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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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new worries about a third straight muni sickout for san francisco commuters. via her the morning commute. new tonight we are learning that the one- time fugitive ryan chamberlain. had a second apartment in san francisco and earlier today, it was searched by f-b-i agents. kron four's jeff bush got an exclusive tour of that apartment and talked to the building's owner about chamberlain he is live in san francisco tonight with details. jeff ?
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key to the building's owner tells me he was illegally subsidizing the place for quite some time. this is where ryan chamberlain was thought to be hiding out when the police were looking for him. you can see stacks of unopened mail addressed to the accused bomb maker. you can see that some of the envelops are from the san francisco rent board and have the judgement against chamberlain inside. according to the building's owner, chamberlain had just lost in arbitration and was going to be kicked out. the building's owner says he was afraid chaimberlain wanted to hurt him. dougless kwan building owner one fear that i had was that he would booby trap the apartment with explosives because he hates me and was expecting me to go in and go boom. i don't know. it's hard to know what somebody is capable of. you think this guy looks like a regular joe and he is not so you just never know what to expect. the kitchen drawers and cabnit
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doors were still open from the fbi search. two bottles of liquor and an air mattress were in the front bedroom and a queen size mattress and box spring were on the floor in the back bedroom. the building owner thinks that chamberlain was subletting the rent controlled apartment. kwan there were indications that he had not lived there and so my eviciton attorney suggested we hire a private investigator because we were getting mail back for the garbage lien and they were not in his name and he is responsible for the garbage. the private i found out about the jackson street apartment, the owners raised the rent on vallejo street and the whole thing went to the rent board. kwan during that hearing we found out a bunch of stuff. he had claimed
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that the jackson street apartment he had rented out two years ago was for his girlfriend who was being stalked and so he said that it was a good samaritain thing on his part to protect his girlfriend. ryan chamberlain made his first appearance in federal court. today chamberlain is accused of possessing an illegal destructive device. he did not enter a plea. but we have details tonight. about the device the f.b.i. found in his san francisco apartment. when police searched ryan chamberlain's san francisco home saturday they discovered a rust colored messenger bag inside the makings of an improvised explosive device . a screw top glass jar containing batteries and a powdery, green substance, . a model rocket motor lodged within the green powdery substance, which technicians believe is "an explosive material" . an 'electric match,' a common igniter for improvised explosive devices . an assortment of ball bearings and screws believed to be intended projectiles . a wire extending from the glass jar attached to the metal lid of the jar . a circuit board, configured as a remote-controlled receiver
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which would allow detonation of the device from afar. the fbi's conclusion this was "an illegal destructive device designed to maim or kill a human being or human beings." sot - david johnson/f.b.i.: i'm not saying he was planning any of those activities, but we just wanted to make sure public safety was number one surprisingly court documents indicate the fbi spoke chamberlain on saturday, just before his home was searched, but they let him go and were unable to follow him that's what lead to the nationwide search and his ultimate capture monday evening at chrissy field. we talked with a former f-b-i agent. for his thoughts on that complaint. he says, there is no way to downplay what was found. rick smith who worked for the f-b-i for more than 20- years says, the items found inside chamberlain's home. have all the making of an improvised explosive device. or i-e-d.
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sot if you have ball bearings and stuff that could be construed as shrapnel.what's the purpose of that? there's only one purpose and that's to kill people or maim people. sot unfortunately that is the type of material that was used in the boston bombing. you're talking about shrapnel that could maim or kill humans. that's what it's about. smith says, he believes there was some serious leg work done on this case, before the search warrant was issued. and more than just an internet investigation into chamberlain's online behavior. muni sickout "day 2" winds down. now tonight.there are new worries about a third straight day of diminished service in san francisco wednesday. in fact, some muni drivers have already called in sick for tomorrow. half of muni's 600 vehicles were idled today, including all the cable cars.
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the driver rebellion follows rejection of a proposed labor agreement. muni management is warning workers who call in sick. that they will need doctors' notes in order to get paid. although the sickout has some passengers really mad, others sympathize with the workers people just don't understand how rough those guys have it. they have to deal with sometimes dangerous public and having to sit on your butt off for eight hours a day and drive a bus. the union leadership which represents the muni employees. tells kron 4. it has nothing to do with the sickout. and does not support the drivers' actions. they are encouraging operators to get back to work tomorrow. disturbing new details tonight. about the woman accused of attacking a child with a hammer at an oakland school. we now know she is facing sex assault charges. police say. the attack happened friday at lafayette elementary school. according to police -- the 9-
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year-old victim says, the suspect - ha-see-mah dia-me - forced the child into a school restroom. then hit and sexually assaulted her. a school security officer walked in on the alleged crime. the third grader was taken to the hospital. dia-me is expected in court later this week. coming up. shocking new video shows a second attack on a wheelchair bound student. what administrators are saying about the assault. police say, a gang of teens is involved in a series of robberies the jaw dropping attacks on unsuspecting people. the oakland mayor caught behaving badly again! what she was photographed doing this time.
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oakland mayor jean quan caught behaving badly behind the wheel. in a story you'll see only on kron -4. this brand new photo has surfaced showing mayor quan with a cell phone held to her ear while driving. the picture was taken near 14- th and clay in oakland. this is the second photograph snapped of the mayor using her
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phone behind the wheel. today, mayor quan talked with i work 2471, i go to a lot of meetings on, what happens is on driving to a lot of meetings and working so long that it is very easy to on consciously do things like that. it is something that you caught me by surprise. did you follow me a round? > > the mayor went on to apologize for using her phone while driving. and said, the pictures were a good reminder that everyone needs to be safe while behind the wheel. coming up next. oakland school administrators react to a stunning new video of a student being assaulted. and we have updated results from some of today's biggest elections. including the leading vote getters in san jose's mayoral race. later we have a game at giants stadium. we will talk about how
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new video emerges of an attack on a wheelchair bound student in oakland. we showed you video of the assault last week. now, we find out, the student was beaten more than once. kron 4's alecia reid shows us the latest bit of surveillance released. check out this video of oakland high student francisco martinez being thrown out of his
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wheelchair, then violently kicked by a guard that is supposed to be taking care of him. >> it's not clear if it connects or not, but the fact that he would try such a thing is an egregious breach of conduct. the scuffle continues inside the elevator , and eventually, the wheelchair is yanked in and the door closes. francisco tells kron 4 he was also assaulted during the elevator ride. once the door opens on a different floor and everyone gets out, surveillance footage shows marcell michell once again striking francisco several times with a closed fist, before eventually dumping him out of his wheelchair. >> behavior and conduct exhibited by these officers, it's unacceptable to treat any child this way, much less he's an employee of the school district and so has a special obligation to safeguard and protect the students. mitchell has been terminated and arrested, but the investigation continues. >>the evidence leads us to a
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decision to sholandra cotton we will act swiftly once again. it's not clear what initiated the attack. we're told it's something that more than likely happened off camera. the second guard we see in the video is on paid leave during the investigation. reporting in oakland it was warmer out there today just as we expected. it was nearly 10 degrees and warmer than yesterday. it was nearly 80 in the north bay and seventies in the south bay. here's a live look outside at the golden gate bridge the. can see visibility is not too bad right now although we are seeing reduced visibility at the immediate coastline. we will see widespread fog tonight, especially near the coastline. the fog will spread
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fast tomorrow beating warmer conditions that. trend will continue throughout the work week and into the weekend as we experience warmer temperatures. the fog tracker for tomorrow shows widespread in coverage but a little bit more patchy then what we saw this morning. by noon of the fog is back up off the coast line so we will see more some with warmer temperatures leading to it 80s in the south and north bay. there is a little change on the coastline with low 60s with the north bay and upper '70's and low 80s. it is a pretty comfortable day out there tomorrow but we will continue this warming trend as the fog becomes less expensive each day .
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the latest results now. in today's california primary elections. the top two candidates will face off in november's general election. regardless of party. for governor. jerry brown has a massive lead. neel kashkari leads fellow republican tim donnelly for the second spot. lt. governor. it appears gavin newsom will face republican ron nehring. secretary of state. republican pete peterson battling closely. with democrat alex padilla. disgraced state senator leland yee. who dropped out of the race because of criminal charges, but is still on the ballot. is in third. attorney general. incumbent kamala harris has a huge lead. republican ron gold is second. south bay congressional incumbant mike honda. has roughly double the votes of challenger ro khanna. for mayor of san jose. county supervisor dave cortese leads city councilman sam liccardo and vice mayor madison nguyen.
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some of the vote totals are still coming in. we have complete election coverage on kron 4 dot com. with results from primary races across the state. you can also stay updated on our facebook page. san jose's city council is *deadlocked tonight on an ordinance that would impose new rules on pot clubs. the vote was 5-to-5. with one council member absent. the rules would require a one- thousand- foot buffer zone between medical marijuana collectives and schools, day care centers, libraries and churches. another key amendment being considered. is tracking marijuana from where it is grown to where it is sold. there are roughly 80-pot clubs in san jose. the council will take up the issue again next tuesday. a group of up to 40-teenagers.
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has been reportedly robbing people along east 14th street in san leandro according to police. one incident on saturday involved a group chasing down two younger kids. and taking the shoes off the feet of a younger boy. two days later --- a group targeted another pair of younger kids. carrying a bag of high- end basketball shoes. one kid actually took out a handgun and pistol with a younger kid he. hit among the head and the face with the shotgun to. he hit the ground where he actually lost consciousness for a few seconds. a third incident involved a pair of women. squaring off with a group of teens, blocking the entrance to a strip mall parking lot shortly after that incident, two juveniles were taken into custody. however, at this point, investigators do not have enough evidence to link to the other robberies involving the large groups of teens targeting people for their personal items. in pinole, people gathered for a memorial to mark the 26th
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anniversary of the disappearance of amber schwartz. this is the last place the then-7-year-old was seen alive -- now called amber swartz park. amber's mother, kim swartz, has searched for more than two decades to find her daughter. family. friends. even strangers -- all supporting her tonight. last fall the police reopened the investigation into her disappearance. they are revisiting the evidence using modern technology. in sports. tim lincecum brings back the moustache. then things get really hairy for him in cincinnati. . and the a's turn to a new hero. and a familiar one. to try highlights. and all the sports. next
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who knows it is going to last all season but right now the a's are flat out great. a's/yankees rain delay at yankee stadium top 5th/ 1-0 yankees brandon moss solo home run 1-1 tie bottom 6th mark tiexeira solo home run off scott kazmir 2-1 yankees top 8th/ 2-1 yankees bob melvin inserts new recently brought up stephen vogt as a pinch-hitter and in only his 2nd appearance of the season. vogt doubles deep to right center alberto callaspo scores to tie it 2-2 top 10th/ 2-2 tie
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moss goes deep again for the solo home run this one off adam warren 3-2 a's moss: 15th hr score right now: 5-2 a's they have won 11 of 14 against the yankees for. they are five games up against the angels. giants fan eating turkey leg in cincinnati homer bailey threw a no-hitter the last time he faced to giants 2nd batter of the game hunter pence made sure that wouldn't happen again with a solo home run 1-0 giants back bottom 2nd lincecum has billy hamilton picked off at 2nd but throws it away hamilton comes all the way around to score 1-1 tie same inning 2-1 reds devin mesoraco 2-run home run
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off lincecum 4-1 reds top 5th/ 4-3 reds brandon phillips doubles down the left-field line hamilton and todd frazier score 6-3 reds giants fell apart in the 5th jay bruce steals second hector sanchez's throw goes into centerfield bruce advances to 3rd on the error 2 batters later brayan pena grounds to 2nd but joaquin arias throws home instead of to first for the force bruce is safe8-3 reds bochy yanks lincecum 4 1/3 ip, 6 score right now: 8-3 reds nca softball championship - alabama/florida bottom 2nd, 2-1 florida. florida's kirsti merritt lines one to left for the 3-run home run 5-1 florida. top 7th, 6-2 florida. merritt extends the bosdy to make a great diving catch in final out hanna rogers enduces the comebacker she throws to 1st for
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the gators 1st national championship in softball the 49ers and quarterback colin meeting to resume contract negotiations. the two sides are scheduled to meet this week kaepernick is expected to get a deal in the range of $20 million per season which would put him 5th just yearly salary kaepernick is scheduled to earn $1.073 million this season the 4th and final year of his original contract. italy who of of holders of the national-record 151-game win streak they will play sacramento's jesuit high school in the 8:00pm night cap his beverly were heaved by school at 4:30pm be televised nationally on espn2 the 49ers first game at levi's is august 17th an exhibition against the broncos the 1st regular season game at levi's
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p.o.w. dad firestorm. why the freed soldier's father is coming under fire. >> sergeant bergdahl's father is raising eyebrows. then, slender man. two children who cops say thought a creepy internet myth was real. >> she said she was stabbed multiple times. >> one suspect held her down, and the other stabbed her again and again. plus, rihanna's sexy dress. it's so reveecialtion we can't even show you. >> watch out, get out of the way! >> exclusive, the hero dad who stopped an out-of-control joyrider in his tracks. >> one of the most scary moments in my life. then, the black preacher who welcomed donald sterling to his church. what essaying today. >> i invited him. plus


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