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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  June 13, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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thanks for joining us on james fletcher and i marked an end. but it details. no bad news and today's forecast. i'm we're going to see some pretty taken a live look outside. we do have some clout cover. and the south bay temperatures are mainly in the '50s working our way into the afternoon expect warmer weather compared to yesterday places like san jose will reach 75 and i think will reach 80 degrees now tonight we will experience more cloud cover will system patchy fog develop overnight. olav the full details on the forecast coming up in 50 minutes.
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much lighter than usual. there's the end of the back up one of the approaches. so it's no longer backed up into the macarthur case and they date approaches are is an easy one no longer backed of the westbound lanes of the toll plaza 3 it's about an hour for things to moderate to hear one today activated the metering lights. everything started to back up and now that back up a starving to ease as the site going rate improves. and not much improvement for the 0580 ride westbound and even though we've had an accident and they stalled big rig here of westbound 580 ed rendell. even with all of that the drive time is still only 44 minutes. but that's only about 7 minutes more than a usually would take to drive on a friday morning. it's only less are about the same thing that would take on another day of the week. the corridor commute slowed a
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bit because of this crash. the good news is it's not like any lanes. it's over on the right hand shoulder. >>: following developing news this morning coming out hayward where a deadly fire happen overnight and that's for kron4's will tran is this a morning coming to us live with the latest. >>: what james fire investigators began to knock out polls throughout the mobile home. the one and there they found a man about 10 ft. away from the front door. it appears he was trying to escape. pg&e came
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out here. for while they knock over the electricity just a mixture of a century the growingand police now fear it's the latest incidence of the new trend, "wilding". sphere
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seizedhappening now. san jose police are new this morning after five years in captivity army sergeant both argall is back on american soil. he had all arrived at brooke army medical center and san
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antonio tx 3 he was rescued from the talent and a released from a telegram. he was treated and germany. the ohio native is expected to be reunited with his family sometimes in the near future. officials said the army has not yet to formally begun a review into the circumstances of bird dolls captured weather now he walked away without leave our was deserting the army when he was found and taken from insurgents >>:---bowe begdahl. , officials also say the
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army if al-qaida-inspired militants captured two towns this week in iraq's sunni heartland. militants driving machinegun-mounted pickups entered the towns near baghdad. iraqi soldiers abandoned their posts there without any resistance. the officials also say kurdish forces from northern iraq secured offices of kurdish parties. no clashes were reported. the escalating conflict in iraq could drive gas prices higher. as the violence increased thursday. oil futures climbed to 106-dollars a barrel.
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that's a 2-percent increase and the highest level since last september. if oil prices keep heading north. analysts predict prices at the pumps could jump more than 20-cents in the next couple weeks. the national average for gas is currently 3-65 a gallon. let's face it,
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it for waking up with a kron4 morning news of your liking upper announcing a lot of sunshine. that it's really not as evident for the past couple of days. we are dealing with a lot of clear conditions. as we head into the afternoon. all wind advisories have been canceled. closer to the bay expect temperatures in the '60s and all '70s downtown san francisco a high of 65 degrees. a looking ahead tonight. if he were looking
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ahead three that were going to see a warming trend. car color conditions as we have back to work, did one thing for certain is the consistent think is the morning fog and afternoon sunshine. at the time -715 years george. >>: as we are - 0 during periods one of the factories for some in school folks. as we're seeing an impact especially here in the bay bridge were westbound we see the end of the back up its a short right now the bay bridge toll plaza through the maze. the shore freeway no waiting are back up. northbound. san mateo bridge was this time will be answered that we started san stop and go conditions on the stand and so far is not the case. so
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far we're still looking at 1314 minute drive times to the westbound ride for 92 still looks good. this is a harvard is the possibility that some time between 1230. we could see conditions deteriorated. at the golden gate bridge. let's try some drive times. no delays. south 680 looks good. even the san ramon valley. we continue to have the ways of 580 westbound out of the of the law passed earlier occurring problems with an accident installed a big rig and generally are occurring accident south of 680 at thornton. and the southbound direction. and the ride approves but instead of much the better.
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as it is through marin county on and on southbound. the lands have spoiled every launch of nasa's newest investment of 150 million to be exact into the project. if this light does happen this summer and what have to be postponed until next year. >>: former astronauts and a former senator john glenn is recovering from surgery. he said to be in great shape. and his home in columbus. is the last surviving mercury average astronauts. >>: no charges filed against
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colin kapernick after the state attorney's office in miami concluded the investigation was not enough evidence for the crime the woman told investigators she might have been a victim of sexual assault after passing now at the vista roy hotel in miami. the two other nfl players clinton the pac-10. locarno locket were not charged with anything. here's what colin kapernick to read it he said " as i said from day one i would never do the things that were made about me. i'm glad this issue was resolved it's time for football. >>: glenn avesta park in san
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francisco coldest official park. the park is not for its stunning views and rabin appealed. but as kron4's johnson olio reports residents say that old park is a much in need of some still see and they want to elected officials to do something about it. >>: on top of point of is the park's five under and a 75 ft. till you can see all the way to golden gate bridge. isabel wade is founder of friends of glen vista park and you could say see someone of an expert on the place. fees live across the street for more than 50 years but in recent years she says the park has suffered from a lack of maintenance. >>: says the landscape park a larger parks like when avestan: canyon and mclaren
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park of the canton to get shortchanged. this just isn't enough money to go around three desolate decided to do something about it by starting a petition. and down trees beckham fall on the bar of things the city needs to respond to. >>: with a lack of funding and is perhaps one of the burden of paradise. there is a beautiful old part by use the green space. a man now remain open if it's not maintained. up >>: it's a matter of people loving both the mayor and the board of supervisors know that this matters. supervisors scott weiner spinks san francisco park to need more funding. >>: still ahead on the kron4
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as we take a live look ossetic neighbors told plaza although we do see some call cover will also drucilla the sun shine out there in the past couple of mornings minutes in the fifties may be a little cooler affected in the valley is says in the afternoon were tennessee blue skies and a lot of sunshine time which is the low seventies for places like oakland. clear skies for much of tonight in heavy fog started to form their the overnight hours we sit a little bounce at the bay bridge toll plaza rebel maundering the last hour i really like ride west around in the backup where sen view here in the and the the east parking lot but is grown little not back to western
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avenue but the drive times as to about 60 minutes and took this approach for the mimics freeway and thbanking mimik freeway. noy be backed up all through hayward union city all the way into san leandro but that is not the case today
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former bart police officer who shot of a cigarette will be back in court today he's been sort sued in civil court buyer the grandfather of the 2009 shooting measure late hasn't maintained that he thought he is using a taser when he actually shot creek in the back. , the lawyer accused him of racial
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profiling. >>: the woman 65 year-old woman was last seen yesterday she's a deal and about 5 ft. 325 lbs. last seen and when a head scarf. >>: 3 no suspects are kidnapped and sexually assaulting a 13 year-old girl to is what cannot curl world would a car pulled up in your mind about burgundy sedan this is the three people vorster into the car at gunpoint and insulted her to describe them and, as a late teen african-americans. and fresno police are making an arrest and the death of a man who was mistaken release from jail this 37 year-old bobby lee pearce and was, stabbed to death hours after the jury
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accidently signed a form freeing him from prison after the form was signed he had no choice but to release them pearson red after he was released and to a fight with the sister's boyfriend was fable it fatally stabbed. >>: settles a police service to gain the city's 90 times that of the year happened last night distemper 10:00 on south 12th street and that's for mike: this is standing by with more information on what happened. >>: homicide investigators the still try to piece this all together the stories tell us at some point there is a large fight here on 12 straight near the intersection the key street the victim was shot and they found him inside the garden apartment complex behind me. just in the past half an hour the officers cleared the seen as they conducted the lead of a full investigation overnight. they're around 10¢ found a 15
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year to 25 year-old man posseshot as you try to run through the complex as he collapsed. 10 people were fighting with baseball bats in the middle of 12th street that led to the sheep shooting and neighbors said they heard at least five shots. >>: the gunshots were normal to me a final here, not saved but i heard that close just with my family and kids around yes i'm scared for them. >>: in the corner will make up positive i.d. on the victim this point it's unclear whether he is associated with the complex are not. they believe that this may be possibly gang-related in there waiting for any information or someone to come forward in this case. >>: and martinez teenager was it
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killed by a freight train was recognized at a school's graduation. a share was reserved for 14 year-old deneb adding at the ceremony yesterday her family received the diploma. she stepped off the tracks into i come oncoming train she dropped her cellphone jump back to grab it and that's on the train hit her. >>: i just feel for the family will offers a much and this is something that she would love to and look forward to and so we one embracing as we would have as she has been here. >>: they have started a nonprofit organization called curse mild not work it raises money for families students still and wet difficult situations like dealing with the death knell a loved one.
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the time is 741 as we monitor lighter than usual ride around the bay area where somebody vocation and school vacations now our deficit impact on the ride. no backups or delays currently through the san remo valley the drive time to dublin from walnut creek is just 16 minutes. >>: as a 3.5 earthquake this morning in hitting, southern california around 630 this morning. no reports of damage but a lot of people felt the shaking in their several aftershocks. >>: but owner roughhouse catering over a cliff there decide, to burn the house down.
7:42 am
this could be burned this morning at 8:00 with, is hanging over the edge more more of the cliff keeps coming away. the 4,000 ft. house overlooks whitney just sell the forward is been crumbling into the lake of their cliff. will find of care is watching it will talk about the long lead croatia and the contra recalls against brazil yesterday. >>:
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happy friday everyone headed out the door a lot of sunshine even this emphasis go plot played in clear skies. san jose at 54 good morning to you as we head into the afternoon will see '70s even some eighties out there for the most part temperatures will be a little bit warmer than what we experience as a day in addition to that's not to be as breezy. property know today as the beehive is 7680 degrees for the autumn of valley and 80 and the
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livermore valley. the the first 65 in downtown san francisco and 70 over and oakland. sick of oakland for heading to the ball park to put on the game against the yankees the temperatures and below '60s we will see an increase and cloud cover throughout the game so make sure you ball go up because it could get a little chilly. there's seven there on the a forecast looks like will warm things up as we head into the weekend for father's day will be in the upper 80s and the low 70's is that the bay. the bay bridge crackup is nearly steady for the last 40 minutes to sell the drive times are running about 16 to 80 minutes attali back up to rest revenue in the west kron direction. the
7:47 am
and it is the approach looks good ditch just backed into the right-hand lane. first a look at the east bay drive times here which is still under 20 minutes for hercules to berkeley in the e sure freeway. west 24 is looking good in the southbound direction not only into walnut creek and the san ramon valley high we are however still backed up for the ride into livermore was brown. south bay freeway is definitely
7:48 am
lighter than usual with better than normal drive times. orrin ride is under 30 minutes from ride up to us the golden gate bridge. the petaluma river bridge to the south on the one no one ride to the nevada and narrows is pretty good. >>: bulldog: [yawning]
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happy friday the 13th will start off with the update of whether in traffic. >>: nothing scary about a week and forecasters some sunshine and warm temperatures. for some
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it's their business alive ... all along we are looking at up pretty mild and comfortable morning as he headed to the afternoon expected to be a little warmer here but we will restore low 80s in the valley. later on tonight we will see the increase and cloud cover will start to develop overnight the full details of fathers they were elected as some of the warmest temperature is as we head into the weekend it's a no one last cigarette look at the ropes. sfax and the backup for the west grand avenue 14 to 16 minutes drive times he's is their approach to other ms freeway. the new exit in the south and one no one in the north of direction in guadalupe
8:02 am
parkway is right here in slowing the ride down coming up from just before the 280 interchange that 24 minutes for the capitol expressway to the money via express where looking at a later than usual ride even with the crash on 11 north kron to settle sec. >>: a quick update on developing stories at a hayward when a fire there overnight that it could kill one person were been following this story. >>: the victim's name not be released at this time we do know they was a male and he did stay at the home all by himself and then there's the moment there there's the video that we shot this to get a closer look this fires that at 3:00 in the morning and took the fire department only 20 minutes to knock down the flames to get rid of the smoke but then it was too late. see that excess of damage in that short of model time. it appears that he was turned to a
8:03 am
state the smoke was so intense that action in blue out to the neighbors next door that neighbor ran over to get a hold of the property managers. and i shall try to go into the place when he said that it was typically too much. >>: it was sleeping at the time the neighbors say that. they didn't take the time to up wear pants and shoes. by the time i got over there there was no response on the wall. the house was are gleeful smoke and those are invisible flames. he's very shaken you almost wish you'd done more. >>: it would and nice but it was impossible and it was 32 a. he
8:04 am
said he never stepped foot into the unit. the reason why the smoke was so intense that emblem back-to-school a bit. so did another thing he ran outside of the mobile home and turn off the gas. that action possibly save a lot of life's and apparently saved a lot of destruction because they were able to keep the fire in the flames the damage just to that unit that was taken away about 20 minutes ago for the alameda county coroner's office and it will be about little bit later the cost of the fire is still under investigation we don't know if that led to the fire. and a man surrounded by a group of people logging and also read out people arrested.
8:05 am
forand police now fear it's the latest incidence of the new trend, "wilding". good morning i'm james fletcher. and i'm mark danon. we are following developing news out of hayward where there was a deadly overnight fire. kron 4's will tran is at the scene with the details. will? a man surrounded by a group of people is robbed in el cerrito. and now police are worried this could be another case of a growing crime trend called "wilding." the attack happened wednesday night near the el cerrito del norte bart station. five teens and two young adults surrounded a man on a bike. knocked him down. and pistol whipped him. they took his wallet and cell phone. police say the incident is similar to a series of robberies in san leandro which were classified as cases of "wilding." el cerrito police are now working with other departments to help put an end to this crime. the group of people suspected of robbing the bicyclist in el cerrito have been arrested. they were caught with airsoft replica guns and the victim's stolen property. el cerrito police have also recovered the car that was stolen from an elderly woman at a c-v-s parking lot. this is surveillance video of the incident. her white toyota camry was found not far from where the carjacking suspect was arrested in east oakland. a citizen's tip led to terrance hardy's arrest. he's pleaded not guilty in the case. growing concerns this morning on the violence in iraq between government forces and opposition groups.
8:06 am
the al-qaeda inspired miliants have already captured two towns in iraq's sunni heartland. they're now moving toward baghdad. u-s trained forces have been abandoning their posts without any resistance. the insurgents are also u vehict behind by u-s troops in the iraq war. the escalating conflict in iraq could drive gas prices higher. as the violence increased thursday. oil futures climbed to 106-dollars a barrel. that's a 2-percent increase and the highest level since last september. if oil prices keep heading north. analysts predict prices at the pumps could jump more than 20-cents in the next couple weeks. the national average for gas is currently 3-65 a gallon. to martinez now. where a hey there.
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surprise!lcome back. crystal geyser alpine spring water. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. news flash, it's bottled at the source. news flash, we sell it in cases. oh. thank you. oh no no no. crystal geyser. bottled right at the mountain source. welcome back to take a look at our morning commute at the bay bridge toll plaza the back of a westbound the drive time is currently 14 minutes down the democrat the maze into downtown symphysis but as we are definitely seen the impact of school vacation beginning now for so many people around the bay area. >>: teenager who was hit and killed by a freight train was recognized at her school's graduation. a chair was reserved for 14- year-old jenna betti at
8:11 am
yesterday's ceremony. her family received an honorory diploma. it was back in march. that jenna was walking on the tracks in martinez. she stepped off to make way for an oncoming train. but jumped back on to grab a cell phone she had dropped. that's when the train hit her. jenna's mother says yesterday's recognition helps keep her daughter's spirit alive. jenna's family has started a non-profit organization called "her smile dot org." it raises money for families and students dealing with difficult situations. like the death of a loved one. jahi mcmath.the 13-year-old girl still on life support after she was declared brain-dead by doctors at children's hospital oakland.will get an honorary 8th grade diploma at her former school today. her family says oakland charter school "e-c reems acadamy agreed to honor jahi at its ceremony
8:12 am
tonight. jahi's younger sister will be getting a fifth grade graduation certificate at the same ceremony. their entire family plans to attend. the owner of a house teetering over a crumbling cliff in texas. has decided to burn down his home.
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this is live from dallas texas the four- thousand foot house. it has been crumbling into the lake. as the cliff on which it is perched has given way. residents of the home were evacuated about two- weeks ago. 8 hail storm damage-topvo a storm socked abilene yesterday with heavy rans and tennis-ball-sized hail. you can see the damage to police cars---shattering windsheilds and lights. there were several reports of vehicles. as you can see cars parked on the street didn't stand a
8:16 am
chance against the giant ice balls. a familiar sight at the embarcadero bart station will soon be a thing of the past. station for over 30 years. less than week. rhinoceroses was very mild and 60 degrees receive a little more with temperatures spread that's because of the clear conditions soda's colder in the project developer. oakland 57 degrees live in the house its could be very nice as we head into the afternoon of lattice '70s even a few eighties out there so it is expected to be warmer than yesterday. 76 in fremont looking good at 73 n. santa clara. all
8:17 am
livermore valley 79 and 81 degrees in pittsburgh play-doh at 77. we still have the evidence of a sea breeze now fear said in the friday night with the giants against the rockies the purchase pit the first pitch is that 715 contenders will be in the upper 50s so deftly gerber jacket especially as you exit the ball park. we have bart spokesman ji
8:18 am
8:19 am
allison on the phone to talk more about this piece of history and what will become of legs. and here's a live look outside. toll plaza
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just quickly a one election know that the word of the day to day as lucky. as school year just got out of the preparations are very a the way for getting back to school. it'll be back to school before and the education secretary says the nation needs to address the growing cost of going to college. on wednesday, senate republicans blocked a democratic bill to lower the cost of student loans. there's also been criticism of president obama's new plan to cap monthly payments for certain federal student loans to 10
8:26 am
education secretary arne duncan told c-n-n that something must be done to combat the growing student loan crisis. the amount of student loan debt has skyrocked in the last few years. duncan says the president's executive order to cap payments is important-- but more is needed to address the student debt problem. new this morning. priceline is buying online restaurant reservation company open table for two-point-six billion the deal will expand priceline's services. they mostly offer hotel, flight and rental car deals. open table seats more than 15- million diners a month at more than 30-thousand restaurants. the company says it plans to stay based in san francisco. san jose police are investigating the city's 19th homicide of the year.
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it happened last night just after 10 p-m on south 12th you're looking live now as president barack obama and the for north dakota.and the they will attend the annual flag day celebration there. and the president is expected to conditions. this will be the first time improve the lives of native new jersey governor and possible 20-16 republican presidential san francisco today. he is campaigning with kashkari. kron 4's jackie sissel is at the event and has the
8:34 am
details.jackie? reportedly back on u-s soil. the prisoner swap that got bergdahl his freedom ignited a firestorm of criticism. steve kastenbaum is in san doctors will treat bergdahl. no charges were filed against 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick after the state concluded their investigation enough evidence of a crime. so tlasteeke.nd
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when the cemetery county here's the highway 92 in the westbound direction if there's an accident just as the alameda and is that affecting traffic in both directions in fact it's best that you fire, and a of sendero is backed up the west on ride.
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county has their let the old blades are block now because of that accident with an overturned car. always have been shut down in order to obtain an accident this is a pretty big impact in the ride here is not only slowing the trip coming westbound on 92 but also eased on a 92 adding down the hill. is also backing up the ride on 11 southbound and it's even affected the ride coming through the city and off the cemetery ridge which have otherwise been a trouble-free commute. there's been a brush fire here of the interchange of highway 24. and
8:48 am
looking at the bridges whenever great commute here we've been basically without a backup for the last hour and a half the san mateo bridge has not seen any slower go that's a slow and go or stopping dole conditions. -- stop and go , golden gate bridge ride continues to look great but headier north bound traffic than other days of the week. >>: a this is the sunshine and that camera shot at the golden gate bridge. we take a look the temperature is right now we're starting to warm things up san for cisco as 60 degrees 67 and oakland right now we still have a few low clouds along the coastline. the lesser for clock
8:49 am
, the '70s perhaps even 80s in the south bay. and again to the holiday weekend father's day sunday was see temperatures in the upper 80s and an old low seventies and inside the bay 64 will be the coast. but alexei temperatures will bump up yet again as we headed to the later part of the week. a new satellite is about to be a
8:50 am
launched in the first of its kind it's an animation provided by nasa so get your idea of what it looks like we get up there. though sealed to will measure carbon-sighted the earth's atmosphere.
8:51 am
they opened the competition were the controversial creek 3 and 1 win over creek osha. the resilience least and the doves they fell behind 1 nothing on the goal in the 11th when they scored twice. there'd be a performance by j lo and today, its mexico vs. cat alone. in miami. quinton patton and seahawks also not charged with anything following the news: "as i said from day one, i would made up about me. i'm glad this football."
8:52 am
someone tried to rob a jewelry investigators say, this man mateo avenue yesterday he said he had explosives. and would blow them up, if the clerk the clerk told the man the police were coming. he ran off without taking anything. he is said to be in his twenties. 5-foot-6 inches tall. nearly 34- thousand medical records of x-ray patients. have been stolen. the burglary happened at the former redwood regional medical group earlier this month. that's when a thumb drive. containing the x-ray records of thousands of patients was stolen from at an outpatient radiology facility. some of the information stolen included patients' first and last names, dates of birth, medical record numbers and relevant x ray data. officials claim. the stolen information did 'not' include patients' social security numbers or financial in repsonse. hospital officals are offering free credit monitoring and identity theft protection services to patients for one year. coming up on the kron four morning news. we have some actual "breaking news" to tell you about. earlier this morning a car
8:53 am
crashed into the c-n-n lobby in downtown atlanta. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually.
8:54 am
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are hot spot san mateo lais are not completely clear they were all bought from overturned accident but traffic remains back up the foster city, and of the san mateo bridge you may remember hearing earlier about the twin months twin babies being born one month apart. staff and kansas city their twin brothers were more than a month apart. they fled through southern arabia but when she was 23 wreaks along that they learned that hurt a sack that was holding one baby was
8:57 am
bolting the gave birth to baby kron shoes born-and she was born , the brother stayed inside the mommy. both babies are now in the world and doing well. t lyl por & ee c he ofn angehe w youlean
8:58 am
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for and not be reviewing those options in the days ahead. i do wannabe clear though this is not solely or primarily a military challenge. over the past decade american troops have made extraordinary sacrifices to give our rockies an opportunity to claim their own future. iraqi leaders have been and able to overcome the missecretary diffes been simmering there and that's creative abilities and iraqi governments and also they're confused umph security forces.
9:01 am
cassidy joined by a serious and sincere effort by iraq's leader to set aside differences to promote stability and account for the legitimate differences of all of remarks today there should be a wake-up call a radical leaders have to demonstrate a willingness to make our decisions and compromises on behalf of the iraqi people in order to bring the country together in that effort they will have to support the united states and our friend and our allies. iraq's neighbors have to also have the responsibility to afford the process that we as interest is
9:02 am
seen terrorists in the foot poles inside of iraq. the united states will do our part by understand that is all to meet up to the iraqis to solve their problems. indeed across the region we redouble our efforts to bring more capable, a terrorism efforts to establish safe haven it will continue that to or support of the moderate some decisions. and a partnership to other countries across the region ralston will pursue the diplomacy to wrap this. both inside of rock and across the region because never be enough stability to resolve their differences peacefully without resorting to war or the line of the united states military. will the minister the situation over the next couple
9:03 am
of days our top priority will remain be vigilant towards any press corps personnel we just learned that this money that may begum also was attacked by the insurgents in the stalled $450
9:04 am
million and now pushing their way towards the city of baghdad. president obama made those comments before he departs on air force one. on the bay area weather and traffic was staff with a high spot. >>: the accident that caused the problem is not cleared from the roadway over still reeling from the effects of this crash that occurred westbound on highway 92 past the element of toll plaza. it jammed up the ride and 92 of laid-back to behind 91. in north from one no one and boldly to westbound 92 and is backed up and so was the ride i 92 westbound. again the good news is that all lanes are clear and i expect within the next 15 to 20 minutes will see this back up over the bay bridge will back up we half is dissipated no
9:05 am
backup here in the westbound lanes as we headed the fleecing the traffic pattern changed. and it looks like a beautiful day out there let's get the weather when erica. >>: the could be warmer compared to yesterday places like san jose and sunnyvale will be in the mid-70s in the low 80s. and by later on tonight let's expect mostly cloudy conditions with a patch of fog developing overnight. fairfield at 6562 degrees and oakland. i look at these numbers are expected to go to the afternoon coming up the 50 minutes. >>: i wonder where right now for the developing story. no one was hurt but police did officers say the driver was ina
9:06 am
local reporter tried to talk to a woman who was allegdely the school again involved with the accident. reporter: can you just tell us well, it's happened again -- two tiny little boys in kansas city she was just 23 weeks along when the parents decided to keep his the u-s coast guard rescues a equipment malfunction. about a week in, a solar panel that charged the man'sthe 57 year old was not injured. the neighbors said they saw
9:07 am
smoke of beta my door got up there ran out as i took my time to put on parents to choose the timing data their there was no response with a bang on the wall. the house is already full of smoke and it was an invisible flames. you seem very shaken like you almost wish you could've done more. are realizes that a possible make yucca responded as fast as possible and it was 32 late. the men have been able to save that man's life layette the very least save other people's lives in the reason why he realize he cannot get in and do anything for this man. he would in the back and turn up the gas for the unit. it could've caused damage and death to other people his quick thinking and severely protected
9:08 am
injuries from other people. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the whole place was so badly burned that they can't say that the most damage was here or there. instead they have to rely on that investigators and they will combine a little bit later to find out at this is and not look suspicious.
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
first ahoy misheard
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
the accident have been completely cleared it's been a premier for west kron 92 of the same material breach of the faa's the cities of our one no one in north from one no one looked better. west of traffic is still heavy up the hill. to take a quick look of the bridges this ride looks great and the bay bridge was from its problem freneau for the commute in the toll plaza. the cemetery ridge never saw stop and go conditions but as we mentioned sluggish through foster's civvy.. city
9:16 am
sunny skies out there the sun with the weekend weather forecast as for us. >>: happy friday to you i love the sun shine in the livestock golden gate bridge take a live look store roof camera it looks like the your help blue skies will let the sunshine we're looking forward to a pretty nice day around the bay area. that's due tall spare there were sent out there stockard 6462 degrees in downtown san francisco. the the the '70s as we enjoy this afternoon. so you will love as the temperatures are trending just a touch warmer that will be extinguished yesterday because the fairfield reach 8481 degrees and his bird is a good machine and the e shoreline. if
9:17 am
you're spending your friday night with the giants then face off against the rockies the first pitch is heading off etc. 15. sfax7:15. father is that's a bit where anticipating '70s for the early date and may be open to the 80s in the afternoon. >>: hundreds of children will come to the u.s. illegally arnelle staring at a california military base. most children are crossing the border without their parents try and escape the crime and south america. the attack and an immigrant children caught illegally caught crossing the u.s.-mexico border without apparent. there expecting to be controversial.
9:18 am
hist razzle we ought to do is keep those kids and our prayers. >>: expect first about hundred and 80 children their stand in the warehouse that is and converted
9:19 am
into a shelter for them there's a hundred 80 more being expected to arrive also. they tried to place the children with relatives or sponsors tell each of their individual cases are heard. >>: the family of seven passengers have lost people, fast the nation needs six address the growing cost of going to college. they're trying to give, the democratic bill to lower the cost of student loans.
9:20 am
hist american on a bicycle surrounded by kids and attacked there was five teens and to all
9:21 am
adult sort of man on his bike and gotten him down a pistol whipping him still in his cell phone. they believe a this is another form of all wilding.
9:22 am
9:23 am
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welcome back to kron for morning moose the stock to rise once again create after president o. brawn zero bomb was loose president and a fast, u.s. troops would not be returning to our ride. the big news this morning price line is buying are-restaurant reservations for $2.6 billion this the deals will expand price line services. the table since 50 million diners a
9:26 am
month. the company says it plans to stay based in san francisco even though price line is based in norwalk conn.. is sfax
9:27 am
heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
9:28 am
what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually.
9:29 am
this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you. have been fighting america and there's a lot of sunshine and the and the bay area. this damage is already in the sixties will continue as warming trend as we head into the afternoon sun is passed by lunchtime i 34 clap will see low 60s, a moment
9:30 am
to the low 80s in the inland locations. evidence of a father's day weekend of a check and that portion of the forecast a 945. >>: with a seen big improvements and very quickly back to our high spots in san mateo. take a look of the bay bridge there is very late this friday's this money for the west kron ride i don't want the meter and light seven turned off for not but looks like they certainly could bend. there is even the stall recently near the ball in the island. traffic light enough is.
9:31 am
>>: san jose police to investigate and the 19th homicide of the year have left at around 10:00 on south 12 street near clinched keith st. in involved a fight. >>: this settles the please the press still does not have the shooter or the shooters in custody but they say that the shooting isn't result of a large fight, officers arrived they found the victims shot to death inside the courtyard. the investigators' work throughout the night at the scene they get the call just that the 10:00 last night after getting reports as as many as 10 people were out in the middle of the court fighting with baseball beat that. --bats, appears that the victim was shot tried run to the back of the complex and then
9:32 am
collapse. it is possibly gang- related and the neighbor said that the shooting has been very concerned. and the corner is working to identify the victim at this point there are clear of what connection yet to this apartment complex they are especially looking for anybody that can get this on self home video to come forward. >>: where some additional testimony for the others messily the former police of servers convicted of killing the passenger us colored men, in 2009. >>: here in service cisco you have to see the former berkeley
9:33 am
sensor is expected to take the stand here at the federal courthouse a very soon. this is the former bear police officer from another trial that really has been the subjects of several trials. the capture the videotape shooting oscar grant fatally in the back as it used to restrain his officers, if
9:34 am
9:35 am
the head will see that the car crashes and the cna center in atlanta wittier with the
9:36 am
passenger has to say. the ankle in schools law was a good thing that took the new study says about popularity and
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
" combat take a look the bay bridge toll plaza this is even with the stall on the upper deck of the bay bridge traffic so light this morning that we were only for short while back up before the maze of never backed up to it. good drive time is about 16 to 80 minutes in the metering lights are still active. >>: the data burned down a house, and here's a live look right now the house is gonna be
9:40 am
set afire any moment now. it's a 4000 square foot home run and overlooked lake whitney. is it coming into the lake over the cliff. see the pope tried to prevent the debris from going into the late. so they decided to burn the house down. fight the just tell us what happened i will give you some money
9:41 am
study shows how be in a " kid or a supplier of a popular crowd, the cool when you're young makes success less likely when you're about the university of virginia said that popular kids and not so parking tickets and score research collects data of hundred 84 children over a decade from middle school to they did 233 interviews with the
9:42 am
kids' parents and their friends. is that they said the initial that the cool kids have less education than the not so popular kids. this is the " kids are 22 percent more likely to be in trouble with the law. did you remember to pay the dog sitter?
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
yeah, citi mobile. and deposit that check? citi mobile. pack your bathing suit? wearing it. niiice bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app. president obama and u.s. officials said that an optimist and my watch a rock come become over one by a service that came to control several cities in bad debt. the crew load is ices are controlling the area. the u.s.
9:46 am
will not be standing sending combat stoop iraq. bissell but will switch their letters sexes did john kerry is also. but a comment on the crisis in the ride. some will also ramped up shipments of military aid to iraq since the beginning of the year it will set continued to
9:47 am
wrap up efforts so of course of the last months leading up to the events of the last week he added that the u.s. expenditure and program is both inside iraq the house a texas, morgan the goat to as the flames star to impose this morning. >>: will let the top above session will the to the father's day weekend right now there's blue skies for just about everyone as the temperatures continue to climb. 63 leave the house in livermore and 64 curly unconquered see finally reached afternoon save, 12 u. 7477 degrees and santa clara. will see similar conditions in the east bay effect could be a little warmer. 79 degrees in
9:48 am
concord. dell sells services go hitting a high of 65 looking at the upper 70's and the wine country. temperatures in the low 60s and will see an increase in cloud cover. father's day looking just find pleasant additions upper a decent apartment 60 for the coast are accu-weather certainly on site. and i'm 48 that was a look at the weather as a look of traffic now. >>: were tracking 1 last access day here and that's for the ride to richmond and interstate 580 in the east of direction. it is a little confusing when you start talking e spa was wrong because it's actually heading toward interstate 80 and towards the bay bridge for the stretch of 580 heading back toward oakland and exactly the same direction and you're heading
9:49 am
westbound and interstate 80 in this that's not confusing your heading south, it's bad enough the ride were getting done to the e sure freeway into burglary and macarthur made. no logger backup left through the macarthur made here's a look your bainbridge ride west bound efficacy its alliance with commute is still heavy on the stand because of the recent stall there. stop and go traffic all morning long as a light and easy ride. at 949 here's mark. >>: burned down the house is live romper is the fourth of a square foot luxury room costs in
9:50 am
the house is about to fall into the lake the owners of this, i tthey were evacuated two weeks ago because the house and started to fall into the lake below. davis decided instead of letting. the debris fall into the lake they decided to burn the house from. no charges will be filed against cabinet the attorney's office of miami said that there wasn't enough evidence the say that the crime has been committed.
9:51 am
cabinet was that the hotel but he said he did not have any relations with the woman appeared. but ththe giant won 7 to 1 ,
9:52 am
coming up sunday night as the as
9:53 am
battle the yankees cleaninghe he.
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the on cleer aroveto killermsevenhen lute >> announcer: today on "dr. phil." she claims she was violated at a party. >> i came to with a boy on top of me. >> announcer: her mom went to the media. >> dr. phil: she's saying you got swept up in the attention. >> announcer: now -- >> you're insane. >> you were going to have this great chance to punk me on "dr. phil"? >> announcer: accusations fly. >> dr. phil: she says the two of you handcuffed her to the bed. >> absolutely not. >> dr. phil: did you lock her in a room? >> dr. phil: let's do it. >> have a good show, everybody. here we go. >> dr. phil: i hate to see people suffering. you've hurt long enough. >> stand by, dr. phil. >> dr. phil: i'm going to get you the help you need. this is going to be a changing day in your life. >> go, dr. phil! [cheers & applause] >> dr. phil: how are you doing? how are you doing?


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