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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 20, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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" wednesday morning everyone is 4:00 a.m. this is the look of downtown san francisco we will do a quick check of weather and traffic. >> this is a look out the staff at our walnut creek camera lens morning fog there in this afternoon we're going to see the warmest day of the year in the '90s in perhaps in the upper 90s. will have awful
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lot picture forecast and a few minutes >> everything looks whelm no problems to report we have our eye on a potential hotspot in 11 more i will have a full day update on napa, ups >> police arrested over 30 protesters in san francisco a bank was vandalized. after an angry demonstration took place against the fatal officer involved shooting. >> in san francisco, under protestors rallied what they
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called police and brutality look at this video and it was anything but nonviolent. there were beating anything they could later on in the night photographer with this sentence is so chronicle was thrown down to the ground it was never a thing but pretty. >> more on that story coming up for 30 a.m.. the suspect did have a gunshot residue on his hand that confirms the report that the gunman was firing on the officers it was reported that he shot the first shot
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at the officer. >> new in the case of the burn body they have taken two men into custody this is video of the scene where they were arrested police have not revealed the connection between the two men and the victim. >> this is look of a crime scene on liberty road and. shocking >> and horrible >> for a town of this size and the amount of crime " is shocking. >> this is what happened when authority showed up at the sound they found two people dead a deputy the
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deputy came over as a family friend after the daughter had received death threats. : showed up at the gate and shot at matheson's twice. this is a picture of one of the bodies being removed from the home matheson is being mourned by his colleague. how renault is a parolee that had served time for death threats to a former girlfriend. >> it is can be hot out there today. >> this is a look of our san
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marisays mattel bridge. in hayward it is 61 degrees currently and later on today it should go up to 84 degrees during stock looks pretty good right now not all lot out there we have a northerly wind and is keeping the fog at bay. we will have a fog rebuilding as we head into the weekend. this is a look of current temperatures around the bay area it is taking a while for the temperatures to cool down all pair. 91 in
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napa later on this afternoon and san francisco 73 and sunny skies. in these bay oakland topping out at 77 degrees and 88 degrees in fremont 96 in walnut creek and in pittsburgh at 97 degrees. when we watch this weather, our way and we will continue with some hot weather through thursday and friday and it starts to cool down a little bit. >> we are keeping guys on a potential hotspot other than
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the one accident traffic is move throughout the bay area the metering lights are socked gold off a drive time of 9 minutes from the foot of the maze. on the san mateo bridge everything looks very quiet and if you're heading to the golden gate bridge southbound 101 not a lot traffic on the road way. updating you on that hotspot was down 580 in it a green bell is a big rig versus a car the right lane
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is bought and an ambulance is on scene. we are still seen top speeds on the highway >> national news the house of representatives passed the bill to raise the debt ceiling is allowing the government to borrow two trillion dollars more. democrats are expected can it kill the bill in the senate appeared they have also put together out deficit plan the president did say more work in the is needed >> what you're seeing is an evaluation of that plan and
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you will see some significant overlap. we might agree in principle with seven senators it does not get as out of the house of representatives that will have to be a broader agreement so this gets done in a serious way. >> president's remarks were followed by the best day on the dow jones. we will fall they dock markets for you when they open and this is a live look outside from our mt. tam camera they he is on and we will have more news weather and traffic when we return @p@po'
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a sent as a woman has been arrested by causes blurring of a child away of of with candy. investor say she forced her way into the house but the mother but blocked her off. >> 6 matter are arrested in the death of a german to tourist have pled not guilty she was killed last year and near union square. seven suspects were arrested in may they are still searching for the eighth subset where is casey anthony m. some people say she's in california and there is video out there. we will we back in just one moment
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where in the world is casey asked any that question is on everybody's mind attorneys said that her reports of seeing her in orlando are false. >> i will confirm that she is not in orlando that is all i will say. all i will say to you is that it was not her of florida news station release that video it shows anthony getting off about private plane in orlando. let's talk about our weather forecast we might be as warm as florida.
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this is what we expect in the forecast today packages in the sixties and fifties right now much warmer this afternoon into the '90s the fog will return as we head into overnight. the fog is really broken up it is off the coastline police today we are dealing with nice of visibility. we're in the low 60s it on the most part. are after new highs will be on not side this is a look of
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creek temperatures expected later on this afternoon. it will be a nice hot day out there thursday is a nice court cast also. and now let's check on the commute >> your wednesday morning commute is off to a great shot. the bay bridge span
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not looks great traffic is moving great out of oakland you will have to contend with some overnight construction couple lanes might be closed until 5:00 a.m. keeping your drive time from the foot of the maze at 9 minutes. on the san mateo bridge nothing to worry about. the golden gate bridge ride southbound 101 nothing to complain about your scene cars moving at top speed. and our traffic maps' on westbound 580 it is
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a big rig versus a car the california highway patrol and an ambulance are now on scene and the right lane is still blocked traffic is still light in the area so we are still seeing top speeds as you make your way past the scene. >> alas all tow's woman is doing well today after a went surfing accident. this is a picture of kathy pathan she is a 62 year-old windsurfer. this is the coast guard video of her being pulled out of the water she was just north of the san mateo bridge she was in the water overnight and she survived. >> 62 year-old women she ran into trouble when her sale
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broke and she was stranded in the bay and she was holding onto the board the tide to occur the tide and took her down at south of the san mateo bridge she then headed north of the bridge and that is where she was spotted and rescue by the coast guard at 6:00 a.m. on tuesday we do have video of the rescue. there luring him into the san francisco bank once the is in the water then the coastguard lowers at that page down to the water rescue swimmer already has the woman and puts her into the cage. then
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you see them raised the cage back up and one of the crew members reach out and grabbed her hand. she refused to go to the hospital there i. >> i am very relieved it was really your deal >> he was worried when his wife didn't come back in from the water yet on monday she he said her sales separated from the board. he said she was in the water for 12 hours boats came
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within 50 fever and they could not see her the seas were sewed choppy. i think her energy was alone at that point barr. >> kathy is also going through chemotherapy for breast cancer >> she obviously has a lot of strength. >> a quick thinking postal carrier was assisted with these. this is what happened
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>> something doesn't seem right when a postal carrier saw three men without alerting the of three men that he was checking account that also carry noticed that the side gate was open and that is when he suspected that a burglary was taken place he then took out his cell phone and dialed 911 it turns out he was right at the house was being burglarized. one neighbor said the mailman save the day >> i think we should keep the mailman around american neighborhoods it. thank you mailman.
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>> it for 20 3:00 a.m. in it might be a good day to buy snapple stock and this is a look of the golden gate bridge and we will we back in just a minute
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. >> is fully integrated with google book form. this is a closer look >> doll i reverse story ht they worked out with some kind of part ownership with a target a could give kendall are run for the mining buried it runs with google e book service the
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new released by the box is light weight it turns pages faster box as along the battery life peer in it offers the highest resolution to screen barry they are sharper and clearer. it is priced at the same as the candle at hundred and $39. >> apple reported a huge earnings. the iphone and ipad set new records.
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we will have a the report on the hot weather and traffic when we return
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. >> will do a quick check of whether and traffic. this is a look of san jose and south bay weather 62 degrees currently and 87 and that later on this afternoon it is going to be a toasty day. now traffic check >> the morning to you no hot spots and a smoother ride all around the bay area no problems on your ride out of oakland this morning there
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in >> police arrested more than 30 protesters in san francisco last night. people were insulted smoke bombs were thrown into a muni station angry protesters took to the streets because of the officer involved surely. we have incredible video. >> in san francisco on hundred protesters rallied what they did called police brutality take a look at this video it was anything but nonviolent. they were beating anything they could anything they could get their hands on later on in
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the night after several respite a photographer with the san francisco chronicle was thrown down to the ground it was anything but pretty perso. >> and it was proven that the suspect did have gunshot residue on his hands. it go along with the account that the the 19 year-old did shoot at the officers first. >> new details as solano police department have dropped charges against a mother one of two mothers that children died in a fairfield fire. the debt the
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ada is still going to profs tecate her younger sister. the sisters left the four children at home alone in in the house to go and charged their cell phones there was no electricity in the the apartment. >> how hot is it going to get today? >> we are going to get rather toasty. this is a look walnut creek and this is one of the places that is going to have warmer weather today this morning we are waking up to less fog perry the warmest day of the week
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will be today. inland temperatures getting into the 90s it perhaps the upper 90s. the fog is along the coastline but very broken up all this will be gone by the afternoon and then it will return a call later on in the evening. this is a look of current temperatures write-dowright now. and this ist the temperatures will jump to later on this afternoon. oakland 7784 union city
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ari. isla not is going to be hot and it will last one more day we will enjoy these temperatures one more day tomorrow then it will cool off the little and have a sunny following week let's see traffic >> they cleared that accident was bound no longer looking at any potential hotspots traffic is moving
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well at the toll plaza on the bay bridge carrie. traffic s still light in the area of san mateo bridge problem free lots of space between cars in both directions. i drive time 14 minutes between 880 and won a one. southbound 101 for your ride into sent to cisco pop's biggest on the entire ride. we're not seeing any backup in san jose freeways are moving very well.
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>> it for 30 6:00 a.m. yosemite of national park rangers will be searching for all of hiker that fellow over the waterfall. he but over the falls are around 1:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon is a 317 ft. waterfall. with a record snowfall it created severe conditions during more weather traffic in news from we return
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things keep getting worse for rupert murdoch.
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>> appearing before parliament yesterday that rocked his media company rupert match our cat more than his reputation to worry about a man ran up and tried to playing at something at murdoch's his wife how to defending. he did say he was shocked and appalled and ashamed of the allegations. >> one is 815 that this is the most humble day of my life. i employ 53,000 people around the world and also distinguished people.
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call or go to to try lifelock risk free for a full 60 days. use promo code: norisk. plus get this document shredder, free! but only if you act right now. call now! lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. if he won 11 of building just like this and seven discount you will have to pay even more rapid. our realtor i talked to said a two-bedroom apartment in is billion will cautious six to $7,000 a month. tenants have
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said it's a tough time to find a place to live. job growth with tech company is climbing. >> the younger people want a live and the rent is going up. they need moral holocene built in san francisco. >> sleeping in cars on city streets what it will be illegal in palo alto this is banning the practice and we are going to see why this city is starting to crack down.
4:45 am
>> near stanford university homeless people parking here and sleeping in their cars most nights neighbors have been complaining to city hall barracks >> i wish city hall would prohibit them sleeping in their car. >> residents of this and other neighborhoods are causing a sensation at issue they are using bushes and trees as a bathroom. it seems to be more people sleeping and living in their vehicles more. it is a cat and mouse at the game with police next month if the
4:46 am
city council agrees it could lead to a fine as high as a thousand dollars >> one of the reasons a baby, a bigger problem menlo park and redwood city already ban people sleeping in cars on this street. >> this is an artist rendition of what the park would look like on treasure island it would be right high-rises and retail space. the project has become bloated and unsustainable.
4:47 am
cost of placing an ad on facebook is starting to rise they have increased over 74 percent than last year. big companies like coca-cola has switched to facebook then newspapers and television ads. american airlines and is expected to announce that there are going to order more jets.
4:48 am
460 planes will be purchased by american airlines. >> 14 people have been arrested they have been accused of acting in two weeks. >> can new-line still some air-conditioning for us? >> are temperatures are again a rather warm this afternoon this is where we are right now visibility is very nice out there mild temperatures to sunny a much
4:49 am
warmer this afternoon getting to the mid to upper 90s the fog is not doing a whole lot it is one very broken upper has a normal lead like the wind right now we're looking temperatures mild 60 in livermore antioch 67 all and all it is a mild start. we are going to expect a thinner ribbon of 60s along coast and then '80s and the deep reds will
4:50 am
be the '90s. that is just haze of for the temperatures are going to be later on this afternoon. your seven day forecast shows a will continue to one more day and then i will start to cool off as we head into the
4:51 am
weekend. cloudless check on a commute >> at the start of this hour i was concerned about a hotspot it never developed into anything we have easy like conditions all way around the bay area. the span looks good is to make your way out of oakland. no wait at the told both. traffic conditions on the san mateo bridge lots of space between cars and usual dry times. and the golden gate bridge traffic is moving well we are all too clear start. traffic and
4:52 am
walnut creek no worries to contend with no hot spots. those of you taking public transit we're off to a great start no delays >> crews working on the tunnel are less than 40 ft. away >> excavation for the fourth bore titles it couldn't be fast enough when they watch where the won the war is open to them
4:53 am
>> we are now about 1,900 ft. and 300 ft. from the western side they're going to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. >> after they meet later on this year and we will do excavation of the bottom portion >> that excavation will take up the better part of next year >> the installation of a electoral system drainage and a final tunnel lining to make it beautiful >> it should be opened in 2013 we >> have totally crews working a round-the-clock
4:54 am
parent >> when we come back we will see who is behaving badly.
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the morning and lets you is behaving badly. british during your car in the wrong state is something for him stanley roberts >> the state of california loses millions of dollars for not registering their cars properly. this officer was it this car was stopped because it of double their buds this driver is doing the right thing registration fees are due a legally upon a movie here and getting
4:57 am
employe here. >> after stopping the driver there seems to be a problem with a driver's license it is expired four years ago. that id card she handed the offer service said she lived in hayward although the plates were registered in texas. the driver was issued a ticket for driving without a valid driver's license. if you
4:58 am
knows someone that has not registered there are vehicle go to my the people people behaving badly and report templates. >> will take a quick break and come back with our top stories weather and traffic. t)t)
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5:00 am
is 5:00 a.m. and doesn't up protesters were arrested for taking to the street during this protest we'll show you more what happened >> rangers said eunice kennedy national park tel look for a hiker that went
5:01 am
over a 317 ft. waterfall >> the giants fan that was beaten bryan stowe has had a setback in his condition. >> good morning till we're a bit of those top stories in a minute or until a quick check of weather and traffic. >> your surly gonna see warmer conditions around the bay area we're are off to a much better start today less morning fog today will be the warmest day of the week. inland temperatures will be in the mid-90s we will have malkin omore in my next report.
5:02 am
>> for now the bridges all look good no delays. >> let's take a look a what happened in san francisco last nine police arrested 35 people after a hundred and 50 took part in a demonstration to protest the police officer shooting. he was a 19 year-old parolee from seattle they ended at how well street and this is video of them are arresting people. this is a photographer being pushed down to the ground and that
5:03 am
is our camera on the ground she was taking pictures taking u. two dozen police offis were on foot so what is going on there we have will tran and and the aftermath >> at one point they made their way through 18th and castro and you would not know unless you see sometime along the path they threw something through the window other than that they cleaned up a lot of this
5:04 am
area. ollie a few barricades in mission. the garbage is being picked. >> more on the protest it was a up this 19 year-old parolee from seattle his name is kenneth harding he did have gunshot residue on his hand when officers shot and killed him. they support eyewitness account that he was firing at the officers when he was shot. harding shot the first shot at otterofficers. . >> rangers are research
5:05 am
watching for a hiker that they believe fell over the waterfall. this is a popular hiking trail in yosemite this has been of treachery share with the record water fall a people have died in the park so far this year >> the reward for information on bryan stowe investigation has increase the board of supervisors voted yesterday to increase the rewards from 10,000 to 25,000. police arrested give on every man has and has not been charged with the case yet he is in jail on
5:06 am
unrelated parole violations. stowe had emergency surgery for all larger buildup of fluid. the growth was removed and tubes have been inserted to drain the fluid from chris chose had. >> and this is from this a shuttle atlantis >> if the commander would call down let's go for a day landing that is their decision? >> you know the weather a
5:07 am
can change in opinion no matter if it is day or night. when we have a good opportunity we do not pass it up if the first opportunity is ago that is the one we're going for bearing >> i saw some were on tv ditcher glass-enclosed or more once the land is on the ground can you talk about what you up on have been doing to prepare for the statements. >> i've written and dying because i want a capture the moment in the right words and i am not the greatest person in doing speeches i wanna make sure i capture
5:08 am
everything as it is very historical the most of for the thing is rain the crew home safely. >> that crew of atlantis has already successfully checked the weather and the weather should be just fine in florida. the time now is five 08 a.m. and we'll take a short break it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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time now 5:11 a.m. but cut cap and balanced legislation was passed yesterday of a lawn party lines. the president has set it is land on his desk he will veto it.
5:12 am
>> british prime minister david cameron is being questioned about the phone hacking and bribery scandal. yesterday rupert murdoch said he is ashamed and not to blame for the scandal at his news of the world newspaper. he took questions a loss side of his son james. rupert murdoch said his mistake was trusting the wrong people. a man tried to throw something at murdoch
5:13 am
yesterday during testimony. >> good morning tea upon warm conditions all around the bay area we are gonna reach 78 degrees in oakland upper 80s in the south bay area and mid-90s in concord. we will have more on the weather after the break t)t)
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5:16 am
we have hot weather in store for everyone in the bay area we have mild temperatures currently outside the door. as we head into the open our night
5:17 am
hours the fog will return. i'll look of your satellite pictures a lot less fog today than we saw yesterday. the fog is fighting near the closoast. the green on your screen is 60 degree weather. the orange is 80 degree weather and we are also seeing red and and that is the '90s for later on this afternoon. this is a look of the temperatures are around the bay area. mid-90s for
5:18 am
walnut creek 80s and 90s in the south bay area. this is a look of your seven day forecast we have the luring tread in affect for the next couple of days by friday we cool down all little bit and we're going to see a sunny cooler weekend.
5:19 am
>> after experiencing some early morning delays there are no delays to report right now on the mass transit. on the freeway system no hot spots or delays. westbound traffic look good on the bay bridge. and the san mateo bridge the west bound ride looks good no problems or delays and the golden gate bridge and 101 southbound no delays. your ride on a strained looks good and caltrain is
5:20 am
offering a on-time service >> caltran will build up a salary lanes. we're gonna walk through how these auxiliary lane set will work. it will travel down into university avenue is 3 mi. long necks stretched that is the distance these and other auxiliary lanes will take they will be completed by 2012. >> memorial services are planned for the university of california professor that died in a crass when a shuttle bus and a big rig
5:21 am
collided. the funeral mass for 52 year-old kevin ambac of viewing was held at that location ucsf will be holding a memorial to morro on its manassas campus. it happened last thursday and 50 other people are writing a shuttle when it collided with a big rig. mac was ejected he was pronounced dead at the scene. the shuttle bus driver may have run a red light the crash is still under even investigation.
5:22 am
>> live picture coming into the kron up for newsroom we are getting a briefing of what is going happen when the shuttle touches down tomorrow today is our last full day in orbit they will touch down at 3:00 a.m. on our time and excellent weather is in the forecast for the touchdown these must be live pictures of what a lettuce is seeing right now. we'll be right back
5:23 am
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stock futures were positive at the opening bell today the dow was up 202. the government well release
5:26 am
reports on home sales. apple shares rose. their cells all lifted because of the iphone. american airlines will be buying 460 new planes there by 200 airplanes from skybox and 260 from boeing. 14 people have been arrested around the country leading the cyber attacks on paypal as a payback to we key weeks
5:27 am
locations it was a group called anonymous bearer accused of conspiring to overload the computers carried >> the army psychiatrist that was charged with a deadly shooting rampage will be a military court today this is his first court appearance he will face the death penalty he is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder is unclear if he will enter a plea today. the military judge is expected to set a trial date where in the world is casey anthony she was released
5:28 am
from jail and sending and we know for sure one thing she is not in orlando. >> that is not her i will not say anything further as to her whereabouts i will tell you a hundred percent is not her perr. a tv station in florida took these videos and really stereleased them. >> at 528 we will take a quick break will be right
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
530 a m in case you missed it there was a protest with lots of arrests yesterday >> rangers in yosemite national park will be searching once again for one hiker that quota have fallen over a 370 ft. waterfall possibly more hikers have all of this waterfall perry >> their reward for information on the beating of bryan stowe has increased. he also had an have emergency surgery because he had fled filling up in his brain. >> that is a quick update of some of our stories we will
5:32 am
have weather and traffic barry what about the weather curly we're off to a great start compared to what we saw yesterday we have less morning fog and mild temperatures today will be the warmest day a week. as we take a look at our maps' we are going to see a lot of '90s mostly '70s and '80s. i would have thought complete weather check cut in my next report. >> a beautiful sunrise over the bay bridge we are not tracking any freeway hotspot and no problems on any of the bridges.
5:33 am
>> 5:32 a.m. if you missed it there were a lot of protesters in the streets of san francisco yesterday more than 30 were arrested to were a solid and a bank was that new-line and smoke bombs words thrown into a muni station. they were upset about the officer involved a shooting last weekend. >> about 100 protesters rallied in what they're calling police brutality take a look at this old ideal and you can see with anything but nonviolent. they were beating anything and everything they could
5:34 am
later on in the night several are arrests were made of topographer with the san francisco chronicle was thrown down to the ground and was anything but an will trend is live it this morning taking all look at the aftermath would look like >>? j r showed you did destruction and i am at 18th and castroville and they quickly got things back to normal. somebody threw something through that window with the big call. we will give you a panoramic view of this place this is a
5:35 am
major intersection at castro and 18th people are just moving around normal what ever they did over nine in cleaning it up but looks great this morning. >> sent to cisco police have concluded that canada harding that was killed did have gunshot residue on his hand. it supports witness' testimony that he wished shooting first at the officers. >> also of san francisco supervisors have to prove that $7 million budget it calls for cuts to all
5:36 am
departments. we have a quick look outside it is now 5:36 a.m. and minor coastal fog out there will be back with more in a moment ♪
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just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. at 5:39 a.m. you are not contending with any fog you have a clear conditions all around the bay area. as you head into the afternoon he will sunday warm conditions around the bay area we're talking 90s on the inland locations barry i will have
5:40 am
a complete check of your weather when i return >> on to the news that tell ban is blaming and dapper saying that omar was dead. text messages were sent out that he was dead they are untrue this is not the first time speculation surfaced in they have forcefully denied reports that their leader had died. >> seborrhea staley had clinton is in india on a wide range of economic issues. before the talks got under way clinton and a big
5:41 am
external affairs minister had a brief meeting explosions in mom by a left 19 people dead. >> on behalf of the united states our deepest sympathy and our outrage to the people and government of india and pledgor support to you in your fight and is also on our fight in terrorism. >> she is in the capital for today's on a visit. >> time now 5:41 a.m. this is a live look at the bay bridge and you see sunrise in the making. we will be right back
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5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
is going to be a hot one >> of from san for cisco and i do like the morning fog we'grea start this is a satellite look of the fog a lot less fog than we had yesterday. good news the fog as along the coast warmer temperatures all across the bay area. we are warming up already this is a look of current temperatures right now. a quick flyby are
5:46 am
around the area we are expecting 87 degrees in santa rosa we are keeping it cool along the coast not quite a beach weather. and this is a look of your seven day forecast hot hot weather especially in our
5:47 am
inland locations keeping temperatures of around the bay area we briefly warm-up mid-week. >> we're looking at smith condition all around the bay area of we are free of hotspots in the meantime we check the bridges west bound traffic looks good very light no metering lights and the san mateo bridge good commute later this morning than yesterday easy ride in both directions and the ride to the golden gate bridge
5:48 am
problem free easy ride for public transit there were minor delays but everything is clear now. >> 5:48 a.m. they may have the key lead in the killing of a young woman. they're going to release information of a suspect. >> police are gonna release information of a person of interest of all woman's body the was parked in the early morning hours. she was the mother of a one-year-old that they believe was killed elsewhere they spotted the
5:49 am
suspect along the boulevard he was hiding and an elementary school campus as soon as we informational. >> six men as suspected in that murdering a german tourist planned not guilty yesterday they said she was caught in the crossfire. seven suspects were arrested back in may and they are still looking for the eight suspects. >> she is one of two mothers that children died in an apartment fire they're going to cross tecate is written younger sister.
5:50 am
earlier investigations said the sisters left the young children at home alone while they went and charge their cell phones there was no electricity in the hall there were using candles. >> a look traffic and is beginning to get break out there we will have weather traficant all that when we come back.
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this is a look of the seven day forecast and it is going to be bought today. we have
5:54 am
the heat just to a couple of days today and tomorrow and we will have unseasonably cool temperatures. we should count our blessings because the rest of the country in is under i heat advisory. >> because the fate advertising on facebook is rising it has increase 74%/year more bring brands like coca-cola are going to facebook adds rather than newspapers or media ads >> this just in to the of news from he was paid $10.7
5:55 am
billion for clorox he is increasing his offer to $80 per share. icon is the biggest shareholder in the clorox co... >> in the budget after losing the world cup team usa hit the red carpet there i. the goalkeeper said it was a tough loss
5:56 am
>> i now think the dust has settled get we are all boarded go our separate ways and then we are i realize we did and not come back with a gold it has been a world when we have not let it settle. it is tough but we are ok with their right now. >> which is one issue you what she looks like all dressed up to a hugely sphere with a ponytail perry they will be featured on the cover of newsweek magazine. >> the first lady michelle obama is preparing for first reality tv the debut she will be on extreme addition,
5:57 am
addition it will air sometime in october now we know what is in store for one harry potter start and watson is going back to what oxford she is currently enrolled in brown university she will now study in her native england a shot some of the scenes for harry potter in oxford. >> it is 5:57 a.m. and we will be back in a couple >> it is 5:57 a.m. and we will be back in a couple minutes. kids are going to climb rope.
5:58 am
they're going to have a year long tug war with the ceiling. and by the time they get out of 8th grade, they're going to do it with sweat on their brow and achievement in their hearts. so, this is what they're gonna need: running shoes, t-shirts, tube socks, fruit cups, cheese sticks, energy bars, rope climbing gloves, rope burn ointment, and a jump drive. not sure what that is, but they're gonna be jumpin'. school takes a lot. target has it all.
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