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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  July 29, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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have just is to grant a video inform me that they are trapped on an elevator. >> reporter: there is no word on what caused the break. you can see the water just shooting down their steps creek just look at it, students have taken the opportunity to make a go for it. remember, that is concrete and not sent to probably not the best idea. students receive text messages from the university to avoid the area. and there is no word on what caused the water main break. we are receiving pictures from twitter. people on campus tweeting images. was the
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steps outside of the pavilion. that is all above the ankle deep near need deep. knee. >> reporter: looks like that is a stairwell. that may be a trash can on the right side of the screen. this is a serious issue. this is terrible time to have water gushing out like this during a drought. they lot of work done to that with construction being done in 2012. these are live images at sunset boulevard near ucla. creating a traffic issue as people are trying to get home. again, that
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walker has made its way onto hughes c l eight campus. it has gotten into the pot pavilion. paul spent pavilion. water up to the wheel well occurred we will follow the developing story this is live with this serious flooding issue in and around the ucla campus. >> pam: a man accused of trying to sexually assault an 11-year-old girl. is in custody this evening. >> pam: tonight -- the san leandro girl is being called a hero. for her courage. fighting off a her alleged attacker >> pam: and running to get help. kron 4's dan kerman is live from the alameda county sheriff's office with the latest. >> reporter: now under
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arrest after allegedly kidnapped and sexually assault and 11 year old corporate share of the official says it happen monday afternoon the 11 year old was walking into the used center when the suspect was see to it and the part car grabbed her. >> he had his the juntos exposed in his pants to his ankles while he grabbed her. >> reporter: she called 911. >> little did we know what some think that that happened to our. >> reporter: he was arrested a short time later. >> she is a hero. >> she obviously did something to ensure safety.
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she also did something to prevent other children in the future for be in danger. >> reporter: for nearly a year she has been taking self-defense class is here taught by the sheriff's deputy. >> i wish she would have never been in that situation and of course i would not want that for any of the used today. on the shelf but i in to learn what i meant to do. >> reporter: was she teaches the girl is that they must respond with force fast and without hesitation as if their lives depended on it. >> pam: anthony wiser has been booked
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a suspect is in custody. after police say a stolen mini-van. ran a red light and crashed into a taxi cab. in san francisco. anthony wiser has been booked on several charges including felony hit-and- run. reckless driving. and running a red light >> pam: police say a woman who was also inside the stolen minivan-- is cooperating with investigators -- she not been charged with any crime. >> pam: the crash happened last night in the tenderoloin neighborhood. the impact of the accident sent the cars onto the sidewalk. where two pedestrians were hit. 6 people were hurt -- one of the pedestrians struck remain in the hospital tonight. >> pam: former san francisco school board president -- keith jackson -- pleaded not guilty to charges that include bribery and racketeering. in the federal corruption case that also indicted suspended state senator leland yee. >> pam: last week, a federal grand jury issued a new indictment that included racketeering. as well as charges of murder-for-hire, and trafficking firearms. >> pam: jackson is also charged with arranging bribes for yee, who will be arraigned thursday. jackson, yee and 28 others are named in the case case. both jackson and yee are out on bail.
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>> pam: but one defendant. raymond "shrimp boy" chow. is still in jail. arrested in april. the reputed san francisco chinatown gang leader. is expected to be arraigned in federal court tomorrow. >> pam: he is also now facing racketeering charges. in addition to money laundering and trafficking in stolen goods. >> pam: chow was previously convicted of racketeering in the mid-90's. >> pam: "a-i-r-b-n-b" >> pam: protestors marched around to bring attention to what they say is a problem that has been exploding alongside the popularity of short term vacation rental
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websites like air b-n-b. >> pam: long term tenants being can be illegally converted into illegal hotels. they say the city isn't doing enough to stop it. kron4's maureen kelly reports that the tenant's advocates are doing more than just demonstrating. they now have the power to take their own legal action against landlords. >> reporter: protesters say these apartments now are being rented out to tourists for big bucks. >> reporter: demonstrators say the units are being used as short-term vacation rentals which are illegal under san francisco wall street they will be following up by filing complaints with the city and then are expected to sue the landlords and 50 buildings at all. >> reporter: the safety stickers will help place to be vacation rentals and visitors on notice. >> i heard the city was
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sowing i would not want to stay there and i would want to be alerted. so you have to a lead the tourist know what is happening >> reporter: they say that they are investigating several other cases. and that is not enough to the mayor says they are proposing legislation which will legalize and regulate the short term amount of vacation rentals. >> this was not their purpose and we want to make sure that does not occur. >> reporter: mort needs to be done to send a message to landlords. >> mellor is need to get smacked with heavy fines and that's well warn other landlords in the future. >> pam: will make you think
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twice before hitting the tanning booth. violence in the middle east escalates. and the most intense air strike. first and dating website plays with love. the controversy experiment tugging at user's heart strings. next >> jacqueline: threat of thunderstorms we will talk about it next. >> pam: we will continue with updates in regards to a major main break near and can be used c l eight camp...we need to break up. is it the biting? cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show. it's cable. customers are more satisfied with u-verse. switch and we can stay together forever. forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years.
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>> reporter:the controversial experiment tugging at user's >> reporter:they didn't sign up for this. >> reporter:the online dating site o-k cupid is facing criticism today after revealing it experimented with its were more compatible with possible dates.than they actually were. >> reporter:but the site's founder says its experiment shows the power of suggestion got users to reach out more often. >> reporter:and when the site bumped up compatiblity numbers.more people responded to possible love connections coming their way. >> reporter:and when the site blurred all profile pictures one day.people had more meaningful conversations, and shared contact details more often. >> reporter:but when the pictures were re-introduced
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the next day.those conversations stopped cold. >> reporter:but lots of people using the o-k cupid.are not ok with the idea they were used as love lab rats. >> reporter:our analytics show that on twitter.the response is more negative.these folks upset they were not told the data was being manipulated. >> reporter:most of the positive sentiment is people re-tweeting news headlines about the topic.plenty of buzz about this topic. >> reporter:we'd love to hear what you think.join the conversation on facebook, twitter.and we're always updating trending abd breking news on >> pam: we continue to follow a breaking news out of southern california in regards to a water main break that has been going on since 330. affecting traffic and nearby buildings at ucla. flooding at the campus area.
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>> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> reporter: sunset of boulevard is where the desert like water in shooting out of the ground about 50 ft. of the street is missing. it is broken. what should what water shooting out of the broken main. the pavilion with the basketball team plays. you can see... what looks like a small stream. their students trapped in an elevator on the ucla campus. pauley pavilion where the basketball team plays. and there is a parking structure that looks like a waterfall.
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no injuries to report so far. some students have been cleared out of that area. flooding at ucla after a walter main break. skin >> pam: the u-s surgeon general is asking americans to stay out of the sun and tanning beds. >> pam: in a new report, he says nearly five million people in the u-s are treated for skin cancer each year. he says there's been a 200 percent jump in the number of deadly skin cancer cases since 1973. >> pam: he recommends state and local officials should do more to help people avoid the sun--like provide more shade at parks. >> pam: he also says colleges should discourage tanning beds on campus. >> pam: the oakland a's are one step closer to finalzing a lease with the o-dot-co coliseum. the alameda county board of supervisors voted to approve >> pam: the agreement today. that would extend the lease for another 10 years. >> pam: now -- the oakland-
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alameda county coliseum joint powers authority has to also approve the lease. the group is set to vote in august. >> pam: the coliseum has hosted the a's since 19-68. >> pam: we are learning more about the criminal complaint against the soccer coach and that of molested one of his under age players. >> reporter:these court documents paint a disturbing picture of 26-year-old jesse schlicker, the livermore resident and strength and conditioning soccer coach who was recently arrested for allegedly committing a lewd act on a female soccer player under the age of 14. >> reporter:in here it states the child accuses schlicker of in appropriate touching during soccer practice. she it happened here at livermore's cabernet sports facility where he worked at the time these incidents were reported back on july 22nd.
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>> reporter: the alleged lewd behavior occured twice. on two back to back days. schlicker is accused putting his hands down the little girl's pants. that specific complaint he denied when he was interviewed by livermore police. however according to this probable cause document schlicker does admit that during a soccer game that it is possible he may have touched her in appropriately. >>"that is unacceptable oh my god i have a 4-year-old" >> reporter:his neighbors here in livermore were shocked to learn of his recent arrest >>"he's a really nice guy always says hi when i am out in front of the yard. it scares me big time, like i said i have a 4-year-old and he means the world to me and i know parents around in this area, they are concerned about it as well" >> reporter:after spending 2-days behind bars jesse schlicker was released on $100,000 bail. schlicker is scheduled to return back here at the alameda county superior court house in pleasanton on august 25th to enter his pleain pleasanton haaziq madyun kron4news
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>> reporter: living here near the yosemite fire of that testing (and some firefighters were moved to a small town and plymouth south east of sacramento where smoking skies and planes are eating through the dry brush. people evacuated from their homes are now waiting anxiously to see when they can return. 38 a. have bryant and more than five contra structures are still threatened today. the good news 80 percent contained one minor injury to report. calls by any vehicle driving in dry vegetation it is still hard to see and yosemite print the estimate to fire about 100 yds away burnt to 3,000
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a. to knight print is a percentage of containment that they are still allowing to burn. >> reporter: about 45 homes in the community and fresco remains evacuate. >> jacqueline: we are seeing a little bit of cloud coverage but not that much portions of the north bay and calls line up including the san mateo coast line print that will be changing as we move into tomorrow. we are in the clear right now with thunderstorms all over the sierra with several lightning strikes the lake tahoe. as we look down to the south bay if we can see the cloud cover moving into the southern part of california and continue to move up to the north and
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cooked the bay area. meanwhile, temperatures are real hot outside. at least for our inland valleys. 90 and antioch and 90 degrees and not pie. have 70's inside the bay but things will cool down and we will take a look at the numbers coming up. >> catherine: the new sanctions are on weapons, finance industries at including the big banks. >> today is the reminder that the united states means what it says. we will rally the international community standing up for the rights and freedom of
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all round of the world. >> catherine: at least 24 civilians and 10 soldiers were killed tuesday and meantime the european union leaders have announced tougher sanctions against russia. >> pam: breaking news coming out of southern california with a major water main break. on the campus of 18 through the water that has been gushing through since 330 this afternoon from a major water main break. one wonders what authorities cannot simply turn off the water. it has also caused a great deal of damage in the area with some people stranded at a number of buildings damaged as well.
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>> reporter: we continue to follow breaking news in southern california with a water main break leaving drivers in their cars stranded. structures at the ucla campus damaged. pish the pictures showing watchers still flowing. water. we will continue to follow this breaking story coming up at 530. >> reporter: also coming up at 530 is an airport skier with a man bringing in illegal item to the airport. >> pam: plus the guys up and why is taking the worst.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> reporter: we continue to follow breaking news in southern california and you are looking at live pictures at walter continuing to gush out a road wide. a water main break caused the road to crumble and the watcher to shoot out of it. as japan to
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the right thing has cause, what it appears to be there forever. alongside the campus of ucla. it has flooded and i let and athletic field. that is the pauley pavilion, look at the watcher with the water gushing down the street. $33 million in renovations just two years ago. so the basketball facility is damaged. uc some officials serving the same print earlier we were in a totally different situation watch him go down the steps. a scam board kind of like a book he bored working on sand now so much on concrete steps where water is flowing down officials made the
5:33 pm
front what to do. >> reporter: the take a look at the live pictures right now. as the officials searched to see what to do. only the grass is now exposed brick three motorists had to be rescued. if you are walking around we have seen people with water. some needy. needy. it's unclear to what caused it certainly significant monetary damages to the ground and some of the building sector is we will continue to follow the story. one other note there was an elevator on campus where students were stuck anchor it people it is to grant follows of he and fellow classmates stuck in that elevator. we are in the middle middle of an historic dropped in water continues
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after to 3 hours gushing out into sublet california road way that is a sunset boulevard. >> pam: a cloud of haze hung over gaza city after the most intense night of destruction yet in the three week old conflict. >> pam: hundreds of thousands of people are now without lights or running water ,,, as both hamas and israel first appeared to accept and then reject a new cease fire. >> pam: catherine heenan is here to gotten even worse. >> catherine: palestinian medical workers say 120 people died as shells rained down on the city of half a million people. >> catherine: one gaza family in eight is now homeless. >> catherine: overnight, a key part of the territory's infrastructure literally went up in smoke. >> catherine: gaza's only
5:35 pm
power plant up in flames after israeli tank shells hit one of three fuel tanks. >> catherine: officials say the damage will take a year to repair. for now most of gaza is without not only lights but water, since there is to electricity to operate the pumps. >> catherine: some hospitals may also be without power. >>there is nothing hamas is doing, whatever it is, that justifies this carnage in gaza. you can see it on your television set. >> catherine: israel says its planes, drones and artillery hit more than 70 targets overnight. >> catherine: they included the hamas television station and the home of the head of its political wing. >>our goal is to free the people of israel from the terror of these rocket attacks coming from gaza and from these tunnel attacks coming from gaza >> catherine: gaza officials say 2=hundred children have died in the past eight years of on again off again conflicts. each side is blaming the other. >> catherine: both sides now seem committed to carrying on with the killing. >> catherine: the images of
5:36 pm
palestinian casualties are on the television. and people are seen this every night. 87 percent of jewish israelis want to continue the campaign. >> reporter:in arizona. >> reporter:a leading neuro- scientist was arrested after he was caught carrying a gun at the airport. police say peter steinmetz went to get a coffee friday morning at sky harbor airport in phoenix. >> reporter:they say he was carrying around a loaded a- r-15 assault rifle. but that itself isn't illegal in that part of the airport-- >> reporter:police say steinmetz got in trouble when he the removed the weapon from his shoulder. >>"it certainly was concerning to other passengers at the airport -- not knowing why this individual was walking around with an assault rifle slung over his arm.""he then began to remove this ar-15 from his shoulder -- and in so doing, pointed the rifle at a female and her daughter." >> reporter:officers
5:37 pm
arrested steinmetz -- who didn't give a reason for bringing the rifle. he faces two counts of disorderly conduct with a weapon. steinnmetz is a director at the barrow neurological institute in phoenix. >> pam: frustrated with slow lines at security? come up with an idea to speed things up.and get paid for it. >> pam: the t-s-a is offering money for ideas on how to get the lines to move faster. >> pam: the tsa will award one prize of at least 5- thousand dollars and others of at least 25-hundred dollars for the best ideas. >> pam: the deadline is august 15th with submissions being accepted online. so far more than 200 ideas have been submitted. >> jacqueline: it was another hot day around the bay area almost reaching the triple digits. 96 out in concord in 95 in
5:38 pm
pleasanton, 91 along with 70's and 80's with the exception to the immediate coast line. you could see some of the low cloud coverage trying to make its way back to the coast. tomorrow, we will see high cloud as well. along with some thunderstorms. that will continue to move towards us tomorrow and will talk more about that with the threat of thunderstorms coming up. >> pam: controversy over labeling meet next
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>> pam: a federal court has ruled that labels on
5:42 pm
packaged meats will be required to say where the animals were born. raised. and slaughtered. >> pam: this includes steaks. ribs. and other cuts of meat. >> pam: the meat industry attempted to block the rules. saying they provide no health benefits to the consumer. >> pam: a federal judge on the case says the government's interest in the labels is substantial. because there is a long history of such disclosures. and a consumer origin. >> reporter: live picture of the water main break. just off the campus of ucla. the water is shooting on to ucla campus and damaging their buildings along with traffic issues. we will continue to follow the development with this story on kron4 at 6:00. >> jacqueline: uc plenty of lighting strikes near lake tahoe. we could see thunderstorm's locally we will have more on that coming up.
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>> catherine: there has been hundreds of that most of them in south africa. and now to help workers are fighting for their lives. >> reporter: >> catherine: american citizens are being affected 40 year old patrick sawyer whose wife and children live in minnesota it died last week of the disease. he had been working as an official in liberia and was about to hit back to u.s. for a visit when he collapsed and the airport. >> does want a better look very and he wanted to play his part in making that happen. >> catherine: another 216 deaths are suspected and thousands are sick of the
5:47 pm
sick from ebola. >> catherine: the texas trained doctor had earlier said his wife and children home but refused to go home himself stating that he was needed. he is now fighting for his life and is terrified. >> this is a deadly disease so symptoms are quite severe. >> catherine: working with d d contamination team. mission organize asians made consider pulling out. >> could see on the horizon where we need to step back and say we need to disable this because we are sold over way around. because we are so overwhelmed. >> catherine: he was praised as a national hero for
5:48 pm
treating the disease in sierra leone. ebola fatal percentage is 60%. >> jacqueline: quite a few of lightning strikes at lake told within the last hour or so. looking at all of the activities concentrated over the sierra. we are seeing light districts over the yosemite as well but only a handful. locally here in the bay area things calmer. but as you look down at the self you could see the cloud cover to moving its way up to the south at impacting california up right now. we will see increase in clouds up there tonight and tomorrow. it was still be hot for wednesday. we will have a full chance of port of lighting of thunderstorms. as we look
5:49 pm
ahead, and cooling and as we head into the weekend more comfortable conditions. relatively clear skies but was still sees boat called coverage for it you also see high cloud coverage come up of around 7:00 in the morning making its cloudy. as we head into the evening hours widespread cloud coverage but really no rain popping up. it looks like the showers will stick to the east of the spirit as we head into thursday morning >> jacqueline: 91 and loss' gatos and campbell. plenty of 90 start of our inland valleys. 95 in pleasanton and 98 and antioch. 70's and 80's inside the bay and same thing for the peninsula. for the north bay mix of '80s and '90s. as look in four to
5:50 pm
the bleak and look for two more comfortable whether patrick much more comfortable for our inland valleys.
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gabe slate tech report >> reporter: you have an entire color will to choose from with 16 different colors to enter the fingertips. it is like painting with a light bulb.
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they have several cool special of fax the chicken do with a light. we live your college dorm days with the law but left sateen. lava lamp setting. you can control all of the bulbs with the remote print >> reporter: with a light easy glow setting for the first hour of your day correct because it is felt e.d. uses one-tenth of the normal hour normal power of an lightbulb. 27 years if you sit for hours attack a day creek four hours a day. they are expensive compared to other lightbulbs the cost $100. gate slate kron4 newsprint >> pam: will have the latest
5:57 pm
live from los angeles with no injuries to report at this time but a lot of damage and to water main break. >> pam: what a zoning proposal is raising eyebrows for home owners in santa clara first door you will see your kron 4.
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the gacyf us aut insurance n bene othem ifou'ra cuent or formermiliry , t anuto surae que and e wh92% ourembe plano st forife. and you're looking at a live picture this as then gone on since 330 this after known for an incredible size of ucla a major water break and-as water everywhere again gone on more than two hours last pitches tonight i am more lots of water
6:00 pm
causing problems in southern california. >>: flooding the athletic fields and this is happening grant >>: the water has been shooting out of sunset boulevard for two and half hours now the water started spreading going everywhere. did you see that car submerged to the will was well and the driver had to be rescued. the water is running in every direction possible. >>: motorists do not know where it is safe you can see crews trying to maintain some type of order. again about a 50 ft. break in the middle of sunset boulevard. if you take a look at some video from earlier he can see there were some students
6:01 pm
that swung the to this area of campus by the athletic field. >>: 50 ft. in the middle of sunset boulevard. and why they shot it's like a geyser shooting up into the air and again the hundreds of thousands of gallons of we don't even know this so much water a week the that live pictures. it looks to be following a river as it winds around that portion of campus. the same a basketball arena if you're familiar with it. motorists had to be rescued and students were stuck in elevators on campus. >>: now you see were on the campus that building and the upper right as we look at these live pictures. a hundred and $33
6:02 pm
million in renovation at three years ago. that leads to a parking garage and then looks like a fountain flowing down there. about an hour ago dozens of students had come merge their. and look at the shirtless do it leading the way their cadillac a bloody bore trying to go down alps. that works on sand not so much for concrete stairs. >>: students got text messages saying avoid the area. when condoled back to the live picture now and see exactly what's happening. 330 is when the main broke and is causing chaos on sunset boulevard. as you can see the water gushing down the steps by the basketball arena and to the ground and in
6:03 pm
no injuries are to report that is the good news. these images are hard to watch wired been wasted. it's unclear how these mains broke. it's not quite as high there as it was on the sunset but look at the ripple effect. >>: crews are putting sandbags trying to prevent water from going and and those guys are walking in water almost up to their needs it submitted cast and its sunny out and you would think it was in the middle of a mind so in looking at all the water there. it's a historic arena and were born to follow this development as of this water main break continues to reach have picked by ucla's campus. >>: as many as zero thousand students can be forced to move
6:04 pm
in the city council passes an audience. some people are complaining about parting with too much noise. the city may take action but the students that are affected are not going down without a fight. >>: this is a eugene that this is my kron 4 story. eugene is a realtor who is speaking out for students to speak who read from them. >>: people would discriminate against those were looking for affordable housing. >>: santa clara is looking for a new ordinance for five or more if not related people which is considered a boardinghouse and a violation of the zoning.
6:05 pm
>>: these kids still need a place to live in another place and may have similar is situations where they have to have a roommate situation but the ordinance would not allow that. >>: is a monstrous five understood as that is against the law that would double his right. >>: this has just ruined some of the experience that you received in college. students will now have to commute or what further and it's just not as safe. >>: the ordinance looks to preserve the but it will hurt students and lower the property values here. >>: the ordinance does not accomplish what they want to do.
6:06 pm
the only thing that they're really going is discriminating against property owners. >>: the students turned out in large numbers on august 4th. >>: a frightening encounter in san leandro on man accused of attacking an 11 year-old girl tonight he is behind bars. the girl fought off the alleged attacker using skills she learned and a defense class. >>: well the officials here at the sheriff's office the credit of the girl for being smart and all the right things in as a result this man is no longer walking the streets. : the incident happened monday afternoon of 10th avenue the living hero was walking to the senate when the suspect seated in a car wreck occurred. he had
6:07 pm
his pants around his ankles and his 10 of those exposed and she pulled was pulled toward him. >>: she called 911 and ran to the use center. based on the description police arrested a 53 year-old marcus in dallas and san leandro. he is now in custody for a sexually charged sexual assault charges. >>: you're fighting for a life you can hesitate years go fast and you go hard. self-defense class is taught at the center the a 11 year-old victim was one of first students. she is very enthusiastic when she came to the class whenever she did anything that was 110%. >>: she always had asphodels always excited.
6:08 pm
>>: the suspect is in jail and at this point there's no pass criminal history on him and alameda county. >>: as we take a live look outside the local cloud coverage is starting to return. the scene say sky's the san mateo bridge is not a cloud in sight. we're still seeing thunderstorms through sierra and the bells ring at lightening strikes. especially near lake tahoe. as with the force the sophomore moisture headed towards us over the coastal waters and will continue to move to the north tonight and tomorrow. >>: we will see a slight chance of it than this sour mainly in
6:09 pm
the south bay. is the '90s and i and then balance. 92 in fairfield in livermore. '80s and the north bay 83 and sunnyvale. as we look i had was to cooler temperatures. tamara is pretty high thursday and friday coulee conditions and during the weekend will continue as well. >>: this unjust and p g n e charged with obstruction to judge this as will the the the test after the break. >>: desperation setting and for those and the war zone. >>: and the san francisco woman headed africa to adopt the sun will live in the same area where the ebola outbreak is claimed the lives.
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>>: pg&e are now being charged with obstructing investigations. a federal grand jury has indicted the company with obstructions. that company is also charged with the addition of face the axe.
6:13 pm
>>: 27 separate accounts of the safe yet. pg&e said they have not seen this and that we get and they believe these charges are not warranted. in related matters san bruno officials look for red and depended investigation to this cozy and best relationship and once the head of the the administration to be fired. >>: keith jackson has pled not guilty. that for the first time charts jackson for racketeering. also against raymond chow's as he was the gang's leader he will be in federal court to mar. >>: coming up next tough talk
6:14 pm
from president obama against russia. >>: find out the target of these new sanctions. last for raiders owner >> mark: davis meeting
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>>: the a's stayed in oakland that they approve tonight. that will extend the lease for the coliseum for the next 10 years. the oakland alameda coliseum joint authority will also approve the lease. colosseum has of the house to the aids center
6:18 pm
1936. >>: they this past showed interest in moving the raiders. he was simply honoring branch as keeping them there. he added that san antonio mayor suggested that he will meet with the modules and town. >> pam: we're still sitting on the storms. satellite read radar pictures show a thunderstorm activities concentrated over lake tahoe. we are in the clear right now but there is more. another threat of thunderstorm activity as we head into tamale you can see as it heads into the
6:19 pm
south as you can see it towards the north had to tamara. the slight chance of thunderstorms and to the evening. it's pretty clear as of tonight we will see costs increase and to 7:00 p.m.. have had to the afternoon tomorrow will seek more high cloud coverage. not been too thick and to head into the evening hours. >>: after 7:00 until 0:00 it will start to get thicker. in the south bay the '80s and '90s of the 87 in san jose 91 in los gatos. also '90s and the inland valleys and near a hundred near and yet in livermore. in san leandro of the '70s and '80s as well as and the peninsula. the be the '80s and, when not in the
6:20 pm
north bay. tamara is still pretty warm and as we head into thursday and friday and retrieval head down. >> pam: restaurant will now be faced with sanctions from the u.s. and canada. president obama announced the sanctions to keep various to the russian economy to try to get the support to be and it from the rebels. obama >>: we are expanding our sanctions to more arrests and the banks. and for financing to the economic situation for rusher. >> pam: you're looking at photos showing the fighting in
6:21 pm
this region. from this was stopped for seen the debris from the airliner shot down. >>: got this on the power plant is in ruins at millions of people have no electricity and little hope to the end of the fighting. >>: without electricity there is no power for power pumps. long lines formed for life's necessities and fight to break out for bread lines. >>: overnight israeli artillery brings out for the third three week war. the moss around tv station and it was used to store arms. >>: the most senior tomas
6:22 pm
political littered leader was not home at the time but the message from israeli is clear. >>: from the on-again off-again that many have died. this little girl says glass writing the autonomy it was so loud and terrifying. >>: you can see this on your television set. our goal is to free the people from these tears coming from gaza. >>: the israelis said they did not deliberately target that got the power plant. >>: coming up next a deadly ebola spread is not stabbing a woman from headed into the danger zone. >>: will hear from the directive is putting a documentary
6:23 pm
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>> pam: is adopting a 14 year- old boy named clive from select the sierra leone. >>: a lot a hand wipes out and 99 percent of germs. will he ask dr. from what i am hearing i know the precautions to take but my son is a world of the precautions many other people aren't. i am fearful and trying to carry as much disinfectant as i can. >> pam: sees not sure how long it would take to get her about
6:27 pm
this side of africa but the long grass should take some of the more he'll be exposed to the bowler. >> pam: a water main break exposing and huge flood on a ucla campus. >> pam: and the city of santa clara take any step to keep the >> pam: and the city of santa woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all.
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funds are limited baand ustring.ough but w, tre's betr wa introducinthe rst-er raidefen sysm. it attacks theugs u se ntro theugsyou n't e... d prents. keeng bs out. the id defen sysm... get e e bu. ra. kis bu dea schnso a fily mpan
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woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. >>: we continue to follow breaking news and selling california that massive flooding and a ucla's campus. in the midst of this story trout water is addressing on hours on the
6:31 pm
ucla campus. this ordeal started at 3:30 p.m.. the water went from sunset boulevard to surrounding streets. and on to ucla staffers. with the basketball team plays and that is the trap at drake stadium. >>: 3 drivers had to be rescued from their vehicles and are no entries to report which is coming and where the heart would is flooded. you see crews there trying to prevent additional damage as they put sandbags there and what continues to cascade into the parking garage. it was a hundred and $23 million in renovation this is not with anyone needs right now.
6:32 pm
>>: here and santa clara micron for story a position is a mounting against the city ordinance. against single family homes against, the students. it comes with a planned about noise and a laid-back parties. they said this discrimination and have now this place hundreds of students. they said that the order in ordinance will also negatively affect property values. >>: in here there are a credit and the smarts of 11 year-old girl for the arrest of a predator. and 11 euro the girl was walking to a youth center when a man in a parked car has passed at is ankles and reach out and grab. she broke free and
6:33 pm
call the 911 and ran to the u.s. senate and shortly after the man was arrested. 53 rosemont been salas was arrested for kidnapping and sexual charges. >>: to murders and today is the latest one happened downtown and the fairmont hotel. that happened around 2:15 a.m. police are still searching for five to six men did not believe it was gang-related and the victim's name cannot be released right now for the wrong toes he was 33 years old. this is san jose's 22nd murder of the year. >>:. alameda county kron 4 has the documents for the child sexual abuse case. and here the 26 you're stuck soccer coach at a his hands down the path of
6:34 pm
this underage female players acclaim he denies. and these same documents he admits to to possibly touching the ground and appropriately at practice. >>: in alameda police i'm looking for prowling suspect. you can see him in the backyard looking around then he spends some time in the back office. the humana found him in the back yard and that the suspect and hold homeowner had a brief conversation before he left the property. the owner is worried that he took important documents and they returned. >>: a bit with this story is a slight chance of thunderstorms. now were in the clear. i've looked for a this out you can see clouds moving towards the coast. want to see cloudier
6:35 pm
conditions tomorrow. the clouds start to increase tomorrow morning. this is 7:00 in the morning we have high cloud coverage and land and into the afternoon hours ec the clout to increase more by the evening turns cloudy due to the coverage of rest. a slight chance of showers and this out of bed but the larger part looks east. >>: 80s and 90s for most of the bay area 72 in a rich man which is the cooler location tomorrow. things aren't cooling down for tomorrow as we head into the weekend a much more comfortable saturday and sunday and land. >> stanley: if you happen to drive in san francisco you see
6:36 pm
the red transit lines all around san francisco. however you can test the redlines at sixth and market street. and it would be hard to get people to follow this. >>: 330 ft. of red zone are ready and stop people are already behaving badly and it. >>: first half to give rid of this driver who blocking the on the line and not transfer the vehicles can use. >>: you have to go around the block you can't just sit here up their a sign about that people on the bike to try to get around your blocking the bike lane. >> stanley: i picked the chance
6:37 pm
of land because if you're not on a bus taxis truck or bicycle you have to turn right when you reach 10 street. >> stanley: this transit land has always been there now that they've decided to call them read. >>: if you want to avoid a moving violation on the market street i suggest you stay out the transit line even if it's for 330 ft.. but rest assured it will be extended some. as it looks like they're rolling out the red carpet it would take more than a prayer to get out of the ticket is the not a bus or taxi. >>: in san francisco >> stanley: roberts kron 4 knew was. >> ...we need to break up.
6:38 pm
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>> pam: anthony why snare fled and a stolen van as officers tried to pull him over they said he struck a pedestrian a taxi ran alike. the bicycle this is still in the hospital tonight with injuries. >> catherine: they cannot believe what angry husband and taxes. today he got into a car and repeatedly smashed into his own home repeatedly. the man knew his wife was hiding in the bathroom he went out of his way to ram into that part of the house. he was arguing with his
6:42 pm
wife he went into his car to do this. the women were shouting for him to stop and he refused. rescue crews had to free the women from the rubble and the management charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. >> pam: 10 the race be moving to san antonio. more when we
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> gary: can you count on both hands you how many times you heard the raiders may be moving. basically he said he would like a new stadium. the city of san antonio as the one horse town with a great basketball team no pro baseball no pro football.
6:46 pm
that offered the alamo dome as a temporary home until a new stadium is built. the story goes he would like a intimate stadium one that he compiled a statute of his father in front of. but the bottom line is the store's got on and on and on. >> mark: davis is not happy at the oakland coliseum. by all concerns and that's all it was as a visit. hello would you like 18 nothing further. >> gary: the dashboard and numerous offenses is suspended for the entire year when not that i have fared in tiny who says his latest deal was marijuana was the second hand
6:47 pm
smoke that's why he failed the drug test results of being suspended for the year. if i was gonna lose seven or $8 million i would have still least try to say secondhand smoke on the set. mri >> pam: no >> gary: he laughed at the story but why not try it you just say 7 million you know why not try it if you get caught in a busted you've got to go down trying. and all the years i've done sports talk radio that the first time someone kept saying urination urination it's upsetting people are you ready.
6:48 pm
>> pam: of care >> gary: the cleveland browns fan who was charged for urinating on the art modell of memorial has been charged. this cleveland fan was angry because more bell took the team and move on to baltimore he never got past that. he can face up to two years in jail and a $500 fine for urinating all the grace of the former owner of the browns. >> gary: not 10 pitcher for the giants had a very rough year. and the end of 2013 was in good either. now you know why. he has
6:49 pm
enflamed right elbow and the giants can arrest him no longer they're sending him to dr. at andrews. usually when you go to him you're talking about a heavy-duty one year away from the game. matt came in due to make 20 meghan dollars for the next two seasons. there you go with the giants troubles at home morris is doing nothing baumgartner at home is a horrible and maybe they can turn around after 22 in nine starts at home. >> gary: the a's are tied 11 in houston and the middle of that gain. the milky cabrera speaking of secondhand smoke he was a busted for performance enhancement drugs. he had a home run last night over the green
6:50 pm
monster and broke the windshield of a fan's car parked outside the park. >> gary: milky and the blue jays won. the lakers went back to get byron scott. they had magic cream abdul-jabbar and byron scott was the very outstanding player during that championship run he is back home. >>: weeks we excited who wish to the foot i'm not a uniform and help you out we thank you for your support for the lakers organization we chose the right-. >> gary: with this a big lecture
6:51 pm
announced that mr. magic is back on the same. bell n.c.a.a. is created a settlement for current and former athletes that suffer brain trauma in their college careers. but none of these guys will receive any money all the money will go to research so if you have ahead, you're out of luck. is your heard you there will be research being done and the n.c.a.a. will pay for it. >> gary: a fly is the theme a celebration was the way out birthday was celebrated. they're part of the broad street above the squad that won the back in the '70s. she had a customized
6:52 pm
fliers and jersey and 01 04 was her name on it. this caserta break down and that tears of joy. helen mows your 104 years old. she loves her fliers. at a hundred and four years ago do not invite me that me stay at home. once you pass 100 you stay at home. >> pam: san francisco's favored by size crime fire coming up. ...we need to break up.
6:53 pm
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6:56 pm
kid. the bat cave phenomenon shows an extraordinary day where a five-year road is battling leukemia and is fascinated about how many people are supported by miles. >>: why was it on that day 2 million people supported him on line. >> pam: his cancer is now in remission and she is half way on his $100 million go to finish this project. >> jacquiline: we have a very slight chance before a thunderstorm and it will start to cool down for the rest of the week. >> pam: complete details coming
6:57 pm
week. >> pam: complete details coming up pehabits of cleang tir dentes wh tohpas, andentes a ver ffert th reateet they're out n tis fternd he suace pores ere cter n gr andultiy. polide isspifice toleanentus day. it'sniqumicrclea foula lls .99%f odor-csingactea an lps ssol stas, cleani it bett wayhanbrhingith that's whyentis recoend ing lide. for a clear, fsher ight denre eryda
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only from xfinity. "the insider," with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> i do deeply regret the role i have played in the incident that night. >> the ray rice suspension fallout. the woman at the center of the abuse allegation. >> i will gain your respect back in due time. >> then clippers star matt barnes. the hunt for his aunt's killer. >> with her throat slashed. >> inside his social media crusade. >> then, forget "batman versus superman." we're inside comic-con's celebrity beefs. >> the most unprofessional dude in the world. >> kiefer versus freddie? kevin smith versus jennifer. >> hey. >> and how this little boy's love for batman turned san francisco into gotham city. >> and -- >> one, two, three, four. >> we're with the stars bringing
7:00 pm
james brown back to life. >> the brown family was just very helpful. ♪ get on up >> now the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/7. it's "the insider" together with yahoo!. the domestic violence case causing a media backlash. the nfl star at the center of it. and the wife who's standing by his side. plus my sit-down with nba clippers star matt barnes. how his social media crusade may have caught an alleged killer. hello, everyone. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm thea andrews. we have a comic-con beef. kiefer sutherland responds to freddie prinze jr.'s war of words. >> but first the words of espn's stephen a. smith that started a firestorm and the woman sportscaster sounding off about those remarks. >> i made what can only amount to the most egregious error of my career. >> i've done this all my life. let's make sure we don't do anything to provoke wrong action. >> in ray rice's case he probably deserves more than the two-game suspension. we also have to make sure that we learn as


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