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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 23, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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we leave you today with the nine golfers who made nine putts into one hole all at the same time. now they are giving it another try. >> but can they do it? not quite but at least they did
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do it once. we will see you righ (male announcer)igh this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> it's the largest celebration of chinese new years -outside of china. the streets of san franciscofireworks and dragons tonight. good evening everybody and gung hey fat choy. happy chinese new year! and they're celebrating the brand new year of the snake. that's where we find our jeff bush. in the thick of the celebration - san francisco style. jeff? >> reporter: the parade is still going strong pure degree king is that we get new yours twice in one the year. thousands of people have been coming out to celebrate the year of the snake. chinese new year in
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cannot disappoint it was as loud and colorful as ever. schools were practicing for weeks with drummers drumming and politicians in convertibles but the thing that the crowd likes the most. >> is great! i love >> the dragons. >> the dancers! everything is fantastic. his culturist is fantastic. >> is excellent and everything about it is beautiful. everybody is having some much fun and wild and having a great time and what he thinks? >> the music, the parade, it is awesome. >> i think it is wonderful to see the children and to see how happy they are. the
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fireworks. if >> reporter: both sides were packed with rolled pack and celebrating of the lunar new year. later. everybody is having a great time. jeff bush, kron 4. from las vegas metropolitan >> police police in las vegas say they know who they're looking for in connection with that deadly shooting and crash on the strip. they released this photo of 26-year-old ammar harris. officials say he's the one who fired into a maserati on thursday from a range rover. that suv was found in an area apartment complex and impounded. after the shooting, the driver of the maserati, a rapper named kenneth cherry, hit a cab, which burst into flames. cherry, the cab driver and his passenger all died. >> take a look at all the
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guns collected in east palo alto today. police agencies from east palo alto, menlo park and palo alto teamed up with a non-profit to hold a gunkron 4's mike pelton shows out air. also, this deadly armed robbery phillipe djegal? >> reporter: they have stolen cash, and take a monday sea behind the counter. the owner sells the mcdowell has earned this business for 14 years. thursday/friday. >> they took some beer as well. >> reporter: the suspects got a little least $3,000. and this convenience store across the street was also robbed in the save was taken. business owners say
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that this was the work of professionals. they lifted these panels and cut the telephone lines that would disable the video and alarm systems. neither were caught on tape. >> if they were to cut the power there could of been a nation but according to just canceling out the films which is the same as with the wireless. it disabled the alarm. they had all the time that they needed. >> reporter: he owns this juice bar and this is typically a safe area. homes are also being targeted. remember, lock your windows, and put your trash cans away. if your leaving for an extended period of time stop your newspaper delivery. petaluma, phillipe djegal,
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kron 4. >> take a look at all the guns collected in east palo alto today. police agencies from east palo alto, menlo park and palo alto teamed up with a non-profit to hold a gun buy-back. kron 4's mike pelton shows us why so many people came out and what happens now to all the guns. >> this goal was to get these guns off the street and this line stretched around the street. >> it is just a rival i do not it is 8-rifle i do not hunt anymore. >> this buyback will many want to get rid of this of what could happen if they did keep them. >> if somebody were to break my house and take my guns. they could come in and get
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it in paris a first time. >> if the home is burglarized and the home in his stolen from the-guns are stolen from the home. it is traced back to the homeowner. >> they would receive $100 for a handgun. >> what is that money going to go towards? >> paying my bills. >> they do not know if this will reduce crime but the message is on target. >> start somewhere. midas will start at home. >> reporter: most of these guns might as well-starred at home if these will be returned to the rightful owners if they returned that they were stolen. mike pelton, kron 4. >> at least 28 people were hurt after a fiery crash at the daytona speedway in florida saturday. some of them were taken to this hospital, halifax
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health medical center. >> this coastal last lap of the series race of nascar. they did its job by preventing more injuries or even death. all of the injured were spectators. debris went flying. even an inch and reaching the second level. about 20 ft. up. this him. they got entangled and that set off a chain reaction. several were seen on the ground. others werecarris none of them seem to be injured none of the drivers seemed to be treated for injuries. >> people that were transported were injured and one of them is critical as
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of right now your several others were transported to ford of memorial. >> all of these drivers in the last lap have been released from the infield care center. which could have one driver that was transported earlier. he has been treated and will be a hospital and remains. spectators who were in the air. after the crash, several people were seen lying on the ground and emergency officials carried others off transported here with those injuries apparently is several others were memorial hospital and an untold number were treated several of the drivers involved were also checked out at the track and fiery crash at the daytona spectators on saturday. it happened during the last debris, including an engine, second level of the stands by preventing more seriousseveral cars were involved. position when they gotthat set off a chain reaction collision. those injuries apparently is critical as of right now. memorial hospital and an cleanup is under way.nascar
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will be ready for tomorrow's alecia reed, kron 4. >> with 50s right now, through san francisco. we did see some 60s it is going to warm things up for tomorrow. this live look over san francisco it is still shaking those could be done down with temperatures dropping. look for readings in the 30's even freezing. the coldest areas will be in the north bay. plenty of sunshine and temperatures will be in the low mid 60s. 63 degrees in san francisco. and look for the mid 60s in concord, napa. the next chance for rain fall, coming upin san jose. a fire from an. >> electrical panel leaves two men in serious condition tonight. the two men working on this electrical panel in an unoccupied building undergoing restoration when they were severely burned.
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when san jose firefighters arrived at the building on daggett drive they found two men with burns on as much as thirty percent of their bodies. >> there was some sort of flash fire that set both men on fire. they exited that area and were able to stop, drop and roll and put out the fire, they sustained a lot of burns over their body. >> the two men face weeks of hospitalization to treat those burns. pg&e has stoppped electrical service to the building. >> tonight. four people are under arrest in fairfield, accused of making and selling crystal meth out of a home. police say drug pipes, scales, an illegally sawed off double barrel shotgun along with crystal meth were found inside the home on the 1800 block of utah street. forty year old francisco guillen, erin johnson, tina jewett and james jewett were all arrested and face several drug related charges including running drug house. canine units also found drugs hidden in someof the residents' cars. and the search of a motel room also recovered crystal meth.
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coming up on the kron 4 news at 8. anti gun protestors rally in palo alto.what they want off the streets, for good. >> legendary rapper mc hammer arrested at a dublin mall. what he says about the incident on twitter. >> and the east coast braces for another massive snowstorm. details on that. and
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>> gun control advocates gathered in palo alto saturday morning. they 're looking to capitalize on momentum that's been created for legislative action in the wake of the tragedy of sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. congresswoman jackie spear of san mateo echoed president obama's state of the union call for a vote inshe felt confident a vote. at least on background checks. could pass. >> we are going to have to rise up organically in communities across this country, telling the
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congress of the united stat a vote. i'm very optimistic that we are going to have a vote on the gun issues. i think there is growing recognition in the republican party, people on both sides of the aisle, their constituents, ninety per cent of the constituents that live in their communities want to have a universal background check. >> congresswoman spear cited the success of recent gun buy programs as evidence of the increasing public demand that something be done about gun violence. >> oakland police investigating an overnight shooting that targetted an a-c transit bus. the incident that happened near the intersection of 55th avenue and international boulevard. a total of five shots were fired at the bus, shattering its back window. police say the four of the nine passengers on board suffered minor injuries and were transported to the hospital. it is unclear why the bus was targeted in the shooting, and no arrests the same weather system
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that pounded 20 states along the east coast is expected to return to the northeast this weekend. new england is preparing for another snowstorm that may drop six to twelve inches of snow in some places. cristina mutchler is there looking at how the clean up and preparations are going. >> reporter: many midwesterners made the best of it. while some were able to enjoy the perks of a snow day, united express captain, billy hock, played piano for stranded travelers at lambert international airport. even farmers appreciate the snowstorm that left over 14 inches in great bend, kansas. >> "it would have been great to have another foot. we need all the moisture we can get. this kind of moisture is just wonderful for the wheat." >> reporter: still, the winter weather system that's traveled coast to coast is causing its share of headaches. from icy roads to avalanches on the side of office buildings. it's been two weeks since boston felt the effects of a massive nor'easter. now, city workers are trying to get ahead of the snow
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forecast for saturday night. one of the priorities -- filling the potholes. >> "when there are cracks in the surface, and the water gets in and snow gets in and then it freezes, it erupts and causes these holes. so we have to keep up with this." >> reporter: there's also more supervision over the private contractors this time around. >> "we're using our g-p-s' and we're monitoring much more closely than we did last storm. making sure they're working, making sure they're doing the streets they say they're doing." >> reporter: this snowstorm isn't expected to be as strong as the previous blizzard. however, as much as a foot is expected to fall in parts of new england. i'm cristina mutchler for kron 4 news. >> and a nice day in the bay area. we did have some showers but it cleared out this is a live at chinatown. first, the san mateo bridge. this is the scene from this evening. high clouds and fog burned callers tonight. vibrant-
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tonight. a bit breezy gusting. even the strongest in oakland. 10-20 m.p.h.. s f o, 13 m.p.h.. however, the wind should die down. that could promote temperatures to also subside. with the low 30s. for tomorrow, sunshine and warmer temperatures. getting into the 60s with gusting winds. as we go for next week. no rain. temperatures in the '70s by late in the week for a there could be summer rain after that but for the next, seven days. it tried. temperatures in the 40's, in
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the 50s to the board tried hard-. santa rosa, 40's and 50's. the coolest locations are in the north bay off. mid 30's. for the self bay. and 40's and duties for the bay side. for the south bay .... santa clara, the same for the inland valleys. mid-60s concord. antioch. the scene for san leandro the wind gusting at the lucky m.p.h.. san francisco, was winds gusting at 50 an30 m.p.h.. here is your kron 4 7 day around the bay another dry week. look for mostly sunny skies. clouds monday, tuesday but sunny.
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temperatures for the week are gradually climbing. >> legendary rapper mc hammer was arrested for allegedly resisting an officer while at a mall in dublin on thursday night. according to police stanley burrell. better known as mc hammer. was arrested at the hacienda crossings shopping center a little after ten pm. the rapper was cited for resisting an officer and later released. kron 4 reached out to mc hammer about the arrest but instead he said he rather stick to twitter as his platform. on twitter he described the arrest saying he's not bitter. and that it was a teachable moment and an eye opener for his friends and colleagues. >> legendary temptations singer damon harris died on monday after a fourteen-year battle with prostrate cancer. harris first joined the temptations in 1971 at the age of 21. he was only a part of the group for five years. during that time he helped catapult the group into super-stardom with hit songs like "papa was a
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rolling stone" and "take a look around." he was 62. kron 4 news will be right back. through sunday, save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. but hurry, sleep train's presidents' day sale ends sunday.
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>> a teenager behind bars tonight after leading deputies in monterey county on a 50 mile police chase. police say the chase started late friday night when the teen gang member ran a red light while driving a stolen car in castroville and refused to pull over. the chase went on for about half an hour and went through salinas, at times topping 120 miles per hour. the chase ended in greenfield after police deployed a spike strip. the 17-year-old was also found in possesion of a loaded gun. >> police are investigating the deaths of two scuba divers off the coast of monterey county. one lifeguard was able to pull one diver out of the water, while rescue crews pulled another floating by nearby rocks. officials say they were pronounced dead after being taken to a hospital. the victims names have not been released but authorities said one was a male and one was a female. the reserve where the divers died is a popular diving area about four miles south of carmel, and about 90
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miles south of san francisco. >> a new tool to fight dumping in the next edition of people behaving badly. . well, well, well.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanle behaving badly. >> the need to fix these houses because there are rats running everywhere >> this is a richmond
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resident who is tired of all the vacant homes in his neighborhood, and let's be clear here. it's not just the simple fact that the homes are vacant it's has a lot more to do with what happen when they are vacant for example this apartment complex located at the end of 14th street and burbeck is unoccupied there are about three locks on the gate and a dog inside this pickup truck cover to keep the unwanted out but outside the gate it has become an illegal dump sight with all types of trash and furniture littering the streets a few blocks away this home is all boarded up so one can enter and strip the home. but go up the steps, yet another illegal dump site next door yet another vacant apartment with old mattresses dumped on the lawn this is exaclty why the city of richmond recently passed an ordiance requiring the vacant property owners to register the property with the city so the city of richmond will know who to contact when something like this happens, this house is deemed unsafe but apparently someone kicked the front
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door in may be inside and on the front lawn this lovely couch,. in fact couches seem to be the item of choice when it comes to illegal dumping this new ordiance will give richmond code enforement just another tool to cut down on blight and it you are not aware what blight is it's what makes your neighborhood look bad these guys are just finisned putting in new plumbing at a house that was stripped twice before but now the house has been sold this means there is hope for some of these vacant dwellings but before there is hope there needs to be help. holding property owners responsible is the help in richmond stanley roberts kron 4 news >> if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot- com. >> electronically toll collection. >> 60s but it is even going to be warmer tomorrow.
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some cities try and sweep the homeless off the street. coming up, we'll take you to one bay area city that's paying the homeless to sweep up the streets. and they don't want your cash on the golden gate bridge anymore. but you're not off the hook. we've got an update on the new electronic-only toll booths. the streets of san rafael could be getting much more tidy. thanks to a new program that will pay homeless people. to help clean up the city. kron 4's scott rates shows us how the program will work. >> the city manager telling me this program will provide food, clothing and cash to the homeless here on these streets in exchange for helping keep the city looking sharp! last night the city approving funding to bring in the non-profit organization downtown streets team. the $272,000 one year program will create a 12 person team made up of
8:33 pm
homeless individuals here in san rafael. the team members will work about 20 hours a week cleaning side-walks and streets. in return they will receive $100 a week for food and housing >> reporter: we have always had a reputation of taking care of our homeless or, lately, it has gotten out of hands. if >> reporter: the downtown streets team already has successful programs in palo alto and san jose, the san rafael city manager says the homeless problem here has gotten so bad something had to be done and the cities portion of that $272,000 price tag will only be 47k because of several donations the city hopes that this will be stepping stone for homeless people that want to work, helping them move into a more permanent higher paying job scott rates, kron 4. 10-20 m.p.h.. earlier, there were about 30 m.p.h.. clear
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conditions for tonight. all the way through the evening and for the entire state tomorrow. lots of sunshine. temperatures are ron freezing as for goal for the afternoon we will switch temperatures keeping it warmer than today with mid- 60s around-gusting as we go for the late mornings in the early afternoon. >> golden gate bridge toll
8:35 pm
takers will be no more. new all- electronic tolling will start at the end of march. kron 4's charles clifford traffic on the bridge. and how commuters will be able to pay toll on the bridge. >> reporter: the golden gate bridge has 6 lanes of traffic. the number of lanes travelling in each direction on the bridge changes throughout the day based on traffic flows. at the toll plaza, which is on the southern end of the bridge, there are 11 eleven toll lanes. only cars traveling south into san francisco have to pay tolls...northbound travel is free. currently, at the toll plaza, the southbound lanes on the left are fastrak only, the rest accept fastrak or cash, via toll takers. the number of each type of toll lane varies depending on how the bridge lanes are configured. but after the conversion to all electronic tolling take place in possibly late march, all of the toll
8:36 pm
lanes will function in the same way. every lane will become an electronic toll lane and there will no longer be toll takers accepting cash. fastrak will continue to work at all of the lanes and for drivers who don't have a fastrak account, cameras will record license plate numbers and send a bill to the car's registered owner. commuters will also be able to set up an account based on their license plate number, where every time they drive through the plaza a charge will be sent to their credit card. for people who still want to pay cash, there will be cash payment locations off the bridge where toll crossings can be paid 30 days in advance or within 48 hours after a crossing. in san francisco, charles
8:37 pm
clifford kron 4 news. with only a few weeks left until all electronic tolling goes into effect. the bridge district started a new outreach program to spread the word. drivers paying cash were given informational cards. this cukes for l e d electronic sign of will-a huge -- will continue to advise drivers on what to do like to " keep driving ". or do not stop " back along with their change at the toll booths today. the leaflets explain what driver options will be when the system kicks off. in late march. new l-e-d signs were installed on top of the toll plaza structure. the signs will remain in place despite the fact the booths themselves will be empty. and more signage is on the way. to let motorists know what to do. "electronic tolling" the new signs were made to be highly visable. even in the rain and fog. this year's bay to breakers. and kron 4 is proud to be part of this san francisco original event. kron 4 will bring you the race from start to finish. and all of the crazy costumes in between. bay to breakers, sunday, may 19th. >> billions of dollars in
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forced government spending cuts are set to go into effect in less than a week. athena jones takes a look at taxpayer-funded early childhood education programs. elette ward, dropping her grandson tyriq off at an early head start center in virginia. (give me you) she says the pre-school program for low-income families is vital to his success. >> it's a start so when they do get in to kindergarten, they know their abcs. >> they know how to count. >> my seven year old, she started out in early head start at 3. >> very smart. >> honor roll student and it >> reporter: ward supports three children by cleaning hotel rooms, so she relies on head start for child care. her three-year old niece is on the wait list for head start, but she could become one of up to 70-thousand kids the administration says will be shut out of the program, if forced spending cuts go into effect this coming friday. those cuts would come even as president obama pushes for pre-school for all kids, including expanding head start. >> you're looking for a good bang for your educational buck, this is it. right here. (cheers & applause)
8:39 pm
>> reporter: but not everyone thinks head start is such a good idea. critics point to a government study that raises doubts about its long-term benefits. >> the findings were all the effects were gone by the time the kids were in kindergarten and certain not there by the end of third grade. >> reporter: that debate aside, ward says the program works for her family. >> don't take the daycare program from the kids. >> they're innocent little kids. >> they don't know nothing >> reporter: the department of health and human services says if these cuts go through, some head start classrooms will have to close early this school year and start late in the fall. athena jones, cnn, washington. >> this is just a few moments ago, from the chinese new year. >> a new controversy is rocking the vatican in pope benedict's final days. the report. first published in the rome daily. la repubblica. details an investigation by three cardinals into a network of gay priests that were allegedly blackmailed by a group of male prostitutes. it also contains information on financial
8:40 pm
wrongdoing within the vatican. the paper then suggests that the pope was so shocked by these findings that he decided to resign. the vatican responded by saying that unverified and false news stories can cause serious damage. adding that the story is an attempt to use public opinion to influence the cardinal's decision in the upcoming election for the new pope. >> to date none of us have actually seen this secret report delivered by the three cardinals to benedict the 16th so it's impossible to say precisely what it contains. on the other hand the claim of this story that the cardinals looked in the possibility that there might be a network of gay clergy inside the vatican who are vulnerable to pressure. to me that passes the smell test. >> in the coming hours benedict will deliver his final sunday prayers at saint peter's square. tens of thousands are expected to attend. cardinal roger mahony has been answering questions today in los angeles about pedophile priests during his time as the city's archbishop. church documents have suggested mahony knew priests were sexually
8:41 pm
abusing children, but went out of his way to shield the men from prosecution. mahony's deposition was expected to take four hours. mahony tweeted yesterday he is heading to the vatican soon. he is one of the cardinals that will elect the next pope. >> it's a list no city wants to find itself on. coming up, we show you which bay area cities - made the list of america's most miserable. and first it was apple and facebook, we'll show you the latest high tech giant got hit by hackers. next. gabe slate tech report you are going to notice a big change. instead of the kodak theater there are huge changes and a new name. ...
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>> it's a list no bay area
8:44 pm
city wants to be apart of. but two cities getting the dishonor this year. to be listed as part of america's most miserable cities. detroit was number one this year. but making the top five. modesto! number six is vallejo. forbes looked at the 200 largest metropolitan statistical areas and divisions in the u.s. it ranked each area on 9 factors including average unemployment rate between 2010 and 2012, average commute times to work for 2011 and violent crimes per capita. >> looking for a taste of southern mediterrean cooking - in the south bay? coming up in this week's dine and dish, we visit odeum restaurant that combines an artistic flare for food - with fine art. still breezy. wind. as it subsides, the towns are going to get cold temperatures are going to get cold.
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gabe slate tech report you
8:47 pm
are going to notice a big change on a sunday. the iconic theater has been called the codex 05 2002 it went bankrupt. --kodak.. however, now dolbmy whether or not we are one of the 3400 theaters where millions of viewers at home with the experience is going to be better >> reporter: they have spent a lot of time and money with this inspired sculpture is in addition, the greater sound experience from home with surround sound. from your tv, tablet or smart phone. this is the first
8:48 pm
year that it will be broadcast in the surround sound. >> ideally what unlike to have happen is that you know lager at home on your couch byu to feel like you are from the growth and center. gabe slate tech report >> microsoft is the latest tech company targeted by hackers. the software giant revealed the breach this week on its security blog. microsoft says it discovered a small number of computers, including some in the mac business unit, were infected by malicious software. the company says the attack was similar to recent attacks on apple and facebook >> clear skies temperatures will be colder for this evening as we see the arctic air mass. this last storm looking live in the bay
8:49 pm
bridge. conditions are clear and breezy. it will continue to subside. temperatures in the 30's however, 40's and '50's right now for the afternoon is looking good lots of sunshine. 20 m.p.h.. on monday, from this weather system that is going to impact us from the bay area. after those clouds go by we will see plenty of sun. possibly 30 m.p.h.. as for the rest of the week? plenty of sunshine. partly to mostly sunny skies for the next couple of days.
8:50 pm
temperatures in the low mid 40's. and some snow showers. hall of those are pretty much complete. washington there is a system on monday, wednesday, thursday, three different systems. who will just get a touch of each. fairly cool. n a 30's for the east bay. and freezing for santa rosa and in napa. the highs will be in the mid 60s. evergreen, and mid-60s for san francisco, sunnyvale mid-60s for concord, danville. and san francisco going from the
8:51 pm
'50s to the 60s tomorrow. san francisco, oakland 66 degrees. your kron 4 7 day around the bay bee a single rain drop. with lots of sunshine. and to mostly sunny. mostly sunny for the entire week. with even 70's by friday and saturday appeared odium is a ancient ofgreek place odeum is a taste of of the mediterranean. >> we have a rotating art exhibit and an open kitchen. we are some place where people want to feel like family and that is part of
8:52 pm
the charm. >> drop live from the m coast of maine >> that is why we are artisan bread and locally sourced produce and their own olive oil and he comes up with something magical.. it's good and really good >> they tried a lot of things and love trying different things, having a michelin star responsible
8:53 pm
and take extreme pride and love and passion for what i am serving. >> pissa cotto sauteed lobster and go to 'dine and dish'. coming up next. it's been 118 days since the san francisco giants swept the detroit tigers in game four of the world series. and now they're back. find out how your giants faired in their first spring training game. coming up after the break. get whatever you want, baby. hmm. let's just share a 20 piece. [ internal ] 20 mcnuggets, for only $4.99?
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>> at the movies this weekend- a heroic father takes on a drug cartel, and paranormal forces target a suburban family. carl azuz has a preview in now showing.' (music) >> reporter: dwayne johnson plays a desperate father trying to keep his son out of prison in "snitch." the 18-year-old faces 10 years in jail after being caught with a package he didn't know was filled with drugs. his father convinces the u- s attorney, played by susan sarandon, to let him go undercover to infiltrate a powerful drug cartel. inspired by actual events, "snitch" is rated "pg-13." in the thriller "dark skies," a suburban family's life spirals out of control in a series of disturbing events. a paranormal expert tells
8:57 pm
them they're being targeted by a deadly force, and there's no way to escape. starring keri russell and josh hamilton, "dark skies" is rated "pg-13." for now showing, i'm carl azuz. >> today the san francisco giants took the first step in defending their world series title. reigning world series m-v-p pablo sandoval knocked in a run as the giants beat the los angeles angels four-to- one. starting pitcher ryan vogelsong tossed two shut- out innings in the teams cactus league debut. tomorrow giants ace matt cain will take the mound against the chicago cubs. >> one night after losing in a record setting game against the chicago blackhawks. the sharks look to change their fortunre tonight against the dallas stars.
8:58 pm
patrick marlowe scored one of their own goals. coming up they will take on the avalanche. >> the captain and first officer of the u-s-s enterprise have embarked on yet another out of this world mission. the seti institute has set up a website for residents of earth and any other planets to vote on new names for two of pluto's moons. now, william shatner and leonard nimoy are urging star trek fans to vote for the name "vulcan." vulcan is the fictional planet where nimoy's mister spock character is from. the trek-connection seems to be working, at last check vulcan was far head of the second-place name, cerberus. if you'd like to weigh in on the moon names, log on to pluto beam me up scotty! we have great weather? >> it is going to be even
8:59 pm
nicer for tomorrow. 60s and sunshine. >> cannot beat that. we will see you at 11:00 p.m..


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