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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 30, 2014 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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around 3:30 it did not playing in it. it was a dangerous situation. >> we had some in the water, they were swept off and they were trapped. >> this is not something we want to play. the ground has been it is dangerous. >> the la water and power had to turn it off slowly to avoid the damage. that's why it took time to shut off. the water carries water from a reservoir. and only on 4 a homeowner catches a prowler stalking a
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community. john mcclure was working when he almost found himself in real trouble. one of the cameras around his home shows what happened right before he came face to face with a controller a suspect starts looking around the backyard. he heads to the back office which was left unlocked. he walked back and catches him standing right there. >> he was thinking about what he was doing for a business and job and wondering what was going on and looking for my son, i don't have a son. >> he posted signs to warn his neighbors to use caution if they see the suspect lurking around. >> we'll take a break. coming up here long term tenants getting evicted to the buildings can be converted into
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illegal hotels. the action being taken. a stowaway found on a military craft. where he came from and how he got there. the investigation into the crash of the flight in ukraine. that continues as fighting continues. we'll have more on that in a moment.
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tenants are being evicted so their condos can be turned into hotels for tourists. maureen kelly reports. >> reporter: activists with the union slapped signs on about 20 buildings today, places where long term tenants used to live.
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they say they now are being rented out to tourists for big dollars. this one had three units taken off the market. the tenants evicted under the ellis act. they are used as short term rentals which is illegal under san francisco laws. the demonstrators are not putting up signs they will file complaints with the city and then will sue the landlord of 50 buildings in all. and it is under a provision of the apartment conversion law. they say the stickers will put the visitors on notice. >> and enforcement could be coming any day now. if i was in saying in a b and b and the city was suing trying to close it down i would not stay there and be alerted. we want to make sure people know what is going on. >> reporter: the city attorney is suing two landlords for illegal rentals and they say they are investigating several other cases.
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the tenants union said that's not enough the mayor said the proposed legislation which legalizing and regulate a number of short term rentals should help the problem. >> it was not in created to evict the tenants, it was not the purpose. we want to make sure that does not occur. >> and it will streamline the complaint process but they say more needs to be done to send a message to landlords. >> some need to get slapped with fine so others know there is a price to pay for this. a baby sal mop. mon shark is back in the water thanks to a hiker. it was sunday that a couple noticed a shark washed ashore. there you see them. she decided to grab the shark and swim with it into the ocean. people taped it. she was careful not to be
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bitten. >> he had very rows of teeth he could easily take off a finger. so as i was swimming out and i released him i pulled my fingers in if he knew if he bit me it would hurt i would not have a limb missing. >> she waited for an hour and it never did reappear so they left. heading out to cloud cover and hot temperatures into the afternoon details in the forecast next.
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in colorado more heavy rain and flooding in the denver area. look how deep the water is. rain fell at a rate of more than 2 inches per hour. and there was flight delays and no injuries reported look at
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the mess they're dealing with. we have warm weather and that's what we're contending with. >> another hot day we have a lot of moisture out there and at least a under 10% chance of storms out as we head into the morning. we're seeing more moisture in sonoma and most of the bay area is dry. humidity is up. as we head into the afternoon. upper 90s and the spots into tomorrow that flow westerly breeze and develops and cooler ocean and seasonal temperatures along the coast line. it will be fairly warm. we are looking forward to a cooling trend that will carry us into the weekend. here is a look at the radar imagery, we have low clouds.
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and then and by the 12 o'clock hour mainly 70s and 80s around the day. pushing into the 3:00 hour. the 90s the for places like concord and fairfield. we'll see 90s in the south bay. putting it into motion and fairly warm conditions, they drop into the 60s. we'll see 70s for the inland communities. and break down the highs expected in the neighborhood today. and 91 in campbell. mountain view a high of 83 degrees upper 90s and mid90s in antioch and and downtown san francisco looking for a high of 72 degrees and 86 heading up to wine country. here is a look at the forecast. and the temperatures will slide and hardly noticeable. the air will be drier as we head into the weekend.
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expect morning clouds sunshine into the afternoon. and near seasonal conditions next week. as for traffic around the area we're not looking at hot the spots. a great time to leave the house. heading to the bridge a nice and easy ride awaits you. and looking just as good. and foster city. golden gate is problem free. and all is well for 580101. a court clerk has been ordered to stop issuing same
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sex marriage licenses. three counties agreed to stop issuing them. the house republicans are scaling back a vote on the thursday and and the crisis. the aid and all that is necessary to secure the border. the president is seeking over 3 billion. and and. and quickly. and veterans health care, the house will vote on the measure today a vote is expected soon atf song leaves for the august recess tomorrow. and the va is getting a new
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chief. and robert mcdonald is the next secretary. he is a former ceo. he takes the place of the head who resigned after scandals rocked the department. and he will take immediate actions in his first three months to fix problems. the body of a teen has been found trapped above the landing gear of a cargo plane. it was made during an inspection at ramstein base in germany. it left for a mission to several countries. the stowaway was a black male of african origin. it is unknown where or when he entered the landing gear. and the outbreak of ebola and that is raising concerns about security. >> samples confirm negative results for the diseases and
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the cause of death when it is under investigation. it is similar to the stowaway who flew from the bay area. that teen survived. fighting is keeping teams from reaching the site of flight 17. >> reporter: the road may look calm. the sounds of violence keeps people from reaching the site. >> it was clear the bombing was heavy. we had to take cover. >> it has been two weeks since the surface to air missile flight the flight out of the sky. there could be human remains among the debris.
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and the teams did not include the dutch investigators in charge of finding out what happened. they, along with a dozen experts have not seen the wreckage. it is another lost day. and really critical evidence. >> the u.s. and the european union accuse russian of training and continuing the crisis there. the president announced on tuesday the u.s. and the eu would enforce new sanctions against russia. >> it is a very specific issue related to russia's unwilling in esto recognize it can chart its own path. >> and the european union moved in a strong way. that's what we have been pressing them to do for some days now. >> reporter: andrew spencer reporting. coming up here on the morning news. the giants struggle could the raiders be leaving oakland.
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here is a look outside. no major issues this morning. we saw the accident and block the lanes. more on the morning commute coming up in a bit.
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and a be the only run that he would surrender. he strikes out dan uggla in the
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7th. and strikes out to end the game. final in this one 3-1. giants 0- 5 now on this home stand. three games back. the slide continues. >> we have matt cane seeking a second opinion on his elbow. he is on the dl with bone chips. the first time he has been sidelined in his career. and he is owed 20 million. and 2 for 7 #w a 4.18 e.r.a. and his season is over. the a is in houston and creating some late night drama against the as strohs. hernandez and into the left
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field corner and singleton scores to make it 4-1 as strohs. and a score the as strohs and singles to center. derek nor list scores cutting the lead to 1. and three batters later a job to right and tied at 4. not bad. next batter. brandon moss, you will see that. a shot to right. there it is. lowry scoring on that. the as with the win. they score two more 7-4. they lost the meaning the as are up 2 and a half in the al west. not bad. and reports in san antonio, raiders owner and two team representatives meet with officials back july 18th regarding the possibility of moving the team to texas. and they are offering the alamo
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home as a temporary home until a stadium is built. davis declined to comment but that says that he prefers a small stadium that he can place a statue of his father in front of. mark davis made it clears he does not like the oakland coliseum and with the as there for the foreseeable future there is no chance to update it. so we'll see what happens. coming up. we'll tell you about how facebook is changing a popular app if you use it you need to know about it. that's coming up. >> a girl credited with putting a proceeder behind bars. firefighters gaining ground on wildfires we'll have the latest. a look he is bridge. traffic on the light side.
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adam >>: shadow cliffs park will it was closed due to high e coli bacteria. quality tests were taken and improved over the weekend. installation and offensive and to keep the geese away. >>: new video for it helicopters that in the county. the kids
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will worry only their swimming trunks. crews had to use a helicopter to bring kids down to the beach safely >>: cruise on the same crossfire on a 47 the fire started at 430 this morning. so far no entries the be more information on this fire. >> mark: the fires and not 80 percent contained few that were told to leave their homes and our attorney the fire started on friday and it was started by vehicle driving on dry vegetation. 19 homes were destroyed and 31 a. have burned so far. >>: half dome is still difficult
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to see at that and an evacuation of homes have evacuation of homes have been lifted. >>: up 3 along the gas fire in san jose was triggered by at eckhardt fire shortly. and blackened 25 a. know at the entries are reported .
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ee local
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>>: one of the dead woman is rushing to africa for the part of the world has been ravaged by a deadly virus. >>: and sanitizes that will carry 99.9%. >>: the drums she's afraid of is ebola. i know the precautions to take my son is well advised to the precautions but many of the people are. i am fearful that and try to go as armed as i can with affirmation. >>: is a bicycle chemical
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engineer and hircine has just texture that the top doctor there had just died. that's what's spurring her on. >>: he's 14 and my dream is that he'll be here this august to enroll and tassel. >>: would follow their to the airport and a new bout and a new mom bought their way to one ticket is not sure how far along it would take. >>: if you tax with friends to face both the message at will be
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necessary for the next few days the company is announcing this will be happening this coming april.
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>>: for superseding indictment that was filed last week. chao has been arraigned with two- part tomorrow. these charts for taking bribes.
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>>: right now the temperatures are in the '60s right now. it is a little hazy got there. we have drizzle along the coast line. bell release that to this not as we head into tonight. what are bracing for another toasty dead especially and land. but from the club will be in the '70s. by 3 in the afternoon the '90s was that the command. bel at >>: 74 of the warm areas. i do want a break down some of the warmer temperatures of the dead.
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88 in sunnyvale los altos at 94. east bay may be a little warmer pittsburg at 97 livermore is 96. i don't know for a seat in the record-breaking highs today but much warm and we should be this time of year. looks like 7 is among the east bay shoreline. temperatures will slightly coal with the morning fog and afternoon sunshine. >>: >>: taking a look at traffic around the bay area is still a little bit of a weak year headed in to san francisco. for not seeing any major delays. san mateo bridge is holding steady
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for 12 to 13 minutes. if they're headed to the gutting gate bridge that is a drill. this should only take you 25 minutes. a look at the traffic not set not found 11 looks good. gram>>: nice and easy conditiond very light traffic. >>: thousands of jellyfish have been washing ashore on the beach. >>: joshed for a/s round along ocean beach a couple times a week. the jellyfish started washing ashore last week and now they're everywhere. sense of thousands of jellyfish and now dead and gone out on the sand.
4:49 am
jellyfish are a common sight at ocean beach the disease not this many of them. mon jellyfish to do have a mild talks and what are not harmful to people. >>: it's really weird >>: if your kids i know that noisy they cannot command. stroller's high chairs and boosters seats and chairs did make a noise i'm not allowed. leon is not changing his policy just because some people do not like it. >>: kids need to learn how to learn and restaurants and they can learn if they can't bell. >> mark: if they can go the
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kendo those of the rules. >> mark: is the 55th this look for those that are against it and the floor for >>: thousands of students can be forced to move is the city passes this ordinance. but the students are not going down without a fight. >>: this is eugene and this allowed kron 4 story. well the city is trying to pass an ordinance that would discriminate. >>: santa clara is considering
4:51 am
an new ordinance that will stop the practice of renting a private sale hong which the city contends is essentially a boarding house. an action that can displace the thousand students. >>: that may have to have a roommate situations and this ordinance would not allow that anymore. >>: so this creates a lot of issues and parking and driving an have ruined some of the experiences that this kind of has given. >>: students feel it's not as
4:52 am
safe to up to what further than need be. >>: it will hurt students and lower the demand for houses as probative value will fall. >>: this does not accomplish what they're trying to do all they're really doing is discriminating against property owners. >>: would take a break it is for 50 2:00 a.m. his a live look outside at the mt. tam cam.
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and member of dancing with the stars has retired. some wonder if max quit because he wanted to leave on top. >>: he might be down at the dancing with the stars because of. no love lost the to win access actors keith sullivan. france says the head every moment of 24 and the situation
4:56 am
made him want to stop acting. sullivan said he never knew he felt the way for the wishes of the best. >>: lagash and tommy bennett released their first single the full album treat the treat is released some. >>: a robot is trying to hitchhike across canada by itself. the robot is the brainchild of to profs. he has been everywhere from the visitor centers to wal-mart. >>: >> mark: h. by it's not fault of
4:57 am
every half hour. . h >>: that kid have evaded the hearts of many last year. one of the film makers have launched to make a movie that commanding his life. >>: and a test result for cars which ones are the safest and the most dangerous as well as of the water main break at ucla.
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this morning on the kron 4 morning news-- the richmond city council approves a one - billion chevron refinery. and new charges against p-g-and- e in the san bruno pipeline explosion that killed eight people. >> james: this is a live look from our roof hammer this morning. patchy fall the this morning. we still have a chance but it's all part of the
5:01 am
moisture that flowing over the bay area of the past few days. what happened to see aid rain truck. you've missed nothing at all. were born to cool things down just a touch >> james: as the top of whatever 10 and the upper 80s is normal outside looking in the upper 90s. >>: thank you this morning to you. it is a good money out on the freeway is there are no incidents to slow your ride. is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with like traffic from and then nemitz. is not trusted to both and the act and that this
5:02 am
bird. a little flong for highway 580. they all look great. the da >> darya:the richmond city council plan to modernize the chevron refinery. >> darya:the modernization project passed >> darya:kron 4's jackie sissel is live in richmond with the latest. jackie? jackie >>: that the vault with five to nothing. but the flip the to the bad and that they neo this. is the second largest refinery in the state of california. the need to
5:03 am
modernize the. they have high pain you yet jives with a benefit for bridge and citizens. they're people against the expansion and there are turning into environmental issues as it is with the refinery. the 2012 refinery explosion sent thousands of people to the hospital. there are still concerned and about a hundred people showed up last night. >>: still of the committee is split in this area about what they want to see it at the refinery. and they're moving closer to the billion dollar expansion.
5:04 am
>> mark:a developing story this morning-- new charges have been filed against p-g-and-e-- in the >> mark:the u-s attorney is alleging violations of federal safety rules that caused the death of eight citizens, injured many others, and leveled an entire >> mark:p-g-and-e is accused of obstructing the n-t-s-b's investigation after the 2010 explosion. >> mark:investigations found the company also had illegal contact with the california public utilities commission. >> mark:san bruno mayor jim ruane says the new criminal charges show a >> mark:the city is pushing for the dollars. >>: whenever one this to this happened again anywhere in that country or the state. >> mark:mayor ruane says, the city is advocating for an independent monitor to oversee both the c-p-u-c and p-g-and-e. >> mark:in a statement, p-g-and- e says they have restructured their gas operations business and recruited the best natural gas experts in the country to run it. >> mark:also the company says--
5:05 am
thousands of p-g-and-e leaders of all levels have been put >> mark:the company claims, every new employee has to review lessons from the pipeline explosion, because safety comes first. >> darya:a residence on melrose av near 47th av. no injuries, fire still active, two story building. two alarms currently. per scanner pg&e called for outage along foothill blvd from 66th av to high street mostly affecting traffic signals . pg&e shows on outage in that area on their website, but won't say how many calling now. happening today. >> darya:raymond "shrimp boy chow will be back in court. chow and five other defendants will be arraigned on racketeering and other organized-crime charges from a superseding indictment filed last week. >> darya:chow has also been charged with money laundering and selling >> darya:the arraignment of those involved is happening in two parts. >> darya:tomorrow former state senator leland yee will be arraigned. >> darya:yee is accused of taking bribes in exchange for his vote on several bills including one on medical marijuana.
5:06 am
>> mark: >> mark:a homeowner catches a prowler on camera. stalking a quiet bay >> mark:john mcclure was workingin his front yard when he almost found himself in some real trouble. >> mark:one of the 5 security camera's around his gibbons drive house shows what happened right before mcclure came face to face with the prowler. >> mark:the suspect in a white tshirt and jeans , walks in and starts looking around the backyard. >> mark:then he heads towards the back office, which was left unlocked. >> mark:moments later, mcclure walks back and catches the suspect standing there. >>: he was still looking for my son but i don't have a sound. >> mark:mcclure posted signs on light poles to warn his neighbors to use extreme caution if they see the suspect.
5:07 am
a top 10 list for this now this city's and america. shadow cliffs park in will >> darya: will look at the future of the raiders and an old water break on the streets of los angeles. female announcer: right now, at sleep train, save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train.
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>>: let's check some bridge is for you know action at the bay bridge. and for your trip to the golden gate that easy ride that's a little misty. watch out for the crews that will be on the bridge for the next 20 minutes. and there is the easy
5:11 am
ride with light enough traffic and no delay at the toll plaza. >> james: shadows cliff park will of two swimmers today. >> mark: water levels have improved over the weekend and that that's due to buy degradable out a sigh. >> darya: authorities say, two kids were stuck on the face of a cliff. in the golden gate national recreation area. >> darya:authorities say. they were about 75 -feet above the beach. wearing only beach wear. the >>:crews had to use a helicopter >> darya:and they used a rope to bring them up to the helicopter. before landing on the beach.
5:12 am
>> darya:luckily, the two were not injured. >> james: albert down the >> james: albert down the forecast coming up with talk about today and the rest of the week coming up ahead. forecast coming up with talk about today and the rest of the twizerizyoursummer f wittwizers. thtwist yo♪ n'resist. o's more eitedboutack scho savgs astaps? e laes? ese ys? the guy whenou g guarteedow pces evethin you y thmost everody ts eited staps. ma morhapp foress.
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now, this was just a training video, but these twists on my ultimate cheeseburger will blow people's minds. is that guy ok? >> mark:in colorado, more heavy rain and flooding in the denver area. >> mark:at one point yesterday, rain fell at a rate of more than two >> mark:two adults and two children had to be rescued from their car. >> mark:there were also flight delays at >> mark: >> mark:and if you thought hurricanes, tornadoes and heat waves cause the most weather related deaths in the u-s. its actually cold weather that's the top killer. >> mark:a report from the c-d-c finds more than 13-hundred americans >> mark:one of the report's authors points out that extreme weather like tornadoes and hurricanes tend to get more publicity than
5:16 am
>>: a montano camera is showing a mix of clouds with the marine that level of clouds. part of the the moisture coming and eastbound. the last feed on the satellite radio shows were still confined to this foothills of this year. the bay area is fine for now >> james: warm air and any
5:17 am
action in livermore. and and that of the '60s right now to the treat this afternoon will look very similar to yes to that. 87 and the san jose 88 in sunnyvale and the east bay will cis temperatures. looking from 94 to 99 degrees. pittsburg and the art bread would and discovery bay. lucy temperatures on one side. low to mid 90's and the san ramon valley. 794 san leandro. and the north brae expects mid to upper 80s will be warm and sunny. and it will be hot.
5:18 am
>> james: will be a very low at nine this smart. >>: >> >>: were not tracking any hot spice this morning for any minor situation that was slow your ride. on a typical day was to the media likes activated in the next half hour. there's an easy ride for a trip across the bridge. in light traffic for the not to meet direction. lamented its and the fall be out there this morning and it looks that way. i that northbound or southbound. >>: list of this drive times for
5:19 am
you >>: 14 minute drive time for use short freeway. in light of morning and we've seen in some time from the 580 westbound ride. and in the south bay were not tracking and incense to slow the rise on a 284101. in the north of their right looks great not only in the marin county but sonoma county as well. >> darya:more than 12-hundred palestinians and 50 israeli troops have been killed from three weeks of fighting between israel and hamas. >> darya:that's according to a health >> darya:some of the latest deaths happened today when israeli tank shells slammed into a united nations school where palestinians were taking the bellthe israeli military also hit five mosques they claim
5:20 am
were being used by hamas. >> darya:following the bloodiest day of >> darya:fighting continues to keep international teams from reaching the site of malaysia >> darya:it's been nearly two weeks since a suspected surface- to-air missile took malaysia airlines flight 17 out of the sky. >> darya:international observers have reached the site before, but those teams didn't include the dutch investigators in charge of finding out what happened. >> darya:those investigators -- along with a dozen australian experts -- haven't seen the wreckage for >>:"we made it the other day, two-thirds of the way to the crash site. once we got there, it was clear the bombing and shelling was extremely heavy." >>:"every day that goes by is another day lost in terms of possible loss of human remains and of really crucial evidence." >> darya:the u-s and the european union accuse russia of training and arming rebels in eastern ukraine and perpetuating
5:21 am
the crisis there. >> darced the u-s and the european union would enforce new sanctions against >> mark:house republican leaders are scaling back their border control bill. >> mark:the new version includes 659- million- dollars to address the youth immigration crisis with humanitarian aid and beefed-up border security. >> mark:the amount is significantly less than the one- billion dollar price tag that was being considered last week. >> mark:president obama is seeking over three- billion- dollars to fix the problem. >> mark: the bill opens the door for amnesty. >> mark:the constant debate between the democrats and republicans may them bellcongress is taking a break at i will look at the this the video of a 93 road waterman that
5:22 am
the broker. it said a seat and mary in gallons of water >> darya:officials say it was a dangerous >>: are swift water came rescued people from that, under their car due to a current and debris. the lambthe l-a water and power company says they had to turn it off slowly to avoid more damage. >> darya:city officials say the pipe-- which was first installed back in in 1921-- carries water from a reservoir in the san fernando valley.
5:23 am
>> mark:and the u-c-l-a student decided to have a little fun-- depsite the fire officials warning. >> mark:you can see tons of water outside pauley pavilion on the u-c-l-a campus. >> mark:now lets take alook inside the building. >> mark:the basketball court-- home of the bruins' basketball, volleyball and gymnastics teams flooded. >> mark:the u-c-l-a campus, on the city's west side, suffered much of the damage. >> mark:water even flooded the parking lots. >> mark:u-c-l-a academic and residence halls were not affected, the university said, and classes will continue today.
5:24 am
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one of america's snot this town are and that this area. apollo also is this not this small city and the nation. the study goes on to say snotty doesn't necessarily mean bad most of these are wealthy communities without the to use for culture. >> darya:taking a look at wall street, futures trading shows all three indexes in the positive right now.
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>> james: this is i live look. over the side of san francisco this is fairly represented the of was being seen around the bay area. in terms of what the weather looks like today we have a coast they. >> james: and the morning will see a chance of a thunderstorm but it has been there for the last few days. >> james: by noon time
5:31 am
temperatures of the in the mid- 70s by the day but low 90s by the valley. it will be hot with the upper 90s and the valley and the son of the bed. >> james: 78 by the day and loud and the coast. if you have never hear closer to where you live you will have a better idea and i will be back at 5:45 a.m.. >>: still a pretty quiet ride we are not tracking any hot spot and the not looking and any evidence that a slowing the ride. steel cans of that free
5:32 am
across the span that. >>: around san francisco there are no from recorded. >> darya:meanwhile-- about 100- miles away-- half dome is still hard to see in yosemite. >> darya:the fire there started saturday and has burned through more than 35-hundred acres, and forced the evacuation of about 100 homes >> darya:but there is some good news. >> darya:the fire is 34-percent contained and about half of the
5:33 am
evacuation orders have been lifted. >> darya:still, 45 homes in the area >> darya:another wildfire scare here in the bay area tuesday. >> darya:fire crews controlled a three- >> darya:officials say, it was triggered by a car fire shortly after 2:30 yesterday afternoon. >> darya:they say it blackened twelve -acres north of alum rock park, near sierra road. no injuries were reported. >> mark:developing news out of the south bay this morning. >> mark:pizza delivery drivers have become targets for criminals. and police think recent robberies are connected. kron 4's will tran is live in latest. will >>: there so they have cash and then they have signs that says drivers carry no more than $20 cash. this happened on
5:34 am
monday to at farrar reasons and an hour of each other. >>: to man the man that he gets it back into his car. one man puts a diamond to the back of his head and demands money. another driver same scenario the driver actually fought that grab one of the hands and ran back to the customer and call the police department. >>: at this point the description is a very generic. they should have more information later on this morning. neither a delivery
5:35 am
driver was unhurt. >>: just because i'm in front of dominoes this not mean that they are being targeted. >> darya:an elderly woman. robbed and knocked over. at an a-t-m in point richmond. by another >> darya:the attack. broke the victim's hip. >> darya:jean knox now has to use a walker to get around the >>:the 87-year-old still recovering nearly three weeks after being robbed at this atm at the mechanics bank in pt. richmond. >> darya:these are surveillance pictures of the robber. >> darya:knox says a woman approached her and offered to help her with her transaction. >>:"she grabbed my hand and pulled i got a good look at her face and the next thing i knew i was flat on the ground"
5:36 am
>>: you have to be aware of your surroundings. >> darya:police are offering a $5,000 for any information that leads to an arrest. >> mark:a suspected child predator is behind bars in san leandro. and authorities are crediting a little girl, for his arrest. >> mark:martin gonzalez is being charged with attempted kidnapping and a variety of sexual assault charges. >> mark:authorites say, an 11- year-old girl was walking to a youth center monday afternoon, along kent avenue. >> mark:that's when they say, a man in a car. with his pants around his ankles. reached out and grabbed her. >> mark:authorities say, she fought back and called 9-1-1 while she was being chased by the suspect. in danger. >> mark:the victim ran to safety at the youth center. >> mark:police were able to arrest gonzalez based on her description of the suspect and
5:37 am
the car. >> darya:police in mountain view are looking for a wisconsin woman-- who went missing while visiting the bay area for work. >>:27 -year -old blair foley was last seen leaving a lucky's supermarket in mountain view early sunday morning. kron 4's mike pelton is at the mountain view police department with more. mike? the >>:police are looking for a wisconsin woman who went missing while visiting the bay area for work. >>:27 -year -old blair foley was last seen leaving a lucky's supermarket in mountain view early sunday morning. >>:she was reportedly under the influence of alcohol. >>:police say they are worried for her safety, because she has a history of binge drinking and is not from the area. >>:she works at adioso-- a travel search app company based in australia. >>:she was supposed to return to wisconsin this friday.
5:38 am
>>:some san francisco tourists are coming back to their rooms to find warning signs posted on their doors. >>: coming up that a lot of free stuff and the castro valley either one and the safe. were also watching whether hot either one and the safe. were also watching whether hot spots as[ heart beating ] [ female announcer ] the internet gets more exciting
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5:41 am
>>: there is an accident record it west bound blocking the centerline of by the bay bridge. this can be a bad start to see how long it takes to clear. a baby salmon chart is back in the water thanks to a kind hearted hiker. . her and her husband noticed a sharp and watch to sure. she decided to
5:42 am
grab the shark and swung would fit into the ocean. she waited for an hour and a not received the sharks appear. >> mark: by the oakland raiders bulldog: it's true! i am a bundle of talent! but my friends are learning skills that can change a life. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to help train dogs like suzie to engage students in schools and special education classes. while ginger visits folks in the hospital offering quiet comfort. with your help, we can do even more! make a donation at or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people.
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tow trucks and other the emergency vehicles. so another chp in his a look at the backup due to the media likes being activated. it's already backed the past west grand ave. but look at this you can see how little movement there is and that's how slowly the likes of being stifled. >>: the san mateo bridge is in to that free and ago and made bread is equally good ride on southbound traffic. and the richmond sand with fell breach is still like westbound.
5:47 am
>>: and up the date for some drive times for you. and a stake in the westbound is still doing pretty well. the eastbound traffic is pretty hectic. westbound 24 still looks good. west 580 mix of good to livermore. south bay freeway as i stepped in to get a free and so on the north of l.a. riots.d. >> james: is a quick look at yourself the day forecast. well let's look at the cloudless
5:48 am
skies and the background. we are looking for sunny warm conditions for and the highest. for the evening hours we will increase the clout. in temperatures will drop back down to around 56 or so for the inland valleys. satellite shows as we have conditions cloudy with no rain. >> james: will pull the maps out just to see if the moisture is confined to our east. that's good news for them. to me to sally in the upper 50s or 60s.
5:49 am
this after nobel warm up. san jose 87 degrees. 88 and sayville 84 and call out to the 86 in redwood city. >> james: brett wood and discovery bay can be 99 degrees sally had a pull off dramatically. oakland and downtown will be 78 with 72 and downtown san francisco and north bay and the wine country you have a sunny skies. and the upper 80s. conditions will hold steady tamara is not a dramatic point but it will be gradual before we get our and the highest back down into the upper 80s. >>: were falling type trend is including this not this city's
5:50 am
and america. the guy and tony bennett are partnering up once again for a whole jazz album. september 23rd will be the release is not the first time the two have collaborated. >>: lady that i promoted saying no tricks know autochromes it's just pure gas. >> stanley:i am about to tell you where you can get a lot of free stuff, just visit castro valley like for instance this lovely slightly used sun bleached couch with a silver brick included >> stanley:or how about this lovely couch outside this day care center according to one of the workers it a new arrival bellso what the difference from free couch and the free couch with the sign, well one is a product of illegal dumping and the other is legally placed there >> stanley:confused yet? good
5:51 am
.let me try to make sense of this >> stanley:you see castro vally is have a slight slight problem with illegal dumping but it's no where near the level of some cities my boss asked me not to say oakland so i won't >> stanley:if you look on the streets you will things like this vacuum cleaner just chilling like it >> stanley:or how about these duel set of flat screen computer monitors looking for a new home but they are not alone next to them a keyboard in a plastic bag what more can you ask for >> stanley:now over here the lovely entertainment center sitting near the curb followed by a box of free stuff but want there is more some of the stuff has price tags >> stanley:what a minute so if i simply place a free sign or a price tag that is no longer considered illegal dumping? slow your roll and check this out >> stanley:just as long as the free stuff is on private property and the neighbors don't object its just that free stuff and can stay there till the cows come home .
5:52 am
>> stanley:however if you place it on the sidewalk like this rug or this town up couch it's now has a new name its called illegal dumping and comes with fines and even jail time >> stanley:now there is yet another form of illegal dumping that often confuses people it's dumping on private property like behind this medical office where look a oxygen tank ok that a first for me >> stanley:but inside the dumpster household trash and yes a couch >> stanley:sometimes illegal dumping is the start of bigger things it's call the broken window theory sometimes the illegal dumping can lead to more serious crimes . that's something to consider >> stanley:in castro valley stanley roberts kron 4 news >> mark:it's been a rough stretch for san francisco on the diamond. >> mark:the giants matched their season long losing streak at six. last night against the pirates. >> mark:top of the 2nd pittsburgh's travis snider goes down the right field line off tim hudson for a 2-run home run that would make it 3-0 pirates.
5:53 am
>> mark:michael morse would get one back in the bottom of the inning he hits a solo home run off francisco liriano. >> mark:but it would be the only run liriano would surrender. >> mark:he strikes out dan uggle in the 7th one of his 11 k's on the night. >> mark:botom 9th last chance for giants >> mark:travis ishikawa brought up game dodgers won so giants 3 games back in the n.l. west. and more bad news for the >> mark:pitcher matt cain will seek a second opinion on his inflamed right elbow from noted >> mark:cain is on the disabled list with bone chips in the elbow. it's the first time he's been his career >> mark:cain who is owed $20 million in each of the next two seasons was 2-7 with a 4.18 era before going on the disabled list. >> darya:acording to reports in san antonio raiders owner mark
5:54 am
davis and two team representatives met with san antonio officials on july 18 regarding the prospect of moving the team to texas >> darya:san antonio is evidently offering the alamodome as a temporary home until a new stadium is built davis declined comment on the report. >> darya:the report said davis told san antonio leaders he prefers "a small, intimate" stadium that he can place "a statue of his father former owner al davis in front of. and >> darya:mark davis has made it clear he does not like the oakland coliseum in it's current state and with the a's there for the forseeable future there is no chance to update it to a modern football-only facility. >> darya: will be right back as it's kfc night. a crime for most morning news
5:55 am
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so the city leaders and the richmond a proof of $1 billion plan to fix the refinery. new charges against pg&e. >>: sadly markets at the bay bridge toll plaza is a bad start to the bay bridge toll plaza.


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