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tv   Good Morning Colorado  ABC  March 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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is also celebring hihi ing. as repuicicicro tunner donalalal trump... we'lllhave a a complete r rap of t tuperertuesday pries@and aucuces.... goningcolora. 's0, esda march 2n i'm n karrolol and i'm na clemens.s. we have a quicictime-saver afafc alert fofo you this rning.... thentiti intersection of north refrfr and powewen the rth-east de ocolorado springs closed becaususof a crash. the e cide happpped around 1010ast night...&policeell us that a vehicle crasheinto a affic light t caususg it to fall over. the driver sufferer seous,ut n li threanini riri. investig say y e driv m5y ha h a mecal cocoition prr toto crash.
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ad-lib toss to by... weather on 1s s today: as an system slides c corado, wiwis arar expepeed to by mph wi b possibib thrkrkhoho the dada which +ill increase fire ng. rere flag warninin hava been issued for most most alolo andnd east of f 5.highs will be waer as a result of the gusty wis,h tempurttingninto the 60s and 70s for r`` the lower elevio. extendededthe winds wiwi c on thursday, th highs expected to mainn the 60! ! 70s through fridid. . other c/ front is expted to slide through ay nigigig ( ingi a very slight chance fo showers mainly er and near momotains. this weekends looking dry and mild. it does appear thanext we will be more active... @ bernieieande supporters in lorado arecececeating this& morning. thei ndidate toto me the winn our atatlastnini newsanl
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bernie s sders celebring is mornin their candetto our r a a last nit. krdwdw nechanan 's...dana afafna joins u` le wi a a ok at how spper tuesy plededut locally. good mororng dana. good mornijonland dana.a lorado mocrats chose t eir candate,%/le republicans selected deletes to the convnvtions.
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hopefuls bernie e sanders and hiy y in aigned in oustate la nth,h,nd it paid ofofoffor sanders. heheted clininn n a w we marginn the centennial spe... taking 59 percent t democric vote. heas dededeed winner in most counties ininoutherer rado....incl ding el paso fremont,t,nd teller countnts. clinton n ok moststf thth votes in pueo o un. we we at coronadodoigh hoko last was one of t cauc locations. and it w w packed. 'revev hearing about popoible record-breaeing rnout fo momoats. we were alal ateplican caus s ...whehe se votete w w w unhappy. since atewe republicans di not vote for a winner... but instead elected delegateto unty convnvtionshwho are not bound d a-candidate.e. continues for up... . demecratin and troit on before micicgan votes an portin monanakrdo newschannel 13. sanderermay have s sred a n here i
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his demoatic rival stilhaa nationonly.... on t othsidedef the aislsl.. republican front ruer doanld trp cecent his lele with ies. c's lala zak has eakdowofof last nigig's results ... in 2010 coverage. 20:518 you. t tnk you all souch. at a aup tuesday. with these super tuesday relts, it looks ivcreaeangly likelyt the e vember election will be a match- upf hillar clinton an nald trump-p- one personon that's hlary clinton" ton,n, a clear path to her nomination-- keeping one demoaric sanders--wh o wo rmont, oklahoma, minnesota. x: b b wit a cocoandidi leadadn the delegatete counun clinton ready taki on p-- clinto america never stoppebeing g publican side, ted cr wonis home state of oklahoho, and minnesot ce for t gop mination will stretcon... but trump, who leleer- boar..and was a
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competit thanbnbnrecent days. trp 219:17 want to congratulate ted on the winninif texaxa he rk hard o oit kn it was a ve tough night for rco ruo. hhad ugh nigh but he worked hardcruz, 4 feelg victorious with his texas n, urging vots to think ofhis now as a 2-m-m rare-- :48:02 race remns divideded donald trump's path to the n n natatn is chchore likely, ta none of thth publican candndatesesave indicacad that they will be droppinout, w wch could potentntlly ad to a brere conjentiti, failing that, the repuican tablishmenwill shown no i ierest in his own. pulo polol are asking for pueb police e asking for your help finding two men who were caughthtnt cara durinih burglary. investigators have released surveillan videdeof the incident... which hahaenen earar last month i ith two-thousa block of hollywood ue the v)deo o
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see if anyone was inside the pe of t tm out t view.w. neighbhb whwhwnew homeners confrontnt day .. d d enevally scared thehe away. ananan wh rmation on the men is askeded tol poli at 3-2538.. or crime stoppe at 542-stop lololohi ofolice sponding t ta say the e leadership. criticicm hit a ilininpoint.. afafr the murder o26- - year-old d dinclar clk was shot in front of the iron horse r in downtown pueblo sunday morning. chief luis velez says the department needs more officers. a ballotinitiative to add a half-cent sasas x could boost e numbererf ficers on the reet. at i ititiative could privide with anyere om0 to 50 w policece ofofcen the future. . at would lp us tremendously i beinab to do our job much bett for this s mmunity. however, velez ys a ballot & intitiative
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w enforcement` officersrscros the state are honoring the life oa las animasounty sherififs depupu... whwh was killed yesterday afternoon. e colorado sstate patroro says deputy trtr rusll'ss veclclveered roro stonall l avenue in trinidid.. and hit a parked-u-v. dedety russell s -dy, but responding to ca e troooors are inveigating e cae of t t t ash.h. police i i colorado springs say one of their canine officerslayed a critical re in resting one of e p 10 gititiiiin t t ke pearegion -9ear-d vincen fewas wanted on a roleleiolaon apd lony ar fernandewas tan in cucuody he uth pointe upuptmenen cox on t t southeast de ofolorado spris. officer brian lly y d polili dog, broc, were e cacaed in to help. the was concn .. becaa child was with the fugitive at the timeme was isolatededed betweeeethe buildings,s,e desed a plan to sically move in on him and once
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kelly spends evevevday trainwh broc to fight somemef thmost difficict scenenios.s& afafc 5 at cimarron in cocora ngs is retutuing torm... after so o orn rk bc-dot. one northbound lane, and two southbound lane close arnd n ne last night and d reopened abobo an hour ago. dot movede two ectronic message boar ininhat area. but more closures arere ahead d theext few months. "mch 1 1h, youwll some pap`s to traffic. narrower lanes, lower speed lit. we' preduce ito 55 miles an hour." in another project, the city will close a bridge on rockrimmon evevd for 11 ys. creware are working on a miion-dollar replpcement projojther no one was rtfter a train railed in stw .. but cials are still ratctcng ththe heads a to h it enededwe'll ha the latest on thely instig and more
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alabama... w the regionons eaning up p after r ssive storms. we're looking ahead to high fireanger
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totoy: as an upper level stem slides pastolororor nds s e expected to by veryrytrong. s s to 5050 mph willlle poible thtnughout the day, whichchill incrcrse fe f danger. red flfl wain have beeee issu fqnosos mo alo a a of i25. s will warmer as result of f e y wiwis, wit temperatur getting into t 60s and 70f#r the lower elions. extended: e winds will c cm on thuhuda with highs
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rema in the 60s an70s throh friday anotheld isxpd lilililigh id nighthtbrininerer slighthance fofoshows s ly over and near the mountains. this weekendnds looking dry and ld. it doe pear thatbnextxt w wl be more active... ad-lib wrap wi abby on se e group of udents are going above and beyond to ke sure they caca ta with theiei deaf classmate. ahea wll teou aut thtra thesfigrader by startina new club. and speaking of clubs, one nineteen year old from norway just joined anan exclusive en
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made histo.
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--. . intersection of north carefree and powers on the north-east side olora springs is closed because of crash. the accidentnthappun 10ast t... poli telll thth vehle crashed to a traffic light le, causing it falalover. the driver suffffed serious, bututot li teatening, injuries. . investigat sasathe driv may havevead a medical t coition n ior r the crash. the e inveveigatn on-going. . . one e ouofof illinois studentnt artaking on some extra work @ in ordrd to better connenect with o of f eir nds. thfifth graders have fofoeded new sign l!nguage , sohat d they c talk
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friends...rhemy elsey. elseses born alst mply deaf . andhas to r ry ign langngge dn inrpretor r commmmicat bubuhihifrfrfrfr wanted to help theifriend out..... wanted d dbe able to talk to rhemyhynd iwanted t tbe able to pmmunicate withth hihi") bump to "it makeme feel like happy.")") the studen says that learning a aew languages fun... but t kes a lot of w work.k. ththstock market showed some super imprements during t t tuper tuesy primarars... and d yota is shshing of some nedesign anges... abc's reena ninan and kendis gigion are giv us a peek in americas money... stococks supepe tuesdaya t week fngng per esday hahastorical been a positive time for sto market. in t six super tuesdaysys going baba to 1992the markrk habeen higher one weekater every time new yota- yota t t a radical styling turn w)wh the new c-hr small crossover that
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tuesday atathe geneva motor showowit's's expected t 4 me to u.s.s. worlds youngest billionaire- a horse rider fromomom norwayayas& come the worls youngest younst horse rider from ay has become t world's youngebillionaire after r amasng a billion`fofoune at the age e e t 19. the time is now
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thor ining g oorng colorado. re's loo y ke up this morning. y: as an upper level syem slides
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rytr gustup to o mph ll be pole throughoho the day, thich w wl incrse fire ngere red flag warnin ve b%b issuedor most st alo andnd of 5. ghs will b warmer as a relt of gusty ndith teatesgeg to 606060d 7070 wer elevat exededththnds willal ononhursday,withighs exexctedo man n an70s thugfridanher co frt isxpd to sdeoughayight ingi a very slighafo ers ly aear the untaininthis wnd i lookg dry and niit appear t tt next week wililbe more aive. -lib wrap wiwi abby on set now, let's check onour pmmute.mike lewiss over ado newsradio, with now, let's today: as s upper level slides past corado, winds are expected to by very strong. gusts up to 50 possible rohout the nger. d agwaininveeeee issued for m mt st angnd
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highs will be wawaer as a result of the gusty winds, wit temperatures getting into the 60s and 70s r the lower evations. extended: the wiwis will calm on thursday, with highs expected to remain ie 60s and 70s through iday. . other cold front is expected to slide through iday night, bringing a very slightncfor shows main`y over and near the mountains. this weekend is lookg dry and mi. its appear that next week will be mo active... -lib wrawi by o now,w,et
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nono let's check on your commute. mike lewis is over at krdo newsradio, with your timesaver traffic.
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firefite say between 15 and 20 cars de- railededn south- say tween 15 and 20 cars - railed in south- western w rk state. at lst t e es were cayihanonoal the time oth crcrh. andndh weeaki. at lst 5hoin theea hado beevevted as a ecauauon. some residents say theyer woken upy the accident. ji ottutate re resest steard udi n'n'
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ming through w wt udos, re noisis a conducr ne wenl two o o le on e n athe methcrash. he them were ind. er he rernedh t uffa w lasatinin3 sete ten car le-ups erinjuriese poro ththcras cialsaid a loofor s we cledecau t ndndons. e e onal athexfrvice sa tto brout a t of frzin chand cotions dramicly in a short ount o o time. travelelfn to the midwes now...nter weather also a problem in michcdan. ficials say bity w onlylhf a aile througugututgh most a w maltns from to ch. thg g cocoututwas also uleasant for drivers. focasters say e last of that storm shouou bgone by this afternoon. that forast t willlso be t t for residents in northeast wisconsin. icand snow covered roads were a problem on tuesday well. most roads were snono covered just before noon...
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stretches have officials are working to plow roads before another storm proaches. slipipry mess chicago's o'ha airprpt yeseerday afternoon. o planes slid off sepa runways because of the inclclent weather. one plananhad two people o owas s jujejebut the accident did foe the closing of the runway . soon after, anamicafs ig requq t/torminanafter@on apqaxiwaas . tptpforoelelelay footrt& dele vestigors n as inintnen snowav thdedsdsrmrm people in alabama were hit with tornado lapnight. several llll&.phousesesere dadaged dudutotmt hihh wnd reg . e%were knocked dodu the s o0 dadangow linek l sand ththweals y repord d inju astronaut scott kelly is enjoying some time in "normal" gravity this momomog.g. 're fifig out what
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yeye in orort t t d d heheherbrbrb caug on time e e e e i i i i ir.r.r.'l y y y hohoe owner r rovoving afafafafe indent hehe's a aive
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good morning colorara it's 6:--, wednesday y ma]ch 2n i'm dana clemens. d i'm jo karrolll
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resident had to gemedical attention... after his s ver r r d plododod. this is a look at the aftermath of the incident... e hoverboardrd batties were melted by the flames... and me of the by cart was s ng "i just put to chge i iand it justtarted sparking and exoded everywre." "tmoke wasjustense. it was like chemical smoke. weadado o l chekked out afterwards." the u.s. consumer product sasaty commission is investigating at leas66 hover board fires acsshehe cococoy over the past year. here's a live
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-lib toss to abby... weatatr r 1s today: as an upper level system slide st colorado, winds are expepeed to by veryrytrong. gusts up to 50 mph ll be possle throughout the day,ch will crease f fi danger. red flag warninin have b issued for m most along andnd east of highs will be warmer as a result of the sty y nds, with temperatures geinininto thehe 60s 70s fo the r r elelations. extended: the winds will cm ononhursda thighs expected to through frid. to slide through friday night bringing a very slht chance for showers main ing dry and mild. it doe apar that next weekill be morective...
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astronaut scot kekey is bacac earth after r travelling more tpan one- hundred-40 million mile. kelly rerned home on a soyuz capsule after nearly a year in spaclaast night. one e the als of his missssn wato study the effects ofoficro gravity on the huhun bo this i i preparation for a possible trip tos in the nene futur.. partf the ep worfor that t tp will take place here in colorado 03:28 8 "the orion spacecraft, built by lockheed martin is going rough it's s sondary tests so that in the neneneouple of y yrs it can actually do
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researchers at cocorado - state university nasa in the styd they will be comparing glgld d samples frscott t t y agnst sampmps brother r rk... in orderero see if there were any changes in scott's d-n-a. he was a vitit part of the dedense that wosuper bo 50.. but ll von mier s sy in the mileleigh h ty? we'll plain ahd... and it was a wild night fthe coloradodo ale... we'll have the highligh of eieigame i i minnesotot.. d tatata
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--. thanks fororor joining us on good morni cocorado. . here's aook at you wake uthis morning. a vil member theheenver brcos championship defense is going to be staying in de f least another year. the brbrcos put the e p"eve franchisi2tag" on miller... whi means thth no other n-f-l teamam can sisiim thihi year. thtag g so ves t e oncos more timeo work out a cocoract with h h miller ... which y pay ys mucuc asasne- - nd lldo llars jo elw hadis tsaabou placinthdane oner. ve h h hti t with von's representation and we'll ntininsese scussions with e goalf makikg sure von maa
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....well into the fure." and it came down to e wire for the corado avalanche last night... e avand thep esesa wiwiwere all lied d lnlnhe third periri... but theh wild capalized on a aurnoveat center ice... and take it i` to takeke the e ad.. and things got rsepfor r e s.... after the wild sred anotgoal on an empty net... and the wild& uld further exnd t tir leith a nute left in the game... .hich ended the ght wi a six to ree defeat f r e avalanche. we're look ahead high fi danger
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today: as an upper level system sdes past colorado, winds are excted t to by vetron gugus up to 50 h willll possible throughouthe whi w wl l ease fire da. red ag wain have bn issuedost long and east of i25. highs wiwi bf wa aa resu of the gusty winds,s,s,h temperatureses tting to the s and 70s for e lower elevatns. extendedth wis will calm m & on thursday, with h hhs expectedo rein in the 60and s through friray. . another colo front is eted to slide thrgh fridid)night bringing a ver sligig cnce e r owermainly& er and near the tains. this weekends lookokg dry and mild. does
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!p-librap withthth byset it's becomg g more clearho today:an upper leveve stem slis papa colorado, wis arar expecto by very strong. gus up to 50 mph will b b poible throughout the day, whi will increasee danger. re flag warnings have been issued fosos most along and east of i25.
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warmrm as a resuf f e gusty winds, w eratures getting g to the 60s and 70s for the lolor & elevatio. extended: e thurs wi hhs pecto 6060and 70s rough friday. other cold ononis expected to slide thrgh fridid nigig& ingi a aery y slighthance for showers inly`9 er and dear the mountains. this weekend is looking dry and appear that next more activiv.. ibibrap witi
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more clear who our two choioioi for esidenen will be. a look at how the race is shaping up een fronon ers llarar clinton d donald trump. and colorado senator ry rdner is not hay with the white houss plans to clo the gugutanamo bay... we'll sw you at h he wawas e government t coider instead. herere a l le lookokok
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@ north h refree and powers o e north-east f colorado springs is closed cae of ah. ththacacde hahaened a aund 1010ast t t t... police telelus thatatehicle crashed to a a traffic lit pole, causing it to fall over. e ersuffered riou but not liteni, injuries. inveseigators sasathdriver may havead mecal condion prior to the csh. e inveign n on-going is ithe do newsannel power ock... minutes o n-stop ns and at.. hilly ton won big on ser tuesesy... here in wa bebe s srs celebrating. statiden..he took9 percent of the
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krdo wsl 13's...dana moli joins us livivwi a lo at hot per tutuday y played oululr state. good morning na. od morning and dana bobo democraticic hopevels bfre sanders d hillary clclcln campaignedn our stste st month,nd it paid off for sander ststighthe ated clinton dy a wide main in t cenia state. as declared win ininl paso, , fremont, teller coununes, among others. inn took most of e votes pueblo county. weratcaucuc locatioio at coronado hi schchlast gh..and it was packed. supporteref both candas felt strongly about their oices. it's high time we have a woman as president. she's had tremdous amountntf f ence, she's bright, e's articulate, she's well kno around the world.&
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coistent all along. agn, in the sanders took he the win.n. on the reblicansi...vers didit choose!a wier....ut instead elected delegates to counun nvenenons who are not bound to a candide. there artwo debas coming up... . e reblicans in detroioi thsday, days before michigan votes s s the democratatthis suay in flin reporting live..dana lini, , , newschanl 1313 senator saer's demoatat r ral extended her ad after the super tuday primies.s. formsecrary stste hillary clcln won seven states... cludinintexas, rginib and massacsetts. on the oth side othe sle... donal trump also scored w in seven ates, exnding his lead over tors marco rubio and tete cruz. cruz won hishomemetate o texa..s well as okloma d alaska. rubio totk
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gardner doubng-down on his o oosn to the wte houss plala to close the guantanamoay detention center. at n n this rning... e senator says that inststead of closininthe detentn nter... it shshld be expand to include fighturs kek onon in the battle agagagt isis. this comes aftetegardner touredhe facicity on monday. he said e tention center didn'n' seem much diert om prisons in rado gardr says he's turur wherthe u- would be able to throw prisers frfrfryria and otheeas.s.s. repuican prprentatives s illed the seety of the interior on dedeils s lhe gogo k kg mimi dpsaster. duringnghe ininin capihihi... thth chrm of the house tural resources committee said that t t breach may haveven deliberaraly triggered by the cleaeap team. represenentive rob bishop cited whwhh a a terior dedertmeme officialalaid the spill removed whe the e& eanup p am s rereving a "plug" t tt was blocking the mine's entrance. in respoe...
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ll said she stands by her earlier stementnhat t the e ill l s an accint. here's a live look at.t. ad-lib t tto abby... weatr on 1s today: a aan upper r vel system slili pastoro, winds e expectedo ve strong. gugus u to o h will be pole throughouthe $py, wch will increase firir danger. red flag warnings haeen issued fost most along and st o oi25. his will be gusty winds, with temperatures thehlowewe extended: : e on t vrsrsy, main in the through friday. front is uxpected iday nighth4 brbnging a very slslht chancncfor showers mainly ov andea e mountains. this wke is ing y y mi. . does appearhat nextxt weekill bemomo activiv.. -dib w wp with abby oset nono l l check on your commut keiss at donenedio wi yoyoeser affic. ad-libibrara yeaolis
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shot tdeatwhile driving his puebl his pe in theel cicicit is still unsolved. vialpando...a mariachi musicianwas shot on n& ptember send last t year. the b- still offering a 10 thousasa dlar wawa for now, let's chon your r p commut ke ls over akrdo newsradiwith your timesav afficj ad-lib traffff
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six momohs s s yololah alpando was shot t tdeath whwhe driving js car pueblo. his onin theteel city that is still unlved. pando...a mariachi musician, was s shot on n seseememr second last ar. f-b-i still offering a 1 thoundndolr reward fororanyone who has formatn about his deatatthvialalo mily just released statemen..expr ngngneir frusation at no arreststsave be me in their n's murder they say, quote, "the distriri attorney recently made a @ statent ating engh is enougnd we reached a eakini pnt e to the
6:54 am
we absolutelel age wiwi the d-a'a'stement,bu'tt a breang point six nths ago whwh our s s was incent erer one of t t peak region'sost nted fugitives is in stododthisis morning, thanas toto colololo spriris poli k-nine u ut. 29-yeafqold d& vincentn rnandez was wawa o oa ro violation and fefeny chargege fernanz z s taken inin stododat the south pointe apartmtmt complex on the utheast side of colorado springs. ficer brn kelly and lice dog, bboc, were caedhe. there was concer.. beusepa child tas th the fugitive. "gave him m several k9warnings, told m toet on theh ground or i'd release the dog and at which poininhe d ded to make the right choioi and surrrrder."" fernrndez is being g g at the el pascounty jail withohout bond. the man who llededed truck drivererive yearago ojll soone learng if sheill get a reced nten or a w trial. detra rries' form tal attorney told u st night tha we could soon hear the answer
6:55 am
june of 2013. in 2011.. rrrrs ove off.. allerose was tting ready to tow hehesu he got caught in a cable and wqs drdrged mo tn a mile.. an. .& farries wawa medica officials are saying that two more pple ha been n fefeed with e ka v vus... haha recovered. e stats iemecal ofofcesays the test vtims of e virucaht whi zika virus c ils, and someti treme cases ththbiggggt worry y with pregnantomen ... as it cacause neweoror. apppe is cong t t defefe itsts decisiont work witthe f-f-i to break rnardino ooters. yesterday... ple general counsel bruce sewell tettified befofo the house judiy coitte lasteek... a jue orded createte specialized lp the fbi hakk
6:56 am
says wou make millions of f hones vulnerabab to hackers. the colorado springs fire chchisisng`gt the colorado spngs fire ief f cli it quits.. afte fer anan ththe ars e job.b. e city named chris s ley y rere f in jy of 2013... only a few& nths after ththblack k esfire a a devasaatg floo. . chief rile releas a statenen saying it's s en an honor ininxhis mmunither than that ... the chief and the fire department en't s sing chut this tirerent. riy's lala day willlle thisis frfday the deputy fire chf willlll in for riuntiti e city appois a w w w traffic on i-25 at cimarron in colora springs s turnrnto noal... afte somevernrnht work by c-dot. e northboundnd laneand two southboundlane closed around nine last nit and reopoped about an h hr ago. c-dot momed d two eleconic message boardsds ininhat ea. but clures are ahead in the next few nt. "march 13th,h, ll see some impactto traffic. narrower lanes, lospeed t. we'l' nother
6:57 am
wiwi clolo abridgen rororimmon ulevard for 11 days. crewararare workon a million-n-llar replacement oject the. water is always a big topic her in colodo... but peopop livin the state uld soonave more ways to collect it. a in barrele billponsored by pueblo representative neya esgar ssed successfully through the ate house this week. esgar saysyshe hahaworkrk ver hard for the to bbipartisan. coloradans t in a aarrel@and e it for the gardens. anges that coco to it, i undedeta whyhy leleyoyo know, thalalt go up and i tally respecea thatb" the bill is nono heading to t defeated l lt year. cannabis cup king majoror ep forwara. gh tes gazi met its
6:58 am
a perm applplation for is expected to happenn arpil. ganirs nt to havevehehe "mesa". just the peit still hahato be apoved. abc'amy y zach with loooooo what's aad o o good mornini america. coming up on goodorni ica... it's time to see w you wa ep 's timto see how you wake up corado...( sandi sese us is p ptuf thsun n mingng up over hon..... and we w wt toee h yououwake up p corado... your picto ke oloror krdo dotom you can so eethem to us orost em to oufacebook getbkrdo newschannel 1313. se to use e hashtata ke up
6:59 am
good morning, america. donald trumpnd hililry clinton in command. winning big on super tuesday. >> we're jt having a lebration. >> the gop f fnt-r-rner racks up
7:00 am
tetecruzuzazes three looking to stop the billiaire from making hihiory. >> that would be a distetefor reblicans.p >>nd mar rubio promises fight to the end. >> the presidencof the unid d statesesill l ver be held byby con tist. >illary clinton alao a a g winnnr setti her shts trump. >> thihicountrbelongs to all of u u not just those at the top. a lliscourses the fight for president tatas a dramatic rn. al oveight, terrifying twisters threqten n ters. atateaee tornados reported tearing through the coast. miio facing a ssy commute this morning >> breakiniaerninit, rocket n rerns.s. aptrononscott kelly za on earth aftean epic 3434days in space. the momont he emergegevictorus fromhis capsule and how all


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