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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 6, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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after three days being shutdown to traffic.caltrans has opened a section of northbound 2-80 earlier than expected. kron-4's scott rates shows us the work that has been done and what's *next for the interstate. fire crews are working through extreme heat as they fight the monticello fire near lake berryessa.
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third cal fire tells us it is more aggressive than the recent butts canyon wildfire. teams worked aggressively throughout the night and all day today, yet the fire is only 30 percent contained. kron 4's alecia reid walked across parts of the mountain
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today and has the latest details on the monticello fire. nats - highway 128 is shut down on both sides. as far as i know the lake is still open but everything else is shut down. the roads are closed on highway 128 from pleasant valley road to highway 121 as fire crews battle the blaze near lake berryessa that has already spread to 7- thousand acres. sot - it grew faster, it has more rural remote land so it was able to get established, and with the topography, fuel and weather it really took off. the steep, rugged terrain makes it difficult to access. add extreme temperaturesit's a complete challenge for firefighters. chopper also attacked it from above. crews from local, federal, and county, including alameda county, are here to help battle the monticello fire. sot - it's instrumental to have a combined effort of the automatic aid there is potential for it to grow even further. firefighters continue to build control
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lines, like this one, where bulldozers scrape the ground around the perimeter of the blaze to prevent it from spreading. sot - firefighters now readdress, they patrol, mop up, make sure it's out and cold before we deem it safe for the public to come back to their homes. the golden bear estates has been ordered to evacuate sot - we decided not to leave because we thought maybe. maybe the fire would stay at a distance, which it has. standup with the current drought we're told calfire is battling 70% more fires than they were this time last year, and they have yet to reach the height of the season. reporting in solano county. and one person has been injured while fighting the blaze. officials say it happened this afternoon when crews were building fire control lines. a cal fire bulldozer overturned, sending the operator to the hospital. no word on his condition. meanwhile, forty homes remain threatened tonight. hot and dry weather is
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certainly making it harder for firefighters out there in yolo county. kron-4 meteorlogist brian van anken is here.and has more on the conditions crews are facing. or the fire is were talked about high he along with dry conditions. as a movement tomorrow it will be hotter than it was then. it will cool down tuesday and but then we have another threat a large thunderstorm. station is just the latest in a rash of violence in the east bay. kron four's dan rubin says the crime is affecting bart riders. and public transit employees. bart trains were passing through the hayward bart station
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on saturday night. but they weren't stopping. a man was shot in the a-c transit bus lane outside the hayward bart station friday night. the victim was taken to eden medical center. he is expeceted to survive. bart police don't have any suspects. the hayward station was closed until the following morning. brendan is mostly un-phased by the violence. for others, it's a constant concern. patricia is strong enough to keep coming to work for a-c transit. but patricia feels like a lack of police presence leaves her vulnerable, and alone. at the hayward bart station, there's a bart police car, but no one is inside. the same goes for the station
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agent booth at hayward bart. on sunday afternoon. no one was there. saturday night's shooting falls under the jurisdiction of bart police. they would not comment on any of the recent violence on bart property. reporting at hayward bart station, dan rubin, kron four news. it was one year today when the deadly asiana plane crash at s- f-o happened. the plane came in for landing just before 11-30 on july 6th, 2013. it crashed with 291 passengers on board. two died at the scene, another died at the hospital. last week at the n-s-t-b hearing, the board found the asiana flight crew over-relied on automated landing systems and that the pilot lacked manual flying skills. two pedestrians are injured after being struck by a vehicle tonight in san francisco. police say they were crossing the intersection of sunset and moraga shortly before 9
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tonight. they say one suffered a broken leg and head injuries.the other pedestrian was also complaining of pain. they were both transported to the hospital. a head-on collision near grizzly peak in oakland, causes one car to burst into flames. but miraculously, no one was seriously injuried. the accident was reported just an neighborhood on edge after a mountain lion is spotted for at least the third time this week. and newly released documents detail the scope of n-s-a spy programs on internet users --- including many americans. the personal information they reportedly stored. a southern california man escapes from the jaws of a great white shark. his story of the dangerous encounter --- next. his story of the dangerous eheat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually.
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a morning swim off california's manhattan beach almost cost a man his life. this is cell phone video shot from the manhattan beach pier after a great white shark attacked 40-year-old steven robles yesterday. beachgoers on the pier yelled and screamed at swimmers. including robles. urging them to hurry ashore.
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the shark took a chunk out of his chest. robles tried to pry himself from the shark. and eventually it released him. an expert says most likely the shark bite was a so-called "response bite". that robles was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. free metered parking returns to san francisco for sundays.. well at least in most parts of the city. we'll show you where you'll still have to pay. and another mountain lion sighting in a neighborhood on the peninsula has residents on edge. it's happened again.
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comes dangerously close to homes. this after two similar sightings earlier this week in the same city. tonight, kron four's philippe djegal speaks with a neighbor who lives near the area where the cougar was seen roaming around, and possibly killed another animal. sot- "it was right down in this gulley right down here and like from what i heard, is that they found a deer carcus." jay chresta isn't the resident who spotted the mountain lion, but says he wishes he was. sot- "in all honesty, i wanted
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to see him." chresta lives across the street from this wooden area on queens lane in san mateo, where on friday night the san mateo county sheriff's office says a neighbor saw a puma, similar to this one caught in mountain view earlier this year. then reported the sighting saturday afternoon after finding an animal carcus believed to be a deer in the same area. sot- "have you ever seen a mountain lion here? no, i haven't. any signs of one ever? no." despite being near homes, the sheriff's office says no one was injured. it's unclear where the mountain lion came from. but if you do come across one. sot- "don't feed it." and, don't approach them. sot- "the mountain lions want to avoid us as much as we want to avoid them. they're not here. they don't want to interact with us. they just want to live their lives and the best thing to do is leave them alone." in san mateo, philippe djegal, kron four news.
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drivers in san francisco. getting a big break. starting today. meter parking is free once again on sundays across most of the city. the s-f-m-t-a brought back free
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sunday meter parking at the request of mayor ed lee and as
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part of their 2015- 2016 fiscal year budget. after making meters operational from 12 to 6 on sundays last january. it brought the city around 11-million dollars. the free parking comes as a welcome surprise to many drivers. people will still have to pay at meters at the port of san francisco. fisherman's wharf. and several parking lots. additionally. people will have to pay to park at areas around a-t-and-t park for special events and giants games. three people are dead after a single engine plane crashed in southern california early this morning. officials say the plane's wing broke off after clipping a tree. the plane then fell into a ravine in riverside county around 9 a-m this morning. the crash caused a small brush fire. but it was quickly
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extinguished. officials are still determining who owned the plane. and where it took off. new information is coming out about data collection by n-s-a- spy programs. c-n-n reports that documents obtained by edward snowden show that data of thousands of u-s citizens was intercepted by the agency. according to the washington post. the information was collected during a legal data sweep targeting foreigners. but nearly 90 percent of the information collected was from ordinary internet users.including americans. the post reports some of the information collected included personal photos including baby pictures, medical records.and resumes. those are among nearly 160- thousand intercepted conversations from emails, instant messages.and social networks. however.the program did bring in valuable information such as a secret overseas nuclear project. security officials are turning their attention to cell phones. at airport security checkpoints overseas. the t-s-a says officers may ask u-s bound passengers to power on cell phones to prove they are not explosives. it comes on the heels of new
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concerns that al qaeda might be developing bombs that could go undetected by security. additional enhanced measures have not yet been released. french laundry - the iconic wine country restaurant celebrated 20 years of fine food this week. the world famous restaurant served up a special dinner of popular meals prepared over the years. chef thomas keller on hand to great guests and cook up some of his specialties. french laundry - one of those places impossible to get a reservation. even more so now. the restaurant will closing down temporarily later this year for renovations. jason is in with all your bay area sports up next!
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a's going for the for answering sweep in the coliseum today. top first-team moment in the first inning 643 double play.
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that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 we'll see you tomorrow morning!
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