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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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good evening. breaking news the body of a missing ski instructor has been found under five feelt fooet of snow at the sugar bowl skiski resort. carson may was missing january 15. according to the playser county sheriff's office search dogs were taken to the spot where may's cell phone pinged in january. it's suspected he perished in an vavp. >> -- avalanche. reno fire department is responding to a four on forest street and saint lawrence. >> reporter: fire fighters and fire engines are packing up as investigators remain on scene of this single apartment fire. as you said this is on forest
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avenue and taylor street in the heart of midtown. just before 4:00 actually earlier we were driving up virginia and smoke was filling this entire neighborhood when fire fighters arrived on scene the smoek was black. it was coming out of the the front window of the apartment. the fire fighters were able to knock the fire down in three minutes 40 seconds. they put it out quickly. reno fire battalion chief tells me there are no injuries. right now investigators remain on scene. we have no word. toos too soon to say what the cause of the fire was. they said it started in the bedroom of the apartment. the road is still closed here and opened within the next half an hour. another news.
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crying foul of hiring of out of state workers at the tesla factory side sooit. they held a protest this morning. >> terri, some of them say they are being displayed by cheaper out of state labor. >> reporter: that is the complaint. the deal with tesla requires it hire 50% nevadaness to build the factory. about 68% are nevadans. when we're talking about that construction work force. they are in compliance with the criminal act and the law. still these local construction workers say some of these have workers. the reason the out of state workers are doing the job for less money. these worksers say the nvens
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with the -- he says these families were hoping the factory would turn around their situation after seeing six years of a construction decline. tesla argued that they needed to be able to bring in up to 50% workers from outside the area in case there weren't enough construction workers in northern nevada to do the factory. it turns out we have mrebtty of workers here. many of them are unemployed at this point. >> tesla immediately responded with this statement. many of the third party contractors are union. this one is not. the union is claiming the character is favoring the out of state workers when in reality more than 75 of the entire factory work force are nevadans.
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that was reported in the fourth quarter of construction last year. the deal local workers were hoping for wasn't there. i'll share with the governor's office of economic development has to say about that. today convicted can i recall sienl messy ya -- after serving 23 years for killing his 19-year-old wife suns he's hoping to get parole. >> [ indiscernible ] >> i thought she was a robber. >> in a packed room with susan family and members of his own family. he tried to answer that question from the parole board. he said at the age of 23 he killed susan because of anger issues and sorry for his actions.
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mother asking for different out comes one for clemency and the other for continued incarceration. family. i've done the time required. family. >> her mother and relatives do not deserve the pain they have to go through every time a parole hearing comes up. he murder susan because he could have her nobody else would. >> the parole board that is maip made up of seven members will make a decision in the next stoeven ten days whether or not he will be let out. my full report is coming your crime watch. a man behind bars after shooting and killing another person allegedly in a local casino.
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grains has been arrested on an open murder charge. the shooting happened before midnight sunday when ren know police responded to a possible shooting in downtown reno. upon arriving officials say they find man with a gunshot wound the victim ultimately died from his injuries. after speaking with witnesses at the scene and victim and grains were arguing just before combrans shot and killed the man. the victim and grayson were employees at the casino but were off the clock at the time of the incident. leap day is a day that only happens every four years. those with birth days on february 29 make sure that it is a special one. >> stopped by refound in today for 2016 first leap day baby. >> reporter: baby lincoln born at 9:19 this morning.
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they're not sure when they'll celebrate his birthday whether it's february 28 or march 1. locally book gallery owner is a leap year baind feels unique. >> i like it because of the olympic, election fall on the same year. >> japetto turned 17 today in leap years. looks good for 17 don't you think? >> it's an up year across the sierra . many closing on a 400. nearly a year ago sierra at tahoe resort saw the earliest closing date since the 70s. ryan kern was there and turned to see how much of a difference
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>> reporter: resorts across sierra are in full recovery mode. after one of the worst years on record for sierra at tahoe is a revital zags. >> the snow directly correlates to a good final turn. >> reporter: march 15, 2015, the resort shut down. >> a lot of employees are going to have to get unemployment. >> last season we were laying people off and getting ready to close down the resort. moral was low. >> reporter: they tried everything. snow was moved around the mountain even from the parking lot to keep the lifts open. this year no such need. >> it's the year we try to get created. we rely solely on mother nature to deliver the goods. >> reporter: this wall is 12 feet tall. when we were standing here last year it was on top of dirt.
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it. that's how much snow they've already taken in so far this year. skiers and snowboarders are taking full advantage. >> reporter: skier tom bought a house in south lake tahoe six years ago. he's been hitting it ever since and said this year is the best yet. >> there's such a base no matter how warms it's going to get. it will be good for another six to eighty weeks. >> reporter: a base at 28 feet. >> this year we're measuring in feet. >> reporter: mountain averages 400 plus inches of snow a season. this year they've hit the 350 inch mark before march. a year ago they tapped out at 123. >> you know the demand is very much so there. people are coming out in flockses. it's an absolutely great time
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and sliding on snow. nothing better. >> reporter: on average they stay open through april thanks to this year officials hoping is a miracle march they're looking to meet that quota again. right now all 46 sierra at tahoe's trails are open. >> ahead tonight the eve of one of the biggest political days of the year. who is leading both parties and what the candidates are doing before super tuesday. colin? >> the more i read into this the more excited i am about a major
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monday and again the >> welcome back. a shooting today at a high school northeast of cleveland left four students injured. someone opened fire inside madison high schools cafeteria. two meal students were hit by gunfire. two others were also injured. they suffered none lifetime threatening injuries. a student was taken into custody. >> honestly my immedi reaction thankfully fli the student i had in the office with me is a close student of mine. i through him my phone, he text my husband and i started what i needed to do to reach our parents. >> authorities say they have an idea of a motive and they're not
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for the day. tomorrow is super tuesday and todays the furious campaigning. hillary clinton looking at winning every state accept bernie sanders's home state of vermont. >> all eyes are on texas. the only state where ted cruz leads in the polling numbers. >> reporter: ted cruz's came panning at home in texas. the only super tuesday cruz figures he can win and must. cruz vows to take texas tomorrow. >> reporter: at the houston rodeo today the cow boys are divided between trump and cruz. >> a institutional type.
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>> reporter: donald trump was in virginia. >> reporter: he's being -- >> all lives matter. >> reporter: claiming he couldn't hear the question. trump on sunday refused to condemn the kkk. marco rubio adding that to his trump attacks. >> he's unelectable now. he refused to criticize the kkk. >> reporter: trump got support from exnew york -- >> [ indiscernible ] i know about donald trump. >> reporter: hillary clinton today jumping on the republicans. >> what we can't let happen is the scapegoating, the blaming, the finger pointing that is going on on the republican side. >> reporter: bernie sanders was in minnesota a state he hopes he can win. while back in texas cruz is
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polls in texas show cruz widening the gap leading trump by 0 points. a navy sale who risked his life to save an american hostage stepped out of the shadow. playing the highest military honor around chief senior warfare officer edward byers junior. the first living to receive the honor in four decades. highly honored medal comes after a mission on the rescue a civilian in 2012. an operation which cost a teammate his life. >> a success came with a price. that first feel through the door his friend nick was grievesly
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he stayed with nick helping to perform cpr the entire flight, 40 minutes long. >> i turned my attention my teammates the important thing i want to say here is everything we do is as a team. it wasn't for that team, i wouldn't be standing here today. >> buyers is the sixth navy seal to receive the medal of honor. he's deployed over seas 11 times with nine combat tours. let's check in with colin. a lot to talk about. >> it's quiet for now. temperatures to get 70 tomorrow and wednesday as well. then everything starts to change. as a matter of fact there's one change in the morning around 10:00 p.m.. a lake wind advisory not a huge deal. if you're on the lake this is in effect for the following reason. two to four foot waves on the north and east shores. southwest winds could be 15 to
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occasional gust to 40 miles per clouds, thin. sunset. 66 the high today. 10 degrees above vavenlg. upper 50s most spots. some in fact the mid 60s like smith valley. south lake tahoe 51. overnight lows around freezing there. i don't think so here in the reno area. winds around the west and southwest with the occasional gust to 20. this storm system won't do much for us at all. what's way out west and that limb pact our area a little on thursday for tahoe and more so for the reno-sparks area on a piece of saturday and more so sunday. future cast gives us a clear start to the day tomorrow morning. here's the system falling apart well west of us on tuesday. you know what, wednesday looks good.
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chance of light snow in tahoe. not a huge one. some spots blow freezing, most not -- below freezing. most not. in numbers in blue for over night lows places at freezing like love lock. rebounding to 72. bridge port 65. hawthorne you're likely to hit 73. low to mid 70s. friendly may be the hot spot at 75. carson city 68. over night lows at freezing in spots and highs rebounding to almost 06 degrees. partly cloudy. southwest winds 50 to 20 miles per hour. nixon 72. spanish springs, 70. ren know and sparks temperatures
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partly cloudy southwest winds 20 to 30 with occasional gusts to 40. carson city 70 by wednesday. the weekend after change. 30, 50, 50 for rain fall chances. no rain in the forecast. maybe monday. for tahoe more rain under way. a foot sunday and monday combined. for reno-sparks, winter back. once again, put away the copper tone and the golf clubs and get out the goggles. back to you. >> it's been about 20 years since i worn copper tone. that's okay. straight ahead. about -- a big night for actor leonardo dicaprio.
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>> coming up we check in with colin now and enjoy the sunshine. >> temperatures around 70. things change for the better because we could always use more snow. 400 inches that's already there. looks patrolsing for tahoe. may a rain snow mix.
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40040 thousand tweets a min. besting the previous record of ellen degenerous star studded selfie. >> coming up. two friars in the same neighborhood. asking if there's an arsonist on the loose. we're looking at that tonight at 6:00. >> 400,000 tweets a min? that seems incredible. that's times.
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good year for h tonight, the klan controversy exploding around donald trump after refusing to condemn the kkk's former leader. what he's saying now and what we found him saying years ago. plus tensions boil over at trump's rally. tonight, some republican leaders alarmed, scrambling to stop him. school shooting emergency. all-out cha as police say a 14-year-old suddenly opened fire in the cafeteria. taking the stand. an emotional erin andrews tells the jury about her hotel
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secretly taped her and posted the video for the world to see. craving sleep. a wake-up call tonight for millions struggling to lose weight and trying to get more rest. and hollywood rocked as controversy takes center stage at the oscars. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening from our election headquarters on the eve of super tuesday, one of the biggest days yet in the presidential contest. in an election season filled with head-shaking moments, tonight, spray tans, the kkk and ear piece malfunctions are among the topics driving the conversation about the republican race. outside of texas, donald trump seems poised to score some very big wins in tomorrow's primary contest. despite some conflicting and curious answers to a question that's left him exposed over very sensitive racial


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