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tv   GMC Early Edition at 5  ABC  March 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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clinton and donana trump. fire dangeis going toe a major cocoern n n toda the winds wiwi blowiwi and it's g gng to be drdr..ababcone is covering it all. we're e e ng a lot of gh winds today tha will creatatred flag warngscross the state, i'lleyou know w yocould be. goodorng lora. . 5:00, wednesdama2n i'jon kakaol and i'dana clemens. swititing gears weather now w it's going to o a very winin d d there are few w d fl warningshat will go in effect latat todaya.. rsle te you outside now for a live look from our weather network camera at . storm trtrke 13 abbacone is tracking the high w w w a warnings that we'll see n a w hourur- abbybyby ad-lib toss to by....weatr ons toda as an uppele ptpt s sdes paolad wis ar peet to by very strong.
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throughout the day, which will l insee nger. d flag warnings haveve been n issuededor m mt most along and ea of i25. highs will be wawaer a aa resu of f e sty winds, w wh tempatures getting intotohehe 60s and d s for the lowewe elevevions. extended: the winds wi cal on thursday, with hig expepeed to rema in the s and 70s thugh h iday. another ld ont is expecte to slide throuou friday night, brgingng very slight chahae for showers inly over and near the mountains.s. thiseekend is looking dry d mild. it doe appeararhat xt weekekill be mo actctctct big win in our state for super tutuday. statewide...he week w wl more activ....
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hopel bernie saers haa big win inin ate for super tuy. atewide...he toto 590percenen of the demoatic vote. krdo newsananl 13'smolili joins us livevwi a look at t w super tuesday ayay o in our staten good morning dana. good morning jon and dana. colorado democrats chose their caide,hi publicans p lected delegateteto t convtions. both decratat hohofulslsernie nders s d hillary ton cagned i our r ate lala mont and it t off for sander last night, h% defeatat cnton by a wide margin in t t centeteial ate. he w w decledner in epasoso frebebt, teller tiesesamonon o$he inton took most o otheh
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we we at a caucus l lation at cororado high school last ninit...and it was paed. we're even hearing about possible rererd-breaking turnout for democrats. we were also at a republicaca caucus site ...where some votersrsere unhappy. sisie statatide republicans did not vote for a winner... but instead elected delegates to county convnvtions s o are not bound to candidate. campaigning g continues for the candidates. there artwo debates...the publicans in trtrt on thursday, days before michigan the arartwo des...the reblans in deoioion thururaydays berereichin& tes d the democratis sund in flint. reportin vevena na, krdo wechnel 13. the relt are in and dedecrat hillary clclton ananrepuican naldldrumpmpare bobo one ep closer to ththr party's presesestial nononations. abc's lana zak is the lest in yoururecisisn 2016. . script: 20:52:18 ththk you. thank you all so mu. whwh a supur tuesesy. withtxhehe supur tuesda result lookok increasingly likelylyhat the november election will
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f hiary clinton an doldtrump-- trump:i'i' gonna gogofterer ono person - that's hlary clintoto into marchingforward clear pa to her rty'y' nomination-. keepepg her mocratic it-- bernie sander-wo wovermont, oklahoma, and mimiesota. gfx:xbut witit a commanding leadadn the delegate unt, clton already taking on trump-- clinto america neveve stoppebeing great on the republicananide, tetecruz won his homemetate of xas anan oklaho, anan mamarco bio o n s first state, minnesa, enenring the raor the gop miononill streh ... but the night t bengededo um w commamded the paderer board...d wawaa bit m m gracacus to his compmpitors s an i irecent ys. . ump 21:39:17 o congtulala ted on the winning of texas. he rk haha on know it was a ry tougght r marco rubio. he had a toug night, buhe worked rd. cruz, feeling ctororus with his texas win, urging voters to ththk of this now as a 2an race-- 228: race rains divided, donald tmp's p to nomion is mu more likely tag:nothe repuan candidatese
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theyl drop out... w uld otentiay y ad to a brored convention. the e publican esblblhment may have to decide how the handle a trump nononee. you can find all of our decision 2016 covege on ou website, krdo o t com. we have e timesaver traffic alerfor you this morning the entire intersectionf north carefree and pors on the noeast sidedef colora springs i# closed becausof a crh. thaccident happened a aunun 10 lasast... police telelusthatehicle@ crashed into a trafafc light pole, causing it to fall erer the drivev suered suriouououuv not life threatening, injuries. ininstators say y e drer y haha had a medel l condition prior tohe crash. the vestigion oi. the intersection is expeed to reopen at seveve
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ebloolice nenep to f twmen caht on c cera tryi toreak into a home. this happened back on uath.. i ie 2-2-ousand k of hoood avavue on th ty5s sthside. in the f f u can setwo memechking if someone is home. one of them went a aund the si..ut of view. . ter, a neighbororho knew t homeowrs gone. confnted the two men. eventuallylye scared them ay. anyone with ininination onon the crooks.. shld police criri stoppe at stop. today marks six months since year olisaiah vindo o s ot tdeatatin- pveb. s e the sel ty thahaisisisll ed vialndnd..a mariachihi musician, was ot on september sese last year. the f-f-i is@s ring a 1 thousand dollar reward for anyone who h ininrmation about his dedede e vialalo o family just` released a a essisi their frfrtration that no arrestsave been m me in theifqson's murder. they say, ote, "the strict
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recently made a statement stating enenenenis enough, and reached a eaking point due to thehe recentntomicide. we absoly agree with the d.a's statement, but why wasn't'tt a eaeafa poioi six montnt ago en o son wawantly mumuer?" 00 othth fami stement st t t rt rd of 26 yeyeyeld man in down#town pueblo. thvialpando's exexesththr nce condolences toto the famimimif devin clark. clark was shotn front of the iron hse bar inowntow pueblo s morning. the pueblo police c c is anering g g growinnuererer of people concereed about his leadership..anan abity to fight crime inhe steeeecity. velez saysyshehe depamentnt needs more ofofcers. a ballotot inittive to o d half-cent sales tax could bot the numb o officen the spreet. that initiative cod provide us wi anywhere om 30 toto0 new poce officeren th fufure. that would hehe us tremendousus in being able to do r jomuch betttt f/f thihi commitit ver,r,elez saysys ballot proposal will not to sto
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new this rning colorara senator rygardner says heike to send foreign isis fifiters to guantanana bay if the u.s. mitary were e cacae th. gardrdr says he wants to utililze gitio.and e dedention center could be used to house detainees ptured in ri gardne oppod d closing guantanama bay and justook a a a0 tour of the nter calling it a "humane"e facility. esidt obama is working to solidify plans to csesehehe teion nter. . there e also new plans for thcolorado springs airport - they will be getting a huge 22 thousand dollar grgrt. e lorado aenautical board gave the go-ahead monday toisibute nearly three lllln n llars throh h aviaiaononrant prram. ththsprings s s rport will u the money pay for a pbir o o avtintntns according to the gatee. d d man sa theirpo plans to match the 22 tusand fifi hununed doll grant for the intern whwhwill stata work this summer. appl continues s fend is decisiongagast
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breainto a terrrrrist's phone how congress isow weighing inn ththheated debate anananre severe weather in alabama... how the region is cleaning up aftetemaive storms. wewee e okinin ead to high fi danger day! your fo
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day: as an uppepelevel l systemlidede stoloro, winds arar expected to by veve s song. gusts up to 50 mpwill be e possib throhoututhe day,hich will crease fe daer. red flag warnings have bee issued for mos st alo and east of i25. highs will be warmer as a result of the sty winds, with tempatures tting ininhe 60s s d 70for the lor elevations extended: : e winds wialm m tduy, withikhs expected to o remain ithth 60s and 70s through friday anothecocd ont is eected to slidededeough friday zight bringing verer slight chance foro showers mainln over andndear e mountas. thiseekendnds lookokg drand mild. it d d d appearbrhat next week will be re aivi6.. ad-lib wrap with ab on t the sohern part of the t t country is still bracing more@ hara-hitting storms.s parts of alabama are waking up to a lot of debs ththorning afr severe thunderstorms rollhrough over night. a lot of lightning, rain ststng winds used damage totons like columbna and birmam.
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the southern p today: as an upr level system slilili pa coloro, winds e peedo by very song. gus up505050 mph be ssibib throughoho the` day, which w wl increaea fire nger. red flag warningsgs ve been issued for most stngngnd easti25. ghs ll be era relt othe gusty winds, with temperates getting into the and for the lower elevations. nded: e windwillalm on thursy, with expected to remainn the 60s and 70s rougiday. anher cold ont t expected slide thrhrgh frid night, bringing aer over and n nr thiseeeend is looking dry an mild. it does apar tt t ek wililbebebe monenective. ad-lib wrap withthth abby ose the soutrn country is still bracing g re ha-hitng stms parts of alabama are king up to a of d dris this monningng rolled t tough a lot of ghtning,ain strong winds
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towns like columbianand rmingham a a h@albh alert for you rly th rning...lue chse fm whole ods. we'll tell y/y what to o ok out for anhow he coany respding the recall. and fast food compapa wants your fl attentntn while dining in.... w chik-fil-a i challeleing g customers lelee thcell phone alone ile eating. 00
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thanks for ining g` on good mororng cplorado. here's ak as you wa up this morning. we have a tataet 13 aler for u this rning. ods is recallg "m"mtag raw milk blue cheese" acss t try after a ssibibibisteriri coation. recentntestsn n iowa revealed e presence of lister bacteria in t t batches of bcheese. ytairy farms suspended both productio and distributionon ile the cacae ofofheroblem is ined. . whole s says no ilesses have been reported in nnec w w the rerell. applplis again dufending s cicion not to rk with the f-b-i re to the i ofofne o othe n bebeardino shters. apape gegeral cosesebruce sewellllestitied t t e e contversy yesterday behe use judiciary mmittee. sewell warned if appgree to brea syed rook's phone, it wouldake e everyone ls safe. hackers`d cyber-crimins could use e is to wreak havoc our privivand perconal safet it wouldldet a dangnwous ecedent r governmentintrusion to the ivacand fef its citizens
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can't force tech gnt to write software doeoege wt to. despite th fafa that the e tech gnt has mplied i iat least t t imilar gorn requests previously. direct t-v s will soon be able to get serve,hout dish abs kendis bson and reeee ninan ve the details in this rnings tech bytes, at&t d dectvstaming- at&t h announced some n n dect tv strtrmingbubules for mobile custsters.s.hik laecik fil a will give fafali free eating dner. amazon- amazon and they're creating a pitcher at re- orders i own filters when they're ne. today:s an pevel l system ss
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toda a upper leveve sysyem slides past color s are expected toxox ryryryong. gusts up `5050 mph wille possib throughouthe y, which will incrcrse fire daer. d flfl warnings have been issuor mosos most along and eastf i25. highs will be
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result othe sty winds, with tempereres getting to the 60s and 70s f/r e lower elatiojo. extended: the nds will calm on t t tday, with highs expected to mama in the an70s through friday. another cold front isxpected to slide through friday night, bringing a very ight chance fo ers maly ovov and near the mountains. is weekend is s looking g y and mild. it does appfar t tt nene week will be more a eive.e. ad-lib wrqp p th abby on`set t
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@ onof the viims
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in ohiis speaeang out about thth hahaowinin exen. eaea wre learning more abouthe spli second decisisis heade e save his lifefe and police have one of th pikes peak region's most want back stody thisis morning...whwh they're giving prbise to that help with the arrest. the entire intersection of f rth reee anpowe on the north-st sidelodo ris c csed use of a a crash.h. here's w wt's mingp good morning ica good morning
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colodo it's 5:--- wednesday z marcrc2n dana clens. d i'm jo kaorl.l. hillary clinton n g on sup tuesday... but heren t"s bernie sanders celeating. statewide...he took 59 rcent t of the democratic vote. krdodo wschannel 13's...dana molina joins us live wiwi a look a ahow w super tuesday played outn our state. good morning na. go mororning jon and dana. both mocratic hohofuls berni sandeband hiary clinton campaigned in p oustate last month, and ipaid f sas. st n nht, defeated clion by a ge rgininin the centeial l statat was declarinner inpaso, front,eller counties, others. clinton took most of th votes in puebl county. we were at a caucus l lation at coronado gh school lastt night...and as papaed.
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both cdidates lt s songly out their choices. 's hig timemee e haveve wan as preside. .& shd tremdous amount of experice, ,& she'bright, shshs a2ticulate, she'wele kno around the he is m re open about again, in the win. on the republican si...votots didinonochoose a winner..ut instead elececd delegateto county coentions wh art t und to a c%ide. thare o bates comimi up... e republicans in troit on thursdsdda before michigan vos s d the dumoats s ayn flint. reporting ve....dana lina, krdo newswsanne13. the per tuesdasults are in and i oks more and more likely thatat e november electi, lle tch-up bebeeen hillary wlintotoand dodald trump. . we'r'r llowowyour decision 2 inton, mahing
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her party's nomination-- keepg one eye on h demcratic competitot--be ie sande--who won veveont, oklahoma, nnesota.. but th a ( commanding l in the delegatatat co c c c alreada$taki on tru he republican s s ted cruz won his me state of texas and oklahoma, anan marubiwowo his first state, nnot enring the race for the gop nomination wilil stretch h ... if t t re ` remains divided, donarump's path to the nononation is muchore e likely buthe nini belonged to o trump, w commanded d e lead- board.a.d d a bit more gracious to his competitors -r momo o coverara hea tour w wsite, krdo dototom. . weather now - it's'soioioio be a ustete day out de he'sive thdry coio arere gointoreate a d pepeor fire danger today. a reflag rning will go
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storm tracker 13's abby acone is tracng a af f f at - lett things or to get now inhe weher r nter ab? ibibobobto ab"... weather on 1s today: as an per lel systemlides past colorad winds arar excto very strong. gus upupo 50 mph will be possible roughout the y, which will increaseseire dange red flag warn have been issu for most most along and east of i2 highs will be warmer as a
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temperatur getting into the 60s and 70s for e wer elelations. exefefedth windwill c c on thursday, with highs peo rerein ith s 70s througugfriday. another cold front is expecd to slide through fray nightht, bringingery slight chance for showows mainly over andear the mountain is weekend is looking drd mi. it does appear that nextxt week will be mo activiv we have a trfic alert for teteectitititi nofree and powers on the north-east side o ocoloradg spngs is closed cause a a crash. the accicint 10 lninit.
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that veheh crashehed in a thdriviviv ffered seris, but not life threatening inveseigats yhe dr mave had a medical condition prioio to t csh. the the reopopt seven this morning. for the firs me, wewew%hearing from the teenagag, jured by rapnpn d ding a shool shooting i iohih. he's telling everneha happenedt y. 13-yr old ooting victi ant mu, ststl s bullet frfrmes dgednder hisis in. muay says he wawatting at the luh tatae righnextxto austin hancocococo ndnd afafrnoon...whe n he ss hancock simpmp stood up, and starte shokting at assmates. . thyoung man
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had to try a stststalm.m.m. save his o o life. "i"iaw the gun so i du under table e d grabmy frienenso we're layiyi undmr the tablbl andndnen he ran t after he shot the 2 kids next to me." murr a ththototr ininininclass mateteare still recovering f f f thththjuries. they're all expect to be okay. ck in hehe coloradodo law enrcement acrosshe state are mourning thdeath of a las animim county sheheff's deputy . statpatrol ys depepy trtris r rsell's vevecle veered across onewewl avenueuen trinidad laststght.. and hit a parked s-u- v. pu rusus waon-duty, but the sheriff says he wasasot spononng ta ll. statpatr is investigatth cause the crash. one of pikes peak gigi's most t waed fugites is in jail this mornin thas toolorado springpolice& ofcer d d s k-9. 29-year-ol vincente fejeandedewas wanted on a pale viotion and lony charges. ferndez s taken into custstat t t south pointe apartment complex on thehe
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ngs. officer brn keand police dog, broc, were cacaed to help. there wa ncern .. usususild wawith the give. "gave him several k9 warnings, toto him to get o othe grndndi'd' lease the dog` and at which int he decided to make the righ chce and susuender. fernandez@is bebebeheldthe el paso county il without bond. use republan laers e king the g gd king mine spill to their own hands. yesterda they grilled tetete secretary, s sly jewell, chalngg r agency's revevw of the envivinmnmta otectionon agenen. hohoe staffe s the cretety'y' email about the c waste oulde sa thathe-p-a trgee spl. aipdoplac e on the- lthohoh th ency h ken blame r e cident saying they bely plugged d mething that sent the water ing g t# the animaser. . jewel sayshe ds by her testimomy, sayiyi it t was an cident. it looks like plans to expand
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riverwalof pueb a bacack on track. our partners the chieftain report, state negotiators withity y y ers s nce th prprprt that you the rivevealal expansion is outdr event centmtmv a nehibit area r e eb convon ce. e agemen still nefina apoval pls to bring the cannab cup to pblo are taking a major st forwardrd igh times magazineet deadli yestday to file rmitit plication fo the eventltlhich is expected toto happen in a l. organizerswantntothahe festival on the "mesa"... ju southehet pueblo. e permit stilhas to b%b apprpred && ththair is tasting justst ttle bit& eetetefor astronaut scott kelly ..nonothat 's not recycleded 're finding` out what's next in line fo he returns back to rth afafr almost a year. and elton john had a big nit duringnghe ososrs... and he 'tven nononated.
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for chary. ahd to high forecast is
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inrseceiononf nortrefree and powers on the north-east def colorado ringng closed cause of a crash. the accide happened around 10 last night... poli tell us at a vehicle crhed intoto affic lighghpolelecacaininin to fall over. the e iver ed seseous,s,ot life thrhrxing injuries. inveigator say the driver mamahavead a medidil con prr the crash. . the vestigation
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day:y:s an upper leve system slis pa colorado, winds are expected to by very strg. gusts up to 50 mph will be possssle roughouo the y, which will l crease fire dadaerred ag warnings have been issu for most stngngnd eastf 5. highs ll b waer a aa sult of th guy winds, w wh tempatures tting into the 60s and 70s for the lower r elations. exteededthe windwill calm trsday, with hig expectededo main in the s and 70s throuoh fray. other cold ont is expected to slide tgh friday night,t brging very slight chance for shshers mainly over andndear the untaias. thth weekend ds oking dry y d mild. it does apar that ne week wilililmore active... ad-librap with abbyt
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green bay, wisconsin, are dealing with traces of snow thisorning snowowell ththhout the city yesterday ternoon and overerght bububu didndndneave a a wholololt for ivers s deal withth snow plows were out workinininrd to gegethe road clear.r. luckily the e ndititns e susuosededo improvovtototo astronauau scsct kelly isis ban eartrt after his fourth mission in space it w v speciamissn,n,n- enen onont andas. kelly ok rt in groundbreakiki
5:43 am
studieieat cocado s s university. ananhehared his experice along the e e cnn's reid ni t t ory. tt kli, back on earth after 340 days in space." astronaut scott kellll retetning to e eth after arly a yr the inrnatioio acstation... ...t eongest period o otime any amamican has ent t space. p"always bitter swe when you leave thihi incrediblala" kelly descscded inin the kazakhstan desert on the soyuz spacecraft.. ...ang with two ruian cosmonauts... . s mission included a baererof tests on t f effectof zero-gravity on thehhuman bo... ...a.a kly was a unique research subject: h twin otlf asasonont kelly, w w wn rth h e whole titi... ....llowinin scientists to mpare how their nearly idtical bodi are dierent ... tt one of them spent most 12 nths on the so-called 'final frontier.' scscsckelllll@ shared hisisis mission with the wrld d . ...with thought provoking observations ... "the thin vaey of the atmosphere o othe of fhe e eth, i i wodn'tay i ilooks healthy,ut i i dedenitelyooks verer very fragi." ...and awinspiring images of earth's sty seen
5:44 am
on social media. at unique beau - -erhaps explning key's s& sosowhat melanchoonon toward the ssion's enen "leaving this s amazing facity is going to b tough becae e ll probly nevevee i i ain.n.i'm reidid binion, reporting. thspace ininstryas a ge impact on colorado generating a annu payay of more th 3 ion dollars. docts have confirmethe e&e& stat first twowo cases of zika. ead.d. prectionon docts s tellllg pelele t themsees from the virus. and good news for fans of the upcoming film batman versus superman. what n afeck is asasngrom fans in order for trip to the film's d caca premre.
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than jojoink us o good@r@rng colorado. re's a look atatasou wa up thisis morning. thzika virus has landed in colorado. it's a hlth alert for you thisorng. ththate's ief f dical ofcer says two pele c the mosquiui bornrnir traveling in an affeed area. th have recovered. ziirus can cause a mild iless, and metimes paralys in extrememcase thest worrrris with h pregnant women.
5:48 am
newborns reloutut for ose hoverboa dhat haha been deemed .safe by m my onlinene retataers inclin amamon. . now the prlem is tutuing g cal, after one boardrpl in an apartmenenin ulde a l thtermat the explion. u can see sing carpet and melted batteries. it's froa hoverboard that ught fife. just put t charge it and it just statted sparkikg andnd ploded evevywhehe." "t"t smoke was ju iense. s like chicmoke. we had to o t ecked out afteards the consumer prt fetymmon i veststininat let 66 her bobod fis ross t try er the pa y - oking something fo eakfast...ho absome green egegeg ham? many stude's are f edininthr te great ories with their favori er. seuss books how w ok lovers are remembering the author on hihi birth\. we're l oking ahead toigh
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toy: a#aan per lfvel syst slides cololado, wis e expeed to very stronononon gusts up to 5050 mpmpwi be poible& throut thehe day, whi wl l increase fire danger. red flag warnings ve bee` issued for m mt most alono and st of 5. highs wiwi be warmers relt of e gusty wiith h temperat getting to t 60an7070for the lowe elevatioio. extended: the s will c cm onrs with hhs exct t remainn the 60s and 70s through . her ldfrt isxpted tolide t tgh fr nig, brinng a v vy slht c cnce for
5:52 am
this weekend is appearhahanext week will be more a aive. abbyn se
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you never ow you'll n into w wn you're visititg tinseltown! a few tots ext ecial batman. cnn's david daniel is covering it for th morni's's hoywoooi adline "we have the new 'batman versus perman' ming o o. o do you think's'& goa withat battle, gugu?" "supern! "supern!" 's t t tour going, good?" b affleck gave so visors to thwarner brothers studio tour in holllld a & surpse -inhe namef charary. ththstunt t ed the latest omama celebrity ction: datat least 10 buckp charies chen by the stars "batmam susurmanan and yoyore entered
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prierere. and evevake a a in he bmobile! to omaze- dot-m fofo detas.s.see at we've e complished, whwh w wveiven awaw, hohomuchch 've raised..." eln john had a big oscar night -- and he wn' even n/ninatat! ! the star says his 24th academy ards partyraised six-point- two million dpllararfor his ds foundation. elton not only hosted the bashbut performed wi his band at the rty for e first timen nely aecade. stephen king fans, rejoic thehe beststelli authoror fam "dk towor" ries is filly y headed to the bibi re, with two major stars inin the leads:dris elba as rola deschain, the nslinger ying to re e dada tower anansave his world... and hew mcconaughey the mystal, 4 vilish "man in ack." look for them in theaters next janua. in hollywoooo i'm daviniel. ther thing li getting stn a ere' nothing like
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good book. great day to do just thahas acro ameri day. it'srad d 2nd.d.which the birthdadtete writit and lustra. seuss. thinitiative was create thtioial educatn association. how yoyowake up colorara... this picture of a vibrant suise @ sterday near woodmen vaey! apweweant to s how you wake u ucocorado... send y yr pictures to wake up coloro at you can also tweet them to us orost them to our facebook pa newschannel 13. be se totose the hashshg wake up colorara... other nfnf teams can ok...bhey certainly can't touch. details on t finalid von miller and the denver next. at north
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colorado... lora democrats are . feeling the bern e super tuesdauces but t
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is also celebring hihi ing. as repuicicicro tunner donalalal trump... we'lllhave a a complete r rap of t tuperertuesday pries@and aucuces.... goningcolora. 's0, esda march 2n i'm n karrolol and i'm na clemens.s. we have a quicictime-saver afafc alert fofo you this rning.... thentiti intersection of north refrfr and powewen the rth-east de ocolorado springs closed becaususof a crash. the e cide happpped around 1010ast night...&policeell us that a vehicle crasheinto a affic light t caususg it to fall over. the driver sufferer seous,ut n li threanini riri. investig say y e driv m5y ha h a mecal cocoition prr toto crash.


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