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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 8, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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leaves one person dead in palo alto tonight. late details on what happened. the northeast battered by a massive and dangerous winter blizzard. power outages. heavy snow and wind. flight cancellations across the country. more next. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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station, kron 4 news starts now. a dangerous winter storm is blasting the northeast tonight. the storm is being called 'nemo' and is just rolling, blanketing areas from new york to boston. this is a live look at both of the areas. the scene on the right is of the roads in boston. while on the left you see new york's skyscrapers. snow covering both areas. and these pictures are early in the storm. authorities are warning of dangerous roads, coastal flooding and widespread power outages. one to 3 feet of snow. expected in the region. and officials hope that discourage anyone from trying to brave the storm. the hardest impact from the storm is hitting right now. and will continue through saturday morning. hundreds of thousands of
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customers are already without power. the wet, heavy snow could cause even more downed powerlines. and wind gusts are in excess of 70 miles per hour in some spots. and we've seen that weather on the east coast effecting flights here in the bay area. those travelling in and out of s-f-o ran into flight cancellations and wide spread delays thanks to the heavy storm pounding the east coast. more than sixty flights were cancelled by noon. flights into and out of newark. j-f-k. philidelphia. and logan international are experiencing the most inclement weather. surprisingly no cancellations were reported at oakland international airport. here's a different live look of the storm in new york
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city. annie - we are hearing the storm is set to bring a full 24 hours of snow? >> yes. some rain off on the coast. >> some are rain off the coast and deep snow. let me show you the watch this is where we could see the heaviest various through 1:00 p.m. what we could see is some snowfall from boston and high wind gusting. new york city is also going to see 1 ft. in some areas. a lot more expected for to marron.
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difficult to get around. >> pam: trains in the bay area starting up again. after a deadly accident brings trains along one rail to screeching halt. kron 4's jeff bush has the details. >> reporter: frustrated cal train riders were sitting for hours on the tracks near charleston road in palo alto. the south bound train hit a pedestrian around east meadow road about a quarter mile away around 7:30. you can see the same look was on almost everyone's face as they looked out the window at sheriff's deputies, cal train officials and county the coroner conducted the investigation. the accident completely halted train traffic, north and southbound for about an hour and a half, and affected auto traffic at the two intersections where the accident took place. passengers were told to stay aboard during the investigation and you could see the anxiousness and fatigue the passengers were experiencing. the constant clanging of the warning bells and the constant flashing lights did not help with their stress level. around 9:15 the north bound
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train was allowed to pass through but that was little consolation for those stuck in train cars during the friday evening commute. this is the first fatality on these tracks this year. in the previous year, 2012, there were 12 fatalities on these tracks. eight of them were determined to be suicides. i'm jeff bush in palo alto, kron four news. >> pam: the former los angeles police officer accused in a revenge killing spree that has left three people dead. is still on the loose tonight. despite an extensive search. christopher dorner left his burned car in the mountain town of big bear lake last night. and law enforcement swarmed the wooded area but found no sign of him. the search tonight was suspended because of heavy snow. but not before authorities made a last sweep of the area. >> we are going to continue to search of that mountain area. we want to make sure
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that we did not find that he did not find a place to hide out >> pam: dorner was fired in 2008. he says he lost his job because he was a whistle blower. he wrote an online manifesto where he threatened lapd officers and their famlies with harm. today police and federal marshals served a search warrant and collected potential evidence from his home. friends and family of 13 year old genelle conway- allen. held a memorial tonight. the suisun city teen was found nude and murdered at a fairfield park a week ago. today police arrested anthony lamar jones of fairfield for her murder. kron 4's philippe djegal shows us the people who gathered tonight in her honor. >> we should not be referring to her as the past tense >> issue was a brave person.
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>> she was a beautiful. smart. talented. >> issue was very sweet. she went through a lot. >> she was very sweet. no matter what she went through, she always found someone to laugh. >> reporter: would do think of this? >> hold your children in tow close. friends and family say more than 300 people showed up to allen witt park friday night. to pay their respects during a candlelight vigil for 13- year-old genelle conway- allen. she was murdered in the park a week ago. a make-shift memorial has been growing in the area since the day she was killed. people stopped by to light candles, say and prayer and remember the slain teen. the victim's family members say they appreciate all of the support. and, on a day when the man
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suspected in conway-allen's murder was arrested. those closest to conway- allen say they are at least thankful. that the fairfield police were able to make an arrest quickly in the case. phillipe djegal, kron 4. >> pam: a san jose man is locked behind bars tonight. accused in a terrorist plot to blow up a bank in oakland. authorities arrested 28- year-old matthew llaneza for allegedly trying to bomb a bank of america branch on hegenberger road near the oakland airport. police say. llaneza originally planned an attack on the federal reserve bank in san francisco. but decided security there was too tight. they say, he thought he was getting help from a man connected to the taliban. in reality it was an undercover f-b-i agent. and the explosive the two were constructing. was a fake. authorities waited until llaneza attempted to detonate the bomb, and then took him into custody. he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. police in concord are looking for the suspect who used a stolen truck, to break into a t-mobile cell phone store. >> we will speak to the kevin collins disappearance
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>> police and concord are looking for a suspect who used a stolen truck to break into weigh t mobile cells cellphones store. breaking into a before 6 -this morning at the clayton valley shoppingpolice say, the thief grabbed several phones. then took off. leaving the stolen truck behind. investigators are trying to determine whether this incident is related to a similar smash and grab. at a game stop in the same shopping center, back in december. >> coming up later in sports the warriors and the sports. and tim lincecum. >> temperatures chilly. 30's and 40's how cold is it going to get? and your full
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>> san francisco police chief greg suhr revealed this week. how the department's cold case unit uncovered new information about the kevin collins 1984
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disappearance. kron four's terisa estacio talked one on one with the chief. about whether he has handled years ago. and his personal commitment to finding kevin's killer now. >> reporter: san francisc0 police chief greg suhr had only been on when kevin collins went missing. >> there wasn't a lead we didn't follow. from feb 10 in 1984, whatever. it was a we were in freeways, under an kamins, knocking on doors it. >> reporter: and according to suhr - it was also a peron misison then. and now. >> 21 25 people will say..'hey did you find that boy. and we know exactly, they are taling about kevin collins'. >> reporter: suhr says - he is not surprised that after all o fthese years, dectivtives are finding new leads - such as now calling this man, dan therrian a person of interest.
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>> i am sure as a police dept. at the location. the chief wouldn't reveal- they are working on any new leads. or whether they will be going back to search the house where their new person of interest, dan therrian once lived again. only this promise. >> if we get more information we will go where we need to go to get close to this case. it is not as much about apprehending the people it is always been about finding kevin collins. >> reporter: terisa estacio, kron 4 news. >> pam: a parolee who escaped from police custody in san jose. is back behind bars tonight. police found anthony sanchez sleeping inside a stolen truck on normington way, late last night they also found the handcuffs he was wearing inside the truck. sanchez managed to escape from custody wednesday
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night. it is still unknown how he managed to slip out of his handcuffs and steal the unmarked police van, he was >> it is going to be colt. with a cold start to you're saturday. temperatures already in the low 40's. 37 in the livermore. 41 degrees in the san jose a. we will continue see those numbers dropping. and here is the satellite and radar with clear skies. high pressure in control building off the coast. while this dry air mass will continue to see chilly conditions but plenty of sunshine. with lots of sunshine and a bit warmer. it might feel press. sunny
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but this, returning of springlike conditions. here is a look at the futurecast. temperatures in the 40's along the shore. 30's in the north bay. and the south bay and san jose. putting the clock into motion. and temperatures are going to warm up into the 40's. many should be in the 50s by lunch. by 2:00 p.m., amid fifties. most of us will top out at mid '50s before we see warmer conditions. the warm will bottom out. 30's in the same material. low 40's in richmond 28 degrees.
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pleasanton, 33. livermore even colder. but will warm things up into the mid '50s. sunnyvale. temperatures also in the mid '50s in the north bay. and your kron 4 7 day around the bay look at that sunshine. mid-60s by thursday so enjoy the weather. >> pam: former illinois congressman jesse jackson junior. has signed a plea deal with prosecutors over potential financial improprieties. jackson stepped down in november, after winning his tenth term to the house. the f-b-i and federal prosecutors started looking at jackson's activities last year. and are also looking into the possibility that his wife may be involved. she stepped down from
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chicago's city council last month. the end of jackson's tenure came after a lengthy absence from office, due to treatment for a mood disorder. depression. and gastrointestinal issues. what do valentine's day and filing taxes have in common? well this year, if you plan on claiming an education credit on your taxes, your filing start date is february fourteenth. that's right - valentine's day. when filing season officially kicked off on january 30th, the i-r-s was still updating the system that processed the education credit forms. but the i-r-s now says. the system will be up and
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some say it was the most talked -about 34 minutes in the history of electricity. now - the mystery of the super bowl black-out has been solved. an electrical relay device is being blamed. it had been installed specifically to prevent a causing one instead. blacking out half the super the big game. device say, the outage happened because the electric load went beyond the settings put in place by the operators of the relay. sports our next sports coming up
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>> welcome back everyone.
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warriors up top - trying to snap out of a mini-funk - in memphis tonight taking on the grizzlies andrew bogut in the lineup but jarrett jack wasn't - and boy did the warriors miss him down the stretch warriors grizzlies andrew bogut in the lineup but jarrett jack wasn't with a sore shoulder and hip first quarter tony allen goes back door and throws down the ally oop from jarrod bayless 26- 15 mem the warriors played no defense in 1st half allen: 17 points stephen curry and the warriors battle back curry - who just announced he will participate in the 3-point shootout - and four high 32 points 63-60 mem but down the stretch it was too much marc gasol - pao's kid brother with the dagger here with less than a minute to go 98-90 mem gasol: 20 points, 11 rebs, 5 asts final: memphis wins 99-93
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warriors have lost 3 straight and 10 of last 18 with two games left before all star break round two in the books at the at&t pebble beach pro-am and good weather for a second straight day along the gorgeous monterrey peninsula coastline. as for the last time jim has spoken with brother john. as for the non call at the end of the game - the patriarch of the family, jack harbaugh asked about it today on a national radio show >> it was definitely times it would have been a joy thinking about the game. and how we can get an edge for next year. it elected pretty big bruce. we will have some regrets but it is a good day and a new day and we will forge ahead. and with the consensus since it ended and they have not spoken to since the hand
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shake. that was revealed by john harbaugh on david letterman. in the meantime, the father, jack harbaugh on a national radio show was asked about the non call at the end of the game. >> do think that was a holding? >> i do not want to go there. we do not understand the ramifications of what we understood. there was no feeling that i ever had. so now that we've had a week to decompress from the super bowl - what's next? how about baseball! giants fanfest tomorrow at the ballpark, then off to spring training next week. and today the giants met with the media for a few hours. tim lincecum's new do stealing the show. and today the giants did a little session with the media and take a look at tim lincecum and his new haircut. kind of a harry potter look. a fresh new "do" - maybe to represent a fresh start last year
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so today, of course, topic number one - in true journalistic fashion, why the haircut? >> we did not know that you wore glasses. >> it is more of a look >> this is really just that i want to a change and i like it. it's looking more and more like the brian wilson era is over in san francisco general manager brian sabean says they potentially want wilson back, but it would have to be an incentive based deal brian wilson and giants general manager brian wilson said today they potentially want him back but it would have to be an incentive based deal sabean implying that wilson will want guaranteed money and the giants aren't willing to give him that coming off back to back tommy john surgery's wilson's agent fired back that the two sides haven't even begun talking contract terms and that he's baffled by sabean's comments that
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