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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 28, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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in tonight's "entertainment tonight" birthdays julia stiles turns 32. vince vaughan is 43, and which singer's first six singles reached number one on the billboard charts? that is lady gaga who turns 27 today. now, meet another lady who is number one in our book. say hello to our "e.t." fan of the day, cassandra caller who watches us on wfla in tampa and she's screaming "e.t." phone my home. consider this call to you. love that energy. send us your photo at facebook, at entertaintonight or on twitter and become our fan of the day. thanks for watching, everybody. good night.
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>> next at eight. right now, a 1-year-old is recovering after being shot in the neck. police searching for the gunman. we have exclusive video taken moments after the shooting. plus, police in berkeley going to door to door looking for a crossbow used to shoot an 8-year-old girl. i'm pam moore. we'll see you at eight. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> new at eight. a 25=thousand dollar reward now being offered for the gunman who shot a baby in richmond this afternoon. >> it's just unbelievable. the one year old boy wounded in the neck. his grandfather telling kron four. the bullet came through the living room window. >> he was definitely shot in the neck? >> definitely shot in the neck. >> and here is another look at video taken by a witness at the scene.
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you will only see it here on kron 4. and right now. that baby is being treated at children's hospital oakland. >> the 8- year old girl who was shot in the leg with an arrow during a field trip at lawrence hall of science at uc berkeley. is doing well. these are pictures of nadine hareston - here at children's hospital in oakland, taken shortly after she was hit by the arrow. it was a miracle that the arrow went straight through and did not pierce an artery and cause severe damage. while she is recovering. police are pushing forward with their investigation. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, they are trying to figure out whether this was a malicious attack on an innocent victim. or just a big mistake. in this neighborhood just above the lawrence hall of science - uc berkeley police have been on a mission. they handed out fliers. in hopes of finding the truth about how a young girl got shot in the leg with a cross bow. >> it is just terribly. >> reporter: joyce kraus knows how dangerous arrows can be, she used to shoot one years ago.
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>> police. we want to know what happened. lt. eric tejada with uc berkeley police department says they are eager to find out how the young girl got hurt. in the meantime, parents out at the whale in front of the lawrence hall of science. where this unusual incident happened say they would feel more comfortable if police increased security until they uncover the facts. terisa estacio, kron 4 news. >> pam: startling new information tonight. about the bay area man charged with threatening to kill senator leland yee. over proposed gun control legislation. this is video of everett basham's arraignment last month. search warrants unsealed today reveal that 26 guns and thousands of bullets were found inside basham's home on humbolt avenue in santa clara. authorities also found what is described as a homemade destructive device. and dozens of high-capacity ammunition magazines. >> jacqueline: the showers have largely tapered off. as
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we take a live look mainly clear skies. that is what we are seeing for most of the bay area. pressing to the east and clearer skies. we will stay dry for tomorrow. this next storm will stay offshore. it will be moving through the coast impacting us for the weekend. temperatures? mild. still, 65 degrees in livermore, pleasanton, antioch, 60s in san jose. even if it is going to stay mild with areas of fog expected. we will see mostly partly cloudy skies a bit warmer. but it changes as that storm returns. with rainfall for most of the bay area. >> pam: happening right now. it is a bay area sports tradition. game one of the 'battle of the bay' is at a-
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t&t park tonight. the san francisco giants versus the oakland a's. in the first of three exhibition games between the two local teams. kron 4's j.r. stone has been with fans all day. he joins us live outside a- t&t park with reaction. j.r. >> reporter: it may only be an exhibition game but baseball is back in the bay area. you can feel the energy outside at at&t park. hosts fans that are making their wastes into at&t park ferran they have been here all day they are in the midst of all >> the san francisco giants. fan and they showed a fairly early. >> to 30.
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>> probably to 45. if >> 1:00 p.m.. it >> 9 afc. >> what was going through your mind? >> to get a crowd of barograph care of for some it was making a fashion statement. >> i want to know if this is perhaps
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>> pam: bad news for california's water supply. today the department of water resources announced that the state only has about half of the normal amount of snow in the mountains. kron 4's charles clifford has details on whether or not we may now be facing drought conditions this summer. >> reporter: in their third snow survey of the season, the state department of water resources says that california's snow pack has fallen to %52 of normal for this time of year.
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making matters worse, the spring melt season has already begun. as a result, the dwr says it will reduce the amount of water it plans to deliver to agencies around the state. meaning that this summer 25 million people and about 1 million acres of farm land will be receive less water than they have requested. but right now we aren't facing drought conditions because the state's reservoirs are actually in pretty good shape. heavy rains in november and december filled them up to at or above normal levels. so, the dwr say the reservoirs should be able to meet most of the california's water needs for this summer. but they warn that if we have another dry winter next year, drought conditions could return to some areas. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam: in san mateo county. people driving through the brand- new tunnels along devil's slide tomorrow. will likely see some lane closures. between nine a-m and three p-m tomorrow. cal-trans says, crews will be doing
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additional lane striping to improve driver safety. the new tunnels along highway- one near pacifica. officially opened to the public on monday. ahead at eight. details on a deadly big rig crash. that shut down all lanes of interstate 80 near davis. plus: the city of san francisco celebrates it's first new firehouse in 40 years. >> "who would not stand in front of an assault on >> pam: in the bay area and across the country. lawmakers and people seeking change - rally. in a national day of action on gun control. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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all lanes of interstate-80 are back open tonight. after a deadly big-rig crash in davis. a big-rig driver lost consciousness, when he choked on some food -- and struck three vehicles. two people were killed. this is video from our helicopter partneship with a-b-c 7 news. it happened on interstate- 80 near u-c davis. the c-h-p says, the driver blacked out. and the big rig drifted all across the lanes -- striking two cars. the semi then plowed into a center divider and collided with another car head on. sparking a fire. >> president obama also took a stand today. saying time is running out. public support for tougher gun control laws has been slipping. down 10 points since the shooting in newtown, connecticut. today, at the white house -- he surrounded himself with the mothers of children who have been killed. as kron 4's catherine heenan reports. the
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president is trying to keep the gun control debate in the spotlight. president obama using unusually blunt language as polls show support for stricter laws dropping dramatically. catherine heenan is here with that story. president obama says time is running out. public support for tougher laws has been slipping.down 10 points since the newtown shooting. today at the white house -- he surrounded himself with the mothers of children who have been killed. he's trying to keep the gun control debate in the spotlight. the president wants congress to pass expanded background checks. also - tougher laws on gun purchases and laws aimed at improving safety at schools. >> i want to make sure that every american is listening that is not who we are. >> pam: that was kron 4's catherine heenana reporting. also today. house democratic leader nancy pelosi was in san francisco. she is also speaking out about the need for gun control laws. and she had some harsh
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remarks about the national >> you underestimate the power of money they hijack legitimate concerns of hunters by misrepresenting the motivation of assault weapons. they do not really need to have them to hunt. the n r a hijacks the good intentions of hunters. we are not going to take their cutaway. >> pam: and new tonight at 8-- gun control advocates gathered in palo alto today to draw attention to the issue. the group took over the corners of middlefield road and university. and were passing out literature, encouraging others to contact members of congress to pass tighter gun control laws. many of those in attendance say, the tragedy in newtown was what brought them out to promote the cause >> new town was unacceptable
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i am usually not politically active however, this country off the living room couch. >> everybody needs to do something it is happening all over the country. and a little increments people make a phone call people write a letter it all adds up. >> pam: today's rally was just one of many which were held in several cities across the country. newly released documents are telling us more about the gunman in the massacre at a connecticut grade school. 20-year-old adam lanza killed himself after the december shooting. we now know. investigators found a chilling inventory inside the home he shared with his mother. including guns, knives, samurai swords. and a huge amount of ammunition. the family safe -- which was stuffed with guns -- was in lanza's bedroom. investigators also found a holiday card written to adam from his mother -- inside was a check for the purchase of a new gun.
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police say, the day's shooting spree began in the house -- where adam shot and killed his mother. >> pam: in washington. some families are being allowed to return home. after a huge landslide. the slide has cut off or damaged several homes in whidbey island, north of seattle. families whose homes are believed to be safe and accessible. are being allowed back. the county is tagging other houses as too dangerous to occupy. geologists are trying to figure out what caused the slide. >> jacqueline: lots of 70's. 60s in redwood city. temperatures warmer than yesterday but still as we look for tomorrow. the fog
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extended but another mild today. temperatures offshore will be impacting the bay area. it will last saturday and towards easter sunday. as we take a look outside the satellite and radar with clear skies. to the north and to the east with one daybreaks. this could impact us and right over the bay zeroth time it out. first, will time it out-. temperatures in the '70s for the inland valleys. and even along the coast. we are starting to see some showers but not until the later morning hours when it becomes more widespread. again the very light. up to the north bay by moderate
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rainfall. when it is expected to last until saturday night into easter sunday morning. as for the sierras rainfall 7,700 ft.. but 6,800 ft. a look at your extended forecast. the showers will return there will be light but more widespread. easter will be cool and cloudy and to drearyand remember you can watch the weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can also get headlines and live traffic. it's on comcast 193 and you can also watch it live on >> google has a new service which will help you shop from home. google shopping express. will provide same-day delivery of local food and
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san francisco opened it's first new firehouse. in more than 40 years today. kron 4's maureen kelly shows us how the state of the art design will help keep the city and the firefighters who work there, safer. it's got shiny new poles.brand new lockers.and was built to some of highest environmental standards. but the most important
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thing about the new home of fire station that it's now seismically safe.because the last thing one of the busiest fire station in the nation needs during an earthquake is to have the building that houses it's first responders and their rigs collapse on top of them. it also has a modern generator that can provide power to the station for up to three days. another important improvement is the decontaimination room for the firefighters to clean up after fires and haz mat situtaions.this is a special washing machine called an extractor.used to clean their protective gear of the harmful particles that cling to their clothesthe room also includes a shower and a place to try their wet thingsright next to the locker rooma simple idea.but it will help keep the fire fighters from tracking containments thru their living quarters.and thus keeping them healhier than previous generations. maureen kelly kron4 news. >> most of the money for
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the 12-million dollar station. came from the museum of modern art. the moma is taking over the land where the previous fire station once stood. for its multi- million dollar expansion project. they begin demolition next month.
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(closing bell) still ahead on kron 4- stocks wrap up a stellar first quarter. with the s- and-p 500 finishing at a new high. after flirting with the milestone for weeks. >> the first solar airplane was shown off at moffett field. in mountain view this is the first time a solar aircraft has been the scene >> jacqueline: this live look outside the satellite and radar with another chance of rainfall. more
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about that, coming up.
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now for a look at our top stories at eight-thirty. in richmond. a one-year old boy is recovering after being shot in the neck. this is exclusive video of the scene. taken just after the shooting. the baby's grandfather tells kron 4 that the bullet came through their living room window. a 25-thousand dollar reward now being offered for the gunman. police in berkeley are going door to door. searching for whoever shot an 8-year old girl in the leg.
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it happened during a field trip at lawrence hall of science at uc berkeley tuesday. these are pictures of nadine hareston - here at children's hospital in oakland, taken shortly after she was hit by the arrow. she is said to be doing well. in san mateo county. people driving through the brand- new tunnels along devil's slide friday. will likely see some lane closures. between nine a-m and three p-m tomorrow. cal-trans
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says, crews will be doing additional lane striping to improve driver safety. the new tunnels opened to the public on monday. tonight. showers are coming to an end in the bay area. more rain is expected over the weekend. this is live a look. kron 4's jacqueline bennet joins us now with the latest. jacqueline? 60s definitely cooler along the coast. overnight the areas of fog. not a bad day. the rainfall will return (closing bell) stocks wrapped up a stellar first quarter today. with the s-and-p 500 finishing at a new high, after flirting with the milestone for weeks. here at the closing numbers. the dow rose 52 points to close at 14-thousand-578. the nasdaq rose 11 points. and the s-and-p rose six
8:36 pm
points to close at one- thousand-569. and a reminder that markets will be closed tomorrow for good friday. >> this is a historical moment in aviation for this zeppelin. >> for the first time this was able to fly day and night with only solar power. >> this is only powered by the sun. the company is based in switzerland, they have been working with silicon valley. because of
8:37 pm
the bay area's involvement, they have used moffett field for landings. this is the first time it has been seen in america. it will be back in the month of may for a flight from san francisco to new york. in 2015 they will fly across the world. this will also start in the bay area. >> it is important to start here in this part of the world. and the center and heart of silicon valley. with our partner, "sun power" is just next door. >> the silicone valley company is "sun power". >> this solar panel is just about the thickness of a human hair. >> it has successfully flown dozens of test flights. including one at 26 hours...theoretically, it could fly forever. but the human pilot needs sleep. it is reenergize for the day and flies that night but the pilot needs sleep. the
8:38 pm
longest is 26 hours it is difficult to grasp the size but it is enormous. it is the same as a 747 wingspan. the total weight is only 3,500 lbs. that is about the weight of a small car. 2000 square feet of solar panels that charge lithion ion batteries. of commercial flying. that would hopefully lower the cost of airline travel. gabe slate tech report mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good.
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there were a few people caught behaving badly today in operation drive safe on highway 24 today. it's speed enforcement conducted by the contra costa office of the california highway patrol. >> at the highest sppeds they can be in any lane because usually their using the whole freeway to back and forth. the driver of thse red sentra was clocked at 88 miles per hour in a 65. so the motor units conducting the enforcement pulls the driver over and has a chat with him then goes to grab his ticket book. i asked the driver why he was driver so fast his answer. >> i was going with the flow of traffic. the next car watch the lidar gun it goes from 86 to 88, 89, then 90 yes the driver od this bmw was doing 90 in a 65. >> how are you? the reason i stopped was for speed can i see you driver license and proof of insurance. while the driver looks for his papers the officer explains how he was caught as you were coming towars us about a quarter mile back we were sitting there i got you on radar one at 88 once at 98 and one at 90 and to let you hear how bad the problem is on highway 24 listen to this
8:42 pm
>> just got a call for 100 mph going east bound >> but i needed to talk to the driver listen in >> why? its important that you give you life to jesus christ >> huh . what" >> so if you crash at 90 wouldn't you be giving you life to the lord really quick. no sir. >> anyway he was issued a ticket for going 88. >> nats: if i wrote you a ticket for 90 they would suspend your license. he signs the ticket but not before one final thought. >> if you do crash and die at least you will be in the presense of god so give you life to christ and do not speed. >> i do not the guy was going 86. >> i think that i was going about 75. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e-mail us at 'people behaving badly' at
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>> we went to this parking lot of electronics store. >> curry up and food trucks in the south bay and foodie truck friday in sunnyvale the parking lot is one of
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the best places. >> i lived down the peninsula of this is much more convenient. >> to give these silicon valley workers a taste of the city. >> so far, so good. >> and also the agave lemonvade and sexy fries and burgers and slaw and sweet pepper and lime and cilantro and dine and dish and truffle fries and roasted chicken and to find out more go to 'dine and dish' in sunnnyvale
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>> jacqueline: we are getting a break. some we were showers. as we go for tomorrow some drier conditions saturday and sunday. we did see some returns. offshore, the basics with a break tomorrow and here comes the system for saturday. we will time it to alex. first, pretty mild. we will still be in the 60s but that is warmer than what we saw today.
8:49 pm
some widespread rainfall. it will be lighter. the same as we go towards noon it will go towards saturday and sunday. this could go through and look at least noon. for the sierras, the rainfall at 7,700 ft. still high operation. the showers could be lingering. but drier conditions expected for the chance of showers on thursday. let us check your snow bomb
8:50 pm
and remember you can watch the weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can also get headlines and live traffic. it's on comcast 193 and you can also watch it live on >> hello everyone i'm jason appelbaum. gary is off tonight bay bridge series - exhibition style - underway at at&t park. before the game the team announced contract extensions for both manager bruce bochy and general manager brian sabean through the 2016 season - so both are locked up for
8:51 pm
the next four seasons bochy joined the giants in 2007 and has led them to two world series titles.sabean is the longest tenured gm in his 17th season with the giants ncaa tournament - half the sweet 16 teams in action tonight gilroy boxer robert guerrero was arrested this morningand here kis kevin
8:52 pm
harlan to give the buckeyes the wein... ohio state. marquette verses miami. for attempting to board a flight at jfk airport in new york with an
8:53 pm
unloaded gun. this is guerrero leaving the courthouse in queensreleased on his own recognizance this is guerrero leaving the courthouse in queens after being charged with one count of criminal possession of a firearm and three counts of third degree criminal possession of a weapon. new york recently enacted the toughest gun restrictions in the country - so instead of facing misdemeanor charges guerrero faces a class e felony which carries with it up to four years in prison guerrero is scheduled for a huge payday with floyd
8:54 pm
mayweather on may 4th so this comes at a terrible time - but for now the fight is still on. guerrero due back in court may 14th the 49ers are looking far and wide for a backup to quarterback colin kaepernick today at the practice facility coach harbaugh worked out former west virginia star pat white who has been out of football the past three years pat white works out today at the practice facility coach harbaugh worked out former west virginia star pat white who has been out of football the past three years
8:55 pm
if you remember this? this will possibly reconvene on april 12th. .
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mountaineers. but he never made it out of phil jackson is tweeting.on camera.
8:59 pm
he has 11 championship rings... it will be interesting to hear from phil jackson. just enough time for a little update on a story we brought you a few months back. regarding emmitt dove - or as i like to call him, the man with the dolphins tattoo.which he got just last year regarding emmitt dove - or as i like to call him, the man with the dolphins tattoo.which he got just last year well, we now officially feel sorry for mr. dove after the miami dolphins confirmed they have a brand new logo. the dolphin now has a much sleeker look.and gone is the white helmet on his head among other changes not the dove cares all that much - he points out that "throwbacks are always popular" - even when it >> pam: see you 11


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