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tv   Nightline  ABC  February 26, 2016 11:37pm-12:07am MST

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n n is > i"n.".">> t, psidential cacacaatat hitting bebowhe be. >> mayak suris pan t,on't know ruru >>his w ofdsdsnnhehe@ eve of a b voteor thecrs. >> d you keeou energvelup becse'myog, n old u. >>reind t tces bernrn er llhese cross bugto edge othe odds-onavarare in h carolina? rney too the oscaca.brie 'sbreaouou role inr" wan afetory! no this is t story thatt u >>omed for besactres how playi in young mother echo her own chiho. >>py`y`y m couldt affor a ppy
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seconds. good evening. thank yofor joining us. tonight the campaign whirlwlwd. me unexpectct twis for repeblicics in the already unconventional primaryeaso for democrata the risg tide for the outsisir candidate. ll this wave of support be enouou for berninisandnds to win
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ouravri spent onononne trobir seetfr#sande. >> reporterange bergbark. home of the pananers and the lady pant@hers for one night only,enator beie sanders. >> you have the right to vote, enddf discussion. >> reporte we'e'e' w wh himim ckstage. >> ho y keep y#yrnergy ll? b iyog, nld y nning ave the couny. doing great. these kinds ofo events reay energize me, t tl you the truth. >> reporter: down t tthe wire in the 2016 race for the white house. the priry seanuickly coming to a escendo. especially or on the rqpublican side. >> marco rubio is a litweit. >> hs not a stronggguy. rorter: phaps theiggest development y, aajor endorsesent. >> theest perso toeat hiary inn in novembern
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this morng too lend my support. >> reporter: new jersey gernor chris christieiendorord donald trump. >e'sss rewriting the pyboo heviding strgdership status quo. >> reporter:hatfter a a bruising performance lastight at t tenth gop debate. >> donold,, rela >> i'm rexe rehe bke case ahead..>>ond -- oneterus. >> go aheadb i promise you -- >> reporter: ted cruz and marco rubio t teamed donald trump. lastitch effort to stop m. >> gentlemen, gentlemen -- >> reporter: todod at their separa campaign events,@ the schoolyardrdwawa coinue withub cng trump a con artist >> it' time toulu his mk off so th people see what we aling with here. reporter:rumpalubub a carti ncechok,ws andphat wasne of thee meltdowns. he didn't knoww whe h he was. i thought he was gging to d >> reporter: today donald trum
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rubio's state of the union response to the predent's ste the uni. >>t'bio! >> reporter: todayayru splasbeded water a aun as thougug itit flo s fmruo. hi rio sstededtrp mpe h pan duri last night's debate. >> duringwo of the breres he went backstage, he was having a ltdown. en he asked for a full-lenh mirror. i don'knowowwhy the@ podium goes up to re. wanted afulullength rr maybe to make sur hispanan weren't t, i don't know. >> reporte comparereto t tt -- >> teari people dn is easy. building them up is what wdto be doi geer. rorr:oc side seemdownrigh . >>eels like this time next ek we coul know who the nominees are. > thinkrobablnot, actually. >> let'sssume you run the tabde and you're t t docratic nononee. trump's republican nominee - >> that would be a lotf fun.
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>> a a manan wse ias and postute and behavio s vive, which really becom a barrrrsmenen to the unid es ofamerica.( - don'th tso t repor b ofhe a awing h%howds idi nyfirst-time tersrs both rai against a politicic stemhatt theheay is bought and sold by special interests. >> we the people are goi t have a government that represents a of us, not just a handful l billionaires. >eporter:ne raigast biio. the other its his billions are what allow him t be h ownma>> ino t tes peopl a i' lf-fng mpai. inn odd wou guys are flfl sides o the se coinin >> nono i don't think so. talking about a broken system. tappg into people's frusation- >> no, one of us issapping into hahaed. one of usss tappingnto a verery sitive agda. >> i iginini the day wn you're
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do>> 7ld telyo pwangr >> reporter: this is sanders' penultimimetop i the pmetttt state and tru bee t it's disappointin crowd. abs marce parks is trelg with the sanders campaign. >> this is probably one of the smalle bernie sanders evevts i've been to. >> is ititour sense he'written soutcarolina off? >> it's a state they'd rather haveven the rear-vi mirror. >> reporter: sanders is putting in his time, butostlye's p hihihiococntate ving and yo. in oranbe the t docrats almo ran intachh othe the orangeburg f fish fry and oyster bake, hilry clinton's inde right now. bernie'swaiting,e's on ne.@ inside - fcy running into you he. >> r rorter: allhe repeporters traveling th t clnlinton cagn. >> i've bn to all thehehe early statith ts lintonun peo l h or ioucaro the democra electate is ro than 50% black. we need you.
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rorter: bl a h h clinnave been canvassing the stat making 22to here t this past wek alone. sander h made a handful.l. sanders has sought inroadsn the black community. >> w southcarolina! >> reporter: includingng new endorsemt and radio ad d omom director spike le wheets hehite use,e wio ththririri in >> iilry con pre this messe. >> rorter:linton has plent of cebrity endorsements too, incling two ads from one of theeost celelratedoices in america. actor morgan freema -- >> she underststds tha our coununy c't reachts @ poteteial unls we alllh do. >> reporter: l lek voters at thisis barbersrop@p@d us ty'll make up thehe own minds. >>hat'tikeit goo o chusnt'ection time but we don'see them n oth ti agagn, you're going thave the uneducated that's going to all for it thosos of who pay attention, thatotworkg.
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not want to be inn yourr camp. >> areou only saying that because you wt our vote? or arerereou reallsincere? the real q qios will we e ev reaeay knowow >> reportentononndanders osos theee f plge gas. ow arereyou? repter: ittooike s abouto get a aig boost here soh h roliliclinton also has a massive lead among so-c!cleleuperdelegates. rtygrandees who get a s at the conventionegardless of the outcomem of the primaries. >> the pical establishment supports hililryclinton, end of discusuion if weo wl ad wert nnnng a whole lot off states d if the polls ctie showhatmtrtrge ate, ihi of thes sdelesththk, maybe i'm nonocrazy aut bebnie sanders,s,ut whats mos important to us is defeatitihe republican candidate. >. donald trump! >> repepter:arring a big surprisday nigig on the reannit, it's lking more and mor likelyt the
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hh new york billionae. the republilinace see itit b binngora ththememce,e,e, pe e eecng it to a but beieandede says hsot goingg anywre, hs in is thing the finish. he insistshe sees aaathwayayo theemocratic nomination. . >> what we' ting too is literally unprecededted.d. it will be ononof the great politital upsets i i american history. do i think we have a patat too victory? i do. >re y in this a the way up to the convention? >>bsuty, n n n rnbvlys of degcarnia 'r goiananre >> wre goioicalifoia! we'roff f the wt coast, a-solu. . >> repopter: win or loseig tomorrow, he's seting i for th lg haul i'm dav wright for "ghtline" in orangeburg, south carona next, brie larsons the new a-lister in thehespotlit.
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comingnep monday on krdo newsrarao we'll have your latt headlines s traffic and ne and weather... krdoews radio starts at 5 a. comimi up p ndayn krdo newsri we'll uratheadnen trc nend atr. do newdits 5 a brison haseen a succsful supportin p pyer in tv fm for twoecades but isisea sheound her sweet spot. herbreahr rol im" earning hehe an ninat for bes trs. y her turn as mama g ge closure to a very dfilt chapter in her life. here's abc's robin berts. reporter:n the inteely powerf f "r"r aoung
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year-old son i a garden shed. stretch. >> reporte it'she only world r son h ever own. the mother i played by rkab youngngacacess ned ie wse caree has enororng w wh is pemae. the world is so big it'so big youldn't en bee it. and r r r s just one stinking part of it. $ >> not stinky! i don't believe in your stinky wowod! >> reporter: as a young girl brie moved toos a aeles with her newly sine mother. and t ty share a crampedtudioap rapomo riceorher cerernn "r"rm." a young motheiercely prprecting herhild. >> what forgotot u up uil rerentlylyas w winggp in t t middlef the night with me an sister and my mom all i the same bed. hearing myyom like coviner
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makeound fs hear. as uil ias preppin "room"he i@lized tha moment was t crackf inking, my kids are asleep, i ca relee. ere ee is she goio go? my m was strugglg being in a ve small space w two chdrend beingure to not put any it o youeazeowdhe trie dou itro this pepectehayou uldn'ts a kid. weived in a stuo apartmt, a room wititit bed that came out the ll. my mom couldn't afford even a happp meal we ate top ramen. i h nototo@. and i had l trts d pair of an d at i hady m all to myself. pd i remember it being t the
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i was really, really shy. painfulllly shy. so thea of meting to d someing that'sxtremely extroverted jusus seemed barre unnatura bein an actor hasn't been sy. u're m" ther kp gog,sou the corner! ip was like, this is the longest ock ever.. it's like 20 years walking on one block, waiting for the corner to turn. eporter: while successfus a supporting player innot tv d film, brie was s srchingngng for that role that would show hehe true talents. ddhen read thecreeeey for a indepde fm m callllooe he icked. >> good morning, wawarobe. good morning, tv.. od morning, sink. >>oue 5 no you're 5 and yououe o eugh to understand what tor is. you have to unrstand
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you need to help me. - >> reporter: characterlolo h toat mage to her motrndndone morereplyyh costtar. >> this is a m mhering ro. i had toeay creat t t sse companionship witis bob. cod yo not wanano jt veveryg y y have t brantittleki t i felt so much r respoily.ew om b aor at the samege jake was and how babay i ieally wted to be spectcd and i w wantete t too do a goododjob and i saw that in jake right x away. ipewewhat he was int for real. i underood that he wanted to be respected and s i was always going to makeureha heelt li a creive force. >> yed me. re youetno >y'm sinto be.e. "room" was reqllllmaking it
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making it aut his eienc anan itllowedee to r rlllleel mom dpey. er theppe quce. i always sawtthth page.'s a m g ginin up he enk hsoi okay she g t ays assedsbo . en w w srtrt doioi ind i wo remememrus hing to jacob in tt rug aelt is jtike gut-wrwrching feing of not wawaing it to gond i rd that wame letting go o o a7-yeye-old. that's m lting gof my inner child. d letting go of tirl
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it's s per metho mw. psps outhahi m isishi ts e th e eernc >> i ilay bye-b to . >> sayingood-bye to t-ohahas in the studpart. at w islyunawarnd alhoful l what wa ing to hpe yingooood-bye al maas t ct to livivg bier,ore cat wo tha wi ha to as well. e gogoto love it.
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pass, jetta or tiguan models coming up monday on do newsradidi we'll have your latt headlines traffic and news and weather... kr newew radio starts at 5 a.m. coming up monday on krdo newsradio we'll have your latest headlines trafafc and news and
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t, e buil o h bee excxcing anighlycontrorsial. who wilil dress@ best, wi snatch the g g gn statues fo best aor and actres how will chris r rk addss the ephant inhe room hehe's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: evevein the lilyy wh nominations wer announced, c cis rock has canceled all inrviews.
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uunday lackou da pinkett smith, wil smith, spike lee are boycotting. not rock. 's hokting with millions eyeballs upon >haoua expecec from chrisoc thihi oscar sdayy i i that h i igoing go ther . reporter:e kno he will address the oscars so why controversy? not one bck acting nominee. on twitter helreadyjoke t are jthite b.e.t. awards. >> our host for this evening, chris rock! >> reporter: this was last time he hostete i 2005. >> it's a a great night tnighgh we haveike fou bck nomineeee tonit. so great, it's kind of lik the def oscar jam tonight. >> repter: withh every hollywood moverernd shaker in the room, 40 mililon plusstchihi home -- f u gffrot' aole to diggourselffut of. >> i thihi heigelishh that challenge. >> i'm only here because ellen didn want to do the show.. know whai meae? i'm only he because ell aid
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reporter: other clues from his last tim sting, he will probably get political. >> bush did some things coulever getawayith at yourjob. >> rte`: dity ge.. eld thatword. >>obobyey maguire i@ just a boy in tightsts >>orter: from t tv promos -- >> i might c cse. >> reporter: he wot, we hope. we le to keep it clean at abc. but -- hs a safe choice. tuning in you want to see how far he'soing toake things, what te' gng to. mius'tav rlna getamesarbersrs" not,t's a tion. . >> reportete rock i pububcl oud of stinaery f f shsh last me. fast, furiious, and funny.. excthat. >> t tnk you! >> r rorter: i'm nick watt for "nigigne" in hollywood. >> tnk yo >> it wasnglish aor a a
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simply funny wayfei seriouweish ck sererus cces sda dh thk you fching. ne into gmaaononon mornini. asa always we're online 24/4/ o ournightlin faceboooo p pe and at ghjennifif@arer ks silceon her ruling marriag tellig l out benandhe nny a what he tinksbois gntk tat
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scaalutd tata h ?twhhe s vingngnhe sarope bendndhe s ley ccrksks'sericdo break dow& >> i d tinthers yen thhoe. >> s ack h emti prman.. >> i i a asodisoridn&- could t scrg. >n e oscrh isn. he nomesstinute as se stars gart rlylyly plus th rushshiend the rfdress. >> ealket/ stylists. >> our stylistpt expert breaks do the dosnd the donots of oscar fashion. look lii m m youer ther. p> noebruara, 2016,


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