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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 Noon  ABC  March 2, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm MST

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findut when it's e eted to mo out. by has more i i ie fofostst voters have spoken in lo a sssshehe untrtrthwrwrp om t t caucuses o o per es reron an or inus. m jon kal. and m na pclemenen a small plane crashed on the southeast de p pmer r ke this m mning. . newschannel 13 ererarol cronk sent us ososf thth en the`plane went s sth of thilroa acac tt run throh thth northwestern el paso county wn. the ple bursrsin flamesfter the crh.h.h- firir read into t& nfnf grass, but firefighters were able to cococon it. it'snown i anyonevived. we're learng re ebo a ane h eaeay thmorng g sot t t of p newsanvel 's gelica
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ononne with the latest. od afternoon geca. joandana, t e ntsbs onne veatg the crh,ow ey'rsu atseitbuy wasdytime of e c2ash thould had ct vel camen inst after 8, of rts all airc pues arrrr theyouhe aircft jt of t t rl road trackckin palm lhe crcrh eaead d a alfirereha was quickly ououbu noes than an acre of operty. it's upowowwhat type of aircraft it was and how many people were on board. t this te the pl a a mpte loss d the fire. wewe are unable to identify a tail number and orwether o t there were any ctims or w w ny many victims tre mimit be." eywies say e plan aro o havinge
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us tcrh.h. ere rahomeme ar andhe crcrwas just hundredsf rds away. some homeowneay ey saw the crasand call the pilot a he foavoiding so many homes. i'm workrkg to get more info and will he the latest on newswsanne13 at 4. live in lmer l le e nenechannel 13. new at noon.. the windlew it hne expeore today.y. here's a liv
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ad-l toss to abby is aerno: a ape slides pasas rado, winds arexefcted to by very strongng gusts up to 50 mpwill be possible througho the day,hich wilil increaseseire dangerred fl have been most along and ea of i25. highs wi b warmerers a sultltf the gusty wiwis, with atures ing to s ans fowe evatatns extended: th winds will cal thursday, wi highs expected to remain in e 60s and s through friday. & other cold front is expected totolide through fray night ingigi a v vy slslht chance for ows mainly over a a nea mountains. thiseeeend is lolog dry and mild. it doe appear thanext ek wl be
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senghese stststndnd sincrlthismornrn w w wwi mititit tsidid@ s at aron. it witl so keep ewewon thehe toesesating d for falling g trs anangrass fifi evevbodyindsds the ndnd ouou. ciy, in cocorado s th ititd. "i le the pericekejuadhe mnith rmup and thed.t' to hit, lyat ts point, we're stit and pi twe ma rougthe y y than jowirelalalan# the reag warngsetto eirat 7clock thisintharur of in tt me uganan soed pts of the area earlier will hopefully keep the dust t and the fire dangers down. reporting in colodo springs...mike toss to ananors caused here in southern colorado. democrats che their candide, while republicans selected deleletes to thehe nvens. bernanan defefeated h ton ae ma in the ce stsomecus s omomre pack with democratatat corona higig school. supporters o bothandidates tetes they fl ssionate about r choices repupuican turnout wa[a much liger because e g- o-p didn'tote for a a ew nner. three sots budded bao-ck it's high titi we have womaas presi. e's d tremendous amount operience she's bright, she's ararculate, she's well knowouou thehe
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he bconstent all along. people thth attendaucuses st veryctive in the republan parar and wantha their voice ard. it's one of the destrocesses thate ha clinton and sanders both cododot monthththe g-o-o candes skipd stste. meanihe... democrat hiary clclton bl donaldrump n biross thnanann. both of the presential nten a one step closer r to their par mination. - abc's stephanie ramohas all l the tails fr our naon's tal. super tuesday is over with both frontrne i ieach party
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their lead. clinton than yo thank you so much. sot ump: i i i wier took all, th tngngs over, 're ju hing celeion. these sulte nove elonkee e upf ll toandona trump- trumsweeping upig ws 7 ates mpking it much harder for his rivals to catch up. nat : rubio tuesda night rally marco rubio nning only& one state - minnota... ted cruz grabbing the most votes in s home ate of texas ..lahoma d even alaska. . t trump: we've ne sometng atlmt nodyhoht could de mo frtrunne r hiy cltoto alal sgging big wi in n several l delegate hvystatatsu tudaap upupwither mman l l qnhe degat unakg g g ump-- clinn n . ineaeaofldin was, we' going to k down barriers afr a ndslide in h home ate of vmont.... clinton's moic mpetor ie srs sig at t. an sandererngin nd is s land" sanders t shing y sisis eing cagn. eriss noa neral ec. not winner t te taft s ves?.the e elstil 5 at clb
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mistus t her itie s hinhe abc nene washington. the suprem court hearing its most importt abortion case in twdecades. ght stices a texas law that requires doctors to he adtting prprililes and grades at facilities. . urt vided er therelations. xas s ics y the alal rpof retiiso rerece acc abortion. the lahas already caus more than n dozen clinics to clos supporters say the law is meananto protott women's heheth and saty...whi othersay it is meant to limit access to abortion seseices. with several clclics closing, some argrg it woulbe harder for low income women to g an abortion.
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wreckage possibly from malaysia airlis s ht, wafound o&f the co mozambiqueue u-s offis say y e is is s heo ia f aminatio urcecesay thers f y othebo 7- 7-7 missing bedesffl h- 370. ht saeared 14ith h 9 peoplen d.d. e mystery apd to planes upuolved. a tsun waininin indosia ha beenifted afr anarthquak earlier is mornin officials saa powerfulbut shallow rthqkeit f f ern n ascotr thir ght ouldld havegg tsuni. the u- geological seseice says it hifar fromom nd. in 20000 the country s dested by a dedely tsunami that killed 0- thound people. a nasa asonaut adjusting life back oearth. psule carrying scott kelly and two ssns touched down in kazakhkhan today. hear whwh
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is br-swswt. luck fifiinmeone toict! ogle is edng lht onn de vog e itselflfvi. ge usheca t red and d e hat... now todadas your excusto te dr. seuss we're looking ahead to fire dang this
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lo at... spspts authority has filed for bankruptcy. nely 140 or will now ose. the bankcycy has beenoomini sijaarar en t company said it had mied tlldobt p stclgs take er thet ththe mo. ts auity ce t larg tailer.
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one of its self- driving cars was rtially sponsible r r r an aenth a ci bus thas edn th coy's meto i mocafoia.a the e r ter ited lanes unly. gole cawa report travelat lesan t mespehourth bubuab15 les hour. nonertrtgole s 's uedtstsftreo avowd sila acdents.s& s sf-drivininr r .. ly 75-percent of ivers don't wa to them onhe road. the asas.the don't feel safe in thcar. hover.... 60 percent say th lf-driving automatic rking.g. some advocates lf-drivingars satheyould be serhan ca driven byhuecause th can't get distedr wh tedor impred.e tt u th more things u will know... the morehat you learn, the more places you'll go. there's ing like getting lolo in a good book. and day a eat day to d so - it's natitial america day.
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every ye on march 2nd...ich is also the birthday of late writ and illustrarar dodooreuss. the initiative was creaby e nation educatn associalion. for our web questioi todod, we'd lto wt so offa boarand d why? leave a mment at krdoot-com... or on our facebook or twitter.. at krdo newsne13. hereom the n-wereailathe "solmpseready esume ightroun wo but first 'l wr up some of the vere weatheheheat's en h hti of the nation. we're looking ahahebd toe
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big stororacross southernrn coloradodo in some areas,s,s, winds haveve reacheup t t50 miles per hours. stm trackeke 13's mevert is llking moreut dgseio. mike? < we've e enseeinghese gustwind sinie early is rning, whi will make adiict y for folks working tside, like ese ews at i-25 and mmaron. ititill l so kp cr@rs onheir toes wating for lling trees and grass firere n bo e s s ou.h lo rithinksit's all goo "i like thexperience likekee just had - the cold morni, the up, e rain and then the wind. it'nice to have itll, really." athis point,
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watching a hopihat t t t camake it th wiouy r - relateteesthd flwagsettoire 7k th enenurf tt capugm ananso pealili efly usane firedawn pog in coloradoring..mike evetet. .rdo wsne13 he's a live lookt... p th after: asn uppepe vel st idest corado, wiwee expeedby very strong. gusts t50 mph h ll be possle ththughohe
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nger. . d ag warnin have bn issuededor m mt most alongnd east of i25. highs ll be e& warmer as a sultltf the gusty winds, wh temperatures getting in the 60s and 70s for e wer elevations. exedthe windndwi calm on thurs wiwiigig exexedo in s anan70s thugh fridanr t t expte to s through fridid night, , bringing a very slight chance for ov n the mountain this weekend i i looking dry anan ld. it does
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naonalal ather. seve sotete went throuou ananher dose of harsrsweweher. at least t thr tornadoeeswere reported
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at lst fr ople w we huhu....heheheds` re o or miles an hr.momo than a dozen me were badly :0- :08 it theidweststst theehey snow. one wrk ad to her...opleinisconsns sne hundred acdes. e ros rererere in m mhigan too. and chigo& o'hare...planes were slididi off the ways a ivate jet ipd inhe snow and an amican airlines s jet t id while taxing. americ asasonaunt sct key is finally back on eartrtafter spendidi nearly year aboard the internl space station. landede kakhstan overnight and is noad home to houston. new at noon... izababh h h has reaction from the asasast...and what it's ke to back home. descent rate of0 meters per s son mission colished. "scottelly back on mother earth!" commander
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mpininhis st, giving two um u uand a pepee gn.. later telling po. air lt so . nenesct kekey he colllair was amazing fresh r? there is s nog like newd aicoming intthth capsule." the russian acecraft ededed kazakhst overght.. lly and his russiaia coterparar rerning to earth toero' welcome. new kelly "i felt like i've been up ere my wholelelee .. you know a aer about the fifi6 months.. ha? ha.." he spent 340 days in ac. during that time.. compmpted d arly5- hundreorbibi... two sunrisesnd sunsnss each time .....hat't' almost 144 million miles... ual to the moon a back.. 300 times.... nek%lly by going totoars one day it wl make ts betterer hehe oearth? so i' happy to be a part of thth?" o o of the purposososthis miss. measure the effects of ace on the bobo.. by comparing gjm toto his twininetired tronauau mark kelly. so still lot of f work ahead for this american record holder .. who admits.. being home is bitter sweet new kelly "i've tre a lon time? i looked fward to leaeang but athe sameimit's a magngnent plac i'm gogoa ss i 9" elelabtata kelly is expececd to rive homomin ustolar tonight.. wherhe will be
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after being groundnd foror seven mont, an experirintalal solar-wered plple rerned tototo skiki last friday. the solar impulse two smashed the rerd for the longt, solar- powered soso flight last mmmm... with a flight from japapato hawaii.but erheating tterierced ththplananto op its attempt to flyround thworld. if everything goess s smooooly, the solar imlse two will continue its tem@m@to fly around world on sar power at thend of april. itit an important part of your r ild's overall health. but geing kids to brush can n like pullinineth. coming up, some tips that are just what t e dentist ordered. d a lifornia girl's medical mystery had docts stumped but her
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something's wrong. find out whwhhey y nned e problem on. here's anoth look aououwe quti today: whatatomomof your favorite bobos e an leave a commt atat krdo-dot-com... or on our ceok or twitter.. . k ko newschannel 13. here's a live
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here's a live look at.t. nationally, , whole fohas caayg taw lk blue cheese -- popoible lisisa d ntamio e recall ininlvesesheeses solda silverpacaaging ... wiwi the vin numbers: 1-5-0-4- 8-1 and 9-6-0-0-5-3. maytag dairy farms spended both proctioio and distribution while the cause e of the problem is termeded whole foods sa no ilileshave beenenord in titi wh ththrell. tooth decay is one of t most t common chronic diseases among amican kids. and doctor
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roto in taking reref their health. in todod's health minute, mary moloney exains how pareres can keep close watch of at their childrenat. napop ing to the dedeist isn't always a pleasant exrience... especeally if you' a kid d while regulala eck-ups are tal,prop daily care is just as important. oral health perts at the university ov alabama say y rents ld crte a foundation fofotheiei kids.. and it starts with a balanced dietet cut back on sury drinks. consuming o o ny veraras with add sugur can ad t tooth y and h hh- caloloe drinksp shouldlb limiteto ononor mes a y. more balanced meala kids should he ree e square alalthat inude fruits, vegetables, grains, proteinsnd y. make sweets a treat. parent ou limit their childrfnfn one or two desserts or candies. parents s oulu also brush thr
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theye e d enough to brusonn theieiown two minutes, twice a day. experts say fos onon ere thth teeth and meet. and don't forget to floss! for today's health minute, i'm mary money. kidsdsay and do the darnethings.. a califoia momohad d e ultimama scare when hittl rl a pecuarinus problem. a a fety pin got stuck upppererer nose! for r nths doctors coul't fure ouat w w wrong with khloe russl. her mom thouout she had a sinus infection when she had to stop ere fiv minutep blo her nose. . khlolonever complained of pain, t her uncle noced d ststnge one day. blow h nose rualalalaranout popped the saty pin.` 8 8 1:11 it s a huhu the pin was khole says she was building a safety pqns sisi
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her no. ctororsay the n never showed up wh they used a scope in her nostril. bououoman ishang a frighthtin stor it's connect to a rash of hoverboard res poed across the country. w hearrom him ng up. and scratch anher long- timemeavorite from "dancing th the stars".". find out what's next fororerekek here's a l
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good afternoon and thanksksor joing`g`. . . i'm dana clemem and m jon karroll. here's a live
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adadib toss to abby this afteron: : as an upper vel system slides pas colorado, winds s are excted to very strongngng gusts up to 50 mph will be popopole throrohoututhe day, which will increase f fe danger. red flag warnings have been issusu for mos most along a a a st of i25. highs ll be e warmer as a rere of the guguy winds,ith h temperatures tting intotohe 60s and 70for the lower elatns. extended: th winds will calm on thursdada wiwi highs expectededo o remain ithe 60s and d d through fridayay anher c/ frononis eected totolide through fridayayhthttt bringing a vy sligig chance for showers s inly over and neaea the mountainin th wnd is looking d y and mild. itoes s apa`ar that next we wililbe
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fofoy-five people he didi in a tfficic related crash in colorado so far this year. forty-five op have died in a tfficic- related crash in colorado so r this year. every dnesday ...c.cdisplala thth number on its electronic gns ong the highway. it's a way t raise awareness about ho deadly the roads can be when drivers s en't reful. krdo newschannel 13's dananaolina shshs us how the cagn is working.
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january...cdot n didilayingng e tally of h ny people died a colado roads so far in the year. ve weeks later. that numumis at t 45. 1:17 23 th a lot! it'azaj orrsf e cacaaign pe thakind o reaction will prpt driversrs to stop p dangous behaviors.s.nd followraffic rules. 1- 30 maybe if they saw that the deathtoll l s going up, th that they wouldhange their driving, even though they're a crazyz driver, maybe they'll slow down when it's s necececey.tandup otspokespersononays s & there were38traffic- related d a hs in lorado at this time last year. that's almost ublewhile they can't t ure the effectenesof the mpgn, ey hope 's a wake e call. 1i think it ce ve helpfufu if people are commuting g ery day, r some drivers... is too t much. - 21 dt know that weweeed to know howany y deatat there are. to st the deaths, i don't ow if thatat information n at we ne. bubuthey all ree...ri neededo papa atteion colorara springs, da a a molina, do newschannel 13
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thh th rest oe year. resints in corado mig beettingne step closer tototo more water ghts. the rain b bl bill presented by pueblo representative daneya esgar passed susuessfully througthe ate housthis week. gasays she has woedery haha for the bill be bipartisan. it would a aow loradans to catch raininerer barrel and it f tgas. "wheheyou lk abr la and any tt anges that come to it, i i understand w people, you know, thr alert goes uand i tally reect that." the ll is contntuing on to the senate ere representativeve the ejll i i continuing on toto the senate ere rereesentatave esgar hopoitit
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success. the animas unheff's fifis -ng of thei own n lled in a car crash sterday. deputyravis russell was s paol in tridad when n veerercros e road, the lanenein the opposite direion ono stonall avenue. then hit an empty s-u-v, pntinued the wrong g y and rolled. as on-duty atathe time, but s not responding t ta call. russell was not wearing his seat belt. the corone workininto determine his use of death. another case a hoverboard problem that shows they a "unsafe"....& local, aft one aparent t b blder. takeook at the aftermrmh of you can see nged carpet batteries. hoverboard tha caught fire. t tochar it t d it sparng a exoded everherere "the smokeas was like chemical smoke. we had to ge checkeoutu aftetwards." the u.s. consumer commission is
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least 66 hoverer ard fifis ross the countrover the past yeara pueblo police need help to find two mememeughghg camying b bak into homeme this happene backn n n brryrythth in the 2-thousasa block of hollywood avavue on the city's southside. in the veo you n see two men checking if sosoone is home. one of them went around the side.. of view. latete a neighbor who kn the homeowne wereone.. confronted the two n. eventualal he scared thfm away anyone wh information the croo.. should police .. or crime stoppers at 542- stop. one of the colorado spspngs police dogs is s ing editini&w*th helping to rere one the 10 fugitives in the p pes peak gionon 29-y-yr-old vyncente fernandez was wanted oa parole violation and felony chs. ferndez s takekeinto cucuody at t south pointe apartment cocolex on the southeast side of colorado springs. offifir brian lly y d dog,roc, we called to help. thwa
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fugiti "h"hs isolated beeen th buildings, w w devised a plal to basically move i on h a a once we did, we surprisem." kelly y endk everda trtrtrtfht broc to fighghsome of the most fficult enarios. the coloradodo ringngfire chief hadecided to retire.. after fewer than ree years the e b. the city namam chris riley chief in july of 2013. before that. he sererd asass pueblo's fire ief f r seven yes. in total... he's spent 35 fires as s a firefightete chief y releleed a statemen ngs enen onor servininis ununy. ot that ... the cef and ththfire pardmeme aren't saying much about this retirement. here's video of rileon his first y in septemb of 20-1313 toothis position only a few nths after the e ack rest fire... devasting flds. 174:39 feeling for e victims of this..... because it is overerelming.. butt to 17;53:03 very`yery rry for th mmunity at's
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vastation.. in 2015... chief ley helped opop f fe station i inorth h eastern n colorado ris. thte biggest fire during his me in ofof s at the drake power r an riley's last day wille this friday. the deputy fire chief will fill in for riley untiti the city appoint a a w chief. new mom in calirniaially s her hands fullll. or shoulwe say her paws wait until you hear how big this s tter is. there'e!stilil time to sw our web question today: what some of your favorite & bos arand why? leava commemt at krdo-d-d-dom... or on n n facer twitter.. atrdrd nechananl 13.
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here's a live puebloloednesday. one e re is rvpoedly burning i the 5000 blockf red top p adwhich is soututof avondale. additional fires have been reported in the 33000 0 ock of highway 194 and on roadadj ar chera accordrdg to the la a fire department. you u alsoeeee at fort t rs the moununun p says thahahas ing gpmokekem a 30 acre fire that started on a training raon tueueay. thatire isis0% contained. there are repopos of any buildis beininin
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th afternoon: as an upr @level system slides past corado, wind e pect t t by verst. sts s to 5050 mpwill be possle ththughout the day, which will increbse fir danger. red flag warnings have been issued for mostp most along and st of i25.hihis will be warmer as a result of the gusty winds, with tempmpmpures tting totohe 3and 70s for the lolor evions. extendedthe windwill calm on thursday, with highs expected to mainthe 6060and 70s througfriday. othehecold front is expected d- totolide thrgh friday night bringing a very slight chance r showers mainly over and n nr the untains. this weekeke is
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mild. ot does appear thahanenene week wilil morective... famous skier lilisey vonn ys she h to end d r worod cup s ii season early because ofofhree fracutres i h h h shbone. . the ininry mild. it does
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mous skier lindsey vonn says she haso d r world cuskiiii season ear e e three fracututs in her shinbone. the inry affects the kn joint, stability d m/tititinnlls va home, has bebe keeng ns uated on her inry through stagram. p th iss osports luted is goldln... thw cocor feat t "55" g gden state warrrrrsrs stars stephen rry, draond
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thomon. e warrrs - m who won e tie e e mimitihis . thnesu ouda feures ararclthatats an e ok inde the unique teamynamic and currs record- eaking run. dancing with the stars has a new st membmb uller house" star jodof sweeti nounced she'e'e' ining g e cast of the new seseonononay. sweetin said heheco-star, caace camere ga herdve ababt ining thth hit daing etetion show.. re finhed in ththplace in season 18. season 22 premieres march 21 right h%xe on krdodo wschannel13. but ancici with the stata" pro derek hoh ll not bebck on the show for season 22. pepele magazine reports at the -year-old fan favoriri is instead tang his tatants broadway. he'll star in "singing in the in". hough n lala seasowith conservatitit bindi irwi hough's st liline, recentlylyly announced at she uld not be reternininas a judge for the upcomingngng ason.
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defense attorneys are hittg ththroadad dean strtrg d jerey buting are touring across the u-s and canada for seriesalled "a conversa making a@a murderer the series is aboueir r client steten aver-- who t sais sererce life in prison for a e heheidn't commit. . it starts ap 16th -- - d ch ght will also feate a q&a portion ana the opportunity for the audience to address questions directly to rang and buting. timeow t t check inith ouour news papaners at kr newsrao... mikekeewisis from krdo newsradio joinin us. . dana and jon... we are gtingng great acts to center....yanni coming... if you haven't heard him before he's like anything yoy've heard fore... rlem
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coming.n. head tour website pikekeeakckcte .... brdmooooworld arena has great events . . jon and dana... ck to`ou.. les p`ke a
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r wewe quqution of t`e daya.. h he'c' another look kt it. it's national read across america day. what som ur fave bookare d why?
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for all of our totostsries s .log to our web- sisi at krdo- dot-co here's a live lo at... a ewery in
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"f"flingnghe bern"... owing their susuort for presidenti hopeful bernie nderby naming a beer aftetehim! comini upuon krdo newschannel 13 at four ...we'll tell you about the beer a what characteririics it shares with the presidential candidate. one california sheepdog is a new mom --- to a hugeititr of pupps! nanararasound stellalaas able to give birth to two of them oher own... but8needed help with the st. evenenore e credibleleha the sizef e litterer the fact thqt all ofofheogs ivednd are ppy and healaly. we we like .... how manynyhow hahah! ella is back to guarding and protecting
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r r rmer owners well as raing of those puppies. ththrmerer yse pls on keeping on o.d optiti the hefarmer thrgest corded littet%of pupupes wasas4 -- born a mastifin 2004. ljfdchf 2m2 rkonnterior hoots d smoldebeng h h.
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this afternoon: asupper slidest are excted to b9stroro. ststst to 50 possiblele thrhughout the day, whi w w crease fire da. red flag wa ve been issued for most most ang east of i25. highs will be rm as sult o&othe guststwinds, with mperaturese& getting into t 60and 70s r the lower elevations. extended: the $&
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th hig announcer: missdiagnosed. >> noone coululfix x me. >> announc: h#w an eisode of t ctors saved her life.. >> i have to ank you guys
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>> announcer: a fun-gam, vege.e. >> how hiv v diags has powered charlisheen. >> d d kevin n rt cuts upupe dancoor thehename of good hehealth ils about the fit zikka baby born in the .s. th'son anl-new, the doors! [ applause dr.r.r.vis:s:not tnight. i ve a headache. a common ex pele ng get of sesex. ladies i am nopointing fiern as jus guty e of ggggggt culprits arararecle dyssfution, just en men n weababable feel le embarrassese, by takang the ueuepill, w sten to this. >> youmust @visit the doctor's twice.( >>ylofiled a llllforl n to get thfe permission before they can ge their hands on the little


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