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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 2, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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and his asat scare or where a leaky gas pipe could have been the cause and effect home explosion if they found seven leaks in that to inch gas pipeline this all comes after the day pit when the
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and he has beat chastised the pg&e him on the litany of charges him we have a great sklar in cupertino and all live look of the town home >> this is a time home you can see the extent of the damage h'm you conceive the garage door here him and charred debris it is so extensive it has even on burnt a roofline people that live here had gone out easy the to little doors him this is where the gas meters are it has been opened and looked at carefully by investigators you conceive pg&e barricades as they look at pipes' and investigating
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why this happened this compact area of the fire did not spread beyond this point it is a very closed in area and we this is a corner lot and it contained a bonfire the investigation and then the ntsb will be looking at this explosion very carefully with ma.. if anything happens with a story please keep it tune to kron 4 we will keep you up but did >> a police officer has been off arrested for having sexual contact with to underage boys they were 15 and 17 years old in at
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his home in gilroy police suspect there are other victims out there and they're asking them to come forward he was released on $900,000 bond >> and new school year and a berkeley campus is already seeing crimes a string of armed robberies and sexual assaults near and on at campus dog with details of what is happening >> nothing in common the biggest cases have been groping mid they're getting a crash course in crime university a berkeley police are saying be aware of your surroundings want people to be aware him it's not as if there is an increase in crime there is just more students one student had
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his eye found stolen and another one had his cash stolen and another case allemande grow at a college student and her mother as they were walking down the street these were isolated cases where they're telling people to walk in packs and be aware there is a campus security system called bear what you can call the police officer and if you need a ride across campus they will pick you up we saw a few students including a male student takes advantage of that service.
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>> is just into the kron 4 new room employers added an no net jobs the unemployment rate is still on unchanged at 9.1% first time since a first time since february of 1945. >> heavy rains are expected to hit the gulf coast throughout the weekend there is a slow-moving " tropical system and the governor of louisiana has already declared a state of this depression on your screen it will dumb 10 to 15 in. of rain in louisiana and
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alabama in some areas there may be 20 in. of rain can buy today it could become a tropical storm and the new name will be lee. and that of the high hurricanekatia is still churning and atlantic. people have been stuck without food and water national guard used helicopters to drop in much- needed supplies flood warnings are still in a fact the white house says cleared some funds for federal aid home over 900,000 people are still without power.
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>> i feel guilty about it but it's nice. >> when burden have closely study conditions when for our holiday weekend the land spots will be in the upper 80s and beyond the coastal stay in the '60s we will have a full forecast coming up >> quick check of traffic to a hotspot at interstate some white we had a report of all lumber's bill when he was
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blocking lanes they have managed to clear all up traffic is light enough no backup or delay mo. will let you know if he becomes our hotspot >> 6 07 a.m. and an early morning sun rise bay you can see the outline of the city .
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>> >> how an earthquake in
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alaska and up 7.1 and this is a look of the seismograph that was in our area there was a tsunami and warning it but it has now been cancelled this happened around 4:00 a.m. and this morning this story is still developing >> you made it to friday anyone know what is in store for the weekend today we talk all at 97 not for inland areas 93 for saturday and then cooling down to 89 on sunday then i slow warm-up for your shortened work week we will be right back
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today is as spare the air day jackie sissel is live on and of giving us more will we are supposed to do on a spare the air day >> the good news you're not supposed to mold a lawn today so cross that one of the last and if you're trying to clear up the leaves so cross that one off, it is the third spare the air day and night for the season the used to give you a free bart passes that is no more him and encourage people not to drive their car if you have to drive
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your car car pull otherwise walk or ride your bike and use mass transit equipmen. theyt you to keep the air quality as clear as possible. >> how does a look from the oakland hills is there a breeze bois? >> the breeze is down we are coming into this season the fire season and we're starting to see it out in the oakland hills lie did presume will will be getting that easterly wind you will
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start to see those signs coming up to knock down the weeds around your home. >> we're also following gas prices. and would she know if gas prices are at the high as for the year it always happens on holiday boo. in san francisco they average price is $3.92 $3.87 and same in san jose >> this is a look from our roof cam room where you and more on that the weather >> this is a beautiful shot from our mt. tam camera it is going be heating up nicely to the a.m. temperatures will be in that
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the the '70s and further inland a kick go into the '90s. little bit of the fog around the golden gate bridge with nothing widespread and this is all look of the warm months compared to yesterday mean . a look of our temperatures right now are mostly in the '50s and '60s, and had 59 and to raise in fremont by 9:00 a.m. we will be in to the '70s and
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noontime and in the case who 87 number
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this is all low of your seven day forecasting will cool off on monday. >> got potential hotspot on interstate 580 it is interesting how like all of the traffic is. there is a large holder in the other a lay at basketball or road and day and it is backing up the ride it has been reported that several cars have already hit the ball tour m
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now a rich checbridge check. ate toll plaza no delays and the san mateo bridge 92 east and west bound is brought on freproblem free the 63 year-old was hit by i hit-and-run driver they are still looking for the driver of the pickup truck as it might have minor damage on the out fright " front side reward has been issued for
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information concerning this accident >> member the price of the investigation was three and a $50,000 and casey admitted in court she lied to authorities during the search her daughter she said she knew at the time or daughter was dead they acquitted are on the mortar chargers >> ups breaktime at 623 and we have an easy ride more in a minute so the jury has rendered its verdict --
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dia economy with this what it was the weakest jobs report the unemployment rate is still wet 9.1% it is an indication we may see a negative trading on wall street wants the belt opens . >> time now is 6:26 a.m. and not today the fog is back and this is a look of the golden gate bridge when. we're keeping our eye on wall street as the opening bell is getting ready to be wrong bomrung
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we're back at 629 seconds away from the opening bell on wall street stock futures stocks plunged earlier today we're watching to see how wall street reacts to the report that there were no increase in a jobs or the month of august net flics is ending their renewal with the stars there removing all their movies and performances off beginning of next year sure
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enough the dow is off already at 80 points and we are just seconds into the trading block other developing story highly the gas pipe may be the cause of a disclosure in at the home pg&e said they found seven leaks in a 2 in. pipe this is a day after ntsb chastised pg&e all for a litany of failures on the san bruno pipeline explosion. >> in the cold light of day you and see this town home very much at damage her in this area of the northwest where this is a focal point
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this is the grudge the door is twisted endamage there is fire that reached the second floor corrido. these boxes on te side of the building are were the leaders for the gas line were kept they were removed by pg&e and i and the investigation is going on. what is amazing about or it did not spread to other parts of the area it is a very compact area. people that live here had just left minutes before the explosion don is now boarded up an
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extensive damage a reminder of the shaky situation and why this happened questions need to be answered about this case >> have been noticed anyone out there pga or her police ? >> now they're not very many people out here either >> if anything more develops stay here on the kron 4 morning news >> we are also watching what is going on the university of berkeley campus they have had a string of armed robberies they want the kids to open their eyes. >> even with this new report now lot of kids feel in vincible we have seen
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several women walking around by their cells capa's police say you should not do this you can get a ride from up campus police officer because it there has been a rash of female students be and groped in one case of female student along with her mother they were both wrote the suspects or arrested these are all isolated incidents. we saw
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several students what amount with their ear buds in and not paying attention to anything. we're seeing an increase of crime because of the increase of students. >> i've been asking you is on our facebook damage how the university could protect its students better this is some other responses.... if you like to leave your own comments or suggestions, go to our facebook fan page hi.
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>> we have this slow-moving system at a heading towards the gulf coast oil with the governor of louisiana has already declared this date s emergency they may get 10 to 12 in. of rain which in some areas there could be 20 in. of rain there is a possibility of flash floods back storm could act straightened and become tropical storm leesbur. >> and now what is heading our way and with all or whether. >> temperatures are going to be in the '90s an abundance of sunshine. mostly sunny
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conditions for your labor day weekend or a great weekend to spend outdoors >> there is abundant light traffic this morning i told you about a problem and 580 there is light traffic here at the bay bridge normally where we would see a backup node delays just a few cars lined up for the fastrak claimed >> a live look at the big board the dow is now offered 200 points will be following the numbers throughout the morning. j.
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>> >> they're calling it a pretty alarming setback with no jobs and increasing the for the month of august and you could also see the dow is down to laundered and 50 points right now dniepe. >> today's report understated some extent the economy's strength we have striking workers with
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verizon in minnesota and the auto industry how it does not take away from the overall tone of the report >> what can the fed do what they have left in the toolbox? >> it is very controversial and criticism we will see something from the fed said it is in much political as an economics my guess is the numbers continue between now and that 20 of first meeting with the numbers stay as soft as they are pay will buy longer-term securities the influence hit economic activity inman and
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short-term interest rates. in this environment the rest is they are pushing on a string >> the unemployment staying at 9.1% it is the worst we have seen since september of 2010 >> time now 6:43 a.m. pop ♪
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the u.s. government is going to sue some of the largest banks because of the loans they lend that the banks and lost money in the cell of homes the overseas users of
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fannie mae and freddie mac are going to take up this lawsuit >> all the negative this morning bank of america down 1/2% golden stacks of 4% after that investigation announcement and the bad news was the jobs report it is off 225 points right now . >> we have of really nice weekend i had warming up today as we head through out the day-to-day common lot of sunshine at the. oakland is
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gonna be 76 degrees and sunny this is a map with that of the difference in temperatures compared to yesterday everybody is going to fill the warmups we are in the '50s and '60s by the 9:00 hour we will have m-60 of '60s and '70s
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this is a look of temperatures are around the bay area for later on this afternoon along the coast we will stay in the '60s and perhaps '70s in some areas 97 for fairfield as we work our way through the labor day weekend sunday will cool down all little where. time rigt now is 6:49 a.m. >> no problems spill hot spots and very little traffic this morning traffic lighter than usual this is the bay bridge toll plaza as we approach the 7:00 hour there is no backups and metering lights
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and not been turned on san mateo bridge it is the lay free in both directions much much heavier in the west bound direction and the golden gate bridge won a one southbound an easy ride through the fog no delays and no problems to report public transit problem free and recommended option this being us spare the air day >> 6:50 a.m. the giants are hosting the diamondbacks to then the showed dine between the division rivals the giants are down six games that first pitch is set for 715 tonight >> and the a's they helped
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oakland avoid a four day sweep that went and is a seven day losing streak >> roger clemens will be facing a judge to see if the pitcher in is to be retried on charges that he lied to congress. cloud are they gonna do it again. >> net flex it will be bad news stars entertainment is not renewing their contract
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and they have allied net flics to see a bunch of tv shows until recently some this is a major blow to net flex and of a blow to people that like to watch movies online. obama of his lawsuit to block at&t and t mobile is just going to hurt customers the a ministrations said the purchase by at&t could all but kill competition and drive up prices >> a woman is suing because it she said the gps is still
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calling following her even though she shut the application of they are to stop a gathering data after they opt out bomb >> we are checking the big board's the horrible jobs report did the dow is now down by 207 reportpoints. these numbers look bad on wall street will be back in a few minutes. a place with natural beauty
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a new study from the university of london there is no difference between right drinking regular coffee and tea to after they
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noticed a significant increase in mood when the caffeine in that there is no change in their mood may when drinking caffeine coffee >> domino's a is in the planning stages of opening a pizza stationed on the they are working on a two-story dorm for living quarters for staff on the mounon. in 2001 peak of had delivered an upbeat said to the
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astronauts. >> 657 that is the time and the big board we are still way off we are down at 233 points at this time and a lawsuit for some of the biggest banks in america made. right now a statement the act
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