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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  July 24, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> she had blankets covering the windows. the children were crying. >> reporter: now before a judge on tuesday but the defendant did not enter a plea. >> reporter: her attorneys asked if she could be released on all if cognex and she did not have any previous trouble with the law as it hit two other children to take care of. because >> reporter: of the seriousness of the of this nest and the fact that the car was at 81 degrees and want the office's work with the two children into the casino she walked right past them. >> reporter: in pleasanton kron 4 news. >> catherine: it was just on to say that they san jose
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woman was arraigned on two felony counts of child endangerment for it accused of leaving too young children and the car outside the great casino last month. a man is behind bars tonight >> catherine: on a chase during the morning commute. it began in castro valley - and ended with several damaged cars. >> catherine: officers had been told a car had hit two other vehicles - then took off. >> catherine: the driver was spotted on 880 and a slow chase began.about 25 miles an hour. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc-7. >> catherine: it all ended around 9:00 a-m in oakland.with the man's arrest. >> catherine: more bay area traffic news. the controversial issue of lane splitting - just got more confusing. lane splitting is when a motorcyclist maneuvers around cars in different lanes. >> catherine: as kron four's teresa estacio reports.the c-h-p recently put out some guidelines -- but they're now getting rid of them.
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>> reporter:some people hate it some people think it helps with traffic congestion >>: it is a good idea. but it can be bad , it is all about safety: >> reporter:we are talking about lane splitting where motorcyclist navigate around cars on the freeway. it is legal in california unlike some other states. in an effort to provide tips and safety guidelines about lane splitting the california highway patrol put together a pamphlet on the issue. >> reporter:but just recently they yanked the pamphlet from their offices as well wiped off the tips from the website. why. >> reporter: >> they were guidelines, but some thought they could be interpreted as law, so we pulled them
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>> reporter:some thought it came across as a law, and it wasn't it was a tip sheet, so we tooksome motorists think that is too bad and thougth the tips were helpful. >> they should have left it out there so people are not familiar with lane splitting to be better educated. >> catherine: new court records reveal that the man police shot dead in sunnyvale last month is connected to four dead women. they had been trying to arrest 53-year-old glen griggs in connection to a homocide. it happened when he came out >> catherine: of his house with what looked like a long gun. >> catherine: it turned out to be a bb gun. >> catherine: griggs was suspected of murdering a tenant named molly frank-a- mont, who had disappeared more than a year ago. >> catherine: her body has never been found.
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in a search warrant affidavit.police say three other women died while they were dating the man -- -- between 2003 and 2006. two of the deaths happened in sunnyvale -- and another in tuolumne county. >> catherine: the women had all been homeless at some point - and had alcohol problems. they don't have enough evidence to call griggs a serial killer. >>"statements go" >> catherine: police say griggs was also connected to the murder of 6 year old florida boy back in 1980. the boy was strangled by friend of griggs.and griggs admitted that he helped dig a hole for the body. he was found guilty of being >> catherine: dozens of palestinians are dead and hundreds injured after israeli missiles hit the united nations school where they'd sought refuge from the violence. >> catherine: dozens of palestinians are dead.hundreds more injured. these horrific scenes are
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from the united nations refuge from the violence. >> catherine: the u-n is calling for a full report >>i am not saying that either know that the israeli side had all the the gps coordinates of all of our installations including this school in beit hanoun >> catherine: the israeli defense force says it's investigating. and suggests hamas militants may have been responsible. >>the idf does not target u.n. facilities. we knew there were rockets in u.n. schools. >> catherine: fifty miles to the north, normal at tel aviv's ben gurion airport. u=s carriers are now allowed to land there after the f=a=a lifted its two day ban on flights to israel. >> catherine: the secretary of transportation says he is the nececessary precautions. >> catherine: israel's transportation minister scoffed at american fears.
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>>yair lapid: listen, l.a.x. is ten times more dangerous than the israeli ben gurion airport. wolf: how can you say that? >>yair lapid: because the traffic there is so big >>wolf: but there are no rockets flying around l.a.x. >>yair lapid: there are no rockets flying around the ben gurion airport. >>wolf: there was one landed. >>yair lapid: there was one that landed more than a mile away. listen, the minute we presented the faa with the details and the facts of the matter, they say, okay, you can go back and fly there. it's totally safe to fly to israel, and i recommend it by the way to everyone who wants to come in. >> catherine: happening now. >> catherine: air algeria says one its passenger planes has apparently crashed in north africa. it's believe to be in the area of mali. 116 people were on board -- >> catherine: from 10 different countries. >>the dutch prime minister is sending military police to ukraine to the site of the downed malaysia airlines flight. >> catherine: he says he's sending them not as security--but to look for the remains and personal belongings of victims. >> catherine: it's been a week since all 298 people
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aboard the plane were killed when it was shot down. >> catherine: most of the passengers were dutch citizens. and more military planes with coffins with crash victims landed today in the netherlands. experts say it could take weeks or months to identify all the victims. >> catherine: next month - new equipment will be used in trying to solve the mystery of another malaysian air disaster.what happen to >> catherine: it vanished - with 239 people onboard. >> catherine: starting next month. will be used to search for wreckage. the plane apparently veered off course in march - between kuala lampur and bejing. si >>coming up at 5:15 >> catherine: an update on the bolt fix for the new bay bridge eastern span. >> catherine: then at 5:30. >> catherine: new numbers show the lack of diversity in yet another bay area tech company. >> catherine: and next. >> catherine: if you've ever had backthe medication that doesn't work.
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>> catherine: a new study finds the drug aceta- minophen doesn't actually reduce lower back pain. >> catherine: 16-hundred people were studied.and were given either a placebo or aceta-minophen. >> catherine: researchers say the drug didn't work any better or faster than the placebo. >> catherine: in fact--85% of participants after the study began, no matter which pill they took. >>the researchers suggest that doctors reconsider prescribing the drug as a top pain killer for back pain. >>still ahead. >> catherine: the latest on
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search for more suspects. in the deadly stockton bank robbery and shootout. >> catherine: south bay school apparently set ablaze. bulldog: [yawn]
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>> catherine: developing tonight. >> reporter: there were a lot of good things that came out of this. one thing they shelled and beard tried to give you a example. to read trying those in all of the grain trying goals and up their bows were all of the good boats bolts. listening to listening to the recommendation the committee has conducted all sorts of tests on de-bolts
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on the bad bolts and some of the good bolts. >> the test that we received today is very good news. because, they seem to state that the 1 meet the need to replace an alternative means of keys in place is may be the one thing we just need to do. >> reporter: they are not out of the woods yet. on august 28th and then will receive more recommendations from this committee and see if anything they heard today need to be modified. >> catherine: developing tonight.
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>> catherine: the f-b-i has announced a 20-thousand dollar reward. for the i-d of any involved in last week's deadly stockton bank robbery. that involved a chase, shootout and hostages. >> catherine: two of the roobbers will killed. one suspect is in custody. and police are still looking for the person who drove the criminals. one of the people they took hostage. >> catherine: a married mother of two who was at the bank. was killed in the gun battle. today -- her sister stood with stockton p-d and the f- b-i. to make a plea to the public. >> at this time i am making a plea to everyone out there to step forward with any knowledge and any information that will help bring these criminals down. take our city that! take it back! this our city! take it
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back! >> catherine: more bay area news. a fire broke out a san jose school this morning. kron4's will tran tells us why fire investigators are paying extra close attention. >> reporter: arson investigator actors are on the scene occurred this is some of the damage to the multi-purpose while with that fire starting around by thirty in the morning. neighbors are the ones that called the fire department. not the fire alarm system at the school. firefighters came out within minutes. shooting water down to the school and kept the damage to one section while one unit was doing that, the other what is inside the classroom placing a tarp down over the equipment to make sure state the equipment was safe. >> there is no fire on the
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inside or outside it to my knowledge. >> we do have a summer program currently on capp disparate located on the other part of campus so during summer, and has not been any use of their land. that i am aware of three >> reporter: even though it looks that they will get back to what the soon as the fire department leaves. they will try to fix this multipurpose room before the school year begins. >> jacqueline: a lot warmer. we have a crystal clear skies. this afternoon looking from the golden gate bridge sank think beautiful skies kind of warmth especially away from the coast line. it is 90 and
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santa rosa. we are in the '80s inside the bay and '70s that the coastline. it will stay clear and mild. tonight tomorrow will be even warmer that it is today. it will stay warm this weekend but local down into next week. here is a look at futurecast tomorrow morning quite a mild start. even edging into the seventies through early in the morning. by the new hours it will warm up and a hurry. there are all places that it will be in the '90s at noon. triple digits as well. at the coastline indicating some to the church still in the '70s there. afternoon highs with a prodigious and the south bay 101019, 96 in san jose.
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a lot of traditions for the east bay as well with 1 04 and antioch, 1 02 in walnut creek in pleasanton including livermore. we will hit 94 in san leandro. 79 and ocean beach and north bay to the digits as well. today death valley will be the warmest day practically bay area wide. we will starkly and setter on saturday. we will start cooling on saturday. >> catherine: 30 pilotsnow out of the bay area and in the middle of a race to wisonsin. thisall a part of the hayward air rally's 50th anniversary.
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kron 4's mike pelton shows us what they're judged on and how officials are ensuring they stay safe in the air. >> reporter: there are 30 planes taking part are arriving in oshkosh on sunday. this year rally is 3 days instead of 1 to mark the anniversary. not just be the position. and a veteran pilot tells us is quite difficult. not just percision. >> timing has to be accurate. i should be there at an hour and 42 minutes until you sell. if i tell you such. >> reporter: it is always 8
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concerned they held a safety briefing at the airport. they're all keeping a close eye on the planes as they head out of the bay area. >> catherine: next. >> catherine: a new viral video. that shows a side to homeless people. see. see. hello! i'm a kid. and us kids have an important message for our grown ups. three grams daily of beta-glucan... a soluable fiber from whole grain oat foods like cheerios can help lower cholesterol. and where can you find beta-glucan? in oats. and, they're yummy! i'm going back to being a kid now. thank you!
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>> catherine: changing people ideas about the homeless has gone by row. it's one minute long and features people sharing one fact about themselves that people might be surprised to hear. >> catherine: one person for example, says he had a baseball scholarship. celebrities began sharing it online.and it's had more than a million hits. the people behind it say they wanted everyone to know that being homeless is
5:26 pm
often not a choice. >> catherine: the most recent survey of the homeless in san francisco counted more than 54-hundred people living on the streets. >> catherine: coming up at 5:30. >> catherine: new numbers show the lack of diversity in yet another bay area tech company. >> catherine: then. the apparen racially >> catherine: motivated attack outside a
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: twitter has joined other tech companies. in revealing the demographics of its work force. >> catherine: that's after mounting pressure from minority groups - including jesse jackson's rainbow coalition. >> catherine: twitter's statistics show that it is predominately white and male. >> catherine: 59 percent of employees are white. 29 percent asian. latinos represent only 3 percent. and blacks 2 percent. women represent only 30 percent of the workforce >> catherine: the picture that twitter is painting is consistent with what other large silicon valley companies have already reported -- in short. the tech industry is dominated by white men. >> catherine: in a blog post. twitter acknowledged the value of a diverse workforce. saying the company goal is to reach every person on the plant. >> catherine: and that the goal is more attainable with
5:30 pm
a team that understands and represents different cultures and backgrounds >> catherine: kron 4 analyst michael yaki is here tonight to help put these numbers in persective. >> catherine: diversity issuses are not new to you. you sit on the u.s.commission for civil rights. and we just celebrated the 50th anniversary of the civil rights act. that seeks to insure equality in our country. >> catherine: michael -- is there any surprise in twitter's diversity report? the numbers on ethnicity and gender are nearly identical to yahoo, google, facebook and linked in... >> reporter: it took some time to see some results >> maybe not very attractive but it is a challenge. it should be reviewed as a challenge and not a problem. they shall want to be and this industry and how the company approaches rather or not they believed it as irresponsible and growing company.
5:31 pm
>> catherine: i know google was the first one to get this one going. they understood that there was not enough african-americans or women in this industry within this company. >> minorities especially are having a hard time to intervene mathematics and science curriculum in college. >> that is where you need to begin in regards to getting people in the pipeline is in high school especially for women. it is also a recruitment issue because there is a perception and of who is received in our courtrooms. culture
5:32 pm
>> did we get here? you have to look at your own work force. how did we get here? that is part of it a deep self examination. >> catherine: they have been trying to do this for years. are theyprogress or not really? >> as a percentage wise over 25 years making this a priority is still 88 to 90 percent white and 70 percent male. >> catherine: really? >> yes. but they have to be smart about how they do it. they are trying to change things. >> need to make you need to
5:33 pm
look at plastic everyone is looking for. apple >> catherine: a woman has been attacked outside a long beach trader joe's store -- over what she was wearing. >> catherine: police are calling it a hate crime. carolyn costello explains. >>"it is a symbol of modesty." >> reporter:marwa abdelghani, a muslim woman living in southern california, explains the spiritual reason, she wears a hijab.a head scarf to cover her hair and neck. >>"it is meant for women to be looked at on the basis of what's inside, their intellect, their personality instead of on their physical attraction." >> reporter:three weeks ago, a woman of the same faith, wearing a hijab was attacked while loading her car with groceries at this trader joe's in the 4000 block of atlantic avenue in long beach. >>"the suspect cursed at the victim while referring to the cover as a hijab indicating he had some
5:34 pm
knowledge of muslim culture." >> reporter:a man described as white and in his 30s was motivated by hate according to long beach police, when he ripped the scarf off the woman's head, choking, scratching, and cutting her neck. >> >> reporter:the president of the muslim public affairs council in los angeles told reporters today that the victim and her family fled violence and persecution in iraq 8 years >>"they decided that they wanted to come to america because of the freedoms, and they would tell their families back in iraq, you can have women, muslim women in headscarfs and orthodox jewish women in headscarfs, and they're walking down the same street." >> reporter:that sentiment was echoed today by rivka levy. a jewish woman outside the trader joe's where the attack occurred. >>"it makes you lose your sense of freedom, to live in a country that's suppose to accept all types of cultures and religion, i have never felt that way living in america at all, so i'm quite surprised at what happened here."
5:35 pm
>> reporter:that was carolyn costello reporting. >> jacqueline: we were up 10 to 15 degrees today from what we saw yesterday. 94 and now but and santa rosa what 90 in redwood city and 80 inside the bay. it's pretty much worn everywhere. '60s and '70s to start the day and by noon temperature soaring into the '90s. by the 3:00 hour we would even hit the triple digits. taking a look and breaking down the temperatures in just a bit. >> catherine: while almost everybody probably takes time at work to play with a smart phone now and
5:36 pm
then -- maybe play a quick game.or text a friend. it's not necessarily true that it's zapping productivity. >> catherine: in fact a new study tells us something very different. >> catherine: it can be easy to stray from work when you have a smartphone. but a new study suggests you might not have to sneak around with your phone anymore. >> catherine: kansas state university researchers tested 72 full time workers. saying they spent an average of 22 minutes doing some random on their smart phones. >> catherine: the key -- the breaks were done in short spurts. >> catherine: researchers called them "smart phone micro-breaks".and say that workers who did this were happier at the end of their workday. >> catherine: and that while it might seem like a distraction, a smartphone might help productivity because workers are more refreshed and less stressed when they can briefly talk with family members or play a short game during the day. >> catherine: a few other ways to reduce stress recommended by experts. exercise. even if it's a quick walk during a lunch helps you stay focused.
5:37 pm
>> catherine: make sure to eat well and get enough sleep.basic, but critical advice. and chatting with co-workers or taking a coffee break can also help reduce your work day stress. >> catherine: moss third that may be looking inside to past terrorist the growing eyed monster that may be looking inside your past. bulldog: it's true! i am a bundle of talent!
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helping dogs help people. >> catherine: jacqueline is
5:41 pm
laughing. responded by pushing and try to get between the owner and to 08 it did not work with random objects only some think that look like another dog. research's think that this shows jealousies and protecting their bond and warning off outsiders. i know. its cute. >> jacqueline: you thought today was hot wait until tomorrow with a triple digit numbers.
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>> catherine: another painfully drawn-out execution has re-ignited controversy over lethal injections. some witnesses describe a man gasping for air as he was put to death in arizona yesterday. >> catherine: andrew spencer reports that arizona's governor is now calling for an investigation. >>"it was tough for everybody in that room. at a certain point, you wondered if he was ever going to
5:45 pm
die." learn >> reporter:joseph wood: convicted of murder and sentenced to death, put to death in a process which took nearly two hours >>"he was gasping for air. he was struggling to breathe. he was moving up on the restraints." >>"to watch a man lay there for an hour and 40 minutes gulping air, i can liken it to, if you catch a fish and throw it on the shore, the way the fish opens and closes its mouth." >> reporter:the department of corrections says wood was unconscious the entire time. >> reporter:wood was convicted of the 1989 killings of his estranged girlfriend and her father. he received no sympathy, wednesday, from a relative of his victims. >>"everybody here, from what i heard, said it was excruciating. you don't know what excruciating is. what's excruciating is seeing your dad laying there in a pool of blood, seeing your sister laying there in a pool of blood. this man deserved it." >> reporter:a similarly drawn-out execution in
5:46 pm
oklahoma, this year, raised concerns about the drugs now used in lethal countries refusing to export sodium thiopental to the united states for use in executions. >>"the two drugs worked, he eventually died, but i can't imagine this is what the criminal justice system had with this new two-drug protocol." >> reporter:wood's lawyer says wood was concerned the department of corrections would be experimenting on him. a relative of his victims takes issue with that entire conversation. >>"well, why didn't we give him a bullet?" >> reporter:i'm andrew spencer, reporting >> jacqueline: 95 and antioch livermore and fairfield. 92 and santa rosa and 93 in san rafael just lots of '90s and the bay area. so here is the
5:47 pm
change for the last 24 hours, anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees difference. it was 11 degrees and more warmer and santa rosa and richmond. as to look outside at this hour were seen temperature still pretty toasty and the '90s for inland valleys, concord in santa rosa are all in the '90s. this is san francisco airport with a 79 degrees at this hour. mckean tonight it would be quite all through today and tomorrow with 60 starting the day. '90s than triple digits for the most part tomorrow afternoon. >> jacqueline: coastline will be in the upper 70's and low 80s. 82 in half moon bay and the city creek this may not seem likely warm
5:48 pm
weather but you may want to hand over his head over to the coastline. 94 in san mateo, woodlawn numbers and east bay shore warm temperatures as well. 95 in union city in fremont plus the inland valleys but all of the triple digits tomorrow with 1 04 in antioch, 105 and redwood, won 02 and one that creek in san ramon plus the same thing and livermore and pleasanton. 1 02 in morgan hill and 11 and lost battles. 99 in campbell and the north of the spot very toasty to mount with 100 and sonoma and san rafael, and santa rosa. as we look ahead
5:49 pm
into the weekend it will get cooler saturday and sunday. 97 inland and will continue the slight cooling trend earlier next week. >> reporter: >> revenue is up with 300 + dollars and earnings in the expectations. march's increase. stocks are hitting the all-time high doubling the ipo price. 63 percent of their users' daily using on a mobile device every day with 12 million messages instantly. they are doing things just
5:50 pm
perfectly. as facebook. >> five years ago you would have been deadlocked. i would have said i would never buy an airline now is united or american or southwest... jet blew they are all profitable. and having a record year streethe ae doing a great logistics' shop creek still have to deal with fuel prices in a fickle consumers. >> reporter: will apple the amount in the future? a round in the future >> he came out and said this i know i need to know where they will be at in
5:51 pm
five to 10 years? he is bashing apple for it 15 to 20 years did you think sony would lose de walkman. so he has a point. the charges do not now. i do think apple could be around for to 15 years. >> reporter: people behaving badly i will explain in than next edition coming up at 8:00 >> reporter: invention is getting a lot of buzz. so simple and brilliant. gabe slate after the break
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gabe slate tech report >> reporter: a new invention created by a local entrepreneur work. so simple and so brilliant you can use it for a lot of things i am using that for a diet device to help me with my addiction to oreo many cookies. >> it is to help you avoid job food and other temptations. junk food >> replace the item in the state spent set the timer and but tend to activate want is locked that is it. >> reporter: we all have our vices creek smoking, technology etc..
5:56 pm
>> reporter: after the five second countdown that is it is locked and will not open until the unit on locks. once it is like that is it accurate it is released thirty and you would have to really work at it. great tool for children. locking away their device while they are doing their homework. the kitchen saved will be in stores soon. you can buy online right now it costs $50. >> reporter: gabe slate kron 4 news. >> catherine: visitors have been seen going to ri green
5:57 pm
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5:59 pm
. cathrine>>:a murder suspect shot dead by sunnyvale police last month is being connected to four dead women. cathrine>>:glen griggs was about to be arrested on suspicion of homicide when he was spotted with what turned out to be a b-b gun. cathrine>>:police shot him and he died tonight kron4's maureen kelly has obtained the search warrant which shows some disturbing similarities >>: this is a short war affidavit were fully the reason why they had to arrest breaks and gillette. molly from my has been missing the more than a year her body has not been recovered.
6:00 pm
police said around that year she said texas explaining breaks behavior. when they interview breaks he claimed to were dating and often came back to visit 10. they set up and surveillance from hong and never saw any evidence start of mali. bell similar to my way there other women next the brakes. there were other women and will involve with and abused our fault. >>: her cause of death is unknown. >>: her cause the death has determined to be acute ethanol poisoning. when grace was living and the tiny his girlfriend of a lane had died. at the time
6:01 pm
it was called natural causes the but her blood alcohol was >>: i don't think he is capable of murder but if he was drinking it could have had said. police said there are still actively investigating the case is in hopes someone will come forward and the investigation to give close it to the family. >>: then please tell that the four mannose using counterfeit money as you can see surveillance he's walking into a pharmacy. cathrine>>: he tried to spend a counterfeit $100 bill police
6:02 pm
cathrine>>: the park and recreation commission voted in favor of a supplement to pristine family the board of supervisors will make a final decision on that the man accused of running the woman over as you see as much at has been charged for vehicular manslaughter. >>: the rest that the bay bridge and bolts has been ongoing problem. listen to some recommendation of how to get the problem fixed. scott did they come up with anything? >>: about an hour ago it was a long meeting is one of the things that came out of it. they're recommending to the total authority all these little green and rectangles
6:03 pm
on all the good folks. they passed the test. these two down here felt the test and this is exactly what everybody wanted to see. in that meeting this afternoon they listened to recommendation of the oversight committee. the >>: did test the bold steps the riots and the deadbolts as well. today after the meeting i spoke and tax them what they thought of the committee's recommendation. be we need to replace the bolts that sell and that may be all we need to do in the foreseeable future. we do need to keep an eye on these
6:04 pm
folks no matter what. but we may not need to do any of the other expenses remediation strategist. the >>: that this is definitely good news. were going to have to continue the workouts here and there's a lot of testing to do. again with the committee on august 28th they need to further involve that change again that's all this play. . cathrine>>: the plane that was missing has been found near of the village and mali. they have found human remains and the scattered wreckage. nearly half the
6:05 pm
people on board this plan were french. cathrine>>: the flights have been grounded after a rocket landed a mile from the runway earlier this week. cathrine>>: the faa has lifted is today a ban on flights to israel. >>: we are satisfied that additional steps are being taken. cathrine>>: 50 mi. to the south . cathrine>>: more than a dozen civilian bombings of united nation's schools work when they sit sought refuge from-the pilots. >>: i'm not saying that i find them responsible i'm
6:06 pm
saying the israeli side has all the quarter and its. cathrine>>: is the rally defense force says it's investigating said as against the damage that may have been caused by rocket misfires. cathrine>>: german astronaut took a powerful photo from space showing explosions over a gauze and israel. and he pleaded with the caption in my satisfied yet. cathrine>>: the doctor apparently fired at that and again today in his office this afternoon. he opened fire police say and site wellness center inside fits error and darby outside philadelphia.
6:07 pm
cathrine>>: the doctor was badly injured. details on the rest of the one man leaving her children and a hot car. and more to, on tainted fruit. bell a few bottles hot out there today wait until you see how hot it will be to market will be in trouble digits.
6:08 pm
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cathrine>>: authorites have not identified the alleged cathrine>>:lake temescal in oakland is cathrine>>:officials say the blue-green cathrine>>: last week after tests cathrine>>: showed levels above safety in recent memory. levels of the toxin micro- cathrine>>: cathrine>>: convention opened it's doors to fans today. kick-offing four days of festivites in cathrine>>:some pop-culture finatics a chance to attend todays cathrine>>:"game of thrones" and "the walking dead" are expected to be major draws. as are panels from warner brothers cathrine>>:benedict cumberbatch of the popular bbc's sherlock also made his comic-con debut.
6:11 pm
cathrine>>:the festival celebraes movies.comic cathrine>>:a hundred- fifty thousand fans are expected to attend the sold-out event. cathrine>>:event organizers have banned google glass at any panels and screenings during cathrine>>: on its official website -- they say that they consider google glass to be in the same cathrine>>:category as a smart phone or cathrine>>:an oakland woman accused of leaving her children inside a car.while cathrine>>:she gambled at a casino was [ shelly ] as a gradua of devry university
6:12 pm
6:13 pm
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cathrine>>: the fbi has announced that after an hour
6:15 pm
of police chase two drivers were killed and one survived and won arrested he's been. one of the house is the mother of two died and one of the students. at this time on making a plea before anyone to step forward with any knowledge that will bring these criminals down. let's take our city back. this is our city this take it back. cathrine>>: see was 41 police you please release 2 is used as human shields. cathrine>>: there is a
6:16 pm
chance the backup runout a significant one after a brush fire that flared up at 330 this afternoon. fire is out the driver's having more and that there are some world closes and that area. cathrine>>:you're looking at a photo of the woman. and the car that investigators say the children were in. cathrine>>: is here to talk about what happened in court and you >>: sue is in court today and under a plea to the attorney asks if the bell be waived. we will get to that. first let's talk about a few revelations that was in court documents. was the defendant told the police what really happened. temperatures were at 81
6:17 pm
degrees echelon across the street to gamble. bebeshe made no attempt to contact them and when she was later confronted by police officers she said she was on the way for five minutes and she went to use the bathroom. later she changed the story to say she lost track of time. as you that several different tables for more than 25 minutes and at no time to see the to the bathroom. b >>: the way she walked right past officers of the judge has left bell at a hundred thousand dollars the two young children remain in protective custody.
6:18 pm
cathrine>>: those were really young children with this california laws say about that? >>: best of the more serious infractions but if you have children left in the car under seven years old. no one swell for over is keeping an eye on them. the keys were left in the car of the engine is left running or at high heat or cold temperatures officers are mandated to issue a fine of at least $500. in this case he had the bigger charge of child endangerment. cathrine>>: the c-h-p has decided to get guidelines for 'lane- cathrine>>:that's when motorcyclists maneuver between lanes of moving traffic.and cathrine>>:but state
6:19 pm
officials were reportedly concerned that the guidelines they cathrine>>:created could be cathrine>>:some motorists think that it's too bad and thought the tips were helpful. >>: this shuttle blasted out there so when people aren't familiar can be educatedto be educated." cathrine>>:california is the only state cathrine>>:students won't be much affected by a fire at a south san jose school this morning. cathrine>>:it was contained to one classroom at caroline davis intermediate school. cathrine>>:the fire began this morning around 5:30 at the middle cathrine>>:space of a multi- purpose cathrine>>:students who used the room will continue. cathrine>>: cathrine>>:that school is on edenview east. jacquiline>>: today we were
6:20 pm
to to 10 degrees warmer we hit the '90s and land that the in livermore and we're also in the '90s and the north bay and portion of the south bay. for the one even more tomorrow. >>: '90s and that the san jose 78 in oakland. overnight it will stay clear in my set '60s and '70s to start the day tomorrow. as we move into hours to mark temperatures will soar into the 80s and 90s. then will be in the tradition by 3:00 p.m.. it will be really hot out there tomorrow. a degree readings a half moon bay and davis city and san francisco 94 in san mattel and 97 in regular series. bell 86 at berkeley and make 84 and berkeley and san
6:21 pm
leandro. this health and comparison of the chair prodigious that will see to mark and the in the valley. all the strength of digit readings one of foreign ennead one of two in pleasanton and livermore. 90s and privileges for the south bay to march 1st of 2 in morgan hill 1 no one in los gatos. and 94 in mountain view and the same for the not very. >>: jacquiline>>: as we look ahead to the weekend it would get a local lawyer senate will see a little befall them that help close down more. as we head into next week we will start and 10 which is running into '90s. cathrine>>: authorities in santa cruz looking for a car burglar.
6:22 pm
cathrine>>: 13 road always want to ride on the bark but his medical condition is met that difficult. cathrine>>: to make it possible for austin saw his friends make this happen. >>: alston family says he really love this and says it's the day he would never forget. cathrine>>: some apple employees are now selling the company and the trauma surrounding down and selling sterling seems to be wrapping up.
6:23 pm
television announcer: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale $197 mattress sale is ending soon. bulldog: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: right now, you can get a serta mattress, any size, for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set. bulldog: any size mattress - twin, full, queen, or king - for one low price! and they'll deliver it free. television announcer: the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: ending soon. ♪ mattress discounters
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6:25 pm
cathrine>>:some apple employees are suing the company over labor cathrine>>:they claim they were denied meal breaks and rest periods -- in violation
6:26 pm
of cathrine>>:their attorneys say that more than 20- thousand current or former apple employees have been cathrine>>:and say those workers range from the retail -- to the corporate level. cathrine>>:apple declined to comment. see themmore stores are recalling fruit because of a listeria warning. cathrine>>:costco, kroger, and walmart stores have been added to the list-- the recall affects stone fruit - including peaches, cathrine>>:they were all packaged by wawona packing company, near fresno. cathrine>>: cathrine>>: cathrine>>:symptoms of listeria include stomach problems. >>: children and hot cars a
6:27 pm
bay area woman is in trouble and in court for that today. and some people risk their lives trying to cross the street. jacquiline>>: we have sunny skies and warm temperatures but we will see warmer temperatures to mom. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually.
6:28 pm
this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
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6:30 pm
>>: the woman accused of leaving her young children and i hot car wash you want to gamble is back in court. selling yet to not enter a plea heard the attorney asks if the bell be waived and she be released because she has no from of history. the drug thi to return to court nex
6:31 pm
brow >>: this virus that is around 430 in the morning. but not before it did damage to the multipurpose room. the debate this building should of been vacant throughout the summer months. the superintendent says he should there to rebuild the classroom and saw the beginning of the school year august 18th. >>: another big story lane splitting somewhat of a controversial move that some motorcycle as the summer around cars during traffic conditions. the california highway patrol put together a pamphlet to clear up confusion about lane splitting. lane splitting is legal in california but illegal in all this state now kids can
6:32 pm
misinterpret these laws and removing the pamphlets from the chp officers. bel >>: the man police shot dead is connected to four-one man. she disappeared more than a year ago breaks had freed of their girlfriends to die between 2003 and 2006 all four cases connected to grace and all women who were homeless or abuse out all. >>: it looks like a old
6:33 pm
west thing possible attraction but inside it's all too real chamber of horrors john for his passion for halloween party wrote 10 is there has created the original hot to house. new line >>: it's a natural thing to try as a hobby. is to just know how things work. you can see more on this might story tonight. >>: the first day of football's where were is the new year to start a new year in football. it's like a bird said. for family reunion or reverse or come
6:34 pm
in and out of the warm. were very polite and stovall. bell to be jacquiline>>: temperatures are in the '70s as we head into tomorrow it's going to be even warmer it will be 82 and half moon bay and 84 in san francisco. 94 in san mateo 8797 site the day 88 in oakland 90 in castro valley that is in fremont. it's fun to be really hot and land. almost all 1 01 and danville 102 in the pleasanton and livermore. in the south it would be a '90s and triple digits and 96 in san jose. same thing for the no. very well be a
6:35 pm
hundred degrees and sonoma and 98 and some loan valley. jacquiline>>: will still stay and to the 90's until early next week. stanley>>: the dangerous intersection where people risk their street. >>: people are having a difficult time crossing this crosswalk. stanley>>: in walnut creek pedestrians stanley>>:people are having a difficult time trying to crosswalk stanley>>: stanley>>:we are finding that we need to wait a minuite of two to crossand even put our hands up just to make these cars stop stanley>>:i am at the intersection of cole in the city of walnut creek and watch want happens cross stanley>>:about 11 drivers failed to stop for her although its clear she wants to cross the street but watch this
6:36 pm
stanley>>:she had to stop because ye4t another driver failed to stanley>>:in fact as numerous people attemop to cross this street in the marked crosswalk drivers are not stopping, stanley>>:now i'm not saying it's every driver because some law stanley>>: >>:i ride a bike to work a lot i was coming across i stopped in the middle here to let the cars go one guy stops says go ahead and i was go to go three cars ran into each other right in stanley>>:state law requires that when a pedestrian enters into a marked or unmarked crosswalk driver are requied to yield for pedestrians stanley>>:so basically that means the pedestrian owns the intersection until they safely make it to the sidewalk stanley>>:now if the pedestrian stanley>>:leaves the crosswalk or steps up on the devided stanley>>: highway they in effect have way stanley>>:now according to people in the area around 4pm is the magic hour for the most violations . i have a feeling i'll be back here
6:37 pm
with walknut creek police in the future stanley>>:in walnut creek stanley cathrine>>:still ahead. cathrine>>:the local judge pushing for cathrine>>:the punishment he wants we love this kitchen! what's next? great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you.
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yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price.
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woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. cathrine>>:a san francisco judge wants cathrine>>:9th circuit court of appeals judge alex kozinski calls lethal injection a quote "dishonest attempt to disguise the brutal nature cathrine>>:this comes just one day cathrine>>:he gasped for breath for 90 cathrine>>:kozinsky says properly trained firing squads are a way to execute an inmate and avoid complications surrounding lethal injection.
6:41 pm
cathrine>>:the bizarre clippers court case is winding down. cathrine>>:closing arguments begin monday. cathrine>>:donald sterling is trying to block a deal between the sterling family trust and former microsoft ceo steve balmer, to buy the team for cathrine>>:the nba banned sterling for life and fined him 2-point-5 million dollars for racially charged comments that went cathrine>>:sterling has vowed to never sell and battle the nba until his death. cathrine>>:if he wins, the nba will cathrine>>:if shelly sterling wins, the sale to ballmer will move and sports a 49 this has a unique takes on the 49 this future.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
gary>>:oakland coliseum 10 year lease with a 2 year out
6:45 pm
gary>>:john donaldson singles to right off scott feldman josh still bottom 3rd 2-0 a's gary>>:derek norris rbi single to bottom 6th/ 4-1 a's bases loaded gary>>:brandon moss deep to right-center off anthony bass it keep goijng and finaaly just over the fence for a grand a lot of gas if asked if loss who lost his they would not know he is but there are really delivering gary>>:wp: jeff samrdzija lead angels who play tonight by 2 ½ games in the a.l. west gary>>: jim johnson of 10 in million dollars. he had more
6:46 pm
than 100 safe. but the a's they just bound. all you can do to get sports out and jim johnson has been terrible. gary>>: the level them which means if no one picks you up they just show you the door. gary>>: hunter pence resuscitating the phillie phanatic gary>>:tin hudson strikes out marlon byrd swinging top 5th gary>>:cole hamels strikes out hunter pence swinging pence struck out 3 times bottom 5th/ 1-1 tie gary>>:chase utley singles off hudson ben revere scores
6:47 pm
2-1 phillies top 9th/ 2-1 phillies gary>>:jonathan papelbon who was booed off the mound after bad outings the last two games gets gregor blanco to fly out for his 24th save final: 2-1 phillies gary>>:giants 3-game win streak snapped but finish a 5-2 series against the dodgers starting tomorrow night at at&t park they lead idle l.a. by 1 ½ games the forty-niners yesterday's report. gary>>: the big news is that burned and davis showed up.
6:48 pm
gary>>: you know what i just love playing football said davis. bell any time i'm away from these guys i'm hurting. bel bell a match your and the comfort of the off season. it's like a warm your very warm is very cozy and the off season and then you're born into somewhat of the unknown and people of the comanche and its excitement and bright and doors in an it's a crazy world of football.
6:49 pm
gary>>: will if you graduate from high school uni one here all that. cathrine>>: really about the war analogy?. gary>>: i know just show up that said i'm all for a guy with a good sense of humor and but i don't like people who just preach and jam it does that sometimes. cathrine>>: that's kinda what i thought. gary>>: you know the main it's just bell treat cathrine>>: navy's
6:50 pm
listening or maybe he's not. gary>>: gilmore from harbaugh talking on sunday night as the best sunday night show and the market with the adjacent applebaum and company. gary>>: alden smith did it received a good information in court room so they can discuss his all field problems. despite his problems smith says he's been sober and selling better than ever. bel i'm in the best shape and i'm feeling better. gary>>: the finishing
6:51 pm
touches are being put on the stadium the first football game is august 17th when they play the denver broncos and an exhibition game and the regular season is against the chicago bears. the j. hayden has been adopted by physical problems at will miss four to eight weeks and the raiders' training camp. gary>>: marsh time lynch is the guy with of the mouth variety with the velvet ropes around it and he's now and a holdout and now he is good. he definitely wants more money but he may just not want to take any pounding during the exhibition season.
6:52 pm
gary>>: i would bet on him coming back defending the super bowl as attained. cathrine>>: to the big screen.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
cathrine>>:queen elizabeth isn't known for selfies, but she doesn't mind photo-bombing. cathrine>>:an australian teenager snapped this photo with a team mate in glasgow. see the queen with a big smile. cathrine>>:the boy tweeted -- "the queen photo-bombed our selfie" cathrine>>:the photo has gone viral. the teenager says this was cathrine>>:the first trailer for the new "50 shades of grey" movie is out, take a look. >>:he was polite.really intimidating
6:56 pm
cathrine>>:of course this is taken from the smash hit string of books cathrine>>: johnson start. cathrine>>:"fifty shades of grey" arrives in theaters february 13-th. cathrine>>:you can catch more on this cathrine>>:followed by entertainment tonight at 7- 30.right here cathrine>>:that's it for the kron 4 news at 6. jacquiline>>: we don't really see '80s at the coast it will be 96 inside the day and triple digits for the hottest day saturday. it's still pretty toasty. we will see the 90's and late monday's and tuesday's. cathrine>>: need s.a. go to the beach.
6:57 pm
cathrine>>:stay connected bulldog: bulldog: oooh! mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: get a serta mattress, any size, for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set. the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: ending soon. ♪ mattress discounters
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"the insider," with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> shia, how are you doing? how has brad pitt helped you? >> is brad pitt pushing labeouf's outpatient treatment? we look back at shia's downward spiral. >> if he screws this up, hollywood may wash its hands of him. >> and finally -- >> my tastes are very singular. you wouldn't understand. >> inside the red room of pain. the new "fifty shades" scene with the next -- >> then -- ♪ yelling timber >> i've received some pretty hateful things. >> kesha's eating disorder and rehab as we go inside celebrity fat shaming. ♪ i was born this way >> why stars are bullied for their curves. >> i was famous for gaining ten pounds. >> kiss my fat [ bleep ]. >> and -- >> all the craziness from comic-con. >> and michael yo versus mariah. >> don't be upset because i left you for mariah. >> you did. you --
7:00 pm
>> i'll leave you every time for mariah. >> now the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/7. it's "the insider" together with yahoo!. the race is over. our breakdown of "fifty shades of grey," whips and all. then from fifty to fat shaming. lady gaga lashes out at her critics. hi, everyone. welcome to "the insider." i'm thea andrews. >> and i'm keltie knight. also tonight "big brother" fans are shocked as the show breaks the fourth wall. >> but first kevin frazier is carrying the kickoff of the annual comic-con convention in san diego. that's where he joins us now. >> something tells me as little girls, thea and keltie, you two loved to play dressup. that's why i wish you were here at comic-con because this is the ultimate place to where any kind of costume you want to rock, i'm already making friends. what started as a little comic book festival in 1979 now has grown to a four-day extravaganza with more than 130,000 people expected to go through those doors. even more on the outside.


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