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the fils. matttthere that tatas yo cause you're in lo. m whi >> yes >> youndd what i just saidyou. >>es lung cancer. opab. >> wter white ishe rson i waable tcomealton trbo. >> s sprise! rte bryan's portralofalr ite, t scice teacher tued meth kingpin, was one of the crowning achievements of modern television. but brian never would haeen cast without the advocacy of the show's creator. >> vince gilligan was my champion because the network and studio, they we like, , ell, wait a minute. yorealking abobo w wter whe being played by the silly dad frommalcolm in the middle?'" anvince,o s t crit
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actor. is iwhat he does, you know, anthth." uyns his dr ge shyothinthatf me . t one who knock rr: fm thn 's d of oj. winning hpeorncredeynso " "thwa anw,lthough n n ver soht ihas arrived athe place far alov. heanscar-nominated movie stst for his performance as blacklisted screenwriter "dalton trumbobo >> trumbo, w wcan't t ford y. >> allirht, i will write you a momoe for $1,200. >> and you don't wanyour name on it? >>you n'nt my oit.>> wshou be able to soone's different culture, different ideals. and not keomeone's poi of view that differs from ours as a
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but to be intrigued by it. >> whisper a movie you've written in secret. maybe i' heard of it. >> mbe you have. >> reporter: at this pointntn yourareer, as opposed early on, your 20s, getting the cognition, what does that mean to you now?>> i think that it camamto me e e righghme. thini'm re eugh to b abo acpt tli a a a sontn wonrf riidof rollelecoaster that i'm on, it's going to pull into the station again, op, anat wl lf u and i' bkep ouan think i' do it gladly. it's like, okay. and i'll look at the next person and, have a great ride, go on, tak it. have fun. coming up, matt damon, ridley stt, and our look at
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when this special edition of "20/20" continues. > randth wededmoviesewt i ndf a night owl ansneaked on to watch movi with r on the couch. i'm watching this movie and i see this incredible aristic actor. i wanted to do that, wt is he doing? i wasasatchg was treear desire. that warar. th whe the a aing g arted. >> repr:thacy awards we celebre eat the'anotr story tang cent sgehis ye. nof thisear'r'nomid actorsrs and actresses are pple ofofolor.. we'fe talkininzero.
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remarkakourneys of our minees, we also take aook k the journey y the oscars themsees. >>o t seemmo tjust a a aque ogold. opens theoors of room, and enableceus tembrace the whole ofmeri. >> reporter: yearsefore jackie robinson, decades s re martin ther king jr., hattie mcdaniel became the first african-ameran to win an osr. >> m mheararis too full. to tll youust how i feel. may i sasathank u, and god bless you. reporter: the oscararseemed to be on the cutting edge ofofof ci eality. but over t t nexe8e8 years, only three more actors s color wononon oscars until pioldbwin for "g"g." hrd peoeoe lk abouthow lo it habeenwe haie mcdaniel l another ack woman. was kind of ocked by thaha thananyou soh. but the differ between my wid anr woma ter .
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hae y. >^epepter: halle berry w w thehe fit africaamerican to win best leadingctress. >> this momes for r ery namele, fafaless woman of color that now has a chance beusususis dr tonight has been opened. >> reporter: aft that moment, esescially with h denz washington winning g st actot#that same ninit, many people belved thateal racialequality had finally arrived at ththoscars. between at momenehananthis one, sth actctctof color oscarsrs but w,ororecd yen a wo na sile nomine with a viral hashtag andev ghfileebri a directors oosing to skiphe event, people are taking a deeper look not just at the
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>> when i hopthe a ademy awards, the same thing happened, you know, people sd, "well, we t to boycoco it because ththths no folks of c/lor.r. yocan fill t academy with h all black folks, all isianan tino and stuff and if you don'put folks in the movies that a a the cib that t ey should be, you're going to havav the same issue. if our industry is not open enough to be able to look at ourselves and d nd the flaws then we're nototery stroro. >> reporter: perhaps this zeroomininion moment is necessary toegininreating real and lasting change. imately after the nominations were announced, th academy did adopopa seriesf chchange the ving and memb pss. sehow fectth geovto b comino up "joury toscars,zououay think "the martianput t u throroh the e,ional wringer.
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where mark's armor cracks. thanks for coming back for me. >> we' on it. >> reporor but matt damon'n' coaboratn with pducer and
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itself. , my god, i have not b%fn asked that q qststn. >> i love that you're e king me that because my wife h h broughtht th uny >>mm. i t the tt is a wondfuact rae ju ouything m big of that as hearsal spa >> i nevver practid an osr eech. >> i have in the past, i've itteteem. thisear i'm not going to prare anything to really be able to speak from my heart in
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i think that woulde a et eong ty d do tmezenyg,us ininhe sd am >>eporr: matt damon is noted year r best tor. d r riey scottroduced d ctye b picte nominee "the marti." they had never w wked together before this film. but when thefinay did, i was out of t ts wod. everyone's had a crack - aying the guitar, bubuwhen jimi henix played the guitar, you knew i iwas jimi hendrdr, right? and when ridley sct is b b complete s sple and complete honestyou knowowt's ri stt'srame. tre an n cencto matt. inat'st mahim esh. >> reporter: wexpe t azg suals. we expxpted e great acti seences.
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"the marti" to become llywood's perfect ststm 2015. $600 mlion-ging blkbuster that strucanan emotional chord around the 4 world. i got it. >> reporter: the story of "theartian" is surprisingly an intensely persrsal story, one that could only have been told at this moment by these two men -- ridley scott and matt damon.& >> when i firsread the script, i thought this is a chleng because you're jy yourself. alof that risk ikind of mitited by a master standing next to you the entire time, you know. had it not been ridley i wouldn have done the movie. >> i sryboard evything. by doing it, youlilly ooting film onper yououad fir. i' gt wnby myself, ink ithr, a bike writer.
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reporter:or nearly y years ridley scott has followed same daily ritual ofittingng down in his studd drawing the pictures that i io his ad. the resulting storyboards have become the laungads for me of the mostemororle worlds icinema history. from the depths of outer s "ien" -- to the arenas of aient romomin "gladior" -- to the american st o o"thelma anuisese aare ononexcuse forotot being good in a movie that we don't know what movie we're in. at ridley does is he ablu arms s u withll o this information youotknowvie yoyo in, kw w lensiou, yoowshot hs s g from and w w s s to.all hat mas job mh,much easr. >> reporter:idy'thodspring his tining as r at ln's s yal lle art.
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bebennininof his lifelon creative parersh witithis brotr tony scotttt thth's tony on t t tike. tony was his beberiend. they were e ry, v%v%, veryveryry close. there was s prpround bond between them. my dad was, in some ways, tony's protector r d guide. >> repororr: tony would become a direor and pror as wl. togeth, thth created scsct freeone of the most successful productn companies ininollywood. >> inew w at i wanted blood in thompany. i knew ty had it in him, and flew eventually. >> reporter: ridley and ny pscott produc a staggering g 7 films and t%levivion shows, ranging from "top gun"n"nd "crimson tide" to "blackwk down" a rin n ngster t 01heginae haen. wi theomthe ig of itss, tony sct ok hihiown life at the age of 68.
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moment of ridley's life. but in the darknkns he worked his wawawa the light. >> i always s arned if you sit a problem long enengh ere's alalal a s sution. you've just got to keep going at it. >> repororr: he turnededodthe process at had bees cpeative bedrock.h he sat down in his study and drew the pictures thatatame into his head he could have e ld t story of an alaen or a gliator.% tnsad finding h s inspspationor the scrnnn play "theartianan iredthe being a man facing dbyby w meteby sp, f away s sve >t>sooi, everythini's ing tosoh h you. everytng's going to south. and u'onna say, "this is it.
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or you can get to work>>he methododogy of what he is doing and d w he does it is actltlas my father would do it. if m mdad d reretranded on mars, he would work itut.. >> yououust begin. do the math. you solve e prprlem, then you solvthe next one. ananthen the next. and if youolve enough prprlems, you get to come home. >> "the martiangs" g tony in it. the way ma's character blolo himself up.. tovy wasashe most accident-proro person. heheas always like, drivivhis motorcrcle through the back of the rage. thatatatony. epter:iriridley scotsethset thrtiaiawith his broroer's buoyant irithe araed "-lis a caca t tll h castvers e eetl e massive production
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charactes forcededo spennear ee e alone, dleyas with h m evstep he. n duduion, we the e riptpton pa o ondndnsnthroughghery y ngleoment. >> he and i talked technicallyly studying e etion of human, sayiyi, "this is funny, tetes heremaybyb" >> we knewe e eded a moment where markrk armor cracks. >> about two minutes how yoyodoing down t tre? >> i'm goooo i'm anxious to get up to you. thanks for coming back for me. >> theheth actors had already wrapped, they'd gone home. it was just ridley and i in budape shoototg that sne end as we started to do thscece, ridley did somhing kind of tricky. ut the s sndndf the her acacrs ie my hmet.ititust struckthat iwa e fit me i'd hrd anyby'vovoin, yoyoknowow almost tww y >>in.>>o.>> command. g ( ( >> r r rer g sry recery.. go.
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>> >>ususwent. t ahpeuse ef . and it s sprpred me. don'n'thininit surprised dley. and he saidid"i just lost it. s that too much?h? and i said, "no. that was perfect, dude." but th's h h. that's him >> the's a thing that happens at the end o o"t martian where he's sitting in the park and he looksown betwn n s feet and he sees that tt through the cracks, that's all @ dad. he sees au in everything. >> this litttt green stalk growinintuof gravel. that could be dley sco. nothing is gon stothat guyuy 's gonna make a lot more movies.
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comimion "jourtotohe rs sisg ke othear ces. en tspiaedio 20" contuett2w>rm o r#tt2w>rxl!!*n ( 2w>rxlm `:4!j# t5\ tt2w>rxlm `:x#*&`:`:( tt2w>rxlm `:t#j'`:l 2w>rxlm `:t#j)`:l[( ( tt>rxlm `:p#j*`:[@4 tt2w>rxlxlm `:j,`:::t tt2w>rxlm l#*.`:33x tt2w>rxlm `:l#l#`:(%0 tt2watat s4 bt@qop< < tt2watu# s4 "a@q_\x tttt2watu# s4 bm@qtwt atu#4 dztq 0 tt4wat%s4 " tq 4 tt4watu# s s" gzt& l l tt4watu# #4 4 hnt& i- ttatu#u#4 tq#dx x tt4wu# s" tqu#us4 t&d tt0waqp.`*t& ::8 0w0wp.`*"2tq h]t 0waqp.`*g"t& u1( tt0wp.`*$'4,@uz_@ tt0waqp.`*x't.@ui7l tt0waqp.`*t&t&@u!\, tttt0waqp.`*`*`*@u.rttaqp.`*d&t9@uvo@ tt0w0wp.8'4
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or" edh e s. >> i lovey job. i>> you hatyour job. it takes on sosething t tt's soscononmpar%%yohave "4"e vena," fes ep. ititls ior you'otrdcapr in thlend ances ng ththe are the fifith i think's gonna bl down to, one of f those thre >> reporter: you bring up leo. it's hisime? >> i ieel the momentums in his vor.r. this is his sixih nomination. but this being the oscars i would never y that there i ything like a sure thingng you've gichael fassbr, whwhs amazing in "stevevjobs." eddie redmayne, he won last ar. it's a aat group of actorsr >>epter: let's talabout the men. >> what'really exciting to see is a who new geratioioof young actresses cong up. i mean, saoirse ronan's fantc. she was nominated as teenager for "atotoment" seven yeyes earlier. i think no one could argue that
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girl of the moment. itould be interereing g see if one of these young gigis becomes a household na. rte aigkrista, thanu fourht we'lating t e ye righ beurururatris rock stthe 88th acadewa m be a i'le you the rededarpet. good night.. >> the worst role i ever playe >> i did "mirror mirror two"o"nd"mirror mirror three." >> i played loonyes, the rd. >> i died in the first one and
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beuse theyeyede at much. 134 i set an appointment back in marchc for back and di't get seen unthe end ofof august 39 lawmakers have accused the colodo springs v-a of blatant corrupon a a dishonests. lolopatients - agree.onht, veterans across thcountry join forces for chan. ank you so much south carolina! we will defeat trump clinn crushes in south carona - but e ra ifar r om or as the campaigns s op everywhere they y cacafor super esday. and peyton puttinthe helmet up for good? reports toght that the legendary quarterback is tiributhe broncocosay y t soast...goodningd or ininus kr
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up repothat onanng could retiring. an article in e dedeerost cites the legendary quarrback will announce he is ending his career next week. krdo newschanne's ny r rhschild following the developments ght. it sounds like we may have some clarity on the peyton manningng situation ... the article - written p pge - says manning met with john elway at some point last week ... and that eting played a role in his decision .....he brcos aren't nfirming the reportrt.. v-p of blic relations patrick smyth said via twitter: "peyton has not mama a decision on his fure. plan rains f
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your dedesion 2016 coverage tonight ... another big story tonight in politics. hillary clinton certifiying her tle as frontrunner the race for the ite - she ok seventy- fofo pf the in the south carolina prarartoni t ththbatt pism er... ll es n n go`to r tuesy. nats"tnk vongm a state-- state mpaign - t a gger tuday. - lly clinton candidate "thank you carolina!
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national!!!! " sot - voter "i'm happy with my choice..absolute happy!soso- votetete think k e would be a od preredent." evev as ters head to the polls on south caroli. othehe idates0 mod to other states. campaigning in texas, minnesota d alabama confident - thth're ving forward sot - sen. bere nders / presidential candidate "if all o& yououome out to vote and brbrg friends, neighbors, and coworkerer- we are gonna win." and - watching t t republicanace - closely donald trtrp - - umping today with f oe turned friend - new jersey governor chris christie. so- gov. chris c cistiti/ nenejersrs "the only one whs createte jobs is s is guy." the ir joining forc - against rubi sot - narump /esidtial ata al nasty`yi lyho waa liarbu isisori , hehe worse!" sot - sen. marcrubi/ prididtial ndate al trumwi nevere e nonee he paof agan s - s. d cr / r ndate "i't in'soothg to pdential atehing ooldbickck" bo
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ey're cothat if i ithe gop nominee... he can be defeated. colorado is s st one of about a a dozen states hoing primaries and caucuces on super tuesday..... w three days away. pueblo... supporters of bernie sanders were a athe internrnional brotherhood of electrical workers builngs... to gather support ahd of tuesday's caucus. they encourag people to knoc on doors and hand dut liteture f sand supporng jeecau be i ortihe pe t tt are t ththe working, he stands up th seeg what he has g g into justoing wha can to support thth woers s the ndaiil nto rtll rrig the candide e ischeduledspeak at csu's mobiret
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night:t wj b cd as lasast will beilr the seonan s gti belofreeng ni i sy tlousksk win wl ee, , , nono as t afenal rang0 sday: sun bolerehina weakntam onat ge e the clouveve saturday. tempatures wbe tily coclelelestin t0s a60 e ebreezy coitns from north rthwhwt t& t 5-15 mph range exteteed: e ne storem is expected to riat mo, gigings chceor rain and
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ctmun th y ccg or r owteit gonehighwillll reinhe 50s d s.ext t d ofus winds l to cometh 's come under fire repeatedly.y. and now a isisom the colorado springs va clinic to correct issues including lo wait time butonight, patients say they're losing patience, say thren't complete ng it.krdo wsckne13 mekialaya white lfrom the clinic in colora springs. mekialaya... hurefl patients were
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greg... out 0 veterans total between here and denver. and veterans spoke to say it couldn't have come sooner. jonathan dozier is anarmy veterara 23 i served for s years, i was an 89 bravoviation speciast. mostly avionics around iraq and afghanistan 28 she s rere inq d suers from plg pai.. tttt appot hehe hasn't beenenasas 4 i t anapinint backmarch for bk dn't't seen until the d of 39 the facility's backlogged far bendndhe 30-day target f f vetetens. - that's why officials p they t tk action238 wee not t nna rest until veterans get`the apintmentsthat they wantnt1 on saturday... centers across the country participated in t "national access standown."
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with,5 veterans and we wentnthrgh the majority of those saying this person..need is urgenen` appointment 1919 256 stop everythihg, adad so e pointments, talk tvetens call them,ake sure tir palthcarere needs s e being met 302 standup: 1 oughgthis thsendve of i kin offis me th're hoful 'l the19 6 ougoal is etutth down sse cont tk r teransns msure wedoin things appropriely, we ouldn't one of these ai 554 for doer, it's a weome thought... 236 it fls like... it feelsike sie i aiait in theight no m me, they'll take care of me when they can. as opposed to en i was in the fight, it was somemaing g g needededo fix right now. i'm stststininhe se pain, so they 3pould look k pain the e same way 51 va officicls saif you d#d't need an urgent pointment, it's best to contact them online.e. ave all the information sted for you on lili in colorado springs, mekikikya white krkr newschannel 13. 3030doctors... nues... a`d paramedics gathered for the wiwiraa symposium m pueblo t tay... to lea about the changing world of trauma care.
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says the way medical professionals spond to trau is evolving wh all of the large- scale shootings ross the ed statas.s. he says it's impopoant learn from tredies ch as thelaed parehtod oo e n thdan mmuny th s throug the trau systst tsay th is how things better." st of the aumatic @ injuries treated at saint mary corwin medical center are cacaed by falls. totoght at the pulo unini depot... it's the sk-or-aid ball... put on by the pueblo unun bar asasciatiopribition-er cocktkililand zz music kept with theoari twenenes theme. it's a fundraiser for legal projects designed to help the poor....along with abused d nenlectcd children dinner... dancing ... a silent auction ananmuch more... all to rse f f f people who need
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thinks just a really good time to come out and socialize with friends and colleagues and give bk od causes." krdo newschannnl 13 anor rm pis year ai krdoaso a sponsor. 115 dogs are joying theheir first t ght of freedom tonight. thnon-n-ofit - national mill dog rescue just came back from a whirlwind trip to rcue th from ppy mills. tural und the dogs have en nescued after spendng weeks, months, i some cases years in puppy mills across the midwest. the dogsill still be rehabilitatete before ty'rere adopted to their new homes. tional mill dog g scueueas now saved over 10,537 ds since
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specific operation was even mor spl. find out mor- on a special edition of krdo @ newschannel 13 tomoow n n ter the osrs suree ures are oue were rm - but some bravsouls und oulake ter ... istiill a whole lot coer. na`und of pele plunging e annu polar plunge happened at prospect lake today... drawing thousands of onoks. the money from the event will g gto the colora pspecial olympics. we spoke with one plunger who says she's thankfulor the wawa weather... since ththwater was cold. it was a sck to my system there weweome of us who enjoyed it and we're lookininforward to it bubutherer werethebebonon the team whw re h hing g difficult time getting into the water more than 200 people took the plunge ...raraing more than - thousand dollars. the oscars now less than 24
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last minute work uer r llyw binigh plushabottle ofoney in your pantryay come ae commody. waout toght about the future these
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in fact it w`ll be mild for the seseon, with many spots not even getttng below freezing overnight. it will stay dry with m mtly cloudy skies. winds will stay brzy, , t not as gusty this ternoon,n,enerally ranging from 10 to 15 5 5-mph. sday: sunday will be cooler behind a ak vront - the same one that g ge us thehe cloud cover on satutuay.
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expt breezy itns fro north northwesesin the 15 mph rge. extendnd: e next orm system is expect to arriri late monday, giving us a chan for rain and snow showers. . e latest models show this one to a very fast m m m and gone by tuesday. i'i'i't expecting g ch in the way ofccumulating ra or snow. after it's go, highs will again rebod into the 50s and 60s. n nt roun
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ananher chapter written in the rivalry book between the avs d re nge' ver and hearing from the pler
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li t%is balls...but ough to play tennisit's happening in one urnant.
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butterfls.nd beetles ar amg growinlist of pollatspiein opar of tion. ththcoud t ited nations. resecher& warnrnre cod thaten e world's fo supp. th finds abt e-e-urths of t t wor's od cropsps depe on pollinatn ses and her alfa@tors using ecie clinclud ssf hata.. icid . and climate an tlinesesav beotedeupe rth amic nonoriouxicaugrd joaquinelel chapo" guzma sayss ad pad guilty to tharges he f in e e
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wants to be exadited from mexi transferred a dium security y prison in thu- keepn mind.... escaped twicecomom maximum cerity prprons in memico. he faces a long dist of chars.nd d tririri vevecies. inudinin chago d nene yo laonth... mexi esenensa his veme wng t tre chapo s as posble." the nt mofans hav beenaititi r... a aives toig. pna prepatns arap up thth88an academy ards "the rt" ads the nonations th . udg st picicre beststctor f f ondo prio... be srtin actor fordy."partian".igig.. a oore a ao ong e ght stture nonees. thosca. stedy y dirock... airs rig here odo newsan13red cacacorage srt totoowt e. @ s,ou can h ld dog icks. juju ask thedogsn thvideo. ke l lk.
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((dodo resed om slums aabandoned lots in b trd asba dogsfor the pe tournament eir b was ribas at went t dst an hition is week. and then give e em te ayer a cal shr hohoto raiae awares withts " g"tiive. ase e re woering... fo dogwere id.. m
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nessila riutututut sounds l ytonononni s cici rerom e f-l .. accog g he manng nnoue his desio retire at t&t& ponext week... the broncos confirmimi the public rions trick smh v twitter: on h h h futur
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tatas th am t . arar- n by wopaige saysan met ohn el some po last wk ..d thth meeting play role in his decision ... other big stortoday .. the colorado avalanche ki e deoit d wingouts aarar the n-l's adium seri.. 1.) ty ogo ..avs down 3-2n 3r. ex ngs the back of the t ... 2. t with minu left ... this ihow it would d ... darren helm ts theuck on net ... and it somehow finds ity around v vly ... the wings add an openetter - and they wint 5-3 ... krdo
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rob naoum is cieldnight coveringthe ga..d evenrob ...


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