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tv   GMC Early Edition at 430a  ABC  March 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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cimg viory.des ser rnie sapiing al stes ilung colorado. the winners ananlosers from sur t8t8t8y. and l$ be acki some wiwiy weather that will ing us a red flwarn the pueblo poce chief is under fire again.... ovov the risingngrime rate inheteel c what c ls vez t dement s getdogoorcolo 's0, wednday i'jon olm dana& en herere a ie e t... wi nobe v ro sfar. @ but stormtck 13's abby acone is tracking windy weather that will brang ua red fl warning later this morning. ad-lib toss to by... weatheons today: as an uppeleve sysyem slides pastolorado,
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expected to o very strong. gusts up t50 mph b po rorororerehe y,hich w incrcrse fire ng. d fl warnings ha been issued forosos st along and ststf i25. ghs will be rmer as s result of the gusty winds, wh temperatures getti.g into the 60s and 70s for the lower elevations. extee lp calm on trsday, wpth hectet tot - remathe 60and 70s & through friday. ( another cold front is expected to sde through friday nht, bringigi a ver slighththbfor owers mainly over andear thmountat- this w e end is looking g anan mi. . doe apar that wl be more actcte... votetetecrs s s s s s thstate tutued out for the colorado caucus. helping
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sasaers pull out a big win. caucus roo we pasked with democratic voters at t coronaig scolol. with supporters of both candidatas telling us they feel passionate out their oice telling u the feel passionata about t eir oice. on the republican side... turnout was muchower.p because th party voted for detes steaea candiditesr high time have e wom as p e's sa tremendodo rice, she's arqila, noou d.d.e openbo@t@t@tgs, he been consistent all ong.g.plpl thatatttttd caucusesesesy ican ptyty and wao o ve ththr r r r r it't'ononofof the e dest prpresses that wewewee and naally... th hillala clinton and
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arcloser to their party's mimimion aerrackckc)c) wins on super tuesday. c'lalalaak has the lalest ononour cision 2016 this momoing... 20:52:18 thanyou. thanyou u l so& . what a super tuesday.y. with these super tuesday sults, it oks increaeangly likely tha the nomber election wil be a match- of hillary y y clclcln and dold trump-- trtrp: "i'm gonna go aft one person - hillala tnn" clinton, marching forward on clear path to her rty's nomination-- keeping on eye oneh democratic competor---- bernie sanders--w-w o won vermont, ma, anan nnesota. gf w a commanding lele in thth delegate count, clinton already taking on trump-- inton america ver stopped dfing great on the repuican se, ted cruz won his hoho state of texas and oklahoma, anan
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race for the gopop nati will retch ... but the night belonged to trump,ho cocoanded the leader- boarand waa bimore gracious to his competet an irecent da. trp 21:3:3:3 want to congratulate teteon the winng of texa he rkeded hard on it knkw it waa veryry tough ghghghr mao ruo. he had a toug night, but he w wked rd. cruzuzfeeling victorus with his texas wi urng verto think of this now as a 2an race-- 22:402 ce remains divided, dona`drdmp's path to the nination ismuch more likely, g: none of th publican candndesave indicated that they will be dpping out,hich could potentially lead broke convention, failing that, the reblican estataishment ll ve to decideow they handle a t ump nominee, who has own no intert in playg a rulebobo other thaha hihiown. and have a quick time-saveve& traffic alerfor u this moin... e entire tersececon of north h refree and powewe o o the nonoh-east dedef colorado rings is closed becaususof a crash. the cidentnt haenen aund d 10 last night... policeell us thth a vehehle crashed intoto
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to fall over. the driver suffered seriou but not life threatening, inries investigators say the driver may have h h a a memecal condition prior t csh. thth rsection is expected t t reopenseven is morning w enforcrcent across` colorado are in mourng... after e death of a las animas county sheriff's deputy. state patrol says deputy travis russell's vehiclveered across stonewall enueuen trin yeststday.. and hit a papaed s-u- v. deputytysell s on-duty, but thsheriff says he was not responng ta call. state patrol is vestigating th cause of the crash. puebeb policic are lookokg for helplpinding twowo mecaught on camera.. trying to break into a home. it happened back on febrbrry 8th.. in the 2-thousa blocof hollywood d avenue on the city's southside.e this susuiellanan video you can see two men chchking if someone is hom one of them wentroununthe side outf view. later, a neigor who knew the homeowners wereone.. confronted the two men. eventually he scared them away. anyone with information on
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stpers at 542- stop. we're hearing fromomhe pueblo polilice chief about the e growg numb of people concerned !`out hi. adership... . d d ilily y fight@ crimin the steel city. criticism is at a boboing point.. after the murder of 26- ar-old devin ark. clark wa shot in front of the iron horse bar in dnt pueblo sday morning. chief luis vez says the department ededmore officers on the streets. a ballll initiative to add a lf-censas s x could do juju that. that initiative cocod ovide us th anywherer om 30 to 50 nenepolice ofofcers in the future. that would help us tremendously in beinababo o jojojoch tter for this mmunity.y. t velez z ys thatlone won't stop homomides. e fa is s speaking out agait the puebebebolice e chchf... on nhe sixth month anniversrsy y y e death h theieilolod one. totoy mamama six mont sin the dedeh of 20- ldiah h alpandnd was shot d killedast
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i- stiti ae. e vialalnd fami relead atemt...expr essing tir frustration that no oneneas beeee rereeded say quote, " diststattotoey recentlylylylyly statement ststinenouou isnd we r r red a king point due thehe recece homice. weolutely agrerewith t d-a's statement,t, but why wa't it brbrng p pnt x montnt ago when our son was innocently muered?" thf-f-is offefengng 10 ththsand dollar r r re for informn out his s ata.a. studtstse lololo ololol t t t ip o of a lililime....all ththt t aving rnrn . ead. hohohohoho technololo is s chging how we take field trips... mission accomplished... . . sa&& t t ott t .. as s turns tortrtrtter a y yr r r r 'l'ltake a lololot s mc trip.
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. today: as an upper level systemlides paststolorobo, winds e expectedo by very strg.g. guststup to 50 mph will be possiblele throughout the day, which wl increase fire danger. d flag rnings hava been issued for most most alond oi2 his wi be waraererera ref thth ststwinds, wit ates gettinininto t 60s and 70s for thlower elevionsna. extended: the winds will calm on thursdsy, wi hhshs expect to remain in the s and 70s through frid. anotrdcoon ete s tgh friday night, bringing a ver slig chae for shers inly ov a nea
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th wnd i lookindrdrits appear that xt week will be more active... ad-lib wrawith abby on set
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offially has landed in colorado. it's aealth alert for u this morning. the state's chief dical offir sa two people caught born virusus traveling an & affected area. bothave recod. adudu za vis can cause a mild ill, sometimeparasiin tre cas. e ggest worrrr with egnant women ... where the virus can cause rth defects in newborns. healal - officials at-c- berkleyeare w-rnin ststents about the vis... ter mohan two dozen n udenen becece extremely ill th sptpt creware nono ningllmmreasn ficials say there isn't one area or even that spread thth lnes b ofhenorovoruca escate w e ely gegeerer na onsc lly is back rth h is rng... aer spenng nearl
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kelly... alo with mhailkornienko anan sergey volkov landedn kazakhstan late last night. onof t t als of the mission was to study thththth effects of mic gravity the human bobo. . th's in prepepioiofor ip to mars in thnearutute. and atatst partrtf thth prpraratiolll ke pce at coloradotatete university. 8 8 o oonpace ilt by lockheed martin is going through it's secondary tests so that in the next couple of years it can actutuly do a d manned fghgh" the space industry has a huge impact on colorado, generating an annual payroll of more than 3 llioiodollars. and we h he e some quick facts about kelly's journene his 343 dayay in sce... kelly traveled moror thananan-hundred thouound milil... anbiteth eartmore thaha 54undred times. becausofhoickly the pteatiol spspe statio& orbits the ea.. tronauts see unris anan sunsets s day.... that means he was on board the craft for re than 10- thousandndf
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ananininhat same te.ine space vehicles visited the space statioio people living in scotla wer ocd ... wh ey saw a igig flashg object in e eh eo on dashm dring g . . itithowo a brig blue e fibakisng ro the sky. shoth agai...eopl sathls hed boom. scientistsay it could have been a- altitude meteor, burning into a "firall. stents at one southern colorado elemememry school got to arnd the ever lving the classroom. alit platform. througugthe cardboard viewers... students g g to were in peru, ina, italy... even the bottom of thecean. . theieiteacher used a tablet toto corol wh the ki saw and led themem through the journey. kids say ifelt like the r rl thing.
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stand up, like you could trip er people. i ought ititas really coooo their teacher says it was an opoprtunity for tpe kiki to t a realistilook at the aces thgye beenen studying. one basketball amearn a vavavale less. . te losingngheif title game. e e tentrom celebration...o deat all ithe blink of a aeye here's a live lo at...
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the broncos played tag you're it with von millertodada..the oncos s didn'tant any other nfl tetete geing their paws the unstoppa fofce ...... broncos put the exclive ( frfrche e tag on ller which mes no her team can sign h h angive the broncos twtwfirst und d aft pipis fofo miller..t also ges the broncos until july th to sign miller to a contract that more e than likley willllay more t tn a e ndre million llars.s. hn elway d this to s today abt placing the franchise tag on mimierer "we've had productive&
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and we'l'l continue t tse discussis with the goal of makiki sure vo remains a bronco well into thehfuture." today: as an upupr lel system slides past colorado, wiwis are expected to bybyry strong. sts up to 50 mpmpwill be possible throughout the day, which wili increase fire danger. d flag inin have beeee issued for most mo along and east of i2i2 hiwill be e warmer as a sult of gusty`winds,ith eratates geing into the 6060s and d s for e wer evevions. exteed: e ndll calm onhuday, higigexed to remaman the s d 70s roh h idayay anotototcold front is e eected slide through frid night, inging a very slight chancfor ows mainly ov and near e mountains. is weekend is looking g y and mild. it does apapar tt next week will more active... ad-lib wrap with abby on set
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something to yoould surerehe ee e er first... abbb on s winning a b b b gagas winning a ajg game is finitely somethininto lebrate -- but you should obably mak sure theheamisis over first... and one rhode island tea leard at less td way. cheering one e t burrillvil brons plplerer
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org whwh e te basksk. started to celebrate piling on top of each other in the milelef the court. but ththe wa one problelen-n- the was s one secondndn ththclococ.. and thotteam called a time ouou naturapound just take look at that amazinlastst sesend py. thchar won n e game -to-59.9 daa oddada l l l iviv g gok... . we'll tell you how many are celebrating one late author's rthday. herere a aive look out... . thth is...
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country. across the untr day is country. today is natitial rd across americaday. the holiday is lebrated every year on mamarch d... the birthday of late writer and illusttor doctor seu. it was created the national educucion sociation to
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ens s pick up a okok if you have a satellite din e e of your house you u u t ble e e et rid d d t soon.... how w e mobile twork is changinghe me for dishp network scbers. plus toyota h introduced dical ne design...but will itavailable in ica? we'll@have
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comingngore clear who our two choices for president will be a look at how the race is shaping up
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clinton and donana trump. fire dangeis going toe a major cocoern n n toda the winds wiwi blowiwi and it's g gng to be drdr..ababcone is covering it all. we're e e ng a lot of gh winds today tha will creatatred flag warngscross the state, i'lleyou know w yocould be. goodorng lora. . 5:00, wednesdama2n i'jon kakaol and i'dana clemens. swititing gears weather now w it's going to o a very winin d d there are few w d fl warningshat will go in effect latat todaya.. rsle te you outside now for a live look from our weather network camera at . storm trtrke 13 abbacone is tracking the high w w w a warnings that we'll see n a w hourur- abbybyby ad-lib toss to by....weatr ons toda as an uppele ptpt s sdes paolad wis ar peet to by very strong.


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