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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 31, 2014 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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this morning on the kron 4 a small plane crashes in san diego killing one person. why the pilot is actualy being praised. preventing the spread of west nile virus. how one bay area city is trying good morning. i'm james fletcher. toss to weather. >>: 8 beeper marine layer means not only sang cloud cover we are seeing it the marine area. right
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now it's 58 degrees 50 leaving the house in oakland. a lot of these clouds have moved on short conceive them to the south bay. it would take quite some time before this cloud cover to clear out. we are expecting warm temperatures by the afternoon. >>: downtown santa cisco hitting high of 72 degrees. gradual pull down will be there as we had to the weekends. so expect temperatures to drop on saturday. looks like we're have near season conditions early as next week not much change as we
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head into the middle of next week. >>: we're not looking at any hot spots at daybreak toll plaza. traffic moves well. over at the san mateo bridge drive time is 13 minutes. it is hazy at the doting gate bridge you may want to drive at a safe distance. >> james:mosquitos carrying the west nile virus keep popping up on the peninsula. and crews worked through the night to get rid of the insects disease. >>:the vector control crews were ready at sun down and mounted up for the fogging of several areas in san mateo. once they got into position, the fogging began. you can see the fine mist of insecticide filling the
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airthat mist is deadly to mosquitos and scientists say the more they >>:the concern right now is about possible transmission from mosquitos to humans because of higher than usual populations of mosquitos that could transmit the disease but not only that but we have identified as a result of testing since animals were found positive. >>:officials say that getting rid of the mosquitos is a high priority because of the possible health affects of west nile smith >>:it causes fever. that's the usual clinical presentation. if you have symptems, it can, in certain people have imune deficiancies or you are older it can lead to other complications like meningetitus or even death. and, so, it's something we are very concerned about because last year 15 people in california died from west nile virus. it's something we track.
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we do surveilence to make sure we are covering our bases with regard to the mosquitos can their bell and >> james:one house was destroyed. another badly damaged in a five-alarm fire yesterday in san jose. >> james:it started around 11- thirty on hampshire place in south san jose. >> james:when crews arrived, one house was entirely engulfed in flames. >> james:the blaze then spread to one of >> james:and the people who live at that house.could do nothing but watch. >>: weirton want to have to live in a different way. i have to digest this as i watched my house burned. >> james:officials say the fire was judd boundluckily, no injuries
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were reported. jet boundthis morning one person is recovering after being injured when a muni light rail and an s-u-v collided in san francisco. >> james:police say it happened just after ten last night at bryant street and the embarcadero. >> james:they say at least one person suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital. as of now, it's unclear who's at >> james:in san diego a small plane crashes in a shopping center.killing one woman on board.and injuring another. gave themthe single-engine plane went down around 5:30 wednesday in the parking lot of a costco and a target. >> james:the plane clipped the top of the target.and knocked down a light pole before landing. >> james:it then burst into flames.and the woman who died had serious burns. then notthe pilot is in serious condition tonight but is >> james:this morning she is being praised for being able to guid the plane to an area where the damage was limited. >> james:crews have finally stopped the last of the water gushing from a pipe near the u- c-l-a campus. gave them20- million gallons of
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water.still being cleaned up on and around the campus. >> james:the 93-year old pipe that broke tuesday caused nearly a foot of water to cover the hardwood floor in the legendary pauley pavilion baskeball arena. >> james:six people working in the arena had to be treated for carbon monoxide exposure. created by generators. >> james:crews are still trying to repair the road where the water main erupted under sunset boulevard. >>: fortunately for us to the flood is over. >> james:they expect it will take at least another day to get the road back to normal. judd theit took crews a total of 30 hours to completely stop the water leak that at one point in time was gushing more than 75- thousand gallons per minute. >> james:suspended state senator leland yee will be back in court. >> james:he will be arraigned on racketeering and coruption charges from an expanded
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indictment filed last week. >> james:five others named in the same indictment will be arraigned on a separate racketeering count charges. >> james:yee is accused of taking bribes in exchange for his vote on raymond "shrimp boy" chow was arraigned yesterday on that same indictment. >> james:prosecutors say chow was the leader of a major crime operation. gave themhe entered a plea of not guilty raketeering. >> james:chow's attorney says, his client is innocent of all charges and is eager to testify. >> james:nearly two weeks after the city of berkeley cleared a homeless encampment at the gilman street underpass, citing health and safety issues. ee local
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>>:while cutting into an old car tire to make a punching bag in this industrial lot at second and jones streets in west berkeley. >>:this man who goes by the name "scotland" says the city of berkeley has offered him long- term housing and help for mental health and subtance abuse issues. >>:but for now, living along these union pacific train tracks is >>:and, he's trying not to be a >>: "i have no choice but to keep it clean, because there's other people on earth other than me. so, i have to be account of that, have to be account of some of the stuff that i have out there."
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>>:scotland and zuber awad are among those forced to leace the gilman underpass encampment earlier this month. >>:"when they kick us out of here, then we move over to aquatic park, we move back over across the bridge and then they'll kick us out again, and then we'll move back over to aquatic park, then they'll kick us out again. you know, it's a never ending thing." >>:in this case, residents who live near this lot, like kami mahil say the homeless typically don't make camp in this area. >>:"i hope they get into shelters." >>:otherwise, staying here she says is dangerous for the homeless and the people who live and work in the area. >>: "they leave things out, tires can get popped. its, its kinda worried for the entire neighborhood, i would say." >>: "some of us like me want to live outside like this. i mean, it looks bad, but it really isnt, you know? union pacific railroad says that the people living here are trespassing. >>:and, that there are plans to
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remove the debris in this area over the next several days. >>: a suspected car thief.created chaos on san francisco streets this morning. >>:police say, the man stole this red utility truck from a construction site, then slammed into several vehicles as he tried to get away. at times going the wrong way on a one way >>:this security video shows him backing into a limo after he was boxed in. at a stop light on market street >>: there was nothing i could do i had cars behind me. there was no way to get out of the way. >> james:eventually the suspect abandoned the red pickup near civic center plaza. >> james:there. a san francisco firefighter who was in the area tackled him. >> james:he was arrested.and will likely be charged with numerous counts of hit and run, as well as car theft.
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>> james: a fire is now and hayward. >>: good news is no one is injured the firefighters are wrapping up the scene. they came out at 3:15 a.m. they will have a call and there is a half in front of the that is being doused by five water. three to four occupants were sleeping at the time. but they heard the noise and that they got out safely. the least three fire
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engines are at this location. they got to find out and three minutes. >>: cause of the fire is still under investigation. it wasn't so bad that they cannot live here in the future. once they restore the power the people and headed back in and start to clean up and start to see exactly how this fire started. >> erica: will have some changes to look forward to. today cloud cover for the morning hours and more sunshine for the afternoon.
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added to the 8:00 a.m. lunchtime was seized some clearing's. it will be sunny and especially high at approaching the upper 90s. >> erica: a lease for the warmest and landslides. morgan hill and livermore and concrete. it was still a pretty mild the doubt send this out of bed around 70. it will be around 64 oakland and san francisco. los gatos 9488 in sunnyvale. bell
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not be too much change as of yesterday. >> erica: was too low 70's disco and the berkeley and 85 in wine country. is to go to the little cooler towards the weekend. some court ocean air will warm our temperatures in that. >> erica: it's a great time to leave the house. construction is generally and the fed said until 5:00 a.m.. for those of you
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headed to the san mateo bridge and it looks good on both directions. mel for some advisers to speak of. the doting gate bridge looks good as well. >> a shelter for unaccompanied minors caught trying to cross into the u-s is being proposed said belland it would be the largest >> james:if approved, the shelter, could >> james:the application says it would be >> james:more than one-thousand sinks and >> james:it would create about 430 jobs.
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did not warns there could be some unintended consequences. >> james:the application also says a child getting ill or an >> james:house republicans have approved a resolution to sue president the vote was 225 to 201. >> james:republicans say the president's executive actions to change obamacare and make other policy decisions on his own are unconstitutional. >> james:they believe it is congress' job to make or change laws. >> james:in response, the white house says the lawsuit wastes valuable time and potentially millions of taxpayer dollars. >> james:the move comes just a few days after boehner said there were no plans to impeach the president. >> james:house lawmakers have overwhelmingly approved a 16- billion-dollar bill to overhaul the department of veterans gave themthe legislation is in response to the scandal over delays in care at v-a medical facilities. also, allegations of
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mis-management at the federal level. and give themboth democrats and republicans threw their support behind the >> james: with a backdrop of selling that sent the twinned cease-fire of felling of mice. gathered continues to pay the price.
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>>: the israel defense focus focuses most of it attention on the tunnel's that militant eustace need. the death toll so far more than 50 israeli soldiers and at three israeli civilians. more than 1300 palestinians. which i civilians caught in the balance.
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he gave the >> james: >> james:hosting the pittsburgh pirates at at&t. and >> james:bottom of the 3rd. andrew susac gets his 1st major league hit and it's a tie breaking single pablo sandoval scores. but then in the top 4th. >> james:jordy mecer hits a 2- run home run off tim lincecum to put the pirates up one. >> james: and to add insult to injury the ball went right into this fan's beer but it didn't take her long to get a fresh one!
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>> james:on to the 6th. >> james:jean machi walks the bases loaded but catches travis snider napping at 2nd base he is tagged out gaby sanchez breaks for home and is tagged out in a rundown for the inning-ending double play. >> james:after gregor blanco ties the game at 5 with a single in the seventh >> james:the pitch gets by catcher chris >> james:the giants added one more to end this one with a 7-5 victory. snapping their 6-game losing genn themoakland strugging on the road in >> james:jason hammel about to go 0-4 as an "a" >> james:bottom of the 1st matt dominguez singles to center off hammel marc krauss and jon singleton score making it 3-0 astros >> james:after giving up an rbi single to make it 4-0
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said ofrobbie grossman takes hammel deep for a 2-run home run 6-0 >> james:bottom 5th now. singleton hits a end. >> james:49ers linebacker aldon smith missed practice yesterday. >> james:he had to go to los angeles to attend an office hearing to address the incident in which he allegedly made a false report of a bomb threat at los angeles international airport. gave themsmith will not be charged in the incident but evidently the l.a. county prosecutor wanted him to come in as a message that he can't do this again >> james:with his legal problems semingly wrapped up smith now awaits word for the nfl on a probable suspension. j. >>: a california company is use a food recalls. >> james: have faced with is changing how you and your
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friends celebrate birthdays.
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>> james:insecticide spraying began last night in san mateo to kill off mosquitos that may be carrying the west nile virus. gave themtests have come back positive for mosquitos with west nile so officials want to limit the contracting the virus. >> james:last year, 15 people died from >> james:people living in an encampment on second and jones streets in west berkeley have been told to leave. union pacific railroad says that the people living here are trespassing.
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>> james:there are plans to remove the debris in the area over the next several days. did notand in san diego. a woman is killed and another person give themthe single engine plane went costco and target store. >> james:the plane then burst into flames killing the woman on board. the pilot is in serious survive. >>: fortunately no one was ended. they got out around 3:15 a.m.. there are still here pg&e came out and set out power to the home. they believe that the pot the fire started somewhere towards the a grouch. >>: because of the fire they
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still do not know. the flames were put out with an agreement. the family can move back in once the power is restored. >> james: what i was seeing for this afternoon. >> erica: right now and again not seen much visibility is a pretty low around the coast line. as we take a look at the
4:33 am
satellite. the cloud cover is moving its way and let. you will see dry conditions and few met this morning. >> erica: temperatures and '80s and '90s looking ahead he was a cooler conditions of looking into the weekend following that seasonal temperatures. richmond 6772 in san francisco 98 and pleasanton and most the '80s and the south bay. pretty comfortable conditions for everybody a lot of people do not like those nine days.
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>> erica: we start to see cars lined up at the toll plaza and today that is definitely the case. over at the san mateo bridge there's no way whatsoever. as we take it live outside. >> james: crews have begun modifying the golden gate bridge to make way for a new moveable barrier that will be installed early next year. kron 4's mike pelton is live at the bridge with the story. >>: crew of the wrap up work around 230 this morning. there
4:35 am
will be one change in the southbound direction. lane 7 and 8 are permanently closed at exit as you head south bound moving the lanes from 86.-6. >>: the zipper and truck is at the be tool that we use to move a 1 ft. wide a concrete slab. the most noticeable of that that
4:36 am
you see is what crews start they have to take down the historical clock. then th >> james:health officials are warning consumers. not to eat food from one california- based company. >> james:san clemente- based- v- r green farms - is voluntarily recalling several jarred food items. themhealth officials say, the food may have been improperly >> james:eating botulism toxins could lead to serious illness and even
4:37 am
>> james:the toxins are odorless and >> james:officials recommend getting rid you may have. >> james:49ers season ticket holders. >> james:they had a blast. but when they left. they battled traffic -- this weekend, a much larger >>:you're looking at a serious of new videos put out by the 49ers to help people navigated when they show up at levi's stadiums for events. 49ers spokes person bob lange >>:"the videos really detail out the main parking locations surrounding levis stadium" >>: we were able to get aerial shots of the park a lot and we can see the if you're coming up
4:38 am
one of one and you are assigned to the red light weekend show you the best way to get care. >>:the first big traffic test will be this saturday, when san jose earthquakes take the field. last friday's private event at levis posed parking issues for some of the 30,000 people who attended so will this saturdays earthquakes game be as bad >>:"it was really a perfect storm; we did not have our full assists" >>: i'm one to use of the chairman wire analogy help us help you if you do a little replanting it will make it a lot easier for you. .
4:39 am
>>: if you have your parking permit it will take you directly were you need to go. and a true traffic test will not happen until the 40 niner's lead the bears. >>: welcomed with mixed reviews in the east bay. a new whole foods store is coming to berkeley and some will also bring a whole lot of traffic.
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>> james: kron 4's justine waldman shows us the plans. >>:the 48-thousand square-foot whole foods is still under
4:42 am
construction. here is a rendering of what it will look like from the outside once complete. >>:besides selling healthy foods the store will also offer wine tastings. >>:it's location on gilman between >>:adding to concerns the grocery >>: i think it is going to be a nightmare. >>: is about 4-miles from here. make for a messy commute. >>: the gillman intersection right when it hits the freeway is lawless there are stop signs going different ways no lights, >>:though some are looking forward to so-called "whole foods effect" where the store's arrival sparks development and raises nearby property values. >>:more people in the area might not necessarily be a bad thing >>:i own a business so that would be great.
4:43 am
>>:the whole foods will create about 200 new jobs here. >>:it should open in november. >>:in berkeley justine waldman kron >>:facebook is getting out of the gift card business. >>:there will be no more wrapped-present icons telling you to send a starbucks or target gift card on your friend's birthday. the gifts service is set to be discontinued in mid-august. the news comes days after button which allows users to businesses partnered with the social media website.
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>> erica: a lot to look for to if you like toasty temperatures will get into that tomorrow. more comfortable weather is: as we head into sat dead. you will notice that it's not as human and temperatures are down. >> erica: a beeper of marine pleasure is this morning. were also seeing moisture. that will make for a gorgeous sunrises. it will be another toasty day
4:47 am
especially if you are away from the water. you notice a lot of '70s and that the bed and the '80s work their way into the livermore valley. >> erica: we won't see any trouble digits and at the bay area will have the upper 90s and was slightly cooler down by 8:00. but it was still in pretty one with '70s expected and land. 88 in san jose los kind of running at 94. cities are still one of them what they should be this time being. let's and 10 heading and have 97. bell when at 72 degrees.
4:48 am
>> erica: expect seasonal temperatures as of early next week. and i will carry has until next wednesday. >> erica: the bay bridge cashed lands are showing weakness. we are seeing top speed to working and to san francisco. it is hazy and we do have drizzle at the golden gate bridge. there have been a no fault and advisers. no
4:49 am
delays as you work your way out of account. if you are taking public transit we are running on time.
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>> james:rapper iggy azalea gets a big bloom have beef. mary mueller has an update on all of hollywood's biggesttake a look at this. one family on vacation in kansas city-- got the surprise of a lifetime at dinner. >>:iggy
4:56 am
>>: according to page 6 the actor refused to shake the wrist and. that's the beaver made a comment about his ex-wife. >>: actor rob lowe is giving his committee and talents to start week.
4:57 am
>> james: president obama showed up. >> james:the president was kansas city earlier this week as part of a nationwide tour to talk about drove themhe stopped in a local barbecue joint to get dinner. >> james:that's one family member caught this video of the president and snapped this selfie with her son and his friend. >> james:"he said "hi" to everyone and it was pretty nice. he might not be my favorite, but he still came in, said 'hi' and was respectable, to say 'hi' to every table and then went and ordered." >> james:the family says they didn't want to bother the president, so they opted for the selfie instead. >> james: ware of fire crews hayward. and whether wyse it
4:58 am
will be paid another one after them.
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we are following a developing story of hayward where three people had to round out of their burning home. >> james:after nearly 30 hours. a water main break near ucla is finally capped. we have the latest in the clean up efforts. developing news this morning. >> james:
5:01 am
the high rise of the span is really clear. we have clear visibility. we have the base to the coast and inland forecasts. we are looking for mild temperatures of upper fifties and low 60s. 75 by the bay in '92 and then. is 98 degrees and live. we replace it with high pressure >> james: the marine layer is not big enough but that cannot. so it will be another dead of hot temperatures and land. 98
5:02 am
in fairfield at many aid than any at 98 in livermore. >>: getting word of the a couple of the accident on interstate 680. i'm just learning that and with a minor by delays barred is now talking about 15 to 20 minute delays throughout the mccarter station. they said as an equipment problem near that station. in the pan or 15 minutes barque characterize it as a major delay. >>: we will have to watch to make sure this does not translate into anything major.
5:03 am
there is the vehicle on its side here. it's only a short the light at the scene for now. those of accident and then not to meet the direction. >> >> darya:crews are on scene of a house fire in hayward on sparrow road. >> darya: will? >>: the fire department is looking at the garage area at that for they believe the fire started.
5:04 am
>>: at least three people were inside the home as the fires that at 315 a and. at this point believe the fire started in the drought area alex that it is still under that investigation. the dead news is it was contained to the garage area. and now the family is bad in their home. >>: there were no deaths so it is not that urgent. >> mark:one person is recovering
5:05 am
this morning after being injured when >> james:it happened just after ten last night. at bryant street and the embarcadero. of >> james:police say st least one person had minor injuries and was taken in the crash. happening today. swansea marion gallons of water wasted. and six people at to be treated for carbon monoxide exposure created by generators. >> darya:and raymond "shrimp
5:06 am
boy" chow was in court yesterday. he pleaded not guilty to racketeering and other organized >> darya:chow's attorney says his client is innocent of all charges and >> darya:crews have finally stopped the last of the water gushing from a pipe near ucla.
5:07 am
>> darya:san francisco's mc- laren park golf course will stay open. for now at least. >> darya:the parks and recreation department has extended its lease, which was set to expire today. >> darya:the people who operate the golf course even planned a going away party last week. saying negotiations with the city reached an impasse over costs. the bellnow, they'll have until august 31st to come to an agreement. mc-laren park has been open since 1962.
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>>: there are barred the problems at the macarthur park station. the daly city station as well. every bark line is covered between the two. there are any equipment problem at each of those stations. and because of that you can expect major delays. the >> darya:nearly two weeks after the city of berkeley cleared a homeless encampment at the gilman street underpass, citing
5:12 am
health and safety issues. a new camp has popped up -- also in west berkeley. the thethis time, near the train tracks the >> darya:the camp is in a mostly industrial area, but there are homes just blocks away. and >> darya:residents say, the camp seems to be growing everyday. >>: they are sleeping here and the cars are driving by at night that they don't see you can and ran over. a city spokesperson says, the staff is aware of the new encampment, but there are no immediate plans to clear it. the >>:the spokesperson says however, the city's first priority is homeless find long- term housing.
5:13 am
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>> james: so far all of the that was to learn is that there is an eclipse the problem. the first reports seem unrelated. there are two separate stations. at the macarthur stationed this handles pittsburg they point. and also have a free life richmond. now you have every
5:17 am
single bark aligned affected by whenever problems of these are. >>: by describes them as a major delays. they speak and time terms of had a lace. >> >>: the san ramon valley on a 680 north about is not creating much of the back. looking at the dead birds ride westbound as a backup and to delay free. and
5:18 am
no problems on the san mateo bridge. and on the golden gate bridge there are any traffic delays and well. on the rich and san rafael bridge best like traffic. dave >>: although it is on the cool side in land. everyone in july and these clear skies out here. livermore the treat right now, could 59. san francisco right now is 58. >> james: is a mix of low 90s
5:19 am
and let. we should see i highest of the treat of the dead. that and the death of. let's take a look at temperatures. '70s and land. concrete is in the long you will be in the low 80s even at a clock. >> james: it was seized in
5:20 am
richmond to 70 degrees and oakland. is a seven that around a bad forecast. the core downed really will not kick in until maybe sunday. the >>: congress is racing to wrap up legislation to revamp the veterans affairs department ahead of lawmakers' five-week summer break. >> darya:a senate vote today would help veterans avoid long waits for health care, hire more doctors and nurses to treat them and senior executives at the va. >> darya:the house of representatives overwhelmingly approved a 16-billion-dollar bill to overhaul the department of veterans affairs. >> darya:a report on the c-i- a's controversial interrogation and detention program after 9/11 could be publicly released
5:21 am
as soon as next week. >> darya:it's a 700 page summary of the report on how the c-i-a treats terrorism suspects. >> darya:some senators on the intelligence committee say harsh interrogation techniques were used. >> darya:the c-i-a has denied these allegations. it's likely the report will be for august recess. >> james:israel's military is calling up an additional 16- thousand soldiers. in an attempt to dismantle the hamas tunnel network along the gaza strip. prime minister benjamin "with or without a cease-fire" j. >>:the tunnels have been used to carry out deadly attacks inside israel. the latest move now widen its nearly month-long offensive. it also comes after another day of heavy fighting. with more than 100 palestinians killed on wednesday along with three israeli soldiers.
5:22 am
>> james:rain is hampering efforts by rescue personnel to reach a village in western india, buried by a massive landslide. >> james:local rescue workers and villagers have been digging through deep mud, rocks and the debris of destroyed homes. at least 24 people have been killed and more than 150 trapped >> darya:in san diego a small plane crashes in a shopping center.killing one woman on board.and injuring another. and >> darya:the single-engine plane went down around 5:30 yesterday in the parking lot of a costco and >> darya:the plane clipped the top of the target.and knocked down a light pole before landing. the >>:the pilot is in serious condition tonight but is expected to survive. >> darya:this morning she is being praised for being able to guid the plane to an area where the damage was limited
5:23 am
>>: 10 car-and is famous for the month nothing and that's basically what you do while playing the game. if the game keeps growing it will help trim to have reached the same mobile success as can be crushed. the >> darya: what are you addicted to. a thief guys the wrong way
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>>: better news from park this morning it turns out it was like magnets that is now picking up. bart says both of those problems will be resolved. >> darya: you'll want to see changes on the golden gate
5:28 am
bridge this morning as as the legend of a movable barrier happened last night. how the forty-niners are trying to help than to navigate their way home. [ heart beating ]
5:29 am
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will >>: right now there boarding up the home. restoration crews are here. the fire strutted around 3:15 a.m..
5:31 am
the save their dog is usually quiet throughout the night but the dog bark throughout the night and that will come all the people throughout the home. with an admitted us so the fire department arrived. >>: he's the one that will put me up. and if something was going bond due to him barking.
5:32 am
>>: you can tell the way they bark. >>: here's the great news the drought may have died if it was and a grouch like the usual. the cause of the fire is still a lot of investigation. it looks like now they're not the of the to go back and side until the investigation is over. >> james: this is the golden
5:33 am
gate bridge behind me we will fix that for the moisture to build. it's almost identical to yes today. will set off with a partly cloudy skies. it's sunny and warm conditions in san juan. increasing clouds as the los come tonight. >> james: temperatures upward to 98 or 99. the farther it and then you go the hundred bits. mid to upper 80s and the not very.
5:34 am
>>: quick reminder about barked that are in recovery of early- morning problems. both of those issues have been resolved. we're getting word of what could have been a major incident here in the maze. it is an accident that occurred on the route. >>: we have a number of units responding because of this could account for some major problems.
5:35 am
from the next to the peace sure. there is an action-out on highway 4. just getting word of a motorcycle accident at any at. it can mean a much slower traffic.
5:36 am
>>: this approach cut is the the big machine that will move on 1 ft. wide traffic barrier to the address traffic flow. the goal is to eliminate a legend on the bridge. we will have to shut down at the breech for 52 hours and january. >> darya: the fire was about 10 mi. away. about 50 homes stay
5:37 am
under evacuation this morning. the fire burned more than five square among miles. the >>: a judge has ordered a beer to be psychologically tested to see if you can sit in court and stand trial. the beland >> james: a. five alarm fire in san jose one cruiser arrived in one house was and golf and flames.
5:38 am
the >>: the man stole this read a utility truck from a construction site and then slammed into several cars that is trying to get away. going the wrong way on a one-way street. >>: he backed into it memo after he was back and. a san francisco firefighter and area tackled in the gatt and he was arrested. >>: college like to walk 12 hours straight this to route the calories and one of them.
5:39 am
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>>: were in a stake in the midst 580 is in the left-hand side of the roadway. is not directly blocking lanes leading to the british but it will slow traffic going in to be sure freeway. >>: and nutrition watchdog group
5:42 am
has identified the and healthiest meals and restaurant chain. the >>: it's called the double monster burgers away a milkshake and you can get this at red rock and the number of calories is 3500. so these people are reading that and a bottomless fries. it looks delicious a long to get it and know what he did today
5:43 am
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5:46 am
>>: a beat the restaurant that does not invite children or noisy children is now been a fitting from the band. the restaurant that it to my set across the state this week. there have 73 calls supporting that a policy to again. >> mark vickie >>: children ougf
5:47 am
control >>: leave them at home >>: to be done or not see that that is the question. >>: here in the dining room i kids at burke said party? >>: there is that kid to many of the chicken, on and they said they keep the kid to many very simple. >>: as long as you know when you
5:48 am
have to keep it quiet and sophisticated you can go anywhere you on the go to. >>: have the sophisticated kids party carries on then down this as i live view. all well as with is our standard marine and air. it is failing the day with a much needed cooler air from the ocean. 59 and all conquered. 63 in
5:49 am
livermore. by no time will look for basically seven is by the bed. just as the head in. will send the treat up to 100 degrees for places like brentwood. >>: you can also be looked into trouble this year whether there as well. sixties and by the bay 7 this as well. for places like concrete and the delta deal still with in the low 80s. his with averages will be in this out the bed. the delta will vary hot spot in brentwood will be
5:50 am
that that's a hundred. we got 67 in richmond 68 to pick places like fremont. >>: downtown a 72 and in a country with in that upper 80s. gradual cooling problem won't kick in until saturday. >>: with tracking and cut will hot spot for now. that accident and the macarthur mace. it's right where a foot off to go to
5:51 am
find 80 or to any. it's believed that this might be a hit and run accident. one flatbed is required which means the vehicle of bad enough that it cannot be drove off a lot. >>: again that in the case is that there might be a lengthy investigation because it could be let in that long and useful. there's an accident of hillcrest. in both directions. did they reach me the lights are activated. and the backup is
5:52 am
starting their westbound. >>: still early enough to where there is no foul was on the san mateo for building gate bridge. the richmond san rafael bridge this is starting to pick up the backup. that's due to a life of to ovals of thing of. >>: 45 minutes to go there looking at major delays those have been cleared for 25 minutes or so but there still is in recovery mode. >> erica: what would you do if your atm machine gave out tickets to a game instead of
5:53 am
cash. in canada that's exactly what happened. the four branches set up automated banking machine. their ads to come down to the bank and test out these listings. >> erica: one mother get tickets to trinidad as you can visit her daughter. that a fully paid trip to disneyland. bulldog: oooh!
5:54 am
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>> darya: and max came through
5:57 am
the front windshield and embedded itself and the dashboard. the chair came from the back of the truck. a trooper issued a ticket to the truck driver. >> mark:, and at the top of the island your checking i hot spot bit from the 580 this one. and set serving propose 4-to be the largest of the u.s..
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
following a developing story and a word to see this over here all boarded up because of a overnight for our big traffic problems right now let's go to george for not spot. >>: george: interstate 80 and that was wrong direction as an


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