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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 3, 2016 11:37pm-12:07am MST

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just a peect day feed animals in the zoo then lat movie@ >> thiss nightle. >> tonight, a political bear knuckle brawl and nowhe go cadits i iultseaching aew low. >> look at t tse ndnds. e they small hands. amidstst t t rematchitit megy kekey. f the debate stage. >> dond trump i is a ob >irirgackgainst mitt mney. >> he would hav dropppp t t his knees. ( >> plus sportst reporrnd dancing withhe starsco-ht erin arews viral ghtmare.e. taking the stand in herer civiv suit over a secretly recorded video by a stalaer and addressinw the p pnful fse accusationshahahat was a
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yearsfter theoriginnl >>et's go. . i'm rrr. >> it'she returur o ohost busters with an all female cr(( th hly anticipated first look at the rebo. whoou goingo cacall? but fit, the nightlineve. >> the products work together like atete.
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30 nutes. trooint > gooevening,nks for joining us. e blisri aacks agast dona tmp ccontiin tonig on the debate stage. among the feaststst jabs the charge of fraud surrounding trumpp university.p totogh w w are with one formerr trump u uvercity studede sng trump tinin a surururin declion. >>ust whe yhoht sn't psisieor t gopp debate to@ go even lower, donald trump took it right belolow th belt hiy own . >> look at those hands. are ty s s smallhands? andde referred too m ndndnd if tty'rere all,ometngngnge must be sm intnt u, there'so oble i guarentee it. . >>co rub accusedim of shipping jobs erseas. >> he can start tonight by announcing thatll theonald j. t trumplolothing will not be made in china andnd mexexout here in the unistates.
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about educaon and t t newor rerease the tapes. >> you'reethe one. >> why aou hiding the pes >p i heiven my answer lyi tedf i'veveiven myanswer >> t whole thing a a tile hearsay the dignity of aood fight. i i ie a policy question for you, sir. >> i n't. don't worry abo it little & marco, i will. >> letetex hear it big donald. nd lelving it t co play peacaker. eaeae, breathe. ululn do it. you can brthth i know it's hard. . >>hen ty're done w whe yoga c c i answer a eson? >>oucannotn i reay hope tt we@ d d't see yoga on this ss. >> he's very exible. > the party of lincoln i i a house divided againin itself.
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degree frommrump` iversity. >> the party now in a al s sle civil war. >>e' p byingnghe@ members thth american public for `ckers. ets aree rideo the white house and alle get is a lousy hat. > eararlier today the 20122 nominee mt romneyy publi attacked the cracter of the 2016 f fnt runne i ith reaty show this race h become it's kind ofik the bacachelor from one season accusing the new bachelor off being a scoundrel. >> think of donond trump's personal alities. thebullying. the greed. the showing off. the aurd trd grade thea tricks. >> today the donald f fir bk. >v he was gging forory entorsment. could havee said mtro to ur kneeees. he wouou have droed to knees.
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ngnon sgnifen having his dorsen is a delight. i'i' so honored pp too his enenrsent. bachen romneyd t tru model business man. donalrump has swn an exexaordinary abibitytyo understandow our economy worksks totoreate jobs forhe america peopoe. >> today, so much. >> but you saywait, wait, wait, isn'he a hug busins success? don'tte know wt h talking abouout? no he isn'n'n' d no,, h @esn' s bankruptciesesave crush small busivessesnd theen and men at work foror them. ayayayay romney practically dared trtrp to briri it. ^e byy thehe how h rerespspds to m speech today. will h he talk aboutur policy didierenens orttacac meithh ery imaginablbl low roadd insult. >>itt is a fle candidide. hefailed. he fled orbly.
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at w a race i have t say folks t t suld d ve been won. >> ttt was just the apaptizizi tonight's date marks a retch ofof s sts betwe the cananda andne ofis tghest inquiz tos. fox news anchor megege kellll >>r. n>icic to bebe withou megyn. >> nice too hav yo >>ou're l lki well >> thank yo >> you called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs slobs, and disgting animals. yoururer account- >> onlyyrosie dol.l. >> no it wast. [ [ plause ] y yr twitter accououou - - >> thank you. >> for the recrd,, it wass well beyond roe o'donnell. >> i'm surur it was. the exchange leado a sseries
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the e ndidate even suggesting she was having her period. ou could seerere waslood comimi oututf hereyes. blooddoming out of h h whe ever. >> tight she questioned h aboutrumum uerty aa failelele busines ven t tt trumum claims had a an aing from the better sinene reau >e went backknd looked at this. the rating was a d minus. that's t t l lt pubublicly availabl rating i 2010 and i was aest of the number of compts theyy ceived. >> itas elevated to ann a a >> thahas never bee released. >> truru university was an business schoolol >> we teach success. it's soi t hahpen to u. his ptional v vididsh ieredoo tch entrepreneurshe secrets o donald's's cceses > if you don'n'learn from me. if youon't lrn fro pele we'lllle putrwd
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pick b'rot goioioi tomake i i i erms o theh worf susuess. in 2013 the new york sta rney genenev filed a $40 miionraud lawsuit accusingg trump of dededidi me thahan5,0000 pepelele so offheor tens off thousandsf doars. there were also two ther class acti lawsuitbrought on behalf of fofoerstudents dendin the money back. >> i w dupup byhe donald. >> an anti-trump pactallele t america future fund launcd a series of aack ads. arica do not make the same mistake that i did with donald trump. iot hurt badly. >> e eh of t them fearing formeme trumpnivereity studenents. >> spentnt aboutut 30,000 dhph at trump univirsitynd all i i did s ruin my creret anany li. >> nigckedown t.j. ththpson tha paid $35,000o attend the school. i was a a r eal estate agentt the time and was doing retail realstate and hed t t tak it up another noh. she said some of t informatiti
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keptmisingge secrets if e pied u m mney. ild c a ll-thoeyeyouldeachch jnough and t t t s if yout to know ,ou t t p x mount me dollars to really get thehe real information. >>ay trumpmp defended the course dismissing the lawsus ivolous. essentlly the cos of@ doing siness. >> have other suiui too. any business man orr business woman haha lawsuits. leue to get their money back. >> tmp has said 98% oof t students were hap with tru unersity. butonight at the debate gyn kekey p psssed o that. >>hisss what the cououf apals found. they said plaininffs again you e lik thehe madolp victims. >> she hasn't ruled out voting for donald trump. >> i love donald trump. if i iidn't ioun't havep inin the program.
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his p pmising andow he's telling large numbersfeople that he's goingngoakakak a aca great. iouldld l le m mygrea >>ut shetill wtser mey ba.m davav wright for nigline new york. >> up next, ncncg with@he star co-host erinndws tearful testimony in court. d lter, ty'y' baba.. the ghost busters. peeee releleed w t the
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appearance i in the reot? red lobsteteest isk.k. come try the e rgesvariety lobstst disiss ofofofofear, like lobster lover's dream new dudlingobstst tails. it partyn every plple, and d u're invit. so come in w wlelet las. as an ereran, it's hard to hear thahawe have a serihunger issue i iouceuntrtr s a parent, it's even harder to hear
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that helps provide billions of mea to famils in need rit t ) )r r omnity.,
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is qui literallylyne woman's nightmare gone vira
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th thef stars -hosts erin totoow o o c ....d out t about effort to prorote wellness a ang
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apapeciation in a hands-on way. i'ave your complete forecast starting atat:30 a.m. raator a a asked c i havav erin andrews room.eyneed me so then i k kw wh room she was in. >> h hremovedation of the outer peepherom andre door. > waite untilhehor waurd o offd it i waitedededtoprty. h stas thereor 4.5 minuteand videos her. that video endndp ononon. noweeee by ny 17 mililon people. >> people etill posting the video online. peoplee intntiduaua cop out there. i don't know of anywawa - i can't think of anywa t get it off. >> andrews blamed barrett b b alal the hotel. >> i was so ang. thisis could have been stopped. the marriott could have just called me and sai we' putting this man tha reqted to o be
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d i i would h h he@alledhe cops. >> b b t nationana marriott's's's lawyer saying theel iss at fau argrg that barrett pulled a fas onenee on em. >> he deceived,stalked. >> and that he i nothing shohort of a a criminal wh a a hisory. >> mr. barrett is testifiing that there were s 10 to 155 other women he a ao alked. >> for anandrews, it's personal. >> do you belieie youl ever get ove this? >> . >> but after the crying a grueling crossxaminationor andr >> youad d der well i yoareerr sce2020. >>rguiuiuiuitthee cordrdgs hav not a negagave impact on her career. >ou alsoot an endorsement for reebok. >> yes. >> yououo gott an endorsement for degrgr. >> yes.s. you also god a endorment fofoie mouououn dew. >> yes.
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h h carier took off aer the nakedvideo. woul r resnd that h ceer to o o intef t nakak vio. ut in a wld where a sexex pepis sd toav said help ta k k karshianno fame. so onlineuestiong her s. one pososngnnner instagram sthis wewe. 's evywhe.. t i is aged.. e set the entireng upupup other sayingngven the execututut at espn believe you staged the entir's an opinionn andrews has been defending agai f f years. >> it's violatio >> o oni up t tprah winfrey inn 202009. >> i'm sure yoyoyoararpeople say that itld have been a puicityyst >> disappointed. especially when it ce from femas. thihi i not kimim kardaian shng to fame a aerex
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american girl n nexex door who fights and wks her way to the to and now she has been violatat.. >> andrews maintaining this incide has caud lasting emotional scars. >> i instantly cover the peepholelend thenn i do a a check ofofheom. lookerywhere. iook for lights. i look frred ligh. i look to see if there's's camerara at cou her father recounting the ordeal. >> i feared for her life. she wouldt sheldt bathe. she @ldn'n' talk. all she w wld do i is crcry. >> h h h s ss the job shence ved becameeerifying membering her return too es in septeer 2000000 after the video was leased >> we had spoken just seconds before she went on the air a and phe was in tears. >> and eve 8 years latat saya hisis daughter still i't the same. >>he'sp n the girirhaha we
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>> but ithe wake o o i all, andrew becoming an advocate pushing antistalking legislation in fro of congress in 2010. >> i hadad no idea jt h h h & serious thihirime wasas uil it effectctcty lifefe >>lsoo thaha yeararharing her exexri with other talkivictcts on goohd mornggerera. fel l lerywhwhe looked everybod was looking. even i nobody was lookingng at me at all. tomorrow,,losing argrgents in thi case but for are this nightmare will never en >> it'shahat happenshe my dsdsee@ fm school a a 're momid are saying you'u' naked o o thentntntnet? thatas somemhing t tt's alaays in my mind and i'll always he to tell my kid,momoy didn'o anytni on nline inll tee. u ,,he gho busters ar back.. a firstook ata the reot. so how mluesesan youpot
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origin@n@n?dad, you can jt drop me off rigig here. oh no, i il ta you up to the front of the school. that's where your frnds ar seriously,y,t's, it's reaeay y ne you don't wa to be seen th your dada , it' this abo y? dad! stop, please. ohohthere's tracy. what![ hornrnonki ] ] [ forward collision waing ] [ car braking ] bye dada it braras whwhwhou don't. forward collision warning and autonomo emergencyraking. aiaiblon the n resigned p
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e is allbout seizing opportunin so i'm ing to take this oprtunity to go off script. i waa o ey ancheck ououshsh elll's portfoo, whwh'it to u? i'm a sctish mon whe asasts are mad oftone likme heartr papa! you're no soof mine! p%rhaps is time seize t day. don't justee oortutyty seize it!
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> even i i y weren ad 30 yrs a gsttustersrs cuurou ir looooootbo of e 80s clsi it's ay. s ee peaceful my name is erin gilbert. the hl of slimim blescecereli. pthe gho busters reboototox 3 yearsss later, clely se hands.
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>> t t director tololn excited ence wchihih this b bnd new trler in will be a lot of t tngs u'reappy t $ seut c cin at y yn a slightly d dfefent way. last time was 1984.this time - >>et go. >> i'l'l let you. >> then cast is all ma. chris hemswort plays the receptionini. oralt mhbersave coirmed me. aswhat, we he noidid. ee iginal, areak unlikelyar nee is now presved byhe library of congrere as parar of america's cultltal heri e came, w saw, weee kicked it's [ b]. >> so the musi t tt, slslerhe carthe twinkie. all that one wayn anothr. i'd be bmed if i didn'tee all of that stuff. but those billboards lookd
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is theree travel thisime ararnd? nitlin los angelele >> the plotthickens. thanks f f watching.tu into gmomorwng d as always we're online 24/7-on-ourightlili facacook page and at abc news.s.m. good nightmerica. ight, is george clooney ququting aing? as yougenn screen, you n't st infrontntof the cama. his thoughts abouthe
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whyis days on s c could be number. >> > uue forever young, george. >> not so much. >rere katyerry a orobnd bloomm mov@ingg ijl tether?r? after their sexy hawaiai vacation, have the new shot shotngssshots in new yok, why they could b house hting. and the hollawoodod wives plastic surgeoeo >> ititit a bad ea to operate on your ownfe i d n n ooy. at hapapd to 0s0s0s0set thdrdrccthy. et togegher ettttininkk the reyeyan -- dodo't think. and the new gho@ buste movie,ho for ot, we'r mparing it to the oiginal w,w, march 3, 2016, this "entertinment tonight."


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