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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  July 9, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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responsible for the incident. also responsible, the the men who attacked stow.and are now in prison. but jury did not find then dodgers owner frank mccourt, to be negligent. >> killed my husband's hand and my friends brian hand is humble lethal. it is unbelievable >> i held my husband's hand and my friend brian hand it is unbelievable. >> reporter:the jury awarded stow nearly 18 million dollars. his lawyer says in reality, stow will actuallly receive from the dodgers about 15 million dollars. that is intended to cover past and future earnings, medical expenses, as well as pain and suffering. stow's attorney was asking for about 37 million
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dollars. the dodgers lawyers had argued stow's medical costs would be between 6 and 11 million dollars. after today's decision.bryan's father, dave, who's 70. said bryan will understand that he got some help today. >> catherine: bryan stow symbolically handing a ball as his son throws out the first pitch of the season at at&t park. >> catherine: no giant fan can forget the emotional scene from last year. the team and the bay area has embraced the former paramedic ever since the tragic story broke in 2011. >>what happened. somone just got beat up there? >> catherine: the 911 call came in from theparking lot of dodger stadium. >>someone just got punched knocked out. >>he didn't see it coming, he's unconscous he's got snoring respiration >> reporter:
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>> catherine: stow was rushed to the emergency room and planced in a medically induced coma >>he does have injury to both frontal lobes and in general there are affects on that in things like memory, cognition, personality at the very least >> catherine: the lapd released sketches of his attackers. the images later posted on a billboard. >> catherine: six weeks after the attack, stow is airlifted back to the bay area for further medical treatment at sf general. >> he seemed very irate. brutal >> and absolutely dishes and and my opinion cowardice. absolutely delicious vi
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cious >> pam: the jury's verdict closes one chapter of this tragic story we want to bake the beets giants fans and the entire bay community for their heartfelt support for the stow family during this difficult journey we will continue to be there for bryant and his family. kron4 will have more of the reaction later when the dodgers are plan tonight against the oakland a's. norwood and sanchez were
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>> pam: the alleged prostitute accused of providing a lethal heroin overdose to a prominent silicon valley businessman was arraigned today. kron four's rob fladeboe reports now from santa cruz where police revealed new details about case. >> reporter:handcuffed and wearing a red jail tunic reserved for high-risk inmates, 26-year-old alix catherine tichelman, was arraigned tuesday here in santa cruz superior court in connection with the death of this man, google executive forest hayes, of santa cruz. police say hayes died of a heroin overdose aboard his 50-foot yacht last november here at the santa cruz harbor and that tichelman is a high-priced prostitute who injected hayes with heroin and then left him to die. >> reporter:tichelman was arrested last weekend after being lured back to town by an undercover cop who offered a thousand dollars and a posh hotel stay in exchange for sex. tichelman is facing manslaughter and several drug-related charges as >> reporter:prosecutors consider evidence that police say rises to the level of of 2nd degree murder.
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>> reporter:evidence in the case includes a video from a security camera on the boat. police have not released that video but they say it shows tichelman injecting hayes with the fatal heroin dose and than calmly covering her tracks as he lay dieing. >> her only concern was getting her belongings and packing up the heroine and clothing and hills and wiping off the cabinet and tables. she even finished the glass of wine that was on the table there. she was only concerned for her well- being. >> reporter:after her arrest, police say having provided her services to as many as 200 men. she was attentive in court and spoke at length with the public defender but
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otherwise showed no emotion. >> reporter:alix tichelman is scheduled to return here to superior court for further arraignment next week and is being held in the county jail in lieu of a million and a half dollars bail. in santac ruz rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> pam: the 51 year old murder victim was a google kron4's maureen kelly went to his hometown of santa cruz and spoke to people who knew him. >> reporter:here you can see a picture of forrest hayes that had been posted on a memorial website.the google executive had previously worked at apple and sun microsystems. >> reporter:no one here inside his grandiose home on the westside of santa cruz wanted to speak on person came out to say they were reliving the tragedy of the loss of their loved one. hayes is survived by his wife.and five children. >> reporter:none of his neighbors wanted to go on camera either.but off camera one woman said he was a welcoming and outgoing man.and she couldn't imagine the pain the family was going that the salacious details of the way he was killed has been made public. >> reporter:others expressed shock at the news that the married father was allegedly by a lethal heroin injection by a high class
5:07 pm saying it's tough to to hear that people like that are in your neighborhood. >> reporter:his obiturary in the santa cruz sentinel said hayes loved spending time with his family at home.and at his boat which was berthed here at the santa cruz harbor. that 50 foot yacht-- was also the place that he was murdered. those who spend time around this harbor say they are glad a suspect has been apprehended but they found it hard to believe a crime so gruesome happened in this setting. >> that is pretty scary especially at the harbor where there are children playing. >> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news. >> pam: ellis' one company says it is going on all natural. then at 530 the
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>> pam: you may have heard an apple a day keeps the doctor away. >> pam: but turns out -- it can do a whole lot more than that for some women. according to a new study in the archives of gynecology and obstetrics, and the huffington post. >> pam: researchers found a link and a having a better relationship -- in the the study looked at about seven hundred young healthy italina women over a one- year period. the possible reason for the results --- apple's contain antioxidants and some other things that increase blood flow. >> pam: like chocolate and alcohol. but -- before anyone rushes out to stock up on apples. borader research still needs to be done. >> pam: still ahead. more on the bryan stow verdict. we are live at a-t-and-t park with reaction from the giants. >> pam: an update on the donald sterling trial. is the owner of the l-a clippers mentally fit? we have his testimony. clippers mentally fit? we have his testimony.
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>> reporter:vanessa hudgens
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is going all natural. in a new upcoming ad campaign by clothing an accessory company bongo. the brand says it won't be photoshopping any of the pictures. to serve as inspiration to girls. >> reporter:photoshopping models in ads has become fairly standard. hudgens is a 25-year-old actress and singer. >> reporter: the sentiment on social mia this overall positive. media >> reporter: taking a look at a couple of tweets. the nasa, you are looking fine and that bonn gore campaign. regardless >> reporter: we always
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encourage you to join the conversation on twitter or facebook. >> reporter: >> pam: stow sued the delos angeles dodgers at attackers for his beating three years ago outside dodger stadium. stow suffered severe drain and brain injuries. and the money will be used on his medical expenses. >> pam: that is where kron4 four weeks ago is at an regards to the reaction of today's. >> reporter: on one hand
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they are happy but on the other hand they believe that he should receive more money. a short while ago we caught up with flannery with the verdict the money was raised by flattering and has been and in return with a total of $96,000 to help his family what medical medical bills due to the injuries that he suffered. >> the family is relieved that brian was held not responsible whatsoever in this case. but $80 million awarded him dozen not even cover the hospital bills that are old soul i personally have some questions house, in our country can go to a baseball gate and get jumped and
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beaten into a coma and you come out only millions of dollars it is very confusing to me. >> reporter: we caught up with him as well and will share his reaction to the verdict at 6:00 tonight alive that at&t park. >> pam: donald sterling was scheduled to be back on the witness stand today in the trial to halt his wife's sale of the l-a clippers. >> pam: sterling gave about an hour of contentious testimony tuesday. from the witness stand he went after the n-b-a and the doctors who declared him mentally impaired. exchanges between sterling and his wife's attorneys became so heated the judge was forced to step in several times. >> pam: sara sidner has this report. >> reporter:the drama started before court even beganwith the entrance of shelly sterling. >> reporter:her husband donald sterling was ushered
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through a private entrance. >> reporter:but it was his testimony in court that created the biggest stir. donald sterling was emotionalat first he teared up when talking about his wife shelly. >> reporter: .i trusted my wife. i relied on her. i love her. he said and took a deep breath trying not to cry. i authorized her to negotiate. negotiate is not to consummate a sale. >> reporter:for most of the testimony he was combative, and at times even ridiculed his estranged wife's attorney bert fields who is one of l-a's most feared one point donald objects to a question fields asks saying. >>"be a man for god sakes stand up and be a man." >> reporter:for several questions involving dates and times donald said he didn't remember, even when shelly's attorney read out what donald said during this interview with cnn's own anderson cooper. >>:"i have 29 partners in a league that's a wonderful league. i respect them. and i love every owner. every
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owner knows me. i love the commissioner." >> reporter:sterling said he couldn't remember that exchange either. >> reporter:but he did remember exactly why he did not want to sell the team for 2 billionbelieves his wife g taken advantage of by the nba-- and the team was actually worth more-- even double. >>"the idea that this 2 billion dollars is an extravagance is wrong. he actually thinks it's going to be worth more than that because of the television contracts down the road." >> reporter:as for his performance on the stand both sides were equally enthusiastic. >>"donald sterling did nothing but prove the doctors were absolutely correct in their conclusions. you can't help but be uh feel a little sad, sympathy for the man clearly not working with all of his faculties."
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>> reporter: >>"i think donald did an excellent job on the stand. i want to say out of all the lawyers in the room if i needed a lawyer i'd hire him. the claim that he lacks competency is a sham, its absurd." >> reporter:it was clear to the packed courtroom that donald sterling was holding the probate court. an update now on the wildfire that's been burning in napa and lake counties >> jacqueline: down along the san mateo we're also seeing breaks this afternoon. the fog will be returning. with the concord at 77 degrees to port and 90 degrees yesterday at this time. we are in the upper 80s and antioch with 83 livermore and sunnyvale and 82. the fault will return with widespread and drizzle at the coast line. keeping
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>> if you looked at it in more detail is a logical extension of our social
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responsibility from companies. respecting the consumer safety and helping take care all palo and patience to may have horrible medical need. but they're too low income to afford it. >> pam: low income will have to shell and a doctor's authorization and other approved to qualify. >> jacqueline: we would talk about the fault and cooler temperatures for the rest of the week coming up and just a bit. fog did you remember to pay the dog sitter?
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>> catherine: president left will local and religious leaders and delegates talking about the huge problem of young central american immigrants who have flooded across the border. >> catherine:
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>> catherine: after lots of high-profile fuss over whether texas governor rick perry would come to the dallas airport..and shake the president's hand..he did. and it all looked very >> catherine: still.perry is one of the republicans accusing the president of ignoring many warnings of a border crisis - exactly like the one that's unfolding. president obama's proposed 3.7 billion dollar budget faces an uphill battle in washington. >> catherine: house republicans made it clear wednesday that it won't be a quick vote on the emergency fix-it package. if we do not improve the border nothing will change it's just too much money. >> catherine: house speaker boehner says is just too much money. >> catherine: in denver - a frustrated president obama responded. back in washington - tensions keep boiling over. getting fixed soon. >> catherine: the president for now.can only hope to keep things on track and
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everyone at least talking about the next step. >> catherine: when the president emerge from today's meeting is the want inclusive governor. he described as constructive but gave no explanation or inclination of a breakthrough. >> pam: san jose police are investigatng what led to a crash that killed a man early this morning. the driver hit a tree along santa teresa boulevard near miyuki drive. as kron 4's mike pelton shows us once officers arrivedthey had to deal with a second crash as well. return to >> >> reporter: were also told that a 34 year-old man was also behind the wheel from 2:00 this planning when he slammed into a tree in a medium. pronounced the man did at scene. as the crash
5:32 pm
took place and never says he's seen many crashes year before. >> deaths with the slight turn must be hard to navigate at a high speed. >> reporter: officers close to south terisa boulevard forequarter maastricht for the investigation was in his wahl car when another driver apparently did not see the closure and hit the squad car they were taken to the pope have your tickets to the hospital and both are expected to be ok. kron 4 news. >> pam: the organizer said
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that they had purchased numerous buildings in san francisco evicted patients infected tennis to the ellis act. law law at term residents are being kicked to the streets with no where else to go. >> people who have done nothing wrong and live in their apartment has the right to a place where they live in this is the people who built our community. by getting ready of anyone who are not found in six figures and higher i am going to fight that. >> pam: the evictions may be legal but they are immoral and the law needs to be changed. and 98 your old of lawmen have with your details on her story, up to my and kron 4 news at 6:00.
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>> pam: high gasoline prices have declined up trouble a system will hold steady for now. prices in the bay area has been a little more than $4 an hour. $4 a gallon. the average cost per gallon is over $4 statewide and $3 over the nation. and sen francisco gasoline is $4.23 on average san jose and oakland the average is $4.12 per gallon. >> pam: we're learning more about the georgia father accused of leaving his toddler to die in a hot s-u- v.and his other life online-- >> pam: according to investigators justin ross harris went by "r-j" on a personal networking site. he met a woman on that site, who police say he was messaging as his son was dying in the car. >> pam: meantime, harris' wife leanna visited him in
5:35 pm
jail tuesday. prosecutors say she knew he was cheating on her. nick valencia has more. >> reporter:harris' attorney repeatedly objected to testimony about the sexting and maintained the child's death was a >> reporter: his father used a message to decide to tax on net loss his son died and a hot as uv. suv >> reporter: the profile creator just looking to talk message me and i am harmless than eight months ago gas, and i am married. >> the this is showing as the he has this whole life with all to personas and personalities. >> reporter: investigators say harris took lewd messages and explicit photos to multiple women one of
5:36 pm
them, is under age. please >> reporter: meanwhile, is coming to his electronic footprints. including using a web page on how to survive in prison. >> reporter: and regards infidelity his wife was sitting leaving the county jail where her husband is in custody. it is unclear to see if she attempts faced to face during the visit. >> pam: maintained that child's death was a tragic mistake >> jacqueline: and degrees in concord, 83 in pleasanton. closer to the coastline temperatures are
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actually warmer near 70 degrees because we some clearing near the san mateo coastline. the the fault will take hold with cooler conditions take a look at will take hold with cooler conditions take a look at th for the freshest produce you want to be close to the people who are close to the land. that's why safeway works with over 150 local growers. the folks whose hands are in the soil. planting and nurturing the kind of delicious produce that gets delivered daily to safeway. so there's more local produce to love. like this week, locally grown driscoll's organic strawberries are just $2.50 a pound. safeway, ingredients for life. heat shields are compromised. we what's that alarm?ures. fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again?
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>> catherine: justin bieber will be charged with a misdeameanor count of vandalism, the los angeles district attorney announced today. >> catherine: it stems from an incident back in january. when police say he tossed eggs at his neighbor's calabasas mansion. >> catherine: the prosecutor decided against the more serious felony count, which is what sheriff's investigators suggested. >> catherine: the eggs caused an estimated 20- thousand dollars in damage
5:41 pm
to his neighbor's house. bieber does not have to appear in court since it's a misdemeanor case. >> catherine: we have been looking at tweets and basically saying justin we love you we invitedeadly weather in upstate to to enjoy a to join the conversation on twitter or facebook. state-owned more news after the break. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything.
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watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you. psst >> catherine: that weather in upstate new york. people in the town of smithfield have been battered by a tornado. four people died in that town - as the twister destroyed four homes and damaged others last night.
5:45 pm
>> catherine: heavy wind and rain hit much of the northeast. a little boy died at a church camp in maryland when he got trapped under a tree. >> catherine: homes have been leveled.huge trees and power lines - toppled. >> catherine: at the peak of the stormy weather - hundreds of thousands of people were without electricity. >> catherine: and the midwest got its share of bad weather. a line of severe thunderstorms through northern ohio spawned two tornadoes. >> catherine: this was in medina county - a spot that's already been hit four times with tornadoes this season. and in oklahoma city -- lightning from an early morning thunderstorm destroyed a large mansion. the family said they heard alarms but didn't spot any flames until nearly an hour later. they all got out safely. >> jacqueline: a live look outside from our roof camera. the fault is a lingering fog. a little bit
5:46 pm
more broken along the san mateo coast line where temperatures aren't a little warmer. default will continue this afternoon i will tell you more about that this afternoon. 82 in pleasanton, 77 and san jose and 74 in santa rosa. tonight the fog will return with widespread coverage. we will stick cooler in some spots and cooler on friday as well with the warmer weather i had this weekend. we will see some areas would dense fog by night low clouds lifted from the livermore valley. same thing goes from noon. keeping things cooler there in the
5:47 pm
south bay will be in the 70's and low 80s. a were inland valleys will be in the '80s as well. 64 for downtown san francisco tomorrow and and the north bay will be cooler. the cooler tomorrow and steel until friday but this weekend will be in the last of that ball rolling out temperatures to want across or away from the coastline. we would get to 90 degree inland and stick pretty warm to start the work week.
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gabe slate tech report >> reporter: the screeners the to see that it is a functioning object. the
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gadget being targeted our phones, tablets and laptops + and held hand and gaming devices. iphone is an samsung galaxies have already been singled out for additional scrutiny. as certain airlines in europe the middle east and africa. the device may not make on to the airline and you may have to leave it behind. domestic airports like ast f o, lake l.a. believing that this could be a normal thing at u.s. airports in the near future so you if you aren't travelling internationally i would advise you to purchase a backup device. gabe slate kron 4 news. >> pam: $18 million for
5:56 pm
beating victim brian stow. how this is playing out in social media and will the a's in oakland come to a deal to stay at the coliseum. they are closed so what has changed now coming up at six? >> jacqueline: it is sunny now but that will be changing with low clouds on their way and we're talking about that and warmer weather for the weekend.
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>> pam: tonight at six. bryan stow's parents share their reactions. after a jury in the civil trial -- awarded the beaten giants fan 18-million dollars. >> pam: the jury found the
6:00 pm
los angeles dodgers are responsible for only a quarter of the sum. but before we break down those numbers. >> pam: kron4's catherine heenan has more on what stow's family had to say after waiting for help for a long time. catherine?? >> catherine: brian stow can't really speak for himself today. but as soon as this verdict was announced..the question was how he and his family were reacting. >>bryan's parents and their attorney didn't wait long. minutes after the court session broke up.they talked about their relief that there are damages that will help in his care. said. >> catherine: starting with their attorney.who talked about the people who have worked hardest to keep bryan going..his mother and father >>the money the stow family will get isn't as much as they asked for. but they're still pleased with the verdict. that while his son might not understand the complicated details of the verdict -- he'll know he got some help today. >> catherine: it's not as much help as stow's team wanted. his attorney was asking for
6:01 pm
37 million dollars. >> reporter:but this will indeed help. the jury found the dodgers to be 25 percent responsible for the incident. also responsible, the the men who attacked stow.and are now in prison. but jury did not find then dodgers owner frank mccourt, to be negligent. >> reporter: the jury awarded stow nearly 18 million dollars. >> reporter:his lawyer says in reality, stow will actuallly receive from the dodgers about 15 million dollars.the other three million would need to be paid by stow's attackers. >> reporter:the money awarded is intended to cover past and future earnings, medical expenses, as well as pain and suffering. >> reporter:the dodgers lawyers had argued stow's medical costs would be between 6 and 11 million dollars. the jury found that stow was in no was responsible for the attack.despite the fact he had been drinking.
6:02 pm
>> pam: continuing our team coverage. the bay area and the nation has been watching the trial closely. kron4's philippe djegal is live at at&t park where he heard reaction following the bryan stow verdict. >> reporter: brian stow case has come come very personal it hasn't really hit home for the players and coaches especially ones that have kept in contact with the family. earlier this year donating $20,000 to the family to offset some of bryant enormous medical cost. burdick he says may not have gone far enough listen. >> seems interesting that guy go to the game have a
6:03 pm
little fun, and then leave the game only millions of dollars for something that happened to him where he was beaten into a coma. i find that very confusing all of this debt and money that he goes. these guys all money and doctors all quarter and is still not enough to cover all the medical expenses that have been built up is kind of mixed feelings for me >> reporter: meanwhile, and there is still a big game to be played here with the san francisco giants and oakland athletics. first pitch at 615 current >> pam: the san francisco giants issued an official and brief statement on the jury decision. the statement reads in part. >> pam: "the jury's verdict closes one chapter of this
6:04 pm
tragic story. we want >> pam: to thank the giants fans. and the entire bay area community for their heartfelt support of the stow family during their difficult journey. we will continue to be there for bryan and his family. as they care for him and his children." -- unquote. >> pam: and people are sharing their thoughts on the bryan stow verdict on social media. >> reporter:take shift one there has been strong reaction on the bryan stow trail.on twitter. 53-percent are positive. and 47 - percent negative. >> reporter:the negative sentiment comes from people who complained that bryan stow was also at fault and should not have been awarded any money. >> reporter:other negative tweets also come from stow supporters who think he didn't get enough compensation. >> reporter:we'd love to hear your thoughs on this
6:05 pm
story send us a tweet or join the conversation on facebook.and we all the details on >> pam: the high-priced call girl whom santa cruz police say injected a prominent silicon valley businessman with a fatal dose of heroin was in court today. >> pam: 26-year-old alix tichelman appearred in santa cruz superior court this morning where she was arraigned on manslaughter, destroying evidence and several drug-related charges. >> pam: police say tichelman, injected google executive forest hayes, whom she met on-line, with a fatal dose of heroin aboard his yacht last november at the santa cruz harbor. police say video from a >> pam: security camera on
6:06 pm
the boat shows what happened in detail and is evidence that what tichelman did and did not do rises to the level of 2nd degree murder. tichelman was arrested last weekend after police used that video to trace her to the sacramento area and then lured her back to santa cruz by posing as a client offering a thousand dollarsa stay at a posh resort in exchange for sex. she will return to court next week and remains in jail in lieu of a million >> she was cleaning up the side by what wiping up the cabinet and several time she stepped over mr. hayes body. she stepped over the body and finished a glass of wine that was on the table there. she was only caring about her well-being. picking out needles and the heroine.
6:07 pm
hayes. the rising number of evictions in san francisco. demonstrators gathered in front of the offices of urban green investments this morning >> pam: organizers say this firm has bought numerous buildings in the city, evicted the tenants through the ellis act and then has resold the building for profit. and as kron4's dan kerman reports a 98-year-old woman is one of the renters being kicked to the street. >> reporter: calamary hi mary >> reporter: she has lived in these apartments for 50 years. >> i have been very happy and i have always paid my rent and never been late. >> reporter: the building owners have been even fix it. have any picked it hard.
6:08 pm
evicted her. >> reporter: she has nowhere else to go. >> i am too old to pack up and leave. i would just kick the bucket right here (laughter) >> reporter: phillips does not go out anymore but she was able to enjoy a fourth of july fireworks from her patio. >> then when you are a long as much as i am you can see action at its a good help direct >> reporter: you would think that her age what caused her to cave in and moved to think again >> just because of your age. it does not give people the
6:09 pm
right to push you around. >> reporter: she says once they think about that maybe they will come to the decision that she will should not killed in old lady out of her home. kick an old lady in out of her home. >> pam: the new lease for the oakland a's are causing questions. san francisco k-9 unit received any special gift and how it can help them in a dire situation. plus driving dangers almost recall california's need to be aware of before hitting the road.
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for the freshest produce you want to be close to the people who are close to the land. that's why safeway works with over 150 local growers. the folks whose hands are in the soil. planting and nurturing the kind of delicious produce that gets delivered daily to safeway. so there's more local produce to love. like this week, locally grown driscoll's organic strawberries are just $2.50 a pound. safeway, ingredients for life. >> pam: more recalls for faultyhonda is recalling about one million more cars in california. that's on top of the two million that have already been recalled. >> pam: the automaker says a defective inflator could explode in a crash, sending shards of its metal casing into the passenger compartment. several cars are affected by
6:13 pm
the recall. including the 2000 to 2007 honda accord and 2001 to 2005 honda civic. >> pam: coming up. >> pam: a man convicted of raping dozens of women in california. has released from a mental hospital. where he's heading to live tried to keep him out. plus -- doing drugs in public -- a comedian sets out to see how people react next. can't say thank you enough. you have made my life special by being apart of it. (everyone) cheers! glad you made it buddy. thanks for inviting me. thanks again my friends. for everything, for all your help.
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>> pam: oakland mayor jean quan is for now ready to support a new deal to keep the oakland a's at the colliseum. after weeks of questions. she said today she wants the city council to approve the proposed new leas. she had hoped the deal that was just approved by the coliseum board would have the team to commit to a new stadium in the city. but now is counting on getting that done after it is signed. >> pam: complicating any plans for a new baseball stadium is that the raiders
6:17 pm
have called for the demolition of the coliseum to make way for a new football stadium. >>we believe that the lease extension for the a's is not in conflict with the raiders. i also believe that we need the city council to approve is as soon as possible so we can start talking as soon as possible about a new stadium in the city and there are a lot of options and i'm hoping we can find a place that the a's want to build and that's not quite there in the lease so we need to start that as soon as the lease extension is signed. >>well that's good news that the mayor wants the lease approved. it could have gotten approved two weeks ago when myself and the other memebers of the jpa were directed not to show up so i'm glad she's ready to take a vote. >> pam: city councilman larry reed sits on the board and voted for the lease. in addition to the council the advisers will also have to approve the deal as well >> pam: the man called the pillowcase rapist has been released from a mental hospital. authorities say 63-year-old
6:18 pm
christopher hubbart was released from coalinga >> pam: state hospital and sent to live an unincorporated area near palmdale. hubbart is a convicted rapist.who terrorized at least 40- women in northern and southern california in the 1970's and 80's. he got his nickname by using a pillowcase to muffle victims' screams. >> pam: residents in the area have tried to petition and stop the move. >> pam: patrick mchenry was allegedly murdered by his girlfriend who lived there during and domestic violence incident. mckinley's girlfriend called 91 what is stated that he was not breathing. ms rush to the scene and was unable to revive him. >> pam: 6 custom fitted it
6:19 pm
hit a bulletproof vest were given to k-9 unit treasure island today the bulletproof vest with a donation from a covered your canine program. the monticello fire on the south east side is still more of a threat deke monticello fire is only a certain percentage contained current the bus fire that burned over 4,300 a. in napa and lake counties is down at 100 percent. this one
6:20 pm
started last tuesday. the two homes were destroyed. >> jacqueline: we were down 10 degrees in concord today. we were and low 80s and 70's in the north bank. with 74 in san rafael. notice at the coastline where warmer by 70 degrees. and five degrees because we saw more sunshine there this afternoon if look at the camera more clout movie and. you can see some of the sun breaks at the san mateo coastline right noun which leads which led to the warmer temperatures. in two morning commute you see here
6:21 pm
at 6 at 9:00 clearing at the livermore valley and south bay. it will become cooler in the north bay tomorrow because additional low cloud coverage. 70's and 80's to the east bay 79 and concord, 72 at castro valley and 70 and vallejo tomorrow with 73 and petaluma with low cloud coverage a little longer tomorrow. this week and will have the last fall fog staying pretty toasty away from the coast.
6:22 pm
>> catherine: a judge in colorado has struck down the state's ban on same sex marriage. it's a victory for advocates immediately put on hold - pending an >> catherine: meantime - utah is going court to challenge a federal appeals court ruling that found that states 'must' allow same sex couples to marry. >> catherine: that's in response to a the ban on gay marriage. these rulings are happening when the supreme court struck down the federal
6:23 pm
[ heart beating ]
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>> catherine: a viral video that's shocking some people. a comedian named marcus tisdale wanted to find out if san francisco is the only city where you can smoke crack cocaine openly in public. >> catherine: that phrase was made famous by fellow comedian dave chappelle. >> catherine: tisdale documented his experiment and posted it on you-tube. he says he took his fake crack pipe onto the streets of san francisco. hoping to >> catherine: get some reaction to his apparently illegal activity. someone did tell him -- you can't do that in there. >> catherine: the person behind the camera told the man that the pipe is fake. tisdale says he got everything from double-takes to threats. but got more reaction from private security than he did from police. >> catherine: eventually someone walked over and said that you could not do that
6:27 pm
in here. tisdale says he got anywhere from double takes to you cannot do that. he claimed overall he received more reactions from security. >> reporter:burger king released a special whopper wrapper to mark san francisco's pride celebration last month. and now the wrapper is up for bids on e-bay. >> reporter:the current bid is one-thousand and 25 dollars. and there is still plenty of time for others to make a higher bid. the e-bay listing put up by bigrockandrollstar shows shipping is free with purhase -- and that the wrapper is in new condition. >> reporter:the proud whopper -- featured the fast
6:28 pm
food chain's same old signature burger -- but with one new feature. >> reporter:the rainbow wrapper came -- with a witty tage line "we are all the same on the inside". it was sold during pride weekend at the burger king francisco. >> pam: a photographer attacked by his own equipment call on heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
6:29 pm
what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop.
6:30 pm
come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
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>> reporter:the google executive was a married man.and the father of five children. neighbors say they are shocked by the details of as a welcoming and outgoing man. grandiose home in santa cruz declined to be interviewed.saying they are reliving the tragedy of losing their loved one. >> reporter: to this
6:32 pm
evidence that she knew hayes were overdosing and left him to die, then finished her glass of wine and covered her tracks the left. >> reporter: have now confirmed some of the details of her past crimes that have placed her behind bars in the state of georgia shouldn't the trouble for fouling a false police report and beverage charges last year's j.r. stone kron 4 news. battery charges if >> reporter: at&t park where the san francisco giants are
6:33 pm
hear what hosting the have oakland athletics creek there are still reacting to the brian stow burdick. for almost $15 million of brian stow medical exp this giants coaches and players say that they are happy that still was not being held as possible but hope that the jury will go a little farther with the amount the family was granted. >> reporter: >> they will have to drag me out of here and if they want to do that >> reporter: she says she is too old to move out of curve dolores street apartment creek she says they should have thought about making more money before by the building. in san francisco dan carmen >> reporter: lights are on
6:34 pm
during daylight hours even on the actual platform and platform. the similar situation and about likes being on at the north concord station and here in walnut creek by passengers are equally frustrated about the ongoing waste of energy and tax payers' dollars. >> it is a waste of energy. i do not know how much the bill is however it does make me a little angry >> reporter: when he slammed into a tree at the center medium police announced in debt pronounced him dead on scene. they're still with investigating to see if drugs or alcohol had played the role in the truck in the
6:35 pm
crash. >> reporter: and 20 year- old pittsburgh man was killed following and shooting were an 11 year old boy was long did. they are working to put together a special police detail to deal with violent crimes creek they like to boost the police department from 80 to 90 officers. >> jacqueline: satellite imagery this afternoon said but the fog is really solid. moving back and widespread as we head into tonight. blanketing the bay area.
6:36 pm
even by noon the fault will linger over the north bay which will keep it cooler. 79 and concord and 82 and walnut creek, 82 and livermore as well with the north bay running cooler because the fault will be slower to clear. fog. with 76 in napa. but things will start to warm back up and will have less fault. fog. >> reporter: sure to tune
6:37 pm
into kron 4 news at 8:00 p.m. i will feature something special in my tax report tech report no rush, andy. come on. with the chase mobile app you can get a lot done in a little amount of time from transferring funds wait a minute. you've got to be kidding. did you guys see that? that ball was out. to paying your coach for adding five miles per hour to your serve.
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>> reporter:caught on camera a photographer attacked by his own tripod. new reporter bob aaron had his camera rolling when it all went down. it happens pretty fast -- we'll keep replaying the video and slow it down for you. >> reporter:he was standing on a public road shooting video of the suspect's property -- after animal control had been there investigating allegations of animal abuse. >> reporter:the suspect went up to aaron -- picked up the tripod and swung it. ♪ >>"what's wrong with you buddy" >> reporter:aaron's leg was cut and bruised, his finger smashed. >> reporter:he's expected to be okay.
6:41 pm
however his camera is destroyed. the suspect in video -- has been arrested. cyst >> pam: the world cup finalist take on germany gary heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
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(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. >> gary: awarded $18 million in damages today the dodgers were found liable in had to pay it around $14 million in recouping losses for pain and suffering the two men that beat him, good luck >> when you are in a situation where you were beat down and into a coma
6:45 pm
and you have all of this debt and money old and then these guys all money and the organization owes about quarter of the money is still not enough is still not enough money to cover the expenses that have built up since the incident. >> gary: look at the giants and look at the a san francisco has been lousy. the last 27 games the only 17, yet the dodgers' top already lost today. the can go back and first place with a win today at 80 and to park. at&t park >> it has been a tough to 3 weeks. we just need to play better ball.
6:46 pm
>> gary: he is pretty cool. >> pam: he is pretty cold correc cool! >> gary: joking a round little bit and he is just a really nice guy. >> gary: you know what i am saying. >> jacqueline: haven't you call cam boring and the past? >> gary: yes in the past he is not the best and to print he is not the best interview
6:47 pm
>> jacqueline: jack >> gary: i can still talk to these guys like regular guys i am not carrying a camera. >> gary: ok. pam is looking at me like i am a genius but i am not i am just an honest man. >> gary:world cup - netherlands/argentina >> gary:lionel messi best player in the world trying to get to first world cup final
6:48 pm
>> gary:15th minute >> gary:messi with the blast of the free kick but it is saved the only shot on goal in regulation time by either team! >> gary:91st minute >> gary:netherlands' arjen robben has great chance but is tackled before he can get a shot they played 30 more minutes of extra time then onto penalty kicks >> gary:penalty kicks >> gary:wesley sneijder is turned away bt argentina goel keeper sergio romero who made two saves in penalty kicks >> gary:maxi rodriguez scores the winning penalty kick celebration >> gary: angentina fans tears of joy >> gary:final: 0-0 world cup final >> gary:sunday at 9:00 am argentina vs germany for the world cup title return to
6:49 pm
>> gary: i think jason is a soccer player. he will give you rethink at 9:00. pop the village is not leaving now he will continue to coach the san antonio spurs. too cool to announce the terms of the deal just i am coming back. i am rich parent i am rich. lebraun >> gary:... lebraun where is he going? the cavaliers did get rid of money and now they are freed up picking give him over $20 million to play for cleveland he >> gary: met with pirelli for over an hour today and
6:50 pm
no one is talking. >> gary: staff curry, he may be the popular diet of the bay area right now. most popular guy of the bay area.. taling to kids . the point being when this guy talks to you he really lived it. i hate to say this because role models should be your parents have family. however, is this guy of petrol and lives what he says. lives >> gary: the only way for fans to gain access to one
6:51 pm
of these practices is to enter an online random drawing. there is also tours right now if you like to see the new stadium. there is a report that the raiders are in top to have the coliseum torn down next only problem is i thought they aced would play there for next teen years. they are back and forth. i will turn out to pam. jackie, is still new on the scene. >> gary: jean quan? you need willie brown someone strategic, he is slate muni someone to talk to people and i do not need in a bad way but he knows how to talk to guys with money. he is
6:52 pm
slic - and not in the bad way. >> pam: the emmys are inching closer for the freshest produce
6:53 pm
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>> pam: mass of school of wild anchovies were spotted by researchers of the san diego coast scientists say is the largest pool of anchovy they have seen in 30 years. a large crowd gathered at the scripps pier to check out the fish. scientists do not have the estimate of how many
6:56 pm
anchovies were in the school. >> pam: in entertainment news less talk and meese last let's talk emmy's >> pam: the nominations come out early tomorrow moring. and >> pam: own official emmy >> pam: and remember you can catch the rest of the emmy tonight at 7. >> jacqueline: more fog, fog and fog. we will have temps back in the 90's by next week
6:57 pm
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the "insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> you said nothing and that's cowardly. >> no. no. no. >> here comes the very woman who spit in the face of her own network. >> elizabeth versus rosie, round two. "the view" feud. >> she seemed to have a lot of control. >> and inside rosie's reported deal demand. >> things have to go her way or not at all. >> was she thinking of elizabeth when she asked for a reality star ban? then, robin's album bombed. why music's biggest stars can't give their music away, let alone sell it. plus, halle berry making the rounds, literally. zac's ex, vanessa, takes photos of her own. we are there. beauty queens clawing for a crown? tv's new trophy wives take us inside the mama drama.
7:00 pm
>> now, the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/7. it's the "insider" together with yahoo!. the saga of the split-screen drama continues as rosie seems to be a shoo-in now as "view" co-host. and from "blurred lines" to blindsided, fans clearly not sticking with robin through the thick and thin of it all, as his new album struggles out of the gate. i'm kevin frasier. >> i'm dee andrews. also coping with rejection issues, elisabeth hasselbeck, who seems quite emotional about rosie's imminent return to "the view." bitter, table for one? >> rosie's reported demands have been revealed and allegedly, an elizabeth clause. hasselbeck, on vacation, called into her show, "fox and friends" this morning and she ripped rosie. >> what can ruin a vacation more than to hear news like this? talk about not securing the border.


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