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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 1, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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cars crushed and homes smashed. >> $10,000 in damage. >> windy weather causing destruction across the bay area. tonight kron4 shows you the damage. >> caused this huge pine tree to fall. >> cleanup efforts , plus a look at the weather forecast ahead. and the gusty conditions are going to stay with us through the overnight hours now. windy weather creating problems all across the bay area. and creating quite a mesfor homeowners and -- mess for homeowners and cleanup crews. you can see from our video, similar scenes of damage from pleasanton all the way to the santa cruz mountains.
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currently 590 pg&e customers are without power in the bay area. another 31,000 are without electricity in santa cruz county. our coverage begins with kron4's kate thompson in castro valley where a massive tree fell into a home. >> reporter: one homeowner suffering $10,000 in damage from the high winds that this home on queen street, a large maple tree in the backyard was uprooted by the high wind. that treetopling over, landing on the roof of the tome. then just hours later, with the wind blowing so hard, that tree was pushed off you have the roof and -- off of the roof and alongside of the home crushing the fence >> i got a call last night from my renter. he said he didn't even really hear much noise. he heard a little bit. he was thinking a garbage can was blowing down the side of the house. and he told me that a tree had fallen over and it was
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resting on the house. but i didn't expect that. >> reporter: there were people who were home when the tree fell, but nobody was injured. there will be crews out here tomorrow helping to clean up. kron4 's reggie kumar was in oakland. a similar scene caused a scare there when the wind knocked over a tree near an apartment complex. >> reporter: violent wind dpufts uprooted -- gusts uprooted in pin tree wednesday night. it's located in an apartment complex on east 16th street. the large trunk and branches came crashing down on this house next door. owner sing chou says he thought it was an earthquake. his 11-year-old spoke for him. >> i was surprised. i was shocked. i heard a big bang around i think 9:00. >> reporter: what did you think it was in >> i don't know. i didn't know until i checked the window. and then there was a big tree in my
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backyard. >> reporter: what do you think? >> how did that get there? >> when it fell, it damaged the roof, the fence, and the owner's basketball hoop. >> reporter: he says he still have to talk to the apartment manager and his insurance company to figure out who is going to pay for the damage. the apartment manager did not want to comment. in oakland, reggie kumar, kron4 news. and a live look at the bay bridge from treasure island. a wind advisory has been extended there within the last hour. and of course we've been talking about these wind advisories. there are a number of areas where it has been extended into tomorrow. >> a number of areas were still under the wind advisory. now it's been extended to the coastline. and we still have winds going at this hour, especially above a thousand feet. but these are sea level winds right now. it's way down to the ground, 22-mile an hour, sustained winds in fairfield.
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22-mile an hour winds in hayward. 25-mile an hour winds in napa, and 20 in nava toto. the diablo range, all under the advisory into tomorrow morning. gusts up to 50 miles an hour. it still poses the threat of taking down trees and causing outages. we'll talk more about the wind and what it's going to do for our temperatures tomorrow coming up. kron4 crews around the bay area show us more of the damage done by the wind. >> reporter: here in the oakland hills, this suggest what it looks like when the -- this is when what it looks like when the wind blows a tree on top of a house. it happened here at 1:30 am. four people in the house at the time, including a
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1-year-old, and a 3-year-old. miraculously, no one is hurt. the family will not be staying here tonight. >> reporter: in a very unpleasant surprise that happened this morning, because of the wind. a woman dropped her kids off at school, parked the truck in the driveway, five minutes later, a cracking noise, and a how did boom. this tree that was right next to her driveway had fallen over because of the wind. they're busy cutting this thing into smaller pieces. i've talked to several arborists in the east bay saying has been a very busy day for them. >> reporter: the winds remain very strong throughout much of the day here in the santa cruz mountains knocking down hundreds of trees onto power lines, which in turn knocked out electricity to a number of people here on paver way in scotts valley.
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most of them in the san lorenzo valley. >> reporter: here in marin county, a tree branched snapped and forced the closure of a very popular park. crews are hard at work taking down two eucalyptus trees. as the winds kicked up around 10:00 am, a branch crashed down to the ground. crews came out, and an arborist confirmed both trees have to be removed because they are not safe. this park is elected next to an elementary school. the park was shut down as a precaution thought the day. an arborist plans to go and check out the other trees in the area to make sure that everything is safe, especially with more winds predicted. in marin county, kron4 news: >> reporter: the wind knocked
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over park of this old black acacia tree early this morning. one of the branches fell interest a parking lot and landed on top of two parked semitruck trailers. the trailers only lightly damaged but a removal service came in about 4:00 this afternoon and began systematically cutting away and lifting the pieces into the parking lot and running the chunks through a wood chipper. still ahead at 11:00, we show you the stunning images from southern california where high winds have also reeked havoc. and the 30th anniversary of the first case of hiv is being recognized all around the world. the sharks on ice, and also the man who grew up in harlem came west to become an olympic hero. to many, an olympic huh-uh, i don't like him. [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad
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francisco protestors took over part of market street this evening to hold their general assembly as police in riot gear stood by. the action comes as the city offered to move the protestors to an abandoned school in the mission district. some occupiers did not like that offer because the school is in an isolated area. tonight, protestors have moved back to justin her man plaza, disobeying a noon deadline set by the city to vacate. police now confirmed they do have a suspect in custody. the suspect who is still unidentified was arrested after spotted at children's hospital in oakland where the youngest victim, 1-year-old hiram lawrence, is still fighting for his life. he is one of seven-shot as the group gathered during the making of a rap video. authorities are still looking for other suspects a federal jury in san francisco rejected kenneth carrethers claim that johanes
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mehserle used excessive force when they restrained him at a bart station in 2008. nes mehserle used excessive force when they restrained him at a bart station in 2008.
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in california news, the bay area is not the only place hit by strong winds. kron4's grant lottis looks at the damage in southern california >> reporter: southern california hit really hard. check out this huge tree right in the middle of a los angeles neighborhood. then wednesday night, los angeles international airport, right there you see the camera shaking with all the wind. then watch as the lights go out. that's right. lax suffering a partial power outage. lax back to normal. but strong santa ana winds did extensive damage throughout southern california. these images from pasadena. that pole
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was supporting a traffic light then gusts over 80 miles an hour bringing it down. these are hurricane force gusts. and how about this gas station? blew this tree over. down there, this one up here leaning. and the tree knocked part of the roof -- you see the officer of that gas station is right on its side. and this guy right here, that's the owner, the co-owner of this gas station running by wondering what he's going to do. at least 450 trees in southern california have gone damaged or uprooted. la county has declared a state of emergency. the downed trees and power lines causing hundreds of thousands to lose power, and the wind is not done. you see the damage and the cleanup. residents in la being urged to stay inside their homes thursday evening. we'll show you how breezy
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it remains at this hour. this is at about 4,000 feet looking down on the city, really just shaking. the camera seeing gusts. 25-mile an hour winds in napa, 22 in hayward. even in the teens in a number of places. temperatures have been kept way up this evening because of that. concord is an exception at 46 degrees. but most places remain in the 60s this evening because of the gusty winds. it looks like the winds are going to stay with us overnight. continuing to see gusts into the 3:00-hour. 29 gusts in san rafael. the 8:00-hour, pretty breezy in fairfield and concourse. calmer down toward the southbay. this is going to come into play with our forecasting of the low temperatures out there tomorrow morning. pretty calm down south, but breezy to the north bay, breezy in fairfield.
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same thing in concord. it's for this reason i don't see temperatures getting down as low as other people are forecasting. they're saying it's going to be in the low 30s. i don't see that happening with the winds staying up like this overnight. the winds advisory has been extended to the coastline. 50 degrees in halfmoon bay. 41 in mountain view. 42 in san jose, 36 in morgan hill. rebounding nicely into the afternoon tomorrow. temperatures in the 60s throughout the bay area. 65 in sudden jose. 66 in redwood city. 65 in oakland, getting into the 70s up in santa rosa. 71 there. 63 in san francisco, 67 in concord. your extended forecast, we're going to see winds into tomorrow morning, eve into the afternoon in a -- evening into the afternoon in a couple of places. into the weeks, the winds are going to die down. and we're going to stay sun you throughout. hundreds of people gathered
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at golden gate park to remember those who have died from aids. all part of world aids day. >> reporter: this red ribbon is the universal symbol of awareness and support for those living with hiv aids. today is world aids today, and internationally people are marking the 30th anniversary of the first reported case of the disease. >> today we come together as a global community across continent, across faiths and cultures, to renew our commitment to ending the aids pandemic once and for all. >> reporter: the un says in 2009, approximately 1.8 million people died from aids related illness, compared with roughly 2.1 million in 2004. >> i can't even believe the words that are coming out of my mouth. 30 years, 30 million funerals later, on the 30th anniverse, we just have the end
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in sight. >> reporter: there are an estimated 34 million people infected with hiv. >> hiv and aids tends to go off the radar. in the '80s, it was all over the newspapers. everybody was talking about it want there was a major fight. it tends to have receded. >> reporter: that's why pop stars, movie stars, world leaders and others shared messages of hope. >> fight for magic johnson and mary fisher and every man woman and told who when told they were going to die from this disease said no, we're not. we're going to live . keep fighting for all of them because we can end this pandemic. we can beat this disease. we can win this fight. we just have to keep at it, steady, persistent, today, tomorrow, every day. until we get to 0. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, we're giving you
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good evening, everybody. arguably the most famous franchise in hockey history visiting san jose, the montreal canadians. the opponents 2-2 third period. eric coal from right in front beats niemi. montreal has a lead. but the sharks keep coming back. ryane clowe following some nice passing. it's clowe in the rebound am 3-3, and we go to overtime after a scoreless ot, bring on the shootout, and pavelski pulls up and fires first. sharks gain the advantage. and then niemi down the road can close it with a save. that's it. 4-3 sharks. they're right now third place, pacific division at 13 up and eight down. raiders in miami sunday but tough news, this story. rolando mcclaine has been arrested for
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assault after discharging a fireman wednesday night during an altercation in his home state of alabama. mcclaine was also charged with menacing and wreckless endangerment. the no. 8 overall pick in 2010 was in his home town for his grandfather's funeral. he has been released after posting a two this'd bail. >> if anyone -- it's something we talked about every year. and all of a sudden, to have it in our hands, and the chance to clinch, it's great. thursday night football , pete carol keeping his spirits up. seahawks are now 5 and 7. marshawn lynch from oakland tech, he emerges. no joke, eats
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skittles when he's on the bench, a tradition his mother taught him. 14-14, seahawks -- 31-14, seahawks. so excited about being back and looking forward to what lies ahead. we talked about the future and truly believe that the future starts now. >> i think everybody is glad to be back. mark and i have been chomping at the bit. >> golden state expected to play f first game december 26th. john carlos after winning the bronze in the 200 meters mexico city state olympics went on the victory stand along with teammate tommy smith, clinched his fist. hard to believe in 2011, the uproar it caused then. but it was some deal. john selling his life story. and we had a little fun with him right off the bat. >> i have to laugh.
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john's already got the book propped. [ laughter ] >> we haven't even said hello. let's go back to 68 . when you went up there, did you -- you must have done somewhere i'm not going to be able to get a job in most places. i mean, the white man is not going to hire me, and a lot of black people are going to be scared to hire me too. >> it wasn't necessarily getting a job, it was whether the other individuals were able to get a job. other blacks who couldn't raise their hand, or live where they would like to live, or go to the universities where they wanted to go. black or white, it might be something they never experienced in life. no one has ever seen anyone stand before the world and make a statement in that sense. >> and you can hear mr. john carlos, 7:00 tomorrow night at mission high school in san francisco. and we've been talking about this all night. hard to believe in 2011, but the
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gamble he took, and he's paying for it, but he felt he wanted to take at a stand at those olympics and he sure did. >> goodnight, everybody. at bank of america, we're lending and investing in communities across the country, from helping to revitalize a neighborhood in brooklyn
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to financing industries that are creating jobs in boston or providing funding for the expansion of a local business serving a diverse seattle community and supporting training programs for tomorrow's workforce in los angeles. because the more we can do in local neighborhoods and communities, the more we can help make opportunity possible.


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