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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 3, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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the bay area is bracing for a cold snap starting tonight. a 13-year-old girl missing in pleasanton and police are worried. hear from the family tonight. some treasure island tenants have to pack up and move. the navy must remediate the land and demolition will begin. it is time to brace for the cold. the heavy coats are out with cap caps and gloves. ski reports are getting a lot of tourists because of the winter
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weather. what to expect, our chief meteorologist! what is ahead? >> a lot of cold weather is ahead. right now temperatures already dropping into the 30s in a number of places. it's only going to get colder from here. right now it is 37 in santa rosa. 39 in after moon bay. it's the courtesy of the storm system that moved through earlier with rain and wind. it's pushed to the south now and this arctic has remains air mass remains. the temperatures will drop into the 20s and 30s. we'll talk more about the temperatures coming up in just a bit. marin county is expected to get near-freezing temperatures
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and the north bay may be the coldest of anyplace in the bay area. the temperatures are expected into the upper 20s overtime. tell us, what is it like there tonight? >> reporter: the sign on the bank says it's 44 degrees, and that temperature has been dropping. it was 50 degrees a half hour ago. look at the video with the people out and about doing shopping, all bundled off with their gloves and that's and their warm jackets. the colder temperatures will be up in the north bay. i just traveled up to santa rosa and it was quite cold up there, so make sure that you bring your cats and dogs inside before you
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go to bed tonight. developing tonight. pleasanton police are searching for this girl last seen on sunday. they say she's considered at risk because of her age. we spoke with the girl's emotional family. >> reporter: this is the last area where she was last seen, right here along this street, early sunday morning, as she was seen getting into a car with three other men. tonight her family tells me that she was a very popular 8th grade student at the middle school, and her brother and father sat down with me and made this emotional plea for her safe return. >> i miss her and love her and i want her to come back. it's not the same anymore.
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just waking up and not seeing her voice in the mornings. >> reporter: i know it's tough not knowing where your daughter is. what are some of the emotions going through your mind right now. >> i'm desperate and worried about my daughter's life. i'm really worried about her. i just want her to know that we love her a lot. we are waiting for you. this is your home. >> reporter: this is not like her to disappear like this for almost three days? >> no, it's really not. i don't know what happened. i really don't know. >> reporter: here is another look at her. she's described as having brown
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hair and brown eyes. in the short time we've been out here, we have seen an outpouring of support. plenty of people have gone in and out of house expressing their support. meanwhile, investigation continues. they still don't have any leads. as we first reported last night on kron kron 4 news, they have issued a warning to san francisco state university about a potential threat to jewish students. this shows a young man holding a knife and claiming that it makes him want to stab an israeli soldier. a statement was released regarding the alleged threat. the statement, quote, we are confident that our campus community is safe.
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we will continue to explore all aspects of the incident and take additional actions that may be warranted. we'll withhold any further comment until that is complete. new tonight at 11:00, richmond's antismoking laws are some of the toughest on record. tonight a new step to expand those laws to include e cigarettes, banning the electronic cigarettes in certain areas. it says violaters can be hit with fines up to $1,000. it will get a second rating early next year and may become law 90 days after that. some families on treasure island say they're being forced to move and they're angry about it. huge tips at restaurants, we'll look into the history of
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21-year-old collins will face a judge tomorrow after being accused of murdering a man over a playstation 4 4 console. police say collins took this unit and shot and killed him.
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we have learned collins has a criminal background. right now collins is being held without bail on murder and attempted robbery charges. his arraignment is tomorrow afternoon. still ahead tonight, bart's two biggest ounce take their contract fight out of a boardroom and into a courtroom. over the past few weeks, a big tip being dropped. more details coming up. stay tuned for inside edition, including the death of walker, all tonight after the news.
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development plans ahead for treasure island, but before that can happen the navy has to clean up. now, 24 homes have received a notice to vacate their properties because of the cleanup effort, and those people aren't feeling the holiday feeling and they showed it. >> reporter: after hearing the land needs to be remediated, they had questions about when they'll have to leave their homes. >> then you have to think about where you will move on the
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island and the crime factor on the island and that's available. >> reporter: all of the houses in certain development plans will be depolished, but this is the first step. >> it will bill 8,000 residential new units, and the area where residents current live will become demolished and become open space, but that i will end at the end of the build-out. >> reporter: they want to begin remediating in 2014. tenants will have to start relocating in the spring. >> to make sure that treasure island is properly cleaned to residential standards. >> reporter: although they are cleaning, they say there's no immediate hazard. >> we've been holding back inventory for market in
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anticipation of future relocations that will be part of the development project and that will allow us to accommodate the relocation of these households. >> reporter: tenants will receive a 90-day notice to vacate. there will be relocation assistance whether they decide to stay on the island or not. a threat today to sue the transit agency. the family medical leave aqueducts approved as far back as july. union members approved the final contract in october but the bart board of directors improved the contact without including the clause. the unions have not said whether they will go back on strike for a third time. they do say they are willing to meet with bart management about possible solutions to all of this. you can call it a holiday
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mystery, an individual dropping big tips all across the country, including here in the bay area, sometimes using thousands of dollars on a check. >> reporter: on this account a user called@tips for jesus. this from chicago shows a $3,000 tip. at this one, $500 on a $24 bill. this generous individual as visited two restaurants here in the bay area. november 11, a 1500 tip at harris restaurant in san francisco. he also recently visited taco-licious. they say the big tipper came in with a group of people.
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they had dinner and seemed to enjoy themselves. when the $152 check came, he dropped a thousand dollar bonus. >> a nice thing to do for some people, and especially for restaurant employees who pretty much make the same all the time. >> reporter: the server on duty at the time shared it with the staff. exactly who this person is remains a mystery. there is no personal information, but just a quote saying he's doing the lord's work one tip at a time. cold temperatures tonight, thanks for a system that passed introduced earlier today, the tail end making its way down into southern california at this hour. the clear skies and calmer winds and that cold arctic area settling in, all a recipe for cold weather, 20s and 30s bay
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area wide. the afternoon temperatures struggling to warm tomorrow, in the 40s and low 50s, and it will stay cold the next couple of days. a freeze warning in effect for virtually the entire bay area. here is a look right now. san francisco is the only place not under this freeze warning. the freeze warning is in effect for the north bay and the delta for tomorrow morning and thursday morning. we'll see wide-spread frost, sub freezing temperatures for several hours, 20s and 30s. check out the north bay, 28 in santa rosa and napa, freezing in san rafael. it goes on and on. lots of 30s. 35 in half moon bay. 40 is in downtown san francisco checking in at 41 degrees. we'll be getting really close to
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some record low temperatures. here are our forecasted temperatures for wednesday and the current records. you will see approaching that record for tomorrow morning. livermore, the record is safe there, same no napa. richmond could tie it and oakland could break the previous records. thursday temperatures will drop more in the morning. tomorrow, afternoon highs, 40s and low 50s. this is usually where we see our morning lows. i think coats are in order and the hats, and temperatures will be cold here and in the sierra. the snow tapered off this evening. by tomorrow morning the temperatures will be in the single digits in the sierra and
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negative for thursday morning. friday, it will warm as another storm approaches, another cold arctic system, so the next couple of days is cold. friday, a little bit of cloud cover will warm things up. rain friday, drying out for the weekend, and then another round of cold temperatures sunday morning. toronto's trouble mayor makes an appearance at the sharks' game. we'll have the highlights coming up next.
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the warriors dug themselves a 27-point hold tonight at oracle before an improbable comeback with the raptors. kyle hits a jumper. they take a 27-point lead, the rafters, with nine minutes left in the 3rd quarter. they battle all the way back, and with three minutes to go, it's curry, the 3-pointer, 27 points, 10 assists, and the warriors take the lead. thompson from the tomorrow of the key, 104-101, golden state.
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under a minute to go, warriors up three, and here is the nail in the coffin, and they had 42 points in the period and win 112-103, tied for the seventh biggest comeback in nba history and the warriors' biggest comeback in some 10 years. the sharks are battling the maple leafs tonight. later in the period, it's stewart, the tip-in for the sharks as they take the lead 3-2. they go on from there and take the lead 4-2, a six-game winning streak for the sharks. they visit pittsburgh on thursday. the niners need to be seattle
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for sunday for no other reason than to prove that they can. the seahawks have crushed the niners the last two times they have met. kaepernick through three interceptions. last year, week 16, the niners were blown out 42-13 in seattle, so he was asked about the revenge factor. >> i've never taken the revenge approach, to be honest with you. >> it might be the most intense game of the season, because they don't like us and we don't like them. >> that says it all. wilson is having an mvp-like season, 23-7 as a pro. the question of the day, if you owned an nfl team and had to choose wilson or kaepernick as
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your quarterback, who would it be? go to our physician page to weigh in. you can send us a tweet or e-mail. you see the addresses. so the day after tomorrow, 9:00 p.m., the reher of our new show called sportsnite live, and curry will be interviewed and we'll read some of your comments. how much would you pay for a photo with tom brady? in the case of these two security guards, the answer is way too much. these two lost their jobs for snapping a photo with the patriot star quarterback. >> they were making 7.50 an hour and one guy was getting his
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master's degree, so he said, hey, that's okay. >> wow. stay in touch with kron four news! and have a good night, everybody!
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the paul walker death investigation. was this accident investigator is telling only "inside edition." >> you can see another tire mark here. >> and, could this be one of the most dangerous cars on the road? the day jay leno drove around dead man's curve in the same car. then, caught in bed. the night ryan o'neil says farrah faucet caught him in bed with this actress. >> angel in the steel. the face in the twisted steel of the world trade center. >> a miracle or just rust. >> and "inside edition's" jim moret.


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