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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 24, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron4news at 11:00 starts now. now at 11:00. >> this is what i am doing. one victim's family overcome with emotion at court. >> the man accused of a murder at the san francisco jewelry
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mart added to the grief of the victim's family. >> i don't want anything else. >> reporter: the grieving family cried out for justice holding pictures and posters. they mourn the loss of a mother, daughter, sister, wife. another woman and lin were murdered. the store's owner barely survived. the suspect 23-year-old barry white sat calm and didn't enter a plea. his attorney feels his client will not have a fair trial.
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>> what we have seen from the press has been inappropriate from the district attorney's office. >> reporter: they called the case chilling. the family wants him to get the toughest sentence possible. his arraignment has been moved to next week. this is adding to the anguish to the victim's family. new tonight this is a photograph of the 66-year-old woman who was shot and killed while driving in oakland. she was identified at judy solomon. it marks oakland's 56th murder of 2013. he was driving in east oakland.
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solomon was a nice person who loved animals. >> reporter: judy solomon lived on this street for 20 years. neighbors say she was known for her love of animals. >> she kept to herself. she took care of dogs. her whole family is dogs and cats. so she was -- she took care of animals. that was her family. >> reporter: cats i own, dogs i foster. people who live by her house say she was a good neighbor with a good heart. >> she was elderly. she drives an old car and lives
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in a house there with maintenance. she is not affluent or rich. must be the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: no one understands who would want to hurt her much less shoot her. judy will be missed on her block. i'm jeff bush, kron4news. a gas line break was finished being repaired. the pipe was ripped open by a construction crewforcing an evacuation. pg and e stopped the leak. the crews had to wait for water
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service before completing the gas line repairs an hour ago. a man crashed into an oakland house on alice and 7th. police say the drive was taken to highland hospital. the crews are working to pull the vehicle from the house. firefighterses have a 3- acre fire. this is from our partnership with abc7. it is surrounded by paved roads. crews had it under control. the asphalt kept it from spreading. >> reporter: it was 92 in
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concord. 96 in pleasanton. 91 in san rafael. closer to the coastline not much change. the fog is rolling back in. the fog is set to affect the coastline and bay shores and will be fairly brief into the morning. it leads to warm conditions. cooler weather is ahead. we will look at the extended forecast coming up. it has been called one of spain's worst raicrashes. old messages from anthony weiner. what he plans to do in new york. why the school district is
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. >> new tonight at 11:00 the scores are invalid. this the decision made about advanced placemented exams. they are considering legal action to have that ruling overturned. >> it went too far in their judgment. we feel there was a system in place that the testing situation was viable and no cheating occurred and the students deserved their test scores. >> they were not seated properly. they attended a town hall meeting at the high school.
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>> reporter: students and parents trading places at the podium with question and complaints. students being punished for something out of their control. >> it is worthless. this is not a good thing to do r the student's future. >> reporter: more than 600 a.p. tests were thrown out. some students took the tests in groups sitting at circular tables which is a violation. despite the school district saying they didn't cheat, the tests are invalid. >> i spent a year and our teachers invested a lot in our
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a.p. exams. >> the college scores affected by the a.p. scores being canceled are immense. i will not receive credit, and it will impact the classes i take. we haven't done anything as students. >> reporter: they informed students they have hired two law firms and considering legal action to have the tests reinstated. parents were considering their own legal action. in millbrae, kron4news. another back up plan if another bart strike hits the bay area. after his release from the hospital, he had a busy schedule.
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. >> well, the bay area is 11 days away from a possible bart strike. union and bart are far away from the negotiations being over. today contingency plans were discussed. buses are likely again and at most during the last strike
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bart used 79 chartered buses a day. they may bring buses from all over the area, even though that is a challenge. >> those buses aren't needed, that is a financial gamble. >> bart is the union has until august 4th to avoid another strike. at this point the governor has not become involved. they could undermine america's economic recovery. what the president said today. >> reporter: ready to vent. >> the last 6 months this grid
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lock has gotten worse. >> reporter: ready to point fingers. >> we have seen a sizeable amount of republican law makers saying they will not pay the bills. we can't afford to repeat that. >> reporter: he is a friend of the middle class. >> if you ask these folks in the house in the income agenda, how they will strengthen the middle class, out of control spending. >> reporter: he promised to work for the middle class. >> i want to use every minute of the remaining 1276 days in my term to make america work again. [ applause ] that's all i care
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about. i don't have another election. >> reporter: the president faces a mine field in september. the budget has to be passed by the end of the month. they are nowhere near agreement. then there is what to do with the mandatory spending cuts triggered by dead lock. some say they will not raise it unless the health care law is gutted. former congressman from new york, anthony weiner ask his fate is in the hands of the people. >> these are things i brought upon myself. i thought they want come out. some have.
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i am pressing forward and have a campaign based on issues. >> some of his rivals and colleagues are pressing weiner to bow out after he kept sending sexual messages after his 2011 resignation. one of spain's worst rail accidents. the death toll has gone from 40 to 80. 140 people are hurt. you can see the damage there. one train was split in too. victims were caught inside and pulled out of broken windows. 200 people were on the train at the time. >> reporter: it was warm today and will be tomorrow. temperatures will be in the 70s and 80s. the 90s in the inland valleys. things cool asthe fog
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continue and is more extensive. a little fog up to the north bay and bay shores and will clear fairly quickly as well by 8:00 in the morning. then moves back to the coast by 10:00 and off the coast by 1:00. we will have sunshi everywhere. there will be a few degrees different. it will be in the 90s in morgan hill. 90s in concord and antioch and pleasanton. the east bay shores 70s. low 60s with the fog until noon through the north bay 80s and 86 in napa.
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thursday is similar to today. through the weekend things will cool by sunday and monday. temperatures running well below average. the cloud cover is extensive. tuesday and wednesday we will have conditions back to normal and 90 away from the coast. britain the royal baby has his name. george alexander louis. he is third in line to the throne. he met his grandmother this morning. he his ken sington palace to meet has mother's parents. all the sports coming up.
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. >> all right. good evening. it is almost time to look to the future for the giants. when you are a pitcher you have to be put in the rotation.
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brandon phillips is 2-0 reds. jay goes down the line. tough tough night. devon, bloop and a single. 5 walks. pence goes 5-for-5. they were out scored. the a's on the flip side are cooking. they have 7 more against porter's team. carlos driving a blast off a.j. griffin. it is 3-1 in the 6th. here is coco crisp.
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they went 1-for-4. a's 11 and 1. they play 7 more times. they are still 3 games up. bad break. tim hudson. he covers the bag and erick lands oh, on his ankle, suffers a fracture. he will require surgery. hudson cool. we didn't show it, but he shook young's hand. he gave him a wink. that's it. the atlanta braves have to go on without hudson. napa, and when you talk about
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beautiful scenery, it is probably number one. that's what mr. davis wanted returning from los angeles. he wanted the beauty of napa. we have players talking, chris klooey. >> i want to do what jankowski needs me to do. >> there will be trash talk and guys trying to make the team, but we are all representing representing and going back to oakland a better team. >> reporter: now 49er talk. >> we look forward to the rest of the meetings and practice some more. >> reporter: show me a goal
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here. honduras advances to the gold cup final. landon finds the net. >> good night everybody.
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