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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 13, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> reporter:now at eight. a mystery man in el sobrante. police want to question him about what happened after he showed up at a christian school. whoosh >> reporter:an oakland restaurant owner shocked to learn he had to cough up more than 1=thousand dollars to paythe second shock came when he learned where his money really went. >> reporter:whoosh >> reporter:muni metro in motion. minus the driver. dozens of passengers in san francisco get taken for an unexpected solo ride. whoosh
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>>i'm a mother and i'm a wife. and i'm not a professional model. >> reporter:the face on the obamacare website strikes back at what she calls cyberbullying. whoosh >> reporter:one of the hosts of sunday night football says he wouldn't let his son play football. the reason behind the steep dropoff affecting pop warner leagues across the country. >> pam: we begin tonight with developing news. we just spoke with tesla ceo elon musk. following an accident at his factory that injured three people. we'll have his reaction to today's incident in a moment. >> pam: but we begin with kron 4's grant lodes. who explains to index of stories... >> reporter:three tesla workers recovering from serious burns while on the job. it happened earlier today at the bay area's high end electric car factory in fremont. >> reporter:here's a look at the scene from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news.
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>> reporter:authorities say those workers suffered second degree burns in an accident while working with hot metal. one of the workers doing well enough tonight to be released from the hospital. >> pam: new tonight at 8-- >> pam: kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story. he just spoke with elon musk the ceo of tesla who answered some big questions this evening. >> that was the issue. they are getting the best of care. two cases, hot matt toll splash on their body. {hot metal} hands were
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burnt. >> reporter: i faxed some what does this all mean? asked >> a lot of terrible things that happen. it seems we get to an unusual amount of attention at tesla. i'm not sure why? >> reporter: he seems as he seen he appears to be generally concerned for his employees. >> pam: new tonight at 8--
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>> pam: parents at an east bay elementary school are on guard this week. that's after a mysterious man walked onto the campus. and lied about why he was there. >> pam: kron 4's charles clifford was in the east bay today, where he visited the school and spoke with a concerned parent. >> reporter:on the afternoon of november 4th, the man you see in this into the main office at el sobrante christian school and said he was there to pickup a specific female student. he asked for her by name, claimed to be her uncle and said that he was also waiting for the girl's mother. the man was issued a pass and he then wandered around the campus. he never spoke with the girl or made contact with any other students, and after several minutes he left. >>i was really scared... >> reporter:janea faulk is the girl's mother, she has no idea who this man is and she wants the school to rethink it's security policy. >> reporter:no one from the school was available to comment for this story today, but the staff did hold an information meeting
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for parents on monday evening. in addition to reviewing their security policy, the school also looking at adding more security camera's and putting in taller fences. >> reporter:janea meanwhile has been working with her daughter to re-enforce some basic safety habits. never >> leave with anyone or talk to any strangers. reporter:thea county sheriff's department is investigating this case trying to figure out who this man is. so far , they have been unable to identify him. the sheriff's department also says they are running extra patrols around the school. in el sobrante, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> reporter:some frantic moments on a muni train today. it pulled away from a station.only thing was.the train operator was not on was on auto-pilot. >> reporter:30 passengers were on the see it of the passengers pulled the emergency brake to stop it. this was the "kt- ingleside/ third street" train.
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it had been stopped at the castro station around 10:30 -this morning. >> reporter:muni says the operator got out to fix a problem with a door.he appears to have forgotten the emergency brake.and the train took off without him. it went about a quarter mile down the track before the passenger pulled the emergency brake. no one was injured. and the 30 - passengers got out at the forest hill station. muni says, the driver has been placed on "non- driving" status pending further investigation. >> pam: new tonight at 8-- in the east bay. undreds of teachers and faculty in the mount diablo unified school district are rallying for change. kron 4's jeff bush is live in concord. where labor negotiations are underway right now. jeff, what are the teachers asking
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>> reporter: tried to get their message across to the school board. recently, and the negotiations will reach an impasse this is about money the union members i spoke with says it's more about medical benefits than anything else. >> for kaiser family it is $21,000 in the district only picks up 3300 which means the teachers are picking up almost $18,000 of that expense. not all of that or other bargaining units in our school district will get full medical benefits but we do not. we basically , gave up our medical benefits back in 1999 to 2000 with the idea that salary will keep up with the increase and they never have. so the result is that
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the school system has been benefiting by saving that money without having to pay out for medical benefits. >> reporter: they have had a 80 percent turnover in the school district since 2003 we will continue the story as we bring more kron4 e > pam: four marines have been accident at camp pendleton. >> pam: it happened this morning. and tonight the marines say, operation to clear a range of unexploded ammunition. camp pendleton is on the coast of san diego county. the accident is being >> pam: in the philippines tonight, u=s marines are delivering aid to communities that have not had fresh food and water in six days. >> pam: these pictures are from the island of samar, where typhoon haiyan came ashore last weekend.
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on nearby leyte, eight people were crushed when looters broke into a food warehouse. catherine heenan has more on the increasingly desperate situation. >> pam: tonight in san jose. >> catherine: people are gathering to >> catherine: food supplies are arriving in the larger towns but ruled areas are still cut off. and bringing and food and supplies in airlifting survivors to safety. some of the younger victims are in able to leave behind scenes from a nightmare. it remember the victims of it made me feel scared. typhoon haiyan. it smelled like dead rats. vigil to honor those who
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>> pam: lost their lives. and the survivors who are still in desperate need of help. >> reporter: to remember those who lost their lives through due to typhoon high man. haiyan >> reporter: those participating in its visual still has family back in the philippines. >> there was an earthquake and tornado and before the typhoon hit. so everyone is trying to get back on their feet break now. right now, >> we are still waiting to see if they are ok.
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>> reporter: call for donations the national alliance for philippine concern which organizers i will get the id to the people that need it most. >> they can't go to the people there so bonds that are there people do not know where to distribute it or who need it most. but since it's gone through different groups to be of better service to the communities that need it. >> reporter: the crisis is not over. people and the philippines still need your help. and san jose kron 4 >> pam: if you would like to help the typhoon relief effort. visit our web page -- kron-4 dot com.
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we've posted links to how you can help. and stay up to date on this continuing story. with our new kron-4 news app. >> pam: ahead at eight. earthquakes rattle the east bay. what experts have to say about the potential of 'the big one" plus: only on four-- >> pam: an oakland restaurant scammed by thieves pretending to be with p-g&e. >> pam: hear from the owners. and what p-g&e has to say. and next-- mystery surrounds a northern california restaurant that abruptly closed its doors. after its owner vanished. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new 2014 jetta. it gets an impressive 34 highway mpg and comes with no charge scheduled maintenance. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. sign. then drive. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen.
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wouldi'd rather have food.ns for hands or elbows for ears?it. [gasp] let's make a late night foody call and get - my munchie meal with the new hella - peño burger. it's loaded with sliced and stuffed jalapeños, melting cheese, and spicy taco sauce. i'll eat it with my... sppoooooonnnnn haaaaaands! what? i can't hear you... talk into my elbow! >> pam: new tonight at 8-- >> pam: gone without a trace. >> pam: the disappearance of
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a northern california man. is only adding to the mystery behind the sudden closing of his restaurant. sammy's rockin ' island bar & grill in roseville. kimberly mcdougall reports. >> pam: new tonight at 8-- we have no we had no warning that it would close. they work really hard to revitalize downtown and the up part of the program. >> reporter: >> is not want to take off. so it is very unusual for him to be missing. >> reporter: not only has he has not been seen he has not returned his vehicle. >> we are talking to the police to turn on the un start and that was turned on
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last week and on so far there has not been a signal from the vehicle there. >> service people the service is better than the food. >> i've heard mixed reviews from some other aspects of it accurate >> reporter: peak had just sold his jaguar there has been rumors that he was behind on a couple of loan payments. >> come back come back this would ever problem should have is not bad enough for you cannot come back. a kron 4 follow up. >> pam: r-v's, buses and trailers are no longer allowed to park overnight on some streets in san francisco. as we showed you a few months back these big vechiles on the streets let
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people behave badly. new information just released lets us see if the ban is now working. kron 4's justine waldman has the results >> reporter: the four ball low blood into affect our kron4 cameras found these. motor homes and trailers parked on the street taking up too many parking spaces and eating garbage on the side wall. so the f m t a decided it was time to stop these certain vehicles from stinging over and over night. >> reporter: after a warning. parking control officers issued 74 citations and did not need to toll any vehicles and some spot notorious on the
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great highway 21 oversized vehicles were found in july and only two in october. sunset boulevard had 17 but after the enforcement 0 they are just moving to other neighborhoods where the rules are not enforced correct they are considering expanding this program to other neighborhoods creek and san francisco justine waldman >> pam: the long -awaited obamacare enrollment numbers are in. the obama administration says. a total of 106,185 people signed up through federal and state exchanges. >> pam: only 26,794 people have enrolled through healthcare-dot-gov. >> pam: but as tory dunnan reports. a white house technology expert says, things are getting better when it comes to the failed website.
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>> reporter:government information technology officers finding themselves in congressional cross hairs. they're before a house committee on the botched rollout of the obamacare website, healthcare dot gov. >> reporter:but the obama adminstration's technology chief testified the website is getting better. >>the latest number is about 17 thousand registrations an hour. >> reporter:that's up from the day it went online, but nowhere near the goal of at least 50-thousand people each hour. >>this wasn't a small mistake. this wasn't a scaling mistake. this was a monumental mistake to go live and effectively explode on the launch pad. >> reporter:this comes as president obama's approval rating drops to an all time low. just 39 percent. the latest quinnipiac university poll shows 54 percent of voters disapprove of how the president is handling his job. >> reporter:just last month, his disapproval rating was 49 percent. these new numbers follow in the footsteps of the botched
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rollout of the troubled obamacare website. former treasury secretary larry summers says it's not soley the president's fault. >>he was not well served by his colleagues in the administration." >> reporter:the big question: will the website work by the self imposed deadline of november 30th? >>it is our conviction that we can, with the fixes that are being implemented, reach that goal by november 30th >> reporter:but some argue that moving forward ultimately comes down to partisan politics. >>nobody in this room. nobody in this country believes that republicans want to fix the website. >> reporter:the white house says in the near future, the president plans to make an announcement on how to improve the healthcare law. in washington, i'm tory dunnan reporting. >> pam: the woman who became famous for having her face on the obamacare website. has come forward. her identity has been a mystery. until now. she is identified by her first name only. "adriana". >> pam: for weeks, she was the face of the healthcare- dot- gov website. and then suddenly, her picture
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vanished. while gracing the homepage, she was the target of scathing comments. she says the cruel insults are what's making her come forward. >>"it's some sort of bullying./i had to do this for my child. i'm here to stand up for myself and defend myself." >> reporter: >> pam: adriana said, in order to get free family photographs taken, she signed a release allowing the pictures to be used on the healthcare-dot- gov website. >> pam: while she is eligible for obamacare. she has not yet signed up. and says, she neither favors nor opposes it. >> jacqueline: 79 in livermore and 78 in pleasanton hitting 80 degrees in the north. we also tied a previous record and not in build with 74 and we did hit 70 downtown san
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francisco but once the fog came through it chilled dramatically. still, for our bay shores temperatures dropping to the mid fifties. pretty mild in antioch and livermore and the low 60s. we will see the fog return mainly in the 40 as a result as we move into tomorrow afternoon is a little cooler. we have a chance of rain as we move into the weekend. all the details coming up at 845. >> reporter:new at 8. >> reporter:i'm kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate i have some amazing new technology to show you
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forget touch=screen. this might be the next way we interact with our computers and mobile devices in the neaer future it's called "air touch".
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>> reporter:this reminds me of the character tony stark in the iron man movies he has this crazy futuristic halogram interface that his computer projects and he interacts with it and manipulates it with his hands in the air. >> reporter:that is what itri is trying to do with these high tech prototype glasses it's called "i-touch-in-air" it's one of the first see- through display and air- touch input technologies for computers, wearable computers, and mobile devices allowing a user's hand to be free of any physical device. >> reporter:google glass is
8:26 pm
controlled by voice commands or by touching sensors or buttons built into the device. the idea of these glasses is to offer more privacy no voice commands no one can see what the user sees the glases project a private virtual display in front of the user that's the air touch canvas the floating keypad, keyboard, mouse or touch panel >> reporter:the built in camera scans for and records input, and the air-touch interface relays input from the camera to the eyeglasses displaying a response to the user. i watched this guy flip through pictures with ease just touching air as a further test that they were actually doing something with these glasses i had them call my cell phone through skype on the comptuer the glasses were synced with. phones ring
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>> reporter:it worked it was impresive demo i tried the glasses myself you can see through the glasses you can see the real world. and the virtual display at the same time. i wouldn't drive with them or walk with them on. this would be an accesorry you used when you are doing focused computing. >> reporter:these glasses are just a prototype, itri says by next year they will be much smaller and sleeker the size of regular sun glasses >> pam: coming up next the restaurant owner says he was duped after pants pg and he built on line then getting in strange call saying that they never receive this payment.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: net tonight at 830 and only kron4. a restaurant owner says he was the duke after pants pg and he built on line. then getting a strange call from the company seemed they never receive this payment. he tell, for alecia reid he had good reason to believe them, but after finding out the truth he mourn shoot you
8:31 pm
could be a trick to. >> reporter:these are the moneypak cards mohammad ayubi loaded hundreds of dollars on to and sent to a phantom pg&e rep that called his restaurant demanding an and immediate cash payment. >> they told me the account number, the name of the restaurant, the address of the restaurant. the fear of closing ghazal indian cuisine because of no electricity and paying a reconnection fee led him to the nearest 7-11, where he bought 2 cards. one for 500, and another for 277 dollars. >> reporter:the pg&e number called his phone a number of times to make sure he purchased the moneypaks. the rep wanted the pin numbers. >> reporter:once that was done, the 800 number called back asking for another payment of 800 - saying the technician was still on the way to shut the lights. mohammad talked the rep down
8:32 pm
to 300. once he bought the last card, he dialed pg&e's main line. >>someone picked up and after less than a minute a person came on the phone and said yes this is maria martinez. she asked if i was from ghazal indian cuisine and i said yea. she said did you get the money and i said yea. >> reporter:but there's no record of pg&e getting that money >>the next day i called pg&e and they said i don't know anything about that. >> reporter:mohammad plans to file a report with the police department. meanwhile, a rep from pg&e says they have had reports of customers receiving these types of calls. they encourage people to be aware of telephone scams. pge&e reps never ask for immediate payment with a prepaid cash card. pg&e says they also never ask for personal information or a credit card number over the phone. reporting in oakland >> pam: more earthquakes in the east bay. just after 9:30 this morning - a 3.3 magnuitude quake in san ramon. it was centered near crow canyon country club. at crow canyon road and el capitan drive. then later this afternoon. a 2.4 quake in the same area.
8:33 pm
>> pam: the san ramon valley is 'earthquake swarm' country according to scientists at the u.s. geological survey in menlo park, who are closely watching and counting the earthquakes. there have been at least six since friday. >> pam: we asked the u-s-g-s is this means a bigger quake could be on the way. >>".magnitude 7." >> pam: officials say the earthquake swarm occurred in a very active area. they say the bottom line is to be prepared. >> pam: new tonight at 8-- >> pam: one of the faces of football.rejecting that sport today. and new evidence suggests.bob costas is not alone. grant is back.he has the story that a lot of parents are talking about tonight.grant. today we learned parents are starting to pull the plug on football.
8:34 pm
>> reporter:vitug says "maybe the kids want to play on their ipads instead." sonja say "the drop could actually be in part due to some of the other leagues taking some of the participants." >> reporter: that is the number one cause if your children are playing football. sunday night football and today he was asked if he had a young son now knowing what he knows what he did allow him to play football? >> if it were my son, all right he was 13 years old and have reasonable athletic ability i would encourage him to play baseball, basketball soccer or something other then football. >> reporter: is saying something. people are willing ian r. facebook fan page
8:35 pm
>> maybe people not to start by the people want the kids want to play on their ipad. >> >> reporter: mourner just mentioned that that children are focusing on one sport. we will go in debt on the subject called sports night live with gary radnich. it debuts tomorrow night at 9:00. you can find it on the web >> pam: still ahead. a woman is for herself-- professional cuddler. >> pam: how much clients are willing to pay. plus: from rescue dog to record breaker. meet this canine became the first dog on the world's tallest mountain. >> pam:
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these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive.
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>> pam: a woman in oregon is carving out a unique career for herself-- professional cuddler. she says people are paying 60 dollars an hour for a cuddle session. reggie aqui has the story. >> reporter:she calls this one "come to mama." it will be one of the positions sam hess puts in her planned book, but that's for another day. tonight. >>"and then generally, i will massage their hands from positions like this." >> reporter:sam is with a friend, not her boyfriend. he is looking down on her in a photo taped to the wall. this is a platonic friend, and while he's not a paying client. >>"i feel great." >> reporter:this man is, and she has dozens more like him.
8:39 pm
>>"yeah, you heard me right, i'm a professional cuddler." >> reporter:there are ground rules in this world. >>"it's not about the adult side of touch at all." >> reporter:she tells her clients only to touch her where it would be appropriate to touch a child, and while it may look like she's just hanging out. >>"so this is the tandem bicycle," >> reporter:sam says there is a skill here that is worth $60 an hour. >>"having the right touch for the right person at the right time is very specific." >> reporter:there are special playlists. >>"phil collins, jack johnson," >> reporter:she'll dress up according to her client's taste. she keeps records of their personal profiles. >>"single parents a lot of the times, people with
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>> jacqueline: 51 in santa rosa but tonight we will see the pope returned to the bay shore. fog. >> jacqueline: temperatures are expected to be cooler tomorrow on with 67 in palo alto and 69% jose. still in the low 70's and 60's for east bay shore lines 50 for
8:43 pm
the coast and '60s for downtown san francisco. here is to look for the extended forecast the winds will also pick up in to the afternoon. it is still possible for the north bank and by saturday and a very slight chance brain. so far see any chance rent it will be very light. rain >> pam: won an incredible feat of meet the first thought to climb the world's tallest mountain that's thought to climb the world's tallest mountain that's next1
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announcer: right now at sleep tra save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. thought to climb the world's tallest mountain that's next1 choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale is on now at sleep train.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: believe it or not there have been some changes to fisherman's wharf and i'm not talking about the apple the spirit >> reporter:if you have a street that has been one direction for decades then you flip the script it becomes a breeding ground for all together now people behaving badly >> reporter:now double yellow line are new to jefferson but it's been around for years. but apparenty they are confusing >> reporter:what's also confusing this thing, to me it's a red arrow and it means no turn on red like this sign only it's electric but if you operate an armored truck you that red arrow appears to be a suggestion and the same for this oakland taxicab, wait a minute a oakland taxi in san francisco? i smell an exclusive >> reporter:followed quickly
8:46 pm
by a yellow taxi cab, hmmmm this could be the next new duck pond., oh i'm sorry a duck pond means there are so many violators that this could a cop could just sit here and issue tickets >> reporter:but it's not just drivers, this is a pedi cab running a red light and last time i checked there is no exemtion for them and they run stop signs too >> reporter:but why not after all the other bicylist run lights and stop signs and text while riding it you come to fishermans wharf don't get caught behaving badly >> reporter:talking bananas from davis even the port of san franciso workers aren't exempt from behaving badly, it seems picking up trash bags requires them to park oppisite of the traffic >> reporter:oh and the dedicated transit lanes are not for hop on hop off buses they are for muni >> reporter:you know one could say they these are tourist but after watching most of the tourist were well behaved than the locals
8:47 pm
>> reporter:at least today go figure one final note: did you know they are giving away free gps's here, yup just break glass . so please hide your stuff at fishermans wharf stanley roberts kron 4 news >> pam: a mutt is making history on the world's tallest mountain. meet rupee. i-o-l news says he's the first dog officially recorded at everest base camp. his owner -- who's from south africa -- says she got him after her first dog was hit and killed by a car in san jose this past january. >> pam: she says the two instantly bonded, and she decided to honor her late dog by trekking up mount everest with rupee. >> pam: one of the great raider players passed away at only 67 years of age. gary has the story and the rest next
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(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. what's up with kaepernick >> gary:after getting shut down by carolina sunday there is buzz that colin kaepernick may not be as ready to be a top-nfl quarterback as previously thought against the jags he threw for only 91 yards and the offense was held to 4 yards in the 4th quarter coach jim harbaugh defended his protége today >> we do not think that there is anything wrong with colin. he is winning football for us and that is what we expect. >> comparing apples and to
8:52 pm
all mortgages spirit i am going out and try to win games. apples to oranges >> gary: the a's signed utility infielder nick punto. formerly of the dodgers. today. to a one- year contract >> gary: kershaw n.l. cy young of the los angeles dodgers >> gary: yound award winner >> gary: kershaw won for the second time in three seasons after leading the majors with a
8:53 pm
>> gary: 57 yer old talks christensen died at the age of 57 years old. >> gary: curacao one for the second time in three seasons after leading the majors with a 1.83 era. he also had a 16-9 record the 25 year-old lefty drew 29
8:54 pm
>> gary: brian wilson apparently, the story goes yankee general manager talking to wilson about possibly signing with the yankee spirit and wilson told him i will not shave my beard. the yankees have a no beard policy. reportedly will send turned down $1 million to a razor co. to shave his beard. >> gary: stand true the something that matter spirit like not like i have a beard. >> gary: be eliminated by
8:55 pm
unthinkable mexico. mexico scarce before new zealand and has very good news for pam and all of people from mexico. who else did you like in that cup? >> pam: brazil (laughter) >> gary: who is your favorite soccer player? (laughter) i still say pele. >> gary: hey gary you do not talk much as soccer
8:56 pm
>> gary: en el ok with the thick. >> gary: scoring 34 points with palo alto high school and nine three-pointers in overtime patrick he had a big, big night. >> gary: humboldt trotters went in for the stock and the whole pool came down on him. went in for a dunk and the entire pull came down!
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>> pam: we will be back at 11! would you rather have spoons for hands or elbows for ears?
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in new york city's war on crime the worst criminal offenders are pursued of the major case squad. these are their stories. you couldn't wait ten minutes to sell this place out from under me. she's barely in her grave. i didn't sell the house. mom did last fall. what? who's going to buy this dump? some developer's putting up offices. she got a good deal. oh, this is perfect. you know, you're really something, you know that? you never come out to see her, and you're going to stand there and complain that she sold the house so she could have a little something to live on? i'm upset, okay? i just buried my mother. what is it, ricky? you get kicked out of your apartment again?


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