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tv   News 4 at Eleven  NBC  January 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:33pm PST

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the life of martin luther king jr., and it featured a presentation highlighting his goals for equality. and officials say they want to bring our community together by celebrating his mission. >> one of the things i look forward to is incorporating the story of slavery in the united states. you can't talk him and leave that out. >> big turn out for the dinner and all proceeds benefit the program. northern nevadans celebrated by giving back to others. one event was at the martin luther king jr. memorial park. dozens of students from the tahoe expedition academy teamed up and they conducted a bio- blitz which logs all living things at the park. students said they enjoyed
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gave so much. >> and yes, instead of a day off, we're taking martin luther king jr.'s day to honor the park and help out. >> and another event, honoring him including more than 300 volunteers packing produce at the food bank and students volunteered in reno and sparks. people across the country are commemorating his life and legacy in a variety of ways. folks in san jose climbed aboard a celebration train. just when you thought the annual train ride on the martin luther king jr. holiday was gone forever, it's back.
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>> every year, people of all colors and religions ride a train from san jose to san francisco on mlk day and it was organized by the late core retaking. >> but this late mrs. king. >> the original organizers called it quits after years because of lack of interest and riders used to pay $10. now in 2016, cal train stepped up and charted it for he free. >> it's an amount community event and re-branded it the celebration train. >> and i was happy that they were able to make it happen this year. >> learning about him on train
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>> he changed law and spoke with his words and didn't fight and he changed the world. >> and once passengers reached san francisco they joined the march and parade and headed to the gardens for a full day of activities. well dozens of protesters brought traffic to halt on the bay bridge in san francisco, the black lives matter group lined up and chain linked their vehicles vehicles together and utility workers and police officers came to cut the chains and towed the vehicles and the protesters were taken away. >> it was been a nice holiday out there but wet weather is moving in, we're welcoming our new colin jackson to news 4.
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storms. however, this partner will change once we get to tomorrow as early as 10:00 in the morning and clouds will be on windy. when we zoom in, it's mainly in eureka and moving our way but again not to around 10:00 and it won't last all day. we'll have this though, winds gusting to 40-50 miles per hour from the southwest especially up and down 395, the windy corridor. we're not doing bad, 42 in reno and 37 in arson city and points west like truckee are at 34 degrees. california-wide all of the highs were above average and in
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here's your planner, 6:00 a.m., should be dry but increasing clouds and rain fall at noon and until 3:00. get ready for changes. it's not over yet. what a great winter, back to you. thanks, well a professional united soccer league team will call reno home but they have no identity yet. that's up to fans to decide. the name the team contest. >> back in september we told you about them making the ballpark their new home and since then 3,000 fans have made their picks and now it's narrowed down to the top 6 and now we have your take. >> reno soccer fans say they're seeing the sport grow across the united states. >> socker is never in the spotlight, now that i'm older
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nothing about soccer. >> and they're excited that reno will be part of the united soccer league. >> there are people loving it and people excited to see a big team or hopefully we can make it a big team. lots of legwork before the first game, one is to name the team. >> whether you're a soccer fan or not, it's about being proud of where you live and where you're from. >> after several polls an focus groups, the choices are on the traditional side, reno fc withstands for football club or fc reno and the following. and from those 6 names there will be one winner and to name the professional soccer team by mid-february.
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i like the reno 1868. and others have a different take. >> reno united, that's my vote. >> it sounds like everyone unit uniting for the team. >> this is your chance to have your voice heard. >> entire franchise is being built with the community's voice every step of the way. the more votes you ensure you're heard and you do what you want us to be doing. >> voting starts tomorrow at 10:00, and this is cool, one of the fans who submits the season ticket holders. and that's first pick of seats in the ballpark. >> maybe they'll sign you up if you have a pretty good kick. >> search and rescue crews will search for a missing skier.
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off duty last thursday and his friends reported him missing friday morning. they're looking for north of the lift and they said that's where they were some cell phone pings but they have since stopped. they can't get to the areas because of the avalanche risk. weather hampered their efforts this weekend but rain iiin the forecast now. >> the rain is a good thing. >> it helps us, and it stabilizes the pack. it depends on what the avalanche center says is safe. >> today was the fourth day of the search. it's the fifth day he's been out in the elements but they say he's an experienced skier and that gives them hope he is still alive. on crime watch, a sparks man accused of intentionally
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20-year-old tristan is behind bars for setting the fire. emergency crews said the blaze was put out by the time they got there. no one was hurt and he set the fire and left, and didn't call for help. he's been charged with first degree arson, obstruction of a peace officer and possession of drug paraphernalia. >> a vehicle crashed at the off- ramp to rob drive during a chase. an officer tried to make a traffic stop and the driver accelerated onto the ramp and crashed into a fence. 3 suspects got away but were captured later. >> turns out to be larger than
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the total will be $250,000 when printing costs and all travel reimbursements are paid. it costs more than a 2 day session. the recent session lasted longer even though the incentive package is smaller. concerns about water use and they improved tax breaks for them and authorized infrastructure for the park down in north las vegas. >> glenn frey has passed away, he died new york city after fighting with rheumatoid arthritis and pneumonia. he was 67-years-old and the
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who helped fight the fight and hoped and prayed for his recovery. they can't describe their-- and the music community have millions of fans he had worldwide. well the search for 12 missing marines resumed today. the latest details on how one family is struggling to find answers. >> and we check back in with colin for the forecast.
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welcome back the search continues for a marine from south carolina. jeffrey sempler from woodruff, is one of 12 marines still missing tonight. according to the military, two helicopters collided off the coast of hawaii in a training exercise and a vigil for him was held in his hometown today. dozens gathered to pray for him and family members fear the worse as they continue to wait for answers. >> reno dodge is presenting the humane society with a $25,000 check. it should help them with their mission of helping animals find loving families for homeless pets. owner of reno dodge will present the check at the dealership at 10:30 a.m. >> our next round of weather is moving in? >> why not, let's bring a new
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doesn't cause problems. currently it's affecting the northwest tip of california. it's california's tropical rain forest, if you've ever been there it's beautiful. and they're getting rainfall here. not extreme but it could turn to that. snow levels are going to be at 6,000 feet which is passed that level. but at least it's not low to cause problems here on the valley floor. the rain returns and gusty winds to 30-40 miles per hour. and maybe 50 miles per hour at times and then a couple of days off and more rain on friday. these are the watches and warnings. when you see the tan colors, and we see this a lot, what does it mean? gusty winds. that starts at 10:00 a.m. and lasting until 7:00 p.m. and that's on the valley floor
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gusting to 40-50 miles per hour. and today was nice. 54 and the average is 46. the low this morning felt like a long time ago, that was 39 and elko got to 38 and california did well with highs in the 60s. 42, look at that, winds, zero, calm, and beautiful night, boy that's going to change tomorrow. and we're going to ramp things up with wind and rain. finally below freezing in south lake and again near the lake. and we just showed you that. down south, not bad, 31 and 39 in the north and winds, calm for the most part regionally and light breezes. 3-6 miles per hour and that changes as this next system
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of rain at 70-80%. we need more rain and more snow and we'll get it as the cold air starts to filter in. future clouds, and radar, this is the nitty-gritty. and by the time we get to 10:00 a.m., the rainfall will be widespread around pockets of snow are possible and then it backs off by 6:00 p.m. and then we are done and wednesday, thursday, is dry and mild and then we get cooler into the weekend. more on that in a second. partly to mostly cloudy and that's above average, and tomorrow's high rebounds and that's the low 50s despite the rain and wind but it is a big hair day. 70% chance of the rain and there are those winds. gusting to 50 miles per hour at times.
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section of the state. low to mid 20s and to the south, east of there, temperatures not bad, 40s to 50s and then overnight lows, some places dipping below freezing. in arson city, 51 the high and 33 is the overnight low and around the lake, temperatures below freezing and afternoon highs in the upper 30s for the most part. there are your changes and highs in the mid 40s in california and other numbers are similar. get ready for change. one rainy day for the rest of the week and then towards friday everything changes. here are your 7 day numbers. pick your city. and again on friday and south lake tahoe snow chance each and every day.
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we go back to average in the 40s. not bad, huh? >> doing great on your first day.
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find out if welcome back, we'll start things off in downtown reno at the big orange looking to build their lead. hosting oklahoma city and good ball movement early on.
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definition of doing it all yourself. and the rebound and sprinting down the floor and trey, and they're on top. and then later, they hit 15 and they bury okc. >> now to the team that owns this 3-point game. the golden state warriors in a finals rematch and the cavs. what else but 3s, 7 for 12 and the doves shot a shell shocking 65% in the field in the first half including 10 of 17 and they steam roll 132-87. >> they're coming off a break this weekend and it's a return to training camp. they can't wait it get back to a game after last wednesday's
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their mouth. >> it gives us lots of emotion and we know we could have won. now we're going into wyoming knowing, it's alike, it's revenge on on them but because we lost a game we want our revenge on somebody. we want to take it out on wednesday against wyoming. >> that means we can't get too hard on ourselves. i feel like we have to start off stronger. >> they turned their attention to the cowboys and they played a couple of weeks ago. and 71 and 68 victory. and coleman led the way. and that was 22 seconds left to help seal the victory.
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will have to find a way to slow down josh adams. what guys have to say about slowing him down coming up on tuesday. >> they're heading out to laramie who are riding high and they're coming off at new mexico. and that's always a tough place to play. tip off on wednesday and 6:00 northern nevada time. and national college basketball news file this under the bonehead of the week. oregon state is suspended for jamal after he tripped a ref. what in the world was he thinking. reed, clearly sticking out his leg and takes down the ref, and he was ejected immediately after the game. >> well, football season may be
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looking. outgoing seniors are practicing all week. jackson listed by the bulls website as one of the top 16 to watch out of this year.
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they do on saturday, 3: all right welcome back, we're going to get a final check on the weather. i was way over there. >> this is a big place. >> colin jackson just moved here from bakersfield. >> today was gorgeous and we had rain in the morning and sun comes out and got the sierra right there. how do you work all week? >> you getting to know your way around? >> we talked about the blvd.? i love it, you can't get lost, and we love our viewer photos. how gorgeous was that today? >> rain chances are tomorrow and taper off tomorrow morning
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