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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  July 29, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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live from the bay area's news station at 5:00 p.m. ♪ >> the fight over immigration flares up and arizona is the battleground. the controversial new law goes and to affect today. today, street protests, and court disputes here, and countrywide. and what you have to say about these issues. >> a live look at mission/24 it. immigration protests are under way right now. rallies are held for all across the country, los
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angeles, 200 people blocked an intersection for the amount of three hours. 12 arrests. the york city, protesters went across the band brooklyn bridge, and also arizona was the epicenter of all of the protests. >> no shortage of a motion on the streets of the next today with gathering at dawn. by 12 pm, they converged on the critic of illinois will immigrants. >> and i just arrested 15-20 people. they went from the side walk inside the jail. that saved a lot of gasoline. >> and as the 1070 what into affect midnight as much as the most controversial elements. yesterday, a federal judge barred officials from checking
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immigration status. also police are unhappy with how this was written. >> the only way to enforce this law was to take somebody's race into account into racial profile them. >> the governor of arizona disagrees and she filed an appeal of the judge's ruling. there of the day, the protesters grew, with 13 buses were arriving from southern california. >> we will continue to follow the latest as a watch people gather at 24 and mission street in san francisco. yesterday, streets were blocked at the federal building and will continue with the latest. and haaziq madyun earlier today, there was an earlier rally in oakland. >> you can hear as oakland is present to protest. shouts from these protesters rallied against the new immigration law. s d 1070, over 100 protesters gathered. some wearing t-shirts
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mocking the arizona law like this t-shirt. other had signs like brown and proud. >> i do not know what you are looking at! >> you better wake that smirk off your face! >> also street performers were acting out a dramatic scene with latins and errors of the police. and oakland police officers were also looking and why interfere because it was a peaceful protest. haaziq madyun >> despite the ruling of emigration it was still important for them to immigration to really. >> it is a partial victory we welcome the assumption but there is still parts of the law that remain. starting today, it is a crime to drive with the undocumented person and a car. so a reverend cannot drive a pershare to church, those are the type of things and we cannot
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tolerate. that is why we are here today. that is not enough. we will continue until we see justice. >> today we had a public poll of our viewers. and kimberly? >> heated on both sides of the issue. on facebook, nicholas said i am about securing the borders, and the emigration process but it should be done in a way that does not affect, annoyed people that are legally here. and law-abiding. and john said that everybody that is opposing the arizona law should pay for all the social services, the illegal immigrants are special. and amnesty? >> and to close the borders, not just mexico, all of them i am so tired of the illegals taking all of the freebies. they think they are entitled to. to read the latest, as it kron 4 .com.
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>> and more of the emigration of a rally with 19 people many of them of the clergy were arrested. and san francisco during a rally for immigration reform all 19 were cited, released. and over 100 people rallied outside this federal building. to speak out against the immigration. >> and with budget cuts, firefighters' union failed to come to an agreement on contract with the city. 50 firefighters will lose their job this weekend. this will save the city $6 million this fiscal year. the union offered a 3 percent cut but the city needed at least 9%. kron4's craig sklar has a closer look on how this will affect fire protection. >> and in the san jose fire department it will be felt citywide but no more than inch and 30. these stores will shut
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for good and this station is one of the busiest. on the final day, the engine had three calls, and the three hours. >> with that these cuts, the will not be enough people to man the truck, the station, and with a smaller staff. it will only be opened periodically. and union leaders failed to come to a compromise with the city. and they also said that it is difficult for seasoned to lose. >> the young folks, expected to come and be here for at least 30 years. it was not even there ritter, our reputation as to not let off. >> and with cut parks and other parts of the city with a sit-in negotiators said there are no. .. and of those agreements are ever going to be remade? those
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50 that are laid off will have special treatment and considered special. >> with fog along the coastline, with a few breaks in the sun breaks to the san mateo and also in the north. temperatures are warmer out there this afternoon especially inland. 10 degrees and we saw yesterday, 80 degrees in antioch, 87 degrees and concord, 88 degrees in antioch and cooler along the coast. we will see very similar weather it with your details on the extended forecast coming up in a bit. >> a live look at the james, the south is on the bottom and it is bumper-to-bumper at the top of the sky way. all the way to the lower deck of the bay bridge.
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- well, how about... - that smokers' helpline? yeah, they can give me a plan. - help me through the rough spots. - so you're ready to... quit? everyone wants me to quit-- my doctor, my wife, the dog. - not good for the dog. - anyone else? hmm? what? anyone else want you to quit? me! i want me to quit. tdd# 800-933-4833 - ( rings ) - woman: smokers' helpline. oh, hi, it's me. >> week two, the ac transit, more six calls, more delays for commuters. the transportation
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agency will go to court tomorrow in christine connolly walks us through what could lie ahead. >> the bad news for the commuters is there is no clear light at the end of the tunnel. on friday there will return to court what could be a likely legal battle. here are the issues. >> the district is facing a 56 million-dollar deficit on two years. based on labor concessions, and a stalled talks. on june 30th, they imposed a new contract on workers. that contract will save $15.7 million by changing work rules, employes contributions to health care plans. on friday there will return to court and ask the judge to overturn the new contract. there are three possible outcomes. first, the judge to throw out the new contract. this decision would most likely be appealed and possibly put the issue in a legal limbo. and at the point of this is thrown out, the
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district would immediately go on the red. losing $320 per week and to make up that money, they could cut weekend bus service losing 300 men in dollars per week. >> and remember, that the unit $300 million per week, and with radically work schedules and erratic hours, and since this ha been impose that has resulted in hundreds of calling and daily on a s call an sec. >> and also, how commuters. >> i have been here, i been here, and 11 years and i've never been mistreated. and i know i am not the only one that has that opinion. i think we all have that same opinion, 1750 people, what they're doing to
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our drivers, they are coming in at 11, 12, midnight. and sometimes you not even get off because there is nobody to relieve you. and they just say to continue in route, and we can only work 10 hours, some people are working 12 hours. >> ac transit has canceled departures, and you combine those cancellations by going to our website. under the news linked section. >> to take a look extended forecast, this fog will stay with us to the weakened but not quite as extensive. details and your full forecast of the weekend coming up.
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>> watching the wild fires across california right now firefighters are battling small brush fires and rural north los angeles county. the high desert, near lancaster, and a few areas are being evacuated. and with flames, thick acres, 30 a. burned so far. and with the
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damp of morning weather. and with firefighters getting a better handle with the 33 structures. threatening 150 homes. 1,400 a. in this began on tuesday. 25 percent containment, and firefighters are going to have this round by tomorrow. there is no history of any fires on record. and the vegetation has not been burnt and over one century and 150 homes are evacuated. and some of the largest lightning sparked fires are fully contained. the 25 0 a. fire at the national forest and that was contained last night. additional, 187 fires burning in other areas of the county, thomas, shshasta and modoc county. and polluted beaches 200
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in northern california did not fare so well. baker beach, ocean beach, are rated only two stars out of five stores. at candlestick, and kron out of the element are also poor. crowne beach. >> and 9% of city beaches violative health codes last year. ♪ >> and a mount pam cam we are seeing that fog how coastline especially in the north bay. temperatures are warmer this afternoon. and inland, 80s. tonight/tomorrow, the fog will hug the coast line and push back anin. tomorrow, the typical spots of the fog along the coast and in the day. however, not quite as far inland. temperatures will be warming, and a bit warmer, with 89 inland, 60s on the coast, and the fog tracker for tomorrow.
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the fog will not as extensive and where are racing at 6:00 a.m. the inland valleys will be in the clear. and the north bay, and oakland, he were, the peninsula by 9:00 a.m. plenty of sunshine in the north bay. and he word. 70's. hayward. the fog tracker will be pressing off by 12 pm and it could stay along ocean beach perhaps a bit longer. to take a look and our temperatures tomorrow afternoon and other nice day across the bay. we're not going to see temperatures very warm, and the inland is going be a degrees in antioch. fairfield, livermore, not to bad, 89 degrees in antioch. the degrees in the santa rosa, and 79 degrees in napa, mild. 63 degrees in san francisco, and 70's are run the bay shore. and kron 4 7 day around the bay we are going to
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continue to have fog for the next several days but it is going to still back to the coast. just mainly in the morning and along the weekend. temperatures will be on the mild side, and as we head into next week a slight warmer inland. and then right back to the cooler side when of dense fog rolls back in. >> thank you, jacqueline, and uncertainty in the stocks. with exxon/mobile and the dow jones is down 30 percent, the s&p is down 12 in the nasdaq is down 4.5. mortgage rates are reported spot, they're the lowest in the fifth time in six weeks which is good news for people that can secure a loan to buy, refinance a home. freddie mac says the average 30 year fixed is at 4.5 of 4%. last year it was 4.56%,
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and also 15-year is at 4%. bernie mac is contracting rates since 1971. in other toyota recall, this time, 12,000 cars. the avalon, from 2000-2004 and these cracks could lead to a locking up of the steering column. also, it is recalling 39,000 of the lexus. 470 2003- 2007 >> and the oakland coliseum, and people are lining up to be actress. we caught up with some eight-extras. >> and i love the oakland a's, and i think it would be so much fun and i want to relive it. >> i love brad pitt >> and i think that he is just the greatest and he is also an
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up-and-coming star. with robin wright, and i just think it is great and i'm a big fan of all of the stars. >> we've not done this before we are a huge a spaa's van >> i will throw the first pitch! >> we are making a sign, who used to play for the a's. >> and i heard that this movie was being filmed out here. and i said i want to try to get into it. >> and i came in last night, and it is very interesting to see how this movie is done. and we can see it over and over again from different angles and it is a lot of fun. also it is fun to be close to the stars and we saw brad pitt last night. >> this wiz based on a book of
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and >> we are following the immigration across the nation the arizonas immigration law. even though the vital parts were stripped away from a federal judge. in arizona, three people were arrested. and a live look a san francisco, at 24th/mission street. people are on the sidewalks, and will follow the immigration rallies across the nation and and the bay area. >> the e book, now and the sun has a new scandal. and both- amazon kindle. can store 3500 books, one has 3 g, and the
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other is wifi only. and the other is 3 g-and by 5. the white by only = $139. and the predictions of the readers. hit his prediction is saying that more digital books will be sold than paperbacks. and already, scandal has surpassed hard books. and every one hard- cover, this ratio is constantly shifting in the book paper. although, a preference for physical books over the e block. and with the e. reeder, paperbacks, could be a minority. to read all about the amazon kindle, and the latest what's on the web
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with kimberlee sakamoto. >> and a programming note, changes for tomorrow, the giants' run nbc. and look for dateline at 8:00 p.m. and a special 90 minute edition of the kron 4 news at 10:00 p.m. the 8:00 p.m. episode of dr. phil will be seen earlier at 3:00 p.m. and the smackdown moved to saturday at 7:00 p.m. we will be back after a quick, two minute break.
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