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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 29, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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p-g-and e. now charged with obstructing the investigation. into the 20-10 san bruno pipeline explosion. good evening, i'm pam moore. it is a new chapter in the nightmarish saga for that city. kron 4's alecia reid is live at the site of the blast and firestorm. she spoke to san bruno's mayor today. alecia? alecia>>pg&e has done a lot to help rebuild the community, but the company is facing a slew of new charges, a number of them intentionally violating the pipeline safety act. the u-s attorney is accusing pg& e of obstructing the ntsb investigation that began soon after the san bruno explosion, as well as additional violations of the natural gas pipeline safety act.
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>>the allegation is that they try to cover things up and it's horrific when that happens and people lose their lives because of it. alecia>>the company first provided an outline of how it addressed manufacturing threats on its pipelines, but later retracted the policy, claiming it was produced in error. but investigations show the company was actually operating under that draft between 2009-2011, and not prioritizing old pipelines that ran through residential neighborhoods. pg&e allegedly failed to address threats and did not take appropriate steps to identify the seriousness of them. >> this should've been going on as far as proper record keeping and monitoring utility the proper way and it wasn't. alecia>>further investigations also found that the company had illegal contact with the california public utilities commission. >> the feds have to take a hard look at the cpuc. this is the oversight that should have been provided to the utility and obviously it didn't occur.
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>> pg&e has the key to the backdoor of cpuc. we don't want that to continue. alecia>>pg&e says they have not seen the supeceding indictment, but based on all the evidence the companny has seen to date, the new charges are not warranted. and that wherever there was a mistake, employees were acting in good faith. the city however, is pushing for the stiffest penalty, which is 2.5 billion dollars. >> there's no fine or penalty that's too big for us. eight people lost their lives and we can never bring them back. we never want this to ever happen again anywhere. >>the mayor says the city is also advocating for an independent monitor to oversee the c-p-u-c and pg&e pam > >u-c-l-a is a wet mess tonight. a broken water main spilled millions of gallons across campus.
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the water flowed into an underground parking garage -- trapping people inside. five people had to be rescued. water rushed down the steps outside "pauley pavilion" -- the school's famed basketball arena. inside, the court is saturated with several inches of water. the arena was just renovated two years ago -- for 132- million dollars! grant lodes has more. grant>> we are following a developing story in southern california where the cleanup is on. the water main broke caused enormous flooding on the ucla campus. it was finally shut off around 7 today. the water started gushing out of a whole on sunset boulevard from 330 to about seven. some college kids tried to play in it but it was actually a dangerous situation. > > we had people in the water who got swept from their feet
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and trapped under a car by the current. this is not something we want to go and play and have a good time in the water. there is a lot of debris and the ground has been undermined. it is very very dangerous. > > that l.a. power and water said they had to turn off the brakes slowly to avoid more damage. the pipe carries water from a reservoir in the san fernand of valley. this is a painful sight to see as the state contends with historic drought. social media people started instantly posting fixtures--pictures. you see the water cascading down the steps in, estimated eight to 10 million gal. were released when the pipe broke the. in a tighter city of los angeles
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uses 55 million gal. per day. water service and water quality were not affected by this break and no injuries. but that is 75,000 gal. every minute. > > only on 4: a homeowner catches a prowler on camera. stalking a quiet bay area community. kron 4's justine waldman obtained the video. >>in my mind i am thinking i might have a real problem here justine>>john mcclure was home working in his front yard.when he almost stumbled into real trouble. >> i just happen to be coming back here looking for another part and confronted him coming out of the officef >> i said who are you and what are you doing here? justine>>one of the 5 security camera's around his gibbons drive house shows us what happened right before that interaction. the suspect in a white tshirt and jeans , walks in and starts looking around the backyard. then he heads towards the back office, which was left unlocked. moments later, john walks back
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and catches the suspect standing there. they have a brief, awkward chat. >> and he was pontificating about what he was doing for business and he was looking for my son and i don't have son justine>>john gets the guy to leave and checks his office his computer and important documents look untouched >> that is the spooky part >> so i am a little leary he got something but hopefully nothing too damaging. justine>>to alert his neighbors, john has posted these signs on light poles. warning to use "extreme caution" around the suspect. he is now left on edge thinking. after getting a good look at his property. the suspect might come back. >> every time i hear a noise it is like what is that? justine > > ever since putting
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the suspects pictures on of police space book page, they have had several leads. now we see this man on the video of looking around in local nursing homes in alameda. > > i yelled help and there was nobody around. ...we need to break up.
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a baby salmon shark is back in the water. thanks to a kind- hearted hiker in san francisco. this past sunday, surbhi sarna and her husband. noticed a shark that had washed ashore near sutro baths. she tried pulling the shark back into the shallow water. but that didn't work because the waves were too strong. to save it's life. she decided to grab the shark and swim with
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it into the ocean. onlookers recorded the rescue from the shore. surbhi was careful not to get bitten. limb missing." he had many teeth that were very sharp. he could have taken off a finger. when i released him i quickly pulled back my hands knowing it would hurt if he bought--it me. > > with her hiking clothes still on, serbhi made her way back to shore. she and her husband waited for about an hour, and didn't see the shark re-appear. a bay area beach. covered in thousands of dead jellyfish! and the not-so-family friendly restaurant on the northern california coast. with rules that ban kids. > > coming up we'd tell you more about the. a's in the and a quick hit on the raiders and san antonio coming later. in the later
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> > high clouds are approaching the bay area as we see more tropical moisture with thunderstorms this time
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an elderly woman. robbed and knocked over. at an a-t-m in point richmond. by another woman. the attack. broke the victim's hip. the victim spoke exclusively to our scott rates. in a story you'll see only on 4.
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scott > > this frightening ordeal appeared here at this 8:00 p.m. she. pulled her card and cash at of the atm where she got more than she bargained for. scott >>jean knox now has to use a walker to get around the 87- year-old still recovering nearly three weeks after being robbed at this atm at the mechanics bank in pt. richmond these are surveillance pictures of the alleged robber. mrs. knox says it started here at 6:0oclock in the evening when a woman approached her and offered to help her with her transaction >>"she grabbed my hand and pulled i got a good look at her face and the next thing i knew i was flat on the ground" scott > > she tells me at that point the robber took off got neckar, and drove away. leaving
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her on the ground with a broken hip. that is when she reached into her purse to grab her cell phone to call on 911 but the cellphone had no battery left. in pain with no options left she started running for--screaming for help. a moment came along on a bicycle and offered help. jean asked her to it. call it. >>"i will be more aware of my surroundings." now police are hopinghese pictures will help catch this alleged female robber jean says she has lived in pt. richmond since 1953 and always felt safe but now police are offering a $5,000 for any information that leads to an arrest, mrs. knox tell the doctors told her that because of the broken hip she would have to use the walker and not be able to drive for at least six months jean says she plans on being better in three months. pam>>progress on a wildfire burning in the small town of plymouth. southeast of sacramento.
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that fire is now 80% contained. people who were told to leave their homes. are now returning to see what's left of their properties. the fire started friday. and was caused by a vehicle driving in dry vegetation. 19 -homes and 48 outbuildings have been destroyed. and 38- hundred acres have burned. more than 500 structures are still threatened. meanwhile. about 100- miles away. half dome is still hard to see in yosemite. the fire there started saturday. has burned through more than 3-thousand acres. and forced the evacuation of about 100 homes but.there is some good news. the fire is 34% contained. and about half of the evacuation orders have been lifted. still. 45 homes in the area remain evacuated. the cause of this fire is still unknown. another wildfire scare here in the bay area earlier today. fire crews remain on scene. after controlling a three- alarm grass fire in san jose. officials say, it was triggered by a car fire shortly after 2:30 this afternoon. they say it blackened twelve - acres north of alum rock park, near sierra road.
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no injuries were reported. here at the sheriff's office authorities are crediting the smarts of an 11 year-old girl for the oppressed of the suspected child predator. the 11 year-old girl was walking to make use center on monday when a man in a parked car, pants at his ankles, reached out and grabbed her she. was able to break free, call 911, and run to the youth center for help. he was then arrested and identified a. he was arrested for attempted kidnapping and a variety of sexual assault charges. > > in san francisco over the past year or so, tens of thousands of jellyfish have been washing ashore along ocean beach. the jellyfish have been spotted from the cliff house
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down to the zoo. wildlife experts say there is no need for concern this is quite normal. they congregate in large groups or, clouds, in the see any big swells or waves can wash them ashore. it is unusual to see such a large cloud at one time. > > the owner of a monterey restaurant says if your kids are noisy they cannot command. water.where the owner food for you! if you're a kid who's noisy or otherwise annoying. that's the policy at a monterey's fisherman's wharf. old fisherman's grotto has a sign posted that says no strollers, no high chairs, no booster chairs. and children making noise in the dining room.not allowed. the owner says he does good business and he's not changing his policy just because some
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people think he's a scrooge. the owner says, this policy has been in place for two -years and they've had two signs up since then. > > we are seeing fog return at the coastline with high clouds increasing overnight. you see on the radar that they approach monterey county. we have more high coverage over the coastal waters that will head north into tomorrow. so increasing clouds on the coastline and high cloud coverage, but it will still be hot tomorrow. we have a slight chance of thunderstorms locally but it looks like most of it will stay to the east. looking ahead shows some slight cooling for the weekend. fog tracker shows the fog pouring into the bay for the weekend.--for the morning. we
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will see that star to clear up by noon or we will see the high cloud coverage. into the coverage temperatures in the south bay are running in the '80s with a few in the vote '90s. '90s also through the inland valleys near hundred in pittsburgh and antioch. things are going to start to cool down as we head to the weekend. thursday friday and the weekend show slowly dropping temperatures for a more comfortable temperature in the weekend. pam > > in sports. the a's make one of their classic comebacks in houston. . and the giants try to avoid their sixth straight loss. gary has the highlights. and all the sports. next!
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giants/pirates law enforcement night at at&t park top 2nd/ 1-0 pirates travis snider goes down the right field line off tim hudson for a 2-run home run 3-0 pirates bottom 2nd/ 3-0 pirates michael morse solo home run off francisco liriano his 1st in 39 games at at&t 3-1 pirates
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but liriano was the boss from there he strikes out dan uggle in the 7th 11 k's for liriano botom 9th last chance for giants travis ishikawa brought up today strikes out to end the game mark melancon with his 20th save final: 3-1 pirates giants 6th straight loss 0-for- 5 on this homestand dodgers won so giants 3 games back in the n.l. west posey the bright spot with 3 hits giants pitcher matt cain will seek a second opinion on his inflamed right elbow from noted orthopedist dr. james andrews. cain is on the disabled list with bone chips in the elbow. it's the first time he's been sidelined with arm problems in his career cain who is owed $20 million in each of the next two seasons was 2-7 with a 4.18 era before going on the disabled list if andrews deems the am needs surgery his season is over
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a's/astros a's indoors at minute maid park in houston bottom 7th/ 3-1 astros enrique hernandez doubles of jeff samardzija into the left field corner jon singleton scores 4-1 astros top 9th/ 4-1 astros pinch-hitter alberto callaspo singles the center derek norris and josh reddick score 4-3 astros 3 batters later yoenis cespedes with a bloop job to right josh jaso scores 4- 4 tie next batter brandon moss with a shot to right jed lowrie scores 5-4 a's they scored 2 more in the inning final: 7-4 a's angels lost a's up 2 ½ games in the a.l. west. doolittle: 16th save
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every sunday at 9:00 has the best sunday night sports in the program acording to reports in san antonio raiders owner mark davis and two team representatives met with san antonio officials on july 18 regarding the prospect of moving the oakland team to texas san antonio is evidently offering the alamodome as a temporary home until a new stadium is built davis declined comment on the report. the report said davis told san antonio leaders he prefers "a small, intimate" stadium that he can place "a statue of his father former owner al davis in front of mark davis has made it clear he does not like the oakland coliseum in it's current state and with the a's there for the forseeable future there is no chance to update it to a modern football-only facility venus williams bank of the west classic at stanford she defeated paula kania 6-3, 6-2 to advance to the 2nd round. and will take on the girlfriend of redfu victoria azerenka. thursday sister serena plays tomorrow at 7:00 pm
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the teen held captive for nine months in this storage container. >> abbey. >> she faces down her accused kidnapper in court. >> then wedding video exclusive. the football star who knocked out his fiancee in an elevator. there wedding day. >> we made it. >> beyonce's new single lady pad. is she buying a manhattan penthouse without jay-z. >> plus, he used to look like this. look at him now in gq magazine. >> then, do your duty. >> the book of the be loved author "to kill a mockingbird." she moved in next door to harper lee. >> how did she get the writer to finally break her half century of silence.


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