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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 1, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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a toddler in critical condition tonight after a fall out into a creek. tonight we're meeting with firefighters who showed up in time to give the boy a fighting chance at survival. >> when i dove down, the water was pretty muddy and i saw something white, clothing suspended in the water. >> that oakland toddler still in hospital at this hour after nearly drowning yesterday. kron4 introduces us to a team of brave firefighters who helped save that little boys life. >> we've had a lot of training and everybody fell into their role. >> reporter: in this case, the task at hand saving a two year old boy drowning in front of his great grandmother. >> the back of your neck, the
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hair just stands up. >> the boy from oakland was visiting his great grandmother who took the child fishing at blue rock springs creek, off fair grounds drive on saturday afternoon. police say the boy fell into the water and got stuck in a drainage tunnel before his great grandmother and a good samaritan jumped into try and save him. veteran firefighter dry an strohmeyer and her crew arrived within minutes and she immediately got into the water searching for him. >> it was pointed out to me that he would be in this one area so when i dove down the water was pretty muddy. i did have my eyes opened and i grabbed a cloth not attached to the child. i came back up and i was like that's not it. where else? where else do you guys see him and somebody yells he's wearing a white t-shirt so when i went down i did a 360 and saw something white floating suspended in the water underneath the road, not actually in the pond, he had kind of gotten sucked back in and i grabbed him.
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it was him. >> it took a mere 45 seconds for strohmeyer and her crew to locate the boy and get him into an ambulance. >> i knew number one thing is chest compressions and securing that airway. >> the boy wasn't showing any signs of life until he arrived at the hospital. eventually, his heart started beating again and his pulse returned. he's currently in critical condition at kaiser hospital in oakland but because of these firefighters, who refused to be called heros, the outlook is good. >> we heard that he's doing well and i know that we gave him the best possible outcome, every decision that was made we made to give him the best possible outcome. >> kron4 news. >> amazing story. post-holiday travel, sfo expected to see over 130,000 passengers, today alone. kron4 dan ruben is joining us live from terminal 2 and when it comes to thanksgiving travel, dan have we seen the
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worst of it? >> reporter: well, no, not yet, vickie. in fact today might be the worst. in fact the watch commander described sfo as being quiet, referring to the number of disturbances or security incidents but ask anyone coming through and they find it anything but quiet. overall, people at sfo seem to be having problem-free journeys. >> this year has been coming and hopefully going. >> people are very kind and helpful. >> it was good. i slept for most of it. >> the long embraces at curb- side drop off matched the long lines at security checkpoints. the people in line come from all over. >> i go to school down at chapman university in orange. >> we're from d.c. >> our kids live all over the country. >> denver. >> when people board their planes they are finding they have a little too much company. >> the planes are fuller. i don't think they have as many spare seats as they used to have. they crowd them in now. >> they wanted seats they
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couldn't get so they couldn't for the price they paid they expected o have more control over where they sat. >> despite a lack of elbow room, for the busiest travel weekend of the year, there are reasons to be thankful. >> my flights been good and on time. >> actually wasn't too bad. actually, they had the security going pretty quick. >> nice sunny weather and here so far so good. >> well, give you an idea of how busy it is here this weekend, sfo will see almost a half million passengers, that's just since thanksgiving, they will get to almost a million for the week; however for the number of security incidents that number still stands at zero, reporting live at sfo, dan ruben, kron4 news. police say one man is dead after meeting to sell an electronic gaming device online went wrong. it happened this afternoon around 3:30 near bay shore boulevard and gerald avenue in san francisco. police say a suspect shot and robbed the vick tthe victim
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died at san francisco general hospital. no suspect description is available at this time. a vacant house was burning in san jose today. fire crews waited for pg& ex to get to the scene because a live wire was down in front of the house. they say the one alarm fire was over by 5:00 p.m. nobody injured. >> a bunch of fires, like flames coming out, my neighbor was helping and going to peoples houses and telling them they got a couple people out of their own houses. >> the good news nobody was injured. the cause of the fire still under investigation tonight. this afternoon, the 49ers getting a big divisional win against the st. louis rams. kron4 was on the sidelines and shows us the highlights and what fans and coaches had to say. >> reporter: definitely a big day for the 49ers today. playoff implications all over this game and you didn't have to tell the fans how important this game was for the niners today. they were loud out here as
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always enjoying one of the last games here at candlestick park and only two more regular season games left at the stick. today the niners would start slow, struggling to complete anything. they did get a few field goals to go but that was about it, early in the second quarter, they would get it moving a little bit better, three yard touchdown run from frank that made it 13-0, niners the rams were able to add a field goal just before half time. not much scoring in the third quarter either, just one field goal for the niners making it 16-6 and the rams hanging around at this point but in the fourth quarter that would change with this 17-yard touchdown pass to vernon davis. look at this, unbelievable, hurdles the defender. one more time rewind that. hurdling a rams defender, going in for the touchdown, that would pretty much seal the deal for the niners, the rams would score a last minute touchdown but it didn't matter the niners getting it done, getting the
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win here, keeping their playoff chances very much alive, coaches, players, fans, really everybody excited after this one. >> did what was necessary to win in all three phases which is very encouraging. >> we're getting turnovers again, we're tackling, playing 49er football. >> what did you think of the niners performance? >> awesome. they did a great job, [applause]. >> they did very good. actually looked at somebody else before he threw the ball which is a good thing. >> two more to go niners. >> next week the 49ers taking on the 10 & 1 seattle seahawks right in candlestick, very big game talking to the players after todays game they tell me they will be ready, they feel like pieces of their defense have come together here towards the end of the season, they say they understand how big that game is next week and that they will be ready to go. reporting on the field, in candlestick park, kron4 news. >> jason will be back with more
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m of sports in the newscast. with the golden gate in the back drop a few thousand folks got to play santa today. about 2500 people took part in the run wild 5 k and runners brought new or gently used toys to donate to the san francisco firefighters toy program, which brings toys to kids in need over the holidays. those who participated also ran in santa hats feeling a little like st. nicaragua. >> i think it makes you happy and will make their christmas, it gives them a lot of joy and there's a lot of people really in need. >> [inaudible]. >> oh, yeah it's really fun. absolutely. >> kron4 was a race sponsor and as a result of the run organizers expect to fill two fire trucks full of toys. well, vickie did you see lots of blue skies today around the bay area with temperatures that were really nice getting up into the upper 60s and low 70s, warm spot livermore today at 73 degrees, we made it up to
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67 for san jose, and san francisco these temperatures running about 5-15 degrees above average, but we're going to see those numbers really come down the next few days, as we have arctic air coming into the bay area. we start out monday with some low clouds bayside, and into some of the valleys look for upper 30s north bay and eastbay, 40s by the bay, we'll have low clouds in the morning but they should clear out between 8:00 and 10 in the morning so mostly sunny at midday but increasing clouds once again for the afternoon as a weather system comes in from canada, with clouds, the chance for sprinkles tomorrow night and much cooler air for this as we look for temperatures tomorrow to drop about 5-10 degrees low to mid 60s and then about another 5-10 degrees on tuesday, lots of cold mornings this week, i'll tell you about it coming up. coming up, 8:15, the life and times of fast and furious star paul walker. then at 8:30, a bay area boy lucky to be alive tonight. who is the good samaritan who rescued him in a florida pool?
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and next, a permanent memorial could be in the works for andy lopez, the boy killed while carrying a toy gun. we share how.
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lawmakers are considering building a memorial park in santa rosa for slain teenager andy lopez. sonoma county supervisors will meet tuesday who will consider creating a task force to explore police and community relations. 13-year-old lopez was shot in october by a deputy while walking through his own neighborhood, the deputy told investigators he believed the air soft bb gun lopez was carrying was an assault rifle. authorities say speed was a factor in the death of actor paul walker, the 40 year old star of the fast and furious franchise was killed in a fiery car crash yesterday afternoon. friends, family, co-workers and fans around the world are shocked. many saying his death came way too soon. michelle turner has more. >> reporter: one of hollywood's
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most bankable stars, paul walker who made a name for himself in the fast and furious movie franchise died in a fiery car crash in santa clarita, california. a second person also died in the accident. both were attending a charity event for walker's organization, reach out worldwide. the event was intended to benefit the victims of typhoon haiyan in the philippines. the crash happened just north of los angeles on saturday afternoon. according to his representative, paul walker was not driving the 2005 porsche, when deputies arrived the car was on fire and both people in the car pronounced dead at the scene. >> there's nothing we tried, we went through fire extinguishers. >> all that remains, burnt, mangled metal and a light pole that's been knocked down. authorities say speed was a factor. walker wasn't just a [inaudible]. off screen the actor competed in the red line time
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attackedracing series. he had been filming the seventh installment fast and furious at the time of his death and hollywoods biggest stars are reacting. co-starving diesel said on his instagram account, brother i will miss you very much, i am absolutely speechless. heaven gained a new angel, rest in peace. and ludacris tweeted your humbled spirit was felt from the start. wherever you blessed your presence you always left a mark. and fellow actor gibson said my heart is hurting so bad, no one can make me believe this is real. my god, my god, i can't believe i'm writing this. >> gibson also visited the crash site of the fallen actor, it was an emotional scene at the growing memorial for walker. gibson placed a flower at the site where fans have been holding vigil. the seventh fast and furious movie is due out next year. paul walker is survived by his 15 year old daughter meadow. todays world aids day and one man says the traditional
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forms of educating people about the virus, they aren't effective. this is how he plans to make a world of difference in providing knowledge for youth. >> reporter: tom hays never thought he would be the face of a national campaign for world aids day. like so many other young people he says he didn't know much about the disease. that is until it was too late. two years agos hays found out he was hiv positive. >> i felt i'd been let down by my school system and other places i expect to get special health information from. i was a 25-year-old gay man living in london. i knew something about sexual health so i set out to create something that was approachable, yet educational for younger people. >> and so he started beyond positive, an online magazine geared toward helping young people understand the disease. >> we get near a hundred e- mails a day and most of them are people in their teens asking very very basic
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questions about safer sex, hiv, and std's, stuff you hope anybody would know. >> world health organization says young people would be left behind in the fight against hiv, more than 2 million young people between the ages of 10 and 19 are hiv positive. millions more had at risk. between 2005 and 2012 there has been a 50% increase in adolescent aids related death, compared to the general population which has seen a 30% decline. hays says reaching this age- group is a challenge. >> i don't think the traditional methods of reaching people are working, people aren't paying attention in school, there is a message at all. people don't listen to politicians and health experts anymore. we need to reach them through social media, twitter, facebook, i think get tested is
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the most important thing. i put it off for quite a while and there's always the little thing in the back of your brain thinking i should go get tested but i don't want to, what if it's bad. >> one of many messages that hays and others say needs to reach more young people. cnn, london. four people are dead and over 60 others injured, 11 seriously after a train derailed in new york. martha shade has the very latest. >> reporter: rescue workers in new york swarmed an area in the bronx where a commuter train jumped the tracks shortly after 7:00 on sunday morning. >> i heard this horrible wooshing sound, like a plane crash, very disturbing, one of the loudest noises i've ever heard locally. >> the train was on its way to grand central station. as you can see, at least two train cars are flipped on their sides while the others lay twisted and mangled. this exclusive photo shows what one passenger saw from inside the wreckage. >> i was in one of the cars that was completely on its
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side. during the crash, i was actually nodding off and i opened my eyes just in time to realize what was going on and i could hear the screeching over the music in my headphones so i just kind of became immediately aware of what was going on. clutched all my personal belongings and just kind of rode out the crash and just tried to stay conscience and aware. >> the accident happened just feet away from the harlem river. drivers combed the waters for bodies and possible survivors. other victims were taken to local hospitals. >> we have one with a very bad open elbow fracture, going to be brought to the or, someone else with a bad open knee fracture also taken to the o-r. there's a person with a spine fracture, everyone's conditions is evolving. >> in july, a freight train derailed in the same area and federal officials are investigating a collision that happened in connecticut between two metro north trains in may.
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so far investigators aren't saying whether any of those incidents are related. three people were killed when a train derailed near silver city, new mexico. this happened around noon yesterday. the sun news reports the victims were all train operators. the cause of the crash is under investigation. dozens of officers hired by the los angeles county sheriffs department have committed serious misconduct, on or off duty according to the la times which reports that 29 new officers either had been fired or pressured to resign from other law enforcement agencies. this new report is causing some controversy as you can imagine in the department, a spokesman says the sheriff was unaware the new hires had such backgrounds. the obama administration says it has met its goal to have the website working smoothly, for most users. the administration set a deadline of midnight sunday to get the website up and running it launches two months ago but plagued with technical glitches
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that have kept users from signing up for their healthcare insurance. administration officials warn while the website is running smoother than it once was users could still face error messages and slow performance times. cyber monday is expected to be a huge hit this year, according to the group shopper track. cyber sales last year hit $1.5 billion, experts say this year could reach closer to $2 billion. sales in store last year reached more than $11 billion. >> what a nice weekend we had, lots of sunshine, temperatures warm yesterday and today, today he with readings in the low 70s, nice view here at sunset on the bay. now live to sfo, where we have clear skies, temperatures in the mid 50s, another cool night coming in our direction, a lot of cool nights coming in our direction. it's going to be down right cold, we have big changes on the way, mostly clear skies, the storm track poised to our
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north, we've been in the weather pattern where we've been getting winds coming from hawaii making for really warm conditions. the change that's going to happen this week as wie get a storm coming directly out of canada through washington and oregon through california that puts in arctic air mass right on top of this starting tuesday afternoon and it's going to continue all the way into next weekend and before that arctic air gets here we have a weather system to deal with. we'll have low clouds in the morning clearing out between 8:00 and 10 so we have sunshine midday but then the clouds increase once again for the afternoon as that weather system arrives from the north so clouds thicken through 5:00 p.m., could see sprinkles to the north of santa rosa, they spread to the south through the evening hours but just a few drops and that's about the extent of it and then things begin to clear out as we get into tuesday morning, and we'll see gusty winds, cold temperatures tuesday afternoon but for monday look for low to
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mid 60s, five to 10 degrees cooler and then it gets much colder the rest of the week. tuesday highs in the 50s all the way through next weekend and look at the morning temperatures, 30s by the bay. mid to upper 20s inland so someplaces for a hard freeze this week. vickie? here is a stunt. a guy steals a boat meant for 300 passengers but not so fast, buddy. how police caught up with him. i love watching tv outside.
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at san francisco international airport they have a few simple rules for drivers. no waiting or parking. you have to be actively loading or unloading. a concept this woman behind the wheel of this mini cooper failed to grasp. first, she was on her phone. followed by prepping her hair which lasted a few minutes.
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then on goes the sunglasses and a quick housekeeping of the car and she still sits, i think now is the time to see what's up. >> i have a question for you. >> yes? >> how long you going to wait here? until i get my nephew. >> okay, how long will that take? >> he's on his way out. >> oh, okay. even though there's no waiting? >> yeah. >> you decided to wait anyway? >> well, yeah. >> okay. >> i'm pushing it. >> well a little bit. >> she was not the only one pushing it despite the possibility of a $43 ticket. this minivan has no passengers or driver. it's just parked a few inches from the curb. soon, parking enforcement arrives and gives the van a once over, looking for the driver. he blows his whistle repeatedly hopefully giving the driver a chance to return to the van but to no a vail. after repeated attempts, he comes out and then the ticketbook, and the driver gets
8:26 pm
a $43 ticket. shortly after the ticket is issued, the driver appears. >> do you know you can't leave it here? >> i know. >> this suv was also left unattended until the driver returns. >> do you know if you leave your car here that's considered parking you know that right? >> they did a switch on the thing and i had to take the bags in. >> no matter what the reason and everyone has one you are not permitted to chill at the white zone. >> you've been chilling here for awhile. how long you plan on hanging out? >> until my dad finds my son. >> i'm going to ask you a question. how long you going to chill here? >> i'm waiting for my daughter. >> everyone always has a reason when all they have to do is wait at the cell phone lot and when you get that call you come and get your loved one. just don't park like this or in the crosswalk. >> you're aware parking in the crosswalk could merit you a $300 ticket, right? >> no, i'm out of here. thank you! >> when i told this woman she was going to be on people behaving badly?
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>> nooooo! [laughter] >> her response was priceless. at san francisco international airport, sanly roberts, kron4 news. >> if you have a idea for stanley e-mail us at people behaving badly at coming up at 8:30, the latest on the condition of the bay area boy whose alive tonight thanks to a doctor who rescued him in the nicaragua of time. we have big changes coming up in the forecast going from warm temperatures to much colder. i'll tell you about it coming up.
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now for a look at our top stories, tonight we speak with a brave firefighter who saved the life of a oakland boy visiting hi grandmother when he slipped into a drainage tunnel. that's when firefighters arrived. one particular dove into the water and pulled the boy out. he remains in critical condition but that firefighter is happy he's still alive. today is world aids day. people around the world are raising awareness about the disease. this years event calls for an end to discrimination against those affected. according to the u-n, 35.3 million people around the world are living with hiv, and only 9.7 million of them have access to treatment. today is the big travel push after the thanksgiving holiday, sfo expected to see over 130,000 passengers today alone facing the heaviest travel day of the year many fliers are saying they are getting home with a breeze with few delays and cancellations
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travelers told kron4 they were thankful for the easy travel. well today is world aids day and people around the world are raising awareness about, oh, we've got another story here. a bay area boy is safe with family after an accident during a vacation at a south florida pool. we have reports a doctor at the right place at the right time likely saved the childs life. >> a family visiting south florida for their thanksgiving holiday has good reason to be thankful tonight. they say they're thankful for the help of another man visiting with his family and happened to be in just the right place to save their little boys life. >> they were playing in poolside paradise, a dad and his kids in for the holiday and then panic. >> i saw that his mouth was open and he couldn't breathe, his cheeks were puffed up and his belly too. >> a little boy came up blue, his young body was lifeless. the cardiologist on vacation
8:32 pm
with his family from philadelphia swam as fast as he could toward the chaos. >> i was there and i like shoved everyone around. this is what i do for a living. >> in his bathing suit on the pool deck at the ritz carlton at key biscayne, the doctor pressed the little boys chest over and over again for a straight minute. >> no response, nothing. >> and then-- >> within 65 seconds he startedvomiting a little bit and whatever he had came out. >> by the time peri- med ins arrived he was breathing again. >> when he came around, i grabbed him and i just like it's a different feeling. >> her 5-year-old boy was alive. >> watching that mother come out with the baby on the stretcher, she seems to be relieved her son was breathing and looking around and able to hold his moms hand. >> had the doctor trained to save peoples lives in a second not been there a family would have little to be thankful for.
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>> a young kid bringing him back was the best thing to happen was any physician and the rest is in the grace of god's hand. >> that will boy was kept at miami's children's hospital for observation and is expected to make a full recovery. vickie we have some clear skies out there for tonight although there is low cloudiness gathering out at the coast and that is forecast to push into the bay so this view will feature clouds later on this evening and into tomorrow morning, then we have a weather system arriving bringing in a big change in the weather as we go into this first week of december. temperatures right now not too bad in the 50s currently for oakland and san jose checking into 56 degrees, 53 for pacifica and livermore at 50. for tonight mainly clear at midnight but clouds beginning to push in as we get into tomorrow morning so we have scattered low clouds in the morning, sunshine around midday and look for increasing clouds once again as we head moo the
8:34 pm
afternoon for a weather system headed our way. that weather system forecast to bring light rain, really light stuff, but really cold temperatures as well and i'll explain more coming up, vickie? a man takes police on a chase, not a car chase but a ferry chase that happened in seattle earlier today. officers say the man boarded the victoria clipper at elliott bay. staff saw the boat pull away and called police once they realized it wasn't an employee manning it. officers had to hook a tugboat to the ferry, so they could board it and arrest the suspect. no details into what prompted the ma in to take that joyride. and here in the bay area fans of fallen actor paul walker who died in a crash yesterday are paying tribute by having a car meet in a vigil. these are live images from the scene as mourners are gathering, the event started at the top of the hour. the car meet the organizers say actors work in films like fast and furious fueled their own
8:35 pm
passion for cars. still ahead investigators at the site of a police helicopter that crashed through a pub, why crash clean up efforts will be a delicate process. plus we introduce you to a celebrity chef who shows us how to celebrate the holidays, noodle style.
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it's a somber sunday across scotland. eight candles were lit at a cathedral for the people who lost their lives in friday nights helicopter crash. police say 12 people are still in the hospital tonight. rescue workers continue to go through the rubble and remove parts of that helicopter. workers are being extra cautious in the process because they want to make sure the building doesn't collapse. a memorial has been made at the hotel next door to the crash site. you're wondering what's the most popular gift this holiday season? coming up, we'll show you what it is and tell you about the
8:38 pm
warning label it comes with. we have cold temperatures on the way for tonight. upper 30s north bay and eastbay, 40s by the bay, nothing compared to what we'll see later this week. we're going to have a hard freeze, i'll talk about it coming up. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor.
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it's that time. time to make the christmas shopping list so what is the number one gift most americans plan to give this holiday season? we are in new york with details. >> reporter: it's the number one gift, 80% of americans plan to buy this year, the saving grace for last minute shoppers people who don't know what to buy and those who want to avoid this. it's the gift card. national retail federation says gift card spending will hit a record high this year with shoppers spending an average of $163 on them and why not? after all, retailers are making it easier than ever, many stores allow shoppers to buy online and e-mail the gift card to the recipient. at starbucks you can actually tweet a gift card but not all
8:41 pm
cards are created equal. we checked out a handful and found that general purpose gift cards are the ones you can use anywhere and that have an american express, visa, discover or mastercard logo typically come with fees. most of them charge an in activity fee if you don't use all of the money after one year. some also charge a fee just to buy the gift card, anywhere from three to $7. on the other hand not charging purchase fees most retailers, so before you buy, be sure to read the fine print. in new york. google added a new feature to their maps to help travelers this holiday season. i'm kron4 tech reporter and i'll tell you all about it. today we had temperatures upper 60s and low 70s but the weather will change completely coming up. i'll tell you about it in just a minute. ñzçzçzç
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8:44 pm
google added street view for airports and train stations that works like the street view of regular maps taking you up close and personal navigating through highly trafficked airports and train stations can be very difficult if you don't know the layout. this can really help make traveling easier. especially if you have little time between connecting flights and need to plan out a quick run through an airport or a train station. this new feature is just in the beginning stages, they have only 50 major train stations, and 16 airports so far, but they will be adding more soon and eventually they will have them all mapped out. this is possible by their new technology which takes the google street view camera off their cars and puts them on humans in backpack form. over the last year they have mapped out incredible places having their people literally walk them like world famous landmarks, museums, they've done highly desired travel destinations like venice italy
8:45 pm
riding the canals with their camera, it really feels like you're in venice if you go through their street view there. they also have street viewed remote areas like parks, volcanos, hiking trails, mountains, places that are really hard to get to. they even put their gear on a skier and street viewed the most popular ski runs in the country, and they have been under water, documenting some of the more popular areas to scuba dive. you can see where this is going in a few years once they have covered the entire earth you will literally be able to visit anywhere in the world from your computer or mobile device through google maps. that's pretty cool. gabe slate, kron4 news. if you like to connect with gabe slight you can add him on facebook, follow him on twitter or e-mail vickie it really was a nice weekend both saturday and sunday lots of sunshine, warm temperatures, and a nice sunset tonight this view from the oakland hills looking across the bay toward the north bay.
8:46 pm
there's mount tax if you look real close, you can see our camera up there which right now is looking back out over the bay toward hercules, rodeo, where we have clear skies but the fog now fathering the coast and its forecast to push in for tonight so we'll have low clouds to start out the morning but then low clouds clear 8-10 and we'll see sunshine midday but then we have a storm coming in for the afternoon and evening that's going to increase the clouds once again and we'll see the chance for sprinkles, best chance is in the north bay tosanta rosa starting around 5:00 p.m. and it continues southbound through the rest of the night but just a few drops is all that's expected. this system will bring in much colder temperatures for the rest of the week that sorts tuesday, lock for gusty and cold north winds for the day temperatures dropping 5-10 degrees from monday to tuesday and it's going to be pretty frigid rest of the week especially in the morning hours.
8:47 pm
here is future cast temperatures, this is tomorrow afternoon so we're dropping about 5-10 degrees for tomorrow with highs low to mid 60s, that's what you see here in green, now look at the map for tuesday, things cool off substantially about another 5- 10 degrees with highs making it into the mid 50s and that's where we'll see the numbers hang out for the rest the week. look for 20s in the morning and coldest spots but tomorrow, still fairly mild, low to mid 60s for the south bay, san jose 64 degrees with a mixture of clouds and sunshine and no sunshine around midday, low 60s inland, same for bay side locations, san francisco 61 degrees, 60s north bay, oakland 63 and here is the seven day around the bay, this is the first week of december, it's going to feel awfully cold starting tuesday lock for highs low to mid 50s, and those morning temperatures 30s by the bay just in the mid to upper 20s inland so we'll have hard
8:48 pm
freezes in some of the valleys this week. just in time for the holidays, my china just opened up. good lung, everybody. the lines are always long. let's meet the guy behind us. >> he's a showman for his fans out front. >> incredible. >> and even back in the kitchen where it's heating up for the holidays. >> we celebrate holidays with fireworks. >> with none other than celebrity chef. >> talk us through it. what are we eating? >> you know, to celebrate a holiday, the first thing in holiday, in beautiful weddings and all we have to do is serve
8:49 pm
with longevity noodle. it can go up to 50 feet long okay? >> you get up to the fifth floor to finish it off, and then you have peeking duck and in celebration of holiday the chin ease serve chicken or duck. >> so instead of the dried turkey with the cranberry sauce you're board with that, peeking duck is beautiful. >> yes. >> say hop it holidays everyone. >> nothing like a bowl of longevity noodles to make the holidays bright or maybe a bucket of popcorn with a lot of butter on it. at the box office this extended holiday weekend for the second week in a row the hunger games catching fire was the big winner that brought in just over $110 million. disney's frozen, that came in number two from wednesday to sunday, it raked in $93 million, and in the number three spot was thor, the dark
8:50 pm
world. it brought in $15.5 million. >> niners and rams, warriors and kings, jason is here with all your sports highlights right after the break. i love watching tv outside.
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and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. okay welcome back everyone. niners got wide receiver michael crabtree back today against the rams and he promptly responded by making the longest catch by a niner white out all season. now there were pre-game jawing the raps feeling pretty good about themselves, they came in scoring 80 points over the last
8:53 pm
two games, wins over indy in chicago but the niners they aren't indy or chicago. look at vernon davis doing his edwin moses in person asian hurdling the defender, that six foot three, 250 pounds going up and over and rams safety rodney mccloud, niners up 6-0 in the second on a couple field goals when bolden go to work, and the catch down to the three yard line one of the nine catches on the day for 98-yards with crabtree drawing some double teams, and from there frank gore helped punch it in, just 42 rushings today but in 15 career games versus the rams he's got 15 touchdowns. for the second straight game the niner defense was dominant, justin smith, the bull rush, one of throw niner sacks on the day and then late third, niners up 16-6 and the aforementioned crabtree. here is the play, 60-yard game that ties his career long an he's putting that rehab
8:54 pm
achilles to the test and he goes down to 20 and nippers though fail to score when gore fumbles. here is the play that clenched it for the miners. rams go for the fake punt on their own 20-yard line down by just 10 bad move, no doubt rams coach jeff fisher gets ripped on the radio in st. louis, very next play, capernicaragua rolls right, looking, looking, vernon davis over the middle and then watch davis, his half hurdle into the end zone that knocks down the jump shot, niners win 23-13. they improve to eight and four, now the rams they did score a touchdown in time to make the score a little closer than the game really was, after the game, capernicaragua, bolden crabtree addressed the media in mass and bold en was asked about the rams rough/dirty play. >> that's the way i like to play. if you want to play physical, you want to do all of that, i'm
8:55 pm
all for it. just be prepared to get knocked around a little bit. >> how does it feel having michael back? >> it feels great. it's always good to have these two to make plays. >> and did you feel like some of the pressure was off you with michael on the other side? >> definitely. you know, about time he get double teamed now. >> okay, seattle is up next, so let the hype begin. seahawks 10 & 1 playing the saints tomorrow in a monday night match up so the niners they will get them on a short week here at candlestick. arizona cardinals trying to keep pace with the niners for a wildcard spot couldn't get it done in philly, eagles quarterback nicaragua fold three touchdown passes two to former stanford tight end and get this, vickie, 19 touchdowns, zero interceptions this year, highest rated quarterback in the nfl, eagles win 24-21. another 400-yard, five touchdown day for peyton manning and the broncos beat the chiefs to take control of
8:56 pm
the afc west, look at broncos running back, very emotional during the national anthem. tears just streaming down his face. peyton manning exploited the chiefs weakness which was obviously covering this guy, eric decker who caught four of mannings five touchdown. he now has 41 touchdowns this year with four games to go. broncos up seven, two minutes to go, chiefs a chance of tying, no. alex smith falls incomplete. 35-28 broncos win and manning goes over the 4000-yard passing mark for an nfl record 13th time. let's roll the war yes, sirs here. clay thompson had a career high 18 pointers and they need every one of them but curry was pretty good too. the steal, jump shot with 36 points and 10 assists, five three pointers and here is the game. under three to go, warriors down two and clay thompson knocks down eight three pointers and warriors go on to win the game, final score 115-
8:57 pm
113. >> that's it for us. we'll see you at 11 and check us out online, will you?
8:58 pm
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miley, gaga, everything you didn't see from the amas. >> plus "e.t.'s" britney spears blowout, what she only told us about her love life. >> i'm brook anderson. britney unguarded. >> do you consider yourself competitor? >> if you piss me off i'm competitive. >> her love life. >> reports of your dad doing a background check. >> that is true. >> that is true! >> then "e.t." at the amas. gaga, rihanna, miley's lip synching cat and me on the red carpet. to gwyneth. why the stars are showing more and more skin. wy


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