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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 21, 2010 10:23pm-10:30pm PST

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you are looking at one very airplane. there are only for these planes that exist. is a world war two plane that crashed into said they go back
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in 1945. on friday crew fished about the water. someone fishing in the 90 ft. deep water founded on fish finder. there were 5100 of these planes built. they hit more japanese targets than any other plane. it will be bought the floor to be restored and on display at an aviation museum. >> time now tech talk with dave slate. >> i'm at the research center in mountain view, i'm going to give you are rare look at the flight simulator the nasa uses to train law astronauts. it's called vms. is the 30th anniversary of the training facility. this is basically a souped up flight simulator. it's nothing like you've never experienced at an amusement park arcade. now says tried to make the experience as real as lined the shuttle. astronauts
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have blocked a lot of hours in the vms as part of their training. inside this inclose cockpit or cab is the college or astronauts in training. these are extreme flight exercise the require the cab to move all over the place stimulating flight. the cabezon a giant platform then moves up and down on thick metal cables. look how big this room is the that the cab was around in, is three stories high. inside the cabin it feels like the rolfe thing i instantly felt motion sickness. we are seeing at this window is not real screens to make a look like a real image. the fake images fall hundred and 80 degrees around the cab. they even have a chicken windows of a pilot can see below them. carol bochco is an astronaut's that shot crevice the van making a huge of
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progress to the success of flights. in mountain view games late kron4 news. >> will somebody to only does the ferris wheel at the carnival that looks real scary. >> that looks like fun to me. >> but how are we doing going for it sunday monday tuesday. >> the weather is looking absolutely great. people and ask me where summer, will here it comes. >> eighties in land look to these temperatures for monday and tuesday. up to around 100 degrees in land eighties around the bay. summertime is here. >> sounds good to have a good night everybody. halfno carrier
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