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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 23, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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2002 bonds talked about injecting himself after a greg anderson refused to give him a shot hoskins also testified from 1998 to 1999 he saw physical changes in bonds body. issue size and glove side change. if bonds was heavier, been bearish a lot more muscular. he testified by 2003 it was getting out of hand. he said it decided to secretly make an audio recording of a conversation with greg anderson where they talked about injecting steroid so he could play it for bonds father bobby. in hopes the father would put a stop to things. that never happened because the bobby bonds was ill. the audio tape was actually played in court but was virtually inaudible. the only way to follow it was by viewing a transcript. it made no mention of steroids are bonds by name. it did refer to something as undetectable. during cross- examination the defense suggested that hoskins is not a witness that can be
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trusted. they suggested that he had forged on the memorabilia. they say the reason that he made this recording and is testifying is simply for one reason, payback. the federal courthouse, kron 4 news. >>pam: we're joined now by our legal analyst michael korda's had a talk about the bonds trial today. we should start off by saying steve hoskins has been your client to four. >> yes he was a way back to the beginning of this. i thought he did well on the stand. through the early afternoon i thought he did well but eight it started to tyro. i thought the defense are doing a spectacular job. they're very well prepared, they were able to point out inconsistencies and some of the things that steve
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hoskins said on the stand. one of the things that shocked me the most was one the defense asked him, how long a time did you spend preparing to testify with the government? about 45 minutes and half-hour another time. that shocks me. i've defended go for over 20 years, in a case of this magnitude, i would spend days with him preparing. when he gets on the stand they ask him questions and when did you, this is 2011 he has to go back to 2002. there is some inconsistency. i think preparation would've helped him an awful lot. prepare him so it doesn't have to go through that. whose fault that is? i don't know. >>pam: on paper his testimony read strong. he talks about the whole
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steroid thing and barry asking him to go buy the drugs didn't he? >> according to steve, barry came to me any said will you find out about steroids what exactly it is, what side effects are to it? he went to the doctor and got information. dr. tim will come in later and say yes he did come to me. and yes i did give him information. that in a sense will cooperate the things that hoskins are saying to a point. the defense has made some points. if >>pam: what is the value of the secret recordings that hoskins made in his conversation with greg anderson? >> varies name was never action mentioned on the tape. people can infer from listening to the tape, in court, it was awfully difficult to hear. the jurors did get a transcript so they were were able to follow along. it's too bad it wasn't cleared up more.
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the talked a lot about when stevie had to take about trying to clear the table top and get rid of the tape. that's all that was done. >>pam: with the value of the tape like that? >> you can cross-examine every one to death and show you don't leave the person, then you have the tape. if the tape is the tape. it says what it says. >>pam: how was buried responding in court? >> he was complacent at times, i did see him laugh one time when stevie mentioned something about when barry and i did this, we decided how the money would be split up or whether i owed him money. it was between him and i. that's the first time i've seen very respond. >>pam: the personal assistant and business manager they were obviously close. it and then this follow. it is our credibility to the defense
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for the reasonable follow? >> there trying to say stevie did certain things, forged his signature but stevie says no, i did it * sign barry's names but barry asked me to do that. anytime i signed barry's name it was on his behalf. >>pam: any early predictions for you on how this might come out? >> i hate to predict, the jury may come back and say you know what mr. bond's, we feel that you did take steroids. we feel you lied about it, he took an oath when he lied about it, we feel you set it in front of the grand jury and they just want material for the investigation. will lead to walk out. if there is a conviction it will be one count and that said. >>pam: thank you as always michael cardozo. steve hoskins will be cross- examined again on thursday, san francisco giants' clubhouse manager and vice
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president jim. stay with kron 4 for our continuing coverage of the barry bonds perjury trial. there will be no game marriages in california while an appeal considers the state ban on gay marriage. the court decided to refuse gay marriage during the appeal process. lawyers for to same-sex couples asked the court to lift the ban for in the process. , to take at least until the end of the year. (cheering & applause) >>pam: a rally in san francisco some neighborhood, the group including many children once the city's official to fully funded schools. today, they delivered a letter to the post office in protest the school cuts. to the civil they will not stand for these kind of cuts any longer. >> were asking for a fully funded public schools, or asking for highly paid teachers, after-school
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programs, for the power structure to look at where the money. things are not adding up right now. >>pam: district has issued more than 400 pink slips to teachers and staff. it faces a deficit of more than $113 million. for this and next year. >>jacqueline: a lot of other picture for you in downtown san francisco. look at the flag flapping in the wind. when will be a concern as we head into tomorrow. storm tracker 4 radar, a shell burst through the bay area at this hour. have yourself approaching the coast line in san mateo. heavier rain at the golden gate at this hour. we will see scattered showers activity. by early tomorrow morning, were talking 6:00 a.m. a major storm pushing in. a flood advisories and warnings it a
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fact. the flood warning is the neon green on your screen. this is from 5:00 a.m. tomorrow until 1:00 p.m. and fairfield. very heavy rain periods, could be of to an inch an hour at times. the ground already has plenty of rain, doesn't want more and when that happens we did see potential flooding. winds will kick up as as pushes through 5:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.. and where you see blue on the screen the winds will be howling tomorrow. once to 35 mi. an hour and gusts to 45. it will time that out for you a look of your forecast coming up. >>pam: we've been telling about the story today movie icon elizabeth taylor has passed away. kron 4 katharine hennen has a look at her life, career and her final days. >>catherine: this does taylor spent several weeks at a hospital for congestive heart failure. she died this
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morning surrounded by her family and for children. although she died in l.a. she did grow up in england. she was a very glamorous but tumultuous life. she was famous for being married eight times to seven different men. her movie career was celebrated, she won the best actors twice terry had she started in dozens of movies from national velvet to cleopatra. today her fans marked for death with a memorial at her hollywood star. they put up flowers, talked about the woman who affected them both on and off screen. her off-screen work will be remembered by a lot of people. one of taylor's passion her work with aids research and education. it is estimated that she herself had raised about a hundred million dollars for the cause during her lifetime. we talked with a local aids foundation about however fame and strong will to help fight the disease. >> she was a real person, she would joke around and
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she could get down. she is basically a very nice person who happen to become a star at a very young age. she knew what she wanted, she was very in phatic and that can be frustrating sometimes, but it's certainly very helpful and what we were trying to accomplish. >>catherine: taylor was one of the for celebrities to stand up for aids and hiv awareness. she was 79 when she died this morning. at we will be right back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments.. it's really delicious, mom.
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>>catherine: and world news, new fears about japan's water supply. of radiation leaking from the damaged nuclear plant has caused tokyo's tap water to exceed the safety standards for infants. here looking at the water purification plants. a lot of adults one even touch the top water. there is a run on bottled water and the search is continuing for people missing after the quake and the tsunami. at last word 10
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americans are among the missing. if a bomb scare at the eiffel tower today. an anonymous caller saying it would be blown up this afternoon. 4000 visitors had to be taken out of there. the tower did reopen and no explosives were found but authorities were not taking any chances here. france has been at the forefront of a military operation. it has been getting threats from extremists. >>jacqueline: another big storm said to push through tomorrow morning. bringing rain, wind and in the afternoon thunderstorms. it will time that output in just a few minutes. >>pam: we want to tell you about kron 4 baseball special. this saturday gary will host baseball by the bay with a preview of the giants and the a's, as well as player interviews in an up close look at spring training. that's this saturday at 8:00 p.m. right here on kron 4 news. we'll be right back.
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>>catherine: israel seem like a peaceful place in the middle east. several days of attacks that put an end to that. wednesday an attack on the center of the country, on the phone booth in jerusalem near the main bus station and the highway. dozens were hurt in the first incident of its kind since 2004. >> at heart is counterattack. innocent people were hurt, let's pray for the recovery.
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>>catherine: jerusalem bombing came days after gas attacks on israel and israeli head tax on gas up. a cease-fire has apparently come to an end. israel said since saturday rockets have been fired into the south of the country. the key is really military has carried out a series of strikes on the ground and from the air. source's account 10 palestinians killed since saturday. the israeli press mr. postponed a planned to russia. he is condemned the recent attacks. he recently told cnn that his own government is still ready to move forward on peace talks if palestinian authority would cooperate. >> go for it and recognize the jewish state in a compromise from both sides. both >>catherine: sides return to a familiar cycle of violence. reporting live,
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kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: a live look at aside from san francisco, trees blowing in the wind. the winds will get far worse tomorrow morning. but still look on future cast for what were expecting. scattered showers that will continue until the 10:00 hour with a few pockets of more moderate rate. in to the overnight at worst allow all in the rain. 6:00 in the morning moderate rain through the north bay pushing through san francisco and getting worse by the 8:00 hour. moderate rain through san francisco and in the peninsula. getting worse by the 9:00 hour. a deep shade of red and pink indicating and downpour. heavier rain over san bruno, the coastline concord san jose just pretty much everywhere. into the
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10:00 our continuing in hayward and fremont in over the santa cruz mountain finest and pushed down to is the south. even thundershowers as a possibility of small hail. flooding concerns in the bay area. this is indicating a flood advisory, the green a flood watch. this is in effect from 5:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.. the bulk of the rain will push through. if the crowd is already saturated and really can't take much more rain. also very gusting winds, the globe and your screen indicating a wind advisory and the purple when the warning. winds will be 25 to 35 mi. an hour and gusts up to 45 mi. an hour. for the sierra plenty of snow set to hit this year. plenty
5:52 pm
of fresh powder for the weekend. here kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay around the bay. a powerful storm tomorrow followed by thundershowers in the afternoon. friday will be shower to dry and another storm pushing through saturday morning. finally dryer and warmer conditions expected next week. >>pam: in central california have arrested a mother who was seen and heard on the youtube video aging on her young son to be up another boy. kimberly was here, with a look depth disturbing clip. >>kimberlee: police in the small town near modesto arrested the 33 year-old woman after receiving an anonymous tip about the video that you're about to watch. >> hurry up, miss him already. yes! are you done. c'mon. this boy has a
5:53 pm
problem with my son and letting him handle it. >>kimberlee: to hear the man's approaching the group, police say that's the man who stopped the fight. in the video you heard the mother yelling profanities' in encouraging the two boys to appear to be teenagers to really fight. >>pam: to anybody get seriously injured? >>kimberlee: no, but the man intervened and if he'd been shot somebody could of been heard. >>pam: jacqueline. >>jacqueline: we'll check up on your, ski report. bear valley almost a foot of new snow in the past 24 hours. alpine meadows 200 in. at the base. sugar bowl and a half a foot of fresh snow. you want to stay on icon to check out all the latest snowfall numbers. we'll be back after this.
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>> now, here is stanley roberts, with some people behaving badly. >> >>stanley: according to a source inside the road industry, there's a man who actually owns land. the city of oakland said its pacific property aneroid said it's the city of oakland property. because of that part to the root of not been maintained. it's causing drivers to us use the track to avoid potholes. it's dangerous and illegal to drive your car aren't active train tracks. overrun jackson, in oakland, the road is in bad for countless years. it's like the street that time forgot. >> the city is be hitting horribly. it's unbelievable. >>stanley: actually combine the state for the problem,
5:58 pm
because the state takes the money from your gas taxes, when the money is diverted the city gets cutbacks. >> when i come on the street at the slowdown. it's going to told my entire car. the alignment and everything. this is the worst ever, this block. >>stanley: to wonder if the city does good money to fix the potholes, why is jackson street always overlooked? in oakland, stanley roberts kron 4 news.
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until we found out that maybe her teacher uses certain terms a little bit loosely. rebecca is clearly very gifted. [ banker ] we decided to roll that money into ashley's college account. turns out there's seven gifted kids in ashley's class of nine. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when it's time to save. ♪ >>pam: now 06 o'clock. rockslide causing problems. lots of snow in this year rob and more rain falling in the bay area. storm tracker
6:01 pm
technology is showing you were weather is getting tough. >>reporter: coming up all of the latest on hollywood's reaction to the passing of elizabeth taylor. japan >>pam: nuclear meltdown threat, new concerns as black smoke is seen rising from a reactor on the brink of disaster. the video that simplifies the science behind the crisis. out having sex could be a health hazard. >>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 6:00. a lot of what they're hitting the bay area. rainshowers particularly in the morning hours. we start with the snow levels in the sierra, where kron 4 is standing by. >>j.r.stone: i'm in the lake tahoe area and i'm in the middle of a part. you could seal the snow beside me, in my hand you might be asking
6:02 pm
what you doing in a park? obviously you have a lot of snow in the park. there is a much snow in lake tahoe, they had to put it on dump trucks that you could see in this video. if those dump trucks come here to dump it all out. it's almost like a landfill of snow. if they have so much of it. for now reporting in the lake tahoe area, kron 4 news. >>pam: our team coverage moves to rob a and the major rockslide near santa cruz. >>rob: huge rockslide the monday is not stable and is still sliding. it will be weeks if not months before can be cleared away. there is hope for resonance with the walking in and out of here since monday. what is now footpath to run these slide will soon be a new road. this is survey crew fought in the path of that new roads through the trees.
6:03 pm
the crew will take several days is not a couple of weeks, in the meantime residents will have to continue to slog through the mud here. it's about a 200 to 250 your wok. you could see how they put this pink and yellow markers indicate where the road is going to go. you could see here at my feet, the pathway is now just muddy mess. he's also spot tire tracks here from the four wheeler's they're using to fair people was supplies in and out. residents in crews of and hacking away at the poison oak and brush along the way to clear the way. they almost have a wide enough for a vehicle here. going forward, they have all the necessary permission from property owners and they will begin with this as early as thursday. so it's not a terribly long walk about 10 to 15 minutes max. and then you march here at
6:04 pm
the first of a few dozen homes that are stuck on the other side of the slide was no vehicle access. in scotts valley, rob the kron 4 news. >>pam: bay area is not out of the woods yet as far as the weather. if we already have the scattered showers and more to come. >>jacqueline: lot more to come as we head into tomorrow morning. it's going to get really bad rate when your morning starts. right now, more scattered showers will be expected. ialso, richmond and a half moon bay. look at all those scattered showers in the . some small hail falling near los gatos with that particular system. scattered showers this evening and we will continue to see those as the storm pushes towards the coastline. shlet's get a look
6:05 pm
at what were expecting tonight into tomorrow. the heavy rain will pick up tomorrow. by 6:00 a.m. in the morning we will see heavy rain over the north bay and double continue through the morning hours and scattered thunderstorms to follow. it will have details coming up. >>pam: new at 6:00, the state's bridges are crumbling. and report shows hundreds of bridges in the bay area are structurally deficient. as kate johnson reports, san francisco is the worst with the highest percentage of deficient bridges in the state. >>kate: is in dire need of repair, 40 structurally deficient bridges and san francisco. according to the new report, this map shows 3 san francisco bridge's that have received the lowest rating. the 22nd and 23rd street bridge and heavily
6:06 pm
traveled elevated section of highway 1 01,. >> there a host of reasons to make sure that were maintaining our bridges. there is certainly a long- term safety issue. >>kate: 22nd and 23rd street bridges are more than 100 years old built in 1906. to still stands have deteriorated in overtime. it also need of repairs are is the elevated section of highway 1 01 from monday to stan you could see crack in split concrete which is clearly visible. the executive director of transportation for america, said there's no need to stay off the roads just yet. >> if the bridge is really going to be dangerous, caltrans will cut it down. we saw that happen in 2009 when they shut down the bay bridge for about a week. this is more about a wake-up call that things are deteriorating, and you may
6:07 pm
end up with more safety issues. it doesn't mean people should stop driving or walking on bridges. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: new details tonight on japan's nuclear crisis. the japanese government said the radiation in tokyo's tap water now exceeds the safe level for consumption by children read it that has caused a run on bottled water. the japanese capital's 150 mi. from the crippled power plant. food exports have been banned from that area surrounding the plant. if the food and drug administration says japanese food from other sections of the country will be screened before it is allowed into the united states. in the meantime, more smoke is rising from the damaged reactor is causing an evacuation of workers there who were tried to restart the plant's cooling pumps. the operator of the plan says apparently, there was no new release of
6:08 pm
radiation. the company did release photographs of the control room but the lights turned time for the first time since the earthquake in tsunami. the earthquake in tsunami are turning out to be the most expensive natural disaster in history. if the death toll is now nearing 10,000 with another 16,000 people missing. if the japanese government estimates the damage at more than $300 billion. toyota said today it will delay the launch of its new pre aside brick minivan, too many disruptions in the line. the world's largest carmaker shut down its assembly line in japan on march the 14th. honda, mazda, nissan and its to be she plants have also all been idle. a new video has gone viral that explains the nuclear crisis in simple terms for japan's younger citizens. we'll show you the video later on it 6:00 in this newscast. we want to
6:09 pm
tel about kron 4 baseball special. this saturday gary will host baseball by the bay with a preview of the giants and the a's, as well as player interviews in an up close look at spring saturday at 8:00 p.m. right here on kron 4 news. we'll be right back. hey marcel, watch this!
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>>pam: this man suspected of robbing seven banks including one in danville, was arrested in arizona. it 29 year-old dustin was stopped by police last week. police say he made off with more than $20,000 after robbing a bank in danville. he is currently being extradited to california. songbooks yuri and at&t it bookstore. san francisco
6:13 pm
city leaders are considering legislation that would restrict the distribution of the of the pages, at&t is the primary distributor of the of the pages in san francisco. we will be right back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments..
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(music) >>kimberlee: is in the metaphor of a boy with a stomach problem in jerez listees smelling feces the japanese artist turned his country's nuclear disaster to an animated if viral hit terry ha. if the artist createda
6:17 pm
simpler way to explain the news to his son and wife. keep we did a story about the fading health of nuclear boy. a k the nuclear plants and the danger posed by the spread of this file excrements. namely radiation. an anonymous artist then created an animated cartoon of the tweets posted on youtube, then it was translated into english. the car to and also features three mile island boy and chernobyl boy. referring to the u.s. and the ukraine nuclear tragedy. nuclear boy is a global sensation getting close to 1 million hits on youtube. but, unlike the cartoons positive ending japan's nuclear plants and its
6:18 pm
population, are still in peril on less potential the potential catastrophe can be averted. reporting live, kron 4 news. in >>catherine: national news, sex can be deadly to pleas for those who don't have that often. a new study in the journal of the american medical association says having sex or exercising can almost triple the rest of a heart attack in the hours immediately afterward. if that risk is based on one key factor, whether the person regularly engage in those activities. if those who had sex and exercise often there were a lot less likely to have a heart attack. although this sounds scary, the overall likelihood of having a heart attack after working out is very low, about three and 1 million. researchers also say heart patient should not abstain from sex or exercise based on this finding. and memorial for
6:19 pm
the on this victim of the arizona shedding, 9 year-old christina grain, will be built from debris on the 911 attack. this is some of the debris being stored at a hangar at new york's jfk airport. a large piece of steel will be used to create a 9 ft. 11 in. angel in the little girl's honor. if the statue expected to be unveiled april 1st in tucson. >>jacqueline: a live look outside. were starting to see this scattered showers picked up a little bit through the north bay. heavier rain along the coastline and the santa cruz mountains. we will see scattered showers through the evening and into the early overnight hours. a look ahead into tomorrow. overnight scattered showers continued till about 6:00 a.m. and that's when heavy rain will pick up. thursday morning from about 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. heavy rain, gusty winds. in the afternoon and evening,
6:20 pm
scattered thunderstorms will follow the main front. overnight, we will see scattered showers into the 10:00 at at work. by 2:00 a.m. little double in the showers but they will pick up again and they will into the morning commute. 6:00 a.m. moderate rain to the north bay and sitting off shore. this will intensify through the morning commute, by 8:00 a.m. the north bay covered in moderate to heavy rain. the orange indicating the more heavy rain cells. also, heavier rain over san francisco and down the peninsula. by 9:00 a.m. more cells of heavy rain especially over now up. that will be a bad one. by 9:00 a.m. heavier rain it over the airport in san francisco. we will see it through concord as well. later on they will push
6:21 pm
toward the east bay. and down over the south bay at noon before it starts to turn showery for the afternoon. winds will be a big factor we will see a wind gust to cut into the 30 mi. an hour range as we head to the morning hours. you can see, by 8:00 a.m. in the morning wind gusts in the 35 mi. an hour range and it will put it up into the 40 mi. an hour range terry had 7 day, a powerful storm expected to more morning. other storm set for saturday morning. we will be right back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments..
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6:24 pm
>>pam: millions of people are mourning the death of a list with taylor, she passed away at the age of 79 today. >>reporter: in los angeles, the star of elizabeth taylor on hollywood's walk of fame clean and surrounded by flowers. following news of
6:25 pm
the legendary actresses death. taylor called one of the most beautiful woman in the world died wednesday morning at a loss angeles hospital at the age of 79. in a statement, her publicist said she was hospitalized eight weeks ago with congestive heart failure. she died peacefully surrounded by her children. reaction toward death or dent. >> close friend and cnn talk-show host larry king, she was elizabeth taylor we will never have a star as big again. >>reporter: life was memorable, she was married eight times to seven different men. it started a number of movies from national velvet to cleopatra. when she won the best actress oscar for her role as a call girl in 1960 and abuse of wife in who's afraid of virginia woolf in 1966. the british-born killer was passionate about aids research, her fans and friends like controversial
6:26 pm
singer michael jackson. >> she was the first celebrity to stand up for, pleading with president to get involved. standing up for michael jackson. getting friends to be involved in and because the she was attached to. >>reporter: bill clinton and secretary hillary clinton released a statement sing america has lost one of its greatest talents and fiercest advocates for hiv aids research. it's estimated she raised more than $100 million for the cause during her remarkable life time. a loss angeles. >>pam: are film critic jan wall this year. >>reporter: i met her at the academy arawards. she turned around and said darling, i and the academy awards. she was bigger than life. she cared more about being a human being than being an
6:27 pm
actress. she wanted to get out there and support people with hiv and aids. she was the first one to run trying to get help for that. instead of all the people were running away. she shamed people into caring about it. plus, she was a find actress. taylor was strong, courageous gutsy actress who tried many different things. yes she was tender and passionate but at the same time she was afraid to go beyond clamber into something like who's afraid of virginia woolf. >>pam: what were some of the other films that stand out? >>reporter: i love taming of the shrew, her sexual relationship with richard. when in the taming of the shrewd made shakespeare sexy alive. so many other films, she was something different. remember she was also a
6:28 pm
scandalous woman. a woman who lived out lieabout and she o had a scandalous life. she lost her husband, and she dumped or reynolds and that almost bankrupted 20th- century fox with cleopatra. then ran after richard burton, he ran toward her and together they were combustible. >>pam: everything she did it in the film what will be her legacy? >>reporter: passion, living out loud a woman who cared much about hurt passion of life and how was important to find some kind of cause and reason for aids. god bless your list. >>pam: we'll be back.
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grow grass anywhere.
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>>rob: the working to carve a new road around the slide. in scotts valley, kron 4 news. >>haazig: the city's public works department is removing a major mudslide that has
6:32 pm
occurred in recent days due to the heavy rain. they say this is a very delicate operation because they had to remove the slide., without destabilizing the hill without more rocks and mud coming down. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>terisa: crews of the heart work all day long going up into trees and cutting away limbs that have come close to power lines. they say they're trying to do this as fast as possible, before the storm bears down on the area. after they finish up here, it will be on to the next job site. in marin county, kron 4 news. >>maureen: you can see how city crews are being kept awfully busy because of of a wet weather. the workers' holiday pieces of a tree the cup that because of a structure, was determined to
6:33 pm
be in imminent danger of collapsing. so far the city's been called out to take care of more than 140 trees damaged in the recent storms. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: our big weather story tonight, the big storm moving into more morning. we're already seeing decent rainfall as we head into the evening. scattered showers in san francisco, offshore and in the north bay. does that report from heavy rain in the north bay. were certainly going to be picking up everything that comes to more morning. scattered showers continue into this evening, taper off by the 2:00 hour and he could see if you like greg cells. puffing storm on the way for 6:00 in your morning commute. moderate rate into the north bay and intensifies in to the non o'clock or. this will last for your morning commute into the later morning hours. heavy rain now,
6:34 pm
concord, san francisco and oakland. the timeframe you should be looking at is 6:00 a.m. to look out if your south of the golden gate. notice north of the golden gate were single letter conditions by noon with showers continuing into the later afternoon hours. we will continue to see these bursts of moderate to heavy rain. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, tomorrow storm will be a big one, the time frame is 6:00 a.m. to about 11:00 a.m. and 12 in the afternoon if you're in the south bay. gusty winds will also be filling in. scattered thundershowers behind the storm, another storm set for saturday. we will finally dry out into next week. >>dan: here in san francisco the barry bonds trial continued. taking the stand it steve hoskins. he said bonds ask him to research the side effects of steroid.
6:35 pm
and that once bonn's complained about his but hurting because of the steroid shots. defense attorneys during cross- examination said that steve hoskins is not somebody that could be trusted, they say he has an ax to grind because bonds fired him. at the federal courthouse in separate cisco, kron 4 news. >>kate: around san francisco bridges are crumbling. under report out said not enough upkeep is being done on the bridge is so they're becoming structurally deficient. san francisco leads the entire state with the highest percentage of structurally deficient bridges, one of every five. reporting in san francisco, kron 4 news. >>pam: video capture is it possible tornado coming too close to home for one photographer. a thirsty burglar. kimberly is here with today's edition of take a look at this. >>kimberlee: 01 to take a look at this, a budding
6:36 pm
storm chasers shot this video and i want. a possible tornado dropping from the sky, the national weather service said there were several tornadoes and nebraska and iowa yesterday. these clubs were accompanied by a golf ball size hailed. no injuries were reported. if take a look of this surveillance cameras rolling catching a burglar smashing a glass door in order to make his way in. after realizing this safe were locked he did the obvious choice much to the coolers to steal $11 worth of beer. store manager dozen of the band its name but says he is a regular. >> what an idiot, what an idiot. he didn't even cover is face up. >>kimberlee: this is not a california coastline, it's freezing cold to lift minnesota nobody seemed to mind the blizzard warning
6:37 pm
and the water temperature that was below 40 degrees. now >>jacqueline: to check out your up on ski report. snow in this era. heavenly 1 in. of fresh snow, that will be added to after today. cera at tahoe 3 in. of fresh snow, and bear valley 11 in. of fresh snow in the past 24 hours. if you'd like more information on the ski resorts, just log on to,. >>pam: we want to tell you about kron 4 baseball special. this saturday gary will host baseball by the bay with a preview of the giants and the a's, as well as player interviews in an up close look at spring training. that's this saturday at 8:00 p.m. right be right back. ♪ have a good daisy
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♪ have a good daisy ♪ have a good daisy >> now, here is stanley roberts, with some people behaving badly.
6:41 pm
>>stanley: " this is a piece of san francisco's infrastructure, part of mission street. i was able to walk into the street reach down and grab a large rock out of this pothole. if you drive on mission street you know it's riddled with plot holes, small ones and sometimes larger ones. they often rig have it on your model's suspension causing you to spend money probably don't have. this is san carlos street in san francisco. if this is one of a larger pot holes i found. it's more like a tiny cliff. it's big enough that second brought my blackberry on it to give you an idea just how large it is. >> a lot of pot holes. especially in the middle of the street, a giant pot hole when it rains. president >>stanley: say the potholes filled with water. nobody knows cares. you know it is. it's just that there at the mercy of the state of california. he is the gas tax money that should go to
6:42 pm
cities pothole repair end up being diverted to knows what. san francisco department public works depends on the money from the state, has to slash budgets to make ends meet. they tell me this year, the state came through and now they have money to fix potholes. there are just so many. a summit that city supervisors are now thinking about a measure to raise even more money for pothole repair. it as much as for paying for gas these days, we should really have some of this move the streets of america. in san francisco, stanley roberts kron 4 news. >>pam: in sports stanford women's basketball team leads the friendly confines at home. i shot at their fourth straight final four appearance. the advantage for the giants as they get, by the loss angeles angels and lose national league championship series mvp cody ross. gary has details on all the sports next.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
>>gary: the evening everybody mercedes has requested that i do a little bit here and i moved to another location get a good look at this together and that i will get up and walk. the pressure. now and carry mercedes, were happy to have the place and arizona of the biltmore. (laughter) >>gary: if i stumble and feel like i'm going to let the company down. we will be moving in a minute folks. first, stanford cardinal on to the round of 16, a steady winning streak made it to 63 games and now they're ready to go. it two wins will get them to their fourth straight final four.
6:47 pm
>> every team in our backyard and was capable, louisville is a good team, savers are good team, north carolina everybody that's left in play together now. that was not an easy game i believe it was sold out. they're playing really well right now but obviously were not try to look ahead but at the same time you could see they been down there, they're going to come out with a good fight. (music) >>gary: what did they always say when you watch tv and there's a tanker interaction? miss you guys. >>gary: the security people basically each other they're walking around saying he makes more than i do, and they should get rid of him and not may know my god and
6:48 pm
losing my hair. then they come on the air and say miss you guys. rover's your standing to show you how big and tough. at the last guy who stood, what we have the and stand up. to know what happened to him? i don't know why don't the same fate happen my family. it's time to talk baseball sponsored by a whole group of people. it's could be ross left the game today with a strained right calf after running to catch a line drive. earlier brian wilson cut short a game of catch up at first attempt of throwing since a strained left oblique. here's the way it works, the way you get out to ross will be ok. brian wilson is the one that you have to keep your fingers crossed if you're a giants fan for opening day. exhibition baseball heading for home. the fans in the bleachers and joined the
6:49 pm
sun. judge willingham is able to deliver cocoa crest. i've been here 27 years, i know but would tell me to my face to stand up. one-one, rbi single off geo gonzales. a final three-one. this is for my good friend, he watches every night. pam miss you. this you. it's been four years since the a's enjoyed post-season baseball. this off-season really went out and did some serious business. he has a good pitching staff, of course with billy when he talked national everybody waiting for the will become aware read it will star as billy been in the movie money ball. if we as billy does he offensive upgrade? >> did need to improve the
6:50 pm
offense, is it enough? we will have to wait and see. texas is a good club and they have improved. we also improved pitching staff, we added to the bullpen and it always is and always will be a zero sum game. >>gary: usually when guys calling, it's joe the story as a half truth. indeed he worked a $10 million deal over mexican in merced with fuentes? >> i will go back to trevino said if i can go back to merced any time soon. >>gary: mr. wolf said we want to go to san jose how you answer somebody who says kay, co-head move to san jose and then all fall yolk, in the meantime and strung out here? >> flea everyone will hang with us until the new venue happens. it has to happen, this is a facility that's getting older and more difficult to compete with.
6:51 pm
we're finding more and more challenging. >>gary: what to take larry to the restaurant in merced and have him get off that darn territorial rights stance? >> i have to drive him back? all >>gary: ladies yes ? >>gary: you flattered surprised and embarrassed? pick one of the three when you sathey said brad pitt was you? >> surprise to, you hear about these things and the fact that direction close to completing this it was the biggest surprise given. >>gary: did your wife say when you heard it that it was going to be you? >> when see coming over to visit. r >>gary: the going to make you a little meaner than you are for the sake of a movie? >> i guess so, the candidates people will look at present it and think it's him.
6:52 pm
>>gary: believe is a pretty cool guy in public, we will see what they do. if you wanted a giants game, kron 4 never stops giving go to to win tickets. on saturday at 8:00, we will have a baseball special lot of good things. i have interviews with different people and you're right pam i will start calling my hair back a little bit. that was the single that made it look like i was losing my hair. what happened, for now i will stand up and have my back to the gas he does get the shot. all right, were coming back i can sit down? thank you. chad not only dating evelyn from basketball wives,
6:53 pm
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chad of chosing go wants to play soccer. he's a pretty big star in the nfl, and now he started a four day tryout with kansas city and as al more than 40 media members on hand to watch the lockout nfl player do his thing. here it is, again this is m.l.s. soccer. the point is, this is going to be one of those deals where you spend your entire life using your hands and now at your feet. so we will see what happens. i think he just wants to get in the news. you could be 27 years and a place sitting down and then tried stand-up, we'll see what happens. >>pam: you did well. jacqueline and i were watching. >>gary: the back of my head
6:57 pm
i need to start combing my hair back. that inco was just awful. again i'm not self-centered, i was really interested in what billy bean had to say. are you kidding. have a good night.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
the death of elizabeth taylor at age 79. the very latest. i'm lara spencer. >> and i'm kevin frazier, in brazil where the stars are reacting to the legend's passing. >> "the insider" is on. hollywood has lost a true icon this morning. >> a sad morning here. >> oh, my goodness. so sad. >> her early morning passing. who was by her side? what we know about a funeral. as the stars who loved her open up today. >> there is no movie star that is her equivalent. >> here, in rio, the stars mourn the passing of elizabeth taylor. >> she was such a life force. plus, are these her final images? >> celebrating her very last birthday. >> how are you doing? >> the last video of her in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank. then -- >> the near-death experience she revealed to oprah.


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