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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  July 22, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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stop there.her houseguest reported seeing flames shooting out of this bathroom spigotcheck out how it's charred along the edges. >> reporter:she also has a cracked window and a few spots from on the stucco in all the way in the front of her house gouged out.elena thinks it was the lightening that did it all. >> amazing. >> reporter:the same strike is believed to have knocked out two transformers just a few houses down. leaving 10 customers without power for the most of the day while pge crews worked on replacing the damaged equiptment. maureen kelly kron4 news. >> catherine: the lights are back on at the a's coliseum after an early morning lightning strike knocked out power. this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c-7. >> catherine: p-g and e says that lightning hit near the coliseum around 4-40 this morning.knocking down power lines. >> catherine: the problem
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was quickly fixed, and tonight's game against the astros will go on as scheduled. >> catherine: coming up at 5:15 - we'll take you live to the coliseum, where there are some major developments on a new lease deal for the a's. >> jacqueline: merging but such as tropical moisture in keeping the shourd chances in the forecast. excellent chance tonight. nothing wild like last night. now think of going on right now locally. out near reno we are seeing healthy and lightning that will continue for the next couple of hours. a chance for isolated showers tonight in cloudy skies. normal weather pattern will resume for tomorrow and the rest of the week. we will talk more about the weather on futurecast coming up and just a bit. >> reporter:lots of lightning pictures on social
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media. this one on twitter shows a strike right near the bay bridge. several kron-4 viewers have shared images with us. >> reporter:rain shots.pretty sky shots. >> reporter:this was in pinole. also a shot in pleasant hill. >> reporter:and novato. >> reporter:the clouds have been crazy lately. and we'd love to see your weather pictures. >> reporter:you can email us: >> reporter:i report 4 kron at you can include them in a message on facebook. we'll be sharing them on air and on line. >> catherine: the long-suffering residents at a pleasanton apartment complex finally have running water again. >> catherine: they were lugging around water and using porta-potties for more than 4 days. one resident sent us this video.after they got their water service back around noon today. >> catherine: the problem began friday when a broken water main left the 350 residents at the springwood apartment complex with no running water. >> catherine: while it was managers were handing out just a gallon of
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water to each tenant. >> catherine: so everyone is thrilled that the problem has finally been fixed.. >>.happy again." >> catherine: here's a closer look at the water main that broke. at the height of the problem.some tenants had been using water from the apartment's pool and hot tub. >> catherine: a rocket attack near israel's main airport has caused american and european airlines to suspend all flights in or out of the country. >> catherine: the f=a=a has barred all u=s carriers from ben gurion airport in tel aviv. the reaction from the israeli government: anger. grant lodes is here to tell us why. >> catherine: grant? >> reporter:the missile fell on a neighborhood just outsideyou can imagine what would happen if it hit an aircraft on the runway. and just days after that malaysian airliner was downed over ukraine, u=s officials are taking no chances. >> reporter:these travelers
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thought they were heading to israel. instead their delta airlines flight landed in paris. >>"as we were pretty much on final approach to tel aviv, the captain got on the inflight announcement system and said we were turnig back. the plane was being diverted because a rocket had laded in the vicinity of the tel aviv airport and delta had made the decision that it was not safe for the plane to land. >> reporter:on its website the airline says it is suspending all service to israel until august 15th. dozens of other international carriers made similar announcements. >> reporter:they acted after the f-a-a issued a notice to airmen. citing a potentially hazardous situation created by the conflict in israel and gaza. >> reporter:it said "all flight operations to and from ben gurion international airport are prohibited until further advised." >> reporter:tel aviv's airport is about fifty miles north of gaza, where militants have launched thousands of rockets towards israel in the past two weeks.
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>> reporter:today's attack may have had the biggest impact. >> reporter: already hurt israeli tourism. about 30 percent of organized tour groups have cancelled visits in july and august. >> reporter:an ongoing flight ban will also hurt business travel. and an adviser to the foreign minister said the u=s is overreacting. >>yes a supper reaction to what happened monday in the ukraine. >> catherine: all eyes are on russia -- as the investigation into the downed malaysian airliner continues. european leaders are considering new sanctions against russia. >> catherine: meantime - the remains of the victims are headed to the netherlands. reporter tory dunnan has the latest. >> reporter:the black boxes from malaysia airlines flight 17 are now in the hands of malaysian officials. britain's prime minister says they will be taken to the uk for analysis. >> reporter:officials say
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the voice recordings from the cockpit may shed light on whether the pilots knew the plane had been hit. >> reporter:in washington, president obama visited the embassy of the netherlands to sign a condolence book for victims of mh- 17. >> reporter:and to stand by the netherlands in the search for answers. >>"we will work with them to make sure loved ones are recovered that a proper investigation is conducted and ultimately justice is done." >> reporter:meanwhile, the finger pointing continues. >> reporter:pro-russian rebels have repeatedly denied they shot down the plane. ukraine's spy chief has made the claim that only a russian officer would have the training to operate a missile. >> reporter:russia has strongly denied any involvement. >> reporter:russian president vladimir putin says he is pushing for a full investigation. >> reporter:but senator john mccain and former u-s secretary of state madeleine albright are both blasting putin. >>"vladimir putin is
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literally getting away with murder, i mean literally, and we are doing very little in response" >>"we also need to shame and blame publicly and perhaps begin some kind of a procedure that takes us to the international criminal court. these are war crimes." >> reporter:in washington, i'm tory dunnan reporting. return to >> catherine: coming up at 5:15. the punishment handed down for two men convicted of killing a child in oakland. then at 5:30. >> catherine: the drought emergency. the new plan to curb people who are using too much water. >> catherine: and next. >> catherine: the royal baby turns one-year-old. we're monitoring reaction on social media.
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>> reporter:the royal baby is now one year away from becoming the royal toddler. prince george celebrates his first birthday today. here's his debut outside the hospital.his christening.and on a trip a couple months ago. >> reporter:the reaction on social media has been plentiful. mostsly positive. our analytics revealing the sentiment on twitter is overhwelmingly positive. >> reporter:the negative sentiment is mostly people who say who cares. and there have been some pretty classic tweets. we'd love to hear your take - - positive or negative -- send us a tweet or comment on facebook. and we're always posting trending and breaking news on >> happy birthday prince
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george, looking baby. lucky baby >> prince george this without the dow without a doubt the cutis baby i have ever seen. cutist >> catherine: yes some cynical baby watchers. >> catherine: still ahead. the charges against a woman >> catherine: accused of robbing a little girl who'd been selling candy.. then.what we know about this raging fire at a school in los angeles.
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>> catherine: police say surveillance video helped them track down >> reporter: hecker first
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day in court tuesday creek she is accused of robbing a eight year old girl of the money she earned selling candy. >> make this case so egregious is that she is a relative of the victim. that is you would go up to end a year-old girl and still mourning from heart. we do not know what impact this will have on this young girl in her lifetime. >> i know that this is really bad and i feel bad for the parents and children. i feel sorry that it happened. >> reporter: outside the courtroom christian sisters said that this is out of character for her sister. >> i'm not sure if she has been taking her medicine. she is on certain
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medications and maybe that she snotty any. >> reporter: the judge disagreed, and said bell and christians daughter was relieved. >> i am actually glad that she is that they are keeping her hand and i believe she needs help i do not believe that she should be on the street right now. >> reporter: she has to stay over a hundred and 50 yds away from the child. she is due back in court on august 1st. the hall of justice kron for eve news. >> catherine: police say surveillance video help track down a teenager who robbed another boy of his bicycle and santa clara last week. police arrested this video of the boy they say stow the bike at knifepoint
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from a 11 year old. the 15 ross suspect has been are arrested and booked into juvenile hall on rubber chargers. the bike has been returned to the 11 year-old owner. robbery charges >> catherine: >> catherine: the hearing will continue wednesday. >> jacqueline: as we look live right now from our bay bridge toll plaza. you see that it is a little bit calmer. as look at the cemetery bridge the same deal. clouds at the call sign but mostly sunny this afternoon. we are not picking up anything appeared locally but as we look at
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reno we are seeing some extreme weather with lightning strikes and tail. hill. hail. hail impacting the weather right now. >> jacqueline: keeping with a slight chance of rain as we head into the morning hours. tonight mostly cloudy with chance of isolated showers. we should state partially dried. clearing skies by wednesday with less muggy temperatures. looking at the futurecast tomorrow morning if the clouds and specific areas. especially near the north bay tomorrow morning and near the north bay
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coastline, and highway 1 01. a look like most of the activity will stegner the water. not expecting any lightning with these because there is no stability out there tomorrow morning like there was this morning the sun the skies will clear sunshine and warmer conditions for your wednesday. >> jacqueline: 82 in sunnyvale and santa clara 83 in livermore, 80 in pleasanton and '70s inside the bay. with a 74 hayward and 72 for richmond. an expert upper 70's and 80's for the north bay. no chance the chance for rain will be gone after tomorrow morning. hitting the mid 90's friday of a from the coastline. 70's at the
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immediate coast. very little temperature change for the weekend and next seven days. among >> reporter: we might actually have a deal. the oakland a's have come to an agreement with all outstanding points with the new 10 year lease here at the coliseum. the case of grain to those commitments. it here is the kicker the a's will have an ounce after two years if they elect to leave oakland for any reason. however, with that out comes a price. oakland
5:21 pm
mayor riordan and rebecca kaplan says know there are still more work to do. >> i am hoping that we will begin to have more discussion sooner than later. >> it commits the case to making thousands and thousands of improvements both because of their financial and investment and the penalty if they leave. and part of what this agreement applies them to if they make a good-faith effort to come up with a plan for a construction of a new ball plan involved a new stadium. >> reporter: optimistic that negotiations have led to a fair relationship. the
5:22 pm
process will continue moving to pass. again, they are expected to vote so it looks like for the next two years the a's will be playing here. scott rates kron4 * >> catherine: there is a nasty facebook page causing a buzz. oh hey there! (laughs) hmm.
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>> catherine: is a particularly nasty facebook page is causing issues it was set up to criticize the shane people are overweight are typically in the 530 area code now one of the california victims is talking about it reported held him still has her story. >> reporter:
5:26 pm
>> it is really hurtful and and really embarrassing. >> reporter: 18 year old jesse glenn hall is still more fight after discovering a picture of herself posted on a facebook page called 530 fatties >> reporter: >> the post people pictures without their permission, like that is her fault. >> reporter: the pay show snapshots of people in public who have no idea their photos is being taken is the end of facebook for all those to see along with the post mocking them about their weight. >> i know is probably someone from our around here and whoever it is they need to stop because that is ridiculous. >> reporter: house says the
5:27 pm
picture posted of her was taken in october when she was bought 50 lbs. heavier. >> reporter: we called a number of listed on page but it was disconnected we also try sending messages to the crater but it did not receive a response. meanwhile hollis dishy is not letting what happened to turn down. this is motivated to keep her work to achieve her goals.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> catherine: a shooting grant lotus is in the news room grant? >> reporter: and 80 year-old woman was shot near third street and the gum ave. police are nesting what led to the shooting but just after 4:00 today they said the victim may have fed into a residence and may have been hit by a stray bullet. taken to san francisco general it appears to be not life threatening. we do not have any more details but are headed to the same and will bring you more affirmation as soon as learned. catherine?
5:31 pm
>> catherine: with no relief in sight for the california drought. so called 'water cops' could soon be hitting the streets. >> catherine: kron4's will tran has the details from san jose. >> reporter: years ago you could not see the bottom because it was full of water but now it is bone dry. in the meantime, bay are hiring tend water cops. ten water cops. >> we need to send a team out to check it out and explain the rules. if there is an egregious waste we would report back to the local water department that will have the approval to issue a fine. we noticed a your water was flowing down the street today this is against the rules.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: if they have to come back the next time, then we will have problems. >> yes correct. >> reporter: cannot find people for allowing their grasp to turn brown and drain this drought. in regard to home associations. >> catherine: you don't have to look far to see examples of what the water cops will be looking for. >> catherine: restrictions vary -- but here in san jose's willow glen neighborhood, people are encouraged to water their lawns at night or early in the morning. >> catherine: but -- we found these sprinklers going at high noon. we also found several brown lawns - where residents have just about stopped all watering. >> catherine: celeste brandt says she's all for water conservation up patrols to look for water
5:33 pm
>> catherine: she says residential lawns are an easy target.and she's concerned that homeowners are being asked to do more than their fair share. >> catherine: arguing that are o approve new developments -- with little regard for where the water will come from. >> jacqueline: we saw some wild weather up there this morning. the ground like me is the most dangerous and can cause some damage. out in reno we are saint hill and lightning and thunder storms. hoil. hail >> jacqueline: as we take a wider view, low pressure to the north and here is the tail end of it. with the subtropical moisture and
5:34 pm
shower steam to the north of the spirit we could see more rain tonight. we would thymic on futurecast tonight. >> catherine: the san francisco man accused of possessing bomb making materials in his nob hill apartment. will stay in jail. >> catherine: ryan chamberlain has been in custody since he was arrested near crissy field last month. after a nationwide manhunt. >> catherine: his attorney asked a federal chamberlain, so he could be facility. >> catherine: but today the judge denied bail. saying that chamberlain would pose a danger to community if released. when the f.b.i. raided his apartment in may, they found bomb components - and a gun. >> catherine: agents were also looking for toxins. chamberlain could face more charges by the end of the month. >>president obama arrives in the bay area tomorrow morning. it's another big money fund- raising visit. >> catherine: he's scheduled to fly into
5:35 pm
s-f-o around 9-am.and will head to los altos hills for a democratic fundraiser at a private home. >> catherine: this is video of the home of real estate mogul george marcus - from our helicopter partnership with abc 7. >> catherine: 10-thousand dollars buys lunch and a photo op with the president. the vip package - is 32- thousand-400 dollars a couple.including a "v-i-p" photo opportunity and lunch. >> catherine: a crucial part of 'obama-care' is still being fought over in court. two federal appeals courts have now weighed in -- with very different opinions. if one of those opinions is upheld -- it could make things more difficult for millions of americans. reporter karin caifa explains. >> reporter:two federal appeals courts rule on a key component of the affordable care act on the same day, with very different outcomes. and one ruling, has the potential
5:36 pm
to deal a big blow to president obama's signature law. >> reporter:the u-s court of appeals for the d-c circuit ruled that individuals cannot use government subsidies to buy health insurance on federally-run exchanges, only the state- run exchanges. >> reporter:if that ruling holds, millions of americans may not be able to afford the coverage that puts them in line with the law's requirement that all americans have insurance. >> reporter:writing for the 2-1 majority, judge thomas griffith said - quote - >> reporter:"we reach this conclusion, frankly, with reluctance. at least until states that wish to can set up exchanges, our ruling will likely have significant consequences both for the millions of individuals receiving tax credits through federal exchanges and for health insurance markets more broadly." >> reporter:in a separate case, a federal appeals court in richmond, virginia ruled unanimously in favor of the subsidies. because of similar legal challenges, the white house says it's confident in the justice department's appeal of the d-c court's ruling. >>you don't need a fancy
5:37 pm
legal degree to understand that congress intended for every eligible american to have access to taxpayer credits that will lower their health care costs, regardless of whether it is state officials or federal officials who are running the marketplace. >> reporter:for now, the tax credits will remain available, coverage unaffected, the law unchanged. but the legal process will likely, eventually, put the affordable care act back up to the supreme court. >> reporter:in washington, i'm karin caifa. >> catherine: our financial expert will be here to bring down the numbers. >> catherine: today on wall street stocks closed higher and you are looking at the closing numbers for to stay. for tuesday.
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>> reporter: with that of the size of the shooting off
5:41 pm
the roof. a charter school in englewood went up in flames earlier today. officials cannot believe that anyone was in that simple story school when it started burning. no injuries have been reported and there is no information on how it started 600 students attended school. the new school year begins august 12th. they are scrambling to find a temporary structure in just a few weeks. >> jacqueline: we are going to have more clout to night and another chance of rain i will tell you all about it!
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>> catherine: our financial expert will be here to break them down. today on wall street. >> catherine: so what did you take on the apple orleans? earnings? >> morning. borrowing. boring >> so, apple numbers were good and i to revenue was up $2.6 billion which is up 8%. matt is up 8% and less addicting what ibm this week which could do nothing but help pillared the overall theme is a little bit disappointing on the ipad sales. and that is the kind
5:46 pm
of tag. other parts of the world they are doing fine print the largest company in the world as far as market capp goals and our earnings and revenue as everyone will be applauding the company creek however, we are stuck in a week and see mode. wait and see mode. >> catherine: when will we see the i- watch? >> probably october november. they have ordered about 60 million units from china and china has a problem keeping secrets when the bottom is that type of big. we do want bigger iphone spirit that will compete with samsung on corporate earnings shares are up 22 which is five quarters. i would i like to
5:47 pm
be the company that i am not the company creek >> catherine: i like to be the company but we are not the company are we? >> catherine: i am out of time but real quick wit to purchase the i watch? >> there is a lot of speculation that it would be really cool. >> catherine: pretty good news for employees this may be the right time to ask for a raise.
5:48 pm
>> reporter:looking for a raise? >> reporter:now might be the time to ask. economists say you're more likely to get one this year. >> reporter:that's according to a survey by the national association for business economics. >> reporter:they poll economists that represent a variety of industries. 43% say their firms have given pay bumps in the last 3 months. that's up from 19% last year. >> reporter:and the news gets better. surveyed reported pay cuts. the near future. encouraging, but keep in mind, wages have not been keeping up with inflation. >> reporter:real wages were actually lower in may than they were a year ago. that has been a real concern for the federal reserve. fed chair janet yellen said last month she wants to see wages rebound faster than inflation. >> reporter:she says if americans don't start experiencing more meaningful bumps in their take-home pay, that could hurt consumer spending. and consumer spending drives two-thirds of economic activity in the u-s. in new york, i'm zain asher. >> jacqueline: as we look live from the golden gate bridge to see some cloud coverage and lingering.
5:49 pm
clouts lingering over san francisco but that is pretty much it over in regards to cloud coverage. it is sunny everywhere else because the rate is starting to go to the north and east. the thunderstorms are long gone and are seeing severe weather in far north of california. this pack of thunderstorms here. >> jacqueline: moving towards the coastline and bobby and to some tropical moisture and the far east which is firing off the storms this afternoon. north east california will remain under the gun to tonight. we have a slight chance of seeing isolated showers into tomorrow morning. mainly focus to the north bay at the 7:00 hour. also up
5:50 pm
highway 1 01 and looks like some of the activity was thin over the coastal waters. we do have a few isolated sprinkles here. we will not see any lightning could there is no stability in the forecast. and to the 9:00 hour still cloudy but the skies are starting to clear after that. by 11:00 we are looking at sunny skies bay area wide and at the closed. the coast thrift >> jacqueline: 82 in santa clara and it will be in the '80s for the inland valleys curry at 86 for the antioch location it will be our warmer area. closer to the coastline a little bit warmer and the upper sixties and seventies. up and the north bay 70's and 80's
5:51 pm
tomorrow. for the rest of the work week things will warm up for thursday and friday it will get hot. it will linger through the weekend and into early next week. >> reporter: i will explain in the next edition of petonight at 8! >> reporter: tech reporter gabe slate we have smart lightbulbs been such a control with your tablets or phones. pretty cool way to uc with this thing can do. state-owned in my tech report stay tuned!
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gabe slate tech report >> reporter: you do not have to mess with any of the wiring in your home. this plug and play it. regular light bulb it will replace eli but in your house. any slight bug in your house. >> reporter: were received this home screen and control any light bulb. you could adjust the brightness level and 16 million colors hatcher fingertips. it is fun is like painting with a light bulb. they have special lee special cold affects. the have below the setting ... lava setting.
5:56 pm
you can set a time for them to turn on or turn off. i wake up to special lighting. because it is felt e.d. it uses one 10th of the power of normal light bulbs and save energy that way which last up to 40,000 hours. one downside they are expensive compared to regular like bald spirit the cost $100. gate slate kron 4 news. >> catherine: will have the latest details on one woman hit by a stray bullet. >> catherine: more news next at six separat
5:57 pm
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it looks like the team will scott? well catherine it does look like the team will be staying. in red for tonight's game and looks like we might have a game finally. the judge last week when the city council at its seven amendments to the original tender the age of reach of those amendments. now here's the kicker the case will have an ounce after two years if it wants to leave oakland for any reason. that would have to
6:01 pm
pay $1.6 million per year for the rest of their contract. city council president rebecca chapman says there's more work to do. >>: there will be heavily invested in stang both because of their financial obligations, and their financial reasons for staying. common with the plan for construction plan and of is another reason. this is a great day for oakland. we have a license agreement that we can forward to. they will begin to sit down and have discussions of how to keep pace per pound per minutely and the city of
6:02 pm
reporter there are still some voting to the jsda are expected to pass the final vote that will come through the alameda city council on july 29th. again and that is expected to be voted and. it looks like the a's will be flying and of love for the next two years. >>: catherinein other big the bay area. >>: got thethe two oakland
6:03 pm
men convicted of the 2011 murder of 3-year-old carlos nava will have to wait one more day to hear their sentence.. kron4's haaziq madyun was in court -- where an argument between the defense and prosecution got heated. >>: it was the most powerful and overwhelming devastating evidence for to man. that's what the judge said and of. it will the same reason why the two defense attorneys to argue their clients deserve a new trial. >>: 29 year-old launch the the dark igc here on the laugh, the judge told that they found a found the murder weapon and the murder weapon in the 2011 drive-by shooting. and this was evidence against him. the judge also reminded the court that will lead
6:04 pm
towards had the self on that place them at the shooting as well. however the judge will use that and not a case and no search one was used as that found the video. the judge did agree with the prosecution's the video as the nine gave up his rights to privacy and wrote that of when police follow the law, the d.a.'s office called claiming to know who the real killer was an that was the night. alameda county and the plan will resolve this on wednesday. >>: the woman accused of robbing an 8 year old san francisco girl made her first court of twisting the girls arm, so she would drop her bag of money, which christian this store security video. the girl is one of the three kids standing behind her. christian pleaded not
6:05 pm
guilty today to robbery and child in court christians attorney without any bail set. but the judge disagreed and of character. >>:.outon the streets right now." i'm actually glad to take keeping hertz and i think you need some help. so i don't think she's to be out on the street right now. should christian make bail her to stay at least 150 new developments and the middle east tonight as american that flies in and out of the country. memo the palace and the palestinian rocket landed on the runway and the international airport. the rocket had no resemblance for the rocket that brought down the major
6:06 pm
flight the u.s. reacted quickly. >>: this notice is in effect for 24 hours. a rocket landing landing 1 mi. was enough attention to the protection of the faa. the military has launched thousands of rockets and the last two weeks. all operations to and from the ukrainian airport is prohibited until further notice. it is still safe and ollie incurred is less intense and gaza. bam bam bam returnstockton crime- stoppers is
6:07 pm
similar announcements came carriers in the u=s and hamas says the rocket as israel continues its blockade of gaza. "we wanted to be part of the agreement, of the cease- fire, opening the borders, and ending the siege on the palestinians." that no one was and no one was seriously hurt as the iraqi landing doubt. >>: the fire raging in the california school and the push to raise taxes on sharing drinks. and the aids prevention pill seems to be doing a good guy. >>: we do have a chance for
6:08 pm
rain and the forecast tonight. ♪watching everybody eating ♪what they want all day ♪oh this tasteless cardboard ♪brings me nothing but more shame ♪ ♪turning every turn until i find something right♪ ♪and it...takes my breath away
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6:10 pm
a structure fire is raging through a large single-story charter high school in the is believed to have been inside. a los angeles county fire department spokesman says call at 2:21 p.m. tuesday saying smoke and fire was animo high school in inglewood. no injuries have been reported/
6:11 pm
a spokesman for green dot students or employees on the spokesman says the refurbished, so there could he does not believe there were. knew officials are now scrambling to find new the brew of the structure that chapter >>: h-i-v pills are showing more risk of gettings aids. these 'prevention pills' does not encourage risky sex people skip some doses. the results come from a longer follow-up on more than 16-hundred gay men. about three-quarters of the after an initial study -- and did not get h--i-v. the findings were discussed at the international aids coming up. got the the push to charge more for sugary drinks in the bay area is inching closer to reality.
6:12 pm
passed in san francisco. who went days without running water at their apartment. is seeing better results today. more news ahead.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
the long-suffering residents at a pleasanton apartment complex finally have running water again. they were lugging around potties for more than 4 one resident sent us this water service back around noon today. the problem began friday when a broken water main left the 350 residents at the springwood apartment complex with no running water. while it was managers were handing out just a gallon of water to each tenant. so everyone is thrilled that the problem has finally been fixed. browreleased its than a stinky week. >>:happy again." here's a closer look at the water main that broke.
6:16 pm
pool and hot tub. the san francisco board of supervisors voted to place the controversial soda tax on the november ballot. wiener says -- the money raised by the proposed tax and health programs. cents per ounce tax on sodas and other sugary drinks. the city controller's office projects the proposed soda tax will cut sugary drinks consumption by up to 31-percent. so now let's break it down. and see how much mo#re you'd be paying for a 20-ounce bottle of coke if the measure passes. a set of san francisco wall bearing to 2=dollars even with c-r-v. it'll equal an additional 40-cents for the drink. that's a grand total of 2- 40. and people are weighing in.
6:17 pm
in excess of " no you this is getting ridiculous. this will not and cannot save lives this what they did with tobacco. >>: you can always join the conversation. on our facebook page and on kron- 4- >>: a man who had been riding in motorcycle was killed in an early morning accident in santa clara. the c-h-p says his motorcycle hit the back of a big rig on highway 101, near great america parkway around 2-30 a-m. officers say the man had been speeding up to 100 miles an hour.and was apparently trying to pass the truck, but hit it instead. he was pronounced dead at the scene.his identity has not been released yet. >>: new documents reveal a woman who died with her 3-year- old son in a san francisco public housing unit. asked that her smoke detectors be fixed.
6:18 pm
this contradicts a previous suggestion made by a housing authority attorney. esther ioane and her son blaze in april. the housing authority attorney said the detectors were removed so people in the unit could smoke methamphetamine. the attorney says an electrician who went to fix the detectors was turned away three times. the family's lawyer says the housing authority is trying to cover up its failure to fix the detectors. >>: president obama will fly into san francisco later tonight for a fundraiser visit in the south bay. he'll be at a luncheon tomorrow at a home around here----in the los altos hills to raise money for the democratic congressional campaign committee. >>: according to the invitation, tickets for the luncheon started at 10-thousand dollars and included a photo with the president. >>: obama will continue on to l-a to round out the three- day west coast fundrasing trip that began today in seattle. happening now.
6:19 pm
>>: a meeting is underway in the south bay on whether to spend money on "water cops." >>: the santa clara valley water district could hire workers who would enforce water restrictions in the area. kron4's rob fladeboe shows us what they'd be looking for. >>: willow glen resident celeste brandt says she's all for conserving water, but she thinks the idea of so called 'water cops' patrolling the streets, looking to eliminate waste goes too far. >>: '.so then we're all going to start ratting out our neighbors and driving >>:around and seeing somebody doing something you don't like and >>: turning them in for wasting way.' a few doors down, donna on. >>:'.i think we should be really conscientous about the water shortage, yeah, >>:lawns are just big water hogs anyway so if you can
6:20 pm
do >>: it isn't just lawns of course, but watering your grass, or in this case, the sidewalk too, during the heat of the day, is wasteful. no one came to the door when >>: i knocked but this homeowner could soon get a visit from the water police about to be valley water district to >>:'.we will contact whomever is responsible and try to educate them about what the rules are and try to address the problem right then and there and if they don't address it we will refer it back to their >>:water provider or city. the next step might be a warning or a fine eventually.' >>:the enforcers will mostly respond to complaints but could actually patrol streets in search of waste. shorter showers and using the extra water on her lawn, says the water cops should be trolling for bigger fish. >>: celeste brandt >>:'.it's pretty hard to take this serious with all the building going on.i agree with >>:editorials in the paper that say.if you keep building all these houses
6:21 pm
>>:and shopping centers, how serious are people going to think the drought is.' >>:she has a point. so far, none of the water providers that serve 1-point-8 million south bay customers have met the district's call for conserving 20-percent of >>: jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news not >>:the bay area only got a trace amount of rainfall lightning along with it. >>: we look at the mount tam as did take a look at satellite pictures we see that we see drizzle and showers have a list listed to the north. >>: the north and eureka does low pressure in the north and will continue to
6:22 pm
push towards the coast and bobbing of to of this subtropical moisture southeast. that slight chance that we can see a little more rain out tomorrow morning. >>: your seat spots of rain on the pitchers. especially on the north and is a call on the northland. through the morning will have a couple more on the coast most stay offshore. >>: that means no lightning strikes a couple isolated showers and a late morning hours when the start sky starts clearing. and the 11:00 hour temperatures to mar will be a little warmer than to to it today. san jose 84 ever dreamed 78 and 78 in milpitas. and the east bay you have 78 and vallejo 75 and castro valley 83 in
6:23 pm
livermore. in the north bed of the '70s and '80s 81 in santa rosa 82 and ample and the upper 60s at the close. >>: things will start heating up towards the weekend. any sense at the very seventh is at the coast line. >>: mysterious flashes popping up on the brooklyn bridge some
6:24 pm
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>>:white flags are an international symbol of surrender. >>:authorities are not ruling possible act of terrorism. >>:here you see officers taking morning. >>:the bridge is one of the
6:27 pm
landmarks in the city. them >>: still ahead we'll recap of our top stories including.a big announcement by the a's. and liquor and drugs and proceeded as they distribute art along the west. and a wild fire still raging in washington state and of date coming up.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>>: we are following breaking loose and we have a new video at the san francisco shooting scene for a 73 year-old woman was hit
6:31 pm
and the head by a bullet. >>: it took place at newcomb avenue where this videotape shows with a bullet entered the woman is a resident at par. i catch ken was down the 73 road is now in stable condition and expected to survive. and >>: she lived alone and the bullet came through the window and greatest her forehead. police are on scene seen what led to the shooting no suspects as of yet. grant lotus. that memo it would appear that the a's and the city has finally come to an agreement after 15 months of negotiations. after months of the agreement to keep the a's.
6:32 pm
the a's are coming out saying that they will agree brown >>: >>: that will happen on july 29th that what is expected to go through. a >>: here at the hall of justice a woman accused for arriving at a bureau girl says in court. 46 wrote that down the christian plaid not guilty to robbery and child endangerment. >>: she is due back in court on august 1st at the hall of justice and san francisco. >>: here and tell when the two men convicted of the murder of the zeroth half to wait one more day to land their sentence. today the
6:33 pm
defense and prosecutors argued over if they deserved a new trial. the question comes from the evidence found and the nonself of. the judge to disagrees saying that both men are expected to be back in court and sentenced on wednesday. >>: gunfire has a number of people living in this area all the rage as the violence has escalated. and annie got this is there are strong and kron 4 news. water cops are about to hit the streets to root out waste. police will investigate and complains
6:34 pm
of individuals and businesses wasting water. there will correct the problem is well as possible. the city is the water provided but ultimately for repeat offenders will face fines. i did what a story of a chance of showers. radar shows it now we're in the clear and we still see severe weather. to the north and east to west there are showers concentrated forced the northeast. we do have area of low pressure that will continue to push towards the coast. and as a chance is slight showers to march. 7:00 near the coast line near highway 1 01 nothing to dramatic. we could see
6:35 pm
isolated sprinkles through the 9:00 hour. as we head into the morning hours. . as a look at i extended forecasts temperatures show that we won thursday and friday and through the weekend as we see last fall . the temperature is reached in the '90s in and near the bay. written in chalk, open 9am to pm please respect quiet hours for the neighbors , welcome to soma west skatepark just recently opened and already people are well how do you say it oh yea behaving badly >>:how you say, well let's start with the artwork, give the park a little flavor and normally artwork is respected but not here it nowdespite the park opening
6:36 pm
at 9 am and closing at 9pm according to neighbors >>:the neighbors have been trying to get the word out that the park closes at 9 o'clock because the kids stay all night and there are houses up against the skate park and the noise for them >>:the word on the street is if you want to enjoy the park during the off hours all you have to do is hot the fence, of course since there is no fence here it's probably not a that hard but here someone tied a wooden board to the fence, i guess it makes it easier to hot the fence but want there's more i see a >>: lot of kids drinking beer i see a lot of kids smoking weed i mean these are kids 13, 14 years old >>:in fact while i was there i noticed this person taking a few hits from a glass pipe, >>:the interesting part is before the soma west was opened there was 24 hour security watching the park, now the security is delegated to watching the
6:37 pm
new parking lot, and yes he is locked inside. makes >>:and while you kind of expect graffiti in a skate park the vandalism has reached up and down stevenson street and >>:the intresting part is many of they neighbors applauded the new skate park being built and personally i like the fact that it gives the thembut you have to respect the neighbor hood >>: roberts kron 4 news >>:straight about ironic. you wont believe what destroyed a memorial tree
6:38 pm
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double the speed. woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. a wildfire in washington state has grown slightly. but firefighters have made >>: officials say the fires have burned about 380 square miles. >>:however. the fire was
6:41 pm
only 16 percent contained this morning. >>:yesterday. the fire was just two percent contained. >>:weather forecasts predict >>:however. officials worry that lightning strikes from >>: former beatle george harrison has been killed, by beetles. themthe pine tree grew to more succumbing to a bark beetle >>:it was planted near griffth observatory after harrison's 2001 death in l- a. >>:a small plaque at the base commemortates the songwriter who had a deep appreaciation >>:the tree had to be removed last month. >>:a new tree will be replanted later this fall. and later. the giants tried to take their second straight win and the philadelphia that highlights in all sports next.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
popular at fort former giants pitcher announce he is suffering from a general muscle disease that causes muscle weakness and the slightest stumble thing caused him to fall. >>: his cat this diagnosis a secret for years. he has won numerous awards for his broadcasting and now he says he'll need a cane and then and walker. the condition is not life threatening and he will continue on as the giants commentary. >>: he will be broadcasting the games tonight with the phillies. >>: harrison a mascot and a
6:46 pm
bad mood. joe'skle on the back. >>: juggling juggling and juggling face plaits and bankses' draw on his arm. tutu and the fifth inning and hunter pants drives one of the in bond is 13th home run giants have a 32 lead. that >>: and the bottom of the six jemmied rollins from alameda, and there goes the phillies now lead five to four and a few minutes to the a's will welcome in houston. forty-niners can erase the bad as will come to camp tomorrow.
6:47 pm
>>:and when the 49ers report tomorrow the focus will be shows up the tight end held out of mantadory off season activities due to a contract about his availability for training camp >>:davis is currently the 4th highest paid tight end in the nfl and received the highest guaranteed money $23 million ever for his position he still has two contract >>:last season davis caught 13 >>: giants and died is all coming sunday night on crown for sunday night. >>: they have the first football stadium that received leaked the old certificate. the rooftop features native plants which helps lower
6:48 pm
the stadium's heating and cooling costs. they still pay $500 to see a game i don't care if they win or lose because they have already won the lead certificate. >>: even the street cleaners are agents. brain is fine and hybrids i find but win the game that's all people care about. grain-green >>: he can read people and politicians and back in sports heat level taney
6:49 pm
dandy as the worst person and the sports world for saying he would not have drafted the game player michael slams. >>: when i was axed about my philosophy of drafting which was to minimize distractions to my team, i do not believe michaels decisions will be a distraction to my team but i do believe media would create that distraction. >>: think that he was not the same was rams coach. >>: i have a great respect for coach and like everyone else and america has the right to of opinion. . >>: is still have to make the team by all accounts he said a backup player, is
6:50 pm
terrific what he's going but he still has to make the team. if one person is inspired that is terrific but he still has to maintain. . >>:tebow attempting comeback >>:tim tebow is attempting a comeback he has been in phoenix doing special another shot at the nfl he has also been working with a >>:tebow's phoenix workouts somewhat unorthodox sometimes calling for him to play a form of beach volleyball but with a 10- >>:tebow said he is better than ever physically >>: i'd love it i feel great this is the best i've ever felt i'm really excited about the improvements. >>:former warriors coach mark a klay thomspson for kevin love trade on sports talk radio.
6:51 pm
>>: click townsend is a guy that i would not trade land like thompson is a guy that deserve to max money he's the best to wait shooting guard and the world. >>:lebron at son's game lebron james was in lexington, kentucky saturday to watch his son lebron jr >>:junior looks like he can play with te nice drive and layup lebron loves it as he cheers like the typical parent >>:then afterward he has some fun with his son hugging him then getting in a little >>:tyson to induct holyfield few people can forget mike evander holyfield's ear in their 1997 rematch >>:tyson and holyfield will be together again when tyson serves as presenter for holyfield's induction into the nevada boxing hall of fame next month in las each other to bed and even appeared in a recent incident. high honor."
6:52 pm
>>: marchand lynch has is on a velvet ropes as he put his own velvet rope around the car so people will not touch it. >>: a new customer loyalty program. >>:but of course, there's a catch.
6:53 pm
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>>:if you're ok with your web activity being tracked, >>:the wireless giant has just >>: company's trade-in program. >>:but customers must agree to have their browsing habits
6:56 pm
>>: movie "san andreas" about a massive earthquake devastating the bay. >>:on friday, the former w- w-e >>: >>: >>: you have to own it and not only that but here's the dj: they don't like it when you do like that. >>:the rock says it took more >>:you can catch the new >>: entertainment news right >>:the insider is next, >>: with a chance for light
6:57 pm
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"the insider," with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> is this the most ridiculous "real housewives" moment ever? >> i'm sick of it. >> table flipping. hair pulling. fist fights. how low will reality go for ratings? >> i just wanted to make the point. i think it worked. >> then -- >> there he is, ladies and gentlemen. bradley cooper. >> here with the sexy "guardians of the galaxy." >> people can't stop talking about your short shorts. comfortable? >> uh. >> jay-z, beyonce, and blue ivy's united front. is it real? and inside prince george's first birthday bash. plus behind the scenes with the queen. >> plus -- look who's back. weird al yankovic. >> you're still relevant 32 years later.
7:00 pm
>> it's amazing. ♪ i'm so handy >> and -- >> i am hercules! ♪ you're watching the insider ♪ you're watching the insider >> wow. >> now the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/7. it's "the insider," together with yahoo!. awkward. and there's more with michael yo and the rock. it's classic. meanwhile, across the pond the prince hits his first milestone while the prince of pop is acting like a spoiled child. and in new york city reality tv has officially hit an all-time low. hello, everyone. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm thea andrews. you know, reality tv has brought us some of modern society's most cringe-worthy moments but tonight's finale of "the real housewives of new york" goes where no reality show has gone before. >> they have been promoting this moment all season long. let me give you the back story. aviva drescher, fran drescher's


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