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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  July 28, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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been tearing through homes in a raging wildfire the fire fighters say they partially contained the blaze one of several that have consumed 25 structures and threaten hundred 50 others. kron 4 the key reports on the battle to keep the fire from doing more damage. >> began as the vegetation fire near the old west branch community turned into a raging inferno. burning everything in its path. >> nearly 400 firefighters are tackling the blaze by air and on the ground. if that fire is one of to a mostly rural carney that forced thousands to evacuate their homes. now partially contained it scorched two square miles and burn down dozens of homes. the other fire in sequoia national forest has for more than a dozen homes and outbuildings. its newly 24 square miles and fire fighters have barely made a dent. some
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residents are holding ground pitching in to help fight the fire. >> everybody chips in a lot of the neighbors around with wells and tanks to the fire department. >> kern county is under state of emergency shelters and set up a local junior high school to assist the evacuees. vicki kron 4 news. >> for the latest on the kill far spokesperson joining us live on the phone during the afternoon. what's the very latest on containment possibilities? firefighters >> in making good progress there remains a 25 percent contained or not seen the same winds and warm temperatures we signed yesterday that allows us to continue building a contain a line around the fire to protect the structures in the area. >> the latest on evacuations? >> still hundred 50 homes, in the area that remain threatened by the fire and that's one of the reasons why we have so many
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firefighters assigned to this fire off over 800 firefighters across central and southern california if are battling the blazes afternoon. >> it seems we've been lucky as far as the fire season goes weather wise. is that why you're able to have some resources on this one fire? >> we've had a number of fires up the northern california since this began we've had 200 lightning sparked fires road northeast california this entire week has been very busy for firefighters especially at the northern california we really haven't seen any my major wildland fires up until today so we've been lucky. unfortunately conditions are dry and lending themselves to these wildfires. >> sorry daniel the key for the up to date this morning. jonathan blum joining us, and a hand shows of the quarrel, the fire is on the google map. >> you can see one of them is up here right at the cow and the other one is down here
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attached a peek. this was a more dangerous when the take a closer look. that's the big fire that one is in the 1,400 a. neighborhood and you can see according to our maps firefighters about to go quite a line around a fire shut the chronicling a 25 percent contained you see that line is a ring remo's the far the promises this area down here if this is a vulnerable area but look all that grass and brush. clearly this is not under control firefighters are being very conservative with the numbers at this point. he concedes this is the kind of feel the fire can rip through quickly so that low dry fuel hellfire. there roads from here and all these roads are closed and in this case about a 2300 people have been evacuated from their homes and 30 of those homes have been destroyed. i wanted to do together fire which is about 10 times as big but there aren't as many people sign the fire because it's not threatening as many homes and buildings. this fire near current dull fire
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fighters have successfully managed to protect the stock of homes that extends into the fire perimeter here. pretty scary for those people in yes as people of been evacuated. the state road here this is been closed because it goes right through the fire area. this fire poses a different challenge got really steep hills, and.. jonathan blun 4 news. >> completely different weather picture here locally where both california's been under hot temperatures we have not here today sunny skies bay area why temperatures of climbed a little bit but were still well below where we should be for this time of year. '60s and '70s out there for the most part of the copley news in our inland spots there slowly creeping up close to that average. 80 degrees in antioch, 82 in fairfield carl pierce spots to warm up a few degrees.
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some flies in rosa, 77 and now appeared to change over the past 24 hours of 5 degrees warmer novato and seven degrees warmer in san rosa and six degrees warmer and most of inland spots. let's look at what we can expect tonight into tomorrow. the fog will shore again for the bay area this afternoon so mostly clear conditions this evening we will have fog push back in over night but it's not going to be as extensive as it has been a morning pass. at 7:00 a.m. coast of fog expected and and so will be left as an skies can temperatures warm both by degrees but some spots even more than that durable talk about the coming up in just a bit. >> 80 police officers are to cut and now the possibility of over 100 more to lose their jobs in january if voters reject the november ballot measure. today oakland merchants met to discuss how to keep their business is safe. kron 4 reports on the concerns of a nervous business owners. >> they have to communicate a
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hard line. >> 80 oakland cops have been a public safety issue for protest and said this open merchants leadership forum. >> if the police are going to come down and help you in fact it does not, and one of us is a violent crime. as a merchant it scares me i'm concerned the safety of my tenants in the well being. as well as our staff. troy >> and define ways to alleviate these tied to concerns from shopowners was the purpose of today's meeting. >> today's form was about how to keep our customers and merchants say from crime. >> i'm nervous it's going to crime is going to were scared and nervous my people are going to come and feel safe to come in the evening to get their hair down. z zero images like these windows it's here is still remain weeks after the johannes mehserle verdict appeared one
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merchant said concerns about public safety in downtown are plain overblown. >> the news since it seemed like oakland downtown your going to be attacked, threatened to, bodily harm will occur. that's natural. >> with a federal judge striking down parts of arizonas immigration law which is supposed to take place and what effect on thursday tomorrow. a live look outside and city hall where immigration rally taking place today. we've been asking kron 4 viewers what they think about the judge's decision to block key parts of the law appeared our web producer kimberly joining us with your cause. >> comments of the flooding are face book fan page would go and look for a look at a couple them. dallas writes the don't have this to issue a deep a driver's license documentation or anything you're here illegally. john says some said the judge needs to read what a lot is superior to the legal
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entry into the country is against the law. it doesn't matter what color you are. carpet he simply said a victory for criminals and drug smugglers. if you like to read all about this immigration law would like to know what you think visit >> live look for san jose right now bumper to bumper 101 southbound as you make your way past mineta on the left-hand side. 87 over cross back up as well. let's head over a walnut creek to see what's happening here and it's jam packed a little earlier than usual. 60 southbound on the right or about on the left just before i with 24 as bumper-to-bumper in both directions.
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justin to the kron 4 news room a severance is the woman pleaded not guilty to see why and vehicular manslaughter charges stemming from the crash. it killed two women and injured three others. the defendant lynn
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c. murray told the chp and three other passengers and her honda i had been wine tasting in the dry creek area near geyser field prior to the crash. they say she failed to negotiate a 90 degree curve and struck another vehicle killing two people inside. if the d.a. office said the defendant's blood alcohol level was over the legal limit of 0.08. live in the newsroom kron 4 news. >> san jose where the city will wait until spring to put a measure on the ballot deciding of this city wants to build a new stadium and bring the oakland a's to the south bay. there chuck reed led the way to push back from a november ballot after major league baseball offered help pay the $1 million cost of holding a special lecture next year. they read said baseball's offer was assigned the city needed to take a step back. >> getting it done before is not as important as i thought it was scared all those dependent the ballot in november it would win. that's an important consideration the actual cost of having a special is important
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consideration to me now that major league baseball is helped can let the commissioner finishes work. >> read threaten to put the initiative for the four to $9 million stadium on the november ballot after baseball at 16 months pass before considering an still considering whether not to let the a's move. three- quarters of baseball's owners are needed to vote to allow the move to santa clara which is territory that belongs to the san francisco giants. the oakland raiders are ready to start camp to or what they're not the preseason facility. as head coach tom and his team. he no longer story about the assault charges on the assistant coach at home over his head all of last season. those charges were never filed if his new starting quarterback jason campbell is ready to step in after the raiders' release, the
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team what meetings today and begin today practices on the field tomorrow. they've been at the training camp for most of august the regular-season vegan sunday september the 12th. >> to look at our extended forecast and the church to warm up the there especially head into the we can all have details coming up in just a bit a.
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in national news congress has changed a quarter-century old cocaine long the reason it resulted in very stiff prison sentences for blacks with crack cocaine positions in a far more lenient treatment to those mainly white caught with the powder form of the drug. a huge difference the senate passed a bill in march and now heads to the president for his signature. during his presidential campaign president barack obama said the wide gap in sentencing was not justified in this new law will reduce the disparity in sentencing options. the 100 of the gulf oil spill as the cleanup continues. summer saying
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you can see the impact in the number of golf beaches that have been closed or slapped with health warnings. seekers of today during cleanup work. the number beaches in trouble run 10 times higher than usual. bp meantime said its big 256 million to people of lost income because of this bill. today the incoming ceo the man replacing tony hayward said he thinks the oil flow has ended. >> we've had a thousand people engineering work working 24 hours a day to show off the leak i think we have air we have a cap on it. i think is we put the cash bond came back after recent tropical storm call bonnie the integrity looks good and were very close to running something called a static kill which is pumping the mud and cemented their may be monday fall by the relief well. i don't think will see more oil flowing into the gulf again. >> looking at a strange sight this is happening all over gulf beaches this is one of florida
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scientists using ultraviolet light to spot the unseen oil they say is lurking everywhere. beaches of a pretty clean during the day are often really a mess. they say just below the surface is a big problem many experts believe there's a lot more oil out there than anybody expected. the man in charge who provided those sensitive military documents. there were posted a few days ago the white house angry about the spirit among those try to find out more about the source the fbi. if the agency's director told the senate panel today agents are helping the pentagon criminal investigation into the leak. >> the fog cleared even farther offshore this afternoon a live look from the golden gate bridge. gorgeous sunny skies temperatures are a little bit warmer out there today. if the special in the north bay that's where we saw the fog cleared a lot quicker and allow for more warming. 75 santa rosa, 77 now
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box or going to continue to see temperatures warmer out there into tomorrow. you will see the fog will offshore will have a similar pattern tomorrow with the fog slower to push back in tonight to if i tomorrow morning less extensive fog and temperatures warm 05 degrees because of it. this weekend will keep of the middle fog and mild temperatures. they will climb as a little closer to normal. bob tracker for tomorrow morning not pushing as far inland at 6:00 a.m. already pushing back to inland valley. patchy fog near concord but in antioch clear also the south bay not seen the fog early in the morning. by the dlc fog run the bay shore, coastline but this will push back off the coast tomorrow into the later morning hours cheered will be left with temperatures warming about five degrees as a result. mostly in our inland spots temperatures all back into the '80s 87 antioch, 83 livermore, 84 fairfield, 79 and
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now the 76 in san jose, 82 in morgan hill. your point for 7 day around the bay forecast of fog will get less and less expensive as we push into the we can no mean temperatures will want a little bit each day especially for inland spots. 85 by saturday, 87 by sunday and the fog is really closer to the coastline. >> your stunning for it's putting background music on me seem like a good idea but kimberly sakamoto princess results that suggest otherwise >> including music that they like, music they didn't like, quiet time in voices that repeated numbers. participants during this time restricted shrine memorized a list of letters and order. researchers found people performed worse while listening to music regardless of whether they like the music or not. experts speculate that music may impair cognitive abilities because a veteran member icings of order he may get thrown off by
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changing words and notes that take place in the song. check all the details of the study is our whats on the web section of trade >> i live look at the james link as we had to a quick break. traffic comfortable for all directions. 101 southbound at the bottom of your screen and the east of the lower deck of the bay bridge at a crawl right now. if the programming reminder changes the giants game on nbc nbc programming here in kron 4. doctors still will be on earlier in the day at 3:00 p.m. than at 8:00 dateline, 10:00 a special 90 minute edition of kron 4 news and w w e smacked down was to saturday at 7. ♪
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justin to the kron 4 news room investigators of michael jackson have-nots decided to press charges to several doctors who treated them. they investigated the prescribing practices of several of jackson's doctors after his death last summer. his
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personal doctor has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in michael's death. >> thank you dan in the south bay of voters are ignoring all worlds apart in its leading to a big mess. kron 4 stanley roberts has details in today's edition of people behaving badly one of the rules all dogs must be on a leash. it's not hard to find dogs running around the palm of leash. some long leash did not have the owner tache. this lady had her dog on
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a leash for a while until she decided to let your dog a swimming. by tossing the dog into the water. this man has two dogs but neither are on a leash. which is in violation of the city of san jose and leash law. according to san jose a animal control of us this is a designated dr. park all dogs must be unleashed at all times. this means no water play. i did mention to problems the second if you been to this park please watch for you walk. i found a disturbing amount of dog droppings all run the park even though the park offered it doggy bags. its coat of violating either the rules to be it was defined. in san jose stanley roberts kron 4 news. if you of a comet or story for stanley e- mail him at a live look here at the colgate bridge a little slow in both directions under way to the toll plaza of up to about its ban right now. backed up as you make
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your way.
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