i saw some people walking their
5:03 am
dogs. the best time you're going to have as far as a little chill in the air. starting to sweat like the washington nationals today when we play the giant -- when the giants play them. >> nice tie in. thank you very much. go giants. all right. let's head over to the traffic desk. any issues? >> so far, no you we're tracking a pretty good ride. we're not looking at any hot spots yet. and the bridges look pretty light. this being friday, who knows. we might catch a break and see a little lighter than usual traffic. we're not tracking any problems on i- could already have congestion but they don't. and south bay freeways look good, the peninsula -- slowing through the construction area for the ride through. >> thank you. george. and check out this map of the bay area as we talk about the
5:04 am
virus and apartments on alert worried about it. health officials say there are at least four confirmed cases here in northern california. all involving children. one in solano county. being treated at children's hospital in oakland. >> so these were children who had kind of a more severe presentation so for example, a cold that got out of control with exacerbation of asthma and that sort of thing. >> other cases have also been reported and ventura county. so far more than 500 cases have been reported in 43 statings and doctors say there's no vaccine for this potentially deadly ill bles. with the county confirming the cases the oakland school district look to keep it from
5:05 am
spreading. stocked with soap and going over proper hand washing techniques so they can pass that along to their students. >> we also can communicate -- to families so they know that if the child is contracting certain symptoms that they should have their can child seen by a doctor. if we do get -- is disieged in a student at one of our sites or for a staff member we do a special deep cleaning over weekend where the entire campus is sanitized. >> and as always, as they talk about hand washing just to tell you, i had a doctor tell me that you should sing happy birthday. that's long enough and that's a long time to warn you hand. that's the way to do it properly. district officials say they're teaching the principals how to recognize the symptoms. we're going to continue to the latest on to online a. whole page dedicated to the virus and what you need to know on our
5:06 am
website and you can always get the latest information. pages are always updated and our alerts come through on your phone if you have our mobile app. >> now to a story happening right now in san francisco. we have crews on the scene of a water main break. let's take a quick look at the video here. see how bad the problem was. this is the area of key avenue and keith street. deep water. they're getting into the front door of the homes. flooding cars outside. look at that. multiple cars in the i area. at least six homes sustained actually water damage. cause of the break in the line is still unclear. they're looking into that. they have managed to at least shutoff the flowment but so has water service to that area. a number of customers affected. the exact number not clear. still waiting for that. the fire department and the police are on the scene right
5:07 am
now. we'll continue to update. now to the east bay. firefighters are keeping an yay on several homes following an overnight flier fire. they're watching -- one home went up though in flames yesterday. that fire spread to other buildings and knocked out power after a -- >> they did manage to campaign the flames. no one was injured and powers -- an american with ties to the bay area diagnosed with ebola. the details coming up on the kron4 morning news. more than a hundred thousands cars is yours one of them? what's wrong with these vehicle. >> taking a a lot live look. traffic is nice and light. clear as a bell. we'll be right back.
5:08 am
[ male announcer ] automotive innovation starts... right here. with a control pad that can read your handwriting, a wide-screen multimedia center, and a head-up display for enhanced driver focus. all inside a newly redesigned cabin of unrivaled style and comfort. ♪ the all-new c-class. at the very touch point of performance and innovation. ♪
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art ur mningffayteakch point ghthitand eesece and innovation. with jcy, zzlyteak stackehighith oteipack egwhit, meltchee andhater se y lov likealapos ospinh - all war toay flbrea suay. t frh.
5:11 am
we're just getting word of an accident on city streets in walnut creek. a pretty busy interchange where taylor boulevard comes down from pleasant hill and meets up with pleasant hill road. those of you like to take the backdoor route out of concorde in pleasant hill for highway 24 westbound know this intersection well. as many as five people have been sent to the hospital, or least reported injured were a car struck a light pole. take a look at this. a dramatic rescue in downtown oakland. this high rises on the corner of 11th street and broadway. two window washers got stuck 19 stories up. there was an equipment problem. so during the rescue the oakland firefighter had to repel down the building and reach the two men. they made a big chain and pulled them up. neither of the window washers was injured. i know this is a hazard of their job but it's still pretty
5:12 am
incredible to see. coming up here on kron morning news we will tell you how one bay area community who was killed in what police say was a case of mistaken identity. why the texas men diagnosed with ebola virus could soon face criminal charges. today expected to be the hottest day of the week. a look at the forecast in your ...we need to break up. is it the biting? cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show. it's cable. customers are more satisfied with u-verse. switch and we can stay together forever. forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. ♪hey! i found a happy space ♪somewhere to call our own ♪a happy little place and it all starts with you♪
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♪whoa-oh-oh-oh, all this goodness...♪ after-school snacking should be fun and nutritious which is why we put whole grains first in every general mills big g cereal what matters most should always come first general mills. look for the big "g," it means goodness first.
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5:15 am
we want to get a look at the weather, it's going to be hot. >> yesterday was pretty bad and we will continue to see temperatures warm today. a lot of 90s expected through the bay area. so it looks like we will see the heat advisory the released 9:00 p.m. this evening. here's a look at the heatwave headlines. we will continue with temperatures well above normal into the weekend but i think we will see a cool down along the coastline saturday and sunday. still plenty of 80s at 90
5:16 am
sprinkle throughout the entire bay area. we will see perhaps record- breaking highs today and today will be the hottest day of the next seven. the heat advisory in effect through 9:00 p.m. this evening for the national weather service was talking about possibly extending into tomorrow. so tomorrow will still be hot but i don't think we will see the heat advisory carry on because we have been dealing with some pretty cool mornings and muchneed of relief. right now were starting out with temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. but a quick warm-up is on the way. a lot of 80s at the bay area's by lunchtime. as we push into the afternoon we will start to see the 90s develop. breaking down eyes expected in your neighborhood today. some places haven't been this hot since mid-may. redwood city 92, 91 in mountain view 97 evergreen. we could see triple digits for places like morgan hill and gilroy. lots of sunshine, not a cloud in the sky.
5:17 am
upper 80s for downtown san francisco today and 93 in oakland. we have a strong ridge of pressure october oakland. this high is not expected to move over the next couple of days. temperatures along the coast will come down but were still talking about temperatures almost 15 degrees warmer than where we should be for some of the warmest inland spots. relief is on the way we just have to wait for. more comfortable conditions for the beaches into the weekend. it looks like he will return to normal as we get into early next week so early morning fog and lots of sunshine and temperatures exactly where they should be for this time of year. still tracking a pretty good drive we are not looking at any hot spots this morning. chp logs are pretty quiet there are many incidents. let's start with a close-up look to your right at the bay bridge. all of the approaches are light
5:18 am
right now with no congestion out of the maze from the nimitz or off these sure freeway. for 92 and you're right over from a word it looks good coming across 92 from the nimitz freeway no problems after the toll plaza along the trussell section or out to the high-rise. golden gate bridge still a pretty light and easy ride no delays in either direction. the commute through marinas good one. also the right to the richmond san rafael bridge. they did tell us last week there was funding in place for toll lane number four for this friday. so with any luck we will see that staffed fully and no unusual or unnecessary delays because of toll booth closures. tracking traffic maps for you still with this accident on city streets, pleasant hill at taylor. otherwise concord to walnut creek on the freeway looks good. no delays here for your trip on 580 westbound out of livermore into dublin. we do have some slowing out of
5:19 am
tracy through the altamont pass. fairly difficult pattern there. south bay freeways look great and the marine ride is withoutthe lease for 101 for southbound. bay area headlines, set up as a community is remembering a man who shot and killed and what police they were to be of mistaken identity. 24-year-old richard watkins was gunned down in front of his house over the weekend. people who knew him say he was a devoted father to his two daughters and had a baby on the way. many people gathered to remember the watkins including the san jose saints pop warner football game. watkins wife says he was a special person, and will always be remembered. >> he was a great father and friend and inspiration. there's no one out there like him. and i know a lot of people say that but there's really no one out there like him. >> memorial organizers sold food and collected donations.
5:20 am
the proceeds will help to cover the funeral costs. the lawyer for the teenager declared brain dead after complications during tonsil surgery in oakland will hold a news conference to talk about her condition. the lawyer release this photo of july and her family is seeking a court order to declare that she is legally alive, not legally brain-dead. she was declared brain-dead back in december. the family's lawyer says she responds to voice commands and touch. he says today he will present evidence to show that she is not brain-dead. she is currently an undisclosed care facility after she had complications from surgery at children's hospital oakland. in national news another american is diagnosed with ebola in africa. an american cameraman covering the ebola outbreak in liberia has tested positive. the nbc news worker will be flown back to the u.s. for treatment. we have also learn the entire
5:21 am
crew including medical correspondent doctor nancy snyder man who once worked here in the bay area. they will all be flown back to the u.s. and placed under quarantine. so far none of the other nbc employees in liberia have shown symptoms of being infected. the man in texas diagnosed with ebola virus could soon face criminal charges. the liberia airport authority says it will prosecute thomas duncan if he lied to get out of the country. officials say he answered no one asked if he had cared for person with the disease. witnesses say that was a lie. >> the fact that he knew and left the country. >> meanwhile the red cross delivered blankets and other supplies to people who have been quarantined in an apartment in dallas were duncan had been staying. they will remain inside until 21 day incubation period has passed and officials are sure no one was infected. if the people in quarantines
5:22 am
have been threatened with criminal charges if they step outside. so they're not quite sure what their future holds. australia's prime minister says they will launch airstrikes against islamic state charge,targets in a rack. that announcement has been anticipated since six jet charges were deployed to the united arab emirates more than two weeks ago. prime minister tony abbott told reporters the deployment to iraq could be quite lengthy. certainly months rather than weeks. the seven cap that ministers who make up the governor's national security committee approved the deployment after an official request was received from the rack overnight. if you are looking to get a head start on your kids halloween costumes costume we will tell you which ones are going fast. here's a quick look outside we have the bay bridge toll plaza camera were keeping you updated on weather and traffic throughout the morning on kron news. it will be another hot day today eric cap will have full details coming up at 5:30 a.m.
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
watching wall street this morning, futures right now reported for strong opening today. dow futures up almost 100 points in the premarket hours. it was a more stable down wall street yesterday. here the closing numbers for you. the dow jones finished about 3.5 points down to end a 16801. the nasdaq finished a point positive with the s&p relatively flat finishing at 1946. opening bell at 6:30 a.m. we will see what the numbers go in about an hour from now. a major u.s. bank becomes the latest victim of hackers. j.p. morgan chase says the recent data breach infected 76 million households and 7 million small businesses. consumer information including customer names or addresses phone numbers, e-mail addresses were all stolen from the company surfers. the banking giant says only customers who use chases website, jpmorgan online and their apps were affected which as you imagine covers just
5:27 am
about everyone. you know who's affected this morning question were people who own gm cars. their recalling 117,000 vehicles for an issue that could cause your vehicle to stall or not started all. this affects 12 different models from the year 2013-14. gm says part of the cars electronics could short circuit and cause the engine light to go on. so far there have been no accidents or injuries because of this. this year alone gm has recalled nearly 30 million vehicles. if you what your kids to fit in with halloween, and i always say you don't want to look like the other kids. but this is a very popular one from frozen. that's one of the big princess costumes and then all the princesses are always big. ninja turtles are back because of the movie. they estimate more than 2.5 million kids want to dress up as the princess from frozen.
5:28 am
also da vinci is back again. 2 million are expected to dress up as the turtle. for adults the number one costume is a good old standby which. you're always safe with the which. >> it's a timeless classic. we will take a quick break and be back with more in a minute. after 162 regular-season games, a one-game playoff in pittsburgh. today the san francisco giants start their quest for third world championship in five years. i will have that story coming up in a live report. we are also watching weather this morning it will be weather this morning it will be hot today, th ♪ ottest of hersy'spres. brg the deliou'e weather this morning it will be hot today, th ♪ ottest of - th hshe's spreads, thpossibilits ardelious.
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
happening today, it is the start of the hardly strictly bluegrass festival at golden gate park. on the hottest day of the week today, and it won't back off much for the weekend. we are at the park right now, talking about how fans will keepcool. you have a spot. you can save your spot with a blanket right now. >> there are few fans already here doing just that. temperatures today expected to reach well into the upper 80s just hearing golden gate park. we could even see 90 degrees. that's a lot of direct sunlight that's going to bear down on the thousands of music fans that will pack golden gate park later on this morning. a few fans are already here. we might be giving away bit of a secret. you can see a few dozen music fans got here as early as 3:00 a.m. this morning to stake their spot at the band on stage by putting down tarps and chairs. i'm told this is usually the most popular stage along john f. kennedy drive.
5:32 am
and is also literally the hottest stage. fans tell me this part of the festival always gets the most direct sunlight with temperatures soaring into at least the upper 80s today. these diehard fans are prepping for toasty afternoon. >> a lot of water. i have a spray mr. already set up. >> a hat, scarf. >> i have been here when it's cold and that is really brutal. so i would rather have the warmer weather than what it's really cold and foggy here. >> the hardly strictly bluegrass festival runs from 10:30 a.m. through 7:00 p.m. tonight at 11:00 a.m. through 7:00 p.m. tomorrow, and sunday. the best part, it is free to attend. but if you want to avoid getting a free sunburn bring your sunscreen and bring extra water instead of beer probably a good idea as well. >> here's the thing to people will probably be annoyed if you put umbrellas up. because frankly that's great if you to keep alone have an umbrella over you.
5:33 am
i don't know if they allow that. >> so far this morning no one has brought an umbrella. but the people who've been here are the people who've been your year and an io out. but so far they say drink water don't drink a lot of beer and obviously dressed in t-shirts and shorts. >> right don't do like mike is doing right now for today. i would not recommend a settlement. out there for anyway. plus it's no tie friday. >> well it's bowtie friday. >> well for george. >> i'm gonna have to disagree with that guy. i would rather have it cool at golden gate park because you can always put on more layers but only so much you can take off. were talking about one of the hottest hardly strictly bluegrass festivals. as we said earlier we could see 90 degrees in golden gate park. lots of sunshine. we will continue with warm weather as we head into saturday photo week onshore flow that seabreeze will bring down temperatures and sunday will be much cooler with temperatures back down into the 70s. here's a look outside clear
5:34 am
skies not a cloud in the sky right now. starting the morning off with pretty mild conditions. concord 56, 60 in oakland take a look at san francisco holding on to 68 degrees. by the time we reached the afternoon heat advisory still in effect and we're still talking about temperatures much warmer than where they should be. today will be the hottest day of the week with upper 90s inland, low 90s bayside and mid- 80s for the coast. we will see temperatures take a bit of a tumble into the weekend especially along the coastline. we will have the full details on your extended forecast and when the fog will make a comeback in about 15 minutes. we are watching the ride to the richmond san rafael bridge here until 6:00 a.m. we will see confirmation that all of the toll lanes will be open. you'll notice that it is just the two right-hand lanes that opens the overnight hours. and then about 25 minutes from now we will check to see both of these lanes are open.
5:35 am
we have been told the tolling for which has been closed for weeks will be opened today. stomach through the east bay we are still looking at much lighter than usual traffic for interstate 580 and for california route highway 4 westbound. so the antioch ride not bad. while there is some congestion through the altamont pass, the livermore devlin ride for 580 look straight and were still tracking a light and easy right to the south bay on the peninsula and problem free for the north bay for the ride through marin county from 37 to the golden gate bridge. pg&e and ratepayer groups are now appealing to propose $1.4 billion fine following the deadly 2010 in san bruno blast. thursday was the deadline to file an appeal of the proposed penalty. the explosion killed eight people and destroyed a number of homes. pg&e says the billion dollar find is excessive. meanwhile ratepayer groups filed a separate appeal saying they want more of that penalty money to go to pipeline
5:36 am
improvements instead of the state's general fund. san bruno officials believe the penalty is appropriate but also want to appoint an independent monitor to oversee both pg&e and the state utility commission. a kron4 story, hundreds of fish dead in lake cunningham any san jose. dead carp, some more than 20 pounds are washing up on the rocks along with various other fish. the san jose parks department is investigating and yesterday a crew was scooping up the dead fish and testing the water. so far there's no ban on fishing at the lake. but park visitor mary miranda finds that troubling. >> i'm worried, don't want to see sick people there so many viruses and people who are getting sick so i would like to get an answer what's going on with these fish and if they're okay to eat. i mean these people are you know fishing out here and there is no signs around. >> maranda has seen dead fish in the past, but she hasn't
5:37 am
seen this many before. she plans to stay away and killed this mystery is resolved. so that's her my kron4 story. if you have when you can visit our websiteat and send us your id. happening today, or to october in. ring for the san francisco giants as they take on the washington nationals in game one of the ml division series we're live at at&t park with details. today's game of course not at at&t park but giants fever running high nonetheless. >> the good news is the giants are guaranteed to come back here to at&t park so their fans loved chance to see them. but it is unbelievable that spring training starts in march, there are 30 teens 132 games this year, over 1500 innings played including that one game playing in pittsburgh on wednesday. the giants are in the playoffs
5:38 am
and they are starting their quest for the third world championship in five years. and what are they get? they get the best team in the national league and that is the washington nationals in the best of five-game series starting today at 12:00 p.m. you have to win three to move on. but as i said the good news is they are guaranteed to come back here to at&t park. today's game starts at noon they play again tomorrow and will have sunday off. then monday the game will be back here at at&t park so the people here in san francisco will have a chance to see their giants at least one more time, maybe more. it depends on how the series plays out. obviously everyone is excited. as i said this is not new to them. they've done this before. so they are excited, the fans are excited. everyone will be watching today starting at noon. >> if history holds jacky this will be the year that we once again walk home with the year.
5:39 am
fingers are crossed although i don't think you need to because it's a sure thing. it will happen. coming up sunday night on sports nightlife, the 49ers try to spoil alex smith's return to the bay area and a live report from levi stadium. plus we go in-depth on the giants national playoff series with former all-star big roberts. the full half-hour of all your sports needs sunday night at 9:00 p.m., right after the news. still ahead on the kron4 morning news. amazing video coming out of iceland. look at this volcanic eruption. then at 6:00 a.m. new video justin to kron4 out of hong kong were pro-democracy protesters is starting to dwindle. we will tell you why ...we need to break up.
5:40 am
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tracking drive times for you this morning. let's see if we can refresh that screening get those up for you the drive time from hercules to berkeley is coming in at 12 minutes. your trip time for the 580 macarthur ride from the 580 livermore wright is 27 minutes. and we're looking at a 14 minute trip in the south bay from the montague express or to the montague expressway heading up from highway 85. don't forget the kron4 mobile app. download it for free and you can take traffic with you anytime. works on your ios and android
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think goodness we are getting some relief right now, temperatures have cooled off significantly overnight. we are back in the upper 50s for concorde and livermore. sixty right now leaving the house in oakland. san francisco still holding onto pretty warm temperatures. seventy-one in downtown, little warmer than that in west portal and twin peaks. so pretty warm start if you're leaving the house in the city by the bay. we will experience quick warming by lunchtime. it looks like most locations well into the 80s. take a look at what happens as we head into 3:00 p.m. looks like 90s develop for the north bay, east bay interior and south bay. we will see plenty of 90s throughout the area in fact some locations haven't been
5:47 am
this one since midday. so were talking about not only the warmest day of the week but one of the warmest date 2014. here's the breakdown for you, 91 in santa clara, everyday today and 97. we'll see plenty of 90s lots of sunshine throughthe san jose valley. while walnut creek 97. downtown san francisco about 17 degrees warmer than where we should be for this time a year. napa at 94 and 90 degrees in berkeley. so there is the possibility of seeing a few records. we could break the record in oakland i think san jose is also a contender. we have a strong ridge of high pressure and play over the bay area and coupled with offshore winds were seeing a warming for everyone and increase concern for fire danger. this high-pressure system will park in place over the next couple of days but a modest sea breeze will help wrigley temperatures along the coast for the weekend. today is also a spare the air day. we will continue with this trend over the next couple of days. the marine layer returns meeting more in a way of fog
5:48 am
but still pretty sunny afternoon into early next week. temperatures back to normal with low 80s inland and mid-70s bayside and upper 60s for the coast. we are not tracking any hot spots this morning, looking at a pretty good wright. but the metering lights have just been activated at the bay bridge so that means a change as the backup starts to fill in across the lanes. you can tell it is a little then lighter than usual day today because even with light activation that ramp is not backing up. the right to the san mateo bridge no metering lights here but a pretty good ride that nevertheless. still pretty low on the drive time, 11 minutes heading over towards san mateo and coming from the toll plaza. for the golden gate bridge we understand crews have wrapped up here so they have finished redistributing the pylons on the bridge. that means four-lane southbound, two lanes north
5:49 am
brown. your ride to the richmond san rafael bridge still watching here in the next ten minutes to see that not only tolling three but tolling for gets open this morning so that we have full staffing. as we track some drive times around the bay looking first at your east shore freeway drive still just 11 minutes. fifteen minutes through the san ramon valley. there was an accident on city streets at taylor and pleasant hill. they are still dealing with that downed power pole. west 580, lighter than usual ride even for the altamont pass. still delay free in the south bay for 101, 280, even highway 17 looks good coming out of the santa cruz mountains. when the lights go out in the city, people tend to lose their mind. especially if they're behind the wheel of an auto.
5:50 am
remember how pg&e says call before you dig? well someone called after they dug and knocked out power to a few thousand people in san francisco. to the point that even a pg&e worker took it upon himself to help with traffic control. when that happened, people who probably flunked their drivers test but still issued a drivers license don't quite know what to do. even if there's a patrol officer giving directions. first off at the traffic signals are out at an intersection it must be treated as a four-way stop. that's on page 24 of the 2014 california drivers manual. you know the one you probably never read. however, if there in the traffic archway giving directions follow those directions. if he says stop, that doesn't mean keep going. and yes, it also applies if you're on a bike. remember to keep things moving in one direction you may be saying no in a different. in a rush to us .-dot the possible carnage of drivers in
5:51 am
the intersection the parking enforcement officer forgot his safety belt. let's go to ninth and howard where there are no traffic enforcement officers and people were forced to fend for themselves. the pedestrians crossing the street he created a new challenge. often they had to hold their hands up to get the driver's attention. here's a classic case of moving badly in an intersection. the lights are out. one set of cars should go then the cross traffic panic, can proceed. but no, drivers just keep on going. >> as the whole city behaving badly? >> it looks like it. >> if you haven't read the california drivers manual you might think about is suggested refresher course. here's something just into the kron4 newsroom this morning. the unemployment numbers are out they were released about 20 minutes ago there pretty good. u.s. employers added 240,000 jobs last month and that drove down the unemployment rate to
5:52 am
5.9%. we haven't seen of that low since july 2008. we will see how the markets react when the opening bell rings at 6:30 a.m. the retired marine who caught a woman as she jumped from an upper deck at the coliseum in oakland after raiders game last year. he was honored this week. donny navidad save the woman's life last november when she fell 45 feet. look at the bruises he got from catching her. he stood right underneath and caught her and his arm and shoulder were bruised but he's fully recovered. he was honored with a metal and a cash grant from the carnegie hero fund's commission. a total of 21 people from across the country were honored by that fund. coming up, we will continue to focus on the weather. the weather is going to be very hot no matter where you live, especially in livermore, pleasanton where i'm currently located. ninetys possibly triple digits
5:53 am
in certain parts. we will have the full details and erika will have the full weather report coming up on the kron4 whether news. you can see 62 there but we have a long way to go. let's take a live peek at the san mateo bridge. crystal clear and traffic is light. we will see blue skies and plenty of sunshine mike will set all over the bay area. we will be right back behold, the bwayteak egwhitand eese art ur mningff ght with jcy, zzlyteak stackehighith oteipack egwhit, meltchee andhater se y lov likealapos ospinh - all war toay flbrea suay. t frh.
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and always will no relief from the heat over the next couple of days. today sunny looking for a high of 90 we'll see pretty much the same story on saturday. dublin 94, we will lose a couple of degrees in the weekend. san francisco today upper 80s, low 80s into tomorrow. we could see record-breaking highs as we head into the afternoon. i will have a closer look at your forecast in the next hour. check out this new video we have of a volcano in iceland erupting. a drone video captured these amazing images. because you can't get close any
5:57 am
other way. look at that ball of flames. you can see the colorful lava flowing and bubbling on the surface of the volcano. the lawful comes from a fisher and not an eruption. although officials say a large eruption is likely. gas is emanating from the volcano make it very dangerous for anyone to get clothes, even a helicopter. so a drone is the only way they can get in. we are working on several developing stories in the coming hour. we come back we will have a story of the other american diagnosed with ebola. the current victim in texas is facing possible criminal charges and we will explain why. protests in hong kong are dwindling. we will tell you why the protests could be coming to an end
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